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[elpa] branch externals/gnugo created (now 2dd0aca)

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: [elpa] branch externals/gnugo created (now 2dd0aca)
Date: Sun, 29 Nov 2020 14:49:26 -0500 (EST)

monnier pushed a change to branch externals/gnugo.

        at  2dd0aca   * .gitignore: New file

This branch includes the following new commits:

       new  41cca6d   Start building eventual package ‘gnugo’.
       new  bc60d05   Import gnugo.el from ttn-pers-elisp 1.59.
       new  c31cfb0   [gnugo] Adapt copyright notice to FSF, headers to ELPA.
       new  aedeff7   [gnugo maint] Add NEWS file; prune Commentary; nfc.
       new  fdb7810   [gnugo] Use ‘cl-labels’ instead of ‘flet’.
       new  7f380e4   [gnugo] Presume working time-date.el.
       new  9ec0f3e   [gnugo] Presume "modern" GNU Emacs.
       new  6acac6c   [gnugo int] Use ‘zerop’.
       new  1cd92b7   [gnugo] Wait at most 30sec for subproc output chunk.
       new  0893d87   [gnugo] Don't use ‘process-kill-buffer-query-function’.
       new  7484ea0   [gnugo maint] Add HACKING; prune Commentary; nfc.
       new  5b0f262   [gnugo doc] Document version-number scheme.
       new  a86a897   [gnugo int] Use ‘redisplay’ more.
       new  e3a50ca   [gnugo int] Use ‘display’ property more.
       new  fee8b33   [gnugo int] Use ‘(split-string STR SEP t)’.
       new  7f961b7   [gnugo maint] Update "next" in HACKING; nfc.
       new  08b2a66   [gnugo] Indicate buffer not modified after save.
       new  f84b823   [gnugo maint] Update a musing item in HACKING; nfc.
       new  1dcff48   [gnugo maint] Revamp "ChangeLog discipline" in HACKING; 
       new  c885c9c   [gnugo int] Avoid variable FORMAT for ‘message’.
       new  0838a13   [gnugo gtp int] Use :post-thunk instead of :post-hook.
       new  61be18a   [gnugo maint] Add .dir-locals.el file, link in HACKING; 
       new  6d835b3   [gnugo int] Drop unused local var.
       new  a4b96a1   [gnugo int] Use ‘number-sequence’ more.
       new  0c7bc82   [gnugo int] Use cl-{plus,minus}p more.
       new  5566285   [gnugo] Give names and docstrings to ‘lambda’ commands.
       new  9893ff1   [gnugo int] Hang the sync-return-stash on the process 
       new  bd4d40f   [gnugo int] Drop leading "*" in docstrings.
       new  d41a581   [gnugo] Indicate buffer not modified after load.
       new  c02cc72   [gnugo maint] Update NEWS file; nfc.
       new  e16a8d5   [gnugo int] Add abstraction: gnugo--unclose-game
       new  80a22a5   [gnugo] Use ‘user-error’.
       new  f0aa02d   [gnugo int] Zonk unused local var.
       new  2a75447   [gnugo int] Use ‘set-process-query-on-exit-flag’.
       new  28da1b4   [gnugo int] Use ‘dolist’ and ‘destructuring-bind’.
       new  7ef5c66   [gnugo int] Revamp gnugo-{put,get} doc / indentation decl.
       new  b8b8763   [gnugo maint] Update "next" in HACKING; nfc.
       new  74ff909   [gnugo] Fix bug: Relax sync regexp.
       new  402bf68   [gnugo] Don't show underscore in group-animation message.
       new  fef1847   [gnugo] Use special constructs for keybindings in 
       new  3063f95   [gnugo] Make proc-status change mode-line elem more 
       new  8cabdfa   [gnugo int] Use internal macros more.
       new  5c8f31d   [gnugo maint] Update HACKING; nfc.
