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[nongnu] branch externals/sly created (now d12c4cd)

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: [nongnu] branch externals/sly created (now d12c4cd)
Date: Sat, 21 Nov 2020 01:10:31 -0500 (EST)

monnier pushed a change to branch externals/sly.

        at  d12c4cd   Close #364: fix typos

This branch includes the following new commits:

       new  2fb4c4e   Imported from slime-0.2
       new  68b73a4   Completion now works for internal symbols. i.e. 
'package::foo' can be used to complete non-exported symbols.
       new  b122264   Completion now works for internal symbols. i.e. 
'package::foo' can be used to complete non-exported symbols.
       new  c8467f2   *** empty log message ***
       new  65390f2   (wire-symbol-name, wire-symbol-package): Fixed to handle 
internal references (pkg::name).
       new  f02f3b3   (slime-swank-connection-retries): Increased default 
number of connection retries from 5 to ten.
       new  15997e2   (find-fdefinition): Support for finding function/macro 
definitions for Emacs.
       new  1a0104c   *** empty log message ***
       new  226847a   Large patch from Helmut Eller. Includes: apropos, 
describe, compile-defun, fully asynchronous continuation-based wire interface, 
interactive evaluation, and more. Very nice :-)
       new  caeb0ac   (symbol-external-p): Put back this function which was 
lost in a merge.
       new  5bcc27e   (slime-mode): Added Helmut's commands to the mode 
description. (slime-show-apropos): Setting `truncate-lines' to t in apropos 
listings, to avoid line-wrapping on overly long descriptions. 
(slime-run-tests): Added the beginnings of an automated test suite. (This is 
most useful for testing cross-Emacsen compatibility before releases.)
       new  726b274   *** empty log message ***
       new  db6448b   Debugger from Helmut, new communication protocol.
       new  338681d   *** empty log message ***
       new  d33175d   Removed.
       new  412a4d5   Removed (require 'cmucl-wire).
       new  964f6e5   (slime-net-connect, slime-net-send): Set coding system to 
'no-conversion and convert mutlibyte-strings to unibyte before sending.
       new  620df7f   (serve-request, read-next-form): Don't bind any handlers 
that are visible in the code we are going to evaluate.
       new  07506f8   (slime-net-send): Added newlines to messages over the 
wire. This makes the protocol nicely readable in Ethereal.
       new  ba24a2d   (apropos-list-for-emacs): Hacked the apropos listing to 
accept more options and to specially sort results.
       new  8663768   *** empty log message ***
       new  f42c8c7   Moved many CL fragments from slime.el to swank.lisp.
       new  5543bf6   Moved many CL fragments from slime.el to swank.lisp.
       new  ca0079d   (slime-toggle-trace-fdefinition): New command.
       new  dcdeada   (function-source-location, 
function-source-location-for-emacs): New functions to extract source locations 
from compiled code. For struct-accessors we try to find the source location of 
the corresponding constructor.
       new  622a0c0   (slime-apropos-all): New command, bound to C-c M-a.
       new  42d7e89   (read-string, from-string): Renamed read-string to 
from-string. (to-string) New function.
       new  b0a67d6   (interactive-eval-region): New function.
       new  ae509b4   (slime-connect): Propose default values when called 
       new  ad2480c   Merged in Helmut's CVS logs -- lots of new stuff!
       new  cb5402d   (slime-choose-overlay-region): Tweaked overlay placement.
       new  0569993   (handle-notification): Skipping null notifications. For 
some reason CMUCL occasionally calls us with NIL as each argument.
       new  b73880d   *** empty log message ***
       new  8177198   Pruned dead/commented function.
       new  04c95e7   Updated commentary.
       new  ce0ace2   *** empty log message ***
       new  0260341   (print-error-message): Pass all error messages to 
       new  5f6ff47   (slime-symbol-at-point): Now returns a symbol, as the 
name suggests.
       new  7435341   (who-calls, who-references, who-binds, who-sets, 
who-macroexpands): New function.
       new  1629c63   (slime-edit-fdefinition): Now uses looks up the symbol at 
point, not the function being called at point.
       new  b4d68db   *** empty log message ***
       new  8f8292c   Added and integrated Erik Naggum's hyperspec-lookup 
       new  bd5792d   (slime-show-xrefs): Improved the xrefs buffer, now using 
a custom minor mode.
       new  a036fe5   xref improvements.
       new  6620981   *** empty log message ***
       new  717d76e   Make sure define-minor-mode is defined before we use it.
       new  dbf7ac2   (completions): Moved most of the completion code to Lisp. 
(string-prefix-p): Be case insensitive.
       new  6e4c2ee   *** empty log message ***
       new  e2d257a   (slime-process-available-input, slime-eval): Rewritten 
once again. Don't use unwind-protect anymore. Didn't work properly when the 
Lisp side aborted due to too many debug levels. "Continuing" from the Emacs 
debugger aborts one level on the Lisp side. "Quitting" from the Emacs debugger 
quits the Lisp side too. Increase stack sizes before entering the recursive 
       new  435cfbe   Support for stream redirection.
       new  29080ef   *** empty log message ***
       new  0053aaa   Did a little defensive programming so that asking for the 
definition of an unbound function will return nil to Emacs instead of entering 
the debugger.
       new  567d2bb   (sldb-setup): Setting `truncate-lines' to t in the debug 
buffer. I like having the backtrace take strictly one line per frame, since 
otherwise a few ugly arguments (e.g. streams) can chew up a lot of space. (Can 
make this a configurable on request if tastes differ :-)
       new  917bfd7   *** empty log message ***
       new  197656d   Added gmane.org archive reference.
       new  3826972   (handle-notification-condition): Rewrote compiler-note 
collection. Now it uses lower-level condition handlers instead of 
c:*compiler-notification-function*. This way the error messages are tailored to 
omit redundant information, like the filename and original source text (which 
are displayed and highlighted in Emacs already). Much nicer. 
(sort-contexts-by-source-path): Now sorting xref results by lexical source-path 
order, so that you're always jumping in the same di [...]
       new  933753a   Oops! Previous log message refers to swank.lisp, of 
course. Only whitespace changes in this commit. Here's the correct log info for 
the previous one:
       new  07897e4   *** empty log message ***
       new  7f2e333   * slime.el (slime-function-called-at-point): Rewritten to 
work better. Now considers "((foo ..." _not_ to be a function call to foo 
because of the double ('s - this will keep it from misfiring in e.g. LET 
       new  b8d11d9   *** empty log message ***
       new  c39a268   (with-trapping-compilation-notes): New macro for bindings 
the handlers to record compiler notes. Now being used in `compile-string', 
which I had broken when removing the compilation hook.
       new  95c1f3d   (def-slime-test): All tests now being with (slime-sync). 
This fixes some accidental/bogus test failures.
       new  68c1547   *** empty log message ***
       new  b900eaf   (create-swank-server): Bind the listen-socket on the 
loopback interface by default, so that remote machines can't connect to the 
Swank server.
       new  80fbda0   *** empty log message ***
       new  2063a9e   (slime-display-message-or-view): Delete old multi-line 
windows. (slime-read-package-name): Added an optional initial-value argument.
       new  5ff8a97   (getpid, set-package, set-default-directory): New 
       new  60ace3c   *** empty log message ***
       new  50f37e2   Fairly major hacking. Rewrote the evaluation mechanics: 
similar design but some macros to make it look more like a push-down automaton 
(which it really was!). Debugging Lisp no longer uses recursive edits, partly 
as a side-effect and partly to see if it's better this way. Removed the 
asynchronous-communication test cases that tested something we decided not to 
       new  87a138f   Minor protocol changes to accomodate slime.el's changes.
       new  5052b30   *** empty log message ***
       new  c90e42f   (slime-eval-string-async): Give a meaningful error 
message when trying to make a request while already busy. 
(slime-lisp-binary-extension): Uh oh, time to start taking out gratuitous 
CMUCL-isms. This variable renamed from `slime-cmucl-binary-extension'. 
(slime-backend): Name of the Lisp backend file, defaulting to "swank", but can 
be set to e.g. "swank-openmcl".
       new  694c939   *** empty log message ***
       new  1afa454   * swank-openmcl.lisp: New file, a Slime backend for 
OpenMCL 0.14.x.
       new  6d1e8fd   * slime.el (slime-goto-location): Try to position notes 
based on some (questionable) regex searching if the :FUNCTION-NAME property is 
set.  Used in the OpenMCL backend which does not support source paths.
       new  57f3eef   *** empty log message ***
       new  4b74249   First cut at an SBCL backend for SLIME.  Note that this 
requires the SB-INTROSPECT package which is presently only in SBCL CVS HEAD
       new  8a40af4   Add mouse-2 clickability for areas in sldb buffers 
covered by the sldb-default-action property: restarts can now be mouse-activated
       new  756af91   Set `indent-tabs-mode' to nil. This makes diffs look 
better. (slime-start-swank-server): Now passing the port number of 
SWANK:START-SERVER. (slime-evaluating-state): Debugging synchronous evaluations 
with recursive edits now works. (slime-forward-sexp): Added support for #|...|# 
reading comments. (sldb-hook): New hook for entry to the debugger (used for the 
test suite). (slime-run-tests): Reworked the testing framework. Now presents 
results in an outline-mode buffer, [...]
       new  461442c   *** empty log message ***
       new  567e528   Updated verbiage to reflect multiple backends and change 
of hosting provider
       new  434b02b   (slime-point-moves-p): Macro for executing subforms and 
returning true if they move the point.
       new  b0eb1cb   *** empty log message ***
       new  d7ab012   More updates.
       new  2541951   Added note about FAIRLY-STABLE tag.
       new  3f59ce3   *** empty log message ***
       new  f92f16f   *** empty log message ***
       new  098a551   *swank-io-package*: Import t and quote.
       new  8def061   (slime-inspect, slime-list-callers, slime-list-callees): 
New commands.
       new  7d8de41   *** empty log message ***
       new  7bb928a   First checkin on the way to rearranging the backends.  
Rename swank.lisp to swank-cmucl.lisp, then create new swank.lisp which loads 
an appropriate backend according to *features*.
       new  cfb3059   Second iteration refactoring common bits:
       new  11f261a   Third portablizing iteration: more refactoring common bits
       new  0502660   missed a bit
       new  b28dc58   silly packaging mistake
       new  e9d00e6   swank::*sysdep-pathname*: Use defparameter so that cmucl 
loads the fasl file. (compiler-notes-for-emacs): Got lost during refactoring.
       new  f8b0980   (read-next-form): Isn't quite portable. Redefine it here. 
(read-symbol/package): Deleted. (Was not used.) (function-source-location): 
Deal with struct-slot setters.
       new  c376064   *** empty log message ***
       new  ee7e371   (slime-swank-connection-retries): New default value is 
`nil', which means unlimited retries (until user aborts). Retry interval also 
reduced from once per second to four times per second.
       new  6575851   *** empty log message ***
       new  996f2f3   Fixed braino in previous change.
       new  f683731   The macro `with-trapping-compiler-notes' is now defined 
in the portable code, and expands to a call to the backend-defined 
`call-trapping-compiler-notes' with the body wrapped in a lambda. This is to 
avoid swank.lisp referring to macros in the backends -- it gets compiled first 
so it thinks they're functions.
       new  d847d40   Fixed braino in previous change: 
call-trapping-compilation-notes was left as a macro.
       new  2a72b30   Fixed braino in previous change.
       new  4b372aa   (slime-forward-source-path): Improved somewhat. Seems to 
work for all common cases except backquote. Backquote is tricky, because the 
source-paths are based on the reader's expansion, e.g.:
       new  6b2b893   *** empty log message ***
       new  0129317   Added:   (setq debug-on-quit t)   (setq 
slime-swank-connection-retries 50)
       new  86dd08c   Don't bother limiting retries. Increase 
max-lisp-eval-depth (possibly cheating)
       new  20e4064   *** empty log message ***
       new  28e1170   (slime-find-buffer-package): handle errors from (read) 
for the case where the buffer ends before the in-package form does 
(slime-set-package): insert missing comma (slime-goto-source-location): sbcl 
has a disagreement with emacs over the meaning of a character position.  Level 
up with C-M-f C-M-b
       new  335e079   Transplanted Helmut's serve-event server to replace the 
existing thread-using server.  SLIME now has no dependency on SB-THREAD
       new  934ccd8   Fix random typos
       new  4c31958   <rtoy_> Ok.  There is a mistake in the local vars part in 
swank.lisp. ;;; End needs a colon at the end to match the colon on ;;; Local 
       new  4763a19   (slime-net-connect): Check that 
'set-process-coding-system' is fbound before calling it. This is needed in the 
XEmacs I built from sources.
       new  3579edc   *** empty log message ***
       new  99926fd   Many fixes for the OpenMCL port:
       new  cb7e65f   When the test fails to complete, print "crashed" instead 
of reporting nonsense.
       new  4ac6874   Report style-warnings separately from notes (patch from 
Christopher Rhodes).
       new  1a42a49   (slime-style-warning-face): Added style-warnings, which 
are between a warning and a note in severity. (Patch from Christopher Rhodes).
       new  6cc5df3   *** empty log message ***
       new  d98cd9a   (slime-post-command-hook): Check that we are connected 
before trying to process input.
       new  c687573   *** empty log message ***
       new  921f4cf   Move more stuff to swank.lisp.
       new  d1590a1   *** empty log message ***
       new  e12a487   (compile-files-if-needed-serially): Be a little more 
verbose when compiling files.
       new  90117d0   (who-calls): Fix bug where we would try to take the 
TRUENAME of NIL when source information isn't available for a caller. 
(backtrace-for-emacs): Clean up the backtrace code a bit in preparation for 
implementing FRAME-LOCALS. (frame-catch-tags): Implement a stub version of 
this. (frame-locals): Implemented fully for OpenMCL.
       new  1e7d78c   Add OpenMCL and SBCL fasl file extensions.
       new  1087502   *** empty log message ***
       new  4d113b4   (slime-dispatch-event, slime-activate-state, 
slime-push-state,  slime-pop-state): Add a process-input argument to control 
processing of pending input.  The argument should be true when the function is 
called in "tail position".  Modify callers accordingly.
       new  41f6cc7   *** empty log message ***
       new  daf0c4d   s/Christopher/Christophe/g -- oops!
       new  c3882df   (slime): Connection setup is now asynchronous, with 
retrying on a timer. This makes it possible to bring the server up by hand 
while debugging. `M-x slime' while already connected will cause the old 
connection to be dropped and a new one established.
       new  7a1af53   *** empty log message ***
       new  9bbb84e   (slime-state/event-panic): Illegal events in the 
communication state machine now trigger a general panic that disconnects from 
Lisp and displays a message describing what has happened. This is a bug 
       new  f972866   *** empty log message ***
       new  164a435   (slime-connect): Print a message during connection 
attempts unless the minibuffer is active (it's annoying to get messages while 
trying to enter commands).
       new  50da4b1   *** empty log message ***
       new  f62b29c   Support for input redirection. (slime-activate-state, 
slime-evaluating-state,  slime-read-input-state): Add new read-input-state. 
(slime-show-output-buffer): New function.
       new  9298378   First shoot at input redirection. slime-input-stream: New 
structure. *read-input-catch-tag*: New variable. slime-input-stream/n-bin, 
take-input: New functions. serve-request: Bind input streams.
       new  d7a37e4   First shoot at input redirection. *slime-input*, 
*slime-io*: New variables.
       new  9fd277d   Bind *slime-input* and *slime-io* to dummy values.
       new  0856592   *** empty log message ***
       new  beaac6f   *** empty log message ***
       new  151ead7   (clear-xref-info): Conditionalised xref:*who-is-called* 
and xref:*who-macroexpands* with #+CMU19. This makes SLIME compatible with 
CMUCL 18e, but also disables the `who-macroexpands' command in any CMUCL 
version that doesn't have the "19A" feature.
       new  4c1503d   *** empty log message ***
       new  eed5201   Updated: works with CMU18e, and with SBCL requires 
       new  cf26d7a   interactive-eval: Test case independent of *print-case*.
       new  adb13bf   *** empty log message ***
       new  bc630fc   Updated test suite to work with the different backends: 
(find-definition): Lookup definitions in swank.lisp. (arglist): Lookup arglists 
of functions in swank.lisp.
       new  20bfecd   *** empty log message ***
       new  39f2480   (completions): Slight change of semantics: when a 
prefix-designator is package-qualified, like "swank:", only match symbols whose 
home-package matches the one given - ignore inherited symbols.
       new  0589a66   *** empty log message ***
       new  8bf4f1d   *** empty log message ***
       new  c1fa027   (completions): Fixed semantics: should now consider 
only/all completions that would not cause a read-error due to symbol 
visibility. Also avoiding duplicates, and sorting the results as with apropos.
       new  ec75c8d   *** empty log message ***
       new  cd86455   Now sorting completions on symbol-name instead of 
       new  2862c90   (inferior-slime-mode): New minor mode for use with 
`inferior-lisp-mode'. Defines a subset of the `slime-mode' keys which don't 
clash with comint (e.g. doesn't bind M-{p,n}).
       new  7148190   *** empty log message ***
       new  4290d59   (swank-compile-string): Include only one :SOURCE-PATH 
attribute in the plist, and replace the front element with a 0 (fixes a problem 
probably due to recent hacks to the elisp source-path lookups).
       new  c2b17b5   *** empty log message ***
       new  15998c9   outline-mode heading tweak.
       new  c2833e8   (slime-space): Don't give an error when not connected, to 
avoid feeping.
       new  d4ccfec   *** empty log message ***
       new  0446425   (slime-space): Now allows one to insert several spaces 
with a prefix argument. (Patch from Hannu Koivisto)
       new  4e4ad83   *** empty log message ***
       new  cd3cd14   (slime): With a prefix argument, prompt for the port 
number to use for communication with Lisp. This is remembered for future 
       new  532b1b5   *** empty log message ***
       new  4903237   slime-keys: Add :sldb keyword for key useful in the 
debugger. (slime-init-keymaps): Allow allow :sldb keyword.
       new  6e1a181   (read-next-form, send-to-emacs): Assume *emacs-io* is a 
character stream. Add the necessary char-code/code-char conversions.
       new  04f1c21   (setup-request-handler): Create a character stream. 
(read-next-form): Removed.
       new  9392583   *** empty log message ***
       new  fcfbb4a   (accept-connection): Use a character stream to match 
       new  89a2807   *** empty log message ***
       new  7275862   (slime-maybe-start-lisp): Restart inferior-lisp if the 
process has died.
       new  edc8655   *** empty log message ***
       new  43eefa9   (inferior-slime-return): Command bound to RET in 
inferior-slime-mode: only send the current input to Lisp if it is a complete 
expression (or prefix argument is given). Two reasons: it makes the input 
history contain complete expressions, and it lets us nicely indent 
multiple-line inputs. (Thanks Raymond Toy for the suggestions.)
       new  3f20331   *** empty log message ***
       new  3c1d671   (inferior-slime-closing-return): New command that closes 
all open lists and sends the result to Lisp. Bound to C-RET and (for people who 
use C-m for RET) C-M-m.
       new  dc3f84e   *** empty log message ***
       new  e9ab888   Changed the connection setup to use a dynamic 
collision-free TCP port. The new protocol is this:
       new  bb22fb2   * swank-openmcl.lisp: Pre-refactoring updates to the 
OpenMCL backend: (map-backtrace): Renamed from DO-BACKTRACE. 
(frame-source-location-for-emacs): New function. 
(function-source-location-for-emacs): New function,
       new  7822b15   *** empty log message ***
       new  761afac   New file, empty implementation of swank-impl.
       new  d21f3db   *** empty log message ***
       new  7fe8d08   Rename COMPILE-STREAM to 
       new  6c01912   *** empty log message ***
       new  02f88ff   Beginnings of a REPL-mode. slime-repl-input-history,  
slime-repl-input-history-position, slime-repl-mode-map, 
slime-repl-prompt-start-mark, slime-repl-input-start-mark, 
slime-repl-input-end-mark: New variables. (slime-repl-mode, slime-repl-xxx): 
New functions. (slime-init-connection): Display the listener. 
(slime-idle-state): Display a prompt on activation. (slime-idle-p): New 
function. (slime-output-buffer, slime-insert-transcript-delimiter,  
slime-show-last-output, [...]
       new  93b51cb   (serve-request): Bind a a slime-toplevel catcher. Handle 
       new  7369be7   slime-read-error: New condition. (read-next-form): 
Re-signal the conditions as slime-read-errors.  And check the result of 
read-sequence (i.e. detect CMUCL's read-sequence bug).
       new  476fbd5   (serve-request): Bind a slime-toplevel catcher and handle 
       new  f3de2ef   (serve-request): Handle slime-read-errors.
       new  74a3904   *** empty log message ***
       new  91a87f1   (slime-repl-read-mode, slime-repl-read-xxx): New minor 
mode for stream character based input to Lisp.
       new  90a5c46   *read-input-catch-tag*, take-input, slime-read-char: 
Moved here from swank-cmucl.lisp.
       new  455c1f2   (slime-input-stream, slime-input-stream-read-char, 
slime-input-stream-misc): Character input stream from Emacs.
       new  acf29a4   Gray stream based input redirection from Emacs.
       new  144cac3   *** empty log message ***
       new  0f598f3   (interactive-eval): Evaluate in *buffer-package*.
       new  2c0260e   Tweaked debugger window management somewhat: the window 
configuration is saved when the debugger is first entered and then restored 
when the idle state is reached.
       new  0a945f6   *** empty log message ***
       new  64ee0b6   (slime-repl-mode-map): Bound `slime-interrupt' on both 
C-c C-c and C-c C-g.
       new  1771831   Renamed connection timer to slime-startup-retry-timer.
       new  d27782f   (slime-debugging-state): Save the window configuration in 
a state variable. sldb-saved-window-configuration: Removed.
       new  798d8b3   (slime-input-stream-misc-ops): Renamed from 
       new  9a87f39   (slime-read-char): Flush the output before reading.
       new  c4376b4   Implement stream-line-column.
       new  804ca97   *** empty log message ***
       new  0adf460   (slime-init-dispatcher): Delete old debugger windows.
       new  baa7898   (slime-select): Added an extensible "Select" command, 
which I gather is a LispM/Martin-Cracauer knock-off. When invoked, the select 
command reads a single character and uses that to decide which buffer to switch 
to. New characters can be defined, and the currently availables ones can be 
seen with '?'. I have not assigned a key to Select, because it seems like a 
command that should have a global binding. I would suggest `C-c s'.
       new  3338a50   (*slime-features*): Variable remembering the FEATURES 
       new  d8514ce   *** empty log message ***
       new  16a8f57   Consistent use of slime-repl-output-face (bugfix)
       new  da34bdb   (slime-lisp-package-translations): Association list of 
preferred package nicknames, for the REPL prompt. By default maps 
       new  bb917c0   (eval-string): force-output on *slime-output* before 
returning the result. This somewhat works around some trouble where output 
printed by lisp is being buffered too long.
       new  5767502   *** empty log message ***
       new  edeaf0e   (slime-log-event): Added a *slime-events* buffer 
recording all state machine events. The buffer uses hideshow-mode to fold 
messages down to single lines.
       new  a276ba8   Cleaned for byte-compilation.
       new  f9ef215   *** empty log message ***
       new  832f12a   (slime-repl-read-mode, slime-repl-read-string, 
slime-repl-return, slime-repl-send-string, slime-read-string-state, 
slime-activate-state): Reorganize input redirection.  We no longer work on the 
character level but on a line or region; more like a terminal.  This works 
better, because REPLs and debuggers are usually written with a line buffering 
tty in mind.
       new  8b9e9b0   Input redirection works now on the line level, like a 
tty. Output streams are now line buffered. We no longer compute the 
       new  48ea6b7   *** empty log message ***
       new  c31ca6e   *** empty log message ***
       new  abf47f2   (slime-display-buffer-region): Hacked to fix completely 
inexplicable XEmacs problems.
       new  9333dd3   *** empty log message ***
       new  8477c1b   (slime-display-message-or-view, 
slime-remove-message-window): Also display too long lines in a new window.  Add 
a temporary pre-command-hook to remove the multiline window before the next 
command is executed. (slime-display-buffer-region): Some of the comments where 
out of sync with the code.
       new  bc7dcfb   (case-convert, find-symbol-designator): New functions.
       new  398ab54   (arglist-string): Don't intern the function name.  Use 
find-symbol-designator instead.
       new  0539630   *** empty log message ***
       new  28348f5   Duh!  I'd better run the test suite _before_ committing.
       new  8c3cef2   Fix test-suite for SBCL.
       new  93d1857   (arglist-string): Pass *buffer-package* to 
       new  de48dfe   (slime-read-string-state): Add support for evaluation 
requests. (slime-repl-read-break): New command.
       new  1317818   (slime-read-string): Send a :read-aborted event for 
non-local exits. (case-convert): Handle :invert case better.
       new  d31bb20   *** empty log message ***
       new  1a3e17d   (slime, slime-lisp-package): Reset `slime-lisp-package' 
(the REPL package) when reconnecting.
       new  fc8c8a4   *** empty log message ***
       new  31d3e80   (slime-autodoc-mode): When non-nil, display the argument 
list for the function-call near point each time the point moves in a slime-mode 
buffer. This is a first-cut; more useful context-sensitive help to follow (e.g. 
looking up variable documentation).
       new  bc2e9c6   *** empty log message ***
       new  2b28ded   Minor cleanup.
       new  f4254b3   (slime-face-attributes, slime-face-font-name): Copy the 
font too.
       new  a9e40e2   (briefly-describe-symbol-for-emacs): Add support for 
alien-types. (describe-alien-type, %describe-alien, describe-alien-struct,  
describe-alien-union,  describe-alien-enum): New functions.
       new  8dd3775   (swank-macroexpand-all): Implemented.
       new  43c8a95   *** empty log message ***
       new  f3fb18a   Remove the non-working face inheriting stuff.  Hardcode 
colors for slime-highlight-face and specify the :inherit attribute for 
slime-repl-output-face.  So Emacs21 will do the right thing and the others get 
at least a customizable face.
       new  a626ee8   *** empty log message ***
       new  856cd5b   (slime-repl-return): Only send the current input to Lisp 
if it is a complete expression, like inferior-slime-return. 
(slime-input-complete-p): New function. (inferior-slime-return): Use it.
       new  86193f3   (completions): Use *buffer-package* if no other package 
is given. (case-convert): Only accept strings as argument.
       new  dcb55e8   *** empty log message ***
       new  106b62a   slime-highlight-face: Use the :inherit attribute if 
possible. (slime-face-inheritance-possible-p): New function.
       new  0075cc6   *** empty log message ***
       new  c0d220e   (slime-post-command-hook): Inhibit unless (still) in 
slime-mode. Only call `slime-autodoc-post-command-hook' when 
`slime-autodoc-mode' is non-nil.
       new  a69b085   *** empty log message ***
       new  195e566   (slime-repl-previous-input, slime-repl-previous-input): 
When partial input has already been entered, the M-{p,n} REPL history commands 
only match lines that start with the already-entered prefix. This is 
comint-compatible behaviour which has been requested. The history commands also 
skip over line identical to the one already entered.
       new  150d40a   *** empty log message ***
       new  2663a06   *** empty log message ***
       new  9eb1c19   (slime-goto-source-location): Reorganized.  CMUCL now 
resolves all source-paths on the lisp side.  The code is still ugly because the 
SBCL code is depends on it. (slime-edit-fdefinition, 
slime-show-source-location): Update callers. (slime-goto-location): Deleted.
       new  da7d17d   Do the source-path -> byte-offset translation on the Lisp 
side. (make-compiler-note, resolve-location): New functions. 
*swank-source-info*: New variable.
       new  f49b9d0   (swank-pprint): New function.
       new  b5b15e5   Modification for the new source-location stuff. I'm sure 
OpenMCL is now pretty broken.
       new  3046ab3   *** empty log message ***
       new  d459c95   (slime-connect): pop-to-buffer into *slime-repl* when we 
       new  ec62169   *** empty log message ***
       new  b29f95c   Imititate an "output-mark".  Output from Lisp should move 
point only if point is at the end of the buffer. (slime-with-output-at-eob): 
New function. (slime-repl-insert-prompt): Don't move point at the end of the 
buffer. (slime-output-string, slime-repl-maybe-prompt): Use it. 
(slime-repl-show-result-continutation): Don't move point to eob.
       new  ae91513   ((resolve-location t pathname t t t)): Emacs buffer 
positions are 1 based.  Add 1 to the 0 based file-position.
       new  4bebcd1   *** empty log message ***
       new  a0b632a   *** empty log message ***
       new  f16b2e0   (slime-process-available-input): Abort when we see a 
reader error. Call slime-state/event-panic to file a bug report. 
(slime-state/event-panic): Include the *slime-events* and *cl-connection* 
buffers in the report.
       new  48452e9   (sos/out): Don't flush the buffer on new-lines.
       new  031e1d6   *** empty log message ***
       new  a44a587   Add some docstring. (interrupt-bubbling-idiot): New test.
       new  324fe7c   (stream-write-char): Don't flush the buffer on newlines.
       new  d608d00   (without-interrupts*): New function.
       new  b34eb98   (send-to-emacs): Protect the write operations by a 
without-interrupts, so that we don't trash the *cl-connection* buffer with 
partially written messages.
       new  eaa6a76   Import gray stream symbols. (without-interrupts*): New 
       new  2799a03   Compile and load gray stream stuff for SBCL and OpenMCL.
       new  05048d7   *** empty log message ***
       new  2e2899b   (slime-keys): Don't bind "\C- ".  Problematic on LinuxPPC.
       new  ceb4195   slime-keys: Override C-c C-r with slime-eval-region.
       new  34c261c   *** empty log message ***
       new  2b2a77a   Window configuration are now organized as a stack, not a 
single global variable. (slime-saved-window-configurations): Renamed from 
slime-saved-window-configuration. (slime-save-window-configuration, 
slime-restore-window-configuration): Use a stack. (slime-show-description, 
slime-show-apropos): Updated for new version of 
       new  d239262   Load a the user init file if present.
       new  594dad9   *sldb-pprint-frames*: New option.
       new  624834b   (format-frame-for-emacs): Bind *print-pretty* to 
*sldb-pprint-frames*. (pprint-eval-string-in-frame): Handle mutliple values.
       new  2e5b937   *** empty log message ***
       new  a1d18ef   (slime-edit-fdefinition-other-window): New function.
       new  3775099   *** empty log message ***
       new  adc46d9   (slime-with-output-at-eob): Update window-point even if 
the window is in another frame.
       new  3e0a07e   inferior-lisp-mode-hook: Set the second argument of 
get-buffer-window to t.  Suggested by Sean O'Rourke.
       new  af080e6   (listener-eval): Format results in *buffer-package*.
       new  131c80a   (slime-connect): Slightly reordered some window 
operations to ensure that *slime-repl* is popped up after `M-x slime-connect'.
       new  cc49507   *** empty log message ***
       new  e4626bc   (slime-show-last-output): If the *slime-repl* buffer is 
already visible in any frame, don't change anything.
       new  17008ac   ASDF definition to load "swank-loader.lisp". This is 
useful for starting the Swank server in a separate Lisp and later connecting 
with Emacs. The file includes commentary.
       new  50d67f1   *** empty log message ***
       new  9423026   * swank-sbcl.lisp (describe-symbol-for-emacs): Don't ask 
for (documentation SYM 'class), CLHS says there isn't any 'class documentation 
(and SBCL warns).
       new  64a0fe8   *** empty log message ***
       new  1a626f4   (slime-goto-source-location): Align at beginning of sexp 
after (:file name pos) and (:emacs-buffer buffer pos).
       new  127eea6   Updated after refactoring of other backends (was broken).
       new  28ecf78   *** empty log message ***
       new  cb846d0   * slime.el (slime-goto-source-location): Added optional 
`align-p' argument for :file and :emacs-buffer location types. This is for 
OpenMCL - unlike CMUCL its positions are not character-accurate so it needs to 
be aligned to the beginning of the sexp.
       new  be8eab4   * swank-backend.lisp (call-with-debugging-environment, 
sldb-condition, debugger-info-for-emacs): More callbacks defined.
       new  7ddc37f   Updated to use new debugger interface in 
       new  f1bc0f8   * swank.lisp: Tidied up outline-minor-mode structure, 
added comments and docstrings. (sldb-loop): Took over the main debugger loop.
       new  76bcbe8   *** empty log message ***
       new  4abc345   (slime-connect): Don't delete a random window when 
*inferior-lisp* isn't visible.
       new  01a8540   *** empty log message ***
       new  0428296   (sldb-fetch-more-frames): Call swank:backtrace instead of 
(renamed) swank:backtrace-for-emacs.
       new  347f5a7   (backtrace, eval-in-frame, frame-catch-tags, 
frame-locals, frame-source-location-for-emacs): More interface functions.
       new  c8f690c   Updated to use new debugger interfaces in 
       new  1e33c87   *** empty log message ***
       new  37a2ca5   (function-source-location): Use TRUENAME to resolve 
source file name (thanks Lawrence Mitchell).
       new  94b4328   (slime-goto-source-location): Fixes when finding 
definition by regexp: open the right file (was missed), and tweaked regexp to 
match more 'def' forms - especially `defmacro-mundanely' (hyphen wasn't allowed 
       new  dcb02db   *** empty log message ***
       new  e50a01e   (eval-string-in-frame): Fixed symbol-visibility problem 
(thanks Lawrence Mitchell).
       new  1b4d25c   *** empty log message ***
       new  75d0836   (compiler-condition): Removed use of :documentation slot 
option. That is not portable (to CMUCL 18e).
       new  25e3277   *** empty log message ***
       new  b14fdf2   Minor updates for currency
       new  0b438f3     * slime.el: arglist command to use 
slime-read-symbol-name,      not slime-read-symbol
       new  77fcf07     * swank-sbcl.lisp: delete big chunk of leftover 
commented-out   code
       new  44de2b8   (slime-make-typeout-frame): New command to create a frame 
where commands can print messages that would otherwise go to the echo area.
       new  26edd89   *** empty log message ***
       new  4159c3c   s/slime-incidental-message/slime-background-message/
       new  b5f2a69   (completions): Complete compound symbols.
       new  b0003d0   (slime-complete-symbol): Use `completer' package to 
handle more sophisticated completions. This includes abbreviations like "m-v-b" 
=> "multiple-value-bind". It also (somewhat scarily) redefines other standard 
Emacs completion functions with similar capabilities. See commentary in 
completer.erl for details.
       new  eb99314   Stolen^Wimported from ILISP version 1.4. This is one 
revision prior to their latest, where they added a (require) for some other 
ILISP code. I backed down a revision to make it stand-alone, but this may mean 
that putting SLIME in the load-path before ILISP will break ILISP. So, beware.
       new  be43ea6   *** empty log message ***
       new  1731da2   (completer-message): Cut dependency on undefined ilisp 
constant testing for xemacs.
       new  3d016d5   (slime-complete-symbol): Make a bogus alist out of the 
completion set, for compatibility with XEmacs.
       new  cc43d38   First version.
       new  bd1fb92   *sysdep-pathnames*: Add Lispworks files. 
(compile-files-if-needed-serially): Compile all files in a compilation unit.
       new  c7f356c   (briefly-describe-symbol-for-emacs): Don't return unbound 
symbols. (load-file): The result of LOAD may be a pathname. Turn it into a 
string. (describe-symbol, describe-function): Support package-qualified strings.
       new  f4723ac   (function-source-location): Better support for generic 
functions. (genericp, gf-definition-location, method-source-location, 
gf-method-locations, gf-source-locations): New functions. 
(describe-symbol-for-emacs): Mark generic functions as such.
       new  5adbe2a   List exported symbols explicitly.
       new  e67cbb9   (slime-with-output-to-temp-buffer): Save the window 
configuration in a buffer local variable instead on a global stack. 
(slime-show-last-output): Make behavior customizable.  The default is now 
simpler and less DWIMish. slime-show-last-output-function: New variable. 
(slime-show-last-output-region, slime-maybe-display-output-buffer): New 
functions. (slime-goto-source-location): Add some support for Lispworks style 
dspecs. Should be merged with OpenMCL stuff.
       new  09a04a4   *** empty log message ***
       new  0ceea7e   (slime-swank-port-file): Use `temporary-file-directory' 
instead of hardcoding "/tmp/".
       new  fcddbd2   *** empty log message ***
       new  198b0c3   Support for output from a dedicated socket. 
(slime-input-complete-p): Use vanilla forward-sexp, because slime-forward-sexp 
sometimes caused endless loops. (slime-disconnect): Close the 
output-stream-connection if present. (slime-handle-oob): A new :%apply event.  
Executes arbitrary code; useful for bootstrapping. (slime-flush-output): New 
function. (slime-open-stream-to-lisp, slime-output-filter): New functions. 
Reorganized REPL code a bit.
       new  593f9f1   (slime-read-string, eval-string): Flush *emacs-io*. 
(eval-in-emacs): New function.
       new  3f3f5de   Support for output redirection to an Emacs buffer via a 
dedicated network stream.  Can be enabled with *use-dedicated-output-stream*.
       new  a61056a   *** empty log message ***
       new  3992f62   (make-dspec-location): Handle logical pathnames.
       new  bdd952c   *** empty log message ***
       new  d0e53ad   (longest-completion): Compute the best partial completion 
for Emacs. (completions): Use it.
       new  ada400d   (slime-complete-symbol): Use the new completion support 
from the Lisp side. Don't obscure minibuffer input with completion messages.
       new  45e06ed   Dead and buried! Replaced by half a page of Common Lisp. 
Thanks Bill Clementson for a motivational and well-deserved taunt.
       new  410e382   *** empty log message ***
       new  be9e0a5   Documentation fixes.
       new  ba3eaf2   (complete-symbol, arglist): Updated test cases for new 
completion code.
       new  e4d72c5   Minor cleanups.
       new  f757b58   *** empty log message ***
       new  e057e93   Some tweaking to the REPL.  slime-repl-input-end-mark is 
now always left inserting and slime-mark-input-end "deactivates" the end mark 
by moving it the beginning of the buffer.
       new  f9f4bad   Structure definitions for source-locations. (alistify, 
location-position<, group-xrefs): Utilities for xref support.
       new  934f45b   (code-location-source-location): Renamed from 
safe-source-location-for-emacs. (code-location-from-source-location): Renamed 
from source-location-for-emacs. (find-fdefinitions, function-source-locations): 
New functions. (safe-definition-finding): New macro.
       new  97a6e80   Xref support. (make-dspec-location): Updated for the new 
source-location format.
       new  0a31873   *** empty log message ***
       new  440819e   (slime-idle-state): added :debug as a valid transition
       new  68010ec   export slime-debugger-function
       new  8fcd57f   Sort out some of the problems with stale serve-event 
handlers (note that you also need a fix for sb-bsd-sockets from 0.8.6.x SBCL, 
if this is bothering you)
       new  4c06e3f   (slime-debugger-function): New.  Returns a function 
suitable for use as the value of *DEBUGGER-HOOK* to install the SLIME debugger 
globally.  Must be run from the *slime-repl* buffer or somewhere else that the 
slime streams are visible so that it can capture them. e.g. for Araneida:
       new  c92d326   *** empty log message ***
       new  eea7713   dead.  not to mention out of date
       new  7c17095     * swank-sbcl.lisp (source-location-for-emacs):  
sb-debug::print-description-to-string takes only two args, not  three.  Now 'v' 
command works in sldb :-)
       new  6cecdf3   *** empty log message ***
       new  002f129   (slime-goto-source-location): New representation for 
source locations. Drop old code.
       new  ed1e93c   Use the format for source locations. 
