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[elpa] branch externals/debbugs created (now 528825b)

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: [elpa] branch externals/debbugs created (now 528825b)
Date: Sun, 29 Nov 2020 18:40:27 -0500 (EST)

monnier pushed a change to branch externals/debbugs.

        at  528825b   * .gitignore: New file

This branch includes the following new commits:

       new  d548cd0   Remove version numbers in packages/ directory
       new  7f40e27   * debbugs.el (debbugs-send-control-message): Add severity 
and "done".
       new  629b015   (debbugs-select-report): Set the minor summary mode in 
the right buffer.
       new  8e5f30c   (debbugs-send-control-message): Fix typo in the "done" 
       new  4e4e3d0   (debbugs-emacs): Allow listing archived bugs.
       new  07154a0   * debbugs.el (debbugs-emacs): Let-bind `debbugs-port' to 
"gnu.org". Ask how many reports to retrieve, when `debbugs-get-bugs' returns 
more than 400 hits.
       new  94b437c   * debbugs.el (debbugs-send-control-message): Add more 
control messages.
       new  4d6bacf   (debbugs-done): Add a face for done bugs.
       new  a0ed26b   * debbugs.el (debbugs-new, debbugs-handled, 
debbugs-stale) (debbugs-done, debbugs-emacs, debbugs-mode-map, debbugs-mode) 
(debbugs-select-report, debbugs-summary-mode-map) (debbugs-summary-mode, 
debbugs-send-control-message): Move to ... * debbugs-gnu.el: New file.
       new  ab61b0e   * debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-emacs): Propertize with 
'help-echo. (debbugs-mode-map): Define key "q".
       new  aeed946   * debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-send-control-message): Prompt 
for version number for "close" and "done" control messages.
       new  caf94fe   * debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-emacs): Change default hits to 
500. (debbugs-send-control-message): Compute version number more precisely.
       new  5240eaf   * debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-summary-mode): Make sure we 
don't Cc both bug-gnu-emacs (etc) and debbugs.
       new  194921d   (debbugs-emacs): Default to list the done bugs.
       new  e303918   (debbugs-toggle-sort): New command and keystroke.
       new  b0ceaf7   (debbugs-send-control-message): Record the bug number on 
group entry, so that we don't have to rely on subject header mangling, which is 
       new  7687d6b   (debbugs-emacs): Display multiple merges prettier.
       new  656ec3d   * debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-emacs): Move reporting lines to 
`debbugs-show-reports'.  Create widgets for every report page. 
(debbugs-show-reports): New defun. (debbugs-select-report): Handle also page 
       new  b5a6432   (debbugs-toggle-sort): Allow sorting from the final line.
       new  736fb8c   * debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-emacs, debbugs-show-reports): 
Rewrite in order to use widgets exclusively. (debbugs-widget-format-handler): 
New defun. (debbugs-mode-map): Derive from `special-mode-map'. Use 
`widget-keymap' as parent map. (debbugs-select-report): Add bug id as parameter.
       new  1231617   * debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-emacs): Don't use widgets to 
provide clickable links, since that requires you to select certain parts of the 
line, which is annoying.
       new  6777b9f   (debbugs-show-reports): Store the status in the buffer.
       new  840ef57   (debbugs-display-status): New command and keystroke. 
(debbugs-widget-map): New keymap. (debbugs-emacs): Use it.
       new  55886e2   (debbugs-toggle-sort): Make sorting work again.
       new  7ea3250   Remove spurious parenthesis.
       new  c3f0eb7   (debbugs-toggle-sort): Use `debbugs-current-id'.
       new  3c40b4f   (debbugs-toggle-sort): Don't move point around so much.
       new  fa37024   (debbugs-summary-mode): Ignore submit@debbugs addresses, 
       new  1fdcac3   * debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-widget-map): Add [mouse-1] and 
[mouse-2]. (debbugs-emacs): Add :help-echo and :suppress-done for report pages' 
widgets. (debbugs-show-reports): Remove suppress-done from arguments. It must 
be read from the widget anyway. Tune inserting of bottom line widgets.
       new  e1c8723   * debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-owner): New face. 