       new  c479509   [gnugo] Bind ‘DEL’ to ‘gnugo-undo-two-moves’.
       new  052ea8a   [gnugo] New command: ‘A’ (gnugo-switch-to-another)
       new  2d4c9ad   [gnugo] New command: ‘_’ and ‘M-_’ (gnugo-boss-is-near)
       new  294bdc1   [gnugo maint] Update NEWS; nfc.
       new  ee905ef   [gnugo] Fix bug: Compute grid spacing using offset math.
       new  02926a1   [gnugo] Rename var to ‘gnugo-inhibit-refresh’.
       new  ae25c81   [gnugo maint] Update NEWS, HACKING; nfc.
       new  5e4b5a8   [gnugo] Release: 2.3.0
       new  62a7c8d   [gnugo slog] Specify second arg to ‘unintern’.
       new  c2f7717   [gnugo slog] Fix bug: Avoid ‘cl-lib’ funcs; use only 
       new  02c55b7   [gnugo] Release: 2.3.1
       new  423683d   [gnugo int] Use ‘dolist’, ‘destructuring-bind’ more.
       new  3112192   [gnugo int] Streamline subproc (de-)marshalling.
       new  b6bb24d   [gnugo int] Use ‘eq’ less.
       new  f09af15   [gnugo maint] Reindent; nfc.
       new  b5f47cb   [gnugo int] Use ‘pcase’ more.
       new  9748703   [gnugo int] Elide single-use local var.
       new  6e26e76   [gnugo int] Add abstraction: gnugo--begin-exchange
       new  7647c9c   [gnugo int] Avoid redundant calls to ‘gnugo-get’.
       new  f282ec7   [gnugo int] Associate process w/ buffer immediately.
       new  b484515   [gnugo int] Use ‘loop’, functional style more.
       new  6573d16   [gnugo int] Add abstraction: gnugo--compare-strings
       new  74b839a   [gnugo int] Use ‘incf’ more.
       new  a7dffa0   [gnugo maint] Update NEWS; nfc.
       new  d2b4549   [gnugo] Bind ‘M-u’ to ‘gnugo-undo-one-move’.
       new  400e27d   [gnugo int] Add abstraction: gnugo--who-is-who
       new  8e3f44e   [gnugo] Make ‘C-u M-u’ switch roles.
       new  a949e26   [gnugo int] Rename arg from SWITCH to ME-NEXT.
       new  558d778   [gnugo] Fix bug: Handle property value type ‘none’ 
       new  a44da1b   [gnugo sgf int] Add abstractions: >>prop, >>node, >>tree
       new  ad774f4   [gnugo sgf] Move gratuitous newline from after to before 
       new  9469952   fixup! [gnugo sgf] Move gratuitous newline from after to 
before (sub)trees.
       new  4f96ca6   [gnugo sgf int] Add abstractions: seek, seek-into
       new  fce1fb0   [gnugo sgf] Fix bug: Output subtrees correctly.
       new  f82c526   [gnugo int] Use ‘following-char’ instead of ‘char-after’.
       new  38137d3   [gnugo int] Cache gametree prop ‘:SZ’ as gnugo prop ‘:SZ’.
       new  3547cbe   [gnugo int] Add abstraction: gnugo--set-root-prop
       new  f29b22f   [gnugo int] Use ‘setq’ less.
       new  11e545d   [gnugo int] Use ‘loop’ instead of ‘dolist’ + 
       new  a7f01be   [gnugo int] Add abstraction: nn
       new  622b1eb   [gnugo] Handle ‘(gnugo-move-history 'two)’.
       new  b5990a0   [gnugo int] Use ‘gnugo-treeroot’ more.
       new  98414ca   [gnugo int] Add abstractions: 
       new  5eeb99b   [gnugo int] Use ‘incf’ more.
       new  7293802   [gnugo int] Use ‘setq’ less.
       new  d6f3956   [gnugo int] Decruft: Infer MOVEP from PROPERTY.
