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[elpa] externals/org updated (048f478 -> 1db301a)

From: ELPA Syncer
Subject: [elpa] externals/org updated (048f478 -> 1db301a)
Date: Sat, 20 Nov 2021 13:57:25 -0500 (EST)

elpasync pushed a change to branch externals/org.

      from  048f478   ob-tangle: Make ls-style file mode regex stricter
       new  c5d6656   Backport commit 42d4e24ff from Emacs
       new  af40fa9   Merge branch 'bugfix'
       new  9b398ba   oc-basic: Add function to shorten names
       new  69dbe86   org-element: Silence byte-compiler
       new  1db301a   element: Drop `org-end-of-subtree' use

Summary of changes:
 doc/org-manual.org  |  2 +-
 lisp/oc-basic.el    | 17 ++++++++++++++++-
 lisp/org-element.el | 34 ++++++++++++++++------------------
 3 files changed, 33 insertions(+), 20 deletions(-)

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