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[elpa] externals/gnorb 5876834 088/449: BBDB posting styles, first draft

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: [elpa] externals/gnorb 5876834 088/449: BBDB posting styles, first draft
Date: Fri, 27 Nov 2020 23:15:14 -0500 (EST)

branch: externals/gnorb
commit 5876834937adc3ffbe39a7e1bb21a4c93d6b7105
Author: Eric Abrahamsen <eric@ericabrahamsen.net>
Commit: Eric Abrahamsen <eric@ericabrahamsen.net>

    BBDB posting styles, first draft
    lisp/gnorb-bbdb.el: New functions `gnorb-bbdb-mail' and
    `gnorb-bbdb-configure-posting-styles', and user option
    Works "just like" gnus-posting-styles, except you write rules matching
    fields of the BBDB contact you're composing a message to.
 lisp/gnorb-bbdb.el | 206 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 1 file changed, 206 insertions(+)

diff --git a/lisp/gnorb-bbdb.el b/lisp/gnorb-bbdb.el
index 11c3ccf..370a4ad 100644
--- a/lisp/gnorb-bbdb.el
+++ b/lisp/gnorb-bbdb.el
@@ -40,6 +40,212 @@
 (unless (assoc gnorb-bbdb-org-tag-field bbdb-separator-alist)
   (push `(,gnorb-bbdb-org-tag-field ":" ":") bbdb-separator-alist))
+(defcustom gnorb-bbdb-posting-styles nil
+  "An alist of styles to use when composing messages to the BBDB
+  record(s) under point. This is entirely analogous to
+  `gnus-posting-styles', it simply works by examining record
+  fields rather than group names.
+When composing a message to multiple contacts (using the \"*\"
+prefix), the records will be scanned in order, with the record
+initially under point (if any) set aside for last. That means
+that, in the case of conflicting styles, the record under point
+will override the others.
+In order not to be too intrusive, this option has no effect on
+the usual `bbdb-mail' command. Instead, the wrapper command
+`gnorb-bbdb-mail' is provided, which consults this option and
+then hands off to `bbdb-compose-mail'. If you'd always like to
+use `gnorb-bbdb-mail', you can simply bind it to \"m\" in the
+The value of the option should be a list of sexps, each one
+matching a single field. The first element should match a field
+name: one of the built-in fields like lastname, or an xfield.
+Field names should be given as symbols.
+The second element is a regexp used to match against the value of
+the field (non-string field values will be cast to strings, if
+possible). It can also be a cons of two strings, the first of
+which matches the field label, the second the field value.
+Alternately, the first element can be the name of a custom
+function that is called with the record as its only argument, and
+returns either t or nil. In this case, the second element of the
+list is disregarded.
+All following elements should be field setters for the message to
+be composed, just as in `gnus-posting-styles'.
+An example value might look like:"
+  :group 'gnorb-bbdb)
+(defun gnorb-bbdb-mail (records &optional subject n verbose)
+  "Acts just like `bbdb-mail', except runs RECORDS through
+  `gnorb-bbdb-posting-styles', allowing customization of message
+  styles for certain records. From the `bbdb-mail' docstring:
+Compose a mail message to RECORDS (optional: using SUBJECT).
+Interactively, use BBDB prefix \
+\\<bbdb-mode-map>\\[bbdb-do-all-records], see `bbdb-do-all-records'.
+By default, the first mail addresses of RECORDS are used.
+If prefix N is a number, use Nth mail address of RECORDS (starting from 1).
+If prefix N is C-u (t noninteractively) use all mail addresses of RECORDS.
+If VERBOSE is non-nil (as in interactive calls) be verbose."
+  ;; see the function `gnus-configure-posting-styles' for tips on how
+  ;; to actually do this.
+  (interactive (list (bbdb-do-records) nil
+                    (or (consp current-prefix-arg)
+                         current-prefix-arg)
+                    t))
+  (setq records (bbdb-record-list records))
+  (if (not records)
+      (user-error "No records displayed")
+    (let ((head (bbdb-current-record))
+         (to (bbdb-mail-address records n nil verbose))
+         (message-mode-hook (copy-sequence message-mode-hook)))
+      (setq records (remove head records))
+      (when gnorb-bbdb-posting-styles
+       (add-hook 'message-mode-hook
+                 `(lambda ()
+                    (gnorb-bbdb-configure-posting-styles ,records)
+                    (gnorb-bbdb-configure-posting-styles (list ,head)))))
+      (bbdb-compose-mail to subject))))
+(defun gnorb-bbdb-configure-posting-styles (recs)
+  ;; My most magnificent work of copy pasta!
+  (dolist (r recs)
+    (let (field val label recval element filep
+               element v results name address)
+      (dolist (style gnorb-bbdb-posting-styles)
+       (setq field (pop style)
+             val (pop style))
+       (when (consp val)
+         (setq label (pop val)
+               val (pop val)))
+       (unless (fboundp field)
+         (setq rec-val (bbdb-record-field r field)))
+       (when (cond
+              ((eq field 'address)
+               (dolist (a rec-val)
+                 (unless (and label
+                              (not (string-match label (car f))))
+                   (string-match val (bbdb-format-address-default f)))))
+              ((eq field 'phone)
+               (dolist (p rec-val)