       new  f9668f0   [gnugo int] Add abstraction: gnugo--blackp
       new  35b1551   [gnugo int] Use ‘loop’ instead of ‘mapc’ + ‘apply’.
       new  c164c40   [gnugo int] Add abstraction: gnugo--passp
       new  06586e9   [gnugo] Fix bug: Don't bother translating move "resign".
       new  bf04735   [gnugo] Fix bug: Don't misuse SGF prop ‘:EV’ for "resign" 
       new  d02a500   [gnugo maint] NEWS futzing; nfc.
       new  e036fed   [gnugo] Fix bug: On load, follow mainline through 
       new  5ca5b0a   [gnugo int] Add abstraction: gnugo--nodep
       new  273da4b   [gnugo sgf] Normalize PASS internal rep on read, as "".
       new  5ca7efb   [gnugo int] Remove redundant game-over condition check.
       new  7c3a30f   [gnugo int] Use ‘pop’ more.
       new  ed11a74   [gnugo int] Embrace (NODE[...] [SUBTREE...]) IR, for now.
       new  eaaa7c8   [gnugo int] Invert gametree IR to hang by the leaves.
       new  b7843bf   [gnugo maint] Move hi-lock hint from NEWS to HACKING; nfc.
       new  7fee3b2   [gnugo] Move "1 or 2" calculation into ‘gnugo-magic-undo’.
       new  ae888ba   [gnugo] Add command ‘gnugo-oops’ and keybinding.
       new  a35692a   [gnugo int] Add abstraction: gnugo--move-prop
       new  2c5e356   [gnugo maint] Add some debugging aids to HACKING; nfc.
       new  a86327a   [gnugo] Add command ‘gnugo-frolic-in-the-leaves’ and 
       new  a07cf7c   [gnugo int] Use ‘gnugo--as-pos-func’ more.
       new  a708759   [gnugo int] Use ‘cl-labels’ less.
       new  71f163d   [gnugo int] Support growth also off of main line.
       new  6ee477d   [gnugo int] Remove abstraction: continue-on
       new  eae8444   [gnugo int] Specify STREAM to ‘pp’ directly.
       new  0b08017   [gnugo int] Avoid double list-reverse.
       new  a35f657   [gnugo] Support SGF[4] parsing from string data.
       new  08c3378   [gnugo int] Use ‘gnugo/sgf-create’ more.
       new  58d4d6d   [gnugo int] Add abstractions: gnugo--{,set-}tree-ends
       new  44c2dc4   [gnugo int] Make ‘gnugo--no-regrets’ take ENDS directly.
       new  3d8db48   [gnugo] Declare dependency on ‘ascii-art-to-unicode’.
       new  00ae088   [gnugo int] Use ‘gnugo--tree-ends’ more.
       new  566623c   [gnugo int] Invert ‘if’ CONDITION and THEN/ELSE clauses.
       new  f107328   [gnugo int] Expand gametree IR: MNUM, KIDS, ROOT.
       new  c3b3c3f   [gnugo int] Fix bug: Detect case for KIDS addition 
       new  38b2529   [gnugo int] Add abstraction: gnugo--mkht
       new  0f9f540   [gnugo int] Maintain tree MNUM.
       new  7705eca   [gnugo int] Drop :monkey COUNT; use node's tree MNUM 
       new  4b866c7   [gnugo int] Avoid lower move-num candidates in déjà-vu 
       new  a63d31b   [gnugo int] Comment munging; nfc.
       new  5b51e4f   [gnugo int] Decruft: Consolidate "breathe in" loops.
       new  fda0ca5   [gnugo int] Move precise fanout computation to "breathe 
       new  cbf99df   [gnugo int] Insert frolic xrep starting w/ the leaves.
       new  3a7f75e   [gnugo] Define "GNUGO Frolic" mode.
