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[elpa] branch externals/gnorb created (now 5f9611b)

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: [elpa] branch externals/gnorb created (now 5f9611b)
Date: Fri, 27 Nov 2020 23:13:31 -0500 (EST)

monnier pushed a change to branch externals/gnorb.

        at  5f9611b   Fix some quoting problems in doc strings

This branch includes the following new commits:

       new  82c06bc   Initial commit
       new  88f6bda   README.md: Basic project description
       new  afd587b   Basic project structure.
       new  ba4ec1b   Add customization skeleton.
       new  d28a099   gnorb-bbdb.el: New function gnorb-bbdb-tag-agenda
       new  1b037b7   gnorb-utils.el: Common utility file.
       new  d090df9   gnorb-bbdb.el: New function gnorb-bbdb-mail-search
       new  5adcc84   gnorb-utils: (gnorb-prompt-for-bbdb-record)
       new  3429f3b   gnorb-org.el: (gnorb-org-contact-link)
       new  cc208a0   gnorb-bbdb.el: (gnorb-bbdb-mail-search)
       new  63ac8f6   gnorb-org.el: (gnorb-org-handle-mail, 
       new  bedce9d   gnorb-gnus.el: (gnorb-gnus(article|mime)-org-attach)
       new  c2b1a3a   Docstring for gnorb-org-contact-link
       new  d4987a7   gnorb-utils.el: More likely requires for Org libraries
       new  869940a   README.org: Change file format to Org mode, expand docs
       new  b7dce0b   gnorb-utils.el: Require the cl library.
       new  62368b7   gnorb-gnus.el: Make attachment fiddling work in org 
       new  da7cf10   gnorb-utils.el: Require mailcap, and parse
       new  d79617f   gnorb-org.el: Email current subtree as exported text or 
       new  72a98bd   README.org: Document new capture attachment thingy.
       new  5264b3c   README.org: Document gnorb-org-email-subtree
       new  27d08ef   README.org: Reorganize README
       new  82bb9db   README.org: Add keybindings to gnus mime commands.
       new  534b2bf   gnorb-org.el: new option gnorb-org-mail-todos
       new  3edf1c9   gnorb-utils.el: gnorb-prompt-for-bbdb-record
       new  32ecc09   gnorb-org.el: gnorb-org-handle-mail, 
       new  9c5d04a   README.org: More explanation about the mail stuff.
       new  e53d908   gnorb-gnus.el: bugfix in 
       new  4f16002   gnorb-org.el: Fix attaching attachments to outgoing 
       new  e2617e0   gnorb-org.el: That's not how return-actions look
       new  123b521   gnorb-org.el: bugfix gnorb-org-restore-after-send
       new  a9c7410   gnorb-gnus.el: bugfix gnorb-gnus-attach-part
       new  c5e3459   README.org: Fixed keybinding for mime map
       new  ed9825e   Use map-y-or-n-p for attachment actions
       new  0e75c71   Note future mail-search-from-agenda function
       new  ee8b595   Merge gnorb-org-handle-mail functions
       new  1024a81   New gnorb-org-capture-collect-link-p option
       new  af8f375   Various README.org tweaks
       new  27a91f6   Open link from string correctly
       new  048bbd9   Many pointless defstructs
       new  a165584   Handle return from mail sending better
       new  f3e56d2   gnorb-org-mail-todos -- new docstring and default
       new  7ffc885   Commenting out my re-implementation of map-y-or-n-p
       new  8f598e1   Delete previous commented function
       new  97c0d41   Place point somewhere useful after setting up message
       new  b5d3731   What on earth was that still doing there?
       new  5b9e163   Allow attaching in all captures.
       new  cf975f5   Refactor gnorb-org mail-related stuff.
