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[elpa] branch externals/gited created (now 0306980)

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: [elpa] branch externals/gited created (now 0306980)
Date: Sun, 29 Nov 2020 00:00:12 -0500 (EST)

monnier pushed a change to branch externals/gited.

        at  0306980   * .gitignore: New file

This branch includes the following new commits:

       new  5138dee   Add new library gited.el
       new  e8f116d   Default to beginning of epoch when no commit time info
       new  fac8958   gited-list-branches: Move to current branch only when 
it's shown
       new  8db1633   gited-update: Don't overwrite `tabulated-list-sort-key'
       new  9989d95   Fix sort of columns when gited-hide-details-mode is 
       new  861281e   * gited.el (gited-mark-branches-regexp): Fix docstring.
       new  3aa8b40   Mark branches by last commit time
       new  75e0556   Don't ask deletion confirmation when gited-expert is 
       new  790c20c   gited-mark-branches-by-date: Use less verbose default
       new  54fb489   gited-mark-branches-by-date: Provide defaults to HH:MM:SS.
       new  d26d8c4   Simplify code using gited-branch-exists-p
       new  0be4308   Prefer user-error on errors with origin in the user
       new  2ce2163   Prune deleted remote branches
       new  51dc076   * gited.el (gited-remote-repository-p): Don't include 
origin in regexp.
       new  84a449a   * gited.el (gited--fill-branch-alist): Fix typo in 
progress reporter.
       new  00ef7a4   * gited.el (gited-move-to-branchname): NOOP when 
gited-branch-alist is nil.
       new  cc4d5f7   Use taggerdate/taggername when listing tags
       new  aba4cf9   * gited.el (gited-goto-branch): Check first that BRANCH 
is shown.
       new  b0fe243   * gited.el (gited-set-branch-upstream): Output buffer 
must be editable.
       new  046dffd   Update documentation
       new  5f57f01   * gited.el (gited-mode-map): Use prefix '* s' for all 
stash commands.
       new  44498a6   Add commands to add/delete tags
       new  ff44a0d   * gited.el (gited-tag-add): Fix docstring.
       new  7ed4084   * gited.el (gited-list-branches): Update docstring.  Make 
alias to `gited-list'.
       new  37fe689   * gited.el (gited--fill-branch-alist): Silence harmless 
       new  eeadd65   Add missing docstrings for several commands
       new  b4e58ca   gited-list: Add autoload cookie
       new  09d3586   Show example screenshots
       new  d928e5f   * screenshots/gited-tags-screenshot.png: Update 
       new  1250818   Use proper name for the branch column according with 
       new  239ac36   * gited.el: Bump version to 0.2.3.
       new  e328787   * gited.el (gited-hide-details-mode): Update 
gited-verbose when toggle the mode.
       new  5b230bc   Use remote branches on marking commands if listing remotes
       new  36ec8fa   ; * packages/gited/gited.el: Update file header.
       new  96ec28a   * gited.el (gited-goto-branch): Return point on success.
       new  e2b12c9   * gited.el (gited-mark-remembered): Insert the marker and 
fontify the row.
       new  6645603   * gited.el (gited-update): Preserve marks in Gited buffer.
       new  dc0b527   gited-do-sync-with-trunk: New command
       new  524148d   * gited.el (gited-do-sync-with-trunk): Add docstring.  
Update file header.
       new  910cf66   * gited.el (gited-do-sync-with-trunk): Fix typo in 
       new  8241ee5   gited-checkout-branch: Set right faces for marked branches
       new  d5de2d4   * gited.el (gited-do-sync-with-trunk): Go to branch 
before `gited-sync-with-trunk'.
       new  b09af6b   ; * gited.el: Update file header.
       new  f81463e   gited-git-checkout: New function
       new  b939044   * gited.el (gited-tag-add): Fix docstring.
       new  68c723a   * gited.el (gited-git-checkout): Avoid harmless warning.
       new  e51ad1f   gited-amend-commit: New comand
       new  fd28d69   * gited-tests.el (gited-test1): Use 
       new  ad074e1   * packages/gited/gited.el (gited-stash-branch): Update 
Gited buffer on success
       new  8e7f2ad   Use match-string-no-properties
       new  c9c6cf3   Add function to return the repository trunk branch
       new  736ac62   Do not assume that 'git rev-parse 1' exits with status != 0
       new  8502d7c   Handle multi remote repositories
       new  55fc368   Fix gited-push bug from previous commit
       new  33c42d9   gited-pull fetches all remote branches
       new  d78161b   * packages/gited/gited.el (gited-pull): Delete unused 
       new  7a691c9   Skip tests when Git is not available
       new  c8eaa05   gited.el: Merge branch 'show-trunk-ci-status'
       new  ed83468   * packages/gited/gited.el: Bump version to v5.0.1
       new  40e57eb   * gited/gited.el: Don't require `gited-ci`, which isn't 
       new  b5fdc7e   Add missing file gited-ci.el
       new  1f30d0f   gited-ci.el: Fix copyright stuff
       new  d31e1b2   Avoid side-effects in a couple of functions
       new  09c79b9   Separate versions from file names with --
       new  ffa55f4   * .travis.yml: Add recipes to test for Emacs 25.3 and 
Emacs 26.2
       new  8f6722e   * gited.el: Bump version to 0.5.4
       new  8df7a8d   gited--output-buffer: Set default-directory to 
       new  5c62d3f   gited: Set default-directory to gited-toplevel-dir in 
output buffers
       new  86f6564   gited: Add test for the last fixed bug
       new  0a303a1   Make code more compact by using pcase-dolist
       new  ee3d39f   Reduce complexity of gited--fill-branch-alist
       new  475e297   Support Gited buffers over a tramp connection
       new  0306980   * .gitignore: New file

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