(debbugs-show-reports): Mark subject if the user is the bug's owner.  Add 
mouse-face. (debbugs-mode-map): Add [mouse-1] and [mouse-2]. 
(debbugs-send-control-message): Add "owner" and "noowner" messages.
       new  63e5cf5   * debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-rescan): New command and 
       new  e2ef75a   Make the "g" command work.
       new  efe1ecf   * debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-select-report): Fetch all 
merged reports.
       new  bf5b708   * debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-tagged): New face. 
(debbugs-persistency-file): New defvar.  Read and eval its contents during 
loading. (debbugs-dump-persistency-file): New defun.  Add it to 
`kill-emacs-hook'. (debbugs-local-tags): New defvar. (debbugs-show-reports): 
Code cleanup.  Show tagged bugs. (debbugs-mode-map): Add "t" (for toggle tag) 
and "C" (for send control message). (debbugs-toggle-tag): New defun. 
(debbugs-display-status): Remove superfluous let-binding. (debb [...]
       new  04754f0   * debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-owner): Removed.  We use 
`debbugs-tagged' uniquely. (debbugs-widgets, debbugs-package, 
debbugs-severities) (debbugs-archive): New defvars. (debbugs-local-tags, 
debbugs-persistency-file) (debbugs-dump-persistency-file): Add docstring. 
(debbugs-emacs): Use new defvars. (debbugs-show-reports):  Remove widgets from 
arguments.  Mark bugs submitted by user. (debbugs-mode-map): Add "x" (for purge 
"done" bugs). (debbugs-rescan): On the last page, ch [...]
       new  a024431   * debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-toggle-sort): Sort the tagged 
bugs at the end.
       new  49237ca   (debbugs-emacs): Init the saved bugs on call, not on load.
       new  73de9fa   (debbugs-dump-persistency-file): Don't destroy the list 
while saving it.
       new  d119900   * packages/debbugs/debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-gnu): New 
group. (widget-mouse-face, gnus-posting-styles): Declare. 
(debbugs-suppress-done): Avoid beginning-of-buffer.
       new  3771385   Bind `q' to `bury-buffer', which seems more useful.
       new  7a12166   (debbugs-send-control-message): Allow reversing tags.
       new  df2ec72   (debbugs-summary-mode): Remove quiet@debbugs.gnu.org from 
the list, too.
       new  9daf260   * debbugs-gnu.el (top): Add ;;; Commentary. 
(debbugs-default-severities, debbugs-default-packages) 
(debbugs-default-hits-per-page): New customer options. 
(debbugs-current-severities, debbugs-current-packages) 
(debbugs-current-archive): Renamed from `debbugs-severities', 
`debbugs-package', `debbugs-archive'. (debbugs-emacs): Reorder arguments.  If 
called interactively with prefix, ask for optional arguments values.  Loop also 
for several packages. (debbugs-show-report [...]
       new  3a253e9   (debbugs-toggle-tag): Save the list of tagged articles 
       new  1c81865   * debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-gnu-*): Rename from 
`debbugs-*'. (debbugs-gnu-default-severities): Add pseudo severity "tagged". 
(debbugs-gnu-get-bugs): New defun. (debbugs-gnu, debbugs-gnu-rescan): Use it.
       new  ba9a8ca   (debbugs-gnu-send-control-message): Add donenotabug and 
       new  bbe09ae   (debbugs-gnu-send-control-message): Add 
       new  083a6e4   Fix last checkin.
       new  1651ba2   One week is a better period for staleness, I think.
       new  88f1cbf   * debbugs-gnu.el (top): Require `tabulated-list'.  
