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[elpa] branch externals/muse created (now 6664f0d)

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: [elpa] branch externals/muse created (now 6664f0d)
Date: Sat, 28 Nov 2020 00:00:44 -0500 (EST)

monnier pushed a change to branch externals/muse.

        at  6664f0d   Use the GNU EL:PA version of the README

This branch includes the following new commits:

       new  0845106   tag of 
       new  8de603a   Do some early spring cleaning
       new  7376a97   Begin to change regexp handling, tweak muse.el header
       new  34b3694   Extended regexps fix, allow spaces in 1st part of links
       new  b60da06   Rotate ChangeLog
       new  40aa384   Fix problem with headings being given wrong face
       new  71058f2   Fix use of "[:blank:]" in underline markup
       new  2b4d820   Use "—" instead of "—"
       new  e6a6f23   Fix build problems
       new  92a41ff   Make permissions more consistent
       new  684c621   Add experimental version of muse-blosxom.el to project
       new  d11aa09   Add docstring, new trivial function
       new  4f5d5ec   Initial commit of muse.texi, nothing substantial
       new  d9f6c0c   Make muse-blosxom.el a bit more sane, still need to bum 
it down a bit
       new  8f0e7b0   Correct documentation, adding some content.
       new  c0757a5   Add Projects node to the manual
       new  ebd14ac   Apply latest journal-related updates from johnw
       new  78c24b0   Make muse-blosxom.el slightly less experimental
       new  217e191   muse-blosxom.el has matured past experimental status
       new  32b33de   Add muse-blosxom script and plugin for pyblosxom
       new  4b84aad   Add my muse configuration to the examples
       new  7b668ef   New XHTML style, add more examples to my sample muse 
       new  26d31b5   Add comments to the publish-project example script
       new  e947589   Try to fix regexps for Emacs 21.4.
       new  ebccbd1   Merge muse-xhtml.el into muse-html.el.
       new  d7add74   Merge contents of muse-latexcjk.el into muse-latex.el.
       new  ce1ffc1   Standardize source headers, appease elint, don't require 
       new  ef766b2   Merge RSS 2.0 enclosure support for muse-journal.el from 
       new  4cc2a29   Don't compile documentation by default.
       new  c8d2b97   Add simple `muse-version' function.
       new  b947bd7   Update my example Muse settings.
       new  731f933   Remove flyspell overlays on links.
       new  66f6be1   Fix XHTML validation error with <hr> and <br>.
       new  d5fa3a9   New feature: tag completion with C-c TAB.
       new  26d2fc8   Update documentation for C-c TAB feature.
       new  85e3c3f   Update my example settings.
       new  dec00a7   Bugfix: Close P tag properly at end of file.
       new  be5be34   Make docbook and blosxom modes close paragraphs properly 
at end.
       new  5a7a2ba   Parenthesis goofup.
       new  3a8d1b6   Fix newly-introduced lock-up during HTML publishing.
       new  7830f4d   Apply fix in previous patch to the DocBook publishing 
       new  7184901   Don't let automatic backup files crash the publishing 
       new  7038a80   Always end the published document with a newline.
       new  747856a   Fix error with example tags and message publishing style.
       new  37d80b3   Warn user when publishing fails due to a private 
       new  85889e5   Improve prompt when reading a tag.
       new  e934bcd   Handle a few paragraph publishing edge cases better.
       new  b09d95b   Update my example config, minor code cleanup.
       new  4e8cd1f   Move regexps to same group, only make 4 heading faces.
       new  0ec6c62   Make generated X(HT)ML show up in the right encoding in 
other modes.
       new  73361d9   Merged from hodique@lifl.fr--2005 (patch 0-1)
       new  89c8664   Change mailing address of FSF, add AUTHORS file.
       new  8c6a28e   Add ability to automate the creation a new blosxom entry.
       new  5ffcd5f   Minor code cleanup to address elint issues.
       new  549d706   WYSIWYG emphasis, XEmacs compatibility hacks.
       new  c27f2ad   Fix publishing error when given an empty string for 
       new  6f02e04   Provide optional outline-style faces; customization 
fixes; experimental stuff.
       new  da3edde   Update my example configuration.
       new  616572d   Makefile refactoring.
       new  191f3ff   Release this as Muse 3.00.90 (RC1).
       new  3d29d30   Document Markup Rules.
       new  6d82b11   Begin work on Publishing Styles section of manual.
       new  aa86ec5   Document Blosxom, Book, DocBook, and HTML publishing 
       new  d41ab12   Merged from hodique@lifl.fr--2005 (patch 2-6), without 
the WikiWord change.
       new  6996736   Massively untabify files.
       new  27aacc5   Move lisp files to `lisp' directory; hack on Makefiles, 
XEmacs compat.
       new  4825333   Cater even more to XEmacs and its annoying whims.
       new  02bd7a5   Make Muse installable and correct an Emacs21 issue.
       new  0f21c97   Finish documenting 2 more publishing styles.
       new  6110c30   Tweak documentation thoroughly; still incomplete.
       new  1248101   Release Muse 3.01.
       new  d676482   Minor grammar fix in Introduction section of manual.
       new  9538f4f   Try to make Muse play nice with outline minor mode.
       new  7efc2ec   Tell people where to find on-line version of manual.
       new  fd7f834   Merged from hodique@lifl.fr--2005 (patch 7-11)
       new  2e58c62   Minor doc changes and code prettification.
       new  d0a0399   Play nicely with fill, adaptive-fill, and flyspell.
       new  e86df54   Make muse-replace-regexp-in-string closer to its parent; 
no func change.
       new  241acc9   Add `muse-current-file', fix minor QuickStart issue.
       new  fa8a013   Fix compiler warning induced by last patch.
       new  b132f99   Make installation of manual when not using Debian go 
       new  010ad00   Wiki hacking, regexp tweaks.
       new  de6d6e4   Interpret explicit links before emphasis.
       new  0e78523   Update postal address of FSF in muse-wiki.el.
       new  55fd229   Allow WikiWords to be ignored with <nop> or "''''".
       new  9437ba2   Hack on WikiName handling and make TAB work for Wiki 
       new  be899bb   Warn if file not published; hack further on Wiki stuff.
       new  db2236c   Apply a few fixes from Yann's branch.
       new  c344687   Fix publishing of bare interwiki names.
       new  3bdbbfa   Make interwiki links publish with the correct extension.
       new  a25dd93   Mouse-2 on regular text will yank rather than give an 
       new  e248de6   Work on getting to the point where we can resolve project 
interwiki links.
       new  ed45867   Fix publishing error.
       new  a8fec63   Re-add global mouse-2 event.
       new  4e66a53   Fix goof-up in instructions for using 
       new  1c1eb06   Minor docfixes.
       new  a56d99f   Merged from hodique@lifl.fr--2005 (patch 12-23)
       new  f192853   New function: muse-blosxom-project-alist-entry.
       new  21c0767   Further work on `muse-project-alist' entry generation for 
       new  2ddeb78   Document new blosxom convenience feature.
       new  de7b995   Implement optional file extension of Muse files.
       new  264f9ee   Note that muse-file-extension should not have "." in 
       new  7fe7e5b   Fix several startup and compile errors.
       new  c885215   Hack on muse-blosxom timestamps somewhat.
       new  7f4c43a   Make muse-blosxom use relative name of published file in 
page-date alist.
       new  38873fc   Attempt to simplify muse-wiki a bit.
       new  06b3e9b   Implement several WikiWord handling fixes.
       new  91b5686   Make a distinction between implicit and explicit links at 
       new  b2c446f   Try to fix an error with `muse-blosxom-get-categories'.
       new  1a17c25   Fix error with `muse-blosxom-new-entry' and Emacs21.
       new  c6d4620   Fix Emacs21 issue with muse-insert-tag.
       new  0f13415   Make natural interwiki links between projects mostly work.
       new  6ad1b81   Fix some gross mistakes.
       new  9799bbe   Tackle a project name interwiki highlighting snafu.
       new  a9b29b6   Update my example configuration.
       new  0c2f6d2   Escape "&", "<", and ">" in URL text.
       new  6cfcf6f   Escape specials in link descriptions.
       new  a9748ff   Fix image-link goof-up and add pretty titles.
       new  9e2c8fe   Handle a few edge cases with project-page resolution 
       new  8da5ff9   XEmacs wiki fix.
       new  8c39f0f   Use different mapping for S-tab on Windows.
       new  881cfe2   Apply muse-docbook patch from Dale P. Smith.
       new  7ff4280   muse-docbook: Output an XML tag with encoding at the 
beginning of document.
       new  a3846ce   muse-docbook: Merge several other types of tags if 
       new  4308240   Silence compiler warnings.
       new  f6cd01d   Make `muse-project-alist' more intuitively customizable.
       new  153f9b9   Add specified Muse file extension to auto-mode-alist.
       new  4ea9b9a   Jump to bad and good links on TAB; mode-choosing fix.
       new  fdedef8   Fix annoying initial buffer coloring problem.
       new  1a84e8d   Compilation fix, minor shuffling in `muse-mode'.
       new  7fbe860   Yann's assignment form came in!
       new  bbef972   AUTHORS: Fix typo, add that Yann authored muse-wiki.el.
       new  4d0a8e5   Add invalid directory assertion.
       new  12a5052   Make published link handling do the right thing, plus 
misc. fixes.
       new  8db7c16   Attempt to get the right file extension when publishing; 
more examples.
       new  09d7525   Prepare Muse 3.01.90 (3.02 RC1).
       new  effc212   Customization error; Makefile tweaks.