       new  806a2f2   [gnugo] Add some navigation commands for GNUGO Frolic 
       new  fa99b79   [gnugo int] Make ‘gnugo-board-buffer-p’ precise.
       new  e75eb8a   [gnugo frolic] Add some branch swizzling commands.
       new  dfc130d   [gnugo frolic] Add backward/forward branch navigation 
       new  d214e7e   [gnugo frolic] Add command to set the main line.
       new  cb78651   [gnugo frolic] Add command to prune a branch.
       new  19309c3   [gnugo frolic] Handle invalid branch more consistently.
       new  c6795aa   [gnugo frolic int] Assign ‘pop’ rv to avoid byte-compiler 
       new  5c87b11   [gnugo frolic int] Use ‘move-to-column’ more.
       new  4b24b56   [gnugo frolic int] Don't go through ‘gnugo-frolic-quit’ 
for refresh.
       new  4680536   [gnugo int] Fix bug: Unbreak SGF file output.
       new  d62412f   [gnugo int] Add abstraction: gnugo--move-to-bcol
       new  2f09438   [gnugo int] Fix syntax error.
       new  f279f99   [gnugo frolic int] Regularize keymap decl + init.
       new  671d7aa   [gnugo frolic] Sync column headers w/ buffer text; handle 
       new  dd42857   [gnugo frolic] Set ‘truncate-lines’.
       new  13c8f82   [gnugo frolic] Doc fix.
       new  a4dcef8   [gnugo frolic int] Parameterize, centralize awakening.
       new  8f99c83   [gnugo frolic int] Don't bother to awake w/ ‘col’.
       new  de40b22   [gnugo int] Move vectorization into 
       new  f5fbba3   [gnugo int] Fix bug: Update local var ‘ends’ when 
       new  1a544a5   [gnugo int] Whitespace munging; nfc.
       new  3e3fbea   [gnugo sgf] Fix bug: Preserve whitespace for ‘text’ 
       new  7025924   [gnugo sgf] Fix bug: Add ‘\’-escapes on write.
       new  283534a   [gnugo sgf int] Consolidate loops.
       new  bba08d3   [gnugo sgf int] Internalize ‘gnugo/sgf-hang-from-root’.
       new  89d10e4   [gnugo int] Reorder gametree IR: ENDS, MNUM, ROOT, KIDS.
       new  1b69add   [gnugo int] Decruft: Drop gametree IR element: KIDS
       new  e8833a9   [gnugo int] Fix syntax error in ‘loop’ destructuring.
       new  f810771   [gnugo int] Decruft: Delete unused local vars.
       new  843cd96   [gnugo frolic int] Add abstraction: gnugo--sideways
       new  bcc912b   [gnugo frolic int] Add var selection to awakening 
       new  0f3f4b6   [gnugo int] Use ‘ignore’ to avoid byte-compiler warnings.
       new  bcc7fef   [gnugo maint] Update HACKING; nfc.
       new  9589d64   [gnugo int] Add abstraction: gnugo--as-cc-func
       new  3f13bbf   [gnugo] Make ‘=’ also display move number.
       new  45fe672   [gnugo int] Move :SZ access into ‘gnugo--as-pos-func’.
       new  e64f1ae   [gnugo frolic] Add previous/next move navigation commands.
       new  b0d3543   fixup! [gnugo frolic] Add previous/next move navigation 
       new  1ac646f   [gnugo] New command: ‘O’ (gnugo-okay)
       new  1367651   [gnugo int] Make ‘gnugo-gate’ slightly faster.
       new  d71bab7   [gnugo int] Add abstractions: gnugo--{user-}play-stone
       new  0eede2a   [gnugo int] Add abstraction: gnugo--count-query
       new  cba406b   [gnugo] Include root node in :sgf-gametree description.
       new  891a97a   [gnugo int] Add abstraction: gnugo--decorate
       new  082d56c   [gnugo int] Use ‘gnugo--decorate’ more.
