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[elpa] branch externals/undo-tree created (now bf2e9ba)

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: [elpa] branch externals/undo-tree created (now bf2e9ba)
Date: Sat, 28 Nov 2020 13:40:33 -0500 (EST)

monnier pushed a change to branch externals/undo-tree.

        at  bf2e9ba   Print complete objects when saving undo-tree history

This branch includes the following new commits:

       new  f454e88   Started project to add vim-like undo tree handling to 
       new  dcabd4f   Added .gitignore to ignore byte-compiled elisp files.
       new  711dd60   Implemented undo-tree data structure and undo command.
       new  21d3c89   Implemented redo command.
       new  159c9b4   Implemented undo-tree branch switching.
       new  0368f0f   Implemented undo-tree visualisation.
       new  73c1d04   Lumped visualizer data into single undo-tree node entry, 
so that there's only one wasted entry per node when visualizer is not in use.
       new  4877b0f   Added markers to record positions of nodes in visualizer. 
Implemeneted highlighting of current node.
       new  eae16c8   Implemented visualizer major-mode and commands.
       new  2c18d4a   Implemented active branch highlighting in visualizer.
       new  ff2fd6e   Implemented undo-tree-mode minor mode.
       new  aaa4c6d   Don't create new marker each time we draw a node. Added 
missing active-branch argument to one recursive undo-tree-draw-subtree call.
       new  30dc485   Clear visualizer data when quitting visualizer.
       new  486964c   Centre undo-tree in visualizer.
       new  e0b8308   Implemented commands to set buffer state to any given 
undo-tree node.
       new  b2eab5a   Made visualizer buffer read-only.
       new  5a1ba84   Added standard Elisp package headers, including an 
extensive Commentary.
       new  9b14800   Rewrote undo-tree-compute-widths and 
undo-tree-clear-visualizer-data to use a stack rather than recursion, to avoid 
hitting recursion depth limits on large undo trees.
       new  f370170   Rewrote undo-tree-draw-tree and undo-tree-draw-subtree to 
use a stack rather than recursion, to avoid hitting recursion depth limits on 
large undo trees.
       new  ad38c6a   Reuse node markers in undo-tree-draw-tree and 
undo-tree-draw-subtree, instead of creating new ones for recording positions at 
which to draw subtrees.
       new  2fa1824   Implemented display of time-stamps in visualizer.
       new  a46761a   Added "canary" to detect and deal with undo history being 
discarded before it could be transferred to tree.
       new  b15904c   Update timestamps when nodes are visited by undo/redo.
       new  f87f815   Added utility functions for use in discarding undo 
       new  aa550da   Implemented undo history discarding so as to remain 
within memory usage limits set by undo-limit, undo-strong-limit and 
       new  0bbfa5c   Tweaked commentary.
       new  09fb370   Added lighter to undo-tree-mode.
       new  4dd6905   Discard marker adjustment undo entries.
       new  b074b86   Updated commentary, and switched to GPLv3.
       new  7f3c87d   Added installation instructions to commentary, and 
keybinding documentation to undo-tree-mode docstring.
       new  c00c1fe   Add new undo-tree-kill-visualizer to 
before-change-functions hook to kill visualizer as soon as original buffer is 
       new  c8b2659   Prevented undo-tree-kill-visualizer from killing 
visualizer when undoing/redoing from the visualizer, which completely broke the 
       new  c041ce8   Added missing (eval-when-compile (require 'cl)) line.
       new  86fb076   Fixed keybindings.
       new  948386b   Modified undo-tree-visualizer-active-branch-face to 
ensure the active branch is visible against light backgrounds as well as dark.
       new  3b1a83f   Fixed undo-tree-visualizer-quit to make it remove kill 
visualizer hook from parent buffer on quit.
       new  f3fc5cd   Modified undo-tree-undo/redo to always replace redo/undo 
entries with new ones generated by primitive-undo, as the new changesets will 
restore the point more reliably.
       new  f93420b   Remap undo-only to undo-tree-undo in undo-tree-map. Remap 
all motion commands to undo commands in visualizer.
       new  f8c3abf   Replaced save-excursion's with with-current-buffer.
       new  723eeeb   Improved undo-tree-visualizer-quit behaviour by making 
visualizer window soft-dedicated, and just using kill-buffer to remove it. That 
way the window is deleted along with the buffer if the visualizer buffer was 
displayed in a new window, but not if it was displayed in an existing window. 