(find-function-locations): New function.  Replaces 
function-source-location-for-emacs.  Returns a list of source-locations.
       new  ed76e57   Use the new format for source locations. Implement the 
find-function-locations. (list-callers, list-callers): New functions.
       new  be453ec   (group-xrefs): Handle unresolved source locations. 
(describe-symbol): Print something sensible about unknown symbols.
       new  38f0521   Use the new format for source locations and implement 
find-function-locations (just calls the old code).
       new  344c782   *** empty log message ***
       new  d94a5d4   (slime-repl-return): Goto end of input area before 
inserting newline.
       new  bcf80c8   *** empty log message ***
       new  6a2c0f1   (slime-repl-return): Goto end of input area before 
inserting newline.
       new  23492ba   *** empty log message ***
       new  b627adf   typo fix
       new  9a36839   (find-function-locations): Return all methods for generic 
functions. Doens't work very well if multiple methos are in the same file.
       new  7e8db74   (slime-create-note-overlay, slime-sexp-depth): The 
priority property is unused. Remove it.
       new  9c88003   *** empty log message ***
       new  5b81a67   (invoke-nth-restart): Use invoke-restart-interactively.
       new  57ddd4d   *** empty log message ***
       new  67054d9     * swank-sbcl.lisp (function-source-location-for-emacs): 
return a        list of source locations (one per method) when the request is   
for a GF.  This seems to make the elisp side popup a window     to let the user 
select one.  Cool.
       new  18f9dd7   *** empty log message ***
       new  2b79a03     * slime.el (slime-with-xref-buffer): moved further up 
the file so       it's defined before slime-show-xrefs needs it
       new  94afea3   Patch by Sean O'Rourke: 
slime-repl-{clear-buffer,clear-output}: clear the last and entire output in the 
*slime-repl* buffer (slime-documentation): pop up a buffer with a symbol's 
documentation instead of its description, if found. (slime-complete-symbol): 
tweak to completion, taken from ilisp, to complete filenames inside strings. 
(slime-set-default-directory): also set *slime-repl*'s default-directory, so 
e.g. find-file makes sense.
       new  fb4e719   (documentation-symbol): New optional argument for return 
value if the symbol is not documented.
       new  b547844   (find-function-locations): Return a non-empty list of 
source locations.
       new  7d1a267   *** empty log message ***
       new  74b2125   (slime-completing-read-internal): Fix from Sean O'Rourke.
       new  ed4fc51   *** empty log message ***
       new  a20e2c2   (slime-debugging-state): Initialize the sldb-buffer if 
(/= sldb-level level). (slime-who-specializes): New command.
       new  92548e7   (create-swank-server): Set reuse-address to t by default. 
(resolve-note-location): Add method for warnings in interpreted code. 
(who-specializes): New function. (dd-source-location): Handle case without 
constructors more correctly. (source-path-source-position): Skip ambigous 
entries in source-map. (source-location-from-code-location): Simplified.
       new  94e7d62   *** empty log message ***
       new  1fc2e6c   (slime-eval-defun): Use slime-re-evaluate-defvar if the 
defun starts with "defvar".  C-M-x in elisp does this too. 
(slime-re-evaluate-defvar): Take the form as argument.
       new  cfc6e78   (toggle-trace-fdefinition, tracedp): New support 
functions for toggle-trace command.  Written by Alain Picard. 
(compile-from-temp-file): Don't delete the binary file if there is none. 
(lispworks-severity): Map all ERRORs to :error.
       new  4fd1138   *** empty log message ***
       new  5de0e00   Updated URL to point to a live copy of the hyperspec at 
lispworks.com, because the one on xanalys.com has disappeared. Patch from 
Vincent Arkesteijn on the ilisp-devel mailing list.
       new  ebe07e2   *** empty log message ***
       new  68d283f   (slime-debugging-state): Don't set sldb-level after 
sldb-setup. Breaks the test-suite. (slime-eval-defun): Fix typos. 
(slime-xref-buffer, slime-goto-next-xref): Updated for the new xref code. 
(sldb-inspect-in-frame): Query with the sexp at point as initial value. 
(sldb-step): New command. Bound to s.
       new  7bf0d0d   (format-frame-for-emacs, compute-backtrace, backtrace): 
Don't send CMUCL's frame numbers to Emacs, use our own numbering. 
(set-step-breakpoints, sldb-step): Lisp side of sldb-step command.
       new  d459277   *** empty log message ***
       new  3a40f0b   slime-eval/compile-defun-dwim: New command.  Suggested by 
       new  4efee35   (handle-notification-condition): Don't ignore warnings 
without (compiler-note-location, brief-compiler-message-for-emacs, 
compiler-note-location): Handle null context. (compile-file-for-emacs): Bind 
*compile-filename* and load the fasl file only if it exists. 
(function-source-location): The name argument is now optional a should be a 
symbol. (find-function-locations): Return errors as a list of one error. 
(call-with-debugging-environment): Set *print-level* to 4 and  [...]
       new  bd902ef   *** empty log message ***
       new  ab64666   (open-listener): Don't make the socket non-blocking.
       new  099db30   *** empty log message ***
       new  93e0645   (user-init-file): Translate logical (user-homedir-) 
pathnames. Reported by Friedrich Dominicus.
       new  e7aa0e8   *** empty log message ***
       new  f912c9c   New file.
       new  69ec9db   *** empty log message ***
       new  fbb970f   (slime-easy-menu): Added menubar support, contributed by 
Friedrich Dominicus.
       new  f62ca7a   *** empty log message ***
       new  15664ad   (slime-interactive-eval): Insert the result at point, if 
called with prefix argument.
       new  5e4650c   (function-source-locations): Is replaces 
function-source-location-for-emacs. Make it at generic function. 
(function-source-location-for-emacs): Remove.
       new  32126cf   *** empty log message ***
       new  2a7295e   (compound-prefix-match): New name and rewritten for 
speed. Completion is much faster now.
       new  88ecc4b   (slime-read-from-minibuffer): Now the only 
completing-read function, stale ones deleted.
       new  2042f45   *** empty log message ***
       new  17d0c00   Updated an arglist test case.
       new  7a939cf   (*debug-definition-finding*): Now nil by default.
       new  b337552   *** empty log message ***
       new  5b38264   (sldb-disassemble): New command. Bound to D.
       new  f3eb290   (create-swank-server): Use announce callback. 
(sldb-disassemble): New function.
       new  4d62503   (start-server): Pass an announce callback function to 
create-swank-server.  Works better with single threaded implementations. 
(announce-server-port, simple-announce-function): New functions. (alistify): 
Doc fix.
       new  ce6bc73   (create-swank-server): Accept an announce-function 
keyword argument.
       new  cb7b184   *** empty log message ***
       new  6d26e77     * swank-sbcl.lisp (serve-request): more fiddling with 
serve-event       descriptors
       new  f65279a   (slime-repl-previous-prompt, slime-repl-next-prompt): New 
commands. (slime-repl-beginning-of-defun, slime-repl-end-of-defun): New 
commands. (slime-repl-insert-prompt): Mark the prompt with a slime-repl-prompt 
a text property. (slime-repl-eol): New function. Mostly for symmetry. 
(slime-repl-in-input-area-p, slime-repl-at-prompt-end-p): New predicates. 
(slime-repl-find-prompt, slime-search-property-change-fn): New functions. 
(slime-ir1-expand): New command.
       new  2904848   (accept-connection, request-loop): Don't use fd-handlers. 
The code is now almost identical request-loop itself is now almost identical as 
the Allegro version. (print-ir1-converted-blocks, expand-ir1-top-level): New 
       new  8047408   *** empty log message ***
       new  fe7f137           * slime.el (slime-find-asd, slime-load-system): 
new command         to compile and load an ASDF system with all the usual 
compiler         notes and stuff         (slime-compilation-finished): 
minimally handle multiple file         compiles, by printing the names of all 
files with notes in the         echo area         (slime-remove-old-overlays): 
bug fix: now removes overlays even         at start of buffer         
(slime-overlay-note): do nothing quietly if [...]
       new  e892fd2           * swank-backend.lisp 
(call-with-compilation-hooks): new GF         should set up all appropriate 
error condition loggers etc         to do a compilation preserving the notes.  
Implement for         sbcl, cmucl
       new  3c5fce6           * swank-backend.lisp 
(call-with-compilation-hooks): new GF         should set up all appropriate 
error condition loggers etc         to do a compilation preserving the notes.  
Implement for         sbcl, cmucl
       new  eafbecd           * swank.lisp (swank-compiler): new function 
abstracts commonality         between swank-compile-{file, string}.         
(swank-load-system): call swank-compiler to load asdf system
       new  9e2d1f2   *** empty log message ***
       new  b7d162b   Significantly more friendly display of compiler notes 
when there are multiple buffers involved
       new  582bdfc   source-path-file-position broken
       new  f637837     * swank-sbcl.lisp (compiler-note-location): replace 
with        thinly-ported version from the CMUCL backend which understands  
:lisp as a pathname
       new  1ef076d   unbroke last commit, in two obvious respects
       new  b74d592   (slime-xrefs-for-notes): Commented out use of 
`replace-regexp-in-string' (not available in emacs20, and not sure why we need 
       new  a750e26   (slime-one-line-ify): New function to convert multi-line 
strings to one-liners by replacing any newline followed by indentation by a 
single space.
       new  cef6505     * swank-source-path-parser.lisp: new file, excerpting 
part of   swank-cmucl.lisp to where SBCL can find it as well.
       new  0acc15f   it might work better if this file were actually committed
       new  be0d157   (slime-repl-current-input): Don't remove the final 
newline only if we are in reading state. (slime-goto-source-location): 
Regex-quote the function name and handle package prefixes.  Reported by Alan 
       new  af2d295   (user-init-file): Use homedir's truename.  Reported by 
Friedrich Dominicus.
       new  91a7cc7   (toggle-trace-fdefinition, tracedp): Implement trace 
command.  Patch by Alan Ruttenberg.
       new  42ea7b2   *** empty log message ***
       new  554e54d   (list-callers): method-name is not exported in 0.14.  Fix 
by Marco Baringer.
       new  a68bca3   *** empty log message ***
       new  6111ecf   (swank-accept-connection): Accept multiple connections.  
Patch by Marco Baringer.
       new  b54fe3a   (create-swank-server): New keyword arguments to control 
the server: BACKGROUND and CLOSE.  fd-handlers are used if BACKGROUND is true.  
If close CLOSE is true close the socket after the first connection; keep it 
open otherwise. *start-swank-in-background*, *close-swank-socket-after-setup*: 
The default values of corresponding arguments for create-swank-server.
       new  71246eb   (slime-output-string): Insert asynchronous output before 
the prompt.
       new  e31024b   (user-init-file): Simplify the code.
       new  012e253   *** empty log message ***
       new  a13bb02   (create-swank-server, ccl::force-break-in-listener): 
Patch by Alan Ruttenberg.  Not yet enabled.
       new  96bee26   *** empty log message ***
       new  663dabe   *** empty log message ***
       new  daacb0f   (slime-goto-source-location): Better regexp for package 
qualified symbols.  Allow dashes in the name and two colons.  Reported by Alan 
       new  f02cd7b   (compile-system-for-emacs): Add method for CMUCL.
       new  6e34eb7   *start-swank-in-background*, 
*close-swank-socket-after-setup*, *use-dedicated-output-stream*: Moved here 
from swank-cmucl.
       new  9359f79   (create-swank-server): Add support for BACKGROUND and 
CLOSE argument. (open-stream-to-emacs): Support for dedicated output stream.
       new  c9ef56e   (create-swank-server): Add support for BACKGROUND and 
CLOSE argument.
       new  63aa5b4   (tracedp, toggle-trace-fdefinition): Moved to swank.lisp.
       new  0fd47b1   *** empty log message ***
       new  24733bb   Mega patch by Alan Ruttenberg.  Implements eval-in-frame 
and inspector support.
       new  aa71985   *** empty log message ***
       new  3607915   (slime-multiprocessing): When true, use multiprocessing 
in Lisp if available.
       new  ec91d34   Defined multiprocessing interface.
       new  4ee3fbe   Implmemented the multiprocessing interface.
       new  eb22496   (*processing-rpc*, *multiprocessing-enabled*, 
(with-conversation-lock, with-I/O-lock): New macros.
       new  6954689   *** empty log message ***
       new  c8b7711   (eval-region, shortest-package-nickname): Report the 
shortest package nickname to Emacs (for the REPL prompt). Patch from Marco 
       new  a3f871c   *** empty log message ***
       new  8ed7455   (send-to-emacs): Put back WITHOUT-INTERRUPTS* -- not sure 
exactly what it's for, but I had no actual reason to remove it so I probably 
broke something!
       new  72d8fbb   *** empty log message ***
       new  d8acd19   (slime-eval-last-expression-display-output): New command. 
 Bound to C-x M-e.  Suggested by Nicolas Neuss. (slime-display-output-buffer): 
New function. (slime-slime-compile-file): Use it.
       new  41b6435   *** empty log message ***
       new  c7c3059   (ccl::force-break-in-listener): Support for interrupting 
the Lisp subjob (by Alan Ruttenberg).
       new  54782ce   (ccl::force-break-in-listener): Bugfix.
       new  1087939   *** empty log message ***
       new  5a22d8f   *start-swank-in-background*: Set to t by default.
       new  e3ea8bb   *** empty log message ***
       new  a1f23fa   fix ccl::force-break-in-listener to move to frame 
immediately following %pascal-functions% which is where the sigint is 
effectively caught.
       new  fb8bd11   (slime-lisp-preferred-package-nicknames): Removed. Not 
very interesting (and slightly broken) now that shortest-nicknames are 
automatically used.
       new  1f46bca   *** empty log message ***
       new  cca5844   Allow you to continue after interrupting. But you get a 
message "Evaluation aborted" that I have to ask about.
       new  fe8e3e8   (slime-output-oneway-evaluate-request): New function to 
evaluate an expression for side-effects (without getting a result).
       new  7cca3ac   (invoke-nth-restart-for-emacs): Wrapper around 
INVOKE-NTH-RESTART that checks that Lisp and Emacs agree on the debug level. 
This detects and ignores old restart requests when several are sent at once 
(possible because of new oneway-eval feature).
       new  d48174e   Exported invoke-nth-restart-for-emacs and 
       new  0ec9e1b   *** empty log message ***
       new  66db692   (slime-read-string-state): Added :emacs-evaluate-oneway.
       new  f9755b3   *** empty log message ***
       new  001e6f2   sldb-continue now uses slime-oneway-eval
       new  1e1b5ce   Fix an error with frame-source-location-for-emacs when 
the function was a method-function. Defined method-source-location that handles 
this case. You can still end up looking at the wrong definition, as the 
protocol doesn't allow passing back the qualifiers and specializers to look up 
the correct one in the file.
       new  5eb4c8e   New file summarising our way of working.
       new  0806945   *** empty log message ***
       new  ac57c8a   Better handling of asynchronous output. 
(slime-output-end): New variable.  Use this marker to insert output. Insert 
asynchronous output inserted before the "input region" and before the prompt. 
(slime-show-last-output): Use it. (slime-repl-insert-prompt): Initialize it. 
(slime-last-output-start): Removed. (slime-flush-output): Increase delay to 20 
usecs. (slime-with-output-end-mark): Renamed from slime-with-output-at-eob.  
Insert a newline if needed. (slime-output-st [...]
       new  2bd983e   *** empty log message ***
       new  40b0135   Updated changelog for previous changes.
       new  8dbdefb   Allow some face choices in the inspector. Try  
'(slime-inspector-label-face ((t (:weight bold))))  
'(slime-inspector-topline-face ((t (:foreground "brown" :weight bold :height 
1.2))))  '(slime-inspector-type-face ((t (:foreground "DarkRed" :weight 
bold)))) You can also set slime-inspector-value-face
       new  b031e05   *** empty log message ***
       new  ef2ffef   * slime.el 1.155 Allow font choices for backtrack. Add 
group for customizing them: sldb. Whole thing is enabled with 
sldb-enable-styled-backtrace which is off by default, for now. Try 
'(sldb-condition-face ((t (:foreground "DarkSlateGray" :weight bold)))) 
'(sldb-detailed-frame-line-face ((t (:foreground "brown" :weight bold :height 
1.2)))) '(sldb-local-name-face ((t (:weight bold)))) '(sldb-restart-face ((t 
(:foreground "DarkBlue" :weight bold)))) '(sldb-restart-numb [...]
       new  0490654   *** empty log message ***
       new  1f755f6   *** empty log message ***
       new  250f591   in openmcl (break) now goes into slime debugger. (setq 
swank:*break-in-sldb* nil) to disable that.
       new  adbf1fc   comment bug
       new  318f0c9   Deleted this old file. See swank-backend.lisp instead.
       new  30fba97   *** empty log message ***
       new  32df2d5   In request-loop register output stream to be periodically 
slushed per Gary Byer's email.
       new  4d33470   * slime.el 1.156  slime-goto-source-location: Sometimes 
source information is recorded but it isn't a standard "def" in that case, 
don't error out, just look for the most likely place for the definition.
       new  16e5f07   *** empty log message ***
       new  83ab317   *** empty log message ***
       new  eb4e0eb   fix bug in sldb-princ-locals I introduced when adding 
fonts to sldb.
       new  ad163ea   (eval-region, tokenize-completion): Modify loops a bit to 
make CLISP happy.
       new  47cd479   New file. Merged with Vladimir's version.
       new  a0235a1   (slime-goto-source-location): Support for CLISP style 
line numbers. Split it up. (slime-goto-location-buffer, 
slime-goto-location-position): New functions.
       new  249ee8d   Add files for CLISP.
       new  19a834d   New file.
       new  bc9436c   (with-compilation-hooks): Replace () with (&rest _) to 
make CLISP happy.
       new  0ac7665   *** empty log message ***
       new  a27460d   (slime-hyperspec-lookup): New function.
       new  e83a4ed   *** empty log message ***
       new  f6ff726   (slime-display-output-buffer): Move the output markers to 
the end of the buffer.
       new  892a11b   (safe-condition-message): New function. 
(debugger-condition-for-emacs): Used to be format-condition-for-emacs in each 
backend.  Separate the condition message from the type description.  Update all 
backends accordingly.
       new  bba6c65   (format-condition-for-emacs): Replaced with 
       new  d5c048f   *** empty log message ***
       new  05bdb29   Multiple session support, i.e. Emacs can open multiple 
connections to Lisps. The guts is there, but user-interface is currently 
       new  3e217df   *** empty log message ***
       new  2984b49   (user-init-file): Use mergepathame.  Fix Windows support. 
 Patch by Ignas Mikalajunas <i.mikalajunas@mbt.lt>.
       new  0737d7c   (slime-connect): Select the new connection. 
(slime-init-connection): New optinal argument SELECT.
       new  09fd636   (eval-string): New argument 'id'.  Used to identify the 
remote continuation.
       new  0a6bee3   *** empty log message ***
       new  01ef6ff   (slime): Multisession support: with prefix argument, 
gives the option of keeping existing sessions and firing up an additional 
*inferior-lisp* to connect to. Each connection now has its own 
*slime-repl[<n>]* buffer.
       new  40cd69c   *** empty log message ***
       new  ce10f69   Multisession internal improvements. Now there are three 
separate connection variables, in order of priority:
       new  7b9dafc   *** empty log message ***
       new  be39bb2   (slime-lisp-package): Initially CL-USER nickname instead 
of COMMON-LISP-USER (for REPL prompt).
       new  82e2430   *** empty log message ***
       new  8c28f45   Minor update of CLISP backend (streams, portability). 
eval-region is now do-based (that loop was just waiting to be scratched :).
       new  040a682   (slime-inspector-fontify): Function to insert a string in 
a particular inspector face. Replaces macro-code-generation function 
       new  1d0d418   *** empty log message ***
       new  cecdda8   Add methods for GRAY:STREAM-READ-CHAR-NO-HANG and for the 
CLISP specific GRAY:STREAM-READ-CHAR-WILL-HANG-P.  This should fix the 
behaviour of SYS::READ-FORM.
       new  3ec85f2   *** empty log message ***
       new  7cac345   (eval-region): Bind *package* outside the unwind-protect 
to detect updates.
       new  7852fc0   Place (require 'cl) inside a eval-and-compile.
       new  ee6c813   *** empty log message ***
       new  6ec1776   (debugger-info-for-emacs, find-function-locations): Doc 
       new  8c8a8f8   New test for package updates in the listeners.
       new  c2aa1f8   *** empty log message ***
       new  42b7e1d   (slime-activate-state): Only update state name when 
`slime-default-connection' activates. This fixes an annoying "Selecting deleted 
buffer" bug that prevented SLIME from being restarted.
       new  e0c3f52   *** empty log message ***
       new  e01a7b6   (slime-next-connection): Fixed a bug where buffer-local 
connection bindings could get in the way and prevent the connection from 
actually changing.
       new  e797425   *** empty log message ***
       new  2bb9c90   (slime-complete-symbol): Use markers to hold the 
beginning and end of the completion prefix in case looking up completions 
causes insertions (e.g. GC announcements).
       new  c63e2e3   *** empty log message ***
       new  fa2b673   * slime.el (package-updating): Expected package is now a 
list (can be any), since the shortest nickname is not standardized. e.g. USER 
       new  b32236c   Don't enable xref (let the user decide).
       new  783abf7   *** empty log message ***
       new  bfd9ba6   (slime-handle-oob): Added :open-dedicated-output-stream 
message, previously implemented with :%apply.
       new  4603d84   (create-socket-server): Generic callback-driven TCP 
server interface. Replaces `create-swank-server', with the higher-level logic 
moved into swank.lisp.
       new  69d0eeb   (create-socket-server): Generic TCP server driven by 
       new  1f4ff40   Taking over previously non-portable jobs:
       new  f18b086   *** empty log message ***
       new  09c507a   Implemented new server interface.
       new  7fb074b   (slime-input-stream, slime-output-buffer): Added slots to 
support the new `make-fn-streams' interface from swank-backend.lisp. These 
slots need to be initialized by the backend, see swank-sbcl.lisp for an example 
(very easy).
       new  3d7373f   *** empty log message ***
       new  bb6e71a   Partially updated for new backend interface, but not 
actually working. The sockets code is broken, I haven't grokked LispWorks the 
interface properly.
       new  4750c89   Bugfix: moved some specials up to before they're 
       new  b268952   *** empty log message ***
       new  ea96bcf   Added support for the new backend.
       new  8ca9c4b   Fixed () arg in with-compilation-hooks.
       new  f8a8b67   Changed eval-region back to with-input-from-string style. 
For slime's purposes, read-from-string doesn't do the right thing with trailing 
whitespace, which is not easy to work around it.
       new  909c927   Slime-repl-activate now goes to (point-max) at the end. 
This is the easiest kludge I could think of to fix the behavior of read-line 
(for example, on interactive restarts) which puts the pointer on the line 
preceeding the read-line prompt (after emacs has printed slime's prompt on the 
last line). Are there any situations where the slime prompt does not in fact 
get printed at the end of the buffer??
       new  3d1de28   File compilation and loading somewhat work now. CLISP's 
compile-file returns some nutty number codes for warning-p and failure-p. 
Meaningful compilation messages still on to-do list.
       new  acc865e   Updated for new network interface.
       new  83b4746   Updated for new network interface.
       new  2bf093d   Updated for new network interface but not tested! 
Probably slightly broken.
       new  2d9e6f8   (accept-socket/stream, accept-socket/run): New functions 
replacing the ancient (over 24 hours!) `create-socket-server'. This interface 
is much simpler.
       new  a90e1aa   *** empty log message ***
       new  e7ffe7e   (create-socket, local-port, close-socket, 
accept-connection, add-input-handler, spawn): New functions. 
(accept-socket/stream, accept-socket/run): Deleted.
       new  1df4336   (start-server, open-dedicated-output-stream &etc): Use 
new socket functions.
       new  7b493c0   (create-socket, local-port, close-socket, 
accept-connection) (add-input-handler, spawn): Implement new socket interface.
       new  0500546   (make-fn-streams): New function.
       new  211c5b6   *** empty log message ***
       new  ddff6fa   (accept-connection): Remove superfluous call to 
       new  e574e64   *** empty log message ***
       new  77d523a   (*swank-in-background*): Set to :fd-handler.
       new  6c884e3   (*swank-in-background*): New variable. (start-server): 
Start swank in background, depending on *swank-in-background*.
       new  ec16fbf   (*swank-in-background*): Set to :spawn.
       new  b6bf550   (create-socket): Fix condition message.
       new  c24c7b9   (slime-input-complete-p): Tolerate extra close parens. 
(slime-idle-state): Don't active the repl.
       new  394be7b   *** empty log message ***
       new  f4fcc24   (emacs-connected): Typo fix (missing close-paren).
       new  9d9a86c   *** empty log message ***
       new  affd9c3   (with-blocked-signals): New macro. (without-interrupts): 
Use it. (*use-dedicated-output-stream*, *redirect-output*): Don't set them 
here, use the default settings. Make :linux one of *features* if we find the 
"LINUX" package.
       new  0c731d3   *** empty log message ***
       new  ea95624   New support for multiprocessing and multiple connections 
+ commentary.
       new  c74862c   Implemented multiprocessing. Not perfect.
       new  3d58003   Implemented new multiprocessing interface.
       new  0fb960e   Changed multiprocessing interface.
       new  8fc127b   (slime-aux-connect, slime-handle-oob): Support for 
(:open-aux-connection port) message where Lisp requests that Emacs make a 
connection. These are "auxiliary" connections which don't (or at least 
shouldn't) have their own REPL etc.
       new  acad9d1   *** empty log message ***
       new  725ca41   (remove-input-handlers): New function.
       new  d869992   (serve-requests): New function. (setup-server): Use it. 
(start-server): Pass backgroud to setup-server.
       new  35ef49e   (slime-connect):
       new  fb11510   (compile-files-if-needed-serially): Don't handle 
compilation errors. We must compile everything because changelog-date requires 
       new  139b96f   (excl:stream-read-char-no-hang): Import it.
       new  53513d3   (remove-input-handlers): New method.
       new  527ac89   *** empty log message ***
       new  7e129c6   (slime-init-output-buffer): XEmacs portability fix, and 
use header-line-format to show info about Lisp in Emacs21.
       new  0b00007   *** empty log message ***
       new  026eb6b   (changelog-date): make-pathname portability fix (from 
       new  4196eaf   (changelog-date): make-pathname portability fix (from 
       new  1c6ffbc   Multiprocessing support.
       new  9def0bd   *** empty log message ***
       new  9a0926e   Removed $Id$ tag that was making diffs noisy.
       new  78ed312   Numerous REPL related fixes.
       new  a18c4e7   (changelog-date): Use *compile-file-truename* instead of 
       new  7f8a1cf   *** empty log message ***
       new  fcd961e   (slime-update-state-name): Take state as argument. 
(slime-repl-beginning-of-defun, slime-repl-end-of-defun): Fix typos. 
(sldb-insert-restarts): Remove duplicate definition.
       new  dfbc6e8   (create-swank-server):  Patch by Marco Baringer 
<mb@bese.it>.  Bring it back again. (create-connection): Use return the 
dedicated output stream if available.
       new  2220b27   *** empty log message ***
       new  61540df   Refactor inspector code.
       new  a22d4d1   *** empty log message ***
       new  fab0b31   Add multiprocessing support.
       new  0424273   *** empty log message ***
       new  a2f2e99   (arglist-string): Handle generic functions better.  
Reported by Ivan Boldyrev.
       new  d49fb39   (slime-format-arglist): Add some sanity checks.  
Suggested by Ivan Boldyrev.
       new  b9ad03b   *** empty log message ***
       new  12f96a8   (slime-format-arglist): Nicer handling of zero argument 
       new  d9cb5b7   (arglist-string): Handle zero argument functions 
       new  e87dbb4   *** empty log message ***
       new  35a91d6   (compile-file-for-emacs, split-compiler-note-line): 
Revert last change. (handle-notification-condition): Don't signal the 
condition. (*compiler-note-line-regexp*): Fix and rewrite it as extended regexp.
       new  8282c6b   (slime-changelog-date): Use file-truename of 
       new  9b354cb   *** empty log message ***
       new  eca1a9f   (arglist-string): Use pcl:generic-function-lambda-list 
for generic functions.  Handle closures.  Print arglist in lower case.
       new  cdd4775   (arglist): Test slot readers and closures.
       new  6fa3b33   (arglist-string): Refactor common code to swank.lisp.
       new  4aa94cd   (find-symbol-or-lose, format-arglist): New functions.
       new  f8c6f71   *** empty log message ***
       new  7992e1f   (inspected-parts-of-value-cell): Was lost during the 
inspector refactoring.
       new  9aca6eb   *** empty log message ***
       new  c62a955   (make-fn-streams): Deleted.  Already defined in 
       new  8832e89   *** empty log message ***
       new  30f14b0   swank-clisp.lisp (call-without-interrupts): Evaluate 
linux:SIGFOO at read time since the macro with-blocked-signals expects a fixnum.
       new  7b389b1   *** empty log message ***
       new  70ecf72   Implement frame-catch-tags. Added debugger functions 
sldb-restart-frame, sldb-return-from-frame. Should probably be added to 
backend.lisp but let's discuss first. Do other lisps support this?
       new  2b2b139   sldb-restart-frame, sldb-return-from-frame
       new  f614141   *** empty log message ***
       new  1c66c9e   (sigint-handler): Bind a continue restart.
       new  084cf33   (compile-defun): Don't use keywords.  The keyword package 
is locked in Lispworks and causes the test-suite to hang.
       new  b777c5f   *** empty log message ***
       new  35befc8   (slime-eval-with-transcript): Fix bug triggered when 
'package' is a buffer local variable.  Reported by Janis Dzerins.
       new  2900292   *** empty log message ***
       new  1c9c9df   (ed-in-emacs): New command with the same interface as 
       new  66036a1   (definterface, defimplementation): New macros as sugar 
around defgeneric/defmethod. This supports conveniently supplying a default (on 
NO-APPLICABLE-METHOD).  Because the underly mechanism is still generic 
functions this doesn't break code that isn't updated.
       new  8caa3ad   (sldb-enable-styled-backtrace): This is now true by 
       new  7cf16c3   Updated to use `defimplementation'.
       new  bf5b11c   Call (swank:warn-unimplemented-interfaces).
       new  ded9bb8   (slime-close-all-sexp): New command to close all 
unmatched parens in the current defun. Bound to `C-c C-]'. With prefix 
argument, only operate in the region (for closing subforms). (Patch from 
Michael Weber).
       new  4882a9a   *** empty log message ***
       new  15bdf25   ppc32::catch-frame.csp-cell -> 3 
ppc32::catch-frame.catch-tag-cell -> 0 FIXME when Gary says this area of the 
code is stable.
       new  c143f35   *** empty log message ***
       new  dd12e98   (thread-id, thread-name): Fixed silly bugs (thanks Marco 
       new  27699a6   *** empty log message ***
       new  e935f5b   Removed redundant MAKE-FN-STREAMS that I had re-added. 
Didn't see that it was common in swank-gray.lisp.
       new  6b1e261   (slime-eval-print-last-expression): Insert a newline 
before and after the result.
       new  57938ad   *** empty log message ***
       new  842d03f   (slime-easy-menu): Added menu items: "Eval Region", 
"Scratch Buffer", "Apropos Package..."
       new  6339117   *** empty log message ***
       new  0637400   *** empty log message ***
       new  3730d98   *** empty log message ***
       new  c9653de   (slime-prin1-to-string): Replacement for prin1-to-string 
that avoids escaping non-ascii characters in a way that the CL reader doesn't 
understand. Allows use of 8-bit characters in Lisp expressions with Emacs in 
       new  3825f81   *** empty log message ***
       new  72f16c0   Replace defmethod with defimplementation.
       new  1f9db34   (create-swank-server): Take announce-fn as optional 
       new  9ee4c02   (slime-complete-symbol): Insert the completed-prefix 
before deleting the original text to avoid troubles with left inserting markers.
       new  9487c9f   (slime-lisp-implementation-type): New per connection 
       new  f3f1872   (create-swank-server): Return the port of the serve 
       new  644d8cc   (make-sigint-handler): New function. (emacs-connected): 
Use it.
       new  e87aa80   (interesting-frame-p): Don't print catch frames.
       new  0439f2a   (swank-debugger-hook): Flush the output streams and be 
careful when accessing *buffer-package*.
       new  a58afd1   (completions): Never bind *package* to nil.  That's a 
type error in SBCL.
       new  b42fdbc   Don't reference the swank package at read-time.
       new  a469475   Remove dependency on :sb-bsd-sockets.  Is already done in 
       new  ee862a2   (return-from-frame, restart-frame): Are now interface 
       new  f048b72   (restart-frame, return-from-frame): Remove sldb-prefix.
       new  4303a24   (return-from-frame, restart-name): Implement interface 
       new  0cee358   Replace some defmethods with defimplementation.
       new  250e0a7   Copy the ChangeLog file too.
       new  cdf3234   *** empty log message ***
       new  b6a14f4   Replace defmethod by defimplementation where appropriate. 
(return-from-frame, restart-frame): Implement them.
       new  4a5d92c   *** empty log message ***
       new  de4cd29   (slime-repl-set-package): New command to set the package 
in the REPL buffer.
       new  2cf6946   (set-package): Return the shortest nickname.
       new  3ab3cfc   *** empty log message ***
       new  c2b903b   (slime-keys): Bind C-c M-p to slime-repl-set-package. 
(slime-easy-menu): Add entry for slime-repl-set-package.
       new  66e4475   *** empty log message ***
       new  c6cb522   (eval-in-frame, return-from-frame): Implemented. 
(sb-debug-catch-tag-p): New auxiliary predicate.
       new  06ffa99   *** empty log message ***
       new  4385e71   Bind ccl::*signal-printing-errors* to nil inside debugger 
so that error while printing error take us down.
       new  52e7596   *** empty log message ***
       new  06264af   (definterface, defimplementation): Use PROGN instead of 
PROG1 to preserve top-level-ness of expanded DEFGENERIC/DEFMETHOD forms. Lisp 
tip from Tim Moore.
       new  235618d   Major restructuring.
       new  de929e6   Profiler support.  Patch by Michael Weber.
       new  feebe2a   *** empty log message ***
       new  4db6eb7   Patch by Robert E. Brown.  Add type declarations to keep 
SBCL quiet.
       new  50b1c4a   *** empty log message ***
       new  92d6085   Use signal driven IO for CMUCL and SBCL.  Use one thread 
per request for multithreaded lisps.
       new  a2debb3   *** empty log message ***
       new  37919f3   Merge stateless-emacs branch into main trunk.
       new  60aa159   *** empty log message ***
       new  ff03ecd   see ChangeLog
       new  536ee9c   (slime-path): Placed inside a eval-and-compile.  Works 
around some problems when byte-compiling slime-changelog-date.  Patch by Jouni 
K Seppanen.
       new  dc2ca3d   *** empty log message ***
       new  02489f5   Add more type declarations and detect missing initargs 
for the connection struct.  Patch by Robert E. Brown.
       new  5756c0d   *** empty log message ***
       new  7d3a1ce   (simple-break): Bind *debugger-hook* before invoking the 
debugger. Fixes bug reported by Michael Livshin.
       new  7884f62   (slime-debugger): The customization group is called 
'slime-debugger', fix referrers.  Reported by Jouni K Seppanen.
       new  44a93fa   *** empty log message ***
       new  f1c2051   (mailbox): Use a semaphore instead of process-wait.  
Works better with native threads.  Patch by Bryan O'Conner.
       new  11fac6a   (slime-path): Use load-file-name as fallback.  Suggested 
by Lawrence Mitchell.
       new  c569ba3   (sldb-loop, dispatch-event, send-to-socket-io): Send a 
:debug-activate event instead of a :debug event (to avoid sending a backtrace 
each time).
       new  ba237aa   (debugger-info-for-emacs): Export it.
       new  df941b5   (add-input-handler): Use fcntl from the sb-posix package.
       new  1ff3650   *** empty log message ***
       new  e362fad   Add profiling support via Kantrowitz's metering package.  
Reporting needs to be refined (profile-package currently ignores callers-p and 
       new  9b699b3   *** empty log message ***
       new  47d8db9   (compile-system-for-emacs): Remove compile time 
dependency on ASDF.
       new  1e28868   *** empty log message ***
       new  61c661f   (sldb-setup): Offer to enter a recursive edit if there 
are pending continuations.
       new  72ac894   *** empty log message ***
       new  f7e3d02   (slime-undefine-function): New command.  Bound to C-c C-u.
       new  adfb006   (undefine-function): New function.
       new  2266fe2   (gf-definition-location): Return an error when pathname 
for the GF is nil (this happens if the GF is not-compiled from a file).
       new  876fd0a   *** empty log message ***
       new  e3af2c0   (enable-sigio-on-fd): New function.  Use fallback if 
sb-posix:fcntl isn't fbound.
       new  7a76ff7   *** empty log message ***
       new  b076978   (slime-rex): Mention thread argument in docstring.
       new  6371e68   (dispatch-event): :debug, :debug-condition, 
:debug-activate events where all encoded as :debug events, which means the 
debugger never worked!  Fix it.  I guess no one uses SLIME with a multithreaded 
       new  f91783a   (thread-name): Take a thread object as argument. 
(thread-status, all-threads, thread-alive-p): New function.
       new  64ff730   Update for modified thread interface.
       new  8db5599   *** empty log message ***
       new  ce3e4a1   (slime-maybe-start-multiprocessing): Call 
swank:startup-multiprocessing not swank:startup-multiprocessing-for-emacs.  
Reported by Paolo Amoroso.
       new  3ac2c31   *** empty log message ***
       new  4796a7a   (inspected-parts): Implemented.
       new  2dbe5b1   Implement more threading functions.
       new  361839d   *** empty log message ***
       new  e6c0b3e   See ChangeLog.
       new  aed5717   Previous commit left out the files and only changed the 
ChangeLog, my bad.
       new  380ac12   (setup-server): Pass loopback-interface to create-socket. 
(*loopback-interface*): New parameter.
       new  fd321ff   (sldb-show-frame-details): Fix typos.
       new  39861f4   (create-socket): Take interface as argument.
       new  2281e99   *** empty log message ***
       new  d0dd2c0   (create-socket): Fix last change.  Use the proper port 
argument down.
       new  cc3f98e   *** empty log message ***
       new  2d85140   (slime-compilation-finished): Display compiler notes 
grouped by severity in a separate buffer. 
(slime-compilation-finished-continuation, slime-compile-file) 
(slime-load-system, slime-compile-string): Update callers. 
(slime-list-compiler-notes, slime-alistify, slime-tree-for-note) 
(slime-tree-for-severity, slime-compiler-notes-to-tree) 
(slime-compiler-notes-mode, slime-compiler-notes-quit): New functions. 
