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Re: [emacs-humanities] Paper Zettelkasten safety [was: Why Emacs-humanit

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: [emacs-humanities] Paper Zettelkasten safety [was: Why Emacs-humanities?]
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2021 08:33:56 +0300
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* Ihor Radchenko <yantar92@gmail.com> [2021-07-12 17:09]:
> Yes, font-lock can make things disappear. And there is integration. See
> org-toggle-custom-properties-visibility.

Aha, I have tried that now.

> > ... As a side note, if any editing is lost I can revert
> > back to it from the database revision system.
> You can do the same with any text-based system with git or any other
> version control. Though I am currently thinking about integrating commit
> messages into the org files themselves. I guess Hyperscope already does
> this when editing metadata. But not for edits in the linked documents,
> as I understand.

I made prototype database based revision control and I have diff
function as well. Sometimes I used it in emergency to recover past
values. Any database value edited is saved in the `vc' table. One
could definitely jump back in time and see how it looked like before
and how it looks like today. It is automatic. And I coupled it with
files as well, so if file is in the revision list it is also backed up
in the database without thinking. Commit title and and description may
be added. It is not as complex, just simple thing. But it would
capture what multiple users would be doing in the same time. There is
nothing that user needs to do, even commit can be just date/time

Emacs: RCD Version Control system with PostgreSQL backend

It is more like automated backup for files and database values. It

Git and others are not quite automated, but also not comparable, they
have so many features, this what I use is just backup after backup in
the database. It does not use file system.

> Unless I miss something, the instructions are in
> https://hyperscope.link/3/7/1/5/5/RCD-Notes-for-Emacs-37155.html
> I plan to follow this instruction when I get some more time. Or will it
> be not sufficient?

Those instructions are sufficient for basic people management, it will
give you address book and other things, but once that starts working
then it becomes easy to install Hyperscope for notes.


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