(This is akin to the mechanism used for the *Completions* buffer).
       new  8871f91   Added header containing git repository URL.
       new  bca52bf   Added undo-tree-mode-lighter customization option to 
allow the mode-line lighter to be customized.
       new  50ccefd   Fixed bug in undo-tree-discard-node.
       new  62e6097   Added undo-tree-save/restore-state-to/from-register 
commands and keybindings for saving/restoring buffer states using registers.
       new  3f5cc71   Updated commentary to include register commands, and 
expanded description of undo-tree visualizer.
       new  fd3fc5c   Pass null argument to kill-buffer call in 
undo-tree-visualizer-quit, since the argument's not optional in Emacs 22.
       new  5176770   Added missing Change Log entry.
       new  f44688d   Prevent debugger being called on "No further redo 
information" error.
       new  bff9f31   Made undo-tree-visualizer-quit select window displaying 
parent buffer after quitting, or switch to parent buffer if no window is 
displaying it.
       new  45751ef   Fixed bug in undo-tree-switch-branch.
       new  c638cbd   General code tidying and reorganisation.
       new  1cc3a18   Minor documentation fix.
       new  99903d9   Made visualizer buffer name into a defconst, and renamed 
undo-tree-visualizer-buffer variable to undo-tree-visualizer-parent-buffer.
       new  04b1a6f   Fixed bugs in history-discarding logic.
       new  2fd006f   Fixed bug in undo-tree-insert triggered by 
       new  e569c17   Added missing changelog entry.
       new  5d2f73c   Implemented support for marker entries in undo changesets!
       new  227473a   Modified undo-tree-node defstruct and macros to allow 
arbitrary meta-data to be stored in a plist associated with a node, and 
reimplemented storage of visualizer data on top of this.
       new  a4b591b   Indicate registers storing undo-tree state in visualizer.
       new  8b1bae6   Implemented keyboard selection in visualizer.
       new  011e11e   Rebuild buffer-undo-list from tree when disabling 
       new  0ed621d   Implemented undo-in-region.
       new  6ab787bd  Added explanation of undo-in-region to Commentary.
       new  6824805   Merge branch 'undo-in-region'
       new  3255044   Fixed bugs in undo-list-transfer-to-tree and 
undo-list-rebuild-from-tree which caused errors when undo history was empty or 
       new  309f4bc   Define region-active-p if not already defined, for 
compatibility with older Emacsen.
       new  f16ab5f   Trivial fix in Commentary.
       new  db55cea   Bumped compyright year and corrected license wording.
       new  8972e4d   Use get-buffer-create when creating the visualizer buffer 
in undo-tree-visualize.
       new  acd7549   Prevent global-undo-tree-mode being enabled in 
incompatible major-modes.
       new  a93e78f   Discard position entries from changesets created by 
undoing or redoing. This ensures that point is always moved to where the change 
is (standard Emacs undo also does this).
       new  e32f45e   Use correct faces and show registers in visualizer when 
displaying timestamps.
       new  cd06456   Modified slightly misleading message in 
       new  f956d55   Added autoload cookies, and other tweaks to prepare for 
ELPA packaging.
       new  98170c6   Added additional check to more reliably identify marker 
undo elements.
       new  b42fe10   Fixed bug in undo-list-transfer-to-tree.
       new  8697a0b   Clear registers referring to nodes being discarded from 
undo history.
       new  e8215a7   Minor typo fixes in comments.
       new  2bfab98   Bumped copyright year for new release.
       new  07e934a   Added term-mode to undo-tree-incompatible-major-modes.
       new  89bf725   Prevent undo history being discarded on major-mode switch 
by setting 'permanent-local property on buffer-undo-tree.
       new  caa3bd0   Added new customization option to allow undo-in-region to 
be disabled.
       new  79b382b   Fixed bug in undo-list-pop-changeset when called with 
non-null DISCARD-POS.
       new  17454bd   Improved undo-tree-switch-branch behaviour.
       new  fbcb046   Implemented persistent storage of undo history.
       new  6680aab   Create proper registerv structure when storing undo state 
in register.
