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[elpa] branch externals/url-http-ntlm created (now f5276f1)

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: [elpa] branch externals/url-http-ntlm created (now f5276f1)
Date: Sat, 28 Nov 2020 17:19:33 -0500 (EST)

monnier pushed a change to branch externals/url-http-ntlm.

        at  f5276f1   * .gitignore: New file

This branch includes the following new commits:

       new  a55ae6c   url-http-ntlm: New package
       new  9c79150   url-http-ntlm: Remove trailing whitespace
       new  c780a2b   url-http-ntlm.el: Adjust blank lines
       new  530faf7   url-http-ntlm: Wrap lines at column 80
       new  722e32f   url-http-ntlm: Fix checkdoc errors
       new  f69bb6b   url-http-ntlm: Remove blank comment lines
       new  94b495c   url-http-ntlm.el: Reindent whole file
       new  0dad577   url-http-ntlm.el: Update copyright owner and years
       new  33a3941   url-http-ntlm.el: Add maintainer header
       new  aeddc9e   url-http-ntlm.el: Update installation instructions
       new  8cefb06   url-http-ntlm.el: Update author's email address
       new  dd393b8   url-http-ntlm: Use url-http-ntlm namespace consistently
       new  5c47391   url-http-ntlm.el (url-ntlm-auth): Move defun near end of 
       new  334222c   url-http-ntlm.el (url-http-ntlm-last-args): Group defvar 
with others
       new  daef9e2   url-http-ntlm: Use double dash naming convention for 
private symbols
       new  2d0a650   url-http-ntlm.el: Add comment headings
       new  21b0f82   url-http-ntlm: Port to cl-lib
       new  de4cfea   url-http-ntlm: Override url-http-parse-headers redirect 
       new  9813aea   url-http-ntlm: Prevent infinite loops
       new  4c8edce   url-http-ntlm: Remove limit of one username and password 
per server
       new  be85e0a   url-http-ntlm: Declare url-http-extra-headers special
       new  2aed8ca   url-http-ntlm: Autoload url-ntlm-auth and its registration
       new  a2cc6c2   url-http-ntlm: Add auth-source support
       new  516cd35   url-http-ntlm.el: Add home page header
       new  790fbd3   url-http-ntlm: Change spelling of authorization function
       new  8efb977   url-http-ntlm.el: Require ntlm 2.0.0
       new  544d008   url-http-ntlm: Shorten first line of some docstrings
       new  c2db685   url-http-ntlm: Add `url-debug' debugging messages
       new  d070501   url-http-ntlm: Add cl-lib to Package-Requires
       new  ec0acb3   url-http-ntlm.el: Bump version to 2.0.0
       new  48849b1   url-http-ntlm.el: Update copyright years
       new  9d142fc   url-http-ntlm.el: Bump version to 2.0.1
       new  da855fa   Remove url-http-ntlm-parse-header-NN.MM.el files
       new  2a29445   url-http-ntlm: Bump version to 2.0.2
       new  4c2295b   Fix some quoting problems in doc strings
       new  30e6148   url-http-ntlm: Avoid calculating responses twice
       new  b92ef48   url-http-ntlm: Bump ntlm required version to 2.1.0
       new  a2f8a2d   url-http-ntlm: Bump version to 2.0.3
       new  c7587cb   url-http-ntlm.el: Omit user and domain in Type 1 message
       new  5ca617f   url-http-ntlm: Bump version to 2.0.4
       new  9ab4d58   * copyright_exceptions: Update for new 
       new  f5276f1   * .gitignore: New file

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