(with-struct, slime-tree): New code for pseudo tree widget.
       new  6d6e9fe   (compile-system-for-emacs): Add default implementation.
       new  a807a42   (set-sigio-handler, add-input-handler): Conditionalize 
for linux.
       new  82bd32a   (handle-notification-condition): Don't use the context of 
the previous message. (signal-compiler-condition): Set short message slot. 
(long-compiler-message-for-emacs): New function.
       new  327d5e7   (signal-compiler-condition): Initialize short-message 
slot. (long-compiler-message-for-emacs): New function.
       new  5055ec3   (make-compiler-note): Include short-message.
       new  33edca6   *** empty log message ***
       new  74bea25   (slime-length>): New function. 
(slime-compiler-notes-to-tree): Don't collapse if there is only one kind of 
       new  09b62e6   (remove-input-handlers): socket:socket-stream-handle is 
not available on Windows.  Reported by Alan Shutko.
       new  dcab289   (clear-xref-info): Compare the truenames with equalp 
instead of the unix-truenames.  The old version was very inefficient (clearing 
the tables with about 1000 entries required serveral seconds).
       new  0bd82e6   (make-compiler-note): Don't send the short-message across 
the wire if the slot is nil.
       new  e35d684   *** empty log message ***
       new  78e37c1   Imported from CLOCC.
       new  d51b14a   Place the fasl files of different implementations in 
different directories.  Patch by Peter Seibel.
       new  8f1ca0e   Update comments about metering package.
       new  a3f0d91   *** empty log message ***
       new  4af2c55   (read-into-simple-string): Workaround for bug in 
       new  4f47215   (slime): Just close the connection when called without 
prefix-argument.  Keeping the connection open doesn't make sense.  We could ask 
if the Lisp process should be killed, tough.
       new  d849712   *** empty log message ***
       new  1ecde43   (slime-keys): Bind it to C-c C-x t to slime-list-threads 
and C-c C-x c to slime-list-connections.
       new  598eba8   (process-available-input): Move auxiliary function to 
toplevel.  Test if the stream is open. (install-sigio-handler): Handle the 
first request after installing the signal handler.
       new  01a59a7   *** empty log message ***
       new  80b81d2   (slime-batch-test): Use sit-for instead of 
accept-process-output, so that we see something when swank gets compiled.  May 
be problematic in real batch mode.
       new  9083888   (add-sigio-handler): Renamed from add-input-handler. 
(remove-sigio-handlers): Renamed from remove-input-handlers. (add-fd-handler, 
remove-fd-handlers): New interface functions.
       new  0cfefa5   (create-connection): Add support for fd-handlers. 
(install-fd-handler,  deinstall-fd-handler): New functions.
       new  8c40db8   (fcntl): New function. (add-sigio-handler, 
remove-sigio-handlers): Renamed. (add-fd-handler,  remove-fd-handlers): 
Implement interface.
       new  4f0774e   (add-sigio-handler, remove-sigio-handlers): Renamed. 
(add-fd-handler,  remove-fd-handlers): Implement interface.
       new  4ea450b   *** empty log message ***
       new  a7dd86a   * swank.lisp (format-arglist): Bind *PRINT-PRETTY* to 
NIL. (eval-in-emacs): Fix typo in docstring.
       new  46140c0   *** empty log message ***
       new  2abb7d3   (slime-find-unbalanced-parenthesis): New command. Bound 
to C-c C-).
       new  6dd30f6   (slime-find-unbalanced-parenthesis): Delete it.  Emacs 21 
has already check-parens.
       new  8689214   (format-arglist): Use an special pprint-dispatch table.
       new  3fb29a2   * slime.el: Various bits of support for maintaining 
multiple SLIME connections to different Lisp implementations simultaneously.
       new  dafa151   *** empty log message ***
       new  3ab3119   (slime-with-chosen-connection): Bind 
slime-dispatching-connection and not slime-buffer-connection.  
slime-buffer-connection is a buffer local variable not a dynamic variable.
       new  15cc62e   *** empty log message ***
       new  f37a1b2   (sldb-fetch-more-frames): Use (goto-char (point-max)) 
instead of end-of-buffer.
       new  3ddf96f   *** empty log message ***
       new  1ad9977   (slime-symbol-at-point): Don't skip backwards across 
whitespace when we are at the first character of a symbol.  To handle this 
case: skip symbol constituents forward before skipping whitespace backwards. 
Reported by Jan Richter.
       new  7efb054   (connection-info): New function.
       new  e9e7997   (arglist-string): Delay the call to 
di::function-debug-function until it is actually needed.
       new  d645e62   *** empty log message ***
       new  ac8702b   (compile-file-for-emacs): Load the fasl file even 
irrespective of COMILE-FILE's third return value.
       new  93f116b   *** empty log message ***
       new  7e8ff76   (dspec-buffer-position): Renamed from 
dspec-buffer-buffer-position. Handle dspecs of the form (defmacro foo).
       new  c67abef   (swank-pprint): Bind *package* to *buffer-package*.
       new  d5f02df   (compile-file-for-emacs): Load the fasl file regardless 
of f-p.
       new  6827452   (lisp-implementation-type-name): Implement it.
       new  64174cf   (:swank): export connection-info.
       new  0812c14   *** empty log message ***
       new  1516bd7   *** empty log message ***
       new  3caba4b   Change slime-list-connections to be a bit more useful.
       new  e7081e4   Changing connection list to use text-properties instead 
of regexp to find connection.
       new  46d5fce   See ChangeLog entry "2004-02-27 Macro Baringer"
       new  4ded8f2   (*initial-pprint-dispatch-table*, 
*arglist-pprint-dispatch-table*): Workaround for bug in CLISP. Don't supply nil 
as argument to copy-pprint-dispatch.
       new  f674543   (slime-compilation-finished-hook): New hook variable. 
(slime-compilation-finished): Call it. (slime-maybe-show-xrefs-for-notes): New 
       new  e28b51a   *** empty log message ***
       new  0d0e8bd   (format-arglist): Don't use custom pprint table.  Didn't 
work with CLISP and the behavior was different in SBCL and Lispworks.
       new  44c7399   (slime-complete-symbol): Make slime-complete-symbol 
customizable.  I don't understand how the ILISP style completion is supposed to 
work, and find it unintuitive. (slime-complete-symbol-function): New variable. 
(slime-complete-symbol*): New function. (slime-simple-complete-symbol, 
slime-simple-completions): New function.
       new  f1f40ba   *** empty log message ***
       new  c0efaf0   (dspec-buffer-position): Handle defgeneric.
       new  52dc1fc   (kill-thread): Implemented.
       new  e7dbc82   *** empty log message ***
       new  449fa25   See ChangeLog entry Marco Baringer 2004-03-01
       new  3dd7de0   (call-with-debugging-environment): Bind *sldb-top-frame*. 
(nth-frame): Use *sldb-top-frame*.
       new  98d06fc   (find-completions): Deleted. (simple-completions): Use 
longest-common-prefix instead of longest-completion.
       new  45dfa24   (slime-compilation-finished-hook): Use 
slime-maybe-list-compiler-notes as default. (slime-maybe-list-compiler-notes): 
New function.
       new  3775e80   ((resolve-note-location t nil nil nil nil)) Don't be too 
       new  64b80be   *** empty log message ***
       new  42135e1   (setup-server, serve-connection): New dont-close argument 
to keep the socket open after the first request. (start-server, 
create-swank-server): Update callers.
       new  4be13db   *** empty log message ***
       new  a7fe730   Use *emacs-connection*, *active-threads*, and 
*thread-counter* as thread local dynamic variables. (init-emacs-connection): 
Don't set *emacs-connection*. (create-connection, dispatch-event): Pass the 
connection object to newly created threads. (with-connection): New macro 
(handle-request, install-fd-handler, debug-thread): Use it.
       new  8c272b6   (call-with-compilation-hooks): Bind fewer variables. Most 
of them are already bound in swank.lisp.
       new  0f59487   *** empty log message ***
       new  bcb7772   (remove-dead-threads): New function. (lookup-thread): Use 
       new  aeada84   (thread-alive-p): Add default implementation.
       new  7f620e2   (slime-display-comletion-list): New function. Set syntax 
table properly. (slime-complete-symbol*, slime-simple-complete-symbol): Use it.
       new  97d7dcb   *** empty log message ***
       new  de3dd96   See ChangeLog entry 2004-03-05 Marco Baringer
       new  df247bd   (frame-locals-for-emacs): Bind *print-readably* to nil.
       new  f3a6882   (getpid, emacs-connected): Conditionalize for Windows.  
Patch from Bill Clementson.
       new  fd68dc1   *** empty log message ***
       new  e5a066b   Patch by Jouni K Seppanen: (sldb-help-summary): New 
function. (sldb-mode): Add docstring so that describe-mode is useful. 
(sldb-mode-map): Add bindings for sldb-help-summary and describe-mode. 
(define-sldb-invoke-restart-key): Generate docstrings. 
(sldb-default-action/mouse, sldb-default-action) (sldb-eval-in-frame, 
sldb-pprint-eval-in-frame) (sldb-inspect-in-frame, sldb-down, sldb-up, 
sldb-details-up) (sldb-details-down, sldb-list-locals, sldb-quit, 
sldb-continue) ( [...]
       new  6174263   (frame-locals): Use #:not-available instead of 
       new  1b55885   *** empty log message ***
       new  fa37bd3   (slime-start-swank-server, slime-maybe-start-lisp): 
Translate filenames.  Reported by "49gu4n502@sneakemail.com".
       new  eaf8c9c   *** empty log message ***
       new  217787e   (read-into-simple-string): Use the correct fix.  Reported 
by H�kon Alstadheim.
       new  b9b85e8   *** empty log message ***
       new  d37ba14   (slime-symbol-at-point, slime-symbol-name-at-point): 
slime-symbol-at-point calls slime-symbol-name-at-point not the other way 
around.  This avoids the mess if the symbol at point is NIL.
       new  ec7eb1b   (:swank): Create the package here.
       new  052a926   (:swank-backend): New package.
       new  c2d3f88   Implement changed backend interface and remove references 
to front end symbols.
       new  f6a3c33   Change load order. swank.lisp is now the last file.
       new  505851f   *** empty log message ***
       new  a52659f   (preferred-communication-style): Implemented.
       new  794dc51   *** empty log message ***
       new  d384f9d   (find-fspec-location): Handle "No such file" errors.
       new  b218a61   Merge package-split branch into main trunk.
       new  5b25e3c   *** empty log message ***
       new  f03efea   We are in-package :swank-backend.  Thanks to Raymond 
       new  4db92f6   (in-package): We are in-package :swank-backend.  Thanks 
to Raymond Wiker.
       new  25015c7   Merge remaining stuff.
       new  8052a9e   Minor modifications.
       new  68767bf   *** empty log message ***
       new  437f909   Remove stupid conflicts.
       new  5add08a   New file.
       new  f7ac9fa   Disable print-arglist tests.
       new  82b4c16   *** empty log message ***
       new  6dacb01   (slime-edit-definition): Renamed from 
slime-edit-fdefinition.  Display the dspec if there are multiple definitions.
       new  b1117f3   (print-arglist): Bind *pretty-circle* to nil to avoid 
output like "(function . (cons))" for (function cons). (test-print-arglist): 
Re-enable the tests
       new  1c976ab   (find-definitions): Some tweaking.
       new  ed2971e   q
       new  8cbb478   more tweaking.
       new  baf8b78   Merge remove conficts
       new  355c920   (unprofile-all): (eval '(profile:unprofile)) instead of 
just calling it since it is a macro in cmucl.
       new  a9bc4b5   (:swank): export profile symbols (profiled-functions, 
profile-report, profile-reset, unprofile-all, profile-package).
       new  7d709fc   (print-arglist): Use with-standard-io-syntax to avoid 
further surprises.
       new  be87e78   *** empty log message ***
       new  440409b   Fix test.
       new  2fb5d2a   *** empty log message ***
       new  a610c33   (struct-definitions, find-dd, type-definitions): New 
functions. (find-definitions): Include struct and type definitions.
       new  60141ba   *** empty log message ***
       new  eac9dc8   (find-definitions): Include setf defintions 
compiler-macros and transforms.
       new  211f642   *** empty log message ***
       new  e9f1801   (:swank): Export startup-multiprocessing, restart-frame, 
return-from-frame.  What about kill-thread and interrupt-thread, which are 
accessed as internal symbols?
       new  c7d5e6a   *** empty log message ***
       new  c79e011   (sldb-return-from-frame): Convert the string to a sexp. 
(dispatch-event, send-to-socket-io): Allow %apply events.
       new  a688324   (find-definitions): Allow names (setf car).
       new  9eb6576   (slime-dispatch-event): Re-enable :ed command. 
(sldb-return-from-frame): Send swank:sldb-return-from-frame.
       new  b565226   (find-definitions): Fix docstring.
       new  9d9350b   *** empty log message ***
       new  40f7d50   (arglist-for-echo-area): Renamed from arglist-string. 
(format-arglist-for-echo-area, arglist-to-string): New functions.
       new  68a0696   (slime-enclosing-operator-names): New function 
(slime-space): Use it to get better info if we are inside a macro. Suggested by 
Christophe Rhodes.
       new  83c5b5a   *** empty log message ***
       new  00d061e   Better symbol completion for case-inverting readtables. 
(output-case-converter): New function. (find-matching-symbols): Case convert 
the symbol-name before comparing. (compound-prefix-match, prefix-match-p): Use 
char= instead of char-equal.
       new  0b21824   (slime-dispatch-event, slime-rex): Pass a form instead of 
a string with :emacs-rex.
       new  83c4d2d   *** empty log message ***
       new  55ebdce   (sldb-inspect-condition): Use 
       new  8c86692   (swank-compile-string): Be friendly to case-inverting 
       new  03626fc   (set-default-directory): New backend function.
       new  4825717   (format-values-for-echo-area): Bind *package* to 
       new  b106116   *** empty log message ***
       new  eb16ed0   (slime-connected-hook): New hook called each time SLIME 
successfully connects to Lisp. This is handy for calling 
`slime-ensure-typeout-frame', if you want to use that feature.
       new  6c9fbcd   Take into account `pathname-device' when deriving paths. 
A fix for Windows.
       new  c78ead2   *** empty log message ***
       new  23e5fa3   (+o_async+, +f_setown, +f_setfl+): Add correct constants 
for FreeBSD.
       new  a7b0650   *** empty log message ***
       new  8d5eab4   *** empty log message ***
       new  4a147b1   (*communication-style*): New name for 
       new  a24a30a   (*communication-style*): New name for 
       new  200c1e9   Updated expected arglist in test suite.
       new  c719cae   "Zach" -> "Zach Beane"
       new  2aa7fe4   (slime-easy-menu): Add some commands.
       new  2290ef6   (open-streams, make-output-function): Capture the 
connection not only the socket.  This was the streams can be used from 
unrelated threads. (create-connection): Factorized.  Initialize the streams 
after the connection is created. (initialize-streams-for-connection, 
spawn-threads-for-connection): New functions.
       new  89b931a   (emacs-connected): Add default method to 
environment-display-notifier.  We just display invoke our debugger.
       new  bdbc190   (set-default-directory):  New function.  Patch from Alan 
       new  cbaae0c   (send): Wait a bit if there are already many message in 
the mailbox.
       new  a24994e   *** empty log message ***
       new  e92e2ec   Added completion style and configuration.
       new  a78dec5   *** empty log message ***
       new  d80b2cc   (slime-inspector-mode-map): Added SPC as extra binding 
for slime-inspector-next (like info-mode).
       new  f693924   (getpid): Use sb-posix:getpid.
       new  5f28bff   (create-socket, set-sigint-handler, who-references, 
who-binds) (who-sets): Add backward compatibility for LW 4.1.
       new  b663aaf   *** empty log message ***
       new  7100218   Add a short note about patches.
       new  7f422a3   (slime-merge-notes-for-display): New function to merge 
together compiler notes that refer to the same location. This is an 
optimization for when there are a lot of compiler notes: 
`slime-merge-note-into-overlay' concat'd messages together one by one in O(n^2) 
time/space, and became noticably slow in practice with ~100 notes or more.
       new  8fa591b   *** empty log message ***
       new  1534788   *** empty log message ***
       new  17ed7fe   *** empty log message ***
       new  2f8346e   Change to 'diff -u'.
       new  69f6d98   See ChangeLog entry 2004-03-26 Marco Baringer
       new  cdbf855   Wrap byte-compilation in `save-window-excursion' to avoid 
showing an unwanted warnings buffer (in XEmacs).
       new  22755ff   *** empty log message ***
       new  d0e98ca   (print-arglist): Updated to handle arglists with string 
elements, causing arglists for macros to display properly in LW 4.1.
       new  9e162bc   *** empty log message ***
       new  7a16773   Support for Norwegian "o with slash".
       new  aa0f6a2   (slime-group-similar): Bugfix: return NIL if the input 
list is NIL.
       new  f523091   *** empty log message ***
       new  507fcac   (enable-sigio-on-fd): Use sb-posix::fcntl instead of 
sb-posix:fcntl to avoid the ugly reader hack.  SBCL doesn't have package locks 
and even if they add locks in the future sb-posix::fcntl will still be valid.
       new  ff8d46a   (slime-repl-indent-and-complete-symbol): New command.  
Bound to TAB in the REPL mode.  First try to indent the current line then try 
to complete the symbol at point.
       new  8951177   (*log-io*): New variable.  Bind it to *terminal-io* at 
load-time, so we can log to a non-redirected stream.
       new  86f2dd5   (spawn): Remove CL symbols from 
mp:*process-initial-bindings*, to avoid the irritating behavior, e.g., when 
someone tries to set *package*.
       new  033f60e   (debug-function-arglist): Reconstruct the arglist from 
the the debug-arguments. (Not complete yet.) (arglist): Use it.
       new  e9e7a38   *** empty log message ***
       new  3fee75a   (slime-changelog-date): Reinitialize it at load-time.  
This avoids restarting Emacs (horror!) after an update.
       new  0617f58   *** empty log message ***
       new  a15ee97   Added a section about user-interface conventions and our 
relationship with inf-lisp.
       new  4b8b849   (slime-inspector-buffer): Enter `slime-inspector-mode' 
after `slime-mode'. This seems to give priority of keymap to the inspector, so 
that it can override SPC.
       new  e2290ef   Some small updates (more needed).
       new  c61011b   *** empty log message ***
       new  de68c6f   (cmucl-style-get-macro-character): New function. 
Workaround for bug(?) in SBCL. (make-source-recording-readtable): Use it.
       new  3239937   *** empty log message ***
       new  0fe9a77   (cmucl-style-get-macro-character): The feature is CMU not 
       new  52a9fd2   (method-dspec): Include the specializers.
       new  7ab8c0d   (ed-in-emacs): New allowed form for argument.
       new  59bd200   (slime-repl-result-face): New face.
       new  99bb9db   *** empty log message ***
       new  95e3c25   (send): Fix misplaced parens. (From Bill Clementson)
       new  fb08885   (debug-function-arglist): Return symbols if possible.
       new  de13558   *** empty log message ***
       new  1c65127   Remove the workarounds for non-existent fcntl. 
(preferred-communication-style): Use multithreading if futexes are available, 
sigio if fctnl is present, and fd-handlers otherwise.
       new  3b670a0   *** empty log message ***
       new  3b52627   (slime-autodoc): Escape %-signs in arglist before passing 
to format.
       new  7f1e0b4   *** empty log message ***
       new  d0321ab   (slime-close-parens-at-point): New command bound to C-a 
C-a. Inserts close-parenthesis characters at point until the top-level form 
becomes well formed. Could perhaps be made fancier.
       new  e9dcc7b   (arglist): Specify that strings returned from ARGLIST 
should be READable.
       new  2acc540   (connection): Added slots to track indentation caching.
       new  135f1e5   (Semantic indentation): Documented new 
automatically-learn-how-to-indent-macros feature.  Added auto version control 
header in subtitle.
       new  dd1ae36   (slime-arglist): Don't `message' arglist directly, in 
case it contains %-signs.
       new  7e269ff   (*swank-pprint-circle*, *swank-pprint-escape*, 
*swank-pprint-level*, *swank,pprint-length*): Fix typo in docstring.
       new  842d46e   *** empty log message ***
       new  388f97e   dispatch-event fix for :indentation-update.
       new  b869b16   *** empty log message ***
       new  fc6f8fd   (macro-indentation): Check that the arglist is 
well-formed. This works around a problem with ACL returning arglists that 
aren't real lambda-lists.
       new  aa16c94   *** empty log message ***
       new  9decabc   See ChangeLog entry 2004-04-06  Marco Baringer
       new  65282df   (slime-bytecode-stale-p): Automatically check if 
slime.elc is older than slime.el and try to help the user out if so.
       new  cc1f12e   *** empty log message ***
       new  c563f36   (completion-set): Also complete package names. (Patch 
from Sean O'Rourke.)
       new  8875c87   (find-matching-packages): Add a ":" to the end of package 
names in completion.
       new  3d25c19   *** empty log message ***
       new  18a98b6   Adding swank versions of two missing pretty-printer 
control variables.
       new  38b61c2   Allegro specific version of set-default-directory
       new  7144767   Slight tweak to just checked in Allegro-specifc 
       new  650db17   Patch from Lawrence:
       new  023c4cf   *** empty log message ***
       new  b30e962   Fixup arglists in docstrings with \(fn convention.
       new  837edeb   *** empty log message ***
       new  3c62aed   REPL Shortcuts. See ChangeLog entry 2004-04-08  Marco 
       new  3be66ec   See ChangeLog entry 2004-04-09 Lawrence Mitchell
       new  6979467   See ChangeLog entry 2004-04-13 Marco Baringer
       new  db08895   (slime-repl-mode-map): Portability fix for definition of 
the REPL command character.
       new  e091987   *** empty log message ***
       new  b12b923   (operate-on-system-for-emacs): More generic interface to 
       new  65117ef   *** empty log message ***
       new  b119bf5   * slime.el (slime-oos): Generic ASDF interface. 
(force-compile-system, compile-system, load-system, force-load-system): New 
REPL commands.
       new  12a570f   (Shortcuts): Described REPL shortcuts.
       new  f9c4c61   *** empty log message ***
       new  cf976b0   (slime-handle-repl-shortcut): Call `completing-read' with 
an alist as expected, using `slime-bogus-completion-alist'.
       new  86a7dd6   *** empty log message ***
       new  f884147   (Top): The Top node is now smaller, with details moved 
into Introduction. This makes the Info front page easier to navigate. (Patch 
from Richard M Kreuter.)
       new  e9cbd8e   *** empty log message ***
       new  49386bd   *** empty log message ***
       new  ef3febf   Added 'install' and 'uninstall' targets for the Info 
manual. It may be necessary to tweak `infodir' in the Makefile to suit the 
local system before installing. (Patch from from Richard M Kreuter.)
       new  7338e17   (source-location-tlf-number, 
source-location-form-number): New functions. (resolve-stream-source-location, 
resolve-file-source-location): Use them.
       new  14659dc   (slime-merge-notes): Use mapconcat instead of of (concat 
(slime-intersperse (mapcar ....)))
       new  bfef2a2   *** empty log message ***
       new  91b50c9   (slime-close-buffer): New utility function. 
(slime-space): Use it to kill superfluous *Completions* buffers.
       new  0f749fd   *** empty log message ***
       new  c94b621   (definition-source-location): Make it backward compatible 
with 18e. (class-definitions): Treat condition-classes like built-in classes 
(i.e. give up) until we find a better solution.
       new  808fafd   (list-all-package-names): Optionally include nicknames in 
the result (From Edi Weitz).
       new  5f2f805   (slime-read-package-name): Include nicknames in the 
completions set.
       new  6493beb   *** empty log message ***
       new  1b37526   (Compilation): slime-remove-notes is bound to C-c M-c not 
M-c.  Noted by Edi Weitz.
       new  dbf32a1   imported
       new  19c33e8   Support for regexp based apropos.  From Edi Weitz.
       new  71336f2   (arglist): Return a list instead of the string.
       new  2f512ad   Suppress byte-compiler warnings by binding 
byte-compiler-warnings to nil.
       new  08f5cf1   Require 'bytecomp.
       new  3258a19   (slime-repl-shortcut): Use a structure instead of a list 
for the short cut info.  Update the users accordingly.
       new  5e488d4   (arglist-for-echo-area): New argument to control if the 
operator name should be included.
       new  3f4b98e   Description for slime-insert-arglist.
       new  c233a20   *** empty log message ***
       new  c32c1e0   *** empty log message ***
       new  f1b3ff2   (slime-space): Cleanup. 
(slime-complete-restore-window-configuration): Use slime-close-buffer instead 
of bury-buffer.
       new  f6a0253   *** empty log message ***
       new  c22ed40   (slime-repl-update-banner): Add workaround to force the 
proper behavior of the the first command in the REPL buffer. 
(slime-repl-shortcut-history): Define the variable to make XEmacs happy.
       new  f774ebf   (list-all-systems-in-central-registry, 
asdf-central-registry): New functions.
       new  57defdf   (slime-repl-update-banner): Find the event sequence for 
'recenter' instead for C-l.
       new  03fd30f   *** empty log message ***
       new  c76e1e9   Updated top comments.
       new  c54ccfb   *** empty log message ***
       new  e2fed50   (slime-init-connection-state): Use an asynchronous RPC 
instead of slime-eval to reduce the amount of work we do in the timer function. 
So we can remove the workaround for the timer problem.
       new  27dec3c   *** empty log message ***
       new  75d4dd5   (slime-set-connection-info): Hide the *inferior-lisp* 
buffer here, so that we have all the buffer rearrangement in one place.
       new  d6a06e8   (arglist): Return a list or :not-available.  Don't return 
strings or raise exceptions.
       new  3f16659   (arglist): Return :not-available if the arglist cannot be 
       new  aac8684   (arglist-for-echo-area): Simplified and adapted for the 
new semantic of ARGLIST. (arglist-for-insertion): New separate function. 
(read-arglist): Deleted. No longer needed.
       new  5263161   *** empty log message ***
       new  c41c969   Typo fix (thanks Barry Fishman).
       new  29b5365   (ed-in-emacs): Avoid mutating the argument.
       new  9dfa221   (*lisp-name*): Include a short version number in the Lisp 
name to separate FASL files for different versions. Only implemented for CMUCL 
and SBCL sofar.
       new  048da44   Moved snippets of Common Lisp code into swank.lisp from 
the thread control panel. (Remember, no CL code in slime.el!)
       new  82fb7f9   *** empty log message ***
       new  d589600   (arglist): Return :not-available if arglist lookup fails 
with an error.
       new  8e23499   *** empty log message ***
       new  0b87b6c   (sldb-insert-frames): Handle empty backtrace (I got one 
in CLISP).
       new  225c80f   Move definition of `with-io-redirection' above 
`with-connection' to avoid a CLISP error. This is really weird.
       new  9dbf618   *** empty log message ***
       new  1f81190   (interactive-eval): Bind *package* to *buffer-package*, 
so that `C-x C-e' and related commands evaluate in the expected package.
       new  12f5dab   *** empty log message ***
       new  badcfd2   (slime-log-event): Better bug-avoidance with 
hs-minor-mode. Hopefully XEmacs users can rest safely now.
       new  87f98c8   (oneway-eval-string): Bind *package* to *buffer-package*.
       new  1bfad2a   *** empty log message ***
       new  83cee79   (slime-prin1-to-string): Bind `print-escape-newlines' to 
       new  4387197   (oneway-eval-string): Removed unused function.
       new  1f54e81   *** empty log message ***
       new  a68b7f0   (Other configurables): Updated instructions on globally 
installing SLDB on *debugger-hook*.
       new  0dc8ece   (create-server): New keyword based variant to start the 
server in background.
       new  508158e   (slime-net-connect): Bind inhibit-quit to nil, so that we 
have a chance to interrupt Emacs if open-network-stream blocks.
       new  bd0f727   *** empty log message ***
       new  2e5ce26   (slime-log-event): Use outline-minor-mode in 
*slime-events* instead of hideshow-mode. It's more reliable. (Patch from 
Lawrence Mitchell.)
       new  91aeffb   *** empty log message ***
       new  7447069   *** empty log message ***
       new  ace36ec   (arglist-for-insertion): Don't use ~< ..~:@>.  CLISP's 
pretty printer can't handle it.
       new  5c17bbd   (arglist): Trap exceptions and :not-available in that 
       new  41e2ca3   (*lisp-name*): Add versioning support for CLISP.
       new  e5629a8   *** empty log message ***
       new  d910e5a   (thread-for-evaluation, dispatch-event): Accept 
:repl-thread as thread specifier and dispatch evaluation and interrupt request 
       new  bb9dbf1   (slime-repl-mode): Set slime-current-thread to 
       new  27364bd   Patch from Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen: 
(slime-event-buffer-name): New variable. (slime-events-buffer): Use it. 
(slime-space-information-p): Ditto. (slime-space): Use it. 
(slime-reply-update-banner-p): Ditto. (slime-repl-update-banner): Use it.
       new  ccec519   (emacs-connected): Add methods to 
stream-soft-force-output for socket-streams and slime-output-streams.
       new  fe47d4a   (symbol-indentation): Don't infer indentation for symbols 
starting with 'def' or 'with-' it's wrong most of the time and Emacs' defaults 
are better.
       new  5afa9f2   (slime-repl-update-banner): Don't print the working 
directory.  It rarely fits in a line and was only Emacs' default-directory.  
M-x pwd is convenient enough.
       new  f527b83   *** empty log message ***
       new  42a953b   (symbol-indentation): Oops.  Consider symbols other then 
'defmethod' and use prefix-match-p.
       new  488d28a   Removed obsolete `swank-compile-system'.
       new  a3c1202   Removed obsolete `swank-compile-system'. Removed some 
stale comments about supported features.
       new  bd21a08   (list-all-systems-in-central-registry): Use explicit 
:wild in pathname for matching (needed in at least SBCL).
       new  dfc069e   (sldb-abort): Print a message if the Emacs RPC returns. 
It shouldn't, if ABORT manages to unwind the stack, but it currently does in 
OpenMCL due to some bug.
       new  564324b   *** empty log message ***
       new  3bdc49e   (slime-edit-definition-fallback-function): Name of a 
function to try if the builtin edit-definition finding fails. You can set this 
to `find-tag' to fall back on TAGS.
       new  a8fad51   *** empty log message ***
       new  f18968b   (find-top-frame): New function used to hide debugger 
internal frames. (call-with-debugging-environment): Use it.
       new  7c3d74a   *** empty log message ***
       new  0dbf822   (slime-goto-source-location): Added support for the 
:snippet "hint" in a location specifier. If Lisp sends the (initial) source 
text for the definition then Emacs isearches for it in both directions from the 
given character position. This makes M-. robust when the Emacs buffer has been 
edited. Requires backends to provide this snippet information.
       new  fb87b64   (:location): Added a 'hints' property list to the 
location structure. This is for extra information that compliments the 
       new  6c0b00f   (code-location-stream-position): Position the argument 
stream at the definition before returning.
       new  01586bc   *** empty log message ***
       new  561c71b   (slime-kill-without-query-p): New variable. 
(slime-net-connect): Use it. (slime-open-stream-to-lisp): Ditto. 
(slime-maybe-start-lisp): Ditto.
       new  1dd25eb   (slime-kill-without-query-p): Make it a defvar not a 
       new  e8848af   (slime-start-and-load): New function.  Suggested by Lars 
Magne Ingebrigtsen.
       new  4dd5e02   *** empty log message ***
       new  194430c   (source-location-from-code-location): Fixed a bug where 
the source-file-cache was not really used.  Now always report the location 
based on source file (cached or not) even if modified -- not falling back on 
regexps, which was probably a misfeature.
       new  dff89b1   Remove `slime-cleanup-definition-refs'.
       new  e013024   *** empty log message ***
       new  b8bb0f0   Remove (declaim (optimize ...)). The side-effect this has 
on people's environment seems harmful (I saw someone having trouble on the 
OpenMCL list).
       new  b9b779d   *** empty log message ***
       new  85835e2   (slime-goto-location-position): Regexp fix.
       new  8886764   Patch from Thomas Burdick: (slime-reindent-defun): New 
command on C-M-q. Reindent the current Lisp defun after trying to close any 
unmatched parenthesis. If used within a comment it just calls fill-paragraph.
       new  8109d1e   *** empty log message ***
       new  e341130   (with-struct): New macro.
       new  8637790   (arglist): Handle byte-code functions better.  We don't 
know much about the actual argument list, only the number of arguments.  Return 
at lest something mildy interesting like (arg0 arg1 &optional arg2 ...)
       new  8aab1d7   (slime-compiler-notes-show-details/mouse): New command. 
(slime-compiler-notes-mode-map): Use it.
       new  362d22a   *** empty log message ***
       new  4cce879   See Changelog entry 2004-05-06 Marco Baringer
       new  4a08c04   (slime-maybe-list-compiler-notes): Display the notes 
listing after C-c C-c only if there are no annotations in the buffer.  CMUCL 
creates usually one warning with a error location and an almost redundant 
warning at the end of the compilation unit. Don't display the listing in this 
common case.
       new  1bc7dec   *** empty log message ***
       new  b754cde   (prin1-to-string-for-emacs): CVS CLISP prints NIL as 
|COMMON-LISP|::|NIL| if *print-readably* is true.  Set *print-readably* to nil 
for a more Emacs friendly printer syntax. (arglist-to-string): Ditto.
       new  04eeb12   (compiler-note-location): Use make-location to instead of 
`(:location ...). This initializes the new hint slot.
       new  9f33c2c   *** empty log message ***
       new  3c7c603   *** empty log message ***
       new  58afd36   (slime-eval-with-transcript): Don't print the "=>" prefix 
in messages showing evaluation results. It mucks up alignment in multi-line 
       new  7092c4d   (from-string): Bind *READ-SUPPRESS* to NIL.
       new  2ba5d74   *** empty log message ***
       new  06609cc   (resolve-note-location): Resolve the location if we are 
called by swank-compile-string.  The pathname argument is never :stream in 
SBCL, so the method written for CMUCL was never called.
       new  a9de455   (slime-events-buffer): Disable outline by default. 
(slime-inhibit-ouline-mode-in-events-buffer): New variable.
       new  86e448a   *** empty log message ***
       new  6c3949b   Fixes for outline-mode in *slime-events* from Edi Weitz.
       new  0045638   *** empty log message ***
       new  983f9dc   2004-05-12  Alan Ruttenberg  <alanr-l@mumble.net>         
* swank-openmcl.lisp: Fixes to support openmcl 0.14.2 changes in        
backtrace protocol, from Gary Byers.    - Replace string "tcr" to "context".    
- Change the call to %current-tcr in map-backtrace to get-backtrace-context,    
defined so as to be back compatible with 0.14.1.        - Change the call to 
%catch-top to explicitly use %current-tcr  instead of the passed in 
       new  f26a812   See ChangeLog entry 2004-05-14  Marco Baringer
       new  690b6fc   Added `C-c C-e' as an alternative binding for 
`slime-interactive-eval' (usually `C-c :'). This seems slightly more 
convenient, and has the added bonus of clobbering an unwanted `inf-lisp' 
       new  5883013   Trivial doc additions.
       new  869d346   Some refactoring and high-level commenting. Mostly just 
trying to organise things into fairly self-contained sections (my new hobby, 
sad I know!)
       new  440806f   Renamed XREF package to PXREF (P for portable). This 
makes it possible to load the package in e.g. CMUCL, which is nice because it's 
a good package.
       new  04db65e   *** empty log message ***
       new  bbc42ef   (find-fspec-location): Better handling of methods.  
Reported by Bill Clementson.
       new  e341052   (slime-switch-to-output-buffer): Override the prefix-arg 
if we are called non-interactively.
       new  5514648   *** empty log message ***
       new  b969cff   (slime-enable-startup-animation-p): New configurable. 
(slime-repl-update-banner): Use it.
       new  8fb0ec9   *** empty log message ***
       new  443f0bd   (slime-pprint-event): New function. (slime-log-event): 
Use it.
       new  56d2e6d   (fspec-primary-name): New function. 
(find-fspec-location): Use it, if the start position cannot be found.
       new  987945b   *** empty log message ***
       new  531bd59   (arglist): Catch (reader) errors in read-arglist.
       new  122b508   *** empty log message ***
       new  c0f03bf   2004-05-22  Marco Baringer  <mb@bese.it>
       new  a162681   (slime-input-complete-p): Return nil for unbalanced sexps 
starting with quote ?', backquote ?`, or hash ?#.  C-j can be used if Emacs 
gets the parsing wrong.
       new  d8e187e   *** empty log message ***
       new  74ddc54   (slime-kill-without-query-p): Default to T.
       new  68c3d7d   *** empty log message ***
       new  aa65d6e   Implemented.
       new  cf455b4   Wrap EXPORT calls in EVAL-WHEN. Fixes many warnings in 
       new  bba4ada   Minor refactorings.
       new  2ab5328   *** empty log message ***
       new  2dac110   (close-socket): Remove any SERVE-EVENT handlers for the 
socket's file descriptor.
       new  83678f4   *** empty log message ***
       new  6a6206c   (format-sldb-condition): New backend function to format 
conditions for SLDB.
       new  90c54b3   (format-sldb-condition, condition-references): 
Implemented. Requires a recent (latest?) SBCL release.
       new  ad5be63   (debugger-condition-for-emacs): Call new backend 
functions to add a `references' list for Emacs.
       new  f1ddfb7   (sldb-insert-references): Added support for hyperlinked 
references as part of conditions being debugged. This is a new feature in SBCL 
to reference appropriate sections of their manual or CLHS from condition 
objects. The references are clickable.
       new  7b576ce   *** empty log message ***
       new  c9d8e6a   (network-error): Inherit from simple-error to get correct 
       new  d7417bd   (dspec-stream-position): New function to make source 
location work for anything complicated e.g. methods. 
(with-swank-compilation-unit): Refactoring. (who-macroexpands): Implemented. 
