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[elpa] branch externals/ada-mode created (now 05d6105)

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: [elpa] branch externals/ada-mode created (now 05d6105)
Date: Mon, 30 Nov 2020 17:20:21 -0500 (EST)

monnier pushed a change to branch externals/ada-mode.

        at  05d6105   * .gitignore: New file

This branch includes the following new commits:

       new  065c038   Add ada-mode, wisi packages
       new  1181f8d   Fix up copyright notices.
       new  6549abd   update to Ada mode version 5.0.1
       new  a56d7e8   release ada-mode 5.1.0, wisi 1.0.1
       new  a3e1d6a   * packages/ada-mode: version 5.1.1: fix wisi packaging 
bug, add -a in gnat-find
       new  ba2a346   ada-mode, wisi: bump versions again; forgot to add some 
files to git
       new  9730ec3   ada-mode 5.1.3, wisi 1.0.4
       new  64afd45   release ada-mode 5.1.4
       new  1b4fb26   * packages/ada-mode/* : version 5.1.5
       new  5118a86   remove bogus execute priv
       new  45fad69   publish ada-mode 5.1.6, wisi 1.0.6, new package 
       new  89747cb   * packages/ada-mode: Miscellaneous cleanups.
       new  4e2f1e3   release ada-mode 5.1.7, wisi 1.1.0; minor format changes 
in ada-ref-man
       new  75a4c9f   release ada-mode 5.1.7, wisi 1.1.0; minor format changes 
in ada-ref-man (take 2)
       new  7bc1eb0   update ada-mode, wisi
       new  0a42145   * packages/ada-mode: Miscellaneous tweaks to fix warnings
       new  b27dd06   * ada-mode: Use lexical-binding since it requires 
Emacs-24.2 anyway
       new  cc65bfe   Update ada-mode, wisi
       new  6d77bd0   * packages/gnome-c-style/gnome-c-tests.el: Add copyright 
       new  f292e14   fix executable bits
       new  2d17566   Fix some quoting problems in doc strings
       new  7b6bcf3   Release: ada-mode: version 5.2.0. wisi: version 1.1.3
       new  35e9946   Release wisi 1.1.4, ada-mode 5.2.1
       new  ce778fa   Clear executable bit for Emacs Lisp files.
       new  7e7262b   * ada-mode/ada-mode.el (ada-case-activate-keys): Fix 
compiler warning.
       new  2db72b9   Update ada-mode to version 5.2.2, wisi to version 1.1.5
       new  a3be258   Release Ada mode 5.3.1, wisi 1.1.6
       new  e4a40ea   Warn about transfer.fsckObjects
       new  04ed297   * packages/ada-mode/ada-mode.el (ada-mode): emacs 26 vs 
       new  6d3ea76   Release ada-mode version 6.0. Release wisi version 2.0
       new  e56f179   * ada-mode/xref-ada.el: Add copyright blurb
       new  07f5c4d   Release ada-mode 6.0.1, wisi 2.0.1; fix copyright, 
packaging bugs
       new  a8cbe78   * ada-mode, wisi: Fix file access rights
       new  4c99c60   Add new files in ada-mode; package version not bumped
       new  304724f   Release ada-mode 6.1.0, wisi 2.1.0
       new  49f2753   * packages/ada-mode/ada-mode.el: Fix end of file marker
       new  acc46ef   In ada-mode, wisi; release ada-mode 6.1.1, wisi 2.1.1
       new  15ea784   In ada-mode, wisi: release Ada mode 6.2.0, wisi 1.2.0.
       new  6f2849f   In ada-mode and wisi, release ada-mode 6.2.1, wisi 2.2.1; 
fix packaging bugs
       new  376b482   Release ada-mode 7.0.1, wisi 3.0.1
       new  dc5e65e   Release ada-mode 7.1.0, wisi 3.1.0
       new  4c29ef9   * ada-mode: Fix copyright
       new  ad8a25a   In ada-mode, adapt to wisi bug fix release
       new  7d4089c   Release ada-mode bug-fix version 7.1.2
       new  dfb63bc   In ada-mode, release 7.1.3; in wisi, release 3.1.2
       new  3950c12   * ada-mode/ada-mode.el: Don't define other packages's vars
       new  31c74eb   In ada-mode, set auto-mode-alist
       new  05d6105   * .gitignore: New file

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