       new  5bbec0e   [gnugo int] Incorporate ‘gnugo-note’ into unique caller.
       new  eb13b8e   [gnugo] Dropped command: ‘t’ (gnugo-toggle-dead-group)
       new  6c7e102   [gnugo int] Rename :waitingp to :waiting; save color 
       new  5e24ee5   [gnugo int] Use GTP ‘reg_genmove’ instead of ‘genmove’.
       new  b1f2856   [gnugo] Fix bug: Keep subproc informed of forced PASS.
       new  8a064c5   [gnugo int] Incorporate *-play-stone into 
       new  5dcf9f6   [gnugo int] Add abstraction: gnugo--node-with-played-stone
       new  dd6b6f8   [gnugo] New command: ‘C’ (gnugo-comment)
       new  f3c90cd   [gnugo] Make ‘C-u F’ add the blurb as a comment to the 
last node.
       new  a4c246e   [gnugo frolic] Display "!" for comment; add as 
       new  a3d90aa   [gnugo maint] Update HACKING; nfc.
       new  e382633   [gnugo] Drop var: gnugo-inhibit-refresh
       new  c78119f   [gnugo int] Add abstraction: gnugo--finish-move
       new  ee09531   [gnugo] New command: ‘S’ (gnugo-request-suggestion)
       new  e387d96   [gnugo int] Accept color for ‘gnugo-push-move’ 1st arg.
       new  8203f46   [gnugo int] Centralize some constant strings.
       new  876e0d3   [gnugo] New command: ‘C-c C-a’ (gnugo-toggle-abdication)
       new  425731b   [gnugo int] Add abstraction: gnugo--ERR-wait
       new  66c29d0   [gnugo int] Add abstraction: gnugo--gate-game-over
       new  82b6000   [gnugo] Mention ‘gnugo-frolic-mode-hook’.
       new  32e8547   [gnugo int] Add abstraction: gnugo--user-play
       new  a3baa99   [gnugo int] Use ‘following-char’ more.
       new  714d3c9   [gnugo int] Commentary munging; nfc.
       new  bc92d6d   [gnugo frolic] Type ‘Q’ to quit.
       new  e644695   [gnugo] Increase S/N for ‘C-u F’ comment.
       new  1fa7d59   [gnugo int] Add abstraction: gnugo--plant-and-climb
       new  001228c   [gnugo] Drop support for ‘(gnugo-move-history 'count)’.
       new  e019871   [gnugo] Add abstraction: gnugo-current-player
       new  2bde4bc   [gnugo] Add hook: gnugo-start-game-hook
       new  3f3af4b   [gnugo int] Remove from ‘gnugo-state’ instead of setting 
to nil.
       new  d96223f   [gnugo] Move most of ‘gnugo-board-mode’ to ‘gnugo’.
       new  17d907d   [gnugo int] Shave one ‘gnugo-other’ call.
       new  106a279   [gnugo int] Consolidate paren overlays access.
       new  e2f7c7b   [gnugo int] Consolidate display scaling factors access.
       new  167ba89   [gnugo int] Decruft: Streamline game-over handling on SGF 
       new  1d6b241   [gnugo] Use ‘define-derived-mode’ for GNUGO Board mode.
       new  eb77485   [gnugo int] Don't make ‘font-lock-defaults’ buffer-local.
       new  12d3d80   [gnugo] Keep GNUGO Board buffer read-only.
       new  4d5f998   [gnugo int] Decruft: Drop unused local var.
       new  e96b88b   [gnugo] Decruft: Use ‘gnugo-program’ directly as 
       new  7b29f73   [gnugo int] Decruft: Don't stash :proc-args.
       new  b3d3da0   [gnugo int] Use functional style more.
       new  4b6e204   [gnugo int] Move some prop jamming to ‘gnugo-board-mode’.
