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[elpa] branch externals/kind-icon created (now 4b3a770)

From: ELPA Syncer
Subject: [elpa] branch externals/kind-icon created (now 4b3a770)
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2021 15:57:28 -0500 (EST)

elpasync pushed a change to branch externals/kind-icon.

        at  4b3a770   Update README.md

This branch includes the following new commits:

       new  5a3b723   Initial commit
       new  c8a43e5   Initial
       new  4b066c6   Rename and remove corfu dependency
       new  7f9ba65   Initial kind-prefix import
       new  d7746f8   Check inherited default face background and foreground.
       new  918eb89   Docs
       new  01d76af   Make kind-prefix-reset-cache a command
       new  f96c6a4   Add provide
       new  ba37562   more docs
       new  84e6654   doc cleanup
       new  3b0c9c3   Renamed kind-icon
       new  eaeea12   Doc
       new  94ff0ac   customize interface for mappings
       new  fcfe9ea   kind-icon-formatted: 3 char-width icon/centered 1 or 2 
char text
       new  f080f3d   Remove minor mode in favor of c-in-r-f wrapper function
       new  5bf075d   Add some two character short-text codes
       new  ba0f94e   Re-enable mapping customization preview button
       new  c69da89   Updated docs
       new  be77196   Update README.md
       new  962c209   Add custom variable watcher for instant updates
       new  ffa75e7   Update README.md
       new  15de78d   Update README.md
       new  5defd86   Clean up install info
       new  ab3c6d5   Expand material icon description and mention text-based 
       new  ec8b77e   Update README.md
       new  ad66cbe   Update README.md
       new  3b25b8d   Update README.md
       new  b88965b   Update README.md
       new  1ec82fc   Update README.md
       new  9a20879   Use widget-value in customize preview
       new  0d92763   add kinds constructor, event, reference, typeparameter
       new  4896e1e   Switch module & ruler icons
       new  9098597   Update kinds to match LSP spec
       new  21a2861   Require svg-lib
       new  0921fe2   Separate kind-icon--cache, and return ?? when kind missing
       new  366232c   Quiet svg-lib-icon warning
       new  f6de892   Remove add-variable-watcher in favor of custom :set
       new  cfa3d73   Guard against network or other icon retrieval issues 
(text fallback)
       new  77ad2b4   Affixation and download warning
       new  c0d50c6   minor reformat
       new  c57ad9d   Update README.md
       new  12aa1a9   Mention how to clear cache
       new  3746bd4   Fix function name typo
       new  8087c8e   Update README.md
       new  e4d941b   Update README.md
       new  8d6fa99   Update README.md
       new  ea06e81   Update README.md
       new  b88e809   kind-formatter -> margin-formatters
       new  dce91ac   Update README.md
       new  51f77db   Update README.md
       new  4b3a770   Update README.md

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