       new  3a95a07   First go at `gnorb-org-agenda-popup-bbdb'
       new  ac3a4d2   Change README.org wording
       new  0db3991   Move mail search backend stuff to gnorb-gnus
       new  78f625b   Documentation and whitespace changes
       new  ac392c0   Leave point in body of message replies
       new  e05fafe   `gnorb-org-popup-agenda-popup-bbdb' keybinding
       new  e183272   Think about merging mail commands
       new  c9e4dfb   Limit to TODOs only in BBDB tag searches
       new  9fff78a   Changing email TODO handling to operate by org ID
       new  a680c42   Moving the mail header stuff to a different file
       new  6152e85   Comments on editing messages
       new  8519593   Rework Org BBDB popups
       new  32a88b8   Wishlist item for outgoing messages
       new  5ba5ce4   Rework gnorb-org-restore-after-send
       new  d786b81   Random comment edits and indenting changes.
       new  8246cd4   Restore from mails more reliably
       new  210851e   That's not broken anymore.
       new  89b57f0   Whoops.
       new  9f13881   First whack at gnorb-gnus-message-trigger-todo
       new  30afb67   Various docstring and comment edits.
       new  7052248   New generalized function gnorb-trigger-todo-action
       new  70b5534   Make TODOs from outgoing messages
       new  77698aa   Split 'gnorb-org-email-subtree-parameters'
       new  3a2cd3b   Improve scanning of headings for mail actions
       new  e472348   New hook gnorb-org-after-message-setup-hook
       new  0b7c640   Make use of the multivalued property functions
       new  bb21414   Provide more escapes for outgoing capture templates
       new  cd1f289   Guess which Org TODO is related to this message
       new  856da2b   Improve `gnorb-gnus-outgoing-make-todo'
       new  5812648   FUNCTION RENAMING, I'M VERY SORRY
       new  bda9cfe   More complete docs: How to use Gnorb for email tracking
       new  582c111   Let gnorb-gnus-check-outgoing-headers handle news
       new  c0e03b2   Actually add the sent message ID to the TODO
       new  92354d0   Allow use of some org-mime properties
       new  b81f3e2   Don't assume any ID references on incoming messages
       new  96afd01   Skip Note items when scanning state changes
       new  0c247d4   Remember to put :group and :type on defcustoms
       new  1cdec4b   New option gnorb-org-find-candidates-match
       new  c2a3793   Don't prompt for action if todo is not possible
       new  5876834   BBDB posting styles, first draft
       new  69c3312   Refactoring of gnorb-org link scanning
       new  78e1e2b   Use custom refile targets in re-attaching files
       new  7950d3a   Comment and indentation changes only
       new  f5d451e   New nngnorb mail backend
       new  6a66e21   Got the arguments to org-get-heading backwards
       new  a64f652   Have gnorb-org-popup-bbdb scan the whole subtree
       new  e62587f   Yeesh, assigning to global variable by accident
       new  68f1473   More robust check for an open nngnorb server
       new  8fef972   Gnorb nnir engine doesn't take extra criteria
       new  7f67221   Allow for more "query" types in nnir-run-gnorb
       new  d394ed3   Let nnir-run-gnorb handle gnus version 5.13
       new  baf896c   Cruft! How the hell did that happen?
       new  3ffcdab   Create .gitignore file, ignoring *elc files
       new  e44ece6   Multiple misnamed variables in bbdb posting styles
       new  9f5466d   Edits courtesy of byte-compiler warnings
       new  20de4ee   Caching of msg-id to org-id correlations
       new  9fbd947   Collect attachments on incoming trigger action
       new  6246244   Hinting for potentially-relevant incoming messages
       new  908cdee   Slight improvement to point placement in new messages
       new  8fc575c   Improvements to incoming message handling
       new  5a86970   Improvements to outgoing todo handling
       new  edab89d   Be more careful about cleaning up attachments
       new  e3db6ae   Return visit candidates correctly.
       new  6375f83   And append doesn't modify destructively...
       new  a9d7518   Make sure we're visiting an id when we cache it
       new  a083a99   First draft: BBDB field for saving links to messages
       new  f7b93f2   Whitespace/indentation cleanup
       new  4a845bd   Who knew there's actually a version= function?
