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Re: emacs-gc-stats

From: Karl Voit
Subject: Re: emacs-gc-stats
Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2023 12:22:23 +0200

Hi Ihor,

Ihor Radchenko (yantar92@posteo.net) wrote:

> Karl Voit <mail@karl-voit.at> writes:
> > I've collected 175MB of data over the last weeks.
> Thanks!
> > You can download the 23MB ZIP from:
> > https://karl-voit.at/temp/2023-07-15_emacs-gc-stats.eld-publicvoit.zip
> Done.

Perfect. Thanks for the notice. Data removed.

> > gc is a constant annoyance in my personal setup. I do have to wait
> > for many seconds every hour or so at least (I didn't write down the
> > actual time).
> It will be all in the data.

I assumed so ;-)

> > If you want me to change something in my setting
> > (https://github.com/novoid/dot-emacs/blob/master/config.org with
> > https://karl-voit.at/2020/05/03/current-org-files/) and
> > re-test, let me know.
> Not yet. This study aims to understand the general GC performance across
> Emacs users with various personal setups.
> We want to establish if it is needed at all to change defaults.
> If it is needed, the new defaults are to be discussed in future.

Looking forward.

Btw, as small remark: in retrospect, it'd have been better to
include a host-specific part to the output file. I'm sharing my
config across four hosts. During the last weeks, this created
syncthing-share conflict files because all of them were writing to
the same file name. I simply removed the conflict files and
submitted the largest file to you. Therefore, I can't guarantee that
all the data within the file are from the very same host. If you
want me to do another run for a couple of days with different file
names per host, let me know.

Sorry if my data is a mess now.

Karl Voit

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