Autoload `widget-convert'. (debbugs-gnu-handled, debbugs-gnu-stale): Fix 
docstring. (debbugs-gnu-get-bugs): Do not sort ids, it is done later anyway. 
(debbugs-gnu-show-reports): Move inserting of text to ... 
(debbugs-gnu-print-entry): New defun. (debbugs-gnu-mode-map): Set parent map to 
`tabulated-list-mode-map'. (debbugs-gnu-mode): Derive from 
`tabulated-list-mode'.  Initialize `tabulated-list-*' objects. (debbugs-g [...]
       new  0c2daec   * debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-gnu-sort-state): Give tagged 
bugs priority 20.  In case there is just the severity list '("tagged"), do not 
use that priority. (debbugs-gnu-sort-title): Fix silly bug.
       new  7dd9887   * debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-gnu-get-bugs): Reinsert sorting 
of ids. This is needed when several sets of bugs are retrieved in a loop. Allow 
empty packages or severities. (debbugs-gnu-show-reports): Erase buffer on 
entry.  Initialize header line, move from ... (debbugs-gnu-mode): ... here. 
(debbugs-gnu-state-preference): Make it a defconst. 
(debbugs-gnu-severity-preference): New defconst. 
(debbugs-gnu-get-state-preference) (debbugs-gnu-get-severity-preference): New 
defu [...]
       new  1883e24   * debbugs.el (debbugs-get-bugs): Extend syntax for 
packages (and severities and tags) by "-".  Fix error messages.
       new  d189263   * debbugs.el (debbugs-get-bugs): Weaken syntax for 
packages (and severities and tags).
       new  84be38d   * debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-gnu-subject): New defvar. 
(debbugs-gnu-select-report): Set it buffer local. (debbugs-gnu-summary-mode): 
Use it for adapting subject of replies.
       new  90417e5   * debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-gnu-send-control-message): Add 
"pending" etc.
       new  9c3eb76   Sort pending bugs towards the end
       new  234c1d0   * debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-gnu-default-severities) 
(debbugs-gnu-severity-preference) (debbugs-gnu-send-control-message): Add 
"serious". (debbugs-gnu-select-report): Add ":" in reply subject.
       new  1ef5eb3   * debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-gnu-send-control-message): Add 
       new  d7b7072   * debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-gnu-show-reports): Add packages 
to the status bar.
       new  3f67f71   * debbugs.el (debbugs-get-bugs): Add search keywords :src 
:maint :correspondent :affects and :status.  Improvement of docstring, document 
the new keywords and multiple values for one keyword.
       new  5f5509b   * debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-gnu-get-bugs): It is sufficient 
to have just one `debbugs-get-bugs' call.
       new  5129bba   * debbugs.texi: New file.
       new  a889460   * debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-gnu-default-suppress-bugs): New 
customer option. (debbugs-gnu-pending): Fix docstring. 
(debbugs-gnu-current-query): New defvar. (debbugs-gnu-search): New command. 
(debbugs-gnu): Rename SUPPRESS-DONE to SUPPRESS.  Fix interactive query. 
(debbugs-gnu-print-entry): Filter according to 
`debbugs-gnu-default-suppress-bugs' and `debbugs-gnu-current-query'. 
(debbugs-gnu-toggle-suppress): Renamed from `debbugs-gnu-toggle-suppress-done'.
       new  42d8bd5   Allow sending bug control messages from random modes.
       new  f347ec7   (debbugs-gnu-summary-mode): Make sure `gnus-article-copy' 
is alive.
       new  37245ae   * debbugs.texi (top): Add a title page. (all): Correct 
some typos.
       new  b15eaf2   * debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-gnu-get-bugs): If 
`debbugs-gnu-current-severities' contains only the pseudo-severity "tagged", 
return just the local tagged bugs.
       new  abc7751   * debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-gnu-search): Let-bind 
`debbugs-gnu-current-query'. (debbugs-gnu): Add attribute :query to the 
widgets. (debbugs-gnu-print-entry): Get query from 
`debbugs-gnu-current-widget'. (debbugs-gnu-guess-current-id): Rename from 
`debbugs-guess-current-id'. (debbugs-gnu-send-control-message): Use it.
       new  7f4fc6a   * debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-gnu-default-suppress-bugs) 
(debbugs-gnu-current-query): Expand docstring. (debbugs-gnu-current-filter): 
New defvar. (debbugs-gnu-calendar-read): New defun. 
