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[elpa] branch scratch/org-contacts-rebased created (now 3f635df)

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: [elpa] branch scratch/org-contacts-rebased created (now 3f635df)
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2021 15:36:31 -0500 (EST)

monnier pushed a change to branch scratch/org-contacts-rebased.

        at  3f635df   Update source code metadata keywords and usage description

This branch includes the following new commits:

       new  ad99d80   org-contacts: import
       new  2f0d7e9   org-contacts: make Gnus usage optional
       new  6e66e4a   org-contacts: added custom org-contacts-birthday-format
       new  4a36f4a   Merge org-contacts-wl in org-contacts
       new  b78a119   Add docstring for `wl-get-from-header-content'. TINYCHANGE
       new  4f5c581   Fix wanderlust interface for org-contact.el
       new  4d5b508   org-contacts: check that completion-at-point-functions is 
       new  66e23e6   org-contacts: added VCard 3.0 exporter and ADDRESS field
       new  e585be0   org-contacts: added org-contacts-show-map (requires 
       new  6c12101   org-contacts: Use `with-current-buffer' instead of 
       new  7cae69f   org-contacts: Require cl on compilation.
       new  5f1806a   org-contacts: fix errors when Gnus or ERC are not loaded
       new  ea8cbe4   Fix copyright years for elisp files in core and contrib.
       new  531d67a   Fix Emacs 24 compatibility issue with Emacs 24
       new  d0caf96   Replace org-mode-p with usual (eq major-mode 'org-mode) 
       new  ef5cb24   Copyright year fixes for contrib/.
       new  2e77024   Copyright year fixes for contrib/.
       new  5526110   Merge branch 'origin-maint'
       new  938ca34   Add missing word to org-contacts y-or-n-p question
       new  c297cb0   Merge branch 'maint'
       new  dcd313e   Tags/properties matcher: Fixed issues with todo-only 
       new  72d2caf   add a missing require for gnus-util
       new  ad7f57a   Fix error messages: don't use a dot at the end
       new  c0f4677   contrib/lisp/org-contacts.el: Require 'org-agenda.
       new  7fcd20b   contrib/lisp/org-contacts.el: Docstring fixes and small 
code clean up
       new  1b6cff5   contrib/lisp/org-contacts.el: Fix indentation of the file
       new  8bf8565   Update copyright years.
       new  dcd8af9   Merge branch 'maint'
       new  010b2ec   org-contacts.el (org-contacts-format-name): New function
       new  2b1a75a   Improve `completion-at-point' for `org-contacts.el' in 
       new  85b506b   contrib/lisp/org-contacts.el: Delete trailing whitespaces
       new  c08b676   Add caching mecanism
       new  48ca58b   Do not complete when it's not necessary
       new  68918fc   org-contacts: Fix Agenda format.
       new  927e7c7   org-contacts.el: Check if the database need a refresh in 
a dedicated function
       new  e86b83d   org-contacts.el: Started to silent byte-compiler
       new  8b85530   org-contacts.el: Let the users decide if they want to use 
`org-contacts' to complete mail addresses
       new  30a76d5   org-contacts.el: Rename a function to follow emacs-lisp 
coding conventions
       new  99994ed   contrib/lisp/org-contacts.el 
(org-contacts-complete-name): Prevent an error when there is no completion 
       new  15f35f7   orgcontacts.el: Fix `date' being broken in 
       new  57a9545   contrib/lisp/org-contacts.el: Fix compiler warnings.
       new  884d61f   Fix typo.
       new  7c908e4   org-contacts.el: Fix or add docstrings
       new  6b235b4   contrib/lisp/*el: Fix license information and add "This 
file is not part..."
       new  543f2c5   contrib/lisp/org-contacts.el: Remove calls to cl functions
       new  2d1ea82   contrib/lisp/org-contacts.el: Silence byte-compiler
       new  02808bb   Let org-contacts.el has the ability which can export 
email-address list
       new  5a2519c   org-contacts.el, add note property
       new  f07f259   org-contacts.el, add tel property
       new  f4f5ff3   org-contacts.el (org-contacts-export-as-vcard): Don't use 
non-existent function `org-install-letbind'
       new  f46131e   org-contacts.el (org-contacts-matcher): Better matcher
       new  8ccb82f   org-contacts.el , fix bugs about 'tel and 'note properties
       new  5ee8caa   org-contacts.el, add name alias property.
       new  d7412d5   contrib/lisp/org-contacts: Fix two typos in comments
       new  c0ebd3a   contrib/lisp/org-contacts: Allow org links in properties
       new  9dec69a   contrib/lisp/org-contacts: Introduce the constant 
