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[elpa] branch externals/ascii-art-to-unicode created (now 46e24a6)

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: [elpa] branch externals/ascii-art-to-unicode created (now 46e24a6)
Date: Sun, 29 Nov 2020 18:56:52 -0500 (EST)

monnier pushed a change to branch externals/ascii-art-to-unicode.

        at  46e24a6   * .gitignore: New file

This branch includes the following new commits:

       new  f319591   New package: ascii-art-to-unicode
       new  1e682b8   [aa2u] Make ‘aa2u’ region-aware.
       new  9ab9dbc   [aa2u] Release: 1.5
       new  42f07bc   [aa2u] Fix bug: Make ‘M-x aa2u’ operate on accessible 
       new  fc130df   [aa2u] Release: 1.6
       new  1a107c7   [aa2u maint] Extract NEWS and HACKING to separate files; 
       new  01635f7   [aa2u int] Add "Tip Jar" URL in Commentary; nfc.
       new  80b9003   [aa2u int] Don't use ‘cl-labels’ when ‘cl-flet*’ will do.
       new  1de2351   [aa2u int] Compute vertical/horizontal components 
       new  1dd85cc   [aa2u] Make weight dynamically customizable.
       new  45094de   [aa2u maint] Update HACKING; nfc.
       new  c6fac9c   fixup! [aa2u] Make weight dynamically customizable.
       new  770d0eb   ascii-art-to-unicode.el (aa2u-replacement): Use cl-case 
instead of case.
       new  6b628eb   [aa2u] New command: aa2u-rectangle
       new  119855b   [aa2u] Release: 1.7
       new  5e2eb49   [aa2u maint] Add ‘Maintainer’ header per top-level 
README; nfc.
       new  4e95135   [aa2u] Declare package keywords.
       new  dfc56c7   [aa2u int] Add abstraction: gsr
       new  c25476c   [aa2u] New command: aa2u-mark-as-text
       new  f7de720   [aa2u] Release: 1.8
       new  b9fcf21   [aa2u maint] Mention TAB infelicity in HACKING; nfc.
       new  9b97434   [aa2u] New command: aa2u-mark-rectangle-as-text
       new  78f8a2d   [aa2u] Update homepage; drop other links.
       new  0dae337   [aa2u] Mention TAB infelicity.
       new  5b19f5a   [aa2u] Release: 1.9
       new  2c3f683   Add some THANKS files; nfc.
       new  cd0b6a0   Specify copyright update policy in some HACKING files; 
       new  eab157d   [aa2u int] Update years in copyright notice; nfc.
       new  507bf63   [aa2u slog] Handle ‘ucs-names’ that returns a hash table.
       new  3bbc23c   [aa2u] Release: 1.10
       new  461be39   [aa2u slog] Fix botched bifurcation.
       new  e8b71b0   [aa2u] Release: 1.11
       new  c6c696d   [aa2u maint] Add Kaushal Modi to THANKS; nfc.
       new  fa1f232   [aa2u] Use U+2018, U+2019 instead of U+60, U+27.
       new  6990a31   [aa2u maint] Update years in copyright notice; nfc.
       new  80f65b5   [aa2u] Fix docstring for ‘aa2u-ucs-bd-uniform-name’.
       new  9ad8a5f   [aa2u] Mention ‘DOUBLE’ in ‘aa2u-uniform-weight’ 
       new  1b5a928   [aa2u] Release: 1.12
       new  a09ace3   [aa2u] Handle modern ‘ucs-names’ being a hash table.
       new  c62afa0   [aa2u maint] Update years in copyright notice; nfc.
       new  83ec71a   [aa2u] Release: 1.13
       new  46e24a6   * .gitignore: New file

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