(debbugs-gnu-current-severities, debbugs-gnu-current-packages) 
(debbugs-gnu-current-archive): Removed. (debbugs-gnu-search): Autoloaded.  
Remove arguments.  Extend interactive queries. (debbugs-gnu): Autoloaded.  Use 
`debbugs-gnu-current-query'.  Set :filter in widgets. (debbugs-gnu-get-b [...]
       new  b7429b6   Fix previous patch.
       new  17943cc   * Debbugs.wsdl (ArrayOfArrayOfAnyType) 
(ArrayOfArrayOfArrayOfAnyType): New types. (search_estRequest, 
search_estResponse): New messages. (search_est): New operation.
       new  b0bd33b   * debbugs.el (debbugs-get-status): Handle the case of nil 
       new  080565c   * debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-gnu-search): Add full text 
search. (debbugs-gnu): Use `unwind-protect'. (debbugs-gnu-get-bugs): Call 
`debbugs-search-est' for full text search.
       new  cc9e0a0   Upgrade package version to 0.3.
       new  a40dc43   * debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-gnu-phrase-prompt): New 
defconst. (debbugs-gnu-search): Use it.  Use `unwind-protect'.  Apply default 
values for "status". (debbugs-gnu): Fix `unwind-protect' form. 
(debbugs-gnu-mode-map): Do not define "q", it is derived from `special-mode'.
       new  220e57b   * debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-gnu-show-reports): Only list 
merged bugs once.
       new  6f5d15b   (debbugs-gnu-show-reports): Increase the stale time to 
two weeks.
       new  15b792d   Remove ChangeLogs; use "bzr log" instead
       new  560f17c   * debbugs.el (debbugs-get-mbox, debbugs-get-bugs): Fix 
typos in the docstrings.
       new  298ea80   * debbugs.texi: Update documentation.
       new  8dd02c4   Update the README for the debbugs package.
       new  e56e7b3   Change default value of `debbugs-gnu-default-severities' 
to '("important" "normal")
       new  4f825df   * debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-gnu-default-severities). Add 
"serious" to initial value. (debbugs-gnu-default-packages): Add further, new 
       new  7a3f97a   Add implemented SOAP function "search_est".
       new  4cc71d5   Add commands to narrow/widen the bug reports.
       new  b00d778   Make sure the buffer isn't read-only before altering.
       new  f6146fe   Make sorting respect the current narrowing.
       new  5495087   Allow ignoring matches in From/Subject when narrowing.
       new  10f4c37   Clear up the current limit when narrowing.
       new  f4a0a4b   Adapt copyright year.
       new  e4c3368   (debbugs-gnu-default-packages): Add "fm" to the choices. 
(debbugs-gnu-current-limit): Move up. (debbugs-gnu-send-control-message): Fix 
       new  74b2e16   * Debbugs.wsdl: Add get_usertag specification.
       new  f919ced   Fix typo.
       new  698e4c8   * debbugs.el (debbugs-get-usertag): Change parameters to 
a KEY-VALUE sequence.
       new  ad9c74d   * debbugs.el (debbugs-get-usertag): Fix comments.
       new  3371e00   * debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-gnu-usertags): Show also local 
       new  2e4ea48   * debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-gnu-usertags): Rename argument 
       new  d80d972   * debbugs.el: * debbugs-gnu.el: * debbugs-pkg.el: Change 
version to 0.4.