(list-callers): Implemented.
       new  7aacf3f   *** empty log message ***
       new  05ef9a1   ABCL backend from Andras Simon.
       new  81c053d   Add ABCL support.
       new  dadb486   (slime-indent-and-complete-symbol): Renamed from 
slime-repl-indent-and-complete-symbol.  From Eric Blood.
       new  19cb2f5   *** empty log message ***
       new  029705a   (sldb-step): Command is disabled because the function 
`swank:sldb-step' that it calls doesn't exist. I don't see any stepping code in 
our backends.
       new  11bed44   *** empty log message ***
       new  580029c   (pwd): Re-add REPL shortcut. (slime-repl-push-directory, 
slime-repl-compile-and-load): Simplified.
       new  9e36b51   (*readtable-alist*): New configurable.  The keys are 
package name and the values readtables.  The readtable will be used to READ 
code originating from Emacs buffers in the associated slime-buffer-package.
       new  d2dd74d   (default-directory, call-with-syntax-hooks): New 
       new  75abaaa   (call-with-syntax-hooks): Add hooks to fix SB!-style 
package names.
       new  f4b2fff   Initialize swank::*readtable-alist* for SBCL.
       new  d172330   *** empty log message ***
       new  6171bd8   *** empty log message ***
       new  9e6ed57   (send, receive): Ensure that messages are never nil.
       new  5231e45   (parse-symbol, parse-package): Handle reader errors.
       new  58bc7fb   (format-sldb-condition, condition-references): Add 
workarounds for buggy no-applicable-method.
       new  5c998d2   *** empty log message ***
       new  d6091e2   *** empty log message ***
       new  ca08b7b   (slime-compile-file): Just prompt for saving the current 
file instead of calling `save-some-buffers'. Based on a patch from Brian 
       new  45fc645   *** empty log message ***
       new  ee72933   (slime-backend): This variable can now be set to an 
absolute filename.
       new  5ee5d61   *** empty log message ***
       new  669f13e   find-definitions
       new  b1c529c   (slime-set-default-directory): Don't call 
slime-repl-update-banner in Emacs 20. (slime-show-source-location, 
slime-recenter-window): Use set-window-start instead of recenter; this avoids 
flickering. (sldb-list-locals): Don't forget about slime-current-thread in the 
temporary buffer.  (Fixes bug reported by Mike Beedle.) (sldb-step): 
Re-enabled.  The CMUCL backend has rudimentary support for stepping.
       new  50d4e2a   (sldb-step, default-readtable-alist): New backend 
       new  595c7f5   (default-directory): Add implementation.
       new  c42688c   Move readtable-alist initialization to the 
       new  47dd1d0   * swank-sbcl.lisp (default-readtable-alist): Implement it.
       new  38e158b   (*readtable-alist*): Call backend function for 
       new  167a03c   (default-directory, call-with-syntax-hooks): Add 
implementations as workarounds for ACL5 bugs.
       new  7e145bd   *** empty log message ***
       new  0aa2d02   (emacs-connected): Pass the redirected stream as 
argument, so that the OpenMCL backend can add it to CCL::*AUTO-FLUSH-STREAMS*.
       new  1d5d85f   (emacs-connected): Ignore the stream argument.
       new  5384cf5   *** empty log message ***
       new  762d2ab   (dspec-stream-position): Remove `with-standard-io-syntax' 
so that we can read files with custom read syntax. Bind *READ-EVAL* to T 
instead of NIL (at the suggestion of Alain Picard).
       new  8de919e   *** empty log message ***
       new  fc66307   (with-fairly-standard-io-syntax): New macro. Like 
with-standard-io-syntax, but keeps the existing values of *package* and 
       new  ddac8bf   *** empty log message ***
       new  427fc2e   (quit-lisp): Implemented.
       new  ccc96cb   (binary-pathname): Place fasl files under ~/.slime/fasl/ 
(or _slime in win32) instead of the SLIME installation directory. The 
installation directory can now be read-only.
       new  34b72db   *** empty log message ***
       new  24a42bb   (binary-pathname, user-init-file): Removed Win32 
conditionalization. The init file is now called ~/.swank.lisp instead of 
       new  5120471   *** empty log message ***
       new  2602506   (slime-repl-return): If the user presses return on old 
REPL input then take it and insert it as the current input. Signal an error if 
the point is not on any input.
       new  d967afc   *** empty log message ***
       new  28ceb82   (slime-preserve-zmacs-region): Function to ensure that 
the current command doesn't deactive zmacs-region (XEmacs only). 
(slime-repl-bol, slime-repl-eol): Use it.
       new  d771633   *** empty log message ***
       new  17865f6   (slime-display-message): Fixed call to 
`slime-typeout-message' handle formatting characters. Avoids errors on certain 
       new  01d95db   *** empty log message ***
       new  ade021d   (slime-list-compiler-notes): Save the window 
configuration earlier. This fixes an error under XEmacs when dismissing the 
notes buffer.
       new  cb35e74   *** empty log message ***
       new  0c72998   *** empty log message ***
       new  0c62223   (slime-recenter-window): Avoid moving the point. This the 
keeps the point in the right place when showing debugger-frame locations in 
Emacs 21.
       new  b5fbbc0   *** empty log message ***
       new  33236b4   From Matthew Danish: Implemented 
       new  ddebc26   (slime-buffer-package): If DONT-CACHE is true and no 
package name can be found, then default to "COMMON-LISP-USER."  Previously we 
just kept using the cached version, but that could lead to error-after-error if 
it was incorrect.
       new  ef75266   *** empty log message ***
       new  a8352ae   (known-to-emacs-p): Bugfix. Indentation-updates was 
       new  65f9ce4   (slime-abort-connection): Renamed from 
`slime-connection-abort'. The new name is easier to find with completion.
       new  cae7573   * slime.el: Audited to remove namespace slipups. Tracking 
a really horrible clashing-with-some-user-configuration bug and want to 
eliminate potential symbol conflicts. (sldb-get-buffer): Renamed from 
`get-sldb-buffer'. (slime-emacs-20-p): Renamed from `emacs-20-p'. 
(slime-defun-if-undefined): Renamed from `defun-if-undefined'. (slime-isearch): 
Small bugfix that could cause M-. to go to the wrong place in CMUCL.
       new  7b614fb   (slime-changelog-date, slime-check-protocol-version): 
Removed unneeded functions.
       new  2bcefba   (add-hook, run-hook): Added an Emacs-like hook mechiansm. 
 The hope is that this will make some sections of the code more self-describing 
by showing where they hook in.
       new  2a4302c   Added some comments and docstrings.
       new  246726d   *** empty log message ***
       new  d731c67   *** empty log message ***
       new  63cc9d1   Fix outline structure.
       new  e1ae75f   *** empty log message ***
       new  68c2e80   (guess-buffer-package): Don't signal a continuable error 
if the package doesn't exists; that's too annoying.
       new  058cac0   *** empty log message ***
       new  a5ef568   (slime-find-buffer-package): Return the printed 
representation of the package designator; until now there was no way to 
distinguish NIL from the package names "NIL".
       new  295f1f1   (parse-symbol): Allow strings and symbols as package 
       new  0ddfd8e   (*trap-load-time-warnings*): New variable.  If it is 
true, conditions, most notably redefinition warnings, signalled at load time 
are not trapped.
       new  5581679   *** empty log message ***
       new  7f7c528   (slime-complete-maybe-restore-window-configuration): Only 
restore the window configuration if the completions buffer is currently visible 
in the window that we popped it up in.
       new  7760064   (slime-repl-return): Make sure the newline goes at the 
end of the input, not at point.
       new  c461db3   *** empty log message ***
       new  3e16ea2   (add-hook, run-hook): Moved the hook mechanism and all 
hooks here (from swank-backend.lisp). There is no compelling use for backends 
yet, I want to pass swank.lisp-internal data structures in the existing hooks.
       new  1391db3   (*lisp-name*): Add version number to Lispwork's fasl 
directory. We should do this for ACL and OpenMCL too, but for some reason my 
ACL 5.0 gets an error when trying to create a directory with a version number 
in its name, and I don't have OpenMCL to test with.
       new  d320176   Removed hook mechanism (now in swank.lisp).
       new  8a66c36   *** empty log message ***
       new  5c225c3   Pass user-io to `emacs-connected', not socket-io.
       new  84ea4e2   *** empty log message ***
       new  528c39c   Doc fix.
       new  6b74deb   (slime-output-filter): Choose connection based on 
process-buffer, not current buffer. This fixes a bug where output from multiple 
Lisp sessions could get mixed up.
       new  c58eab6   (prefixed-var): Intern *REAL-STANDARD-INPUT* etc in the 
SWANK package instead of the COMMON-LISP package.
       new  6afb8b2   *** empty log message ***
       new  ccae362   (unbound-slot-filler): New structure for representing an 
unbound slot in the inspector functions.
       new  32e42f9   Use `unbound-slot-filler' for unbound inspector slots.
       new  70d21b4   *** empty log message ***
       new  a2061bd   Added "fuzzy completion" by Brian Downing.
       new  a6c7f30   *** empty log message ***
       new  eb28041   Use a shorter prefix: `slime-fuzzy-' instead of 
       new  c7264f9   *** empty log message ***
       new  6a77db7   Some minor hacking to fuzzy completion: Use the shorter 
`slime-fuzzy-' symbol prefix. Use markers instead of numbers to remember where 
the completion is being done. This way they are self-updating. Use 
`buffer-modified-tick' to detect modifications instead of text comparison. 
Always restore window configuration when a completion is chosen. For this 
completion style I think this will work okay [famous last words], and the 
existing code wasn't XEmacs-compatible for wan [...]
       new  6234a65   (contributors.texi): The contributors list in the manual 
is now sorted by most number of ChangeLog entries. Patch from Michael Weber.
       new  6d9d175   *** empty log message ***
       new  519e832   *** empty log message ***
       new  9558a36   Backed out all of my changes to fuzzy completion. I was 
too hasty and didn't do good things. Now it's back in pristine state from 
Brian's patch -- use `C-c M-i' to fuzzy-complete.
       new  130a9dc   *** empty log message ***
       new  9f0e307   Noted ABCL support.
       new  c0af99c   *** empty log message ***
       new  a24429a   Thanks to Peter Graves.
       new  11df056   * slime.el: Re-added most of Luke's patches from 
yesterday.  It has the shortened names, uses markers instead of stored 
`(point)' values, and `slime-fuzzy-complete-symbol' is an option for 
`slime-complete-symbol-function'. It still string compares the target buffer 
instead of using `(buffer-modified-tick)'. I left the `C-c M-i' keybinding in, 
as it allows use of the regular completion as well.  If there's an objection to 
this it can be removed. `window-configuration- [...]
       new  35a81ba   * slime.el (slime-repl-send-input): Fixed a subtle 
difference in sending input to the Lisp introduced in 1.316.  The newline was 
not getting sent, resulting in the Lisp constantly asking for more read data.  
I believe the code has been adjusted to behave the same as 1.315 with regard to 
sending newlines. Also adjusted the `slime-repl-old-input' text property to end 
just before the newline, not just after.  This causes a gap between inputs even 
if no Lisp output appea [...]
       new  b51f630   (sldb-format-reference-node): fix for when `what' is a 
       new  8c91ab4   (common-lisp-hyperspec-6.0): generalize to work with 
section numbers lower than 10.
       new  77015e8   *** empty log message ***
       new  fe294da   (sldb-insert-condition): Initialize sldb-default-action 
so that pressing RET inspects the condition.
       new  2b0dd28   (frame-var-value): New backend function.
       new  7cf087f   (call-with-syntax-hooks, with-debootstrapping): Preserve 
compatability with fairly recent SBCLs by checking for the presense of the 
debootstrapping facilities at macroexpansion time.
       new  6b7f97d   (inspect-frame-var): New function.
       new  e0b4488   *** empty log message ***
       new  9e5019f   *** empty log message ***
       new  8303740   (sldb-get-buffer): Add support for multiple sldb buffers 
for different threads.  Update callers accordingly. (sldb-find-buffer, 
sldb-get-default-buffer): New functions.
       new  ae433ab   Fix thread-name/thread-status.
       new  7bcb020   Use ABCL's new LW-style mailbox for send/receive.
       new  d68b527   (dispatch-event): Quitting a from the debugger was 
seriously broken. Fix it.  Move generation of thread ids to the backends.
       new  12da821   (thread-id, find-thread): New backend function.
       new  ebfa0e8   (cmucl-style-get-macro-character): Add tests for #\space 
and #\\. (Suggested by Christophe Rhodes.)
       new  c1c4f15   *** empty log message ***
       new  d890296   Remove macros from chapter and section headings to avoid 
texi2pdf breakage.
       new  b28df2c   *** empty log message ***
       new  94a2cb7   find-thread: :test => :key
       new  e9f6b73   From Christohpe Rhodes: Add support for issue 
cross-reference lookups, strongly inspired by hyperspec symbol lookup.
       new  4bb92a8   From Christohpe Rhodes: Support for new SBCL reference 
types:   :ansi-cl :glossary   :ansi-cl :issue
       new  a6cf3ac   *** empty log message ***
       new  038d915   (common-lisp-hyperspec-format): This command now works at 
the end of the buffer, fixed `char-after' usage as suggested by Johan Bockg�rd.
       new  18fb6f9   *** empty log message ***
       new  dcc2d32   Events in the *slime-events* buffer are now exact 
on-the-wire messages, without including e.g. Elisp continuation functions. This 
is easier for debugging I think.
       new  e33df7e   (compute-backtrace): Only include frames satisfying 
`debugger:frame-visible-p'. I did this as a lame workaround for a problem where 
`output-frame' was segfaulting on certain frames, and those frames happened not 
to be visible-p. I don't know if it really fixes anything.
       new  181d5dd   *** empty log message ***
       new  9f3cc0e   (slime-buffer-package): Return the cached package if find 
anything sensible as we did earlier versions.  The Lisp side will now fall back 
to an existing package if the one supplied by Emacs doesn't exist. Using the 
cached version is also necessary for some commands in the apropos buffer.
       new  3dc039d   (nth-frame): Skip frames where frame-visible-p is false.
       new  e0c6c20   *** empty log message ***
       new  c481699   use thread names
       new  d25d2c2   (slime-doc-map): New keymap for documentation commands. 
These all use the `C-c C-d' prefix, followed by:
       new  0d5530c   *** empty log message ***
       new  3458111   2004-06-28  Thomas F. Burdick  <tfb@OCF.Berkeley.EDU>     
* swank.lisp (inspector-nth-part):      * slime.el (slime-inspector-copy-down, 
slime-inspector-mode-map):       Added copy-down command (M-RET) to easily move 
an object from the       inspector to the repl.
       new  7292db3   *** empty log message ***
       new  5ef0161   *** empty log message ***
       new  52d372e   (sldb-prune-initial-frames): Tweaked regexp for matching 
SWANK's own stack frames for effectiveness in SBCL.
       new  905dce4   (open-streams): Renamed the restart around reads from the 
user-input stream from ABORT to ABORT-READ. Invoking this restart seems kinda 
dangerous, so better for 'a' in SLDB not to do so.
       new  c9f84c1   *** empty log message ***
       new  e68dcd5   From Bill Clementson: (slime-who-map): Add extra bindings 
for the XREF commands as with the documentation commands. Now `C-c C-w C-c' is 
`slime-who-calls' in addition to `C-c C-w c', etc.
       new  1b2dd44   *** empty log message ***
       new  0b91f1f   New shell script for creating a tarball for distribution.
       new  4c8b34a   *** empty log message ***
       new  d442fab   Added preliminary release notes for alpha-1.
       new  00592cf   *** empty log message ***
       new  c998fdd   Added NEWS file.
       new  ebe4db3   *** empty log message ***
       new  3de34f8   2004-06-29  Thomas Burdick  <tfb@OCF.Berkeley.EDU>
       new  27b4d36   Backed out the previous change (below). Has bugs and 
needs more thinking.
       new  278adb4   *** empty log message ***
       new  b8d677b   (preferred-communication-style): Choose :fd-handler 
instead of :sigio when threads aren't available. A lot of people seem to have 
had problems with :sigio on SBCL.
       new  0dbb58d   *** empty log message ***
       new  879a5bf   *** empty log message ***
       new  5e2798e   *** empty log message ***
       new  0f5a527   (slime-read-port-and-connect-to-running-swank) 
(slime-connect, slime-open-stream-to-lisp): Replace "localhost" with 
"". This is believed to avoid unwanted DNS lookups on certain 
operating systems. The lookups can become crippling if the DNS server isn't 
       new  6c0c6a1   *** empty log message ***
       new  d3f4134   Rolled back some things that I committed by accident.
       new  7b950a7   (line-beginning-position, line-end-position): Simple 
bugfix suggested by Richard Klinda.
       new  2fbf65e   Minor cleanups. (find-symbol-designator, 
find-symbol-or-lose, case-convert-input): Deleted.  Replaced with calls to 
       new  85e356d   (slime-display-compilation-output): New customizable 
       new  500221c   *** empty log message ***
       new  f8c9312   (describe-symbol-for-emacs): Include information about 
setf-functions stuff.
       new  a5a4fe3   *** empty log message ***
       new  a93d914   General updatings for an alpha release.
       new  33e6e23   Added security note about the TCP server. Added notes for 
       new  d013bed   Changed version number to 1.0alpha
       new  5761499   C-c C-u C-a, C-c C-u C-e
       new  0051aaf   (sldb-lookup-reference): Preserve case in SBCL node 
names. Previously they were downcased, but the HTML manual's filenames seem to 
have changed.
       new  56a9e09   *** empty log message ***
       new  4fd7ad6   (frame-actual-args): Bind *break-on-signals* to nil and 
special case &rest, &optional, and &key.
       new  c380c29   *** empty log message ***
       new  a1b38f2   *** empty log message ***
       new  63b1e1f   Ahem, accidentally checked this file into slime CVS when 
I only meant to put it in RCS here. I had a stray CVS/ directory in ~/misc 
somehow and `C-x v v' picked it up. Funky!
       new  002e228   Fix typo in features for LW 4.1 and 4.2.
       new  ad67af0   *** empty log message ***
       new  1c5b5dc   * slime.el (slime-reindent-defun): Added a check for 
(boundp 'slime-repl-input-start-mark) before checking the variable, as XEmacs 
leaves variables unbound when `make-variable-buffer-local' is run, while GNU 
Emacs binds them to NIL.
       new  d4d488d   (definterface): Don't use NO-APPLICABLE-METHOD for detail 
methods. Instead just define them as regular methods with all argument types 
being T. Defimplementation will then replace them by using the same signature. 
N-A-M was a stupid idea!
       new  e4bcfdb   *** empty log message ***
       new  ee7197f   Oops. ChangeLog included some things hadn't committed yet.
       new  ed22819   (slime-repl-clear-output): Avoid clearing the previous 
REPL expression too. Patch from Andras Simon.
       new  5acd100   (common-lisp-hyperspec-section-4.0): Bugfix from Lennart 
       new  8a4ec18   *** empty log message ***
       new  26ccc3b   *** empty log message ***
       new  9aae620   (make-stream-interactive): This backend function is 
called with each stream that will be used for user-interaction, i.e. the 
redirected stdio streams. Can be used to setup special output-flushing or 
       new  8813527   (open-streams): Call make-stream-interactive on the 
redirected io streams.
       new  c153745   (make-stream-interactive): Set interactive-stream-p slot 
on the stream to make it auto-flush.
       new  09a1ea2   Changed reader conditionals to use fwrappers for 
#+(version>= 6.2).
       new  bc2e761   *** empty log message ***
       new  14616e4   Added a new backend function `buffer-first-change' which 
is called via Emacs's `first-change-hook' in slime-mode buffers. This gives 
Lisp a chance to do something with source files before you change them on disk.
       new  1f60f79   (buffer-first-change): Suck the source file into the 
cache unless already present. This is for M-. to increase the chances of our 
having a copy of the sources corresponding with the loaded code. Should help 
with the case where a user edits a file (without recompiling it) and then M-.'s 
for one of its definitions.
       new  c6ee746   *** empty log message ***
       new  51609e8   *** empty log message ***
       new  05cf2dd   *** empty log message ***
       new  afb9bef   (slime-alistify): Preserve order. This keeps the 
*compiler-notes* right. Pointed out by Christophe Rhodes.
       new  9ae546c   *** empty log message ***
       new  8a35fce   (*lisp-name*): Include the version number in ACL.
       new  72822c2   *** empty log message ***
       new  28f7143   From Thomas Schilling: (arglist-for-insertion): Changed 
formatting to use arglist-to-string. That results in proper cases for 
       new  28ba80a   *** empty log message ***
       new  9c0f148   Substitute hyphens for spaces in the sbcl manual URL 
       new  247400a   Changing computation of package name used in REPL prompt.
       new  cab61ea   Added some docstrings.
       new  ddebafa   *** empty log message ***
       new  3926fc8   (slime-easy-menu): Added "Apropos all" menu item.
       new  aed7a65   *** empty log message ***
       new  ea37b72   (slime-restart-inferior-lisp): Renamed shortcut to 
"restart-inferior-lisp" from "restart-lisp". The name better suggests what it 
does: kill *inferior-lisp* and rerun SLIME.
       new  bae0e82   Implement actionable references in 
*slime-compiler-notes*.  Tested with sbcl-0.8.12 and sbcl CVS head -- I hope I 
haven't broken things for non-SBCL users...
       new  3e9f5cc   From Eric Blood: 
(slime-inspector-next-inspectable-object): New inspector command to goto the 
next inspectable object (slot). Bound to TAB.
       new  35e3ff5   *** empty log message ***
       new  c990450   Trying to restore sanity to SLIME's notion of the lisp 
       new  5c6cef4   (slime-setup): New function for installing a 
lisp-mode-hook. You can call this from ~/.emacs to setup SLIME.  Takes a 
`autodoc' keyword argument to enable slime-autodoc-mode. We can add more 
keywords in future.
       new  8dae5d8   (slime-keys): Moved `slime-reindent-defun' from C-M-q to 
C-cM-q. This avoids overriding the standard binding of C-M-q to index-sexp.
       new  ff644eb   (slime-typeout-frame-properties): Removed some 
properties: `name', because it interacts badly with X properties, `left' and 
`top' because they don't put the frame anywhere terribly convenient, and (width 
. 40) because it makes the frame narrower than the usual word-wrapping width.
       new  41427a9   *** empty log message ***
       new  06a03af   Fixing tests I broke the other day. Sorry.
       new  92c8805   (print-connection): print-function for connection 
objects. Dumping the indentation-cache was damned ugly with non-truncated lines 
(e.g. bug reports on slime-devel).
       new  50502fb   *** empty log message ***
       new  bb273ce   (slime-interactive-eval): Changed display of results.  By 
default the result goes to `slime-message', which leads either to echo area, 
temporary buffer, or typeout frame.  With a prefix argument the result is 
printed to the REPL.  This goes for all commands based on 
slime-interactive-eval, e.g.  `C-x C-e' and `C-c M-:'.
       new  919f3bf   *** empty log message ***
       new  dc83a22   (slime-conservative-indentation): New variable. When true 
(the default) don't auto-learn indentation of def* and with-* macros. Set to 
nil if you want to learn them.  (slime-handle-indentation-update): Use it.
       new  bde3eb7   (known-to-emacs-p): Removed filtering of def* and with-*. 
Now handled by Emacs.
       new  57bb460   *** empty log message ***
       new  ab8839c   Updated setup instructions.
       new  91e7703   *** empty log message ***
       new  1007049   (variable-desc-for-echo-area): New function.
       new  42c3e3a   (slime-autodoc): If there is a global variable name at 
point then show its value.
       new  8bd0ecd   *** empty log message ***
       new  daaa4dd   *** empty log message ***
       new  8b30121   Major refactoring.
       new  68a056f   Removed some minor debug printouts.
       new  50711b0   Moved the Evaluation section up above the Debugging 
       new  95b05e9   Updated. Some notes about Emacs features.
       new  45752b5   *** empty log message ***
       new  6606f7d   (call-with-compilation-hooks): Trap and report errors 
that cause compilation to fail, e.g. read errors.
       new  71f7af7   *** empty log message ***
       new  5d29d5c   (slime-repl-update-banner): Restore old behaviour of 
using an asynchronous evaluation to setup the REPL. This works around a problem 
I'd reintroduced where the first REPL command uses the wrong keymap.
       new  b612a6d   *** empty log message ***
       new  ae7583a   Removed debug printout.
       new  7d3fd00   (slime-sync-package-and-default-directory): Sync 
`default-directory' in the REPL buffer too.
       new  9ec4036   *** empty log message ***
       new  e808c4a   Added a FIXME comment about unwanted interning in symbol 
lookup. Does bad things to completion of internal symbols like FOO::BAR.
       new  feab239   Putting in fix for Allegro tests. (Thought I checked this 
in the other day.)
       new  d88a5c8   Whoops. Forgot to check this in.
       new  59e2526   (slime-maybe-start-lisp): Check that *inferior-lisp* 
exists /and/ has a running process. Fixes a startup problem if your 
inferior-lisp has died and you want to restart SLIME.
       new  35f9084   *** empty log message ***
       new  6bde90f   (carefully-find-package): Return *BUFFER-PACKAGE* if no 
other package can be found. This is reverting a previous change that broke 
completion in buffers with no known package.
       new  66e31d8   *** empty log message ***
       new  7abfcb2   (slime-set-state): Show the message in the modeline in 
the case where we aren't connected. Otherwise the "not connected" status is 
       new  6f01a43   *** empty log message ***
       new  4cc58fa   s/setup-slime/slime-setup/ in the .emacs snippet.
       new  773c4cd   *** empty log message ***
       new  601b9a6   (slime-first-change-hook): Add `save-match-data' to avoid 
breaking e.g. query-replace. Also added `save-excursion' just to be safe.
       new  0593edb   *** empty log message ***
       new  3083dbe   (slime-eval-feature-conditional): Treat uppercase 
operators NOT, AND, OR correctly.
       new  fa7f304   (list-callers, list-callees): Implemented.
       new  1749522   (slime-expected-failures): Delete unused function.
       new  c47fc1f   *** empty log message ***
       new  599e5ae   (slime-choose-overlay-region): Tweaked the 
multiline-annotation-avoidance code to work with forms not starting with an 
open-paren, e.g. `(..) or #'(..).
       new  7ece50e   *** empty log message ***
       new  4ceafbe   (slime-connection): Say "No default connection selected" 
if there are open connections but no default connection.
       new  7219c0d   *** empty log message ***
       new  1670807   (slime-search-suppressed-forms): Also consider #+ after 
an opening paren.
       new  454638f   (call-with-debugging-environment): Only handle 
di::unhandled-condition not all DI:DEBUG-CONDITIONs.
       new  6ee041f   *** empty log message ***
       new  28501ae   (sldb-condition): Show the original condition in the 
       new  57b781c   Minor refactoring.
       new  1a07e24   (swank-compile-string): Use a temporary file and set 
excl::*source-pathname* manually.  This way we can find the source buffer of 
functions compiled with C-c C-c.
       new  cd46326   *** empty log message ***
       new  68dd370   Removed fwrapper-based code for inheriting "swankiness" 
to newly spawned threads. This was fighting the system and not the right thing.
       new  58049a7   (with-buffer-syntax): Don't bind *readtable* to 
*buffer-readtable* if they are already EQ. When we shadow this binding the user 
can't assign *readtable* from the REPL so it's best avoided when possible.
       new  d7f2044   (slime-connect): Shorten the welcome message by leaving 
out the port number (which is displayed in the REPL anyway). This avoids 
line-wrapping some messages of encouragement.
       new  822d5e6   *** empty log message ***
       new  1ea1b0b   *** empty log message ***
       new  d14811b   s/alpha/beta/
       new  cfe17aa   Minor cleanup.
       new  fc6e1e1   The logic for slime-conservative-indentation is inverted.
       new  0a36f00   Mention mp:*default-process-quantum* for Allegro.
       new  3a6b129   (slime-mode-map, slime-repl-mode-map, 
slime-repl-read-mode-map): Remove the bind for C-c C-g.  C-c C-b is now the 
default interrupt key.
       new  09a6990   *** empty log message ***
       new  3fceffe   (frame-actual-args): Correct syntax for handler-case.
       new  261ada8   (find-fspec-location): Fixed to work for more types of 
definition than just functions. So M-. now works for e.g. classes in Allegro. 
Patch from Matthew Danish.
       new  03fa5be   *** empty log message ***
       new  4902bdb   (find-fspec-location): Include the type of the definition 
in the designator sent to Emacs.
       new  5ec2034   *** empty log message ***
       new  ede55ab   *** empty log message ***
       new  c16995f   (slime-thread-attach): Fixed misnamed function call.
       new  fd860c7   *** empty log message ***
       new  428199c   (slime-merge-notes, slime-tree-for-note): Use the short 
note message for annotation in the source buffer and the long message in the 
tree widget.  Used to be the other way around.
       new  17cd63a   *** empty log message ***
       new  93244d4   (variable-desc-for-echo-area): Bind some printer 
variables to limit the length of the output.
       new  fa982ff   *** empty log message ***
       new  0e17eb7   Removed caching of readtables and the source-map 
hashtable. Fresh creation is ultra-cheap (<1ms). The caching didn't handle 
modifications to readtables and generally made me feel uneasy while tracking 
down an obscure bug in a reader macro.
       new  750e4e2   (sldb-eval-in-frame): Print result to the REPL when a 
prefix argument is given.
       new  82ff26b   *** empty log message ***
       new  175b2a5   (slime-find-buffer-package): Use "%s", not "%S", to avoid 
ugly escape characters, if the package name contains dots.
       new  d3520be   *** empty log message ***
       new  11abfca   (slime-space): Use slime-message instead of 
slime-background-message. This displays multi-line arglists.
       new  347aa3f   Random updates.
       new  8c1b02d   *** empty log message ***
       new  36f4daf   (swank-compile-string): Use #\; instead of #\: to 
separate the position from the buffer-name.
       new  383766a   *** empty log message ***
       new  c65e885   C-c C-c C-a, C-c C-u C-e. Thanks Barry Fishman for 
reporting incorrect indexing.
       new  458fadb   *** empty log message ***
       new  722951b   (*global-debugger*): New configurable to globally install 
swank-debugger-hook as *debugger-hook*. True by default.
       new  c2cd643   *** empty log message ***
       new  35031cd   (slime-pretty-package-name): Fix last cond clause.
       new  edb16d5   *** empty log message ***
       new  e9c6639   PRINT-FRAME: PPRINT->PRINT (temporarily)
       new  79c38c6   Adding directory argument to swank-compile-string.
       new  78951a9   (sldb-fetch-all-frames, sldb-end-of-backtrace, 
sldb-beginning-of-backtrace): New commands.
       new  7b9f71d   (send-to-socket-io): Add some ignore declarations.
       new  6d27ed7   (find-fspec-location): Catch errors in excl:source-file.
       new  9a02992   We require SBCL 0.8.13.  0.8.12 is no longer supported.
       new  4d88185   *** empty log message ***
       new  0068c03   (completion-set, tokenize-symbol-designator, 
tokenize-completion) (fuzzy-completion-set, briefly-describe-symbol-for-emacs): 
Remove simple-base-string declarations.
       new  75cd374   (slime-oneliner): Don't use free variable.
       new  a7af46f   *** empty log message ***
       new  25d94e3   (*lisp-name*): Replace / with - in CMUCL version strings.
       new  16b8c85   *** empty log message ***
       new  73eac8c   Fix typo.
       new  c97bafa   (print-frame): Catch errors during printing.
       new  0e83e11   (defimplementation): define-dspec-alias seems to more 
apropriate than define-form-parser.
       new  b4117f4   Delete dead code.
       new  987607e   Remove debugging code in comment.
       new  3b5f363   We're no longer alpha.
       new  b6302ce   Add PROBLEMS file.
       new  b032c15   Add some docstrings.
       new  27597ca   *** empty log message ***
       new  7301f0b   Version 1.0
       new  38c01bf   Implement call-with-compilation-hooks.
       new  660216b   *** empty log message ***
       new  d3396a5   s/compliment/complement/
       new  01ffa9a   (make-swank-pathname): Preserve the host component 
(important for LispWorks on Windows).
       new  f379cc5   *** empty log message ***
       new  5e04f2c   (compile-file-for-emacs): Use with-buffer-syntax so that 
SBCL source files can be compiled.
       new  ddcfc37   *** empty log message ***
       new  f759e67   2004-09-13  Marco Baringer  <mb@bese.it>
       new  87c4e2e   2004-09-13  Marco Baringer  <mb@bese.it>
       new  7f11f15   openmcl
       new  f86e6b1   slime-goto-location-position: New location specifiers:
       new  ce05f2e   load "metering.lisp" in openmcl
       new  712a76a           * slime.el slime-goto-location-position: New 
location specifiers:         (:method name specializers . qualifiers) all are 
strings. Looks         for defxxx name then the qualifiers as words, in order 
then the         specializers as words, in order (except for "T", which is      
 optional). Pass the symbols names for specializers and qualifiers       (no 
packages). Used by openmcl but might be useful for others   (:text-anchored 
<position fixnum> <string> <delta fixnum>)      Got to position,  [...]
       new  288d07d   *** empty log message ***
       new  b07831f   Mention that Thomas Schilling implemented the allegro 
       new  ff1fa86   2004-09-13  Marco Baringer  <mb@bese.it>
       new  05bc052   Set up the swank-mop package. Implement 
swank-mop:slot-definition-documentation and function-name.
       new  00ee079   *** empty log message ***
       new  a676784   (intern-catch-tag):  New function. 
(read-user-input-from-emacs, take-input): Use it.
       new  f5acfc3   *** empty log message ***
       new  999266e   Minimal swank-mop support just so that slime/abcl can be 
compiled and loaded.
       new  8eb357e   2004-09-14  Thomas Schilling <tjs_ng@yahoo.de>
       new  90fcb25   arglist
       new  6ece1da   (:newline) before the property list
       new  e51c654   (:newline) before the property list (now really!)
       new  45dc6ba   More dummies for swank-mop.
       new  0ce7bc2   2004-09-14  Marco Baringer  <mb@bese.it>
       new  fccdf01   Adapt to new inspector api.
       new  48a8647   2004-09-14  Thomas Schilling <tjs_ng@yahoo.de>
       new  fc186a6   *** empty log message ***
       new  8880c2e   Inspector for functions.
       new  23e0932   (cleanp-connection-threads): Kill all Swank threads for a 
connction when it terminates.
       new  2c92a29   *** empty log message ***
       new  ec7a15e   *** empty log message ***
       new  fc01a61   Added *.elc
       new  46628e6   Fixed syntax error.
       new  13d2369   *** empty log message ***
       new  5e3a41b   (slime-inspector-label-face, slime-inspector-value-face, 
slime-inspector-action-face, slime-inspector-type-face): These faces now 
inherit from similar font-lock-<whatever> faces. (slime-open-inspector): Use 
slime-inspector-value-face for values.
       new  7b57684   (inspect-for-emacs): Add function and compiler-macro 
documentation when inspecting symbols. View the truename of logical pathnames 
where they exist. Fix typos in package inspector (fix by Torsten Poulin 
       new  014acb2   (inspect-for-emacs): Insert function object's 
documentation when it's available.
       new  ddfc707   (inspect-for-emacs): Insert function object's 
documentation when it's available.
       new  c38d5dd   *** empty log message ***
       new  5e36069   swank-openmcl: typo in who-references. Fix frame-var-value
       new  b4bf2c0   *** empty log message ***
       new  be7ad38   It's -> Its
       new  31ee4ab   (swank-mop): Implement the MOP compatability package. 
(inspectod-for-emacs): Update for new inspection API.
       new  ad3c10c   *** empty log message ***
       new  183f40e   my name is "Marco Baringer", not "macro".
       new  bb050da   (swank-mop, inspect-for-emacs): Only define the CLOS 
parts of the inspector if the underlying lisp provides the required 
functionality. If not enough MOP is present to implement the inspector then we 
define some very simple replacement methods.
       new  454a63b   *** empty log message ***
       new  fcbaabd   *** empty log message ***
       new  1909dff   Export eql-specializer, eql-specializer-object and 
specializer-direct-methods from swank-mop.
       new  0c00a6a   Require eql-specializer, eql-specializer-object and 
specializer-direct-methods in swank-mop package.
       new  3a4aa77   (swank-mop): Export eql-specializer, 
eql-specializer-object and specializer-direct-methods from swank-mop. 
(inspect-for-emacs): Thinko fix.
       new  1a51744   (swank-mop): Export specializer-direct-methods. 
(eql-specializer): Implement. (eql-specializer-object): Implement.
       new  ba7c622   (swank-mop): Export eql-specializer, 
eql-specializer-object and specializer-direct-methods from swank-mop.
       new  255187a   (swank-mop): Export eql-specializer, 
eql-specializer-object and specializer-direct-methods from swank-mop. 
(inspect-for-emacs): Fix typo in ignore declaration.
       new  4aae4c4   Don't print "Documentation:" if none is available; add 
support for classes specializer-direct-methods; deal with eql-specializers in 
methods. (inspector-princ): New function. (method-specializers-for-inspect): 
New function. (method-for-inspect-value): New function. (inspect-for-emacs): 
Use inspector-princ instead of princ-to-string.
       new  5aa751b   Update inspector documentation.
       new  1453b9c   *** empty log message ***
       new  441af4b   (slime-repl-return-string): Allow empty strings.  That's 
our way to send end-of-file.
       new  192e05d   (import-swank-mop-symbols): New function. Useful if the 
implementation has most of the mop symbols in the same package.
       new  e2b0eee   (thread-for-evaluation): Restart the listener thread if 
it was dead for some reason.
       new  9f87544   (sis/in): Treat empty strings as end-of-file.
       new  c4fc6d0   (stream-read-char): Treat empty strings as end-of-file.
       new  8d19b18   *** empty log message ***
       new  ce79746   (interrupt-worker-thread): Interrupt the repl thread if 
there is no other active thread.
       new  bb341d7   *** empty log message ***
       new  37393f6   swank-mop & inspector
       new  b037304   Redefine xp::decode-stream-arg
       new  2dcfc25   (slime-start-and-load): Take arguments so that the 
function can be called non-interactively.
       new  5e7ab46   (frame-package, label-value-line, label-value-line*): New 
       new  c81d000   (frame-locals-for-emacs): Bind *print-pretty* to 
*sldb-pprint-frames* to get more compact lines and bind *package* to 
frame-package to get shorter labels for variables.
       new  60602aa   (frame-package): Implemented.
       new  54fa29e   *** empty log message ***
       new  209508b   (slime-start-and-load): Only start SLIME is if it is not 
       new  43f9c58   (load-file-set-package): New function.
       new  6c98bcf   *** empty log message ***
       new  2c2baee   Removed some CVS conflict markers.
       new  3c60491   Remove dependence on Gray streams, use abcl's slime 
       new  2761362   Don't load swank-gray for abcl.
       new  6d8eb6c   (define-slime-dialect): New macro to make invoking 
different command lines easier.
       new  53a30a9   (mop, mop-helper): Support functions for the class 
browser.  By Rui Patroc�nio.
       new  c2528ec   Add it to cvs for Emacs 20.
       new  dec534d   *** empty log message ***
       new  e113adc   (slime-set-connection-info): Hide the *inferior-lisp* 
after we now Lisp's pid.
       new  97c638e   (parse-symbol): Don't use the reader because to avoid 
interning unknown symbols.  The downside is that we no longer handle escaped  
|symbols| correctly.
       new  1b11787   (code-component-entry-points): Only include entry points 
with "valid" functions names.  This excludes internal lambdas, which have 
usually have usually a string as name, like "defun foo".
       new  2ab1edd   (find-fspec-location): excl:source-file can return stuff 
like   (:operator ...); try to handle it.
       new  66f8180   *** empty log message ***
       new  437c0de   Redefine BREAK.
       new  52ed838   (slime-set-connection-info): Print the words of 
encouragement here after all the other asynchronous initialization.
       new  842c2e9   *** empty log message ***
       new  f42ebb8   (compile-files-if-needed-serially): Load verbosely.
       new  dc56e19   Reduce dependency on inf-lisp internals. Make it possible 
to start the inferior lisp in a buffer different from "*inferior-lisp*". 
