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[O] export question

From: Manfred Lotz
Subject: [O] export question
Date: Sun, 1 Sep 2013 18:49:01 +0200

Hi all,
I have an org file which looks like this:

* My list
** item1
   - p1 :: something
   - p2 :: 23232
   - p14 :: bla
** item2
   - p1 :: another valu 
   - p2 :: 21
   - p14 :: more bla
** itemn
   - p1 :: hm
   - p2 :: 3842
   - p14 :: more more bla

... in the p list means there are also p3 till p13
... in the item list indicates there are n items actually.

Now I want to export the file to an ascii buffer/file where show the
content as a table. I want to omit certain p lines.

So I would like to have something like this where I would like to
show only certain columns.

 val     p1         p14           
 item 1  something  bla           
 item n  hm         more more bla 

How do I achieve this? I see basically two possibilities like follows:

1. write my own special exporter 

2. write an external program which does it

I guess 1. makes much sense. In this case I like to know if there is a
tutorial showing how to do my own exporter or where to find specific
documentation how to do this?

Perhaps there is something very simple I do not even think of?

Any hints appreciated.

Thanks a lot in advance,

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