       new  8fb549b   Prevent temp buffers from prompting for save; handle lisp 
errors better.
       new  5a90f70   Merged from hodique@lifl.fr--2005 (patch 24-33)
       new  d7ad591   Improve customize interface for `muse-project-alist' once 
       new  2bcfe99   Do the right thing with consecutive list items, hopefully.
       new  025fff1   Be a bit more clever with our consecutive list regexp.
       new  56ce4a6   muse-docbook: Parse author directive so that it validates 
       new  eee71c9   muse-docbook: split-string Emacs21 fix.
       new  552c82b   Improve temp buffer usage.
       new  277e70e   S-TAB issue with Windows.
       new  dda3b24   Allow `muse-index-as-string' to remove current file from 
       new  f626b46   Add debian files; tweak Makefile.
       new  cb429c5   Journal validation fixes.
       new  5ad3cb2   Fix links in table, links in verbatim, emphasis 
publishing, publishing from script.
       new  94d9d9c   Improve debian build and put together a package.
       new  b23214e   Slight Debian version tweak.
       new  a0402c3   Header/footer docfix; ChangeLog correction.
       new  e520fa8   Expand Debian package description.
       new  7a98b8e   Don't kill temp buffer if debug-on-error is non-nil.
       new  cc11250   Make customize of muse-project-alist work in Emacs21 and 
       new  f90a45f   Small logic fix with temp files.
       new  1ba3291   Misc. blosxom fixes, like category directive.
       new  98d80f8   Handle embedded docbook footnotes and <literal> edge case.
       new  56148e7   Handle a few more DocBook edge cases; all known DocBook 
issues are fixed.
       new  7847257   muse-texinfo fixes; use info-pdf to generate PDF doc for 
       new  3ca9f9a   muse-texinfo: Fix #2635 by adding `}' and `{' to specials 
       new  3f3ede7   muse-texinfo: Improve formatting for enddots, dots, 
       new  9e92e53   muse-docbook: table and anchor fixes; many non-MULE 
XEmacs fixes.
       new  8ea8936   Permit infinitely-nested sections.
       new  ffdf500   Link inside table issue, fixes read-only text error.
       new  e163d78   Link with anchor bugfix.
       new  0c31048   Add coloring for example, verbatim, and =signs=; anchor 
       new  fcd8a4b   Don't emphasize if a word constituent follows the trailer.
       new  f026fe9   5 levels of headings colorization; color bare URLs.
       new  f2bb452   Fix #2654: Append a newline when using pdf publishing 
       new  9de62bb   Add a few common revision control directories to the 
ignore list.
       new  42892de   Fix failure to publish emphasis properly.
       new  4f263e2   Don't publish implicit links that have a double-quote at 
begin or end.
       new  7d4ac7a   Try to fix <example> region coloring problem.
       new  68d9d8c   Initial implementation of muse-xml.el.  End of section 
edge case.
       new  10bc067   Include regexps from base styles.  Fix 
muse-project-ignore-regexp and use it more.
       new  2905fb6   muse-xml: Separate section from title.
       new  1a744a1   Fix warnings during font-lock, example tag highlighting.
       new  6af012e   Make interwiki links work in a few more edge cases.
       new  c419f27   Correct breakage induced by previous patch.
       new  b4da2c9   Minor namespace fix.
       new  293ffa2   muse-xml: definition lists, muse-docbook: center.
       new  6bcfd39   Generalize some blosxom helper functions.
       new  dc2d93e   Handle anchors in all publishing styles, as well as 
linking to them.
       new  7ffe752   Allow transform function for link descriptions.  Bare 
email and URL fixes.
       new  4867c25   Make coloring of verbatim greater-than sign same as 
       new  21dfa14   Inter-project output name fix.
       new  533eac7   Escape email address and URL always.
       new  cb64098   Release 3.01.91 (3.02 RC2).
       new  2c789f1   Fix trailing backslash error.
       new  ca694d5   Makefile: Remove stale Debian packages for this version.
       new  aa20b80   Fix failure to resolve interwiki link when clicking on it.
       new  21fe51d   Compilation cleanups.
       new  b32c864   Makefile: Minor deletion cleanups.
       new  7425bdd   Make generated Debian packages slightly easier to upload.
       new  2116160   Makefile: Use BUILDOPTS.
       new  b34dba0   QuickStart: Minor typo in anchor example.
       new  6312abe   Keep lists from getting mashed together on M-q.
       new  d8e1d7d   Minor fixups from Peter K. Lee.
       new  2080984   muse-mode: Minor regexp tweak.
       new  867a40d   Prepare initial upload for Debian project.
       new  e529310   Make building of Debian revisions work.
       new  b20cec5   Add items through patch-149 to NEWS.
       new  edfbc43   muse-html: Add muse-xhtml-extension.
       new  e85dd0e   Finish NEWS, handle emphasis at EOF edge case.
       new  dc7fd4c   Document WikiNames and update header publishing 
       new  b40d412   Document publishing directives.
       new  d7f82c5   Fix problem with links at beginning of buf and paragraphs.
       new  5a37745   Don't prompt unnecessarily when doing C-c C-t in a Muse 
project file.
       new  a73951d   Allow Emacs 21.3 to use extended character classes in 
       new  0398e0b   Fix paragraph-filling breakage in Emacs21.
       new  e6ce3ab   Reinstate former extended character class rules.
       new  bc8a3ea   Correct the publish-project example.
       new  d4bf717   Introduce :link-suffix. muse-wiki: Don't mangle acronyms 
in titles.
       new  c1fb508   Fix save-match-data gaffe.
       new  755d226   Allow links to temporary files to be visited.
       new  fc4c783   Add schema for muse-xml, tweak verse formatting, fix goof 
from last patch.
       new  28a7514   muse-xml: Use a more standard sort of header.
       new  3730e44   Implement protocol handling.
       new  c56bd1c   If a URL has a resolve function of nil, publish the 
description only.
       new  a2810ce   Make info:// and man:// not publish a link, handle insert 
URL edge case.
       new  de166e1   muse-latex: Call pdflatex twice to get <contents> 
       new  3e500bb   Strip text properties before browsing a URL.
       new  d0b583c   Add <code> tag.
       new  29fba13   muse-latex: Fix compiler warning.
       new  dfb7b59   muse-latex: Handle special characters in a better way.
       new  92e2f6f   Fix title coloring bug; muse-latex: escape '<' and '>'.
       new  aac2b54   Update NEWS, fix muse-url-protocols customization 
       new  0d8eeb3   Fix publishing of stuff like <code><></code>.
       new  a014c44   Hack on documentation.  The release is in sight!
       new  a8892a5   muse.texi: Add publishing order information.
       new  cfdddd6   muse-mode: Set comment syntax.
       new  5001b62   Make documentation separately installable.
       new  6e1d25c   Document style elements for muse-define-style.
       new  76bda03   Finish documentation.
       new  3ab68e5   Prepare for release.
       new  02e52f8   Release Muse 3.02.
       new  b37af5d   muse-html: Add muse-xhtml-style-sheet.
       new  a366bb3   muse.texi: Use @example instead of @smallexample.
       new  d460e25   If more than 1 blank separates list/table items, separate 
       new  4ba4c30   muse-latex: Add a few escaping options that may be used 
in the future.
       new  38749ae   Use modification time for date directive.
       new  d126821   Try to make link properties more sane.
       new  887e90c   Fix customization bugs concerning muse-project-alist.
       new  20a5c05   Release Emacs Muse 3.02.01.
       new  b965069   Figure out syntax of :set.
       new  c7ed20b   muse-groff.el: New publishing styles groff and groff-pdf.
       new  2657b7f   Add ability to publish embedded LaTeX content as a PNG.
       new  afec2e7   muse-latex: Ignore anchor if it occurs at end of line.
       new  a323cb8   muse-mathml: New experimental embedded MathML publisher.
       new  4da38d6   Minor bookkeeping update.
       new  04c8aa9   Allow anchors to occur near (rather than at) the 
beginning of line.
       new  78dfea0   Anchor fixes; muse-latex: Use \label{} and \ref{} for 
       new  36d5f0a   contrib/muse-latex2png.el: Put images in the correct 
       new  d799ec3   Merged from jeho@jeho.org--2005 (patch 0-11)
       new  3c943fb   Emacs 21 flyspell fix.
       new  462a0d9   By default, use ".muse" extension and do not detect by 
       new  03becc4   Pave the way for entire-document escaping of specials.
       new  32d65ca   Move latex2png.el to lisp/, muse-latex: Emphasize table 
       new  f36476f   muse-latex2png: Fix compiler warning, muse-project: add 
       new  72251c3   muse-latex2png: Put png files in correct place.  all: 
Introduce comment syntax.
       new  454f206   muse-publish: Use `apply' instead of passing list to 
       new  f582431   Fix mistyping of new option name.
       new  380e335   Attempt to fix read-only error.
       new  bfcf127   Temporary workaround to make lists work properly again.
       new  4eabd43   Call pdflatex a reasonable number of times.
       new  6809973   muse-latex: Fix "generation of PDF failed" message.
       new  f7b42c7   Allow "-" in publishing directives.
       new  1ec1715   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2005 (patch 242-246, 249, 
251-252, 255-257)
       new  93cebcb   Apply some anchor fixes from muse--main--1.0 (253).
       new  42a2794   Apply LaTeX table underlining from patch-259.
       new  cbccf0e   Add markup for comments, via parts of patch-261.
       new  52c3056   Add with-muse-project macro from parts of patch-260.