       new  3beb906   org-contacts: Use progress-reporter for cache update 
       new  dc57e62   org-contacts: Fix org-contacts-gnus-article-from-goto
       new  7f9ad6a   contrib/lisp/org-contacts.el: Permit to unload properly 
       new  c71bbd2   contrib/lisp/org-contacts.el (org-contacts-vcard-format): 
Silence byte-compiler
       new  666da7a   contrib/lisp/org-contacts.el: Add a feature, which can 
ignore emails or phones with property
       new  7d47f48   contrib/lisp/org-contacts.el: Various formatting 
improvements and bug fixes
       new  f259246   contrib/lisp/org-contacts.el: Add a complex org-contacts 
template to the file header
       new  cf0668a   org-contacts: Provide ordering when using cycle completion
       new  dbe6325   org-contacts: Ensure contacts cache is updated if it 
contains markers with no buffer
       new  f62bfeb   org-contacts: use `org-' prefixed variants of cl functions
       new  a452869   un-hexify TEL links in vCard export
       new  5e67fd8   Update copyright years.
       new  1be8aa9   Merge branch 'maint'
       new  9c233be   Revert "Update copyright years."
       new  e6e9fd8   Merge branch 'maint'
       new  13d35c9   Update copyright years again.
       new  19baaca   Merge branch 'maint'
       new  fc25530   contrib/lisp/org-contacts.el: Add a hook to allow users 
to plug completion functions
       new  5be58f1   contrib/lisp/org-contacts.el: Factorize the construction 
of the database
       new  d3509e4   contrib/lisp/org-contacts.el: Complete contacts using 
tags and properties
       new  5e05b4d   contrib/lisp/org-contacts.el: Fix a bug when contacts 
don't have an email address
       new  9c27250   contrib/lisp/org-contacts.el: Allow the user to customize 
interactively the vcard export
       new  6bcb093   contrib: Fix error messages.
       new  3b371ff   org-contacts.el: Catch `nextfile' in `org-contacts-db'
       new  cfa1db0   Remove some home-grown copies of cl-lib functions.
       new  8e07b36   contrib: move a few libraries to cl-lib in place of 
compile-time cl.
       new  45bc95a   org-contacts: Fix org-contacts-matcher for BIRTHDAYs
       new  44968ec   Make `org-make-tags-matcher' lexical binding friendly
       new  9a80cca   org-contacts: Register "tel" link
       new  3ed6376   org-agenda: Remove unnecessary visibility modification
       new  ee973b2   Deprecate `org-find-if' in favor of `cl-find-if'
       new  9f46067   Deprecate `org-no-warnings' in favor of `with-no-warnings'
       new  49dd482   Use `string-match-p' instead of `org-string-match-p'
       new  8d0ca82   Update tel link definition
       new  b970428   Rationalize `org-link-(un)escape'
       new  204548b   Fix function declarations
       new  034be20   org-contacts.el: Add new link type "contact:"
       new  7161351   contrib/lisp/org-contacts.el: Add stardiviner as the 
       new  58ea7f2   org-contacts.el: Fix org-store-link error caused by 
       new  79d7a88   org-contacts.el: Add support for org-id generated link.
       new  dcbbc77   org-contacts.el: Inherit face from org-link
       new  124cc7a   org-contacts.el: Add usage comments
       new  a603ab3   org-contacts.el: replace obsolete alias `loop' with 
       new  38f7b80   org-contacts.el: Only use org-id-store-link if org-id is 
       new  d1365ce   org-contacts.el: Use `bound-and-true-p' to check 
(unbound) var
       new  0c439a4   org-contacts.el: Fix store link function does not return 
       new  83f7226   Fix typo in 124cc7a1a
       new  3d068b7   org-contacts.el: Display contacts buffer result.
       new  f81ebdc   Prefer HTTPS to HTTP for links to gnu.org
       new  7b87e73   Prefer HTTPS to HTTP in most links
       new  50fff11   Don't use deprecated functions
       new  ede6e73   Remove compatibility code
       new  b2837af   simplify logic, remove unused variables, switch to 
lexical binding
       new  03dc64d   Change how completion is done
       new  fd660ce   Tidy up whitespace
       new  3ad99fe   add README.org
       new  c472159   Avoid *Org-Agenda* buffer use org-contacts-matcher in 
       new  18ba907   Try to support different type of AVATAR property.
       new  7dd30d9   replace gnus-rescale-image with create-image property 
       new  5174678   Fix AVATAR property value not exist problem
       new  974f1b7   Add package introduction in README
       new  3f635df   Update source code metadata keywords and usage description

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