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[elpa] branch externals/mines created (now 97e0a05)

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: [elpa] branch externals/mines created (now 97e0a05)
Date: Mon, 30 Nov 2020 18:44:01 -0500 (EST)

monnier pushed a change to branch externals/mines.

        at  97e0a05   * mines.el: Adjust docs for the @ => SPC change

This branch includes the following new commits:

       new  c52a0bd   Initial commit
       new  735b30d   First commit
       new  3fdc08a   * mines.el (mines-game-over): Set face correctly
       new  4da0c1d   * screenshots/screenshot-minesweeper.png: Add screenshot
       new  92fb132   * Readme: Add screenshot
       new  5ada7d3   * Readme: Add more screenshots
       new  9f7404e   Delete file
       new  d9241c9   Add file
       new  4d800e0   * mines.el (mines--insert): Display flags with a 
different face
       new  4adcc96   * mines.el (mines-difficulty-level): Fix docstring
       new  dd8b0e3   Delete screenshots
       new  1efe0e0   updated screenshots
       new  9a1a1a4   * README.md: Update file
       new  4bbe9a4   * mines.el (mines-dig): Fix update of board when touch a 
bomb at first trial
       new  5ee08ac   * mines.el (mines-mode): Initialize mode map in the body
       new  0fb75df   * mines.el (mines-set-numbers): Use mines-matrix-2-index
       new  82f1a92   Refactor code
       new  b419959   * mines.el (mines-init): Preserve board settings after 
restart game
       new  909152f   * mines.el (mines-dig): Update element at point after 
avoid gameover in 1st trial
       new  7247335   * mines.el: Assign copyright to FSF
       new  7660b39   Add test suite
       new  3de39fb   * README.md: Show build state
       new  1cf5d85   * .travis.yml: Dont test for Emacs-24.3
       new  6e7fc5c   * mines.el: Update dependency to Emacs-24.4
       new  226776a   * mines: Fix compilation warnings
       new  abc8c9d   Move game documentation into `mines-mode' docstring
       new  8eaf131   * mines.el: Bump version to 1.1
       new  7133550   * mines/mines.el (mines-mode): Move the docstring to 
where it belongs.
       new  92399df   * packages/mines/mines.el: Bump version to 1.2
       new  e127c84   Add fallback function for read-multiple-choice
       new  bf577b0   Sort the score file from better to worst results
       new  179ed77   Dont prompt user when updating the score file
       new  9b07cb6   Do not uncover flagged cells if the user dont want that
       new  34d088c   Reimplement mines-end-p
       new  868e9b9   * mines.el: Bump version to v1.6
       new  2241dcd   * mines/mines.el: Various minor changes, wave 1
       new  5920f2d   * mines/mines.el (mines-grid): Use `bomb` instead of t
       new  3308a99   * packages/mines/mines.el: Keep flag in mines-state
       new  b490060   * packages/mines/mines.el: Streamline mines--insert
       new  e090a90   * mines.el: Make sure the first move is successful
       new  f11e546   * mines.el (mines-mode-map): Add mouse bindings
       new  bea3ad8   * packages/mines/mines.el (mines-auto-flag): New custom 
       new  97e0a05   * mines.el: Adjust docs for the @ => SPC change

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