(slime): Parse the command argument explicitly and don't rely on 
`inferior-lisp'.  Don't close all connections, but only the one for the 
inferior lisp buffer we are using. (slime-maybe-start-lisp): Take the command 
and buffer as argument. Decide here whether we should just disconnect and 
reconnect or start a new process. (slime-start-lisp [...]
       new  9f99a10   (getpid)[win32]: Use win32:|GetCurrentProcessId|.  From 
Reini Urban.
       new  8323d01   *** empty log message ***
       new  7b123dd   (slime): Arguments should be optional.
       new  57e0301   (arglist-for-echo-area): Handle errors and return a 
       new  9b1d65b   *** empty log message ***
       new  d6e0867   (Credits): Updated the credits list to include more Lisp 
implementors who're also SLIME hackers.
       new  4a44daa   *** empty log message ***
       new  0351379   (update-indentation/delta-for-emacs): Configure Emacs 
indentation settings not just for the symbol name but for all package-qualified 
forms of it as well.
       new  0b97d6f   *** empty log message ***
       new  f1fbfad   minor inspector cleanups
       new  935f008   Bind *debugger-hook* instead of setfing it when spawning 
       new  b6d76fd   (find-defintions): Include sundry compiler stuff.  Patch 
from Thomas Burdick.
       new  15e0e94   (slime-find-buffer-package-function): New variable to 
allow customization for unusal syntax.
       new  cab6331   (*sldb-pprint-frames*): Renamed to *sldb-print-pretty*.
       new  81a65c4   (return-from-frame): Implemented by Jan Rychter.  
Requires a recent CMUCL.
       new  cfde610   *** empty log message ***
       new  abf67f4   Put it under CVS.
       new  e18310b   *** empty log message ***
       new  82ec2d7   (slime-message): Use slime-typeout-frame if available.
       new  21259c6   *** empty log message ***
       new  4537134   (printer-variables sldb-print): Ooops. Better use 
sldb-print as prefix than sldb alone.  *sldb-level* was already defined.
       new  8ed7146   *** empty log message ***
       new  2d11094   (define-printer-variables): NIL is not a valid docstring. 
 Reported by Alain Picard.
       new  e753974   (define-printer-variables): Allow print-gensym, base and 
others. (printer-variables sldb-print): Include print-gensym, pprint-dispatch, 
base, radix, array, lines.
       new  b5aa27f   *** empty log message ***
       new  f89ed6b   (slime-show-source-location): Call `set-mark-command' to 
push the source position onto the global mark ring.
       new  b2f386d   *** empty log message ***
       new  2ed97c7   slime-show-source-location: Use `push-mark' instead of 
       new  1988ff6   *** empty log message ***
       new  9236f66   (slime-repl-defparameter): Change default value to "*".
       new  9e6a034   (inspect-for-emacs): Use excl::external-fn_symdef to get 
the function documentation.
       new  234d3ef   (inspect-for-emacs function): Use next method's values 
and simply add cmucl specific details.
       new  5f23d61   (specializer-name): New function. (who-specializes): Use 
it. (maybe-method-location): Use it. (function-source-location): Use it.
       new  545aa7c   (inspect-for-emacs array): Properly deal with arrays 
without fill pointers. (inspect-for-emacs function): Show 
function-lambda-expression when available. (inspect-for-emacs 
generic-function): Order generic function's methods and show abbreviated docs 
for methods. (abbrev-doc): New function. (methods-by-applicability): New 
function. (*gf-method-getter*): New variable.
       new  794ff6a   *** empty log message ***
       new  063862b   (slime-init-command): New function to send the command to 
load swank. Havering a separate function for the task should make it easier to 
start a Lips with a preloaded swank. (slime-maybe-start-lisp): Use it. 
(slime-maybe-start-multiprocessing): Deleted.
       new  03380c5   (define-printer-variables): Handle doc strings properly. 
(*sldb-pprint-dispatch*): Initialize it with the default dispatch table.
       new  bf5accc   (read-error-location, signal-compiler-condition): Handle 
       new  12b465f   Remove workarounds for SBCL bugs.  The bugs are fixed in 
the versions we support.
       new  999c320   (signal-compiler-condition): Remove reader conditionals 
as the current code doesn't work in any SBCL before 0.8.13 anyway.
       new  d74c7b6   *** empty log message ***
       new  235b1a1   (lisp-prefix-match-indentation): Change default to nil to 
avoid confusion for people who don't care about the issue.
       new  aa36cac   *** empty log message ***
       new  dc49cfa   (signal-compiler-condition): Actually delete one of the 
reader-conditionalized forms.
       new  7d65aa8   *** empty log message ***
       new  c06d04e   (*sldb-stepping-p*): New variable.  Used to tell emacs 
that the debugger buffer should not be closed even if we unwind. 
(debug-in-emacs): Use it.
       new  7a1aa61   (activate-stepping): New function.
       new  20c339c   (slime-dispatch-event): Accept stepping flag.
       new  2581bde   (set-step-breakpoints): Handle breakpoints at 
single-return points in escaped frames better.  Previously we tried to set a 
breakpoint at the current position and consequently was only hit during the 
next call.
       new  61e7e99   (slime-kill-all-buffers): More regexp kludges.  From Bill 
       new  8531c8c   Add workaround for CLISP's broken control string parser.
       new  88a6f5d   *** empty log message ***
       new  4a75510   Undo previous change.
       new  5984706   *** empty log message ***
       new  81304f6   (inspect-for-emacs[integer]): Fix control string.  Thanks 
to CSR for pointing it out.
       new  d1c4f67   *** empty log message ***
       new  1a26ec5   (source-path-stream-position): Bind *read-suppress* only 
as long as we skip over forms.  The last toplevel form in the path is read with 
*read-suppress* = nil because in newer versions of CMUCL and SBCL read will 
return nil if *read-suppress* is t.
       new  4e11cfc   *** empty log message ***
       new  47a2542   (slime-easy-menu): Add item for slime-update-indentation. 
 Suggested by Lynn Quam.
       new  bb53e07   (assign-index): Avoid linear search.
       new  294245f   (severity-for-emacs): Special case read-errors.
       new  d5536c4   (deftype severity): Add read-errors.
       new  5c883d8   *** empty log message ***
       new  2bd010b   * slime.el (slime-fuzzy-explanation): Added line to 
describe flags (:boundp, :fboundp, :macro, etc), which are now reported in the 
fuzzy-completion output. (slime-fuzzy-insert-completion-choice): Added flags. 
(slime-fuzzy-choices-buffer): Added flags header.
       new  3c00de2   (slime-eval-feature-conditional): Convert AND, OR, and 
NOT to lowercase keywords.
       new  59cfcd6   (features-for-emacs): New function to avoid 
keyword/string confusion. Case doesn't matter since Emacs will downcase them 
anyway. (connection-info, sync-features-to-emacs): Use it.  Should fix 
highlighting bug reported by Edi Weitz.
       new  9ebe19c   *** empty log message ***
       new  c886cb4   call slime-start-lisp in ,restart-inferior-lisp with the 
right number of args
       new  74ef6fb   (inspect-for-emacs): Use definterface so SLIME knows we 
implement this. (arglist function): Use ccl:arglist, not ccl::arglist-from-map. 
(inspect-for-emacs): Added support for inspecting the uvector objects under 
lisp datums.
       new  9d2a79b   (definterface): Eliminate unused variable received-args. 
(emacs-connected, make-stream-interactive, condition-references, 
condition-extras, buffer-first-change): Add (declare (ignore X)) for unused 
arguments in default implementations. (inspect-for-emacs): Remove (declare 
(ignore)) for inexistent variable inspection-mode. Added T qualifiers in method 
       new  1e8ca92   *** empty log message ***
       new  f55653b   (slime-activate-font-lock-magic): Add support XEmacs.  
From Raymond Toy.
       new  0b775f4   (slime-reader-conditional-face): New face.
       new  4b7f7b6   *** empty log message ***
       new  6bb72a4   (slime-communication-style): New connection variable. 
(slime-use-sigint-for-interrupt): Is no longer a connection local variable.  
It's derived from the new slime-communication-style. 
(slime-inhibit-pipelining): New user option. 
(slime-background-activities-enabled-p): New predicate to control various 
background activities like autodoc and arglist fetching. (slime-space, 
slime-autodoc-message-ok-p): Use it.
       new  28263ff   (emacs-connected): Don't pass the stream as argument. 
make-stream-interactive is a better place for setting buffering options.
       new  508a639   (defstruct connection): Add new slot: communication-style 
for convenience. (create-connection): Initialize the new slot. 
(connection-info): Send the communication-style to Emacs. (install-fd-handler, 
simple-serve-requests): Sending :use-sigint-for-interrupt is no longer 
       new  dc44d02   (sos/misc :flush-output): There seem to be funny signal 
safety issues if the dedicated output stream is not used.  So, lets first reset 
the buffer index before sending the buffer to the underlying stream.
       new  9ddb31e   (emacs-connected, make-stream-interactive): Move the 
soft-force-output stuff to make-stream-interactive.
       new  2cdf70f   (emacs-connected, make-stream-interactive): Move 
buffering stuff to make-stream-interactive.
       new  9a556c5   (emacs-connected): Updated for new interface.
       new  9c1b977   (emacs-connected): Deleted.  The default implementation 
should be good enough.
       new  884cd7f   *** empty log message ***
       new  9e013a5   Typo in defimplementation emacs-connected.
       new  b41ca0f   (inspect-for-emacs): Fix bug in handling of arrays with 
       new  1415265   *** empty log message ***
       new  4910a21   (slime-insert-xrefs): one-line-ify the label.  From 
Matthew Danish.
       new  afcbcf6   (inspect-for-emacs array): Use row-major-aref instead of 
a displaced array.  I that's the same.
       new  5bb5d51   (swank-mop:slot-definition-documentation): ACL 7 says 
documentation should have 2 args. So, pass t as second argument.
       new  b03898f   (thread-status): Decode the thread-state-slot instead of 
returning ???.
       new  5aea486   *** empty log message ***
       new  bcb5bc1   (slime-net-coding-system): New variable.  Specifies the 
coding system to use for network communication.  The default is iso-latin-1 and 
should work for all Lisps.  Only a small set of coding systems is currently 
supported. (slime-net-valid-coding-systems): New variable.  A list of coding 
systems which may be used. (slime-check-coding-system, 
slime-coding-system-mulibyte-p) (slime-coding-system-cl-name): New utility 
function for coding systems. (slime-net-connect, sli [...]
       new  c2dc902   (*coding-system*): New variable. (start-server): Accept 
external-format as argument. (create-server, create-swank-server, setup-server, 
serve-connection) (open-dedicated-output-stream, create-connection): Ditto.
       new  984c411   (accept-connection): Accept :external-format as argument.
       new  f894f16   (accept-connection): Accept external-format argument.
       new  d7386a9   *** empty log message ***
       new  09d4a78   (make-stream-interactive): Only add ouptut streams 
(subclasses of ccl:fundamental-output-stream) to ccl::*auto-flush-streams*.
       new  b6a4257   *** empty log message ***
       new  8a4613c   Fix unbalanced parenthesis.  Patch from Travis Cross.
       new  7da2f67   *** empty log message ***
       new  cfc163c   (make-socket-io-stream): Add #+sb-unicode.
       new  8cb43ef   *** empty log message ***
       new  24ac989   (slime-repl-mode-map): Add C-up and C-down to move 
through history. Consistent with comint-mode.
       new  87e4995   *** empty log message ***
       new  903cbab   (slime-repl-mode-map): Add slime-load-file on `C-c C-l'.
       new  106b0d3   (slime-load-file): Handle (buffer-file-name) being nil.
       new  d0b892d   (slime-repl-mode-map): Add slime-load-file on `C-c C-l' 
and slime-compile-file on `C-c C-k'. This is mostly to override unwanted 
inf-lisp bindings in lisp-mode-map.
       new  163210c   *** empty log message ***
       new  9c01efe   (slime-start-and-load) Use vanilla comint instead of 
inf-lisp.  Let's try that for a while.
       new  ca9bb1b   (set-external-format): New function.  Use LF as eol mark.
       new  fafbcd3   (emacs-connected): Set sigint handler only for single 
threaded operation. I.e. when *communication-style* is nil.
       new  48f6306   (inspect-for-emacs-list): subseq on improper lists breaks 
in Lispworks. Handle that case better.
       new  a42864c   (debug-var-value): Return #:invalid or #:unkown instead 
of :<not-available>.
       new  7fa38e9   (import-swank-mop-symbols): Better error message for the 
       new  70d4dc9   (inspect-for-emacs)[code-component]: Disassemble 
code-components too.
       new  1401b0e   *** empty log message ***
       new  447de2d   (slime-net-coding-system): Use find-coding-system in 
XEmacs. coding-system-p means something different here.
       new  9c39422   *** empty log message ***
       new  08f5451   (slime-indent-and-complete-symbol): Echo the arglist if 
there's no symbol before point.  Don't complete after parens. 
(slime-echo-arglist): Factorized from slime-space. (slime-space): Use it.
       new  74893ac   (dispatch-loop): Catch errors and close the connection.  
It's almost impossible to run the debugger inside the control-thread, so let it 
crash instead.  A backtrace would be nice, though.
       new  fe6b4b6   (%thread-state-slot,  %thread-state): Refactored from 
thread-status. (thread-status): Use it.
       new  4240ac1   *** empty log message ***
       new  e0115e2   *** empty log message ***
       new  c3e4a1e   (read-into-simple-string): Use #-cmu19 instead of 
       new  9c29ca5   (slime-global-variable-name-p): Allow optional 
"<package-name>:" or "<package-name>::".
       new  61f2bac   (macro-indentation): Call clean-arglist.
       new  635b29f   (list-callers-internal): Return the function if 
dspec:object-dspec returns nil. (xref-results): Previously, functions for which 
dspec:dspec-definition-locations returned nil were ignored. Include them with a 
unknown source-location.
       new  fb7c649   (accept-connection): The :external-format argument 
defaults now to :iso-latin-1-unix.
       new  082b2cf   *** empty log message ***
       new  2c1c98b   (slime-repl-clear-buffer, slime-repl-clear-output): Fix 
       new  b6a1c1c   (inspect-for-emacs (symbol)): Handle non-interned symbols.
       new  4420057   *** empty log message ***
       new  0068bb4   (slime-global-variable-name-p): Return true for names of 
constants like +foo+.
       new  358236a   (handle-compiler-warning): Handle undefined-functions 
warnings by looking the fromat-arguments of the condition. 
(compiler-undefined-functions-called-warning-p, location-for-warning) 
(handle-undefined-functions-warning): New functions.
       new  f045a3b   *** empty log message ***
       new  208778f   Minor cleanups.
       new  3fd52fd   (eval-region): Use a simple loop.
       new  49d2f60   (sending-safe-p): New predicate. (pre-gc-hook, 
post-gc-hook): Use it. (*install-gc-hooks*): New user variable.
       new  197fecd   *** empty log message ***
       new  1cc9b37   (*sldb-print-pretty*, *sldb-print-circle*, 
*sldb-print-length*) (*sldb-print-level*, *sldb-print-lines*) 
(*sldb-print-pprint-dispatch*): Export those symbols.
       new  f6c8c59   *** empty log message ***
       new  80be3fd   *** empty log message ***
       new  27c939b   (slime-repl-mode-map): Bind <home> to slime-repl-bol.  
Suggested by Chris Capel.
       new  a7d4144   *** empty log message ***
       new  1a0638f   (slime-repl-grab-old-input): Append the old input to the 
current input by default.  If the new `replace' argument and is true, replace 
the current input.
       new  8348662   (slime-repl-grab-old-input): Remove the 'old-input 
text-property from the copied text.
       new  98fb623   *** empty log message ***
       new  1ebcf88   (slime-edit-definition-other-frame): New function. 
(slime-edit-definition): Switch to the other frame if the `where' is 'frame.
       new  538a146   (slime-output-string): Remove debugging stuff.
       new  e6fd842   *** empty log message ***
       new  e77b1b9   (slime-lisp-modes): New variable to make C-c C-k 
customizable and usable in scheme-mode. (slime-compile-file): Use it.
       new  1aebee8   (*buffer-name* *buffer-offset*): Move definitions upward 
before the first use.
       new  4d48cb5   (source-path-stream-position): Bind *read-suppress* to 
nil before calling read-and-record-source-map.
       new  939fa30   (frame-package): Delete it.  Include the package name for 
local variables because it is utterly confusing if `eval-in-frame' doesn't work 
due to missing package prefixes.
       new  0572b79   (frame-package): Delete it.  Include the package name for 
local variables because it is utterly confusing if `eval-in-frame' doesn't work 
due to missing package prefixes.
       new  67a3d22   *** empty log message ***
       new  64f88f9   (slime-keys): Bind M-* to slime-pop-find-definition-stack 
for compatibility with standard Emacs convention.
       new  042b89b   (read-source-form): New function. Common code from 
source-path-stream-position and form-number-stream-position. 
(source-path-stream-position): Use it.
       new  6e40251   (form-number-stream-position): Use  read-source-form.
       new  9d42318   (frame-for-emacs): Print the frame number a little nicer 
with ~2D.
       new  dd2cc0f   *** empty log message ***
       new  e430a84   (slime-complete-symbol*): Bind 
comint-completion-addsuffix so unambiguous or exact completion closes the 
string automatically.
       new  d63bd89   *** empty log message ***
       new  3ffe7d0   *** empty log message ***
       new  526a135   (create-socket): Work around bug in 
comm::create-tcp-socket-for-service on Mac OS LW 4.3.
       new  27e66a5   (slime-conservative-indentation): The default is now nil. 
 Suggested by Travis Cross.
       new  3e802ee   (profile-package): Add implementation for SBCL.
       new  f692fd5   (inspect-for-emacs-list): LispWorks has a low args limit 
for apply: use reduce instead of apply.
       new  947651d   *** empty log message ***
       new  86594a1   (*default-worker-thread-bindings*): New variable to 
initialize dynamic variables in worker threads. (spawn-worker-thread, 
call-with-bindings): New helper functions. (thread-for-evaluation): Use them.
       new  f63dbc5   *** empty log message ***
       new  4ff160b   (slime-inspector-operate-on-click): New command for 
inspecting the value value at the clicked-at position or invoking an inspector 
action. (slime-inspector-mode-map): Bind it to mouse-2. 
(slime-inspector-insert-ispec): Add mouse-face properties for clickable values 
and action buttons.
       new  9fab4d9   (slime-changelog-date): Return nil if the ChangLog file 
doesn't exits. (slime-repl-update-banner): Write "ChangLog file not found" if 
the ChangeLog doesn't exist.
       new  13e4ffb   *** empty log message ***
       new  5d44919   (create-socket): The byte-order of the :host argument for 
CREATE-INET-LISTENER was changed in the Jan 2005 snapshot.  Test whether the 
symbol 'ext:socket-error exists to decide if we are in a older version. 
(resolve-hostname): Return the address in host byte-order.
       new  91bc1f6   *** empty log message ***
       new  39a534d   slime.el (slime-complete-symbol*): Maybe insert closing 
parenthesis or space after symbol completion has finished.
       new  475e99b   (slime-repl-send-input): Make old input read-only using 
an overlay instead of a text property. This way if you copy&paste the input 
elsewhere it will become editable (overlay is associated with the buffer region 
and not the text).
       new  5b072d2   *** empty log message ***
       new  4a0a2b4   (slime-complete-symbol*-fancy): New variable to enable 
extra bells and whistles with slime-complete-symbol*. Currently controls 
whether to use arglists semantically.
       new  35a9705   *** empty log message ***
       new  093191e   (slime-complete-symbol*-fancy): Now defaults to t.
       new  f032966   (slime-header-line-p): Customize variable to 
enable/disable the header-line in the REPL.
       new  d6fd24d   *** empty log message ***
       new  d908dab   (breakpoint): Add a slot for return values to make return 
values inspectable in the debugger. (signal-breakpoint): Initialize the new 
       new  9091f32   (stream-unread-char): If the char argument doesn't match 
the contents in the buffer ignore it and emit a warning instead.
       new  8424d70   (arglist-to-template-string): New function. 
(arglist-for-insertion): Use it (decode-keyword-arg, decode-optional-arg): New 
       new  f772bda   (slime-insert-arglist): Inserts a template for a function 
call instead of the plain arglist; this makes a difference for functions with 
optional and keyword arguments.
       new  1512064   *** empty log message ***
       new  9f80540   (handle-undefined-functions-warning): Prevent breakage if 
the undefined function is called at multiple locations.  By Edi Weitz.
       new  c71e989   *** empty log message ***
       new  c99c6b9   (parse-symbol): Don't break if the package doesn't exists.
       new  bedd8b1   *** empty log message ***
       new  34dbab9   (slime-busy-p): Ignore debugged continuations to enable 
arglist lookup while debugging.  Suggested by Lynn Quam. (sldb-continuations): 
New buffer local variable in sldb buffers to keep track of debugged 
continuatons. (sldb-debugged-continuations): New function. (sldb-buffers): 
Renamed from sldb-remove-killed-buffers.
       new  e6e0c1c   (*pending-continuations*, eval-in-emacs, 
debugger-info-for-emacs): Keep track of debugged continuation the new variable 
*pending-continuations* and include the list of active continuations in the 
debugger info for Emacs.
       new  ffc2a59   *** empty log message ***
       new  ce7997e   (slime-goto-location-position): Changed the regexp to 
require the function-name to be followed by a non-symbol-constituent character 
\S_.  Previously a function-name of "find" will first match find-if-not if it 
occurs earlier in the file.  Patch from Bryan O'Connor.
       new  ce13a2d   *** empty log message ***
       new  0155672   *** empty log message ***
       new  afd80ce   (slime-repl-send-input): Move some properties of old REPL 
input (e.g. read-only) from text properties into an overlay, so that kill/yank 
will leave them behind. Left `slime-repl-old-input' as a text properties 
because it's more convenient to lookup that way.
       new  4ced1c2   *** empty log message ***
       new  ad43c02   *** empty log message ***
       new  599e31c   Require the timer package explicitly.
       new  b120960   *** empty log message ***
       new  65abeaf   source-location: conform to abcl's new protocol (Peter 
Graves) pprint frames
       new  b720ab8   (slime-dispatch-event): Added the :evaluate-in-emacs 
dispatch state which simply parses the message and class evaluate-in-emacs. 
(evaluate-in-emacs): New function. (complete-name-context-at-point, 
name-context-at-point, out-first, definition-name, parameter-specializers, 
slime-toggle-trace-fdefinition, slime-toggle-trace-function, 
slime-toggle-trace-defgeneric, slime-toggle-trace-defmethod, 
slime-toggle-trace-maybe-wherein, slime-toggle-trace-within): New functions i 
       new  80d90a0   (toggle-trace-generic-function-methods, toggle-trace, 
toggle-trace-function, toggle-trace-method, toggle-trace-fdefinition-wherein, 
toggle-trace-fdefinition-within): Implement. (process-fspec-for-allegro): New 
       new  6be3671   (toggle-trace-function, 
toggle-trace-generic-function-methods, toggle-trace-method, 
toggle-trace-fdefinition-wherein, toggle-trace-fdefinition-within): New backend 
functions for the new trace facility.
       new  590d9fb   (toggle-trace-generic-function-methods, 
toggle-trace-function, toggle-trace-method, toggle-trace-fdefinition-wherein): 
Implement. (toggle-trace, process-fspec): New functions.
       new  47002fe   (dispatch-event): Handle the :evaluate-in-emacs message 
type. (evaluate-in-emacs): New function.
       new  266e055   see ChangeLog
       new  ca6ddb7   Export compute-applicable-methods-using-classes.
       new  7331544   (arglist): New struct for storing decoded arglists. 
(decode-arglist): New function. (arglist-keywords, methods-keywords, 
generic-function-keywords, applicable-methods-keywords): New functions. 
(decoded-arglist-to-template-string, print-decoded-arglist-as-template): New 
functions. (arglist-to-template-string): Rewrite using above functions. 
(remove-actual-args): New function. (complete-form): New slimefun.
       new  5d0276f   (slime-complete-form): New command.
       new  bd9e562   *** empty log message ***
       new  6ce4ee0   Fixed removed comments!
       new  06e774c   (swank-mop:compute-applicable-methods-using-classes): 
Implement it.
       new  8fde3f1   (slime-complete-form): Emacs 20 compatibility fix.
       new  d694b0a   *** empty log message ***
       new  18204be   (restart-frame): Simplify it a little.
       new  ba40b40   (slime-startup-animation, slime-repl-update-banner): Put 
the animation back in to keep the kids quiet.
       new  2d098b0   *** empty log message ***
       new  6b447c7   (eval-for-emacs): Use the new backend function 
       new  89e015f   (slime-env): New class. (call-with-debugger-hook): Use 
env:with-environment to pop up our debugger on a BREAK.
       new  e422909   (call-with-debugger-hook): New function. Useful if the 
backend needs special incantations for BREAK.
       new  a2a678c   (call-with-debugger-hook): Bind 
sb-ext:*invoke-debugger-hook* instead of setting it in emacs-connected. 
(emacs-connected): Deleted.
       new  9f13a1c   (compile-files-if-needed-serially): Reduce verbosity by 
setting the :print argument for compile-file to nil.
       new  517ebb1   (slime-dispatch-event): Add :eval-no-wait and :eval 
events. (slime-eval-for-lisp): New function.
       new  8092c9b   *** empty log message ***
       new  dacd89c   (toggle-trace-method) (toggle-trace-fdefinition-wherein): 
Conditionalized for CMU19.
       new  7c07267   (slime-who-bindings): Bind who-specializes to C-c W a.
       new  27ba963   (calls-who, toggle-trace): New functions. 
(toggle-trace-function, toggle-trace-generic-function-methods, 
(toggle-trace-method,  toggle-trace-fdefinition-wherein): Replaced by 
       new  c9f86e2   (toggle-trace): Update tracing code for new interface.
       new  17d5cab   (*sldb-printer-bindings*, *swank-pprint-bindings*): New 
variables. The alists replace the variables which where previously hidden with 
the define-printer-variables macro. (define-printer-variables, 
with-printer-settings): Deleted, because the variable names where not visible 
in the source code.
       new  f673d00   *** empty log message ***
       new  2aff2a1   Look for a file in the same directory as 
swank-loader.lisp called site-init.lisp. If it exists we load that instead of 
attempting to load ~/.swank.lisp. (user-init-file): Superseded by 
load-user-init-file. (load-user-init-file): New function. 
(load-site-init-file): New function.
       new  11ab955   *** empty log message ***
       new  3dee4f1   Fixed for (and requires) 0.8.20.
       new  96cfaca   *** empty log message ***
       new  cc8fa0a   *** empty log message ***
       new  7d9d0dd   Fixed for latest SBCL HEAD revision and temporarily 
backwards-compatible with the current release.
       new  714242a   (slime-inferior-lisp): Don't display the buffer.  Let 
callers do that. (slime): Display the inferior buffer.
       new  73e84b5   (process-fspec-for-allegro, toggle-trace): Handle setf 
functions. (tracedp): Fix free variable.
       new  5e7b427   *** empty log message ***
       new  a639831   Export LOG-OUTPUT.
       new  b96be2e   *** empty log message ***
       new  44aaf0a   (format-arglist-for-echo-area): Use extra-keywords to 
enrich the list of keywords.
       new  6ff42e6   Export FINALIZE-INHERITANCE from SWANK-MOP.
       new  675c045   Added slime-complete-form to the menu.
       new  6fa783e   *** empty log message ***
       new  0acc7a3   *** empty log message ***
       new  73cc33e   Changing way swank-loader determines where to save fasls.
       new  83d923b   Updating feature lists for FASL directory names computing 
       new  7b3d139   Tweaks to doc/Makefile
       new  b100d53   Added symbolic lisp names.
       new  0c2a6a5   Tweaks to new symbolic lisp names.
       new  5003e0e   Adding missing features for unique-directory-name.
       new  bb571d3   Changing ERROR to WARN in unique-directory-name.
       new  66936c6   (slime-toggle-trace-fdefinition): If there is no symbol 
at point then prompt for one.
       new  ec376cc   *** empty log message ***
       new  68567b1   Doc fix.
       new  06f6886   Source file cache is now moved into 
       new  93aef9d   Updated for swank-source-file-cache.lisp (CMUCL & SBCL)
       new  e808463   Use swank-source-file-cache to find snippets of 
definitions. M-. is now much more robust to modifications in the source file.
       new  5f122c3   Source file cache management factored out of 
       new  12e14e1   *** empty log message ***
       new  b846225   (toggle-trace): Fix from Antonio Menezes Leitao.
       new  ae11fc5   Fix from Antonio Menezes Leitao.
       new  424497d   *** empty log message ***
       new  71d64ce   (slime-edit-value): New function on `C-c E'. Prompts for 
a Lisp expression, evaluates and displays the result in a new buffer for 
editing, and then setf's the edited value in Lisp after you press C-c C-c. 
Usage example: `C-c E asdf:*central-registry*' Minor docstring and 
pull-down-menu changes.
       new  51cf229   (value-for-editing, commit-edited-value): New functions 
for slime-edit-value.
       new  a7b2948   *** empty log message ***
       new  f379ceb   Fix to slime-edit-value-callback to disable 
slime-temp-buffer-mode. Otherwise 'q' dismisses the buffer.
       new  8cc519b   (*os-features*): Added :mswindows. Thanks Will Glozer.
       new  b2e9ae8   *** empty log message ***
       new  74bf1e3   Updated for revisted sb-introspect patch: 
       new  a5f399b   (read-snippet): Skip comments and whitespace in SBCL. The 
source-positions reported by SBCL are not adjusted to skip over whitespace 
before the definition.
       new  922c3fc   *** empty log message ***
       new  f75836e   (inspect-for-emacs symbol): Add an "unintern it" action 
for symbols.
       new  0accf3c   *** empty log message ***
       new  158a398   (slime-dispatch-event): Use `slime-busy-p' to control the 
"; pipelined request" message. This way it takes requests blocked in the 
debugger into account and avoids spurious messages.
       new  740950b   *** empty log message ***
       new  105aa99   (slime-run-when-idle): New function to hide Emacs/XEmacs 
differences. See Steven E. Harris' message from 15 Mar 2005. 
(slime-process-available-input): Use it.
       new  9ff25ba   (*macroexpand-printer-bindings*): New user variable. 
(apply-macro-expander): Use it.
       new  6cb2b94   (unique-directory-name): Rewritten to avoid the rather 
irritating warning that (warn "Don't know ...") is unreachable.
       new  4503c4e   *** empty log message ***
       new  d24d87f   (slime-complete-symbol*-fancy): Now nil by default.
       new  1177191   (swank-compile-string): Re-implemented.  This time with 
temp-files and proper source-location tracking. (install-debug-source-patch, 
debug-source-for-info-advice): Patch SBCL's debug-source-for-info so that we 
can dump our own bits of debug info. (temp-file-name, call/temp-file): New 
       new  565aa29   *** empty log message ***
       new  57034a6   *** empty log message ***
       new  f90301e   (make-source-recording-readtable): Ignore non-ascii chars.
       new  d5ecf86   Added LW features
       new  9197e2a   *** empty log message ***
       new  7c40612   (function-source-location): For definitions compiled in 
Emacs buffers, include the :emacs-string as a :snippet hint for search-based 
M-. lookup.
       new  9ee2a92   *** empty log message ***
       new  72322a2   (quit-lisp): If we are running multithreaded, terminate 
all other threads too.  (still broken in; used to work in ~
       new  24eacc3   (call-with-debugging-environment): Rebind 
kernel:*current-level* 0. Useful for debugging pretty printer code.
       new  9cb9da6   (commit-edited-value): Use buffer syntax.
       new  b38deb3   *** empty log message ***
       new  849b301   (locate-compiler-note): Handle errors in macros better.
       new  0cfc04a   *** empty log message ***
       new  f6572b8   (read-snippet): Take the start position as optional 
       new  72e2663   (source-file-source-location): Read the snippet at the 
right position.
       new  606f916   *** empty log message ***
       new  f1670dc   (swank-compile-string): Bind *print-radix* to t, to avoid 
problems if somebody uses different values for *print-base* and *read-base*. 
Reported by Alain Picard.
       new  176e5b8   *** empty log message ***
       new  4424876   (commit-edited-value): Read a backquated string, instead 
of quating the result of read. This allows one to put ,(form) into edit-value 
       new  d67841a   *** empty log message ***
       new  115b60d   *** empty log message ***
       new  3ed180f   Mention Unicode support and some multi-threading issues.
       new  be31ff7   *** empty log message ***
       new  0554f03   (slime-selector): Removed unneeded "the" prefixes in 
descriptions of what the selector methods do.
       new  c4ae7c3   (slime-selector): New section. (Inspector): Updated for 
the post-1.0 inspector.
       new  5a18447   slime-selector: minor edit.
       new  8c95aee   (slime-keys): Bind slime-edit-definition-other-window to 
`C-x 4 .' and slime-edit-definition-other-frame to `C-x 5 .', shadowing the 
equivalent find-tag... bindings.
       new  f8f2d94   *** empty log message ***
       new  6473a46   (slime-goto-definition): Handle :error locations here 
before any window/buffer changes are made.
       new  b2aada6   *** empty log message ***
       new  c84d4e1   (check-source-path): Signal an error if a source path is 
malformed. SBCL sometimes gives (NIL).
       new  1a692c7   *** empty log message ***
       new  dcaf0bb   Now supports only CLISP and OpenMCL.
       new  4c126af   *** empty log message ***
       new  971c7b4   (eval-in-frame): Allegro's eval-form-in-context does 
nothing special with lexical variables in the frame.  Wrap an explicit LET 
around the form to get the similar behavior as in the other Lisps.
       new  f1589b8   (spawn-repl-thread): Use *default-worker-thread-bindings* 
just like spawn-worker-thread.
       new  bc17b40   (sldb-get-buffer): Initialize the buffer local variables 
slime-buffer-connection and slime-current-thread when create a fresh buffer.
       new  f10229d   *** empty log message ***
       new  46db655   Maybe fixed some openmcl breakage.
       new  01de561   (slime-xref-mode): Summarise the most important bindings 
in the mode description.
       new  78f9490   (slime-repl-show-maximum-output): New function. Immitate 
the scrolling behavior of a terminal. (slime-with-output-end-mark, 
slime-repl-return) (slime-repl-send-input, slime-display-output-buffer): Use it
       new  37ff71a   (connection-info): Include version and hostname in the 
       new  b102677   (breakpoint-values): Fixes for CMUCL-2005-03 snapshot.
       new  ec1f8cd   Fix spelling errors.
       new  4ab4659   *** empty log message ***
       new  8700cbf   Remove the file.  Let the Emacs developers maintain it.
       new  9f5f2cb   *** empty log message ***
       new  8bae8a9   *** empty log message ***
       new  dce3cf1   (find-top-frame): If we can't find an invoke-debugger 
frame we take any old frame at the top.
       new  3b99cc5   (slime-net-coding-system): More fixes for 
       new  a5167df   *** empty log message ***
       new  b52680f   (slime-net-coding-system): Even more fixes to make it 
with mule-XEmacs.
       new  73bfab5   *** empty log message ***
       new  44a8bc2   (sldb-get-buffer): Create a fresh buffer if there's no 
buffer for the connection (and don't reuse an existing buffer even if it has a 
matching name).
       new  8774dfc   (print-frame): Trim whitespace to make the backtrace look 
a bit terser.
       new  ab5aa8c   Add a few comments.
       new  62269b6   (with-io-redirection, with-connection, 
with-buffer-syntax): Implement macros with a `call-with' functions to avoid 
some code bloat. (call-with-connection, maybe-call-with-io-redirection) 
(call-with-buffer-syntax): New functions.
       new  fb78618   *** empty log message ***
       new  5293747   (slime-selector): Discard input after sleeping.
       new  aa0e156   *** empty log message ***
       new  37af22d   Added GCL and ECL features to swank-loader.lisp
       new  3c613df   ChangeLog entries to go with last change.
       new  564c83d   Update version numbers for SBCL and ACL.
       new  85588c8   update version number.
       new  68361ba   (inferior-lisp-program): Defvar it here, in case it is 
not defined in loaddefs and inf-lisp is not loaded. (That's the case in XEmacs.)
       new  bfea8f1   *** empty log message ***
       new  0f89c1f   (preferred-communication-style): Don't test for sb-futex, 
it has lost its meaning 0.8.21.
       new  9f4b322   Fix some typos.
       new  2b6acdf   Warn about old kernels.
       new  ae3cd8f   *** empty log message ***
       new  3b3de0f   (communication-style): Use `linux_no_threads_p' alien 
variable to decide whether to use :SPAWN. From dan_b for compatibility with new 
       new  03acb3e   *** empty log message ***
       new  3713912   Fixed preferred-communication-style (last fix was broken).
       new  3e4989b   (arglist-to-string): Bind *PRINT-ESCAPE* to NIL. This way 
symbols in arglists are printed as with PRINC, i.e. without package qualifier.
       new  beb7ce8   *** empty log message ***
       new  6d3b1b4   (arglist-to-string): Rolled back the previous change 
because it interferred with values appearing in parameter lists.
       new  228c483   *** empty log message ***
       new  d4b1608   Fixed a couple of entries for the benefit of the 
contributor-listing generator.
       new  7aef7cd   *** empty log message ***
       new  3a13ed9   (+header-type-symbols+): Drop the third arg to 
apropos-list; it's no longer supported recent CMUCLs.
       new  2601036   *** empty log message ***
       new  3c6fac1   *** empty log message ***
       new  ca10d6a   Be more carefully when tracing methods: try both (METHOD 
...) and (PCL:FAST-METHOD ...).
       new  861f5e1   (slime-parse-context): Fix method parsing so that 
pressing, say, C-c C-t when point is on a '-' in a symbol name won't break.
       new  2f575da   *** empty log message ***
       new  6f18928   * slime.el (slime-inspector-reinspect): New function 
which reinspects the current object. (slime-inspector-mode-map): Bind 
slime-inspector-reinspect to g.
       new  a2b5e0e   Minor comment tweaks.
       new  7010b43   If ~/.slime-secret exists then send the contents to Lisp 
as authentication.
       new  6c52ac3   If ~/.slime-secret exists then insist that Emacs sends 
the contents (as a password) during initial handshaking.
       new  071693e   *** empty log message ***
       new  d43f7c5   (slime-secret): Removed #+unix conditional.
       new  6640af5   *** empty log message ***
       new  8b4126a   call-with-compilation-hooks: better implementation for LW
       new  d997cdc   fixed date in old entry
       new  b15897a   beautify undefined function warnings in LW
       new  088f6fe   correction: swank.lisp is loaded after 
       new  f096447   (post-gc-hook): Include the elapsed time and the size 
       new  179df92   *** empty log message ***
       new  5c9beaa   Fix specializer-name to handle structure-class, to fix 
edit definition of methods specialized on ddestructs
       new  1cfa340   *** empty log message ***
       new  e90c8c6   (read-and-record-source-map): Ensure that at least the 
toplevel form is in the source-map.
       new  1a7dc70   (slime-remove-old-overlays): Remove overlays in all slime 
buffers not only in the current buffer. (slime-filter-buffers): New helper.
       new  0a70c31   *** empty log message ***
       new  1058476   2005-05-12  Alan Ruttenberg  <alanr-l@mumble.net>
       new  a14f0bb   *** empty log message ***
       new  8b7cccd   MOP symbols are now in the MOP package in ABCL
       new  79ea315   *** empty log message ***
       new  fd744c9   (slime-repl-inputed-output-face): new face. 