       new  106b511   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2005 (patch 263, 266-268)
       new  b6e2140   Miscellaneous safe updates from muse--main--1.0.
       new  63535de   Fix use of function that we don't permit yet.
       new  826255f   Merged from ajk@iu.edu--2005 (patch 0-9)
       new  5cf1d26   muse-groff: Provide groff-pdf style rather than pdf.
       new  45dae0d   Sync with davidsmith@acm.org--2005 (patch 0), 
davidsmith@acm.org--main (patch 0-2), hodique@lifl.fr--2005 (patch 40-45), 
mwolson@gnu.org--2005 (patch 0-8)
       new  e398e32   muse-texinfo: Correct markup strings for dots, enddots, 
       new  bf006ef   muse-latex: Make footnotes look a bit more natural for 
LaTeX users.
       new  1d2f0eb   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2005 (patch 11, 13-15, 17-19)
       new  a7e2707   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2005 (patch 20-22)
       new  335393c   Deal with case when muse-make-link is passed an explicit 
       new  546260a   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2005 (patch 23)
       new  66df6e0   Don't split anchors in URLs.
       new  0fd00b2   Update AUTHORS.
       new  ac143de   muse-latex2png: XEmacs compatibility.
       new  64a6a01   muse-colors: Add faces for all 3 levels of emphasis.
       new  2da3cf4   muse-mode: Handle case where we visit an anchor-only link.
       new  e600541   muse-mode: Minor fix.
       new  6fd8d89   Add muse-registry.el to Muse.
       new  4bd8f62   Merged from muse--rel--3.02 (patch 25)
       new  83ff665   muse-wiki: First try at implementing WikiName separator.
       new  d63a8c2   muse-registry.el: Fix compiler warnings.
       new  383680c   XEmacs fixes in muse-latex2png and muse-registry.
       new  a2b21b0   muse-registry: Attempt to increase Emacs20 compatibility.
       new  b2126d0   muse-groff: Fix compiler warning.
       new  248e660   Merged from muse--rel--3.02 (patch 27)
       new  260532f   Merged from muse--rel--3.02 (patch 28)
       new  2c70c94   Merged from muse--rel--3.02 (patch 29)
       new  81ba472   muse-publish: Make muse-insert-markup a function.
       new  53a4439   muse-wiki: Fix an error that occurs when muse-colors is 
not loaded.
       new  27bb47b   muse-wiki: WikiWord suffix fix.
       new  2494a45   Change mode of muse-protocols to 644.
       new  a55fa0b   muse-mode: Make muse-edit-link-at-point work.
       new  4fb429d   Add autoload cookies.
       new  1851969   Generate autoloads file.
       new  04b1cd9   Makefile: Minor tweak.
       new  6e2ea9b   muse-html: Fix regexp error.
       new  72a71af   Make XML publishing work with QuickStart; no longer 
considered unstable.
       new  ab74162   QuickStart: Correct old syntax.
       new  5cb6397   Revert QuickStart changes, hack more on muse.rnc.
       new  c298f8f   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2005 (patch 35)
       new  4bc3d64   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2005 (patch 36)
       new  4fdfde2   Don't mix up links and footnotes.
       new  de36d3e   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2005 (patch 37)
       new  89e0667   Begin implementing context-specific handling of special 
       new  2d4f2da   muse-build: Prevent backup files when generating 
       new  5fd7d66   Get practically-perfect LaTeX special escaping.
       new  964d008   muse-latex: Work on table markup, isn't perfect yet.
       new  6cce4d0   Implement a nicer way of publishing tables.  Fix some 
       new  78d9dca   Make all XML-based publishing styles do tables.  Needs 
       new  f676c14   Adapt the remaining publishing styles.
       new  732114c   Get rid of muse-regexp-space.  Standardize anchor markup 
       new  1f68aed   Fix a markup error involving links like [[#foo]].
       new  5062a02   Use simpler markup string for anchors.
       new  5d6d598   Allow text like "%N%" in markup strings.
       new  0465c57   Make sure spaces in HTML URLs get escaped properly.
       new  b63e91e   muse-texinfo: Escape commas in URLs.
       new  0de8675   Add markup for non-breaking space.
       new  ed87d38   Implement <quote> tag.
       new  933b463   Pave the way for nested lists by adding markup strings.
       new  f548736   Work on nested list support for ordered and unordered 
       new  f76d35f   Minor logic tweak in muse-forward-list-item.
       new  8171f0d   muse-publish: Use narrow-to-region to fix various bugs.
       new  d9ed147   muse-latex: Fix comment markup.
       new  02851bb   Make progress on non-nested ordered and unordered lists.
       new  bab8785   Fix #4923: Definition lists with numbers are not possible.
       new  f6eeab5   muse-publish: Prevent an error with list markup.
       new  05bebd7   muse-publish: Prevent error when return value is not a 
       new  cdd4f2c   Fix a few more list markup issues.
       new  ab04096   More definition list twiddling.
       new  6f16763   Fix #4971.
       new  ea4cfcb   muse-wiki: Allow interwiki links to use different base 
       new  683c554   muse-colors: Implement <lisp> tag evaluation when viewing 
Muse files.
       new  fedc7a7   Implement escaping of "[" and "]" in extended links.
       new  a4eb5c8   Fix an issue with muse-project-file-alist.
       new  f14aca4   Fix #4718: InterWiki links with special characters are 
not handled properly.
       new  313b555   Nested ordered and unordered lists seem to work now.
       new  f9855a3   Nested list fix.
       new  2dc293b   Fix quote publishing error.
       new  419b808   Fix backtrace on project names.
       new  7523244   Fix #4973: muse-project-ignore-regexp too aggressive
       new  2598aa0   Fix nested list regression.  Make some (untested) 
progress on dl.
       new  41d8520   More nested list twiddling.
       new  d6aa92e   Merged from john@wjsullivan.net--2006 (patch 0-1)
       new  628bdef   Sync with contributors.
       new  9fe0885   Fix #5044: lisp tag only evaluates first statement.
       new  322ea09   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2005 (patch 53-55)
       new  eff73ef   Fix typo.
       new  78dc335   Post-release updates.
       new  5797737   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2005 (patch 56)
       new  ce7ed2d   Debian fixups.
       new  24be4db   Another Debian fix.
       new  88ffda3   Oops, committed to the wrong archive.
       new  d0738ee   Pick a better default if publishing with more than one 
       new  fc814eb   Create parents of output directories.
       new  02124f4   muse-latex: Use \url to publish bare URLs.
       new  32c540d   Allow beginning and ending empty elements in tables.
       new  306052e   muse-latex: Handle double-quote edge case.
       new  d650086   muse-registry: update from author.
       new  2248890   Fix an error with `custom-quote'.
       new  98e0a44   Add documentation to some publishing functions.
       new  4b92226   Get simple test case for definition lists to work.
       new  551b619   Make muse-journal work with whole-document escaping.
       new  25fe8bc   Add ChangeLog for 2006 and move previous ChangeLog for 
       new  ebb1471   Fix a couple of table-publishing edge cases.
       new  31f7fd6   Use debian/compat to determine debhelper compat level.
       new  d648a50   Fix edge case in muse-wiki-publish-pretty-title.
       new  a7d561b   Fix wrapped nested list item edge case.
       new  6b502e2   Fix prompting of non-Muse buffers before publishing.
       new  c84193e   muse-texinfo: Fix link suffix.
       new  3b26f87   Fix backtrace when publishing unsaved files.
       new  41bc861   muse-blosxom: Add ability to use tags in entries.
       new  690826d   muse-blosxom: Fix order of #tags line in header.
       new  cda8a44   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 18-21)
       new  f6d3d50   Added ability to show inline images in the Emacs buffer.
       new  f0f89d9   Fix comment in Debian packaging.
       new  24a7312   Added enhanced list item insertion.
       new  3e25c85   Fix another wrapped list item edge case.
       new  0c134dd   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 22-23)
       new  44879ac   Some definition list fixes.
       new  cd36328   Pass testcase for definition list and nested unordered 
       new  ccb0a31   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006-muse-el (patch 0-4)
       new  f57d584   Bookkeeping.
       new  32c6fdc   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 24-27)
       new  ca79774   Merge consecutive definition list terms properly.
       new  0137a9b   Pass all current definition list test cases.
       new  611a32f   Fix another definition list edge case.
       new  ff65825   Fix a couple of bugs in muse-wiki-resolve-project-page.
       new  1b82e47   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 28-31)
       new  5b21384   Make nested list items work when separated by one blank 
       new  3716f7d   Add comments to nested list code.
       new  a882b94   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 32-33)
       new  1b13ba2   Make sure an initial term exists before publishing 
definition list.
       new  773fe43   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 34)
       new  f79b796   Make paragraphs respect the end of a list or list item.
       new  c452fb4   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 35)
       new  5fca6e1   Fix #5325: nested formatting not working in HTML output.
       new  6591169   Fix #5376: Changing muse-wiki-wikiword-regexp does not 
seem to affect anything.
       new  ebeb6f2   Fix problem when previous list item was nested.
       new  687b0d2   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 36-38)
       new  16d1312   Handle blockquoted sections within lists properly.
       new  d688d00   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 39)
       new  90659f9   Make code look nicer by using muse-forward-dl-* functions.
       new  a95f225   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 40)
       new  387f673   Fix nested list regression.
       new  dcd2afa   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 41)
       new  8fcffe1   In a preliminary way, make definition lists nest.
       new  7df4015   Added enhanced list item indentation.