       new  adba76d   Rewrite of link-scanning routine
       new  ac97c90   Let gnorb-org-view work in the Agenda as well
       new  e86d24a   Robustification of nngnorb nnir message viewing
       new  85797d0   Be more careful about what MIME parts we attach
       new  522f653   Declare some function, possibly unneccesary
       new  e4ab4d5   Finer control over how attachments are saved
       new  d7f6301   Possibly safer arguments to nnir group creation
       new  a512d40   Largely re-wrote gnorb-gnus-outgoing-do-todo
       new  5d20bb5   Clean up saved sent-message info
       new  a79cf72   Unwrap "if" from around function
       new  e33a758   Clearer docstring
       new  f3f3bf2   Fix Agenda BBDB popup for searches with no tags
       new  e089d66   Documenting recent additions in the README
       new  1a40d11   Checking wishlist items off
       new  dad66e6   Better separate triggering for sent/received msgs
       new  372986c   Fix call of key-description
       new  0255247   Only notice records on message receipt, not sending
       new  74c5cef   Add (probably unnecessary) &optional to prefix args
       new  9bf56f2   Refactor extraction of mails from records
       new  9ecb0e2   Use BBDB posting styles in mail composition
       new  c6b7c04   Minor README edits
       new  7e9235f   First highly ugly version of gnorb-gnus-view
       new  1d9c710   Error in following link should be re-raised
       new  d254f39   Merge and simplify handle-mail and email-subtree
       new  09346e0    BBDB message link list needs closing newline
       new  a51a99d   Speedier display of messages in nnir search
       new  69980d3   Improvements to nnir-run-gnorb
       new  ebce811   Also check for nnir when storing BBDB message links
       new  de4b0e8   Associate outgoing messages with arbitrary headings
       new  b841d17   Wishlist changes
       new  ab9b441   Clearing list of saved attachments
       new  689bdd3   Use = not eq for numbers
       new  7cf46c3   Don't use `read' when there's nothing to read
       new  5101731   Improvements to TODOs made from outgoing messages
       new  31304ac   Whoops, we were using that
       new  3b6007a   Autoload cookies all around
       new  fc9b6cf   Use existing functions for mime handles
       new  ecf161e   Use copy-sequence on message-mode-hook!
       new  8958546   Backquote escape fail
       new  c8521d4   gnorb-org-mail-todos should be nil by default
       new  b596ee7   Check for success when following gnus links
       new  880afd6   Register sent messages so we can view them later
       new  260161b   Check registry-enabled only after registry is loaded
       new  c280ea4   Only add relevant sent messages in the registry
       new  f3b9fad   Split out msg-id to group/link functionality
       new  f1545cd   Don't add a 'group key to registry if no group
       new  ade7ee8   Make hash entries for new sent-message TODOs
       new  a509ff6   Still trying to track outgoing messages
       new  44f8d23   Begin shift to using the registry
       new  38df7d0   Ignore a notes.org file
       new  5f96b98   Stupid typo
       new  b70d845   Handle nil group values in registry entries
       new  aedf0f2   Show status of relevant todo when hinting messages
       new  e1129e9   Fix problems when BBDB is not present and gnorb-bbdb is 
not loaded.
       new  4d584f1   Require gnorb-bbdb when popping up bbdb buffer
       new  4fc1075   Rename gnorb-org-window-conf to gnorb-window-conf
       new  25aa0f1   Use a marker in conjunction with window conf
       new  bb44a8c   Don't force id creation!