(slime-current-output-id): New variable. (slime-dispatch-event): Bind 
slime-current-output-id when neccessary. (slime-repl-insert-prompt): Add the 
neccessary text properties to the result. (reify-old-output): New function 
which makes sure swank sees \(swank::get-**** ...) while the user sees the 
printed representation of the object. (slime-repl-return): When called on a old 
output (as per the slime-repl-old-output text prop [...]
       new  2e1a59a   (*current-id*, ****): New variables. (add-****, get-****, 
clear-last-****, clear-****): New functions for manipulating the repl history. 
(listener-eval): Add * to ****.
       new  bf7e8a2   *** empty log message ***
       new  782be88   (*record-repl-results*): Variable to enable/disable 
recording of REPL results. True by default.
       new  c93d66b   (slime-property-bounds): Factored out this common part of 
       new  f95f42c   *** empty log message ***
       new  4cd2efd   *** empty log message ***
       new  e7b9081   (clear-repl-results): Fixed unbalanced parens. Thanks 
Lawrence Mitchell.
       new  c12341c   *** empty log message ***
       new  9392803   *** empty log message ***
       new  b91b523   *** empty log message ***
       new  13a95a1   From ilisp
       new  e33f326   *** empty log message ***
       new  7b0a159   (slime-repl-enable-presentations): Default is enabled in 
GNU Emacs but disabled in XEmacs. Feature is not portable yet.
       new  a05b6ed   *** empty log message ***
       new  235a999   *** empty log message ***
       new  49bdc42   *** empty log message ***
       new  2cb3dd7   *** empty log message ***
       new  5b86488   *** empty log message ***
       new  525bd36   *** empty log message ***
       new  0f65281   *** empty log message ***
       new  e293051   New file from Espen Wiborg.  (Currently with DOS eol 
       new  963432a   (simple-announce-function): force-output after announcing.
       new  e8ae65e   Add Corman Lisp support.
       new  b4b1a1f   *** empty log message ***
       new  914088a   Redefine compile-files-if-needed-serially for Corman Lisp 
to load everything from source.
       new  aeb168c   Distinguish macro and special operators from functions.
       new  2cfbca6   (present-symbol-before-p): make it conform to its 
specification -- sort first by package and then by symbol name.
       new  b78a340   (present-symbol-before-p): Fix docstring; remove 
optimization; compare package names correctly.
       new  f977203   (describe-symbol-for-emacs): Report :alien-type when the 
name is known as foreign type.
       new  04fe83d   *** empty log message ***
       new  abf3c43   (slime-first-change-hook): Don't do anything if 
slime-mode is disabled.
       new  2480bb8   *** empty log message ***
       new  b7a39ea   (slime-background-activities-enabled-p): Return nil 
instead of signalling an error if there is a open but no default connection. 
(slime-current-connection): New helper function. (slime-connection): Use it.
       new  3797540   (slime-first-change-hook): Use 
       new  c40e538   *** empty log message ***
       new  034301b   (getpid): Use defimplementation. Define always (slime 
needs it).
       new  ea23adf   *** empty log message ***
       new  83e1545   *** empty log message ***
       new  7f7dcbe   *** empty log message ***
       new  9ebd363   (slime-background-activities-enabled-p): Allow background 
stuff in repl-mode buffers too.
       new  7d3d807   *** empty log message ***
       new  fdc20a4   Added notes about CCL.
       new  7e0be4e   Convert to Unix line-endings. (create-socket): Pass 
through the port argument unmodified, gettting a random port if 0.  Requires 
supporting change in <ccl>/modules/sockets.lisp. (inspect-for-emacs): 
defimplementation instead of defmethod.
       new  bdfb288   (slime-with-xref-buffer): Gensym package too, to avoid 
problems when switching to buffers with -*- package: ... -*- file variables.  
From Antonio Menezes Leitao.
       new  eca8a81   Rename package to avoid name clashes with other version 
of this file.
       new  9a229f6   (compiled-regex): Use the new package name.
       new  19e65a9   *** empty log message ***
       new  ef0f9ff   Changes for supporting recent SBCLs.
       new  05d71c6   Minor changes to ED-IN-EMACS / slime-ed.  Now   (push 
'swank:ed-in-emacs sb-ext:*ed-functions*) works more-or-less as required.  (We 
don't obey the constraint that file-error conditions be signalled on file 
system errors, but...)
       new  870359a   From Alexey Dejneka: fix "pgk" typo.
       new  0ec627f   Fix LW port (broken due to nregex renaming)
       new  6fd7bb2   remove duplicate asdf systems
       new  0aa9f20   Add package nicknames to completion results
       new  208baec   Support sbcl 0.9.2
       new  9477055   Patch from Gabor for new thread api support (older SBCLs 
may or may not work at all, but definitely don't work with threads)
       new  48a8198   *** empty log message ***
       new  97c2482   (compile-files-if-needed-serially) [corman]: force-output 
after each file.
       new  240cfbf   (next-single-char-property-change) 
(previous-single-char-property-change) [xemacs]: Only define them if not 
present. (next-char-property-change, previous-char-property-change): Define if 
       new  1e032bc   (default-directory): Return a namestring instead of the 
       new  2f93f99   Show examples for the filenames instead of the general 
"/the/path/to/this/directory".  Suggested by Brandon J. Van Every.
       new  67c5ea0   (describe-symbol-for-emacs): Report :setf and :type where 
       new  aa0f10c   *** empty log message ***
       new  521e923   (swank-compile-file): New optional argument 
       new  07142a1   (slime-compile-file): Send the coding system if the 
buffer local variable `slime-coding' is bound.
       new  7c89313   *** empty log message ***
       new  810faa1   (slime-send-sigint): Use the symbol SIGINT stead of the 
signal number. Suggested by Joerg Hoehle.
       new  3e523b3   *** empty log message ***
       new  2bbbb17   (find-external-format): Fix typo.
       new  c05b7e2   *** empty log message ***
       new  b125cfa   (frame-catch-tags): Remove some debugging forms which was 
"polluting" the repl buffer when viewing an sldb buffer. 
(function-source-location): Make :error messages have the proper form (exactly 
one string argument). This fix also removes the issues with sending unreadble 
lists (containing #<...> to emacs).
       new  e8df89e   *** empty log message ***
       new  a1e803b   *** empty log message ***
       new  c9dfbe3   *** empty log message ***
       new  f933bc8   (compile-file-for-emacs): Accept optional external-format 
       new  633f5e8   *** empty log message ***
       new  994c75a   (slime-goto-location-buffer): Put "SLIME Source Form" 
buffer into Lisp mode.
       new  a0df0dd   (inspect-for-emacs): Don't make whitespace surrounding 
:action buttons part of the highlighted region.
       new  068d04d   *** empty log message ***
       new  a58fa89   *** empty log message ***
       new  147c2a0   (slime-set-default-directory): Fix typo in doc string.
       new  97aea5c   (*dedicated-output-stream-port*): New variable. 
(open-dedicated-output-stream): Open the stream on the port 
       new  6d2133e   (Other configurables): Document 
       new  f33058f   Initial port to ECL
       new  a7c9951   Remove SBCL 0.9.1 support. (swank-compile-string): 
Funcall the compiled function outside with-compilation-hooks to prevent runtime 
warnings from popping up a *compiler-notes* buffer.  From Juho Snellman.
       new  b1af5f7   *** empty log message ***
       new  a779184   * slime.el (slime-dispatch-event): New events 
:presentation-start, :presentation-end for bridge-less presentation markup.
       new  37c2989   (dispatch-event, send-to-socket-io): New events 
:presentation-start, :presentation-end for bridge-less presentation markup.
       new  62ceb3f   (slime-repl-insert-prompt): Accept a list of strings, 
representing individual values of a multiple-value result.  Mark them up as 
separate presentations. (reify-old-output): Support reifying individual values 
of a multiple-value result.
       new  a5c5df2   (encode-message): Don't use the pretty printer for 
printing the message length.
       new  d2e901c   *** empty log message ***
       new  15792e1   (*can-print-presentation*): New variable, moved here from 
       new  3d4a4d3   (interactive-eval, listener-eval, backtrace) 
(swank-compiler, compile-file-for-emacs, load-file) (init-inspector): Remove 
code duplication with swank.lisp.
       new  0004ded   [sbcl, allegro]: Add printer hooks for unreadable objects 
and pathnames.
       new  e99c9d0   (write-annotation): New function. (presentation-record): 
New structure. (presentation-start, presentation-end): New functions. 
(presenting-object-1): Use them here.
       new  b298b0e   (slime-stream-p) [allegro]: Allow printing presentations 
through pretty printing streams.
       new  37fe90d   (slime-stream-p) [cmu]: Allow printing presentations 
through pretty printing streams, if CMUCL has annotations support and we are 
using the bridge-less protocol. [sbcl]: Allow printing presentations through 
indenting streams.
       new  10b38d0   (*can-print-presentation*): Move up.
       new  23d4566   Undo changes I checked in by mistake.
       new  dd6731d   *** empty log message ***
       new  427df7a   (Programming Helpers): Document C-c C-s, 
       new  95db48c   (form-completion): New generic function, factored out 
from complete-form. (complete-form): Factor out form-completion. 
(form-completion): Specialize on defmethod forms to insert arglist of generic 
       new  8b2de4d   *** empty log message ***
       new  cb4dc9d   (slime-presentation-menu, slime-presentation-menu) 
(slime-inspect-presented-object): Quote the presentation id, as it can be a 
       new  ecf7c60   (lookup-presented-object): Handle ids that are conses. 
(execute-menu-choice-for-presentation-id): Use equal for comparing ids, to 
handle the cons case. (menu-choices-for-presentation): Quote the presentation 
id, as it can be a cons.
       new  7552985   *** empty log message ***
       new  3802dac   (undo-in-progress): Define for XEmacs compatibility. 
Reported by Friedrich Dominicus.
       new  52f9347   *** empty log message ***
       new  f2540e0   New version of SWANK::TRANSPOSE-LISTS
       new  d7de3e4   (slime-read-object): Handle ids that are conses. Patch by 
"Thas" on #lisp.
       new  551ae4f   *** empty log message ***
       new  31281a5   Helmut's version is much nicer...
       new  148a69e   (defadvice compile-file): Return all values from the real 
       new  251a9ef   *** empty log message ***
       new  47eb454   (slime-presentation-around-point): Change interface, 
return presentation as primary return value. 
(slime-copy-presentation-at-point): Use slime-presentation-around-point.  
Copying now also works when the first character is clicked and when the REPL 
buffer is not current. (slime-presentation-menu): Use 
       new  c0e0499   *** empty log message ***
       new  99244e1   *** empty log message ***
       new  5c10c7d   TRANSPOSE-LISTS again...
       new  f27830e   (fspec-pathname): Use the documentation function instead 
of accessing clisp internals.
       new  8f15a8b   *** empty log message ***
       new  ab41733   * slime.el (substring-no-properties): Fix to handle 
non-zero start argument correctly.
       new  42c7fe3   *** empty log message ***
       new  3061294   * swank.lisp (*object-to-presentation-id*) 
(*presentation-id-to-object*, clear-presentation-tables) 
(*presentation-counter*, lookup-presented-object): Move here from present.lisp. 
(save-presented-object): Likewise.  Assign negative numbers only, so as not to 
clash with continuation ids.
       new  6942247   (slime-repl-insert-prompt): Don't take the negative of 
the id. (slime-presentation-expression): New, take care to handle arbitrary 
*read-base* settings. (reify-old-output): Use it here. (slime-read-object): Use 
it here.
       new  d65069a   Move code to swank.lisp
       new  be18bcf   (slime-mark-presentation-end): Really remove the 
presentation-start entry from the hash table.
       new  2aea281   *** empty log message ***
       new  43664a7   *** empty log message ***
       new  15a960d   *** empty log message ***
       new  5d45360   *** empty log message ***
       new  f02366a   * slime.el (slime-presentation): Remove slots start-p, 
stop-p. (slime-add-presentation-properties): Use a new text property layout.  
Also add an overlay to enable nested highlighting. 
(slime-remove-presentation-properties): New. (slime-presentation-whole-p): 
Changed interface. (slime-presentations-around-point): New. 
(slime-same-presentation-p): Removed. (slime-presentation-start-p, 
slime-presentation-stop-p): New. (slime-presentation-start, 
slime-presentation-end):  [...]
       new  ee8b5e0   *** empty log message ***
       new  f820a57   (noted by Brian Mastenbrook) non-Linux non-linkage-table 
sbcls try to get the address of linux_no_threads_p at fasl-load time, and 
complain vigorously if it's not available.  Guard with #+linux.
       new  f99eff3   (menu-choices-for-presentation-id): Check against the 
gensym in *not-present* instead of :non-present.
       new  1b1496d   *** empty log message ***
       new  2fa1e99   (fspec-pathname): Cope with CVS CLISP's (documentation 
symbol 'sys::file) returning a list.  Return either a list of start and end 
line positions or nil as second value. (fspec-location): Use it.  Also, if we 
have to guess the name of a source file make sure that it actually exists.
       new  e8cedbb   *** empty log message ***
       new  6f0b623   *** empty log message ***
       new  f85816f   (slime-goto-location-position): Added a second regexp for 
the :function-name case which matches "(def... ((function-name ..." (with N 
opening parens preceding the function name). This is to allow scheme48 style 
function names and definitions.
       new  d5d2974   Present qualifiers in method definitions for sbcl
       new  d50a9a3   *** empty log message ***
       new  05e7682   (fuzzy-find-matching-symbols): When completing the string 
"package:" present a list of all the external symbols in package (completing 
"package::" lists internal symbols as well).
       new  9905d72   *** empty log message ***
       new  da9cabb   (slime-presentation-menu): When an object is no longer 
recorded, remove text properties from the presentation.
       new  5f43c4b   *** empty log message ***
       new  4f5ffce   (slime-enable-evaluate-in-emacs): New variable. 
(evaluate-in-emacs): Security improvement: If slime-enable-evaluate-in-emacs is 
nil (the default), don't evaluate forms sent by the Lisp.
       new  33a1d42   (send-to-socket-io): Handle :evaluate-in-emacs.
       new  16f0ac7   *** empty log message ***
       new  17243d9   (make-weak-key-hash-table) (make-weak-value-hash-table): 
New interfaces.
       new  64fa4f2   (make-weak-key-hash-table): Implement it.
       new  ba9d098   (make-weak-key-hash-table) (make-weak-value-hash-table): 
Implement it.
       new  8c416e9   (*object-to-presentation-id*, 
*presentation-id-to-object*): Use new functions make-weak-key-hash-table, 
       new  a937823   *** empty log message ***
       new  3267f70   (slime-repl-kill-input): New command. 
(slime-repl-mode-map): Bind it to C-c C-u, like in comint. 
(slime-repl-easy-menu): Include it in the REPL menu.
       new  d1651cd   *** empty log message ***
       new  e521885   (slime-repl-mode-hook): Show the SLIME menu in the REPL 
       new  fc46b01   swank-sbcl.lisp (make-weak-key-hash-table): Remove the 
implementation; SBCL doesn't actually support weak hash-tables.
       new  21e49a6   *** empty log message ***
       new  c50272a   *** empty log message ***
       new  0a302f5   (slime-dispatch-event): Handle new messages :y-or-n-p, 
:background-message. (slime-y-or-n-p): New.
       new  bd5dc16   (dispatch-event, send-to-socket-io): Handle new messages 
:y-or-n-p, :background-message. (y-or-n-p-in-emacs): New function.
       new  bfd783d   (eval-in-emacs): Removed. (send-to-emacs): New. 
(pre-gc-hook, post-gc-hook): Use new protocol message :background-message 
rather than eval-in-emacs.
       new  f338abc   (env-internals:confirm-p): Use new function 
y-or-n-p-in-emacs rather than eval-in-emacs.
       new  1c3a6b2   *** empty log message ***
       new  dc6069d   Added public domain dedication.
       new  b291c1e   (env-internals:confirm-p): Fix last change (hopefully).
       new  471479d   Added public domain dedication (OK'd by Alanr and 
Matthias on the list).
       new  eed52e8   *** empty log message ***
       new  bde9b16   *** empty log message ***
       new  6c78073   (to-string): Handle errors during printing of objects.
       new  37bbf66   *** empty log message ***
       new  7392037   (slime-ensure-presentation-overlay): New. 
(slime-add-presentation-properties): Don't add face, mouse-face, keymap text 
properties.  Call slime-ensure-presentation-overlay to implement them via 
overlays. (slime-remove-presentation-properties): Don't remove these text 
properties.  Delete the right overlay. (slime-after-change-function): Add 
overlays for presentations if necessary. (slime-copy-presentation-at-point): 
Don't add face text property. (slime-repl-grab-old-ou [...]
       new  3d25488   *** empty log message ***
       new  b732b27   (slime-setup-command-hooks): Add after-change-functions 
only if presentations are enabled.
       new  e0db460   (y-or-n-p-in-emacs): Simplify arglist.
       new  966302f   (background-message): New function. Forward the call to 
the front end. (pre-gc-hook, post-gc-hook): Use it.
       new  94907c1   *** empty log message ***
       new  1f32aa2   (slime-menu-choices-for-presentation): New function, 
return a menu with Inspect/Describe/Copy plus the items that come from the menu 
protocol. (slime-presentation-menu): Security improvement for the presentation 
menu protocol: Don't eval arbitrary forms coming from the Lisp.  Minor cleanup: 
Use x-popup-menu in the normal Emacs way, associating a command with each menu 
       new  491ea76   (menu-choices-for-presentation): The 
Inspect/Describe/Copy items are now provided from the Emacs side.  Implement 
all pathname menu items without having Emacs evaluate a form.  Fix for Lisps 
where ".lisp" is parsed as :name ".lisp".
       new  bc301cd   *** empty log message ***
       new  65f8789   *** empty log message ***
       new  1717af4   *** empty log message ***
       new  740079a   *** empty log message ***
       new  5f53f22   *** empty log message ***
       new  91fed8f   *** empty log message ***
       new  2779f3a   (slime-enable-evaluate-in-emacs): Resurrected. 
(slime-dispatch-event): Respect slime-enable-evaluate-in-emacs for messages 
:eval-no-wait and :eval.
       new  8c4e0e4   *** empty log message ***
       new  6ac6487   Simplify the object <-> presentation-id mapping. 
(save-presented-object): Remove the optional `id' arg. 
(lookup-presented-object): Id's should be fixnums not some cons with 
fuzzy/non-documented meaning.  Use the secondary return value to test for 
absence of the id.  Update callers accordingly. (*not-present*): Deleted.
       new  806b094   (slime-current-output-id): Remove this ugly kludge.
       new  52956f0   Add EUC-JP as coding system.  This patch eliminates the 
requirement of Mule-UCS to use Japanese characters.  (Nice for pre-22 Emacs 
users.)  Patch from NIIMI Satoshi.
       new  f1fcc24   (lisp-version-string)[cmu]: Replace spaces with 
       new  411854f   *** empty log message ***
       new  11d5c18   (menu-choices-for-presentation-id): Use 
lookup-presented-object secondary return value instead of *not-present*.
       new  50a0f35   Fix parens.
       new  7a800e0   (slime-repl-insert-result): Add slime-repl-result-face 
face. (slime-repl-update-banner): Avoid insert extra newlines.
       new  e7243f7   *** empty log message ***
       new  d9e6761   *** empty log message ***
       new  7ec6a4e   (slime-presentation-expression): Remove handling of cons 
       new  d532eea   *** empty log message ***
       new  380d98b   * slime.el (slime-menu-choices-for-presentation), 
(slime-presentation-menu) Fix loss after refactoring. xemacs can't handle 
lambda forms in the menu spec given to x-popup-menu, only symbols, so save the 
actions in a hash table keyed by a gensym, give x-popup-menu the gensym and 
then call the gensym. Haven't checked that it actually works in xemacs because 
my xemacs is hosed in os x Tiger. Could someone let me know...
       new  2ad2113   *** empty log message ***
       new  f27de81   (compute-backtrace): Include only "function frames" in 
the backtrace.  I hope that makes some sense. (sldb-backtrace, 
function-frame-p): New functions. (*sldb-backtrace*, 
call-with-debugging-environment, nth-frame): Compute and remember the backtrace 
when entering the debugger.
       new  89282f5   (slime-process-available-input): Simplify it a bit and 
make it easier to debug read errors. (slime-net-close): Don't kill the buffer 
if the new optional arg `debug' is true. (slime-run-when-idle): Accept 
arguments for the function.
       new  8b16091   (eval-in-emacs): Fix a race condition which occurred with 
sigio. (*echo-area-prefix*): New variable.
       new  f2cb3f5   *** empty log message ***
       new  c94e9a2   (slime-repl-return) don't copy presentation to input if   
already in input area.
       new  2bbc704   Move presentation menu protocol here from present.lisp.
       new  f9c9ef3   Move presentation menu protocol to swank.lisp.
       new  d974bb9   *** empty log message ***
       new  8c811ce   cl is required at macro expansion time (because of 
`block').  Reported by Matthew D Swank.
       new  240c9c5   *** empty log message ***
       new  5903d1b   (slime48): New Command.
       new  8a2b969   *** empty log message ***
       new  3c128a2   Released into the public domain by Lawrence E. Freil.
       new  05f3e0d   Improve stream efficiency by buffering more output. 
stream-force-output simply does nothing, if the output buffer was flushed less 
than 200 millisecons before.  stream-finish-output can still be used to really 
flush the buffer.
       new  a4db59c   Improve stream efficiency by buffering more output. 
stream-force-output simply does nothing, if the output buffer was flushed less 
than 200 millisecons before.  stream-finish-output can still be used to really 
flush the buffer.
       new  a2abaa7   (make-output-function): Rename :read-output to 
       new  8ad1894   Import `stream-finish-output'.
       new  edcf0d5   (slime-io-speed-test): New command. 
(slime-process-available-input): Oops, don't start a timer for every event.
       new  dd2325a   *** empty log message ***
       new  937cfca   (presentation-start, presentation-end): Use finish-output 
instead of force-output.
       new  10648f0   (throw-to-toplevel): Invoke the `abort-restart' request 
instead of throwing to the `slime-toplevel' catch tag. (handle-request): Rename 
the restart from abort to abort-request. (call-with-connection): Remove the 
slime-toplevel catch tag because with-connection is used in far to many places 
which aren't at "toplevel".
       new  449048d   (slime-setup-command-hooks): Make after-change-functions 
a buffer-local variable; it's by default global in XEmacs.
       new  452c52b   Import `stream-finish-output'.
       new  4339b18   *** empty log message ***
       new  1fc8d7f   (stream-fresh-line): Define a method, so that Allegro 
passes our tests.
       new  405a036   (*gray-stream-symbols*): Collect the needed symbols here, 
so that we don't need to mention them in every backend. (import-from). New 
       new  55bf49e   Use *gray-stream-symbols* instead of enumerating them in 
each backend.
       new  49eaec1   (accept-authenticated-connection): Minor fix. Ensure that 
the decoded message is a string before calling string= on it.  Patch from 
Aleksandar Bakic.
       new  3c7e033   *** empty log message ***
       new  d4e5a85   (startup-multiprocessing): Deleted. 
(initialize-multiprocessing, startup-idle-and-top-level-loops): The 
replacements for startup-multiprocessing. startup-idle-and-top-level-loops is 
only needed for CMUCL, but initialize-multiprocessing is useful for other too.
       new  32a9007   *** empty log message ***
       new  7d17bb1   (slime-multiprocessing): Deleted. No longer needed. 
(slime-init-command): Updated accordingly.
       new  1232f12   (start-server): Call initialize-multiprocessing before 
starting the server and startup-idle-and-top-level-loops afterwards.  Calling 
startup-idle-and-top-level-loops here shouldn't be a problem because 
start-server is only invoked at startup via stdin.
       new  2dbd5a6   *** empty log message ***
       new  72284ef   2005-10-01  Juho Snellman  <jsnell@iki.fi>         * 
swank-backend (*gray-stream-symbols*): Add :STREAM-LINE-LENGTH         to 
*GRAY-STREAM-SYMBOLS* on implementations that support this         extension to 
gray streams. Reported by Matthew D Swank.
       new  9f9e8ef   (connection-info): Include the initial package and a more 
self-descriptive format.
       new  7a8d32c   (slime, slime-start): Introduce a separate function for 
the non-interactive case.  `slime-start' takes lots of keyword arguments and 
`slime' is reserved for interactive use. (slime-read-interactive-args): New 
       new  f4ab51c   (sis/in): Use finish-output instead of force-output.
       new  7a8c222   *** empty log message ***
       new  dede017   (slime-read-interactive-args): Split the string 
inferior-lisp-program to get the values for :program and :program-args.  Also 
let slime-lisp-implementations take precedence if non-nil.
       new  d502794   (find-external-format): Translate :utf-8-unix to :utf8, 
which Allegro 7.0 understands.
       new  1dacf29   (force-user-output): There seems to be a bug in Allegro's 
two-way-streams. As a workaround we use force-output for the user-io stream.  
(finish-output *debug-io*) still triggers the bug.
       new  8431be7   *** empty log message ***
       new  4c78462   Persistent REPL history.  The history from REPL buffers 
is now saved to the file ~/.slime-history.eld.  The file is read on startup and 
saved when a REPL buffer gets killed or when Emacs exits.  There are also 
commands to save or read the history file.
       new  e9b96a2   *** empty log message ***
       new  8fb84a1   Scieneer Common Lisp code for SLIME.
       new  da85ac2   o *canonical-package-nicknames*: use lowercase symbols to 
name the packages.   This supports CL implementations with lowercase default 
symbol names, such   as Scieneer Common Lisp, while still being compatible with 
       new  ba6ccea   Support for Scieneer Common Lisp:  o *sysdep-pathnames*: 
swank-scl.  o *implementation-features*: add :scl.  o *os-features*: add :hpux. 
 o *architecture-features*: add :amd64, :i686, :i486, :sparc64, :sparc,    
:hppa64, and :hppa.
       new  913db8a   o *gray-stream-symbols*: Scieneer Common Lisp implements 
       new  0a79dc9   * Scieneer Common Lisp is now supported.
       new  3e62c79   Scieneer Common Lisp support.
       new  a606a31   *** empty log message ***
       new  2f8046a   (slime-eval-for-lisp): New API. This function now takes a 
single string, representing the form to evaluate, and uses emacs' read function 
to convert it into a form before eval'ing it. (slime-dispatch-event): The :eval 
event now passes a single string (instead of a string and something looking 
kind of like a form).
       new  35249f7   (eval-in-emacs): Instead of taking a string and 
attempting to parse it emacs side the function now takes a form and converts it 
to a string internally. This should allow users of the function to not have to 
worry about quoting issues and emacs' different printed represenation for, 
among other things, characters. (process-form-for-emacs): New function. 
Converts a list into a string for passing to emacs.
       new  12912bb   * (canonical-package-nickname): always return the package 
name as a symbol   if found.  This restores the printing of package names as 
       new  d2e187a   * Restore the printing of package names as STRINGs.
       new  abb22b8   (slime-start-swank-server): Avoid comint-send-input here 
as it seems to trigger a bug in ansi-color-for-commit-mode.
       new  6abe94d   *** empty log message ***
       new  f6dcfcb   (make-stream-interactive, 
*auto-flush-streams*)[sb-thread]: Spawn a thread to flush interactive streams 
in reasonably short intervals.
       new  6ee294e   *** empty log message ***
       new  9c5927e   * swank-backend.lisp (install-debugger-globally): new 
interface function
       new  5bc3270   * slime.el (slime-repl-history-size, 
slime-repl-history-file): Use defcustom to declare the variables.
       new  9debd04   (simple-serve-requests): Close the connection at the end.
       new  53a523c   (slime-eval): Ensure that the connection is open before 
waiting for input.
       new  0b1fe20   *** empty log message ***
       new  7c772f3   Track mop changes in ABCL
       new  7edd628   * swank-abcl.lisp (inspect-for-emacs): Track mop changes 
in ABCL.
       new  b370f30   (slime-start, slime-lookup-lisp-implementation) 
(slime-set-connection-info): Add a :name property for the implementation and 
use it to derive the connection-name. (slime-lisp-implementation-name): Renamed 
from slime-lisp-implementation-type-name.
       new  0078e96   (simple-serve-requests): Add an extra abort restart.
       new  7b411dc   *** empty log message ***
       new  4331143   (connection-info): Docfix.
       new  f10d5fa   (slime-set-connection-info): Generate a new connection 
name only if the implementation-name and the inferior-lisp-name are different.
       new  bfe2b00   *** empty log message ***
       new  d1d1f6d   swank-sbcl.lisp (find-definitions, 
make-source-location-specification make-definition-source-location, 
       new  a7670c0   (make-source-recording-readtable): Suppress the #. 
reader-macro. (suppress-sharp-dot): New function. (read-source-form): Disable 
       new  be0154e   (slime-eval-macroexpand): Use lisp-mode (and 
font-lock-mode) when dispaying the expansion.  Suggested by Jan Rychter.
       new  1831ed7   *** empty log message ***
       new  a60a913   (accept-connection): New argument: buffering.
       new  bbca948   (slime-repl-save-history): When the history exceeds 
slime-repl-history-size remove the old not the new entries.
       new  5412b9c   *** empty log message ***
       new  79efdc1   (*dedicated-output-stream-buffering*): New variable to 
customize the buffering scheme.  For single-threaded Lisps we disable buffering 
because lazy programmers forget to call finish-output. 
(open-dedicated-output-stream): Use it.
       new  ef1d2a9   Steal auto-flush stuff from swank-sbcl.lisp
       new  58feb05   swank-abcl.lisp: Steal auto-flush stuff from 
       new  6a71e51   (accept-connection): New argument: buffering.
       new  4faae04   swank-abcl.lisp: (accept-connection): New argument: 
       new  57303fc   * swank-scl.lisp (accept-connection): handle the 
:buffering argument.
       new  e5a75ea   (slime-start): Don't set slime-net-coding-system .. 
(slime-read-port-and-connect): .. read it from the inferior lisp args. 
(slime-connect): Take the coding-system as third argument.
       new  3114440   (compiler-macroexpand-1, compiler-macroexpand): New 
       new  01b8c9d   (pprint-inspector-part, swank-compiler-macroexpand): New.
       new  4d2efdd   (inspect-for-emacs): Add support for funcallable 
       new  0800449   *** empty log message ***
       new  8f5393e   Mention READ-CHAR-NO-HANG brokeness.
       new  a5fa6c8   (accept-connection): Remove fd-handlers if the encoding 
isn't iso-latin-1.
       new  5f10d10   (slime-compile-file): Call 'check-parens before compiling.
       new  0347fc8   *** empty log message ***
       new  1406695   (slime-connect): Use slime-net-coding system if the 
optinal coding-system was not supplied.  From Marco Monteiro.
       new  5aa9b92   *** empty log message ***
       new  1770ddf   (slime-find-coding-system): Use check-coding-system only 
if it's actually fbound.
       new  590d8c0   *** empty log message ***
       new  9b6dc9c   2005-12-06  Juho Snellman <jsnell@iki.fi>         * 
swank-sbcl.lisp (function-source-location,           
safe-function-source-location): Oops, define these functions           also for 
the >0.9.6 case. Fixes broken sldb-show-source on           SBCL 0.9.7.
       new  2026919   (slime-load-file): Change the default to be the buffer 
file name with extension.  This is more convenient for files like .asd files 
that do not have the default source file extension. 
(slime-save-some-lisp-buffers, slime-update-modeline-package): Handle all files 
with major mode in slime-lisp-modes, not just lisp-mode.
       new  0163d0f   *** empty log message ***
       new  7544734   (find-definition-in-file) (find-fspec-location, 
fspec-definition-locations): Allegro CL properly records all definitions made 
by arbitrary macros whose names start with "def".  Use excl::find-source-file 
and scm:find-definition-in-definition-group (rather than 
scm:find-definition-in-file) to find them.
       new  b4f0927   *** empty log message ***
       new  d387749   (slime-display-edit-hilights): New variable. 
(slime-display-edit-face): New face. (slime-compile-file, slime-compile-defun, 
slime-compile-region): Remove edits overlay. (slime-remove-edits): New 
function. (slime-self-insert-command): New function. (slime-mode-hook): Rebind 
simple characters to slime-self-insert-command.
       new  d0c1cb9   *** empty log message ***
       new  47385be   slime-selector tweak, robuster printing
       new  a6d9790   Be more careful when adding slime-self-insert-command 
       new  4e9fbce   (slime-self-insert-command): Got rid of message about 
setting up face and skipping edit-hilights when in a comment.
       new  f775ad5   *** empty log message ***
       new  a8b64c9   *** empty log message ***
       new  385457c   (all-slots-for-inspector): New function. 
(inspect-for-emacs): Use all-slots-for-inspector.
       new  dca0456   Make highlighting of modified text a minor mode. Also use 
after-change-functions instead of rebinding all self-inserting keys.
       new  e19daa2   *** empty log message ***
       new  b1be98f   (slime-highlight-edits-compile-hook): Remove overlays 
also from surrounding whitespace. (slime-highlight-edits): Save match data. 
(slime-only-whitespace-p): New function.
       new  4e83a07   (log-event): Record the event in the history buffer. 
(*event-history*, *event-history-index*, *enable-event-history*): Ring buffer 
for events. (dump-event-history, dump-event, escape-non-ascii, ascii-string-p) 
(ascii-char-p): New functions.
       new  431d478   *** empty log message ***
       new  d9d1271   (slime-open-stream-to-lisp): Inherit the 
process-coding-system from the current connection.  From Harald Hanche-Olsen.
       new  7d50090   *** empty log message ***
       new  3d6dc41   2005-12-27  Alan Ruttenberg <alanr-l@mumble.net>
       new  9abf7ec   *** empty log message ***
       new  14811dc   *** empty log message ***
       new  e0c6fb9   (slime-compile-defun): If point was at the opening paren 
we wrongly used the preceding toplevel form.  Fix it.  Reported by Chisheng 
Huang and Liam M. Healy.
       new  8cb57f2   (spawn-threads-for-connection): Fix a race condition: 
Don't accept input before all threads are ready.
       new  4880e4f   (load-swank): New entry point.
       new  44464b4   *** empty log message ***
       new  c060151   Return to the previous loading strategy: load everything 
when swank-loader is loaded.  It's just to convenient to give that up.  To 
customize the fasl directories, the new variable swank-loader:*fasl-directory* 
can be set before loading swank-loader.
       new  44b551d   (restart-frame): Provide an implementation even if it 
doesn't quite do what it's supposed to do.
       new  5e4f898   *** empty log message ***
       new  f9cf711   Patch from Lu�s Oliveira.
       new  69faead   Patch from Ian Eslick.
       new  81c77a7   swank-abcl.lisp: define with-compilation-hooks (= funcall 
for now), so that you can do slime-oos
       new  d3a264d   *** empty log message ***
       new  2b02bad   (slime-fontify-string): New. (slime-echo-arglist, 
slime-arglist, slime-autodoc): Use it here to fontify echo-area arglists.
       new  ce0fe8f   *** empty log message ***
       new  5e71a38   (slime-complete-form): Indent the inserted template.
       new  56c60fd   *** empty log message ***
       new  3c8df9f   (slime-enclosing-operator-names): Represent MAKE-INSTANCE 
calls by (:make-instance "CLASS-NAME"), handle DEFMETHOD too.
       new  f9b34b4   (arglist-to-template-string): Unused, removed. 
(extra-keywords): Indicate which part of the actual arglist was used to 
determine the extra keywords.  For MAKE-INSTANCE, don't signal an error if the 
class does not exist. (enrich-decoded-arglist-with-extra-keywords): Indicate 
which part of the actual arglist was used to determine the extra keywords, and 
whether any extra keywords were added. (form-completion): Generalize to handle 
display of enriched formal arglists. ( [...]
       new  8a89b11   *** empty log message ***
       new  41632c1   (Re)Introduce something like a SLIME version and put fasl 
files for different versions in different directories.  A common problem is 
that newbies download the latest release and discover that it doesn't compile 
with the brand new CLISP or SBCL; then they download the CVS version but the 
loader doesn't recompile the needed files because time stamp of the borken fasl 
files are newer than source files in CVS.
       new  dc71b6e   (inspect-for-emacs): Use the backend specific method to 
inspect standard-objects because {slot-boundp,slot-value}-using-class don't 
conform to the MOP spec in LW and ACL.
       new  3695d00   (macro-indentation): Don't count '&optional as argument.
       new  150e6aa   *** empty log message ***
       new  88ee322   Test to see what UseNewInfoFmtStrings=yes does.
       new  1000e98   New file, adds the annotations feature to the SBCL pretty 
printer. This is needed for sending presentations through pretty-printing 
       new  0753d5a   [sbcl]: Load it here. (slime-stream-p, write-annotation) 
[sbcl]: Handle pretty-streams.
       new  feb9fe3   *** empty log message ***
       new  34f60ae   *** empty log message ***
       new  96ab77b   *** empty log message ***
       new  f3b633d   *** empty log message ***
       new  f19283a   (slime-expand-abbreviations-and-complete): Scroll the 
completions buffer if the TAB key is pressed another time, like Emacs 
minibuffer completion does.
       new  7def092   *** empty log message ***
       new  797fc03   (slime-complete-keywords-contextually): New customizable 
variable. (slime-enclosing-operator-names): New optional argument max-levels. 
(slime-completions-for-keyword): New. (slime-contextual-completions): New. 
(slime-expand-abbreviations-and-complete): Use it instead of slime-completions.
       new  4ad9c83   (operator-designator-to-form): New, factored out from 
arglist-for-echo-area. (arglist-for-echo-area): Use it here. 
(completions-for-keyword): New. (find-matching-symbols-in-list): New.
       new  d0ea9f4   *** empty log message ***
       new  2eef7fa   (slime-repl-send-input): Don't include the final newline 
in the slime-repl-input-face overlay, thus avoid showing the "Evaluation 
aborted" message in boldface.  Don't set non-existent "rear-nonsticky" overlay 
property; overlay stickiness is controlled by make-overlay arguments.
       new  8f68022   *** empty log message ***
       new  db304cf   * swank-backend.lisp (operate-on-system): symbol case fix 
for   SCL's lowercase mode.
       new  9291d5e   (default-fasl-directory): Previously we return only the 
directory-namestring which breaks SCL, because it loses the host and device 
components.  Return the complete pathname instead.  Patch by Douglas Crosher.
       new  abca7e2   (slime-lisp-host): New variable. Replace all references 
to "" with the variable.
       new  ccfdeda   *** empty log message ***
       new  366506b   Replace some occurrences of *VARNAME* with VARNAME which 
is more idiomatic Elisp.
       new  1bfd7ba   o swank-scl.lisp: Fix slime input stream reading.
       new  a6a536b   *** empty log message ***
       new  c1294a1   (slime-macroexpansion-minor-mode): Attempt to map 
-inplace functions to the same keys as their regular contureparts in 
slime-mode-map. (slime-eval-macroexpand-inplace): New function. 