       new  0b0124e   Use slightly better algorithm for removing initial 
       new  0c6f6fc   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006-muse-el (patch 5-14)
       new  c3506fc   Put movement by list and paragraph functions in muse.el.
       new  0c9952e   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 42-45)
       new  2bb3c65   Code simplification; improve muse-list-item-type function.
       new  80598b2   Get increase and decrease of list indentation to work 
with complex cases.
       new  02c489c   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 46-47)
       new  7981933   Fix publishing problem with XEmacs.
       new  48a631d   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 48)
       new  13e48f8   Fix inline image lockup.
       new  b465a7a   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 49)
       new  c4eaeb6   Make resolving of inline image paths more flexible.
       new  7a62e4e   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 50)
       new  94fde15   Make visiting of links a bit faster.
       new  2573531   Refine previous patch.
       new  32b8719   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 51-52)
       new  0ec9914   muse-protocols: Add DOI handling.
       new  29feb12   muse-protocols: Add Wikipedia support.
       new  12f139b   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 53-54)
       new  e5d655c   Add backlink support, thanks to Jim Ottaway.
       new  f86aa76   Make nested definition list items work much better.
       new  52f4ccf   Slightly improve flyspell integration.
       new  f91a924   Make C-> and C-< keybindings not indent nested items.
       new  c6987f6   Fix output for consecutive list items of same type.
       new  2e2a2d6   Update Muse XML schema.
       new  7b8e944   Add COPYING file; update headers.
       new  2399d39   Fix publishing error with multi-line wrapped list items.
       new  bc3666d   muse-latex: Add footnotes to links so that they show up 
on printed copies.
       new  cac96f7   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 55-63)
       new  3478bf4   Fix #5477: muse-replace-regexp-in-string throws error in 
XEmacs 21.4
       new  30efe3d   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 64)
       new  f2a9d94   Attempt to make new syntaxes easier to support.
       new  766d289   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 65)
       new  c6ea7cb   Make it easier to call context-specific region-escaping 
       new  28b8ee8   Add general searching and backlink searching.
       new  dd26431   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 66)
       new  07122e6   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006-muse-el (patch 15-26)
       new  ef37545   Minor code cleanup.
       new  8c73af8   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 67-68)
       new  d445aff   muse-mode: Don't require muse-publish.el.
       new  6255e22   Fix #5190: Endless loop in muse style-run-hooks when 
muse-project-publish is called with undefined style.
       new  ea69a35   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 69-70)
       new  5daeed2   muse-journal: Make custom RSS heading regexps possible.
       new  eadd90f   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 71)
       new  e4ad2d2   httpd.el: Update to work with newer versions of Emacs.
       new  49f148e   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 72)
       new  95c345d   Fix bug in verse markup, undesired behavior with emdash.
       new  6e5148f   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 73)
       new  46dc706   muse.texi: Mention the <code> tag.
       new  cdda774   Make faces more robust and namespace-conforming.
       new  fb3650e   Remove cruft from patch logs.
       new  9a4d707   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 74-76)
       new  5ff89e2   Update my example configuration file.
       new  832fdb9   Fix a couple of recently-introduced bugs.
       new  c1d49dc   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 77-78)
       new  a63abd8   muse.texi: Move some sections to a new Extending Muse 
       new  cd76c49   Fix a bug triggered by batch-publishing.
       new  e896d2f   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 79-80)
       new  6e44ae1   debian: Install ChangeLog properly.
       new  454a668   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 81)
       new  b921674   muse-journal: Fix dates in RSS feeds.
       new  4f484fc   Remove unrelated part of patch-82.
       new  5a7cf24   muse-mode: Recognize definition lists when filling text.
       new  e08121c   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 82-84)
       new  5b1aff7   Add a hook that is called whenever Muse's file-alist is 
       new  50af77a   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 85)
       new  f739d2c   Update Muse's file-alist after saving any Muse page.
       new  f62fb38   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 86)
       new  d23a872   Add in extension to implicit links to match project files.
       new  f1c3832   Append implicit file link update to publish/save hooks.
       new  6e23d2b   muse-wiki: Implement implicit links for all files in 
       new  c98717d   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 87)
       new  3d7f962   Use a better mechanism for updating autogenerated 
       new  a284bf8   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 88)
       new  b6e46bf   muse-wiki: Match filenames before WikiWords.
       new  dad93e3   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 89)
       new  ab073af   Permit table generation to be disabled for a single Muse 
       new  c308324   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 90)
       new  cb238c5   Make interwiki links work with the new option.
       new  86ed9df   Fix a couple of compiler warnings.
       new  1badb23   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 91-92)
       new  8ab2493   muse-wiki: Honor setting for muse-wiki-hide-nop-tag.
       new  40627dd   Prepare Debian package for Arch snapshot.
       new  16c5ac6   Remove muse-registry.el.
       new  eb415bf   Make things in contrib directory installable.
       new  389cafc   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 93-96)
       new  f7a6b93   First attempt at getting interwiki-regexp with spaces.
       new  bb5c928   Try to fix failure to recognize Muse file extension.
       new  25fb4e1   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006-muse-el (patch 41-47)
       new  3808fec   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 97-98)
       new  a5f6962   Try to fix failure to recognize Muse file extension (2nd 
       new  6dfd97d   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 99)
       new  1a766f4   Try to fix failure to recognize Muse file extension (3rd 
       new  ad566a7   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 100)
       new  0ac47b8   Try to fix failure to recognize Muse file extension (4th 
       new  ae59fc5   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 101)
       new  c8e5ddd   Cleaning up interwiki-regexp to handle filenames with 
       new  fa97ad8   muse-html: Add :style-sheet element.
       new  503294b   Try to fix failure to recognize Muse file extension (5th 
       new  2af51fa   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006-muse-el (patch 48-52)
       new  1d4a087   Add option to not create implicit links to the current 
       new  4f95a60   Try to fix failure to recognize Muse file extension (6th 
       new  796d380   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006-muse-el (patch 53)
       new  a10c22f   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 102-106)
       new  78bc58b   Fix horrendous typo.
       new  2aee3bd   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 107)
       new  dd8031d   muse-wiki: Fix bug that caused WikiWords not to publish 
or display.
       new  2f04e12   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 108)
       new  1560d34   Allow tab characters in the target of explicit links.
       new  698ca82   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 109)
       new  1ccb5e9   muse-latex: Don't escape backslash in <example> regions.
       new  701229d   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 110)
       new  aaad451   muse-mode: Make C-c C-e work better.
       new  4e8bf7e   Re-add some cgi.el stuff and update my example config.
       new  3415624   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 111-112)
       new  19f358c   Try to fix face clobbering bug.
       new  f68241d   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 113)
       new  a9a8857   muse-publish: Get rid of warning when batch publishing.
       new  b51b745   Make publishing DTRT when using escaped list markup.
       new  183493e   cgi.el: Make this work without cl-seq.el.
       new  c87b1de   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 114-116)
       new  6072c9e   Make build targets more consistent.
       new  98405c7   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 117)
       new  2fc2fb0   Fix a few image bugs.
       new  76a7b14   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 118)
       new  59dce0a   muse-latex: Make images look better.
       new  a3b03cc   Fix buggy behavior in muse-browse-result.
       new  7e5bfec   Update keystrokes used in muse-mode, as well as docs.
       new  a962ae4   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 119-121)
       new  9ab2e3c   muse.texi: Change subsections to subheadings.
       new  cd9520d   muse.texi: Change use of @subsubheading to @subheading.
       new  4c711eb   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 122-123)
       new  ec118d9   Fix a couple of beginning-of-buffer errors.
       new  5fb72e2   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 124)
       new  4ac04f8   Fix #5925: Emphasis on item breaks lists.
       new  111bdaf   Fix emdash in link description bug.
       new  d502767   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 125-126)
       new  4fbfd85   DTRT with explicit links that have no description.
       new  2a48aae   Fix bug where links with :: in them were marked up as 
       new  32ffde5   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 127-128)
       new  857d4e6   muse-wiki: Make the interwiki resolver a bit more clever.
       new  fe32a11   Add muse-split.el to experimental folder.
       new  9711302   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 129-130)
       new  6c7ba6d   Add muse-protocol-iw.el to experimental folder.
       new  1a3d068   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 131)
       new  3e021e5   Fix publishing error with tables and initial whitespace.
       new  4a45028   Make links colored blue by default.
       new  722be8e   Try not to call tramp during publishing.
       new  61547c6   Fix a potential unbounded recursive call.
       new  b069d14   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 132-135)
       new  0ef35b3   Make the Table of Contents CSS easier to customize.
       new  5eeea32   Use better fallback when displaying warnings.
       new  320f388   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 136-137)
       new  3eeb33d   Minor tweak in my example CSS stylesheet.
       new  d61247d   Improve documentation in the included pyblosxom plug-ins.
       new  6fc17d2   muse-blosxom: Perform extra check on category in new 
       new  3655516   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 138-140)
       new  a68afea   Provide explanation of how to invoke getstamps.py.
       new  51869cd   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 141)
       new  efc92c8   Make ChangeLog conform to conventions better.
       new  c9ac3ad   Implement <include> and <markup> tags.
       new  c48b658   List all tags in Muse's documentation.
       new  3519f95   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 142-144)
       new  b13f998   Rename muse-convert.el to muse-latex-convert.el.
       new  127ee72   Fix tag-publishing in <insert> and <markup>.
       new  32561e8   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 145-146)
       new  cb08b6a   Try to work around a bug in XEmacs beta.
       new  f1b345d   Update ChangeLogs.
       new  6ed4df5   Second attempt at fixing XEmacs beta problem.