       new  d52bbc7   [gnugo int] Add abstraction: gnugo--nquery
       new  f28d241   [gnugo int] Decruft: Don't set provisional 
       new  8211cb9   [gnugo int] Couple :center-position and :SZ jamming.
       new  40f7299   [gnugo] Fix bug: Ensure gametree sync for -l/--infile.
       new  e837853   [gnugo int] Declare ‘lexical-binding: t’.
       new  cedd448   [gnugo int] Add abstraction: gnugo--prop<-color
       new  3670b0b   [gnugo] On SGF load, leave cursor at last user board 
       new  e6c0a07   [gnugo int] Fix bug: On -l/--infile, don't set 
       new  536960c   [gnugo int] Fix bug: On -l/--infile, inhibit first move 
if game over.
       new  dae8f08   [gnugo] Fix bug: DTRT for :last-user-bpos in 
undo-one-move ME-NEXT.
       new  11543e5   [gnugo] Reduce modifier key bouncing for "quick peek" 
       new  50cc2b3   [gnugo int] Add abstraction: gnugo--q/ue
       new  7114ed6   [gnugo int] Add abstraction: gnugo--mem-with-played-stone
       new  3903907   [gnugo] Validate position arg of GTP commands ‘undo’, 
       new  9ae1363   [gnugo] Internalize ‘gnugo-magic-undo’.
       new  1020a7f   [gnugo int] Simplify towards-root loop termination check.
       new  bc4abdc   [gnugo int] Centralize some "No stone at POS" errors.
       new  4930156   [gnugo int] Move ‘gnugo-position’ call down-chain.
       new  f102d7f   [gnugo] Allow user to move for GNU Go.
       new  5157534   [gnugo int] Use ‘destructuring-bind’ more.
       new  ab1f4c2   [gnugo] Fix bug: DTRT for suggestion ‘nowarp’ check.
       new  e814724   [gnugo] Allow user to request suggestion for GNU Go.
       new  d48adca   [gnugo] On disable, transform in-flight user-move into 
       new  71e1500   [gnugo] Fix bug: Use ‘gnugo-gate’ for abdication enable.
       new  46f49e3   [gnugo int] Use ‘gnugo-current-player’ more.
       new  78edde4   [gnugo maint] Update HACKING; nfc.
       new  b07f602   [gnugo int] Move ‘gnugo--passp’ earlier in file.
       new  443903e   [gnugo int] Drop abstraction: pretty
       new  9f5fcfc   [gnugo int] Add abstraction: gnugo--resignp
       new  6c99d78   [gnugo int] Add abstraction: gnugo--no-worries
       new  6edd793   [gnugo] Make undo commands silently handle overkill.
       new  85e3d91   [gnugo int] Snoop ‘--handicap N’ for empty new board.
       new  b0b18d0   [gnugo int] Decorate w/ plist instead of alist.
       new  a92e184   fixup! [gnugo int] Decorate w/ plist instead of alist.
       new  57faa71   [gnugo] Don't display "Abdication {en,dis}abled".
       new  a0ecdea   [gnugo] Conditionalize xform warping on abdication 
       new  2b8d5aa   [gnugo int] Compute "Abd" in mode-line at time of change.
       new  764251b   [gnugo int] Fix bug: Use correct color for "Not your turn 
       new  9969838   [gnugo int] Drop abstractions: 
       new  7c7d43c   [gnugo int] Avoid superfluous ‘gnugo-other’ call.
       new  5524a47   [gnugo int] Maintain current buffer in 
       new  2612c6b   [gnugo] Replace abdication w/ Assist and Zombie minor 
       new  0473d72   [gnugo int] Comment munging; nfc.
       new  b9fa668   [gnugo int] Drop redundant ‘gnugo-gate’ calls.
       new  407ca43   [gnugo int] Move some ‘gnugo-gate’ calls down-chain.
       new  af7aa4a   [gnugo] Fix bug: On role switch, flip karma after roles.
       new  b586e0c   [gnugo] Refuse to climb towards root when in Assist mode.