(slime-macroexpand-1-inplace): New function. (slime-macroexpand-all-inplace): 
New function.
       new  5b6ceb1   Document new macroexpansion mode.
       new  920a915   (slime-eval-macroexpand-inplace): Indent the inserted 
       new  42ecc46   *** empty log message ***
       new  aa410b8   (slime-translate-to-lisp-filename-function): removed. 
(slime-translate-from-lisp-filename-function): removed. 
(slime-filename-translations): New variable. (slime-to-lisp-filename): Rewrote 
to search through available transalations. (slime-from-lisp-filename): idem. 
(slime-create-filename-translator): New function. 
(slime-add-filename-translation): New function.
       new  ad06e5b   *** empty log message ***
       new  f213613   *** empty log message ***
       new  f48ea51   *** empty log message ***
       new  1322eb4   (slime-filename-translations): Typo in example. 
(slime-create-filename-translator): Typo in generated lambdas.
       new  841c2ac   *** empty log message ***
       new  cd01804   (slime-create-filename-translator): use the tramp methods 
for dissecting and building filenames.
       new  0dad979   * slime.el: (slime-create-filename-translator): use the 
tramp methods for dissecting and building filenames.
       new  d5c9af3   they are pointless when we are compiling via a temporary 
file. (profile-report): Implement.
       new  79c296b   (slime-system-history): New variable. 
(slime-read-system-name): Use a separate history list for ASDF system names.
       new  b870673   *** empty log message ***
       new  ead5368   (slime-note-counts-message): New variable. 
(slime-show-note-counts): Store the note counts message for later use. 
(slime-highlight-notes, slime-list-compiler-notes): Show a progress message, 
keeping note counts visible.
       new  8c23248   *** empty log message ***
       new  4a3260d   *** empty log message ***
       new  9b7d9f2   (slime-to-lisp-filename): Call expand-file-name before 
passing the filename to the to-lisp function.
       new  a7c181d   *** empty log message ***
       new  cb18be4   *** empty log message ***
       new  82d7861   (lisp-version-string): Modified swank-loader so that 
Allegro's alisp and mlisp programs get different locations. Otherwise mlisp 
complains about alisp's files.
       new  8e7ada0   *** empty log message ***
       new  1daebc6   (inspect-for-emacs): Fix typo.
       new  9c4597b   (arglist-for-echo-area): Add keyword argument 
print-right-margin. (arglist-to-string, format-arglist-for-echo-area): Likewise.
       new  1b8827a   (slime-goto-location-buffer): Avoid calling the expensive 
function find-file-noselect when we are already in the right buffer.
       new  dbaad4d   *** empty log message ***
       new  32cbf5a   (arglist-for-echo-area): New keyword argument 
arg-indices. (arglist-to-string): New keyword argument highlight. 
(format-arglist-for-echo-area): Likewise.
       new  82b75b4   (slime-space): First insert the space, then obtain 
information. (slime-fontify-string): Also handle argument highlights. 
(slime-enclosing-operator-names): As a secondary value, return a list of the 
indices of the arguments to the nested operator. 
(slime-contextual-completions): Use changed interface of 
slime-enclosing-operator-names. (slime-function-called-at-point): Removed. 
(slime-function-called-at-point/line): Removed. (slime-autodoc-thing-at-point): 
New. (slime- [...]
       new  ea0f15d   *** empty log message ***
       new  20f2d7a   (slime-autodoc-pre-command-refresh-echo-area): Show the 
last autodoc message again (movement commands clear it); technique to avoid 
flickering, taken from eldoc. (slime-autodoc-mode): Install it as a 
pre-command-hook. (slime-autodoc-last-message): New variable. 
(slime-autodoc-message): New function. (slime-autodoc): Use them here. 
(slime-autodoc-message-ok-p): OK to overwrite an autodoc message.
       new  1417275   *** empty log message ***
       new  17984e8   (inspect-for-emacs): Specialize on FILE-STREAM and 
STREAM-ERROR, offering to visit the file at the current stream position as an 
inspector action.  Useful for dealing with reader errors.
       new  44c43e6   (slime-ed): Handle (FILENAME :charpos CHARPOS).
       new  562fce4   *** empty log message ***
       new  40de9bb   (inspect-for-emacs stream-error t): Don't call pathname 
on non-file streams.
       new  d4ac7e7   * Improve the robustness of connection establishment.
       new  3e00995   (arglist-for-echo-area): Fix when arg-indices are not 
       new  51184e2   *** empty log message ***
       new  2c3776d   (casify): Removed. (casify-char, 
tokenize-symbol-thoroughly): New functions. (parse-symbol): Use 
tokenize-symbol-thoroughly, so as to handle |escaped symbols|.
       new  091322d   *** empty log message ***
       new  1ae009e   * slime.el (slime-qualify-cl-symbol-name): Strip leading 
colon from package names for qualifying symbols. (slime-call-defun): New 
command. (slime-keys): Bind it to C-c C-y. (slime-easy-menu): Show it in the 
       new  86ed394   *** empty log message ***
       new  da8d8fd   Allow swank:ed-in-emacs to take cons function names.  
(This adds some ambiguity with conses representing filenames and positions)
       new  cf917ea   (slime-background-activities-enabled-p): Allow 
"background activities" in sldb-mode. (slime-autodoc-message-ok-p): Allow 
autodoc in sldb-mode. (sldb-mode-syntax-table): New variable. (sldb-mode): 
Enable autodoc-mode when slime-use-autodoc-mode is true.  Use 
sldb-mode-syntax-table to make #<...> balance like parentheses.  This enables 
autodoc-mode to match #<unreadable> actual arguments in the backtraces with 
formal arguments of the function. (slime-beginning-of-symbo [...]
       new  ec8c232   *** empty log message ***
       new  b408600   (set-default-directory): Fix for pathnames without a 
trailing slash. From Mikel Bankcroft <mutandiz@yahoo.com>
       new  7812293   *** empty log message ***
       new  00f1551   (slime-fontify-string): Fix for arguments spanning 
multiple lines. (slime-autodoc-message-dimensions): New. 
(slime-autodoc-thing-at-point): Use it here to either ask for a one-line or a 
nicely formatted multi-line arglist. (slime-enclosing-operator-names): Handle 
       new  ad03eb1   (arglist-for-echo-area): New keyword arg, print-lines. 
(decoded-arglist-to-string): New function, implement argument highlighting also 
for &optional and &rest/&body arguments. (arglist-to-string): Use 
decoded-arglist-to-string. (arglist): New slots aux-args, known-junk, 
unknown-junk. (nreversef): New macro. (decode-arglist, encode-arglist): Refine 
to handle more structure in argument lists, including implementation-defined 
stuff like &parse-body. (format-arglist-for- [...]
       new  87dbfe3   *** empty log message ***
       new  ebe0b4d   Move arglist test code down where all used functions are 
       new  5b102ec   (slime-enclosing-operator-names): Fix for situation when 
point is at end of buffer, as it happens often in the REPL.
       new  20dbdc1   *** empty log message ***
       new  58f0878   (slime-hyperspec-lookup): Don't get confused by a cl: or 
common-lisp: package prefix.
       new  7acc4c5   *** empty log message ***
       new  7412d4c   *** empty log message ***
       new  a5f943b   (slime-make-tramp-file-name): If emcas' tramp has 
tramp-multi-methods then pass the method parameter to 
tramp-make-tramp-file-name, otherwise don't. 
(slime-create-filename-translator): Use slime-make-tramp-file-name.
       new  a12d938   (common-lisp-hyperspec-strip-cl-package): New function. 
(common-lisp-hyperspec): Don't get confused by a cl: or common-lisp: package 
       new  8d8c486   (operator-designator-to-form): Handle forms similar to 
make-instance (make-condition, error, etc.) (extra-keywords/make-instance): New 
function. (extra-keywords): Specialize on operators make-condition, error, 
signal, warn, cerror.
       new  1cd3150   (slime-enclosing-operator-names): Handle forms similar to 
make-instance (make-condition, error, etc.), to get extra keywords based on the 
condition class.
       new  bf393c5   *** empty log message ***
       new  b16802e   (slime-enclosing-operator-names): Fix last change.
       new  b35443d   (slime-recently-visited-buffer): Ignore internal buffers 
(starting with a space), to avoid selecting the  *slime-fontify* buffer. 
Reported by Andreas Fuchs.
       new  997fefe   (multiple-value-or): New macro. (extra-keywords): Use 
       new  cb6422a   *** empty log message ***
       new  992d87f   (slime-repl-mode): Enable autodoc-mode if 
slime-use-autodoc-mode is true.
       new  e97157f   *** empty log message ***
       new  438d68a   (slime-macroexpansion-minor-mode): Make it Emacs 20 
       new  c0cea6a   (slime-find-filename-translators): Use string-match.
       new  c0c06a5   *** empty log message ***
       new  a3a9b6f   (slime-fontify-string): Use set-text-properties, not 
propertize, for Emacs 20 compatibility.  Patch by Matthew D. Swank
       new  d776fce   *** empty log message ***
       new  0612bf8   (slime-fontify-string): Use slime-insert-propertized 
rather than set-text-properties or propertize.
       new  8a91fe7   Stream locking patch from Robert Macomber
       new  af77fd7   * Update the Scieneer CL backend.
       new  4035b4f   (slime-find-filename-translators): Use assof-if instead 
of assoc-default for XEmacs compatibility.
       new  1fd4f9a   *** empty log message ***
       new  0c2fac9   (load-site-init-file, swank-source-files): Fix pathname 
construction to take all unspecified components from the directory pathname, in 
particular the drive letter on Windows.
       new  a7316c3   *** empty log message ***
       new  7133dba   * slime.el (slime-autodoc): Fix reference to unbound 
       new  67d77cb   *** empty log message ***
       new  2301ce4   (accept-connection): New argument: timeout.
       new  85ba786   *** empty log message ***
       new  93750aa   Define a class file-stream to let swank.lisp load.
       new  1581b31   Use the NIL communication style for sbcl/win32 (and 
document it, too)
       new  a2298e8   Fixes/improvements to the make-instance highlighting. * 
shared-initialize and allocate-instance keywords
       new  c2f46e4   Small manual fixes.
       new  f1269ac   (*use-dedicated-output-stream*): Disable it by default to 
avoid race conditions.
       new  d62c720   *** empty log message ***
       new  f64a9cd   (toggle-trace): Implemented. Currently only provides 
'best effort' support, :labels and :flet are ignored, :defmethod and :call are 
treated like a normal trace of the operator.
       new  b909530   (fspec-definition-locations): Handle :top-level-form 
entries that appear in backtraces.
       new  e70218e   *** empty log message ***
       new  cd80185   Fix for problem with Allegro CL 8.0: If I type M-x 
slime-update-indentation, Allegro CL starts growing until it hits a 
STORAGE-CONDITION or even segfaults.
       new  bc82771   *** empty log message ***
       new  acef375   *** empty log message ***
       new  c84c704   (slime-macroexpansion-minor-mode-map): Rebind 'undo' to 
set buffer-read-only temporarily to t.
       new  0df470d   (slime-repl-return): Only send repl input if point is 
past a complete form.
       new  4fff00e   *** empty log message ***
       new  48b2ded   *** empty log message ***
       new  a3ede1d   (slime-repl-return-behaviour): New variable which 
controls slime-repl-return's heaviour. (slime-repl-return): Respect 
       new  f04ed3b   2006-05-24  Alan Ruttenberg <alanr-l@mumble.net>  * 
swank-abcl: Add some more mop functions to you can inspect classes,   generic 
functions, methods, slots.
       new  935ea28   * swank.lisp (recursively-compute-most-completions & 
friends):   Micro-optimize the fuzzy completion engine, improving performace   
by a factor of about 4 on SBCL.  However, it will only work on   simple-strings 
now, and CHAR= is burned in instead of being an   option.  I don't think this 
is too much of a limitation.  At this   point rendering the results on the 
emacs side takes much longer   than finding them for long result lists.
       new  90584e6   *** empty log message ***
       new  9cec27d   2006-05-27  Alan Ruttenberg <alanr-l@mumble.net>  * 
swank-abcl: slot-boundp-using-class slot-value-using-class  so you    can 
inspect instances
       new  6aada15   *** empty log message ***
       new  0dfd079   (slime-use-autodoc-mode): Fix typo in docstring. 
(slime-use-highlight-edits-mode): New variable, analogous to 
SLIME-USE-AUTODOC-MODE. (slime-setup, slime-lisp-mode-hook): Make above 
variable work. Also, activates the HIGHLIGHT-EDITS-MODE in proper way (thus 
avoiding the nasty "Toggling ... off; better pass an explicit argument." 
       new  9445699   *** empty log message ***
       new  c8ffba8   (slime-get-temp-buffer-create): New keyword REUSEP which 
indicates whether an already-existing buffer named like the buffer to be 
created should be reused, i.e. not killed, then freshly created. Update 
docstring accordingly. (slime-with-output-to-temp-buffer): Make &optional arg 
MODE an &key keyword arg. Add REUSEP keyword. 
(slime-macroexpansion-minor-mode-map): Make remapped `undo' update highlighted 
edits in the macroexpansion buffer. (slime-eval-macroexpand-in-pla [...]
       new  50b3d01   *** empty log message ***
       new  18f5047   (*sldb-quit-restart*): New variable. (throw-to-toplevel): 
Use the restart named by *sldb-quit-restart* as opposed to hard coding 
       new  184d3ea   *** empty log message ***
       new  4eeb81f   2006-06-09  Alan Ruttenberg <alanr-l@mumble.net>  * 
swank-abcl: Update to cvs version of abcl and warnings errors         when 
compiling in a buffer will now be properly caught by slime vs      current 
behavior of always saying 0 errors 0 warnings and printing      them in the 
repl instead
       new  981ad47   Update for the Scieneer CL 1.3.
       new  343513e   (slime-goto-definition): If all definitions of a name 
have the same location, go there directly rather than presenting an xref buffer.
       new  a9c58db   *** empty log message ***
       new  7b4fd4f   (slime-parse-extended-operator-name) 
(slime-parse-extended-operator-name/defmethod): New functions, factored out 
from slime-enclosing-operator-names. 
(slime-parse-extended-operator-name/cerror): New function. 
(slime-extended-operator-name-parser-alist): New variable. 
(slime-enclosing-operator-names): Use them here.
       new  bc110f3   (operator-designator-to-form): Handle :cerror. 
(extra-keywords cerror): Make it work.
       new  e9adc33   *** empty log message ***
       new  d2884e1   (operator-designator-to-form): Handle cerror and 
change-class with :make-instance.
       new  e62940d   Remove FIXME.
       new  5e31a7e   (slime-parse-extended-operator-name/cerror): Handle 
cerror and change-class with :make-instance. 
(slime-extended-operator-name-parser-alist): Handle change-class.
       new  63ec37c   *** empty log message ***
       new  fda3653   (slime-parse-extended-operator-name) 
(slime-enclosing-operator-names): Fix the case when point is within the 
       new  65a258f   *** empty log message ***
       new  1926c76   (slime-parse-extended-operator-name): Don't move point; 
fixes infinite loop.
       new  d6aa152   *** empty log message ***
       new  81966bd   (arglist): Distinguish between provided actual args and 
required formal args using the new slot provided-args. (form-completion): 
Likewise. (decoded-arglist-to-string): Use it here to display the argument list 
(make-instance 'CLASS-NAME ...) rather than (make-instance (quote CLASS-NAME) 
       new  b833272   *** empty log message ***
       new  2b75727   (slime-echo-arglist): Simplify, just use slime-autodoc.
       new  ff1bdcd   (extra-keywords change-class): Don't drop the first 
       new  265c75b   *** empty log message ***
       new  5d8c584   (suppress-sharp-dot): Return a unique symbol to avoid nil 
entries at toplevel in the source-map.
       new  b9cf27d   (test compile-defun): Add a test for #. reader macro at 
toplevel. (slime-run-one-test): New command. (sldb-activate): Recreate the sldb 
buffer if it doesn't exits. (Can happen if someone kills the buffer manually.) 
(slime-wait-condition): Add a dummy to slime-stack-eval-tags while waiting so 
that the SLDB enters a recursive edit.
       new  ece216a   *** empty log message ***
       new  16bd1b8   (swank-compile-string): Create temporary file with the 
string and compile-file it instead of compiling an anonymous lambda, as before, 
in order to better handle eval-when forms.
       new  0a81b51   (find-definitions): Remove backward compatibly code.
       new  92cafb4   *** empty log message ***
       new  fee10c8   *** empty log message ***
       new  b7ebf32   * swank-allegro.lisp (make-weak-key-hash-table): Use 
ACL's weak hashtables.
       new  c186f85   *** empty log message ***
       new  0ca1426   (keywords-of-operator): New support function for writing 
user-defined `extra-keywords' methods.
       new  8e4d837   *** empty log message ***
       new  86da7b0   *** empty log message ***
       new  09b1636   (slime-shared-lisp-mode-hook): New function, factored out 
from slime-lisp-mode-hook. (slime-lisp-mode-hook): Use it here. 
(slime-scheme-mode-hook): New function, use slime-shared-lisp-mode-hook. 
(slime-setup): If scheme-mode is one of the slime-lisp-modes, install our hook.
       new  c1ca9f7   remove linux_no_threads_p, defcondition -> 
       new  102e45d   (slime-edit-definition): Invoke the 
slime-edit-definition-fall-back-function also in the case where 
find-definitions-for-emacs returns an error message. 
(slime-edit-definition-fallback-function): Fix typo (find-tag rather than 
       new  7fdde1a   *** empty log message ***
       new  766525d   (slime-enclosing-operator-names): For nesting levels 
without operator, record nil. (slime-completions-for-keyword): New argument 
arg-indices. (slime-contextual-completions): Pass all enclosing operators and 
arg-indices to slime-completions-for-keyword.
       new  abbafa1   (find-valid-operator-name): New, factored out from 
arglist-for-echo-area. (arglist-for-echo-area): Use it here. (print-arglist): 
New, factored out from decoded-arglist-to-string. Handle recursive arglist 
structures that arise in destructuring macro arglists. (decode-required-arg, 
encode-required-arg): New, handle destructuring patterns. (decode-keyword-arg, 
encode-keyword-arg, decode-optional-arg) (encode-optional-arg, decode-arglist, 
encode-arglist): Use them here t [...]
       new  6aa548f   *** empty log message ***
       new  69abc5e   Ignore generated files.
       new  be83e05   Profiling functions on Allegro (except for 
profile-package). From Willem Broekema.
       new  7edc526   *** empty log message ***
       new  252e72d   (definterface): Bring the old implementation based on 
       new  6f9bf3f   (test-print-arglist): Print a message instead of 
signalling an error. This should avoid startup problems (in particular with 
       new  763a0e1   (slime-find-filename-translators): CL:MACHINE-INSTANCE 
can return nil. Silently accept that case for now.
       new  dbc7c0b   (inspect-for-emacs): Don't use defimplementation here.
       new  3761610   (inspect-for-emacs): Don't use defimplementation for real 
       new  c0b788a   *** empty log message ***
       new  12dc840   Some fixes to make it actually work.
       new  e51892e   swank-backend.lisp (definterface): Drop that incredibly 
unportable CLOS stuff. Use plists and plain functions instead.  Update backends 
       new  a62a1d6   *** empty log message ***
       new  d51dbc0   (fspec-definition-locations): Improve handling of 
(:internal ... n) like fspecs.
       new  9eaa6e4   (slime-restart-inferior-lisp-aux): Remove the interactive 
       new  5a9dd82   (accept-connection, arglist): Some updates for changed 
definterface implementation.
       new  16c9bf6   *** empty log message ***
       new  5cbce39   (close-connection, swank-error): Include backtraces in 
our own errors. (simple-serve-requests): Don't enter the debugger (recursively) 
if the connection is closed.
       new  cd749a8   (startup-idle-and-top-level-loops): Initialize MP if only 
       new  05f5ec7   Test disconnecting.
       new  949f11d   *** empty log message ***
       new  c0ac0ff   Fix some breakage caused by the new defimplementation.
       new  f5cdd8f   *** empty log message ***
       new  4f59db0   (slime-accept-process-output-supports-floats): New 
variable to cache the result of calling accept-process-output with a float as 
timeout argument. Not all Emacs version support that and if the call raises an 
error we know that it's not supported. (slime-accept-process-output): Use it.
       new  1186f57   *** empty log message ***
       new  6ad3fb9   More fixes.
       new  efbcaa5   (slime-parse-extended-operator-name/apply): New. 
(slime-extended-operator-name-parser-alist): Add it to the alist.
       new  f084ef2   (compute-enriched-decoded-arglist): Add method for 
handling APPLY.
       new  5db0d0b   *** empty log message ***
       new  ec9a3c3   (*nil-surrogate*): New. (save-presented-object, 
lookup-presented-object): Distinguish between a saved NIL and a 
garbage-collected object that was replaced by NIL in the weak hash table.
       new  d24310e   (compute-enriched-decoded-arglist with-open-file): Add an 
IGNORE declaration.
       new  7f52043   *** empty log message ***
       new  dda555c   (lookup-presented-object): Handle presentation ids 
(:frame-var frame index), (:inspected-part part-index). (init-inspector): New 
optional argument, reset.
       new  9c33dd2   (slime-inspector-insert-ispec): Mark up all values of 
inspected parts as presentations. (sldb-insert-locals): Mark up the values of 
local variables as presentations. (slime-remove-presentation-properties): Fix 
for read-only buffers. (slime-copy-presentation-at-point): Make it work when 
the current buffer is not the REPL buffer. 
(slime-menu-choices-for-presentation): Describe into a separate buffer, not the 
REPL.  New menu item, pretty-print. (slime-presentation-expre [...]
       new  c3c25b0   *** empty log message ***
       new  9e37441   (slime-ensure-presentation-overlay): Provide a help-echo 
for presentations, showing the mouse bindings. 
(slime-presentation-around-click): New function. 
(slime-inspect-presentation-at-mouse) (slime-copy-presentation-at-mouse) 
(slime-pretty-print-presentation-at-mouse): New commands. 
(slime-copy-presentation-at-point): Removed (misnomer). 
(slime-presentation-map): Bind mouse-2 to slim [...]
       new  b0ef805   *** empty log message ***
       new  0c0ce18   (lookup-presented-object): Fix for OpenMCL 1.0 [ppc32], 
which requires that the :NO-ERROR clause is last in HANDLER-CASE.
       new  be96eac   *** empty log message ***
       new  9e3df06   (slime-repl-return-behaviour): Fix the defcustom type, so 
Emacs 21.3 does not signal an error when creating a customization buffer 
containing this variable.
       new  f7f7737   *** empty log message ***
       new  3127f44   (input-available-p, process-available-input): Use 
READ-CHAR-NO-HANG instead of LISTEN because LISTEN suddenly returns false in 
SBCL 0.9.?? even if we are called from a fd-handler and the OPEN-STREAM-P 
returns true.
       new  78c9bdc   *** empty log message ***
       new  a744db0   REPL history with paredit &al, stepping in the REPL with 
       new  bc10a92   *** empty log message ***
       new  93d25b0   (slime-open-inspector): Added a slime-part-number 
property to the topline so that you can slime-inspector-copy-down the object 
being inspected. There are some cases where we have an object in the inspector 
and we'd like to dump it to the repl but we can't get at it through other means 
(like in back-traces).
       new  26351d5   (format-arglist-for-echo-area): Instead of using 
let+first+rest to destructure a form use destructuring-bind. 
(lookup-presented-object): Added (declare (special *inspectee-parts*)) to 
silence openmcl's compiler. (inspect-object): Generate, and send to emacs, an 
ID for the object being inspected.
       new  42165be   *** empty log message ***
       new  8a43250   Added disconnect, a new repl shortcut.
       new  c4c4a13   Fixup (push|pop)-directory and (push|pop)-package.
       new  3eabdae   *** empty log message ***
       new  ad0a9ce   *** empty log message ***
       new  c94515e   (slime-insert-xrefs): Specify which file the item is in 
(when that information is available).
       new  7ddbeb2   (format-iso8601-time): Properly handle non integer time 
       new  ff5605a   *** empty log message ***
       new  d1e8b6a   *** empty log message ***
       new  54ea330   *** empty log message ***
       new  75e0a80   * Update for the SCL.
       new  117b430   *** empty log message ***
       new  ba03969   (slime-rex): Update docstring. (slime-eval, 
slime-eval-async): Added new REASON parameter sent along with :abort message.
       new  7004ca7   (request-abort): New condition. (abort-request): 
Convenience function for signaling request-abort conditions. 
(operate-on-system): Use abort-request instead of error (:swank-backend): 
Export the symbols abort-request and request-abort.
       new  ff58ba1   (eval-for-emacs): Handle request-abort conditions. 
(decode-keyword-arg, get-repl-result, parse-symbol-or-lose): Use abort-request 
instead of error.
       new  57957da   sbcl single-stepper
       new  a7676f8   fix stepper on threaded SBCL
       new  b490242   use INVOKE-STEPPER rather than funcalling *STEPPER-HOOK*
       new  05d33d2   *** empty log message ***
       new  945283b   *** empty log message ***
       new  e42add9   *** empty log message ***
       new  d7d2b7b   *** empty log message ***
       new  6f38ab0   *** empty log message ***
       new  358d608   *** empty log message ***
       new  21a73e1   *** empty log message ***
       new  fd3e384   *** empty log message ***
       new  a8b9021   (slime-goto-first-note-after-compilation): New variable. 
This controls the behaviour of (next|prev)-note immediatly after a 
slime-compile-and-load-file. (slime-compilation-just-finished): New variable. 
(slime-compilation-finished): Update slime-compilation-finished. 
(slime-next-note, slime-previous-note): Respect 
slime-compilation-just-finished. (slime-autodoc-use-multiline-p): Specify the 
type. (slime-repl-grab-old-input): Typo in docstring.
       new  088d528   (find-definitions-for-emacs): Don't return locations 
whose CAR is :error. (xref): Process whatever is returned by the various xref 
functions with the new sanitize-xrefs functions. (sanitize-xrefs): Clean up the 
list of xrefs to remove duplicates. Patch by Dan Weinreb <dlw@itasoftware.com>
       new  f1a9a83   *** empty log message ***
       new  79f1395   *** empty log message ***
       new  8380ac2   fix SBCL 0.9.17
       new  cdebd4d   (*globally-redirect-io*): Change default value to T.
       new  3cea173   *** empty log message ***
       new  84780f3   (compile-files-if-needed-serially): Don't ignore 
compile-time errors but drop into a debugger (it's not a slime debugger but 
it's certainly better than ignoring the error).
       new  7855f34   *** empty log message ***
       new  a93c992   *** empty log message ***
       new  e674f8b   (slime-highlight-compiler-notes): New variable. 
(slime-compilation-finished): Only highlight notes when 
slime-highlight-compiler-notes is non-NIL.
       new  024bb8b   Update license statement.
       new  32b9c82   *** empty log message ***
       new  8c12bab   *** empty log message ***
       new  71ddc4b   (lisp-version-string) [allegro]: Distinguish between 
32-bit and 64-bit version on the SPARC architecture.
       new  9ca0ffc   (completions-for-keyword): Look up the operator names in 
the right package.  Return nil (rather than signalling an error) when no valid 
operator name is present.
       new  9faffa4   *** empty log message ***
       new  9dcec57   (slime-presentation-syntax-table): New. 
(slime-add-presentation-properties): Install it in a syntax-table text 
property, so that #<...> is balanced in a presentation. 
(slime-remove-presentation-properties): Remove the text property. 
(slime-repl-mode): Respect the syntax text properties of presentations in REPL 
       new  bf64c2f   *** empty log message ***
       new  f90446b   (sldb-activate): Get debug-info from the correct thread. 
Fixes bug reported by Dan Weinreb <dlw@itasoftware.com>.
       new  d4237bd   *** empty log message ***
       new  c5d1927   (unwind-to-previous-sldb-level): New test.
       new  db13058   *** empty log message ***
       new  62137e4   (slime-init-command): Send a single form.
       new  1e19388   Clean up global IO redirection. 
(setup-stream-indirection): Turn macro into a function and delay initialization 
after user init files are loaded, so that we do nothing if 
*globally-redirect-io* is nil. (*after-init-hook*, run-after-init-hook, 
init-global-stream-redirection): New.
       new  5e37737   Abort on compile-time or load-time errors. Don't try to 
load the source-file if COMPILE-FILE's 3rd return value is true (it's true even 
for warnings). (handle-loadtime-error): New function.
       new  e1880e3   *** empty log message ***
       new  45ff392   (slime-insert-presentation): Honor 
slime-repl-enable-presentations. Presentations kill SLDB and the inspector in 
Emacs 20 (besides being troublesome GC-wise).
       new  da30bf2   *** empty log message ***
       new  03b1fd1   (inspect-for-emacs): Don't break for simple-strings.
       new  7b10bde   *** empty log message ***
       new  28e7577   (slime-accept-process-output): The timeout arg can be 
nil. Handle that case.
       new  e2052f4   (slime-find-buffer-package): Handle #. forms.
       new  f80dc67   (inspect-for-emacs weak-pointer ...): Added method.
       new  5e49b24   (guess-package-from-string): Handle #. forms. 
(inspect-for-emacs standard-class): Handle non-string :documentation slot 
       new  8621bcf   *** empty log message ***
       new  160ccb0   (slime-find-buffer-package): Simplify.
       new  a822370   (slime-search-buffer-package): Fix.
       new  0aef20b   *** empty log message ***
       new  1733d81   (guess-package-from-string): Remove special case for 
"#.". parse-package will handle that just fine.
       new  74993d2   (sanitize-xrefs): Moved to swank-sbcl.  The backend is 
supposed to return sane values. (find-definitions-for-emacs): Don't filter 
errors out.
       new  0fdbdb4   (ignored-xref-function-names): Deleted.
       new  821386c   (list-callers, list-callers): Use SANITIZE-XREFS.
       new  781c46e   *** empty log message ***
       new  a4dc5b3   *** empty log message ***
       new  e050c9d   *** empty log message ***
       new  5edc208   *** empty log message ***
       new  2e80ec3   (start-server): initialize-multiprocessing's API has 
       new  b1d4f81   (initialize-multiprocessing): Update for new API.
       new  7e3d6c2   (initialize-multiprocessing): New API to support lisps 
where initialize-multiprocessing may not return (lispworks).
       new  344b94e   (initialize-multiprocessing): Update for new api.
       new  39c9c02   *** empty log message ***
       new  0881882   *** empty log message ***
       new  11200ac   (slime-target-buffer-fuzzy-completions-map): Fix a dug I 
introduced when applying levente's patch.
       new  5d9e11f   *** empty log message ***
       new  d7ad888   (slime-fuzzy-choices-buffer): Added kill-buffer-hook to 
the completion buffer to slime-fuzzy-abort, so we get out from the completion 
mode and key maps when the completion buffer is closed.
       new  388f7bc   (startup-idle-and-top-level-loops): Deleted. Merged into 
       new  bf7ae02   *** empty log message ***
       new  b3302e2   Run Emacs in Screen.
       new  fde8e35   (initialize-multiprocessing): Don't init MP if it is 
already running.
       new  5b5d02b   *** empty log message ***
       new  4030012   (slime-execute-tests): Show the test name to the echo 
       new  edeb6c4   *** empty log message ***
       new  0c6ebd8   (slime-global-variable-name-p): Use a custom 'parser' 
instead of string-match to avoid regexp overflow errors on very long strings.
       new  2c9a163   (slime-setup-command-hooks): Use make-local-hook. 
(slime-repl-mode): Ditto. (slime-fuzzy-choices-buffer): Ditto. (sldb-mode): 
Ditto. (slime-fuzzy-completion-limit): New variable. 
(slime-fuzzy-completion-time-limit-in-msec): New variable. (slime-fuzzy-next): 
Fix when at the end of the buffer. (completion-output-symbol-converter): New to 
handle escaped symbols for those who need to mess around with symbols like 
layered-function-definers::|CONTEXTL::SLOT-VALUE-USING-LAY [...]
       new  5e50fd3   (make-weak-value-hash-table): New for sbcl. 
(make-weak-key-hash-table): New for sbcl.
       new  ebb33d3   (fuzzy-completions and friends): Added :limit and 
:time-limit-in-msec keyword params. Used vectors instead of lists that nearly 
doubled its speed (at least on sbcl). Also added some declare optimize and type 
annotations. (do-symbols*): New, uses a hash-table to visit only non-seen 
symbols. Replaced various uses of do-symbols where it was appropiate.
       new  83bef68   *** empty log message ***
       new  25e595f   *** empty log message ***
       new  21d2dbd   fix xemacs problems in previous commit
       new  424cc92   (sldb-break-at-start): Implement. Patch from Utz-Uwe Haus.
       new  8343709   *** empty log message ***
       new  7af76d4   Restore support for pre 0.9.17 SBCL
       new  b613748   Hyperspec link for ~% and ~&
       new  fc47b08   Hyperspec links for ~% and ~&
       new  667ded7   Missing Hyperspec links for ~| and ~~
       new  0d2d40c   (character-completion-set): New interface.
       new  cfdb2c4   (character-completion-set): Implement it.
       new  143ce9f   (completions-for-character): New slimefun. 
(compound-prefix-match/ci/underscores) (longest-completion/underscores, 
tokenize-completion/underscores) (untokenize-completion/underscores): New 
       new  8591e7d   (slime-completions-for-character): New. 
(slime-contextual-completions): Use it here.
       new  d070496   *** empty log message ***
       new  bae0cf0   (slime-global-variable-name-p): Simplified.
       new  7c76d9e   *** empty log message ***
       new  9ba682e   *** empty log message ***
       new  d5c7f1a   (slime-global-variable-name-p): Use defun* instead of 
       new  25d6843   (slime-global-variable-name-p): Oops... need to handle 
very long strings.
       new  2dd9f48   *** empty log message ***
       new  5c98984   *** empty log message ***
       new  25ddc6a   (slime-global-variable-name-regexp): New variable. 
(slime-global-variable-name-p): Use slime-global-variable-name-regexp.
       new  b2a0500   (slime-global-variable-name-regexp): New variable. 
(slime-global-variable-name-p): Use slime-global-variable-name-regexp. 
("swank-version"): Load swank-version.el to get the wire protocol version. 
(slime-set-connection-info): Check the wire protocol version.
       new  e305bc0   *** empty log message ***
       new  beefd50   (*dont-close*): New variable. (defpackage :swank): Export 
*dont-close*. (start-server, create-server): Use *dont-close* as the default 
value of the :dont-close parameter. (connection-info): Send the 
wire-protocol-version (supplied by the swank-version.el file) to slime when 
connecting. (wire-protocol-version): New function.
       new  3f2ccb2   *** empty log message ***
       new  6bc9f4b   (*swank-wire-protocol-version*): Use a defvar to declare 
the existence of tihs variable to the lisp (Reported by: Jonathon McKitrick 
       new  87d28e9   (sldb-sexp-highlight-mode): New custom. 
(slime-handle-repl-shortcut): Trigger slime-lookup-shortcut when the point is 
anywhere before slime-repl-input-start-mark.  IOW, you can press "," anywhere 
before the prompt. (slime-edit-definition): Handle the case when there are only 
such entries returned from swank that have errors. 
(slime-read-from-minibuffer): Allow overriding of the keymap. 
(slime-repl-previous-matching-input): Similar behaviour like isearch-forward. 
(sli [...]
       new  fc81936   (fuzzy-completion-set): Fix on clisp. 
(convert-fuzzy-completion-result): Fix symbol fbound and other annotations. 
(slot-value-using-class-for-inspector): New. 
(slot-boundp-using-class-for-inspector): New. (inspect-for-emacs): Use the 
special slot access methods so that it's possible to customize the inspecting 
of complex slots (e.g. computed-class at 
http://common-lisp.net/project/computed-class/). (all-slots-for-inspector): 
Converted to generic method.
       new  d7a825b   *** empty log message ***
       new  b67a60a   *** empty log message ***
       new  7b74d91   (all-slots-for-inspector): Added declare ignore for 
unused argument inspector (openmcl warns about this). Reindented.
       new  d0d25a0   Support nested presentations in REPL results, when 
present.lisp is loaded.
       new  5ab9fcd   (make-presentations-result): New, factored out from 
listener-eval. (listener-eval): Use it here.
       new  cca0cbb   *** empty log message ***
       new  0bbb03f   (sldb-sexp-highlight-mode): Remove bloat.
       new  707feb5   *** empty log message ***
       new  28edd81   *** empty log message ***
       new  6253008   cosmetic change - escaped right parenthesis
       new  96bfee8   (slime-make-tramp-file-name): Added (require 'tramp) 
since tramp-make-tramp-file-name is not an autoloaded function.
       new  45ac003   *** empty log message ***
       new  03b38ef   (slime-compile-file): Let the Lisp side choose the coding 
system. (slime-coding): Deleted.
       new  99c24be   (slime-compile-file): Let the Lisp side choose the coding 
system. (slime-coding): Deleted.
       new  97cb3d6   (compile-file-for-emacs): Use guess-external-format.
       new  dc5106b   (load-swank): Set the protocol version.
       new  3556025   (read-file): Use guess-external-format.
       new  5fb5464   (find-external-format, guess-external-format): New. 
(swank-compile-file): The external-format argument is now a backend specific 
value returned by find-external-format.
       new  254ae26   (*coding-system*): "Coding systems" are now strings 
instead of keywords. Set it to "iso-latin-1-unix".
       new  2e27528   *** empty log message ***
       new  ad07f36   Documentation patch for swank:create-server from Ury 
Marshak <urym@two-bytes.com>.
       new  206da77   Add copyright note.
       new  812ec7c   *** empty log message ***
       new  77ebf16   Capturing first third of document changes. Added slime 
logo to front page.
       new  adf3bbc   (slime-edit-definition): Don't hide error messages.
       new  c02b722   Suggestions from Antonio Menezes Leitao:
       new  6ec5113   (setf-definitions): Also include defs which were created 
with (defun (setf NAME) ...). Previously we only found definitions created with 
defsetf of define-setf-expander.
       new  b119d29   *** empty log message ***
       new  aa290cd   (slime-repl-read-break): Use a :emacs-interrupt message 
instead of a RPC to swank:simple-break.  Suggested by Taylor R Campbell.
       new  15d0580   *** empty log message ***
       new  544dbc2     Restore the way M-n and M-p used to work in the REPL. 