       new  9a2f747   Don't hint messages in nnir or virtual summaries
       new  43fbd55   New function for restoring window layout
       new  452a3f0   Basic skeleton of registry usage
       new  d04bf53   Rename/move the registry-entry function
       new  fe7d814   Provide initialization of gnorb email tracking
       new  7f4dbed   Don't check for relevant headings if not tracking
       new  eaa4bf4   Begin shifting candidate finding to the registry
       new  ec44a6d   Continue shifting candidate finding to the registry
       new  16f1ab6   Make gnorb-registry-make-entry more careful
       new  927e401   New function for restoring window layout
       new  093c4ed   Spurious 'g'
       new  b95f371   That's not how you use condition-case
       new  6653b6c   Fix gnorb-tracking-initialize
       new  8121bf5   Stop creating hash table entries and GNORB_MSG_IDS
       new  a352586   Improve lookups for entries with unknown groups
       new  7b70966   Look up tracked messages via the registry
       new  f0cfa7b   Improvements to gnorb-registry-make-entry
       new  d7327b5   The big switch! Rely only on registry for tracking
       new  81fed4b   Helper function for transitioning to the new system
       new  e07c4cf   Refactor splitting of message reference headers
       new  bdbc96f   Rename gnorb-gnus-sending-message-info
       new  7ba1786   Use gnorb-gnus-message-info for incoming and outgoing
       new  ca85930   First draft of trigger action reworking
       new  5ba511e   Dispense with the "insert a link" message
       new  a0b039c   Probably shouldn't use assoc as a symbol
       new  9e880eb   Improve Gnus summary hinting
       new  0cb4d1a   Docstring for gnorb-scan-links
       new  8a0d275   Docstring for gnorb-registry-org-id-search
       new  5c9ef6e   Don't create Org IDs when scanning for mails
       new  05e6a02   Docstring for gnorb-msg-id-to-link
       new  4f302fa   New gnorb-collect-ids utility function
       new  01e7b1e   New minor mode for nnir summary buffers
       new  4cfd40c   Rework gnorb-org-handle-mail to use tracking
       new  6293b22   Squash with the trigger action stuff
       new  096e39a   Remove the capture-to-child/sibling actions for now
       new  326fcb0   Document new tracking system
       new  04d2951   Shadow message forwarding in nngnorb summary buffers
       new  69ddfd3   Delete duplicate org-ids for outgoing messages
       new  36303d9   Do a better job of dealing with reference headers
       new  b6ab1c5   Only use the summary reply hook once.
       new  01645a4   Allowing fetching attachments from specific IDs
       new  305a704   Don't append the message-exit-action
       new  46a8e6b   Assume creation of attachment dirs
       new  9ac84b7   Return links in the order which they were found
       new  6f868fb   Fix logic of finding links to reply to
       new  357c9c6   Always append function to message-exit-actions
       new  cffdd60   Warn people of impending changes in README
       new  d0d196f   Check prefix arg correctly
       new  a9535ae   Merge branch 'registry'
       new  294e1eb   Fix calls to gnorb-trigger-todo-action
       new  dd4e013   Restore action shouldn't quit summary buffer
       new  9a76fad   Use org-element-interpret-data to get paragraph text
       new  73b7f47   Use org-element-map's arguments properly
       new  5182998   Necessary headers in main file
       new  08e0742   Empty News and gnorb.texi files
       new  82d1e46   New gnorb.org file, and elpaignore
       new  ec32255   Use org-reveal when restoring/triggering
       new  4da19b0   Get rid of gnorb-org-mail-todos
       new  e7b8a8b   First full draft of manual
       new  004bdce   Create and install info manual
       new  01f0a31   Move all *.el files out of lisp/ to top directory
       new  bcfd501   gitignore Elpa-generated stuff
       new  d2831b8   Refactor summary buffer hinting into separate function
       new  55a630d   Gnus hinting needs to check in-reply-to as well
       new  67edd80   Use mail-header-references
       new  2be4a71   Save point with marker when adding headers to replies
       new  eab79ec   Allow attachment transfers in nngnorb summary buffers
       new  ba99110   Check for relevant headings when handling attachments
       new  1a0cfc7   Delete duplicates before and after finding candidates
       new  de3a512   Releasing version 1
       new  354705a   Provide completion for Org tags on BBDB records
       new  dd46ce4   Refactor finding trigger candidates
       new  2834602   Move roadmap/todo list from manual to README
       new  35284f2   Add TODO for collecting BBDB messages by thread
       new  2c0f43d   Refinements to link extraction
       new  f0ba4d7   Improvements to message disassociation
       new  0a138f9   Reuse existing frames/windows when following links
       new  1e071a0   Further refinements to link following
       new  bfd8566   Be more careful about brackets on message-ids
       new  1b56250   Change wording of disassociation message
       new  4b8a6da   New function for removing message/heading association
       new  d4a4ccf   Better handling of non-existent Org headings
       new  e1fb666   Function for deleting all assocations of an Org heading
       new  5688114   Bugfix: Adding mailtos to newly-setup messages
       new  8db194a   Add TAGS to .gitignore
       new  ad1538d   Autoload cookie for gnorb-tracking-initialize
       new  aaf8556   Be a good citizen about the cl package
       new  14471db   Silence compiler warnings for unbound vars
       new  de3182e   Shift location of org-reveal during trigger process
       new  04ec3ab   Fix logic of choosing heading to trigger
       new  6aef624   Restore the layout after the restore process
       new  c44a87b   Deletion of associations when composing messages
       new  7a43d8b   Bug in message disassociation
       new  b82576c   Always clear attachments during triggering
       new  15b35dc   Don't store a link to message we're replying to
       new  67ce358   Version 1.0.1, plus docs and NEWS
       new  982aee9   Adjust requires and autoloads
       new  806775c   Wrap save-excursion around more of gnorb-org-view
       new  a55b0c0   Make gnorb-ids precious earlier in registry setup
       new  de0dff5   Protection for message disassociation
       new  3877b2d   Still didn't have incoming-do-todo logic right
       new  321b23b   Remove gnus-interactive
       new  8a9c167   Fix the cl-lib loading stuff
       new  fd91084   Remove incorrect "fix" for Gnus 5.13
       new  94f6897   Don't use with-eval-after-load
       new  3801ad7   Check both gnus version and emacs version.