       new  6ddf38f   [gnugo int] Add abstraction: gnugo--assist-state
       new  52251ac   [gnugo int] Move karma state normalization down-chain.
       new  4028102   [gnugo] Make climb-to-root "GNU Go to play" reaction 
       new  3540673   [gnugo] Make SGF I/O commands change ‘default-directory’.
       new  ef2bfa7   [gnugo maint] Update HACKING; nfc.
       new  6a7af2a   [gnugo int] Decruft: Presume ‘display-images-p’.
       new  cacb0c7   [gnugo] Publicize ‘gnugo-undo-reaction’.
       new  ac1adcd   [gnugo] Make ‘gnugo-xpms’ a normal var; drop it as 
       new  5414994   [gnugo] Handle function for ‘gnugo-xpms’ value.
       new  88620df   [gnugo int] Decruft: Drop :local-xpms support.
       new  079b73c   [gnugo int] Commentary munging; nfc.
       new  f42837f   [gnugo int] Mention ‘gnugo-frolic-mode-map’ in 
Commentary; nfc.
       new  dfe75eb   [gnugo] Replace ‘gnugo-toggle-image-display-command’ w/ 
       new  a766f0c   [gnugo] Replace ‘gnugo-toggle-grid’ w/ ‘gnugo-grid-mode’.
       new  b6ac4ac   [gnugo frolic] Add command to navigate to end of branch.
       new  16da062   [gnugo int] Use ‘loop ... collect’ more.
       new  46eec46   [gnugo int] Simplify COND expression.
       new  5a201a8   [gnugo] Fix bug: For GTP "help COMMAND", leave point in 
right place.
       new  35571e3   [gnugo int] Use private obarray for :all-yy elems, 
display props.
       new  da98bc8   [gnugo int] Replace COND expression w/ IF.
       new  d4a4afd   [gnugo int] Add section "Tip Jar" in Commentary; nfc.
       new  6bf46ba   [gnugo maint] Add ‘Maintainer’ header per top-level 
README; nfc.
       new  36a2fd5   [gnugo int] Accomodate XPM w/ :color-symbols property.
       new  2d4e59e   [gnugo imgen] New feature: gnugo-imgen
       new  5b213db   fixup! [gnugo imgen] New feature: gnugo-imgen
       new  ab69d4b   [gnugo frolic] Promote frolic mode/funcs to feature.
       new  7db9d5e   [gnugo] Declare package keywords.
       new  de92f27   [gnugo imgen] Add autoload cookie.
       new  61a7217   [gnugo maint] Add some headers to gnugo-frolic.el; nfc.
       new  a667440   [gnugo int] Fix up gnugo-frolic.el ‘require’ forms.
       new  9928736   * packages/gnugo: Add `cl-lib' as dependency; require it 
and use its names. Don't bother with lexical-let since we use lexical-binding. 
* packages/gnugo/gnugo.el (gnugo-board-mode-map): * 
packages/gnugo/gnugo-frolic.el (gnugo-frolic-mode-map): Move initialization 
into declaration.
       new  2e6bbe5   [gnugo int] Whitespace, comment munging; nfc.
       new  10d29a9   [gnugo] Only set AP for modified gametrees in the 
       new  7478f81   [gnugo int] Bump required ‘xpm’ version to "1.0.1".
       new  21e1d9a   [gnugo int] Expose function to byte-compiler.
       new  c09c26a   [gnugo int] Use "%F" and "%T".
       new  7dbf4d7   [gnugo int] Use idiomatic ‘re-search-forward’ BOUND.
       new  53fe424   [gnugo maint] Update HACKING; nfc.
       new  1ff7a11   [gnugo maint] Add ‘URL’ header; trim Hacking URL; drop 
Tip Jar URL.
       new  844189b   [gnugo] Release: 3.0.0
       new  67c82c1   Fix some quoting problems in doc strings
       new  289e336   [gnugo int] Use ‘setq-local’.