       new  45380b2   Suppress branch point messages when undo/redoing from 
       new  4e558f8   Make various interactive commands signal an error if 
buffer is read-only.
       new  897f2ff   Let-bind inhibit-read-only instead of setting and 
restoring buffer-read-only.
       new  f3e7324   Use undo-tree-inhibit-kill-visualizer to inhibit 
       new  e001bd5   Implemented diff display in visualizer.
       new  7fef53f   Display diff with current node in visualizer selection 
       new  bb92692   Don't override diff-switches customization option in 
visualizer diff display. Fixed bug in diff display that threw and error when at 
root of undo tree. Delete diff header showing buffer name and tmp file name.
       new  adca566   Allow undo-tree-visualizer-diff variable to be customized.
       new  1229460   Make visualizer diff buffer name into a defconst.
       new  2b0395a   Added called-interactively-p compatibility hack for Emacs 
<= 23.1
       new  a220a42   Added registerv-make and registerv-data compatibility 
macros in Emacs <= 23.
       new  81f1417   Added diff-no-select and diff-file-local-copy 
compatibility hacks for Emacs <= 23.
       new  1561d8f   Preserve timestamps when generating diff for visualizer 
diff view.
       new  95599db   Fixed bug in visualizer selection mode when timestamps 
are displayed.
       new  4c6280b   Fixed bug preventing registers being displayed in 
       new  107d4c8   Allow visualizer to display relative timestamps.
       new  aa7202c   Fix the way keymaps are defined.
       new  6e5cc0f   Generate history save filename using a function, to allow 
customization. (Function undo-tree-make-history-save-file-name replaces 
previous undo-tree-history-save-file macro.)
       new  ca9ec7b   Clear visualizer data / kill visualizer before saving 
       new  f566beb   Add customization option allowing timestamps to be 
displayed by default by making undo-tree-visualizer-timestamps into a defcustom.
       new  3ab4581   Avoid error if point was moved manually in visualizer 
selection mode by using undo-tree-visualizer-selected-node to store currently 
selected node, instead of relying on point location.
       new  40c7065   Added undo-tree-visualizer-abort command to quit 
visualizer and return to original state.
       new  e69adb3   Remove now unnecessary compatibility hack for 
       new  270bc25   Added `~' to end of default history save-file name.
       new  443d74c   Avoid triggering error when saving undo history when 
there's nothing to save.
       new  36b341b   Cope better if undo boundary before undo-tree-canary is 
       new  17568c3   Allow undo history save directory to be customized.
       new  18754c1   Use with-temp-buffer instead of with-temp-file when 
saving undo history.
       new  4c14173   Fix undo history auto-saving.
       new  85efe23   Ensure auto-compression-mode is enabled when reading undo 
history file.
       new  da54994   When discarding root, erase previous link of new root.
       new  d7c1b2c   "De-circle" undo-tree when saving to file, restore when 
       new  f3e0d93   Remove ChangeLog section from package headers.
       new  d5a6148   Don't try to auto-save undo history if undo is disabled 
in buffer.
       new  00ffbb6   Bump version number below which we warn against enabling 
persistent storage.
       new  0ba2d37   Fix bug in undo-tree-clear-visualizer-data.
       new  08db836   Fix bug in undo-tree-visualizer-select-left/right.
       new  181e84b   Minor bug fix and tweak to visualizer register display.
       new  98dbabd   Implement visualizer commands to redo/undo to 
       new  9b55464   Make undo history filename match docs.
       new  965650c   Highlight node in visualizer corresponding to unmodified 
       new  5df6374   Switch to lexical binding.
       new  824b904   Preparatory changes for lazy tree drawing.
       new  5d06288   Implement lazy undo-tree drawing in visualizer.
       new  e352286   Fix incompatiblity with newer high-resolution timestamps.
       new  bdfd73f   Ignore bogus buffer modification entries in undo 
       new  cfc036a   Fix undo-tree-redo to avoid corrupting undo-tree state if 
redoing fails.
       new  0ba9a0f   Bump version number.
       new  1114679   Fix bugs in binding of undo-tree-insert-face.
       new  121cab9   Trivial typo fixes in comments.
       new  c9f78c3   Use new user-error instead of error for expected undo 
       new  b2c020f   Fix defadvice code snippet in commentary.