       new  8c333ee   Merge pull request #20 from totherme/master
       new  c8b80c5   Bugfix for gnorb-gnus-view
       new  9220a10   Docstring fix
       new  c3279d2   Fix tracking messages from virtual groups
       new  6e6ee46   Zap another with-eval-after-load
       new  41c6778   nngnorb should be a virtual server
       new  09679fa   Misspelled function name
       new  4b19c83   New function for pruning dead associations
       new  821a6b2   Allow bulk association of messages
       new  f585c03   condition-case the incoming trigger process
       new  cc7d45b   Be more careful handling org tags on BBDB records
       new  9d64acb   Update gnorb-registry-capture to use convenience funcs
       new  819b1e5   Suggest binding gnorb-org-view in Org Agenda
       new  84ff7a7   Don't let attach errors derail the trigger process
       new  648f5a7   Remove process mark after bulk association
       new  9c910c9   Re-raise errors in the triggering process
       new  a4089f8   Fix completing-read in message disassociation
       new  d2e1e11   Mention registry bugs in README
       new  94fe1b8   Incorporate changes from Stefan M
       new  dfa0043   Safer usage of cl-subseq
       new  c13f4df   Better check for capture cleanup
       new  13bb840   Hint which heading will be triggered
       new  b951675   Merge capture-to-child branch
       new  4f99dd7   Handle conditions where `registry-search' returns nil
       new  5897188   Capture to child/sibling is done
       new  b0fe9ae   New command `gnorb-gnus-quick-reply'
       new  ce764a5   fixup with new quick reply command
       new  9efae5a   Fix call to cl-subseq
       new  160f43a   New function for returning all tracked messages
       new  2d30b0c   Reset window conf after nnir-run-gnorb
       new  0f18c45   Allow persistent nnir search groups
       new  3f9c534   Report Gnorb email tracking usage
       new  d9a1d89   Remove unused let variable
       new  6fd368d   Provide more format marks in summary buffers
       new  acb91c5   Fix doc error
       new  4d3de61   Various documentation improvements
       new  a59dac2   Use hook for determining Gnorb summary minor mode
       new  86fa893   Fix up all cl-lib calls
       new  9b2b269   Use with-eval-after-load not eval-after-load
       new  4e7039a   Various compiler-inspired improvements
       new  a387d85   Bump version to 1.1.0
       new  2783829   Save return config for quick reply
       new  51439a1   Look in drawers for potential mail links
       new  209b938   Attach outgoing message check to message-sent-hook
       new  538b5bd   Bump version to 1.1.1
       new  d72fee7   Redundant setting of window configuration
       new  6722839   Formatting improvements
       new  7fcde77   Handle renaming of Org variable
       new  8c2fb15   nngnorb.el: Handle non-existent nnir-tmp-buffer
       new  87137be   gnorb-bbdb.el: Fix matching of posting styles
       new  86f288a   Fix matching of posting styles, pt 2
       new  b632038   gnorb-registry.el: Check for old version of registry
       new  2660934   gnorb-bbdb.el: Use the right catch tag name
       new  894b96c   Additional guard for non-existent headings
       new  eaaea81   Link extraction should return links in same order
       new  d754d2f   Fixing `gnorb-bbdb-postings-styles'
       new  9c918ab   Bump version to 1.1.2
       new  984d5e6   gnorb-org.el: Don't use nreverse
       new  7ea06f9   Delete gnorb-prompt-for-bbdb-record