       new  88c37f5   Really update ChangeLog.2005.
       new  b228d4e   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 147-150)
       new  e07352d   Provide some markup shortcuts for the <include> tag.
       new  b964832   Move Debian stuff into its own branch.
       new  2929cd3   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 151-152)
       new  225c4fb   Fix bug introduced in last patch.
       new  a4a5e5d   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 153)
       new  05665bd   Make PDF version of the Muse manual be generated 
       new  4e77de0   Provide example for <include> in Muse manual.
       new  061770a   Improve ignored files regexp.
       new  eea6072   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 154-156)
       new  d0c4b00   Don't use illegal C-c i keybinding.
       new  1733b6d   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 157)
       new  1f3b65b   Make muse-publish-markup-buffer usable even with no 
current file.
       new  2ec3ebd   Fix publishing of blank table fields.
       new  6e47449   Make links to files in subdirectories work.
       new  8d21c1e   Fix publishing bug introduced in last patch.
       new  17a2abc   muse-latex: Make publishing of <contents> tags optional.
       new  31dbecf   Make space around emdash optional.
       new  f8c0926   Make escaping of brackets in links work properly.
       new  98da875   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 158-164)
       new  bcc53ef   Implement interactive insertion of URLs.
       new  0c65244   Make C-c C-t publish the current file in a more sensible 
       new  cadf2e6   Fix #5899: muse-follow-name-at-mouse breaks 
       new  1aee27b   Mention both Ubuntu and Debian throughout.
       new  7c0e635   Manual: Update mailing list info.
       new  5bb2514   Merged from e.pomohaci@gmail.com--2006 (patch 0-5)
       new  25b4f80   Merged from e.pomohaci@gmail.com--2006 (patch 6-7)
       new  6c4fa3e   Rename muse-convert-latex.el to muse-import-latex.el.
       new  884d06b   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 165-170)
       new  16bc63e   Tweak build system.
       new  d7eb1d7   Implement <perl>, <python>, and <ruby> tags.
       new  7561e3b   Make command, lisp, perl, python, and ruby tags interpret 
       new  1e3b77c   Fix bug #6399; designate this 3.02.91 (RC2).
       new  2639b2f   Fix #5359: Word wrap ignores definition lists.
       new  4c56f72   Use separate escaping for embedded images.
       new  c90ede3   Publish captions for images that have descriptions.
       new  6f07707   Fix bug introduced in last patch.
       new  1bb6d60   Try to fix image centering with long captions issue.
       new  8469720   Trim whitespace from table fields.
       new  20a0aaa   Fix issue with table of contents and derived html styles.
       new  166f655   Make centered captioned images work for XHTML.
       new  fcdcaa9   muse-latex2png: Parametrize and create subdirectory when 
       new  08acaee   Commit ChangeLog file.
       new  adb6867   Make implicit URL descriptions publish better.
       new  df5558b   Miscellaneous clean-ups.
       new  44c83b6   If style is used twice, prompt for the directory.
       new  3e41642   Catch up with NEWS items.
       new  9fc2f4f   Minor Makefile tweak.
       new  00abd77   More of the same.
       new  83470d7   Make sure the autoloads file is distributed with releases.
       new  9aa5017   Really put autoloads in the right place.
       new  e88acd1   Make second release candidate (3.02.92) available.
       new  4ac0d86   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 171-193)
       new  3d6a219   Fix issue where backup files were being added to the file 
       new  75d9dfd   muse-blosxom: Fix XEmacs format-time-string bug.
       new  db01bd4   muse-wiki: Try to fix an issue with large projects.
       new  94ca056   Fix a publishing bug with nested list items.
       new  a4d11df   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 194-197)
       new  53b94fd   muse-wiki: Separate project-file stuff from wikiword 
       new  11c6c30   Fix bug introduced in last patch.
       new  6b85959   Get rid of some tabs.
       new  38ee2cb   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 198-200)
       new  1bedb94   Update pyblosxom plugin header info.
       new  6787a1f   muse.texi: Fix typo.
       new  4a4c0b7   Revert prematurely committed patch.
       new  6444de6   Use our own safer variant of file-name-sans-extension
       new  3a7fe50   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 201-204)
       new  dad8b94   Manual: mention the muse-el-internationalization mailing 
       new  123fab4   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 205)
       new  d72ecb0   Fix #6970: Info-pdf publishing fails when a WikiLink is 
included in a heading
       new  de5fa16   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 206)
       new  b0d27de   muse-texinfo: selectively protect wikiwords in headings
       new  e1a6f57   Remove star-merge cruft
       new  931bf60   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006-muse-el (patch 92)
       new  08b580c   muse-texinfo: Silence compiler warning
       new  ab27683   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 207-208)
       new  6728574   fix for bug #6942 - muse-blosxom-new-entry fails when 
using tags.
       new  338e7e3   fix muse-backlink
       new  c13d7d6   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006-muse-el (patch 95-96)
       new  7a718f5   Add ChangeLog entries for recently contributed changes
       new  6bdef58   muse-colors: Fix bug found by recent Emacs 22 builds
       new  7b1d872   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 209-211)
       new  3a3ec79   Bugfix #6367
       new  2526cf7   Fix of bug #6741: Exclude colon in recognised URLs
       new  b542a6a   Add support for pyblosxom metadate plugin.
       new  2bb8987   Update NEWS for 3.02.7 bugfix release.
       new  6349cd2   Update NEWS for 3.02.6 release
       new  b27511a   Initial implementation of nested tag support
       new  5294710   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006-muse-el (patch 99-100)
       new  cdf96e4   Do some bookkeeping
       new  b4d9623   Partial merge from muse--main--1.0
       new  7fac9fe   Finish merge from muse--main--1.0
       new  ee914b5   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006-muse-el (patch 98)
       new  7b16116   Minor cleanups
       new  ee79983   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 217-218)
       new  a275228   Fix bug in nested tag support
       new  20f95b7   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 219)
       new  8927222   Add forgotten ChangeLog entry
       new  3d769a7   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006 (patch 220)
       new  868d707   Merged from e.pomohaci@gmail.com--2006/muse-epomulet--0 
(patch 0-7)
       new  ff12f75   New files: muse-import-docbook.el and muse-import-xml.el
       new  383b28d   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  0c3ce57   Add autoload cookie for muse-mode-choose-mode
       new  d878052   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  1ff2341   Add self-nested tag support to muse-colors as well
       new  10afba9   Checkpoint my definition list publishing changes
       new  bcd7d7b   Fix all known definition list publishing issues
       new  f9449bf   Update ChangeLog for last change
       new  d874262   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  984e0e5   Fix issue with link suffix in links to other files
       new  6a0dc7d   Fix some link resolving bugs
       new  72de0a5   Update NEWS
       new  04b9f0a   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  5c67670   Permit non-Muse files in projects to be linked to, tweak 
       new  6f19a1d   Update my example configuration
       new  fd78e45   Implement publish-time detection of whether a link needs 
       new  f98f441   Fix bug in coloring of <example> tags
       new  78e7471   Fix bug #7424: Error in redisplay while using Emacs 21.3
       new  8c4088a   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  4cec500   Fix goofy assertion
       new  47a0ff9   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  cb221b7   Really fix <example> highlighting bug this time
       new  0c98d75   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  1988c9a   Fix bug when using C-c C-T to publish a file
       new  6e228c9   Try to make relative links to project pages work
       new  3782931   Be smarter about where explicit interwiki links end
       new  624866e   Fix bug with recognizing wiki project names too loosely
       new  d8d0e6b   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  f3a989c   Remove C-c C-c binding for muse-follow-name-at-point, 
since no one objected in the last 1.5 months.
       new  7abae00   Remove C-c C-c binding from manual.
       new  8e341b2   Fix link-following bug with invalid relative links
       new  97fbb9f   Merged from 
mwolson@gnu.org--2006-muse-el/muse-el--devel--0 (patch 106-115)
       new  70f1411   Add ChangeLog entry for manual change
       new  55ce91c   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  70b5a01   Make Emacs Muse 3.02.93 (3.03 RC3) available
       new  d6a1341   Fix several typos in the manual
       new  28ea2ef   muse-latex: Make lists nested inside of definition lists 
look right
       new  53b4e52   muse-latex: Fix nested enumerated list bug
       new  83c0b9b   muse-publish: Prevent suffix from being added to 
non-Muse-page links
       new  d04ad0b   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  a7cef15   Publish private files by default to avoid confusion
       new  60879fc   muse-docbook: Get nested list publishing up to par
       new  6587213   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  ddda0f3   Bring NEWS up to date
       new  db6d5f0   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  a033bb4   Fix minor bug in muse-replace-regexp-in-string
       new  3a08779   muse-html: Make <contents> work with Planner HTML output
       new  8d87fc8   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  0bbb478   muse-latex: Use simpler comment syntax
       new  8c19d50   Fix problem with <include> and <contents> tags.