+                 (unless (and label
+                              (not (string-match label (car f))))
+                   (string-match val (bbdb-phone-string p)))))
+              ((consp rec-val)
+               (dolist (f rec-val)
+                 (string-match var f)))
+              ((fboundp field)
+               (funcall field rec))
+              ((stringp rec-val)
+               (string-match val rec-val)))
+         (dolist (attribute style)
+           (setq element (pop attribute)
+                 filep nil)
+           (setq value
+                 (cond
+                  ((eq (car attribute) :file)
+                   (setq filep t)
+                   (cadr attribute))
+                  ((eq (car attribute) :value)
+                   (cadr attribute))
+                  (t
+                   (car attribute))))
+           ;; We get the value.
+           (setq v
+                 (cond
+                  ((stringp value)
+                   (if (and (gnus-string-match-p "\\\\[&[:digit:]]" value)
+                            (match-beginning 1))
+                       (gnus-match-substitute-replacement value nil nil group)
+                     value))
+                  ((or (symbolp value)
+                       (functionp value))
+                   (cond ((functionp value)
+                          (funcall value))
+                         ((boundp value)
+                          (symbol-value value))))
+                  ((listp value)
+                   (eval value))))
+           ;; Post-processing for the signature posting-style:
+           (and (eq element 'signature) filep
+                message-signature-directory
+                ;; don't actually use the signature directory
+                ;; if message-signature-file contains a path.
+                (not (file-name-directory v))
+                (setq v (nnheader-concat message-signature-directory v)))
+           ;; Get the contents of file elems.
+           (when (and filep v)
+             (setq v (with-temp-buffer
+                       (insert-file-contents v)
+                       (buffer-substring
+                        (point-min)
+                        (progn
+                          (goto-char (point-max))
+                          (if (zerop (skip-chars-backward "\n"))
+                              (point)
+                            (1+ (point))))))))
+           (setq results (delq (assoc element results) results))
+           (push (cons element v) results))))
+      (setq name (assq 'name results)
+           address (assq 'address results))
+      (setq results (delq name (delq address results)))
+      (gnus-make-local-hook 'message-setup-hook)
+      (setq results (sort results (lambda (x y)
+                                   (string-lessp (car x) (car y)))))
+      (dolist (result results)
+       (add-hook 'message-setup-hook
+                 (cond
+                  ((eq 'eval (car result))
+                   'ignore)
+                  ((eq 'body (car result))
+                   `(lambda ()
+                      (save-excursion
+                        (message-goto-body)
+                        (insert ,(cdr result)))))
+                  ((eq 'signature (car result))
+                   (set (make-local-variable 'message-signature) nil)
+                   (set (make-local-variable 'message-signature-file) nil)
+                   (if (not (cdr result))
+                       'ignore
+                     `(lambda ()
+                        (save-excursion
+                          (let ((message-signature ,(cdr result)))
+                            (when message-signature
+                              (message-insert-signature)))))))
+                  (t
+                   (let ((header
+                          (if (symbolp (car result))
+                              (capitalize (symbol-name (car result)))
+                            (car result))))
+                     `(lambda ()
+                        (save-excursion
+                          (message-remove-header ,header)
+                          (let ((value ,(cdr result)))
+                            (when value
+                              (message-goto-eoh)
+                              (insert ,header ": " value)
+                              (unless (bolp)
+                                (insert "\n")))))))))
+                 t 'local))
+      (when (or name address)
+       (add-hook 'message-setup-hook
+                 `(lambda ()
+                    (set (make-local-variable 'user-mail-address)
+                         ,(or (cdr address) user-mail-address))
+                    (let ((user-full-name ,(or (cdr name) (user-full-name)))
+                          (user-mail-address
+                           ,(or (cdr address) user-mail-address)))
+                      (save-excursion
+                        (message-remove-header "From")
+                        (message-goto-eoh)
+                        (insert "From: " (message-make-from) "\n"))))
+                 t 'local)))))
 (defun gnorb-bbdb-tag-agenda (records)
   "Open an Org agenda tags view from the BBDB buffer, using the
 value of the record's org-tags field. This shows only TODOs by

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