       new  73af267   Remove cruft in gnorb-registry-transition-from-props
       new  c2f837c   Improve efficiency of retrieving tracked messages
       new  2086922   Fixes to previous commit
       new  6917948   Bah, typo
       new  bd4246d   Check for live Gnus before following a link
       new  f3acab5   Handle forwarding from gnorb-mode summary buffers
       new  f963a32   Don't ignore entries with no sender key
       new  42ba9d9   Change the gnus hook to use for hinting
       new  0889540   Refine matching of user email address
       new  47195a6   Require gnorb-gnus in the gnus-started-hook
       new  aa8d041   Mention 'all option in gnorb-org-mail-scan-scope
       new  06b0e09   Update to match new version of BBDB
       new  16931d7   New utility function gnorb-select-from-list
       new  e17a402   Mess with TODOs in README.org
       new  b53c93f   Enormous quantities of compiler-inspired fixes
       new  e2afc4b   Switch on lexical binding across the board
       new  b892337   Bump version to 1.1.3
       new  5c270cd   Update NEWS file
       new  7d14112   Trying to fix issue #30.
       new  c1014ac   Merge pull request #31 from berhoel/master
       new  64e72d6   Use :package-version, not :version, on defcustom
       new  3090162   Bump version to 1.1.4
       new  c0b3090   Fix email subtree command
       new  269a8a8   New function gnorb-install-defaults
       new  27b58a9   Fix autoloads for BBDB functions
       new  6cdf064   Remove useless use of progn, update usage status function
       new  9da022f   Fix creation of nngnorb/nnir groups
       new  632b03d   Add gnorb-version command
       new  6a3ea57   Update documentation
       new  4a8fa84   Fix nnir search routine
       new  d61d9b8   Remove unnecessary with-no-warnings
       new  7908f75   Update Gnus summary article line after trigger process
       new  a370e64   Rename msg-id-to-group to msg-id-request-head, refactor
       new  943606f   Bump Gnorb version to 1.2
       new  4f62ec8   Fix inevitable screwup in previous commit, bump version
       new  dfb2acd   Bug fix in mail tracking extraction
       new  8509773   Don't let the Gnus summary format group create registry 
       new  3b81d8c   Don't mark the 'artno key as precious
       new  e7fa2d2   New copy-message-text behavior
       new  4b215ae   gnorb-utils needs macros from nnheader
       new  8e705ea3  Sneakily add basic EBDB support to Gnorb, bump to 1.3.0
       new  e865a8b   Odd bug in gnorb-org-handle-mail, bump to 1.3.1
       new  5a88948   Fix gnorb-version command
       new  d304558   Fix replying to most recent tracked message; bump to 1.3.2
       new  4a732d9   Tweak text search in gnorb-org-view
       new  af3521f   When responding, let a blank sender pass
       new  09d5487   New option gnorb-org-log-add-link
       new  9e95e90   Gnorb: New option gnorb-gnus-tick-all-tracked-messages
       new  d1299d2   Gnorb: Consolidate all after-capture functions into one
       new  4b5a5a1   Gnorb: Tweak manual a bit
       new  b630235   Gnorb: Tweaks to gnorb-org-extract-mail-tracking
       new  40fe377   Gnorb: Try harder to find the nngnorb server
       new  5d59ba6   Gnorb: Bump version to 1.3.3, tiny manual fix
       new  babfa5c   Fix to after capture function, bump to 1.3.4
       new  471883d   Gnorb: Only add one registry-related hook to the Org 
capture process
       new  5fbc25e   Gnorb: Re-work the capture hook functions.