       new  7544ffe   [gnugo maint] Add copyright policy to HACKING; nfc.
       new  1ce9fbb   [gnugo slog] Clear ‘inhibit-point-motion-hooks’.
       new  48913fd   [gnugo maint] Update years in copyright notice; nfc.
       new  da8901f   [gnugo] Release: 3.0.1
       new  abd1fa0   [gnugo int] Use ‘replace-regexp-in-string’.
       new  5b49aad   [gnugo int] Use ‘line-end-position’.
       new  9208a24   * gnugo/gnugo.el (gnugo-refresh): Fix unknown function 
       new  91f2d79   [gnugo int] Avoid latent order-of-evaluation error.
       new  f1c7c8d   [gnugo int] Fix verse meter; nfc.
       new  4c07c67   [gnugo int] Revert bogus OoE avoidance fix, w/ better 
       new  b086082   Add some THANKS files; nfc.
       new  0469947   [gnugo slog] Prefer Cursor Intangible mode, if available.
       new  bb986d7   [gnugo] Release: 3.0.2
       new  eaae57d   [gnugo int] Add Juanma Barranquero to THANKS; nfc.
       new  c6eb3d1   [gnugo maint] Add people from ttn-pers-elisp THANKS file; 
       new  5383e47   [gnugo int] Shirk syntax, abbrev tables in Gnugo Board 
       new  64bd753   [gnugo int] Simplify SGF-write subroutine.
       new  c0f6ed5   [gnugo int] Comment munging; nfc.
       new  53da06f   [gnugo] Make ‘gnugo-comment’ fall back to root node.
       new  26c849f   [gnugo int] Decruft: Don't declare hook and keymap vars.
       new  cf36ccd   [gnugo int] Whitespace munging; nfc.
       new  781a385   [gnugo] Drop trailing fullstop for "... done" messages.
       new  6170d2a   [gnugo] Make ‘C-c C-p’ output more spacious.
       new  c5ef13d   [gnugo] Make ‘gnugo-goto-pos’ return buffer position.
       new  0320a5c   [gnugo int] Decruft: Don't bother w/ ‘group’ text 
       new  a70a854   [gnugo] Add abstraction: gnugo-aqr
       new  b5b3fd6   [gnugo int] Reduce ‘setq’ usage.
       new  8123275   [gnugo] Drop trailing fullstop in animation message.
       new  08f11af   [gnugo int] Incorporate ‘gnugo-toggle-image-display’ into 
unique caller.
       new  1e01c65   [gnugo] When sorry, say "Sorry" first.
       new  981d75e   [gnugo] Fix bug: Don't clobber dead-group indication on 
       new  1eb43f1   [gnugo int] Add abstraction: gnugo--zonk-ovs
       new  3541ccf   [gnugo int] Lift redundant pall of death computation.
       new  e5cba8f   [gnugo] Formalize game-over "group"; use symbolic color.
       new  abb12ef   [gnugo] Include seki groups in game-over data.
       new  7211950   [gnugo] Indicate seki groups on the board.
       new  35c4645   [gnugo] Make ‘C-u F’ store additional SGF properties.
       new  a38cd9e   [gnugo int] Comment munging; nfc.
       new  0c4b37b   [gnugo] Document new ‘C-u F’ behavior.
       new  e4344ac   [gnugo] Release: 3.1.0
       new  82c5b64   [gnugo imgen] New fit func to ignore bottom grid line
       new  e66bfa0   [gnugo int] Gate ‘cursor-intangible-mode’ call precisely
       new  2f73382   [gnugo] Add some docstrings to some vars/funcs.
       new  152c53c   [gnugo] Move two funcs internal.
       new  eb9748f   [gnugo maint] Update years in copyright notice; nfc.
       new  af82527   [gnugo] Release: 3.1.1
       new  2dd0aca   * .gitignore: New file

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