       new  fbb2789   Re-license manual to GFDL instead of GPL
       new  295433c   Make it possible to specify different publishing functions
       new  fb7dde2   manual: Update book example
       new  8a2341a   Implement <src> tag
       new  2ab9830   muse-latex2png: handle publishing to styles other than 
       new  2ff17e1   Rename <math> tag in muse-mathml.el to <mathml>
       new  a5fb9fd   Rename <math> tag in muse-mathml.el to <mathml>
       new  d633953   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  4b90c30   Make <include> tag work with markup="src"
       new  d40eed5   Fix initial blank line in <src> tag
       new  b0a012b   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  5dfdeb4   Makefile: Keep track of distributor (debian/ubuntu)
       new  8142516   Fix bug with <include ... markup="example">
       new  6ba30d8   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  58b3aa4   muse-publish: Make comments higher priority than tags
       new  27be923   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  931e8f7   muse-latex2png: Fix several <latex> and <math> issues
       new  66ebcee   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  006e48f   Manual: Mention muse-file-extension and loading .emacs 
       new  30a6508   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  6e73222   muse-protocols: Add woman:// handler
       new  eb6dcee   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  43afea9   muse-latex2png: Fix erroneous escaping when using latex 
       new  1aa4390   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  25a754e   muse-latex2png: Implement centered <math> tag 
       new  67e9be6   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  f6fe79d   muse-latex2png: Use \[ math-text \] for centered math tags
       new  203b456   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  d233de6   muse-latex2png: Don't touch preceding blank line unless 
Latex style
       new  5b64840   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  17b0cc3   Fix paragraph detection near <example> tag
       new  f69edb9   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  43f7467   Fix typo in Makefile.defs
       new  51debcd   Handle empty comments
       new  21e0498   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  06b6b6f   muse-publish: Fix remote image detection
       new  618d6d2   Fix error with nestable tags, <class> in particular
       new  59a06b4   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  3e842c1   README: Mention which versions of Emacs work with Muse
       new  2e05890   muse-publish: Introduce muse-publish-date-format option
       new  fe6d67b   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  2996a9c   Fix muse-style-derived-p edge case
       new  be7ffc8   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  87d4a93   New function: muse-publish-region
       new  ef785c0   READE: List available mailing lists
       new  e650185   Quick pointless change to test CIA.vc
       new  a920d8d   That didn't take ... trying again
       new  6a8cb38   Still more CIA.vc testing ...
       new  472e382   Revert trivial change.
       new  e78f1ac   This time, without colors
       new  6ee477a   Yet another CIA.vc test
       new  d353bdc   muse-publish: Ensure blank line exists after heading
       new  5017bc5   Implement conditional deletion of text in <literal> and 
<markup> tags
       new  41fbdf2   Add listing of ideas to new IDEAS.muse file
       new  6f9c44f   Fix bug introduced in patch-293
       new  1e6d824   Simplify <markup> implementation
       new  001944f   muse-latex2png: Make this work with ConTeX
       new  b4851a4   Fix typo: context -> contex
       new  bbe0690   Add muse-slides to IDEAS
       new  0da93f7   Deal with trailing backslash in muse-project-alist-styles
       new  0476757   Display prominent warning for malformed 
muse-project-alist entries
       new  a19dc01   Fix bug with browsing woman:// links
       new  dd86909   Testing commit mail ...
       new  c615582   Revert trivial change
       new  feb3736   Fix stray footnote references causing control chars to be 
inserted bug
       new  2594b99   muse-publish-region: Remove read-only properties after 
       new  cfadaca   muse-blosxom: Fix bug with muse-publish-region
       new  28e27c5   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  76b80a2   muse-protocols: Fix publishing bug
       new  61f2beb   Mention new muse-el-logs mailing list in documentation
       new  7486285   muse-latex: Use better markup for link-and-anchor
       new  0a5a07a   Revert link-and-anchor change
       new  9db9bcf   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  c9a15ce   muse-html: "Borrow" idea about class tags in footnotes 
from the Org mailing list
       new  dfd128e   Ignore Mercurial and bzr metadata directories
       new  8d8b165   Fix bug with markup that comes immediately after 
       new  899a64f   muse-publish: Docfix for last patch
       new  d628498   Update NEWS
       new  0fced72   Makefile: Improve building of Debian packages
       new  f8f8d48   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  dd05e98   Makefile: Remove unnecessary command
       new  58f2eeb   Makefile: Fix typo in debprepare
       new  e09a74d   muse-texinfo: Fix an improper escaping issue
       new  68d7efb   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--rel--3.03 (patch 
       new  199e56a   muse-publish: Fix inline use of <lisp>
       new  1b39759   Merged from 
mwolson@gnu.org--2006-muse-el/muse-el--devel--0 (patch 116-138)
       new  1fb50aa   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  9bf3e8a   Work around a truly abominable tilde-in-path edge case in 
       new  9147220   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--rel--3.03 (patch 
       new  530c793   Make <src> and <qotd> block-level
       new  c061004   Publish the QuickStart as pdf, rather than info-pdf
       new  f15982c   Bring NEWS up to date with today's changes
       new  41a479d   muse-project: Allow custom things to be added to 
autogenerated styles
       new  5ce6f63   muse-publish: Support orgtbl-mode style tables
       new  75a27eb   muse-xml-common: Allow multiple tbody tags in orgtbl-mode 
       new  1c6cb57   NEWS: Add example for setting `muse-html-table-attributes'
       new  9739ebe   NEWS: Fix typo
       new  dccddd5   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  54b1f0b   Fix failure to recognize images in description before 
images in link
       new  07eb274   manual: Clarify what image-link, link, and 
link-and-anchor mean
       new  92c401c   Make it possible to not inline an image
       new  f2d355a   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  0ed0c40   Support table.el-style tables
       new  6a1fb8b   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  94f5007   Fix bug with <contents> and multiple <include> tags
       new  f9b31c7   Fix bug #5115: Avoid accessing remote files during 
       new  a6a04f5   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  c7c7623   muse-journal: Fix double-escaping of qotd contents
       new  3b0f24d   Makefile: Fix error when doing "make install"
       new  0ce26f5   Make table publishing work with XEmacs 21
       new  68fbad7   manual: Document muse-xhtml-style-sheet
       new  bc672d4   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  3b97290   manual: Fix archive year.  Now, back to disaster recovery 
       new  79933ea   Added support for cite element
       new  8360d5f   Fix the well-reported URL publishing bug
       new  d11c3f2   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  97dc790   Make add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist part an autoload line
       new  80a93bb   No, we really did need the auto-mode-alist part at 
       new  9f4c207   IDEAS: Install new contributors' code after the release
       new  6bdd51a   README: Document new etc/ directory
       new  b336911   muse-latex: Install changes to publish slides and lecture 
       new  3d4c815   muse-coiors: Fix reverse order in markup rules
       new  9ee9335   Make interwiki links with anchors (three-part-links) work
       new  d697963   Fix a few Emacs 21 bugs that caused errors during display
       new  77a5286   Update copyright years
       new  3390ff1   muse-mode: Use C-c C-M-t to do the same thing as C-c C-S-t
       new  c1836fc   muse: Docfix in muse-with-temp-buffer
       new  c5eb597   Initial incomplete draft of etc/emacs-wiki-migration.txt
       new  f6a0180   emacs-wiki-migration: Flesh out index page topic
       new  9dbdb35   Update RelaxNG schema
       new  21ec97a   emacs-wiki-migration: Call this "good enough"
       new  2c1f397   Fix bug #6250: Numbers in definition lists incorrectly 
       new  5e7a93b   Make C-c C-i do the same thing as C-c TAB
       new  24e8b96   Update NEWS
       new  7123ae4   Begin work on revamping QuickStart
       new  5a7910e   Tidy <literal> output when opening/closing tags on own 
       new  bca56cc   Do the simpler fix for <literal>
       new  778734f   Work on QuickStart, fix more bugs
       new  1d9cd78   Manual: update significantly
       new  8a9b6d3   manual: Write "Projects and Subdirectories" chapter
       new  597a9b6   IDEAS: Add some ideas from David D. Smith
       new  eedb6c9   Manual: Begin documenting muse-project-alist options
       new  9cfd26e   Manual: Finish documenting Sources for "Options for 
       new  f41284b   Manual: Complete Options for Projects, on to new features
       new  0e451aa   Manual: Finish updating for new release
       new  65ab701   Makefile: build ELPA package for Muse
       new  bf4a40e   Update my example stuff
       new  6b54b0f   Get Info version of QuickStart to publish
       new  242a2f0   Release Emacs Muse 3.03!