       new  5672545   Gnorb: Typo
       new  0c20b7d   Provide Org tagging for Gnus messages
       new  5f885be   Gnorb: New command for inserting tracked messages; bump 
to 1.4.1
       new  ed11f5d   Gnorb: Fix and bump to 1.4.2
       new  a3f4fbd   Gnorb: The proper link type is "mailto", not "mail"
       new  ba976d5   Prefer defalias to fset
       new  a6916b6   Allow gnorb-msg-id-request-head to accept a "group" 
       new  71cf0ef   Allow short-circuiting the nnir search
       new  30a6171   Factor out function for finding nngnorb server
       new  e8d0043   Missing a require for seq package
       new  cb25e86   New function gnorb-gnus-search-registry
       new  5261d2f7  New gnorb-helm file
       new  1f71a97   Update copyright notices, bump to version 1.5
       new  8922fd0   [gnorb] Fix immediate and inexplicable typos, bump to 
       new  6174d5a   [gnorb] More little tweaks to registry searching, bump to 
       new  840093b   [gnorb] Don't use string-trim with optional args
       new  03ba6e5   [gnorb] Don't use make-temp-name for registry searches
       new  4bb8cd2   [gnorb] Check message-alternative-emails in helm registry 
       new  5e8b0c2   [gnorb] Fix handling of region-bounds return value
       new  46b72b2   [gnorb] Bump version to 1.5.3
       new  f383a7e   [gnorb] Require gnorb-org within gnorb-trigger-todo-action
       new  a1c8f0e   [gnorb] Small gnorb-org bugs
       new  14ac82a   [gnorb] Use unwind-protect around the trigger process, 
bump to 1.5.4
       new  15726f0   [gnorb] Missing quote in nested `eval-after-load', bump 
to 1.5.5
       new  bd97393   gnorb: Fix bug in post-message-send action triggering
       new  2ca09f4   gnorb: Fix link following, bump to 1.5.6
       new  a512de8   gnorb: Remove weird group-name guard, bump to 1.5.7
       new  15a38e9   gnorb: More guards for visiting an original Org capture 
       new  afafa8a   * gnorb/gnorb-registry.el: Fix compilation warnings
       new  be4c245   [gnorb] New option gnorb-gnus-refile-use-outline-path, 
bump to 1.6.0
       new  78fe298   [gnorb] Move location of gnorb-gnus-summary-mode-hook, 
bump to 1.6.1
       new  9adc9dd   [gnorb] Add nnselect method of getting an article's 
"real" group
       new  5bac9a7   [gnorb] Compiler-complaint fixes
       new  86b870f   [gnorb] Replace gnus-buffer-exists-p with 
       new  e1dae56   [gnorb] Only output summary-line info if registry exists, 
       new  3940f46   [gnorb] Fix to previous commit, bump to 1.6.3
       new  6d88203   [gnorb] Add a gnus-shutdown to clean up gnorb hooks, bump 
to 1.6.4
       new  2aab7c3   [gnorb] Use substitute-command-keys
       new  034f10a   [gnorb] Use characterp, not numberp, for testing register 
       new  183cf9c   [gnorb] Fix dumb typo in 07214d9e4
       new  0b503b4   [gnorb] Update copyright years
       new  b2138dd   [gnorb] Update to use org-link-any-re, bump to 1.6.5
       new  3fb0aed   [gnorb] Fixes to link scanning, bump to 1.6.6
       new  8623bd0   [gnorb] Further avoid creating registry entries, bump to 
       new  81c297f   [gnorb] We're not supposed to be useing 
gnorb-org-msg-id-key anymore
       new  c4aa1d5   [gnorb] Improve customization type for 
       new  056a767   [gnorb] Improvements to gnorb-org-setup-message
       new  ccf7847   [gnorb] Check for live Gnus before searching messages
       new  a0f32ad   [gnorb] Don't allow creation of new headings for incoming 
       new  d5aafc5   [gnorb] Bump version to 1.6.8
       new  0856e48   [gnorb] Add code path for users with nnselect available
       new  66c2847   [gnorb] Random unimportant pokings-about
       new  5692b47   [gnorb] Finish refactoring for nnselect, bump to 1.6.9
       new  5f9611b   Fix some quoting problems in doc strings

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