       new  46fd25b   * debbugs.texi: Add 2012 to copyright years.
       new  7693594   Fix the copyright section to point out that it's not part 
of Emacs.
       new  294b51c   Don't explicitly bind mouse-1.
       new  9896d90   Revert the previous copyright change.
       new  e794c6c   Adapt copyright years.
       new  19bd860   * debbugs-gnu.el : Require wid-edit.el.
       new  902baa4   Only keep the strictly necessary *-pkg.el files
       new  d559351   * README: Add command `debbugs-gnu-bugs'.
       new  0306e62   Fix GPL.  debbugs is NOT part of Emacs.
       new  6a96eb7   * debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-gnu-default-packages): Add 
       new  9668e1f   Fix typo.
       new  799bc0e   * debbugs-org.el: New file.
       new  d11276e   Update copyright years.
       new  399edb4   New command `debbugs-org-regenerate-status'
       new  d710aff   * debbugs-org.el (debbugs-org-show-reports): Add a minor 
mode header line. (debbugs-org-regenerate-status): Remove (interactive).  Not 
needed anymore. (debbugs-org-mode-map): Remove "C-c # g" key binding.  Not 
needed anymore. (debbugs-org-mode): Autoload it.  Apply 
       new  99fd49a   * debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-gnu): Handle SUPPRESS properly.
       new  792d98f   * debbugs-org.el (debbugs-org-show-buffer-name): New 
defvar. (debbugs-org, debbugs-org-show-reports) (debbugs-org-show-next-reports, 
debbugs-org-mode): Use it.   (debbugs-org-regenerate-status): Fix docstring.
       new  37eba87   * debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-gnu-default-packages): Add new 
packages. (debbugs-gnu): Fix docstring.
       new  e7d2d81   * debbugs-org.el (debbugs-org-ids): Declare it 
buffer-local. (debbugs-org-show-buffer-name): New defun.  Apply it everywhere 
the respective variable has been used. (debbugs-org): Protect the whole code. 
(debbugs-org-show-reports): Let `debbugs-org-ids' survive mode setting.  Do not 
insert header line.  Do not format buffer. (debbugs-org-show-next-reports): Add 
file local variables.
       new  9b62ae8   * debbugs-org.el (debbugs-org-show-next-reports): Use 
`org-sbe' if available.
       new  aed4c19   * debbugs.el: * debbugs-gnu.el: * debbugs-org.el: 
Increase Version to 0.6.
       new  c0648d6   * README: Fix command invocation.
       new  394f5ff   * debbugs/debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-gnu-default-packages): 
Remove w32, ns.
       new  ff02eb7   * debbugs/debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-gnu-default-packages): 
Add auctex, mh-e.
       new  e27f085   * packages/debbugs/debbugs-org.el: Miscellanous cleanups. 
(debbugs-org-search): Remove unused var `date-format'. 
(debbugs-org-show-reports): Avoid add-to-list on local var. * 
packages/debbugs/debbugs.el (debbugs-get-usertag, debbugs-search-est): Avoid 
add-to-list on local var.
       new  5647a71   Make the `t' "tag" command persist over reordering
       new  6b87b3b   Update the debbugs tag face when switching it off, too
       new  2e43897   Also suppress all locally tagged bug reports
       new  cfb0bdb   Really allow narrowing to subject fields
       new  3cf7c83   Make an empty `/' command display all the bugs
       new  9136369   Add a lot of Emacs maintainer DWIM
       new  a0b4b2e   Require compile before using variables from that package
       new  da6a351   Handle blocked bugs in debbugs
       new  c9989ec   New manual debbugs-ug.texi
       new  c3826d1   Add *.info and dir to debbugs
       new  bcfcc95   * debbugs-gnu.el (top): Make byte compiler quiet. 