       new  9ff5c99   Ignore .git metadata directories
       new  0701462   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  534cf1f   NEWS: Remove "not yet released" text
       new  6b0d483   muse-html: Add xhtml1.1 style
       new  6391022   Merged from 
mwolson@gnu.org--2006-muse-el/muse-el--devel--0 (patch 139-146)
       new  0004952   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  b2911d0   Fix three-part-link with description bug
       new  0593ee5   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  27aba4e   Makefile: Update .PHONY lines
       new  7c1f4b2   Fix some <cite> indentation issues and bugs
       new  6568cf1   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  4306d2d   Add .arch-inventory to mark some files as precious
       new  011980e   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  987212f   Try to fix error when loading Muse with 
muse-project-alist set to nil
       new  c3cc20a   Work around a very bad color-theme.el bug
       new  7ffc838   Really fix error when loading Muse with 
muse-project-alist set to nil
       new  aa8ea20   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  96c2280   Fix stalling bug with malformed table.el table
       new  ca32cde   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  e99c59a   muse-journal: Fix bug where tags were not being closed in 
       new  1d21ec5   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  b7e2e5d   muse-publish: Use only <lisp> and <markup> in headers and 
       new  5638da9   muse-journal: Allow <lisp> and <markup> to work in entry 
       new  bc795c6   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  534b67a   muse-journal: Fix journal-html escaping bug introduced in 
last commit
       new  7cc827e   muse-journal: Escape title properly for journal-rss and 
       new  05096a0   muse-journal: Fix mistake in last commit
       new  c425df2   muse-journal: Publish <qotd> properly for journal-rss and 
       new  08f8586   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  fd7322d   Update manual for recent Journal changes
       new  493127b   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  62c8bb8   Try to fix some issues with <markup> in headers and 
       new  1e65881   Widen before executing code in lisp tags
       new  eb0046a   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  c460402   muse-latex2png: Include some contex fixes
       new  f915ced   Add new muse-completing-read-function option
       new  cfed832   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  8fee5a6   Check in muse-context.el
       new  469d9e3   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  f9c461e   Remove some unneeded uses of save-restriction
       new  cd3fac1   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  b338e8b   muse-publish: Fix bad <lisp> and <include> interaction
       new  d837f9d   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  66331a8   QuickStart: Fix typo/omission
       new  070b910   Document muse-context.el in manual
       new  28caf95   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  d8236ea   QuickStart: Explain that publishing from console affects 
       new  1658e64   Minor whitespace enhancement for some block-level tags
       new  ad36338   Do not escape parens in URLs for XML-like styles
       new  d35235a   Fixed some inconsistencies in muse-context.el and 
modified the math tag for context styles
       new  19de119   Merged from 
mwolson@gnu.org--2006-muse-el/muse-el--devel--0 (patch 163)
       new  132b448   Fix blank line in front of list item bug
       new  669adfe   Allow Emacs-Muse as an alternate spelling
       new  cdb2954   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  1bf472c   Add new authors to AUTHORS, etc/IDEAS.muse bookkeeping
       new  8889106   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  9db70bd   muse-wiki: Pick better default project when given nil 
       new  78add10   Fix bug involving links to files when not in first 
publishing style
       new  53f12a0   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  69fd494   Introduce Muse list edit minor mode
       new  91fddf0   Fix issue with muse-list-edit-minor-mode and font-locking 
in other modes
       new  e864b4c   Add forgotten ChangeLog entries for last change
       new  3ff985d   Don't make muse-list-edit-minor-mode global, just 
       new  8781fc9   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  ca03e2c   Fix bug with definition list publishing and empty terms
       new  bc447a3   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  4a0893f   Set markers to nil when done so they don't slow things 
       new  cfc100f   Use insert-file-contents-literally instead of 
       new  8fa2d63   Really fix termless definition list bug
       new  4784077   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  64306ca   Fixed the "rule" command in latex and context styles; 
defined verse mechanism and fixed problems with 
muse-context-markup-specials-literal in context
       new  1236895   Merged from 
mwolson@gnu.org--2006-muse-el/muse-el--devel--0 (patch 170)
       new  37dadd3   Fix ChangeLog entry
       new  26e07d9   Set muse-current-output-style in muse-batch-publish-files
       new  ee63070   Commit some merge data
       new  5e80dcf   Change build system so that changes to Makefile.defs 
don't get tracked
       new  505280a   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  a74afec   Relicense to GPLv3
       new  73229a8   Make writing output files go faster, and do not trigger 
any other modes
       new  2150a63   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  8c1c95c   Improve muse-list-edit-minor-mode documentation
       new  d261506   Add ChangeLog entry for last change
       new  fe7830d   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  9e969fc   Permit recompilation in lisp/ without running "make 
clean" first
       new  8b6c820   Fix issue with verse tag and initial whitespace
       new  37f666b   Merged from mwolson@gnu.org--2006/muse--main--1.0 (patch 
       new  0a50c5e   Add .gitignore, remove .arch-inventory files
       new  9f61478   Don't activate VC.el when doing batch publishing
       new  1a1bb0f   Don't do any indentation on M-;
       new  dece790   Fix bug in muse-project-applicable-styles
       new  f3239b4   Merge changes
       new  cdc8f8f   Make install-info more XEmacs-friendly, fix some build 
interference from VC
       new  7853f39   Check in ChangeLog entry for last commit
       new  8b07119   Fix bug involving visiting Muse files in nested 
       new  2a13902   Merge ../master
       new  38ac1d6   manual: Mention :base-url in Journal section
       new  a4187fa   manual: Begin documenting git
       new  c2e802c   manual: Finish documenting git
       new  4ca3f23   Update README
       new  5777559   Try to fix bug with writing Muse files in different 
coding systems
       new  f18db73   Adjust some Makefile rules to use git rather than tla
       new  796fba2   Use muse-insert-file-contents rather than 
       new  6e6e355   2007-08-12  Michael Olson  <mwolson@gnu.org>
       new  cd93698   Fix bug with linking to Muse project files when 
muse-file-extension is nil
       new  9ada7d1   Fix bug where project-specific settings were being 
ignored at publish time
       new  bfcd2e7   muse-html: Fix bug involving use of <sup> in section 
titles for <contents>
       new  d2362eb   Fix bug with directives like #title leaking out of 
included regions
       new  91779f9   Fix validation error in <contents> generation for HTML
       new  2514a06   manual: Document <cite> tag.
       new  525d075   muse-list-edit-minor-mode: Grammar fix in docstring
       new  05a5f79   manual: Document muse-list-edit-minor-mode
       new  be24b60   manual: Mention MuseDevelopment page on emacswiki.org
       new  0106351   colors: Colorize comments and forbid tags in #title
       new  beec15c   muse-colors: Fix "defvar end" hack
       new  16fd2a4   Deal with nested tag, font-locking, and comment or 
directive edge case
       new  e4a8f19   muse-colors.el: Document all functions and variables
       new  21fec0f   NEWS: Document items through 2007-08-12
       new  6307d93   colors: Fix issue with <lisp> tags too early in #title
       new  7e73147   NEWS: Document remaining changes
       new  8e45ee2   Release Emacs Muse 3.10
       new  c8a7625   Makefile: Remove .gitignore when distributing.
       new  9d26694   Define a #module directive in muse-context-slides
       new  4e45571   schema: Add the <cite> tag
       new  39e87ba   muse-xml: Add support for <cite>
       new  e5ea6b7   manual: Add Citations section to better explain <cite> tag
       new  4674793   Merge branch 'master' of ssh://repo.or.cz/srv/git/muse-el
       new  d08207c   manual: Update description for muse-context-slides-header
       new  d8e9264   Update AUTHORS
       new  27ce863   Emacs21 fixes
       new  5e1fa45   Fix serious definition list publishing bug
       new  2d447ae   XEmacs compatibility fixes
       new  5b08408   muse-import-xml: Quick fix for compilation warning in 
last commit
       new  10208c6   examples/mwolson: Update my example settings
       new  beda2fd   Fix bug with XEmacs and info publishing
       new  7819e8e   Add forgotten ChangeLog entry for last change
       new  39e89d5   docbook: Fix paragraph detection bug after <verse> tags
       new  53a7a92   colors: Fix bug with emphasis turning off when moving 
around in buffer
       new  2a1727e   journal: Try to address issue where blank anchors were 
made (affected CJK)
       new  3d1e6ac   texinfo: Improve output for links
       new  1358ea0   Fix bug with publishing links in headings
       new  eb8a5d6   latex: Remove footnote references in headers
       new  7037511   Fix bug with using different muse-file-extension
       new  2cf87d2   Fix typo in muse-wiki-project-file-regexp docstring
       new  1d19768   NEWS: Add entries for Muse 3.11
       new  5f2d1c2   License cleanup in contrib/pyblosxom files
       new  f1c56e1   Include metadate plugin for PyBlosxom with Muse
       new  21ed386   Add support for using Blosxom with muse-blosxom.el
       new  2081638   Release Emacs Muse 3.11
       new  830d1fa   Fix some typos in QuickStart and manual
       new  2f2de15   muse-mode: Fix anchor-browsing bug
       new  24ba047   Add muse-update-values function
       new  a935fcb   Merge from shared repo
       new  4d39a51   Make muse-update-values update project data in each open 
Muse file
       new  2e7c472   Escape specials in footnote text
       new  afd9b1c   Fix bug with plain URLs that have special characters
       new  a24fbd8   Fix failure to detect nested class tags
       new  36aaae7   Fix bug in class tag when name attribute not specified
       new  d13fbf7   Fix corrupt dir entry in ELPA package for Muse
       new  b22a662   Display helpful message after toggling inline images 
       new  9066c32   muse-mode: Fix bug with filling and paragraphs next to 
       new  c411d1d   Merge
       new  724b6e0   Remove buggy fallback code in 
       new  dce958b   latex2png: Detect whether centered <math> tag is at end 
of line
       new  0bb2834   Fix some byte-compiler warnings, make muse-update-values 
work for new buffers
       new  53265da   LaTeX: escape more specials in image filenames
       new  e602b3c   Update my example LaTeX header file for the recent changes
       new  8a9a082   manual: Mention grffile.sty in LaTeX section
       new  97eb4ee   Try to fix issue with changing directory in LaTeX and 
ConTeXt styles
       new  87f6b3b   latex2png: Fix bug introduced by recent change
       new  ab7c33b   publish: Provide php tag
       new  c9be473   colors: Make <nop> tag work when displaying Muse buffers
       new  af96342   muse-mode: Use two spaces when filling definition list 
       new  c2b9b08   latex: Escape backslash in <code> and =text= regions
       new  840c88e   muse-mode: Insert text "http://"; initially when reading a 
       new  c5aea18   muse-project: Fix bug with project file-alist and 
multiple saved files
       new  9193999   muse-mode: Take initial whitespace in front of terms into 
account when filling
       new  39294cf   IDEAS: Add "publish to plain text" and "refresh index 
       new  eccadc7   publish: Permit "---" to be marked up the same as "--"
       new  1b7c36b   Permit tag attributes to span more than one line.