       new  6e0775d   Use define-derived-mode and define-minor-mode for 
undo-tree visualizer.
       new  ffb7c02   Set inhibit-read-only when creating diff view.
       new  17d2dee   Switch order of diff comparision in diff display.
       new  a041902   Fix inverted key bindings.
       new  8105f5f   Temporarily disable diff wto speed up undoing-to-x.
       new  d0273ec   Make undo-tree-visualizer-[undo|redo]-to-x work in 
selection mode.
       new  d0e8793   Fix diff after undo-tree-visualize-[undo|redo]-to-x in 
selection mode.
       new  fba51e6   Add undo-tree-visualizer[-mouse]-select functions to 
select node at pos or click.
       new  aabc832   Remove unused variable.
       new  133b439   Set protected-local property on various visualizer 
       new  f726f6e   Don't restore undo history from file when reverting 
       new  7d12602   Fix formatting bug in absolute timestamps.
       new  01b4a86   Update comment about Emacs version required for 
persistent history.
       new  d6fa2e7   Reinstate accidentally deleted file header.
       new  22d6c01   Fix bug that cleared tree when enabling undo-tree-mode.
       new  46639dd   Tweak undo history file names to match Emacs backup file 
       new  5d19d4e   Bump version number and copyright year.
       new  bc9d095   Clear undo-tree-visualizer-needs-extending-[up|down] 
before drawing tree.
       new  ffb346a   Install undo-tree undo/redo Edit menu bar items.
       new  19baf49   Fix undo/redo-in-region tree diagrams in Commentary.
       new  43663f6   Fix bug in menu entries that triggered error on null 
       new  b35a6af   Bump copyright year and version number.
       new  a3e81b6   Fix bug that caused undo-tree to hang when undoing in 
region (bug#16377).
       new  8afead1   Add Maintainer line to package headers.
       new  4cba00b   Fix one of the diagrams in the Commentary.
       new  e9a9102   Throw error if interactive commands called outside 
       new  c3d04ea   Change obsolete subtract-time -> time-subtract.
       new  af99ee3   Uncoditionally clear visualizer data before writing to 
       new  bf3a146   Disable undo-in-region by default.
       new  eec9edd   Silence some unused variable compiler warnings.
       new  2947d7c   Add hooks to transform/discard undo elements on 
       new  3a772b7   Bump copyright year and version number.
       new  77c29a6   Factor out canary checking into undo-list-found-canary-p.
       new  4a72a1e   Change undo-list-pop-changeset to macro taking 
buffer-undo-list argument.
       new  f6471ef   Simplify undo-list-byte-size.
       new  ea165ed   Refactor undo-list-transfer-to-tree to not act directly 
on buffer-undo-list. Simplify undo-list-pop-changeset.
       new  ffd18cd   Refactor undo-list-transfer-to-tree again in attempt to 
mitigate GC races.
       new  8842bb5   More undo-tree GC corruption mitigations.
       new  c39882f   Prevent misleading message about discarded undo history 
on first undo.
       new  f6f557c   Fix various bugs in undo history loading/saving.
       new  e6f31a0   Use custom undo-[strong-|outer]-limit values in 
       new  b8652b4   Null undo-tree-limit attemps to preserve all undo history.
       new  2ac4eac   Improve messages displayed to user when undo history is 
       new  6a428ce   Bump copyright year in readiness for new release.
       new  7fb46cb   Fix copy-undo-tree by forcing vector rather than native 
       new  f0a6192   Proper fix to copy-undo-tree by writing bespoke copier.
       new  3090c4f   Temporarily increase max-lisp-eval-depth and 
max-specpdl-size when copying undo-trees.
       new  5011f91   Implement non-recursive undo-tree copier, to avoid 
hitting Elisp and c stack space limits.
       new  8cf384f   Redraw visualizer when history-discarding invalidates it.
       new  09641b2   Bump version number.
       new  75b17c3   undo-outer-limit can also be null (no limit) in recent 
       new  941bfe5   Don't attempt to save undo history if history file is 
       new  e01a3e7   Fix some byte-compilation warnings.
       new  bd65bb0   Fix hook function issue in Emacs 27.
       new  d79fab9   Switch from cl to cl-lib.
       new  0161041   Fix argument order in gv setter definitions.
       new  bf2e9ba   Print complete objects when saving undo-tree history

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