(debbugs-gnu-apply-patch): Use `mapc' instead of `mapcar'.
       new  9d44129   Grammar fixes in debbugs manuals
       new  f50bf5d   New file debbugs-reference.el
       new  b021f3b   * debbugs-ug.texi (Minor Modes): New node.
       new  9ba8dcc   Minor improvements to debbugs-reference.el
       new  8de636e   Rename debbugs-reference.el to debbugs-browse.el
       new  8f1d62a   Upgrade debbugs to 0.7
       new  313b653   Some minor changes in debbugs
       new  6d52539   Support reading debbugs email exchange with Rmail
       new  02fa6d4   Version: bump to 0.8 in debbugs files
       new  bd6dd44   Increase the default number of hits
       new  23786a1   * debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-gnu-select-report): Don't bug 
out on the last line in the buffer.
       new  8d7dcea   Minor debbugs tweak
       new  4c9f22b   Command to list blocking reports
       new  2371241   Save list of read articles
       new  41c8800   Lowe the hit default
       new  f4bc079   * debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-gnu-narrow-to-status): Make 
narrowing to the severity work.
       new  4e3b14c   Update branch directory
       new  42bc369   debbugs code cleanup
       new  2ea5f85   Retrieve debbugs data in several chunks, sequentially
       new  ea69942   Allow patching from non-MIME articles
       new  2c83d55   Touch up the automatic patch applying logic
       new  78ad396   Further tweaks to the patch fixer-upper (for a/erc.el)
       new  5447e7b   * debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-gnu-fix-patch): Further patch 
path fixups.
       new  7b0b168   debbugs code cleanup
       new  20cf154   Retrieve bugs asynchronously
       new  bd894ed   Move asynchronous calls in debbugs to SOAP function level.
       new  5691679   Activate `soap-invoke-async' in debbugs
       new  6ae1bfb   Improvement on debbugs
       new  82ea47b   Consolidation in debbugs
       new  d0e991e   Cache and reuse bug entries in debbugs
       new  6526f6a   Further improvements to debbugs
       new  ad0bf48   Release debbugs 0.9
       new  9a8e852   Fix missing mail-header-separator
       new  a3f6bb8   * debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-gnu-apply-patch): Really do QP 
       new  0947e1c   Add the "retitle" control
       new  4a42ac4   * packages/debbugs/debbugs-ug.texi (Control Messages): 
Add retitle.
       new  eb4259e   * packages/debbugs/debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-gnu-stale): 
Fix docstring.
       new  b8ffa5f   Fix the "exempt" marker
       new  8e3045a   Allow reading debbugs from an offline cache
       new  938a990   Allow sending control messages offline
       new  a812a38   Minor debbugs fixes
       new  10f5c39   Add a command to save the bugs list
       new  b50c3fe   Decode xsd:base64Binary values in debbugs.el
       new  2188bf8   Release debbugs 0.9.1.
       new  7385eb0   Release debbugs 0.9.2
       new  649b0c8   Get more info from patches in debbugs-gnu
       new  4a7a8d8   Add a new command debbugs-gnu-patches
       new  e91cc0a   Increase the Debbugs version number
       new  6d5364b   * debbugs: Use cl-lib. Use lexical-binding when available
       new  5440e20   Allow the "C" command from debbugs mode to work
       new  5aea250   Fix last checkin
       new  c615e66   Bump version number
       new  6c4477e   Allow inclusing the closed bugs
       new  804fa90   Fix bug face for newly arrived bugs in debbugs-gnu.el
       new  ad0e666   * packages/debbugs/debbugs-ug.texi (Searching Bugs): Fix 
       new  6a865a3   Improve debbugs-gnu-search
       new  b816a36   Further work on debbugs-gnu-search
       new  60502ec   Release debbugs 0.9.6.
       new  0246d07   * packages/debbugs/debbugs-gnu.el 
(debbugs-gnu-default-packages): Add "hyperbole".
