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[elpa] branch externals/bug-hunter created (now 5c99abe)

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: [elpa] branch externals/bug-hunter created (now 5c99abe)
Date: Fri, 27 Nov 2020 22:06:28 -0500 (EST)

monnier pushed a change to branch externals/bug-hunter.

        at  5c99abe   Fix some quoting problems in doc strings

This branch includes the following new commits:

       new  5ba0d4e   Initial commit
       new  288985a   Add bug-hunter.el
       new  8f89191   Write readme
       new  eef7a91   Indent and return value
       new  e86102c   define tests
       new  e9aeb70   Add travis
       new  813d20b   Fix commands
       new  c4d2cb9   Test from 24.1
       new  8889fa7   Fix readme
       new  802b04d   Fix cask
       new  a5abf31   Add version
       new  ce9dca6   Add commentary
       new  b9eb93f   Fix travis
       new  c19b16b   Req seq
       new  2caf570   Fix tests
       new  8d70f15   Readme
       new  0f9bd03   Copyright and deps
       new  95440af   Progress reports
       new  79b11d8   Add autoloads
       new  45bbc36   Readme link
       new  9be6176   Readme
       new  7594b29   Readme
       new  02ba202   Don't use shell-command
       new  0fbf2a4   Run after-init-hooks
       new  935b87c   Actually do a bisection
       new  b6b0fae   Readme
       new  c7103b8   Fix test
       new  a1364ba   Add a test
       new  df45b34   Update README.md
       new  a3c30df   Require cl in test
       new  86a1664   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  98e0362   Recognize errors at reader level.
       new  5f61401   More tests
       new  16922e1   Fix test
       new  fc2e59f   More testing
       new  4da93d7   Provide full information on where the bug occurs.
       new  e903dd0   Ignore a dummy file
       new  80af9de   Ignore cask
       new  2afa228   Letbind server-name to avoid conflicts
       new  a0ed5ea   Move around variables
       new  1d2f393   Report which expression caused an error.
       new  ba63f00   Use pretty-printing on values
       new  c076d3b   Improve interactive assertion prompt
       new  95d6857   DOC
       new  130cc12   Report what we can when the user aborts.
       new  53a74dd   Whitespace
       new  c819db8   Call-process instead of shell-command.
       new  05aace5   Invert argument order in report-error
       new  a4ba22d   checkdoc
       new  91e1fea   Better Readme
       new  5927de0   More verbose messages.
       new  45811c4   Fix tests
       new  0df2a48   Provide
       new  e81cfe7   readme
       new  2524718   Don't quote file name argument to `call-process`
       new  08d95ed   Update email and GH username.
       new  1a050a0   Merge pull request #2 from lunaryorn/patch-1
       new  1778749   Improve bisection logic to avoid unnecessary step.
       new  b44c8a3   Simpler test
       new  c2f2d29   Note about init file idempotence
       new  da07f04   minor typo fixes
       new  42bdc9f   Fix travis badge
       new  8d2d20e   Extended readme
       new  1232c89   Don't assume Emacs 24.4. Fix #5
       new  9e4eb56   Merge pull request #4 from mgalgs/patch-1
       new  0794ccf   Merge pull request #8 from hariharanr5/master
       new  36b0594   Update comments
       new  f9780b8   Style fixes
       new  c796137   bug-hunter--run-and-test accepts an 'interactive assertion
       new  0998393   Implement interactive assertion throughout
       new  5075592   Inhibit readonly
       new  a300e9a   Add test
       new  d0f2034   Use -q when running interactively too.
       new  17d7343   Fix test
       new  fb5b512   Better documentation and interactivity
       new  bde792a   Version 0.5
       new  1b529d7   Screencast
       new  6e66ec3   Add missing word in user prompt.
       new  7d15c017  Merge pull request #10 from IvanMalison/master
       new  6c56fc3   Fix frame -> instance
       new  a07a7a3   Better messages
       new  a29097f   Update url
       new  39a9d33   Indentation
       new  fbc34db   [Fix #12] Mention bisecting and debugging in the Readme
       new  c4d5797   Update Github username
       new  afb4bb1   Fix #14 - Explain what to do if you encounter another 
       new  480b6c1   Version bump
       new  9a3e757   Indentation
       new  eed96f1   Explain invalid-modifier errors
       new  e59d221   Bug-hunter version 1.1
       new  aacb7dc   [Fix #15] Don't offer interactive bisection in the 
       new  bc623c2   [Fix #16] Improve the error message when emacs -Q fails
       new  2650778   Fix #17 - Minibuffer completion pre 25
       new  b88d981   Version 1.3.1
       new  5c99abe   Fix some quoting problems in doc strings

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