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Re: ERC Retry Connection

From: J.P.
Subject: Re: ERC Retry Connection
Date: Thu, 02 Feb 2023 06:55:09 -0800
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Hi Jon,

Jon Fineman <jon@fineman.me> writes:

> Whenever my PC has an extended network outage I get the below error.
>> Connection failed!  Re-establishing connection...
> However it never successfully reconnects. The above is the only message
> in the log.

How are you connecting initially? (E.g., by calling `erc-tls'
non-interactively with arguments like :server "irc.libera.chat" :nick
"jon", etc.?)

> I am on Emacs 28.2, and followed the below link for suggested
> connection settings.
> <https://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/ErcConfiguration#h5o-9>

Much of the ERC-related info on that wiki appears to be outdated and
obsolete. IMO, it's best to start from scratch and only add what you
really need. For example, one snippet on that page, under "Connection
Problems", sets `erc-server-auto-reconnect' to nil. But doing that makes
it impossible to reconnect automatically.

> Any thoughts on what else I might need to set?

It's hard to tell without seeing your config or (preferably) a short
recipe that reproduces the problem. Generally, though, the only
connection-related options I see folks messing with are the various
"reconnect" ones in

  M-x customize-group RET erc-server RET

These include:

  - erc-server-reconnect-attempts
  - erc-server-reconnect-timeout

I'd recommend possibly lengthening the timeout and, in the long run,
either starting from scratch or bisecting the ERC part of your config.
You can also try asking in #erc.

Good luck,

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