       new  3939b8d   Various changes in debbugs-gnu
       new  b051b97   Simplify debbugs-org.el
       new  ac30a2e   Fix the values possible for status queries in debbugs
       new  9782850   Release debbugs 0.9.7
       new  b82c4ec   Fix some quoting problems in doc strings
       new  d8ca060   Improve debbugs menu and buffer name
       new  16178a5   Use dynamic completion for bug numbers in debbugs
       new  ea87a30   Make debbugs-newest-bugs more robust
       new  23a4b78   Get the correct patch author name
       new  a447400   Document debbugs-gnu-send-mail-function
       new  edb8081   Minor fixes for debbugs control messages
       new  69b8627   Document patching from debbugs, and fix some bugs
       new  5c66876   Remove usages of the gnus-with-article-buffer macro
       new  a649e51   Minor fixes in debbugs-gnu.el
       new  d979be4   Documentation enhancement for debbugs
       new  14ad2e0   Improve debbugs sorting.
       new  9e0f1b6   Bump debbugs version to 0.10
       new  3ceed8f   Add the pseudo-package "test" to 
       new  c3fbd58   Extend arguments of `debbugs-gnu-bugs', plus minor fixes
       new  9094eec   debbugs-gnu.el: Doc fixes
       new  01a01f7   Release debbugs 0.11
       new  4465f3c   debbugs-gnu.el: Add "26.1"
       new  facae1d   Release debbugs 0.12
       new  3f86ce3   Use "https" in debbugs bug URLs.
       new  94e859e   debbugs: Handle Emacs with separate build number
       new  86a7788   Add "guix-patches" to debbugs
       new  722796f   Fix bug#25784 in debbugs
       new  5179be4   Increase debbugs version to 0.14
       new  a762b83   Set mouse point in debbugs
       new  3aa755c   ; Add debbugs-gnu.el TODO item
       new  17af596   ; Update author email address in debbugs
       new  d8e0199   Tweak minor problem in debbugs.el
       new  8aa30e4   Recognize bugs.gnu.org in debbugs
       new  705125d   Bump debbugs 0.15
       new  1b1f19b   Not all bug reports have a subject, apparently.
       new  04f0926   Avoid double entries in debbugs
       new  ffe5b92   Fix previous patch
       new  636511a   Support "forwarded" in debbugs
       new  c304562   Release debbugs 0.16
       new  efa391d   Add mail command index in debbugs
       new  8e2d3ed   * packages/debbugs/instructions.texi: Add @anchor{}.
       new  db4eaa3   Add 'Mail Command Index' reference in debbugs manual
       new  9893851   * packages/debbugs/debbugs-ug.texi (Control Messages): 
Fix typos.
       new  d92eade   Release debbugs 0.17
       new  ba4b447   New command debbugs-control-make-message (Bug#33225)
       new  21686da   Fix previous change for version-less commands
       new  c40d91c   * packages/debbugs/debbugs.el: Require Emacs 25.1.
       new  1022674   Minor cleanup in debbugs-gnu.el
       new  6751c76   * packages/debbugs/instructions.texi: Sync with 
       new  07bf4e1   Search further if d-g-cur-status is nil (Bug#35121)
       new  4a24833   Fix previous change
       new  32ded42   Automate commit -> debbugs workflow (Bug#35362)
       new  f10da96   Fix debbugs-gnu-announce-commit for ELPA bugs
       new  7be84fa   ; Commit debbugs-ug.info, minor edits in debbugs-gnu.el
       new  03e8ba4   * debbugs: Cosmetic changes
       new  32fedac   * packages/debbugs/debbugs.el: Increase Version to 0.18.
       new  11f53a4   Fix up patch file names that are absolute
       new  f30cee8   Fix syntax error in previous patch.
