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[elpa] branch externals/excorporate created (now 4fb4450)

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: [elpa] branch externals/excorporate created (now 4fb4450)
Date: Sun, 29 Nov 2020 15:42:37 -0500 (EST)

monnier pushed a change to branch externals/excorporate.

        at  4fb4450   * .gitignore: New file

This branch includes the following new commits:

       new  bcc88ba   packages/excorporate: New package, import version 0.7.0
       new  080b097   packages/excorporate/excorporate.texi: New manual
       new  64f8d30   packages/excorporate/excorporate.el: Bump version to 0.7.1
       new  2a55a64   packages/excorporate: Handle nil list of main invitees
       new  fae1f5e   packages/excorporate: Update manual
       new  34827cc   packages/excorporate: Retrieve Services.wsdl directly
       new  bff9b00   packages/excorporate: Change server version lookup
       new  da2b980   packages/excorporate: Improve exco-get-meetings-for-day
       new  37b25ff   packages/excorporate: Acknowledge Erik Hetzner
       new  9cc18b1   packages/excorporate: Require soap-client 3.1.1
       new  09f998e   packages/excorporate: Bump version to 0.7.2
       new  48d34df   packages/excorporate: Add NEWS file
       new  f35c2f1   packages/excorporate/excorporate-org.el: Allow quitting 
       new  da594da   packages/excorporate: Bump version to 0.7.3
       new  e6cb302   packages/excorporate: Interoperate with LaTeX preview
       new  bdf9d5a   packages/excorporate: Bump version to 0.7.4
       new  68c5585   packages/excorporate: Interoperate with 
       new  618d12c   packages/excorporate: Bump version to 0.7.5
       new  6d8fa65   packages/excorporate: Acknowledge Fabio Leimgruber
       new  8279180   packages/excorporate: Bump url-http-ntlm required version 
to 2.0.3
       new  52d6067   excorporate.el: Bump version to 0.7.6
       new  acbc123   excorporate.texi: Increase authentication success 
       new  7e855f7   excorporate.el: Bump soap-client requirement to 3.1.4
       new  3e13cee   excorporate-calfw.el: Rename from excorporate-calfw.el.txt
       new  fd9a7bb   excorporate-calfw.el: Enable clean byte-compiling in GNU 
       new  a1ec101   excorporate.el: Require org for org-trim
       new  a588ff6   packages/excorporate: Bump version to 0.7.7
       new  12f3501   packages/excorporate: Extend exco-connection-iterate
       new  90532e9   packages/excorporate: Support retrieving meeting details
       new  a8ba2d4   packages/excorporate: Add diary and appt integration
       new  33ee501   packages/excorporate: Update documentation for Diary 
       new  47d2698   packages/excorporate: Support diary on Emacs 24.1, 24.2, 
       new  23e514f   packages/excorporate: Mention appt features in 
       new  eb2430f   packages/excorporate: Bump version to 0.8.0
       new  836db8c   packages/excorporate: Bump version to 0.8.1
       new  f5abc2a   packages/excorporate: Fix comment typo.
       new  77030b3   packages/excorporate: Fix generated whitespace issue
       new  e788f73   Advise icalendar--add-diary-entry conditionally
       new  d0a8709   excorporate-diary: Always use diary-fancy-display
       new  cd392a1   excorporate-diary: Escape literal percent signs
       new  0d20739   excorporate-diary: Fix documentation string
       new  7849d8f   excorporate-diary: Add feature idea comment
       new  44e056d   excorporate-org: Support multiple calendars
       new  882f2e0   excorporate-diary: Suppress compilation warning
       new  4b975b2   Excorporate: Support multiple connections
       new  de3ad68   Excorporate: Document new configuration wizard
       new  e343dc8   excorporate-diary: Fix read-only diary buffer
       new  d7b3ef3   packages/excorporate: Bump version to 0.8.2
       new  2e13256   excorporate-diary: Don't force diary-fancy-display
       new  ebf91e4   excorporate-diary: Update warning message
       new  b37aecf   excorporate-diary: Fix percent signs in appt
       new  ba927b9   packages/excorporate: Update HTTP debugging steps
       new  a7e0cd3   packages/excorporate: Bump version to 0.8.3
       new  556433b   excorporate: Bump required package versions
       new  00ef8e7   excorporate: Update HTTPS proxy and GSSAPI status in 
       new  fac0fee   packages/excorporate/excorporate.el: Add an acknowledgment
       new  064e34d   packages/excorporate/excorporate.el: Adjust case in 
example URL
       new  d43e575   Excorporate: Add an item iteration macro
       new  5bd2608   Excorporate: Support appointment deletion
       new  5e44589   Excorporate: Avoid trailing newline in Org buffer
       new  936eb4a   Excorporate: Change identifier format in Org buffer
       new  0080f33   Excorporate: Add item identifiers to Org buffer
       new  30cc0bd   Excorporate: Add appointment deletion in Org buffer
       new  0d014c7   Excorporate: Support appointment creation
       new  cee32a6   Excorporate: Add support for synchronous operations
       new  d6176ca   Excorporate: Provide organizer to iterators
       new  890266e   Excorporate: Support creating and cancelling meetings
       new  538e908   Excorporate: Support cancelling meetings in Org buffer
       new  b228664   Excorporate: Support replying to meeting requests
       new  6487138   Excorporate: Adjust some documentation strings
       new  2f76f57   Excorporate: Change organizer representation
       new  166b417   Excorporate: Add an organizer resolver function
       new  47fb189   Excorporate: Add some helper functions to Org backend
       new  ff4e272   Excorporate: Simplify organizer handling in Org backend
       new  de50497   Excorporate: Support replying to meeting requests in Org 
       new  c9df5e5   Excorporate: Fix some byte compiler warnings
       new  f3888e1   Excorporate: Require Org 9.0 or newer
       new  ebbf99a   Excorporate: Document new interactive functions
       new  23d19b3   Excorporate: Document API usage in manual
       new  212c8bd   Excorporate: Rewrite exco-org functions for Org 9.1
       new  8e7779a   Excorporate: Expand responses in API usage examples
       new  98a5284   Excorporate: Do not explicitly require Org package
       new  bf88ded   Excorporate: Add more API usage examples to manual
       new  4253da4   Excorporate: Add timeout for synchronous operations
       new  da3898b   Excorporate: Rename a function
       new  24a625f   Excorporate: Add an operation arity function
       new  29bef79   Excorporate: Bump soap-client required version to 3.2.0
       new  5f81163   Excorporate: Fix a byte-compilation warning
       new  5eeff27   Excorporate: Bump version to 0.9.0
       new  96a76cd   Excorporate: Adjust some URLs in the manual
       new  a33cd79   Excorporate: Prompt for meeting reply messages
       new  c72216a   Excorporate: Bump version to 0.9.1
       new  4fb4450   * .gitignore: New file

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