       new  f140bb2   Test my new setup
       new  eb5f85f   Revert "Test my new setup"
       new  22bbd11   Handle edge case where bare interwiki link has no 
:default page
       new  7428182   Fix (args-out-of-range "2006.06.15#2" 37 nil) in 
       new  a07da99   Bookkeeping
       new  c87ddfc   Indentation fix
       new  aaf06f7   Fix case where muse-escape-specials-in-string does not 
save match data
       new  607c4db   Bookkeeping
       new  9e568da   Fix screen corruption issue during font lock
       new  9c033f5   Revert last patch.  Place buffer-string inside of 
       new  bb29d8d   muse-wiki: Publish <nop> tags properly.
       new  57202ff   Don't keep track of undo information in temporary buffers.
       new  245b79c   Modified muse-context-markup-specials-document to a 
proper rendering of textunderscore.
       new  d102524   Makefile.defs.default: Add support for DESTDIR.
       new  cd9f4f8   muse-publish: Fix escaping bug in image links.
       new  10e525e   muse-latex: Default to using UTF-8, rather than latin1.
       new  cfaa776   Add markup string for line-break.
       new  88f8709   Implement <br> tag.
       new  58bf75b   etc/IDEAS.muse: Update for upcoming release.
       new  fb4434d   Split up ChangeLog for a new year.
       new  c9f5380   etc/muse.rnc: Add support for <br>, fix bug in spec for 
       new  dc23254   Add forgotten ChangeLog.4 file.
       new  6009df0   Update copyright years.
       new  b0602ec   muse-project: Fix bug with lack of trailing slash in 
directory names.
       new  4bda4cd   ChangeLog: Mention copyright years update.
       new  b18e450   ChangeLog.4: Truncate 2008 entries, since they are in 
       new  5d32e63   NEWS: Update.
       new  e55b948   Update my example init file, stylesheets, and templates.
       new  617fa8c   Release Emacs Muse 3.12.
       new  ee8d090   Update muse-version variable.
       new  3d6a8c2   Fix end-of-line conversion bug when using Windows.
       new  6dfc18f   Makefile.defs.default (INFODIR): Place files in 
       new  cdd75e2   Manual: Make Extending Muse more readable and fix args to 
       new  a3d8e74   Manual: Explain the arguments of the function for :final.
       new  7053fd7   muse-publish: Maybe interpret local variables when 
       new  51fa30c   Manual: Mention muse-publish-markup-header-footer-tags 
       new  e7ea471   Mark some tags as dangerous for text by untrusted 
       new  4f8846f   muse-html: Use muse-html-src-allowed-modes.
       new  93f5901   muse-publish: Implement 
       new  7fc4b4c   Delete duplicates before calling 
       new  02e887b   muse-wiki (muse-wiki-project-files-with-spaces): Fix bug.
       new  9e3d519   muse-publish: Skip read-only characters at point before 
searching forward.
       new  283a810   muse-journal: Fix bug where dates in entries could be 
published incorrectly.
       new  57bd849   muse-project: Preserve the value of muse-current-project 
when publishing.
       new  d8f1097   muse-publish: Values set by file-local variables trump 
project variables.
       new  b243b04   ChangeLog: update.
       new  9d8c88b   muse-project.el: Make muse-project-publish-this-file DTRT 
with :publish.
       new  a0559ed   ChangeLog: Update.
       new  3aef612   muse-colors: Improve docstring for muse-header-{1-3} 
       new  7559f50   ChangeLog: Update.
       new  c21e9f7   Makefile: Remove obsolete targets.
       new  2008250   Makefile.defs.default: Remove obsolete targets.
       new  f6bc171   Implement <div> tag.
       new  67399f7   AUTHORS: Update.
       new  858a05c   Manual: Document the <div> tag.
       new  82b8485   ChangeLog: Update.
       new  02fc07d   muse-latex: Fix publishing of tags inside of <slide> tags.
       new  b960c32   muse-mode: Publish page before viewing it.
       new  c314f66   Initial check-in of ikiwiki publishing example.
       new  e32c64b   Add example script for publishing a single file to 
       new  3de7993   Manual: Initial documentation effort for ikiwiki example.
       new  a404687   Initial version of ikiwiki plug-in.  Start with simpler 
non-project publishing.
       new  859c2f3   examples/ikiwiki/muse: Write content to the temp file.
       new  f3e10d8   examples/ikiwiki: Pass real name of file so it can be 
used in title.
       new  b37c5b6   examples/ikiwiki: Make it work.
       new  31654d6   muse-ikiwiki: Move publishing function and style here.
       new  4c3a0ef   Document muse-ikiwiki further.
       new  33533b3   Make it easier to browse published PDF files.
       new  c6578e7   examples/ikiwiki: Remove unused files.
       new  556b013   examples/ikiwiki/muse: Use $config{muse_init} instead of 
hardcoding it.
       new  89665e5   texi/muse.texi: Update documentation for Ikiwiki.
       new  84806f0   Update ChangeLog.
       new  264212d   muse-latex: Render <example> correctly in slides.
       new  e5ee2c4   muse-project: Fix bug with C-c C-v on a file not part of 
any project.
       new  a41e867   htmlize-hack.el: Workaround for Emacs 23 and htmlize 
       new  7b2d2bb   Fix bug in publishing of table.el style tables.
       new  c7c581b   Update ChangeLog.
       new  761e48c   Handle remote paths correctly in 
       new  e895078   Update ChangeLog.
       new  dfae79a   muse-publish: Don't skip past beginning of buffer even if 
       new  a042b39   Update ChangeLog.
       new  2cf66a0   muse-publish-this-file: Handle style arguments that are 
       new  ecb5dd6   Update ChangeLog.
       new  669a9d9   muse-latex2png: Fix handling of filenames with spaces in 
       new  40d952b   Bookkeeping.
       new  4e826c1   Get Ikiwiki stuff working minimally.
       new  4e0acec   Update ChangeLog.
       new  3d1db7a   * lisp/muse.el (muse-write-file): Make nomessage argument 
       new  51bb9a9   Update ChangeLog.
       new  02c241d   muse-colors: Separate highlighting rules according to 
major mode.
       new  5cc807f   Update ChangeLog.
       new  228a2ca   muse-wiki: Move code out of eval-after-load statement.
       new  42e29bc   muse-ikiwiki: Colorize Ikiwiki directives.
       new  a2f2b66   Update ChangeLog.
       new  0de1e82   muse-ikiwiki: Fix bug with quotes in Ikiwiki directives.
       new  40bf9ab   muse-ikiwiki: Don't permit flyspell coloring in 
       new  0660dae   Ikiwiki plugin: Use getsetup hook.
       new  35e271a   Update ChangeLog.
       new  b3bfd6e   Ikiwiki plugin: Fix typo.
       new  7d3a987   Rename end-list property to muse-end-list.
       new  3e32106   Introduce the muse-no-paragraph property.
       new  b6ca623   Make Ikiwiki directives work, and make Ikiwiki recognize 
Muse directives.
       new  e861c46   Update ChangeLog.
       new  a6d7ed6   Ikiwiki plugin: Use canmeta correctly.
       new  da2ab5a   Manual: Fix typo.
       new  b582e6f   Fix byte-compilation warnings in contrib dir.
       new  fcaceec   Move IkiWiki plugin to contrib/ikiwiki.
       new  00e288d   Update ChangeLog.
       new  f8316da   Move old changes into ChangeLog.5.
       new  07c81b6   Ikiwiki plugin: Support IkiWiki 3.00.
       new  daa9515   Adjust copyright headers for 2009.
       new  031b897   Ikiwiki plugin: Make location of emacs configurable.
       new  656b9a2   Makefile: Correctly exclude htmlize-hack.el from 
       new  b2117bd   QuickStart: Fix typo.
       new  114e8af   muse-latex: Remove additional cruft files from beamer.
       new  5bb8eda   Update ChangeLog.
       new  52352ee   muse-latex: Make lecture notes and slides work with 
images, title page, TOC.
       new  317056d   Update ChangeLog.
       new  fc01720   muse.el (muse-insert-file-contents): Suppress 
       new  0e59623   Check in very rough alpha version of Muse IPC server and 
ikiwiki test.
       new  773dc6a   Update ChangeLog.
       new  f942df3   Update all copyrights for 2010.
       new  d49ac54   Update NEWS.
       new  125da7e   Update version, note that Ikiwiki support is not complete.
       new  caaa41c   Fix build failure for muse-ikiwiki.
       new  f5fbc3f   add files to gitignore
       new  c760162   Move files like was done when moved to GNU ELPA
       new  74272fa   Clean up copyright notices.
       new  290b4f9   * GNUmakefile: Rename from Makefile.  Add targets for 
in-place use. (all, all-in-place): New targets. * admin/archive-contents.el 
(archive--simple-package-p): Ignore autosave files. 
(archive--refresh-pkg-file): New function. (archive--write-pkg-file): Print 
with ' and ` shorthands. * packages/company/company-pysmell.el: Don't require 
pysmell during compile. * packages/muse/htmlize-hack.el: Don't require htmlize 
during compile. * packages/shen-mode/shen-mode.el (shen- [...]
       new  5998244   Only keep the strictly necessary *-pkg.el files
       new  0bb90c2   Miscellaneous cleanup.
       new  34b61f2   Fix some quoting problems in doc strings
       new  2711a96   muse: replace find-file-hooks, an obsolete alias since 
Emacs 22.1
       new  260b92e   muse: replace the obsolete interactive-p
       new  319655d   Make Muse's *-link faces inherit from the basic link face.
       new  6664f0d   Use the GNU EL:PA version of the README

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