       new  edc792e   * packages/debbugs/debbugs-gnu.el 
       new  5bb6e23   Release debbugs 0.19
       new  fa1a2d2   Only fix up the file if it really exists
       new  0dfc1d6   * packages/debbugs/debbugs-gnu.el 
(debbugs-gnu-fix-patch): Simplify a bit
       new  082b9e6   Try harder to find the file to patch in debbugs-gnu
       new  743f65c   Allow applying patches selectively
       new  e234767   Don't insert two Summary lines in the commit message
       new  7f6186e   Also accept octet parts in debbugs-gnu patches
       new  104900b   Use more faces for gradually staler bugs
       new  dcb6956   * packages/debbugs/debbugs-ug.texi (Minor Mode): Show 
example of activation.
       new  889d1dc   Use pop-to-buffer-same-window in debbugs-gnu-show-reports
       new  c654a6c   Add progress reporter to debbugs
       new  87708cd   * packages/debbugs/debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-gnu, 
debbugs-gnu-bugs): Send final message after completion.
       new  d0d2ce3   Correctly parse non-ascii names in debbugs-gnu
       new  131a4a9   Release debbugs 0.20
       new  e839f2a   Add a debbugs-gnu command to check for paperwork when 
checking in
       new  5909433   * debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-gnu-search): Make arguments 
       new  c916195   * debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-gnu-phrase-prompt): Small fix 
in help-echo.
       new  79b7316   * packages/debbugs/debbugs-ug.texi (Searching Bugs): 
Precise search conditions.
       new  a55b603   ; Further refinement in packages/debbugs/debbugs-ug.texi
       new  ff6784a   Replace http:// by https:// in debbugs
       new  112f78c   Fix leftover oddities in debbugs
       new  930b0dd   * packages/debbugs/debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-gnu-rescan): 
New argument NOCACHE. (debbugs-gnu-default-packages): Add "dejagnu" and 
       new  ea21a32   * debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-gnu-rescan): Make NOCACHE 
       new  26bbff4   Remove inconsistencies in debbugs
       new  0083f0b   Add debbugs-*-tagged commands
       new  36e5d9a   Add command to show mailboxes for all currently shown 
       new  84c56ad   Debbugs code cleanup
       new  8c373ce   Various minor wording changes
       new  c3ec95a   Implement debbugs-gnu-select-current-bugs-with-rmail
       new  01c2322   Release debbugs 0.21
       new  2efa3a7   Improve bug id guessing for multi-bug mailboxes
       new  21dd446   Fix bug#38551 in debbugs
       new  3e212ef   Bump the Emacs version number
       new  9639e41   Release debbugs 0.22
       new  2ceb7cd   Don't cache the debbugs directory but allow setting it 
per invocation
       new  50d3dca   Make debbugs install a handler in 
       new  1563806   Release debbugs 0.23
       new  dc88f7d   Autoload debbugs-browse-url.
       new  5bd30ad   Release debbugs 0.24.
       new  b801e51   Release debbugs 0.25
       new  7b47938   Fix check for Summary
       new  40fc893   Fix From addresses in debbugs-gnu
       new  91ddba4   Fix typo in previous debbugs-gnu checkin
       new  cca9282   Make the debbugs display more compact so that you can 
read the titles
       new  6bb1538   Add support for marking bugs as well
       new  e200440   Debbugs code cleanup
       new  f41daeb   Release debbugs 0.26
       new  b0ea3b7   ; Fix recent change in debbugs-gnu.el
       new  c8e3100   If there are multiple patches, collect the .rej from all 
of them
       new  bdf739e   Parse single-word names better
       new  19c8f96   * debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-gnu--parse-mail): Pacify byte 
       new  43b142a   Declare variables in debbugs-gnu.el
       new  70e705c   Set the subject in debbugs-gnu correctly
       new  38ae622   Remove blank header line in debbugs-gnu.el
       new  0a2dd7d   Fix debbugs-gnu Subject setting when used directly from 
       new  f2be042   Fix typo in previous debbugs-gnu change
       new  8fe8934   Really fix typo in previous debbugs-gnu change
       new  528825b   * .gitignore: New file

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