(cherry-picked    from a patch with other changes, sent by Attila Lendvai).
       new  71151bb     * swank-source-file-cache.lisp (buffer-first-change): 
Check     whether a file exists before trying load it into the source cache.
       new  06e9225     Xref support for SBCL (requires SBCL
       new  98c97c8   (guess-external-format): Return nil if the file can't be 
opened. Previusly we wrongly read from stdin.
       new  a8356f2   *** empty log message ***
       new  ba948ba   (slime-first-change-hook): Don't do anything if buffers 
file doesn't exist.
       new  e045cf4   (buffer-first-change): Always return nil.
       new  f075f1b   (match-string-no-properties): Define it for XEmacs 
       new  2878054   (create-swank-server): Deleted. Use create-server instead.
       new  f35b616   *** empty log message ***
       new  152a0e5   (slime-start, slime-set-connection-info): Add support for 
a :init-function which is called after the usual initialization of the 
connection is completed.
       new  55033f2   *** empty log message ***
       new  99b6bdd   *** empty log message ***
       new  2ac3987   *** empty log message ***
       new  4898d1d   (slime-search-buffer-package): Don't call 
match-string-no-properties if it's not defined (as is on some xemacs') 
(slime-repl-clear-buffer): Added optional prefix argument specifying how many 
lines to leave.
       new  5bcc203   (common-lisp-hyperspec): Strip all text properties from 
the symbol-at-point to avoid problems with read-only text.
       new  f2deafc   *** empty log message ***
       new  056bce0   (slime-inspect): If a prefix argument is provided pass 
:eval nil to swank:init-inspector.
       new  7c81d7e   (init-inspector): Added eval parameter. If NIL we don't 
eval FORM but limit our selves to cl:read'ing it and inspecting that value.
       new  7dcab61   *** empty log message ***
       new  a5c0b7c   *** empty log message ***
       new  0a67f0b   Use a hashtable to remove duplicates in 
       new  59fd8dd   slime-repl-kill-input kills the entire input when point 
is at the prompt and resets the history navigation state
       new  c55dcf4   Added slime-repl-delete-from-input-history that deletes 
the current history entry when no input is supplied
       new  304314e   FIX: Drop #\. and add #\, to escaped symbol chars
       new  70774b3   FIX: slime-symbol-name-at-point for symbols like 
       new  cecda72   Added inspect-slot-for-emacs to let users customize it.
       new  2a7fde4   Fix/smarten up temp-buffer-quit
       new  1b0a6e7   Work on repl history navigation, restore old M-p/M-n 
behaviour due to #lisp demand
       new  660dfe7   Added [set value] command for slot inspecting
       new  96773c7   Implement INSPECT-IN-EMACS, tweak inspection of integers.
       new  371f43f   FIX: fuzzy completion for M-V-B. Fix by Madhu.
       new  f1a862c   Update ChangeLog with Lendvai's commit messages.
       new  38320f2   (slime-repl-output-mouseover-face): Fix a pair of extra 
parens.  Patch by Madhu <enometh@meer.net>.
       new  4d95b6d   (remove-gc-hooks): The variables EXT:*GC-NOTIFY-AFTER* 
and EXT:*NOTIFY-BEFORE* should hold functions and should be NIL. This affects 
the function REMOVE-GC-HOOKS in swank-cmucl.lisp which sets them to NIL, 
(should one happen to use it).  Set them back to the original parameters.  
Patch by Madhu <enometh@meer.net>
       new  67cdbe2   (slime-expand-abbreviations-and-complete): Emacs 
`choose-completion' (choosing a completion from the *Completions* buffer) 
always replaces text upto (point). So the code which figures out an 
`unambiguous-completion-length' and places the point there in 
`slime-expand-abbreviations-and-complete' causes problems: the replacement text 
gets garbled.  Get rid of the bogus `unambiguous-completion-length'.  Patch by 
Madhu <enometh@meer.net>
       new  6c5b0f9   (*sldb-printer-bindings*): *PRINT-LINES* is in effect 
only if *PRINT-PRETTY* is non-NIL, so it better to enable the pretty printer.  
Suggested by Madhu <enometh@meer.net>.
       new  ca36844   *** empty log message ***
       new  c3ec5f3   weak hash tables for LispWorks
       new  0b2453d   (slime-region-for-defun-at-point): end-of-defun and 
beginning-of-defun modify match-data, so we should save it.
       new  6f6c8ce   *** empty log message ***
       new  cf42cc7   Convert some inspector defuns to defun* and use keywords. 
Other minor cleanups.
       new  a710428   FIX: operate the inspector in the debug thread when 
started from sldb
       new  70d7560   Added (cons row col) addressing to slime-open-inspector, 
use in slime-inspector-operate-on-point
       new  44c8b52   Set slime-fuzzy-completion-in-place enabled by default
       new  4776176   Add (expt 1.2 length) higher scores for longer matches in 
fuzzy completion.
       new  fa09a8b   Make slime-fuzzy-complete-symbol the default in the 
belife that it's better for new users
       new  01be94a   Added dwim-mode to slime-inspect that tries to be smart 
unless prefixed
       new  87957d5   Small: get rid of notes and warnings
       new  d325e1c   FIX: Properly keep track of slime-buffer-package in the 
       new  e7e1710   FIX: slime-sexp-at-point for foo::|bar::baz|
       new  e6850c6   FIX dwim inspecting to handle (setf some-fun) functions, 
       new  268424e   Hashtable inspecting: added [clear hashtable] and [remove 
entry] actions
       new  8428f90   Added hash-table-weakness and use it in 
       new  588b612   Smarten up the sldb heuristic that drops swank frames
       new  26bb937   Properly bind *sldb-printer-bindings* and turn off right 
margin while printing stuff in sldb
       new  9defc2d   Fix slime-insert-presentation to handle multi-line 
presentations better (use insert-rectangle)
       new  1b600ef   In all-slots-for-inspector pad slot names to be equal 
length, so the result is more readable
       new  7829596   Added useful init.el piece into HACKING about 
       new  1714bbc   Updated changelog
       new  0600d35   Turn off right margin for restart printing, too
       new  816b888   Return the inspected object when inspecting from the lisp 
       new  bde4dfa   Added present-in-emacs that prints a presentation of the 
given object in the repl
       new  ca98da0   Extend :write-string with and &optional presentation id 
and use this in present-in-emacs
       new  fbdc8b6   FIX: slime-fuzzy-target-buffer-completions-mode's keymap 
must always precede other keymaps
       new  ae3b85f   FIX: inspecting presentations from the right click menu 
broke in the inspect refactor
       new  8a6337a   updated changelog
       new  8222961   Fix mauled ChangeLog entries.
       new  55ef67f   (slime-inspect): Add a dwim-mode keyword argument, move 
all input handling into the interactive spec.  Restore the behavior of 
slime-inspect when point is within a presentation (no prompting, no DWIM). 
(slime-inspect-presentation-at-mouse): Don't do DWIM here, so the 
presentation-retrieval expression does not end up on the inspector stack.
       new  6340438   (slime-inspector-position): New. 
(slime-inspector-operate-on-point, slime-inspector-reinspect): Use it here to 
make it work on GNU Emacs too. (slime-open-inspector): Fix row-col addressing 
at end of buffer.
       new  faac263   *** empty log message ***
       new  422530b   (make-weak-key-hash-table, make-weak-value-hash-table): 
Implement for CLISP, so that the REPL results history does not cause "memory 
       new  05920f2   *** empty log message ***
       new  1c97f9a   Sort slot names in the inspector
       new  4071dad   Change the order to [set value] [make unbound]
       new  0b10836   Small doc fixes by Alfredo Beaumont
       new  2bc288e   Added customizable dwim lookup hook support for inspect
       new  e84d7cc   Updated changelog
       new  18d91e9   (slime-repl-mode-beginning-of-defun) 
(slime-repl-mode-end-of-defun): New. (slime-repl-mode): Use them as 
beginning-of-defun-function and end-of-defun-function. 
(slime-enclosing-operator-names): Bind parse-sexp-lookup-properties to nil, 
don't parse more than 20000 characters before point, don't determine exact 
argument positions larger than 64.  Byte-compile this function.
       new  fb211df   *** empty log message ***
       new  263ca03   (slime-repl-insert-prompt): Don't insert a result, only 
the prompt. (slime-repl-insert-result): Removed. (slime-repl-eval-string, 
slime-repl-show-abort) (slime-repl-set-package, slime-output-buffer) 
(slime-repl-update-banner): Change all callers. (slime-dispatch-event): Event 
:WRITE-STRING gets an optional argument TARGET, which controls where the string 
is inserted. (slime-write-string): Handle targets NIL (regular process output) 
       new  ef65e4a   (make-presentations-result): Removed. 
(send-repl-results-to-emacs): New function, sends :WRITE-STRING events. 
(listener-eval): Use it here instead of make-presentations-result.
       new  5f2b569   *** empty log message ***
       new  f673509   Only offer an ASDF system as initial input if it's really 
in the central registry
       new  0dd7abe   (connection): New slot repl-results (a stream). 
(make-output-function-for-target): New. (open-streams): Use it here to also 
create a stream for REPL results. (initialize-streams-for-connection): Store 
the stream.
       new  2b90251   (slime-stream-p): Allow sending presentations to the 
repl-results stream. (make-presentations-result): Removed. 
(send-repl-results-to-emacs): New.
       new  f7f4c17   *** empty log message ***
       new  5a9759a   Handle better the case when swank can not read anything 
from the string sent to be inspected.
       new  28b6794   Use set-parent-keymaps when available (xemacs only for 
now) when setting up slime-read-expression-map.
       new  038735d   Convert some minibuffer reading defun's to defun* and use 
keywords. Support extra arguments.
       new  90c81c9   FIX: older Emacsen have no line-number-at-pos
       new  41f613e   FIX: keyword symbols keep their : when travelling from 
swank to slime
       new  1894d40   FIX: drop extra "Slots: " from standard-object's 
inspector presentation
       new  e2c0721   changelog
       new  addd019   FIX: bind *sldb-printer-bindings* also in 
       new  47afe90   FIX: sort is destructive, call copy-seq at a few places
       new  5e196cc   Added slime-insert-possibly-as-rectangle and use it when 
inserting things here and there.
       new  e989d7d   changelog
       new  033450d   FIX: slime-insert-possibly-as-rectange and sldb stuff on 
newer emacsen
       new  620f2f3   Added set-keymap-parents when not available (GNU Emacs). 
Result: slime bindings while reading expressions from the minibuffer.
       new  fbded5d   changelog
       new  5f47dac   (open-streams): Don't pass nil to make-fn-streams; use a 
dummy function as workaround.  Both arguments must be functions and CMUCL 
checks the types.
       new  fcbfa1d   *** empty log message ***
       new  d0939b6     SBCL supports restart-frame natively, and uses 
a different     debug catch tag interface than earlier versions.
       new  5e83c12   (slime-repl-merge-histories): Use (setf (gethash ...) 
instead of puthash, for Emacs 20.
       new  6bace5e   FIX: set-keymap-parents for GNU Emacs was bogus, fixed by 
Ariel Badichi.
       new  f95e73b   (*sldb-printer-bindings*): Add *print-right-margin*.
       new  58d70f9   *** empty log message ***
       new  c2786b0   Some cleanups for the debugger code: add some outline 
sections and docstrings.
       new  fc50ffa   (condition-extras): Fix typo.
       new  d39b4ed   *** empty log message ***
       new  b6fc47d   (slime-keys): Removed binding of M-,
       new  0d81339   (inspect-for-emacs integer): Don't die if the integer 
can't be expressed as a float. (Patch by: Ariel Badichi <abadichi@bezeqint.net>)
       new  4fe62dc   *** empty log message ***
       new  9a37718     * slime.el (slime-read-expression-map): restore tab 
completion in       the minibuffer.
       new  b6d8a3a     * slime.el (slime-read-expression-map): Switch the 
slime-mode-map         and minibuffer-local-map around, so that the minibuffer 
binding         for return takes precedence over the slime-mode one.
       new  8e1d465   New REPL shortcuts by Kevin Rosenberg
       new  6a348b0   (slime-keys): Remove binding of M-*, restore binding of 
       new  0706cb9   *** empty log message ***
       new  5161f3d   Offer systems already know to ASDF for completion
       new  9be2f6e   (handle-request): Use 'abort as restart name, but bind 
*sldb-quit-restart* to the restart returned by find-restart. Also use a slighly 
friendlier message, because newbies seem to invoke the ABORT restart instead of 
pressing q in the debugger.
       new  e9ff462   *** empty log message ***
       new  f5738ea     * slime.el (slime-read-expression-map): Switch the 
slime-mode-map       and minibuffer-local-map back the way they were. The 
original change    was made due to a misunderstanding caused by a keybinding 
for   [(return)] apparently being more specific than one for (kbd "RET"),     
even when the former is in a parent keymap and the latter in the        child.
       new  ae40239   Fix default key binding typo for 
       new  80a1455   Better classifacation on frames on the stack. Make 
variables in eval frames accessible to the debugger.
       new  9ae9c36   *** empty log message ***
       new  ad5774a   Fix speling.
       new  21ec549   (compile-files-if-needed-serially): Don't wrap everything 
in a compilation unit.  If we abort on load errors and it is confusing to see 
compiler warnings after the abort message.
       new  5f6620a   (list-all-systems-known-to-asdf): Don't reference asdf 
directly, that leads to read errors in some systems.
       new  7ff19b9   *** empty log message ***
       new  b297140   *** empty log message ***
       new  b7081eb   Cleanups for the repl history code.
       new  ad5f654   *** empty log message ***
       new  bd5b36a   Test check in of doc/slime.texi (jeff cunningham)
       new  ed77d9b   *** empty log message ***
       new  8dc10fb   (slime-init-command): Use expanded files when writing the 
LOAD form for swank.
       new  ede640f   Fix slime-repl-defparameter by Kilian Sprotte
       new  d5090cb   (slime): Use COMMAND and CODING-SYSTEM parameters. 
Previously they were ignored.
       new  44ae28f   *** empty log message ***
       new  337b2e3   (slime-call-defun): Put the docstring before the 
(interactive) form so that "C-h f slime-call-defun" will return it.
       new  37ce38d   *** empty log message ***
       new  f5700d5   *** empty log message ***
       new  5a6d6ee   *** empty log message ***
       new  6170219   (slime-scratch-mode-map): Changed parent keymap to 
lisp-mode-map to prevent unnecessary duplication of slime-mode-map bindings and 
so that lisp-mode-map key bindings are present in the slime scratch buffer. 
Change identified by Ariel Badichi.
       new  626e378   (unparse-name): New function. (list-all-package-names): 
Use it.  This fixes a bug related to readtable-case and makes package name 
completions look prettier. Suggested by Harald Hanche-Olsen 
       new  5332413   (sldb-recenter-region): Use count-screen-lines instead of 
       new  90aa240   *** empty log message ***
       new  b7ca27b   Added brief discussion of Emacs help system as applies to 
Slime in the "Key bindings" section, raised the level of the "Keybindings" from 
subsection to section (on the same level as "Commands", and eliminated the "key 
bindings index". (jeff cunningham)
       new  fc3f652   (slime-start): Continue even if the user, after 
prompting, didn't recompile the stale .elc file. 
(slime-urge-bytecode-recompile) [xemacs]: Abort immediately if the user doesn't 
want to continue. (slime-recompile-bytecode): Don't use 
byte-compile-warning-types; it may not exist in XEmacs.
       new  9d82831   *** empty log message ***
       new  19615fa   (slime-complete-symbol-function): Restore old default. 
(set-keymap-parents): Deleted. (slime-startup-animation): Deleted. 
(slime-read-from-minibuffer): Don't use defun*. 
(slime-repl-terminate-history-search): New. (slime-repl-next-matching-input): 
Use it.
       new  694cc68   *** empty log message ***
       new  eba1e24   *** empty log message ***
       new  c52f3cb   (slime-repl-update-banner): Restore animation. 
(slime-startup-animation): restore.
       new  fc68c16   *** empty log message ***
       new  3fb332b   (slime-inferior-connect): Warn, as oposed to bailing out 
with an error, when deleting the port file fails. Patch by: Samium Gromoff 
       new  ce59692   *** empty log message ***
       new  8209ae1   (slime-delete-swank-port-file): Fix typo in warning 
       new  d1a7a43   *** empty log message ***
       new  c887f05   (slime-write-string): When writing a :repl-result, update 
the slime-output-end marker for the purpose of asynchronous output (when 
*use-dedicated-output-stream* is true). Reported by Madhu <enometh@meer.net>.
       new  6ecc78c   *** empty log message ***
       new  2da6155   (dspec-file-position): Bind *compile-file-pathname*, 
*compile-file-truename*, *load-pathname* and *load-truename* in 
       new  161d988   *** empty log message ***
       new  0ff80e7   (sldb-insert-locals): Repair presentation markup of frame 
       new  d42349d   *** empty log message ***
       new  419589b   (slime-find-tag-if-tags-table-visited): New function. 
(slime-edit-definition-fallback-function): Offer it as a value for 
       new  f01f94f   *** empty log message ***
       new  1a4a524   (slime-start): Added :directory argument and pass it to 
slime-maybe-start-lisp. (slime-maybe-start-lisp): Added directory argument and 
pass it to slime-start-lisp (but not slime-reinitialize-inferior-lisp-p) 
(slime-start-lisp): Added directory argument. Used to set buffer's directory 
before starting the inferior lisp.
       new  43a8a8f   *** empty log message ***
       new  a0a481d   *** empty log message ***
       new  5408151     * slime.el (slime-start-lisp): Don't cd if no directory 
was specified.
       new  7cbdb53     * slime.el (slime-maybe-start-lisp): Pass directory 
argument to         slime-start-lisp also in other cond branch.     
(slime-restart-sentinel): Pass a NIL directory to slime-start-lisp.
       new  967e586   (guess-package): Renamed from guess-package-from-string. 
(set-package): Use it.
       new  0ce0492   (slime-delete-swank-port-file): Don't use 
display-warning; that's not available everywhere.
       new  1b7a01c   *** empty log message ***
       new  859f247   (slime-list-compiler-notes): Fetch the notes only if 
called interactively. (slime-set-query-on-exit-flag): New function, to avoid 
compiler warnings about obsolete function process-kill-without-query. 
(slime-defun-if-undefined): Perform the test at runtime not at compile time.  
Reported by Lennart Staflin.
       new  2806847   *** empty log message ***
       new  83ad2e5   (inspect-for-emacs): Remove reference to inexistent 
argument from docstring.
       new  5d71621   *** empty log message ***
       new  bf5def5   inspecting NaNs and infinities
       new  05cd318   Handle multiple reader conditionals on the same line for 
       new  4e35cbb   Fix typo in swank-openmcl HASH-TABLE-WEAKNESS, from 
Takehiko Abe.
       new  9f599d5   (slime-copy-presentation-at-mouse-to-point) 
(slime-copy-presentation-at-mouse-to-kill-ring): New commands. 
(slime-menu-choices-for-presentation): Change interface.  New menu options, 
Copy to kill-ring, Copy to point. (slime-presentation-menu): Change call to 
       new  f208b42   *** empty log message ***
       new  a9b69fe   (completion-output-symbol-converter): Fix completion for 
mixed-case symbols that need escaping in readtable-case :upcase or :downcase.
       new  d8f2668   *** empty log message ***
       new  c372479   (slime-repl-eval-string, slime-repl-insert-result): 
Support the presentation-less old protocol. (slime-goto-location-position): Use 
column number if available.
       new  9b402ca   *** empty log message ***
       new  83d4f09   (slime-copy-presentation-at-mouse-to-point): Manually 
invoke the after-change function, so that the presentation overlay is created 
even if we paste to non-REPL buffers. (slime-menu-choices-for-presentation): 
Evaluate menu-choices-for-presentation-id in the right buffer, thus in the 
right Lisp thread.  Reported by Attila Lendvai. 
(slime-menu-choices-for-presentation): Show the id of the presentation. 
(sldb-insert-locals): Include the thread id in the presentation id.
       new  31f83da   (lookup-presented-object): The presentation id of frame 
locals now includes the thread id; ignore it for now.
       new  0e5fecf   *** empty log message ***
       new  5ff0c9c   (slime-scratch-buffer): Respect the syntax text 
properties of presentations.
       new  d4036b0   *** empty log message ***
       new  1edb5d9   (slime-read-port-and-connect): Fix race condition: retry 
one more time if the port file is empty. Pop up the debugger on other errors. 
(slime-attempt-connection): Moved to toplevel. (slime-timer-call): New. Used by 
slime-attempt-connection. (slime-cancel-connect-retry-timer): New. 
(slime-abort-connection): Use it.
       new  fc4e015   *** empty log message ***
       new  2d2c434   (menu-choices-for-presentation): Offer a "disassemble" 
menu item for functions.
       new  4fa865e   *** empty log message ***
       new  4ada2bb   * slime.el (with-selected-window): define for 
compatibility with Emacs 21.
       new  e7d1957   Add *print-lines* to *macroexpand-printer-bindings*.
       new  4a33faf   Make M-. work better with hotpatched SBCL sources.
       new  fa34621   *** empty log message ***
       new  0557631   *** empty log message ***
       new  0faa7cb   *** empty log message ***
       new  9081f54   *** empty log message ***
       new  c4d66e1   *** empty log message ***
       new  2fb4922   *** empty log message ***
       new  09c2a13   *** empty log message ***
       new  ea08f8f   *** empty log message ***
       new  1722c9c   *** empty log message ***
       new  dd94f53   *** empty log message ***
       new  66775dc   *** empty log message ***
       new  be9a085   *** empty log message ***
       new  dbd83d9   *** empty log message ***
       new  b423077   *** empty log message ***
       new  dc9484b   (inspect-for-emacs): Added 'jump to source' action for 
symbols in the new package-symbol browser.
       new  af814a1   *** empty log message ***
       new  9779b16   Added *.lx64fsl (openmcl on linux fasls).
       new  7c021fe   *** empty log message ***
       new  1bdf51f   (slime-inspector-operate-on-point): Allow the action 
calls to return nil.
       new  8e46914   (inspect-for-emacs): Docstring update.
       new  3926a01   (inspector-content-for-emacs): Look for refresh keyword 
argument in :action links. (inspect-whole-thing-action, 
inspect-show-more-action): Update for new :action argument handling. 
(inspect-for-emacs stream, inspect-for-emacs stream-error): Pass :refresh nil 
on :action links. (action-part-for-emacs): Set both lambda and refresh in the 
*inspectee-actions* array. (inspector-call-nth-action): *inspectee-actions* now 
holds both the function and the boolean specifying whe [...]
       new  e180229   *** empty log message ***
       new  47226f8   Accept :emacs-direcory in emacs-buffer-source-location 
       new  8211dcc   (slime-compilation-finished): Don't use 
MULTIPLE-VALUE-BIND for list destructuring, only because multiple values happen 
to be implemented via lists in elisp! (slime-fuzzy-completions-mode): Added an 
detailed explanation to the docstring of how Fuzzy Completion works and how 
it'ss supposed to be worked with. (slime-fuzzy-explanation): Shortened to 
reference to SLIME-FUZZY-COMPLETIONS-MODE for help on fuzzy completion. 
(slime-fuzzy-choices-buffer): Set BUFFER-QUIT-FUNC [...]
       new  acc52a1   (fuzzy-find-matching-packages): Fix a small typo that 
prevented interpreting NIL as the argument TIME-LIMIT-IN-MEC to mean an 
infinite time limit. This bug propagated up to explicit calls to 
FUZZY-COMPLETIONS, like    (swank:fuzzy-completions "mvb" "COMMON-LISP") => 
(NIL, T)
       new  3772a80   *** empty log message ***
       new  1c1d756   *** empty log message ***
       new  2065948   (slime-easy-menu): Add entry for SLIME-UNTRACE-ALL.
       new  626db88   Pressing `q' in *compiler notes* after a `C-c C-k' or 
`C-c M-k' would not probably restore the original window configuration. Fix 
       new  03495c2   *** empty log message ***
       new  0f1ac13   (slime-with-xref-buffer): Added missing ,
       new  4423a66   *** empty log message ***
       new  b5cae88   (accept-connection, find-external-format): UNICODE 
       new  5a5a32b   *** empty log message ***
       new  990ddc3   (swank-compiler): Fix the return value to always be a 
list of two elements even if the abort restart is invoked which originally just 
returned NIL. (Which wouldn't play with the recent change to use 
       new  05537e8   *** empty log message ***
       new  fb4c7ed   *** empty log message ***
       new  eb779ea   *** empty log message ***
       new  75493bf   Instead of just having all the symbols of a package 
listed alphabetically in the inspector page recently introduced for that 
purpose, add a button to that page to group them by their classification.
       new  7005021   (log-event): Setup the printer so that, no matter what 
the global values of the *print-XYZ* variables, this function works as 
expected. (*debug-on-swank-error*): New variable. (defpackage :swank): Export 
*debug-on-swank-error*. (with-reader-error-handler): When 
*debug-on-swank-error* is non-nil drop into a debugger. (dispatch-loop): Idem.
       new  48409d6   *** empty log message ***
       new  f20706f   *** empty log message ***
       new  82354e3   (label-value-line): Add :newline as &key argument; if 
true (the default) inserts a newline.
       new  a2dd632   (inspect-for-emacs-list): Don't add a newline after the 
last value of the list.
       new  3ff493b   *** empty log message ***
       new  4fd537e   * slime.el: Within the Slime Inspector, `S-Tab' will now 
also work   on X.  Furthermore `Tab' and `S-Tab' will now correctly wrap   
around the beginning and end of the buffer; priorly it'd hang on   the 
beginning with a message "Beginning of buffer", and would   require an 
additional `S-Tab'.
       new  4d3dde7   * slime.el: Fix macroexpanding on things like ",(loop 
       new  0b32bfc   * swank.lisp: Previously when using 
SLIME-APROPOS-PACKAGE, only   those symbols were considered whose home package 
matched the   given package; this would, however, prevent all those symbols 
from   being listed that are imported from another package, and then   exported 
again in the package they got imported into. (As an   example, 
       new  bc83e2a   * swank.lisp (apropos-symbols): Really use 
       new  711cc5f   * swank.lisp (make-compound-prefix-matcher): New 
function.   Abstracted from COMPOUND-PREFIX-MATCH.   (compound-prefix-match): 
Use MAKE-COMPOUND-PREFIX-MATCHER.   (compound-prefix-match/ci/underscores): 
       new  5c2edda   * swank.lisp (fuzzy-find-matching-symbols): Modified to 
take   package nicknames into account. Previously, fuzzy completing on   
nicknames did (except for some incidental cases) not work. Thanks   to Luís 
Oliveira and Attila Lendvai for pointing that out.
       new  88e5460   * slime.el (slime-pretty-lambdas): Removed. If you really 
want   this, please use one of the external ressources that provide this;   for 
instance, `pretty-lambda.el', `pretty-greek.el', or even   `pretty-symbols.el'. 
For more information, please see
       new  079b8c7   * swank.lisp (package-names): Make sure to return a fresh 
list.   (fuzzy-find-matching-packages): Use PACKAGE-NAMES.   
(list-all-package-names): Use PACKAGE-NAMES.
       new  8499ab1   * swank.lisp: Liberated from unnecessary style-warnings!
       new  efb1617   * swank.lisp (eval-for-emacs): Remove code that would 
suggest that   it's possible to use the rex `(:abort ...)' with more than one   
       new  502343e   * slime.el: Fixed proper handling of the abortion of a   
request. (For instance, when calling (SWANK::ABORT-REQUEST "FOO")   from the 
       new  4007cd2   * slime.el: Fixed proper handling of the abortion of a   
request. (For instance, when calling (SWANK::ABORT-REQUEST "FOO")   from the 
       new  dadb2ce   * swank.lisp (inspect-for-emacs file-stream, 
stream-error): Fixed   typo in keyword arg; it's `:refreshp', not `:refresh'.
       new  3c8ad40   * swank-loader.lisp (*sysdep-files*): Load the auxiliary 
files   swank-source-*.lisp before swank-sbcl.lisp to avoid   
undefined-function style warnings.
       new  d2ab4d0   * swank-ecl.lisp (compile-from-stream): Fixed typo that 
prevented   `slime-compile-defun' from actually compiling a function.
       new  247a1a4   * swank.lisp: Fixed bug in completion as previously 
"swank:[tab]"   would correctly list all the symbols in SWANK, but would   
simultaneously append a spooky dash to the original   string ("swank:-").
       new  16069cd   * slime.el (slime-complete-form): Only insert a closing   
parenthesis if the form is not already closed. Reported by and   adapted from 
Mac Chan.
       new  718e9ec   (lispworks-inspect): Fix hanging caused by mapcan, i.e. 
nconc, on a constant list returned by label-value-line.
       new  bc40d50   (*auto-flush-interval*): New variable controlling how 
often streams are flushed. (*auto-flush-lock*): New lock guarding access to the 
shared variable *auto-flush-streams*. (make-stream-interactive): Wrapped access 
to *auto-flush-streams* in a call-with-recursive-lock-held. (flush-streams): 
Wrapped in call-with-recursive-lock-held.
       new  3494dfe   *** empty log message ***
       new  c0ee98d   *** empty log message ***
       new  a9fcc1e   (def-slime-selector-method): Allow the selector body to 
not return a buffer. This means that, instead of being to forced to signal an 
error when a choosen buffer can't be found (like choosing d when there are no 
debugger buffers) can simply display a message.
       new  e8cc8ef   * swank.lisp: Fixed regression in completion: 
"swank[TAB]" would   previously be completed to "swank-backend:"; 
"get-internal[TAB]"   would be completed to "get-internal-r-time" (instead of 
simply   "get-internal-r"); and "custom:*comp[TAB]" would be completed to   
"custom:*compiled-" on CLISP, even though there's a   "custom:*complile-".
       new  a0103df   Revised docstring in SWANK::SYMBOL-STATUS; added comment 
       new  6f3c250   * slime.el: Pressing `C-M-a' (beginning-of-defun) in 
midst of the   last REPL prompt directs the cursor to the beginning of the   
prompt. Pressing it again, would do nothing; now it moves the   cursor to the 
start of the previous prompt (as it's consistent   with the behaviour when the 
cursor was placed midst one of the old   prompts.)
       new  f198e90   Fixing `C-c M-q' at the REPL. Thanks to André Thieme for 
pointing out that it has been broken since several months.
       new  6a80da6   Fixing `C-c M-q' at the REPL. Thanks to André Thieme for 
pointing out that it has been broken since several months.
       new  0db16df   Undo some of Marco's changes from 2007-05-23.
       new  ddd1106   * slime.el (slime-kill-all-buffers): Now also kills all 
buffers   beginning with a `*SLIME' prefix (like, for instance, `*SLIME   
Apropos*', or `*SLIME macroexpansion*'.)
       new  8133309   (backtrace): Handle printer errors while printing a 
frame.  This makes debugging print-object methods with SLIME easier.  Reported 
by Utz-Uwe Haus.
       new  07cf9c1   *** empty log message ***
       new  c171a54   Added doc/slime-refcard.tex and doc/slime-refcard.pdf
       new  0c0e0d4   Make `M-.' work on definitions outside the current 
restriction. `M-,' will also properly restore the narrowing as of before the 
jump. Similiarly for quiting from the compilation notes buffer and the Xref 
       new  de51070   * slime.el (slime-process-available-input): Make sure 
that the   event received from SWANK is processed in the context of the   
original buffer the request of the response was performed in.   Previously, the 
clauses of `slime-rex' were processed in the   internal *cl-connection* buffer. 
And as a result the continuations   passed to `slime-eval' and 
`slime-eval-async' ditto.
       new  de8fefd   * slime.el (slime-process-available-input): Correct 
yesterday's   change: the buffer a request was originally performed in doesn't  
 necessarily exist at this time anymore, so we check for buffer   liveness now.
       new  6af341b   Add a contrib directory and move fuzzy completion code to 
that directory.
       new  79f2f7e   * slime.el (slime-close-all-parens-in-sexp): Fix 
interplay with   `slime-close-parens-limit'. This should also affect   
`slime-complete-form' (C-c C-s) in a positive way.
       new  fac20b9   Merge contrib branch.
       new  aff52e0   Display a "Please upgrade" style message when C-c M-i is 
       new  4521769   Some inspector cleanups.
       new  4f9dfad     Added arglist display for declaration specifiers and 
type       specifiers.
       new  9732885   Moved Marco Baringer's inspector to contrib.
       new  55251f8   List swank-fancy-inspector in *contribs*
       new  d371457   Introduce backend-inspector class.
       new  abb621d   * swank-fancy-inspector.lisp: Use backend-inspector class.
       new  7d35ab8   swank.lisp: (backend-inspector): Export the symbol.
       new  7caaf52   (slime-inspect-presentation-at-mouse): Use 
swank:inspect-presentation here.
       new  4d3ad17   (inspect-presentation): New slimefun.
       new  87796d2   *** empty log message ***
       new  75889f5   * swank-sbcl.lisp (sbcl-inspector): Fix typo.
       new  48b2ddf   * slime-presentation-streams.el: New file.
       new  7004912   Don't use rectangle code, because it inappropriately sets 
the mark.
       new  5f62b3f   Simplify slime-insert-propertized.
       new  a8e2c69   Move slime-scratch to contrib.
       new  62ae7e1   Move slime-highlight-edits-mode to contrib.
       new  ed21104     * slime.el (slime-forward-blanks): Wrapped w/ 
`ignore-errors.'  (slime-sexp-at-point): Return results as a list of strings, 
rather      than just one big string if called with arg > 1.        
(slime-parse-extended-operator-name): Wrapping some movement code       in 
`ignore-errors'. Adapted to new return value of      
`slime-enclosing-form-specs'. Minor cosmetic changes.   
(slime-make-extended-operator-parser/look-ahead): Adapted to    changes of the 
``raw form spec'' format; returns a f [...]
       new  f31008c   Move xref broser to contrib.
       new  c89bed0   Move typeout frame to contrib.
       new  a623f9d   * slime.el (slime-dispatch-event): Handle new optionals 
args of messages :presentation-start and :presentation-end.
       new  a4ba6bd   (*contribs*): Add swank-presentation-streams.
       new  c43a6a5   Moved to contrib/swank-presentation-streams.lisp.
       new  d60194c   * swank-presentation-streams.lisp [sbcl]: Load the 
pretty-printer patch only at load time.  Add some trickery so that SBCL does 
not complain about the changed layout of the pretty-stream class.
       new  6867626   *** empty log message ***
       new  7276f4a   (slime-stream-p) [cmu]: Use the return value of 
slime-stream-p rather than the global variable *use-dedicated-output-stream* to 
decide whether printing through pretty streams is safe for the layout.
       new  f1040ae   *** empty log message ***
       new  876843c   Update documentation
       new  ca67760   (arglist-for-insertion): Now unused, removed.
       new  422108a   (slime-insert-arglist): Removed, superseded by 
slime-complete-form since 2005-02-20.
       new  48a5848   *** empty log message ***
       new  9d97d86   * slime.el (save-restriction-if-possible): Fixed typo in  
 macroexpansion. Thanks to Matthias Koeppe for reporting.
       new  a03506d   * slime.el (slime-last-output-target-id): New variable. 
(slime-output-target-to-marker): New variable. (slime-write-string): Handle 
general "target" arguments using slime-output-target-to-marker. 
(slime-redirect-trace-output): New command. (slime-easy-menu): Add a menu item 
for it.
       new  27167cd   * swank.lisp (make-output-stream-for-target): New 
function, factored out from open-streams. (open-streams): Use it here.
       new  90ddfbe   *** empty log message ***
       new  3d2e07d   (slime-output-target-marker): New function. 
(slime-mark-presentation-start) (slime-mark-presentation-end): Use 
slime-output-target-to-marker. (slime-write-string): Likewise.
       new  1dcd967   (slime-write-string): Make sure text properties are 
rear-nonsticky, so typed-ahead user input does not pick up the text properties. 
 Fix up some markers. (slime-reset-repl-markers): Make the marker 
slime-output-end of insertion type nil (no automatic advances on insertions). 
(slime-with-output-end-mark): Update the location of slime-output-end here 
manually. (slime-repl-update-banner): Use insert-before-markers.
       new  60d00a9   *** empty log message ***
       new  7cc7ea2   (slime-insert-presentation): Make the rectangle-ification 
of multi-line presentations, introduced 2006-12-19, optional. 
(slime-write-string): Use it here only for regular output, but not for REPL 
results. (sldb-insert-locals): Use it here. (slime-inspector-insert-ispec): Use 
it here.
       new  8405f64   *** empty log message ***
       new  c2ac004     * slime.el (slime-cl-symbol-name): Handle vertical bars 
(|)     (%slime-nesting-until-point): Renamed to `slime-nesting-until-point'.
       new  6ea7f22     * slime.el (save-restriction-if-possible): Fixed 
another typo,  duh! Thanks again to Matthias Koeppe.
       new  02317ca   * slime.el (current-slime-narrowing-configuration): 
Renamed to `slime-current-narrowing-configuration'. 
(set-slime-narrowing-configuration): Renamed to 
`slime-set-narrowing-configuration'. (current-slime-emacs-snapshot): Renamed to 
`slime-current-emacs-snapshot'. (current-slime-emacs-snapshot-fingerprint): 
Renamed to `slime-current-emacs-snapshot-fingerprint'. 
(set-slime-emacs-snapshot): Renamed to `slime-set-emacs-snapshot'.
       new  1a2539b   Document limitations of *USE-DEDICATED-OUTPUT-STREAM* = t.
       new  f23bd10     Reduces needless interning of symbols that was 
introduced by my         recent work on autodoc to a minimum. Also fixes this 
issue for  `slime-complete-form' which always interned symbols even before my   
       new  b13b129   Move presentations to contrib.  Part I.
       new  df83782   (slime-open-stream-to-lisp): Fix typo.
       new  b08e055   (slime-last-expression): Don't use presentations.
       new  a58477e   *** empty log message ***
       new  6c80b20   * slime-scratch.el (slime-scratch-buffer): Ignore 
       new  1a8a8e4   * test.sh: Copy contribs to testdir.
       new  ea557fe   * slime.el (slime-eval-feature-conditional): Fix typo. 
(slime-keywordify): Simplify.
       new  c6e3a40     * slime.el (slime-sexp-at-point): Fixes a few edge 
cases were   Emacs' `(thing-at-point 'sexp)' behaves suboptimally. For example, 
     `foo(bar baz)' where point is at the ?\(.       
(slime-internal-scratch-buffer): New. This variable holds an    internal 
scratch buffer that can be reused instead of having to         create a new 
temporary buffer again and again.  
(slime-make-extended-operator-parser/look-ahead): Uses  
`slime-make-form-spec-from-string' to parse nested expressions  p [...]
       new  0527822     * slime.el 
(slime-make-extended-operator-parser/look-ahead): Move       to end of symbol 
at point.      (slime-make-form-spec-from-string): Fixes unexpected behaviour 
of       `save-excursion'.
       new  9b8d3a2     * slime.el 
(slime-make-extended-operator-parser/look-ahead): Move       to end of symbol 
at point.      (slime-make-form-spec-from-string): Fixes unexpected behaviour 
of       `save-excursion'.
       new  915f87b     * slime.el 
(slime-make-extended-operator-parser/look-ahead): Move       to end of symbol 
at point.      (slime-make-form-spec-from-string): Fixes unexpected behaviour 
of       `save-excursion'.
       new  8c28c34   (*contribs*): Add swank-presentations.
       new  74518e2   Remove the ID argument from :write-string protocol 
messages. Everything, except for rigid-indentation tricks, can be achieved by 
using :write-string in conjunction with :presentation-start and 
       new  3307f6b   Remove the ID argument from :write-string protocol 
messages. Everything, except for rigid-indentation tricks, can be achieved by 
using :write-string in conjunction with :presentation-start and 
       new  0d06214   Require slime-presentations contrib.
       new  841d7ee   * swank-presentations.lisp: New file. * 
slime-presentations.el: Load it.
       new  2edd46a   * swank-presentations.lisp (send-repl-results-to-emacs): 
Override core defun to mark up REPL results as presentations.
       new  97bec10   *** empty log message ***
       new  79ad09a   Move presentations to contrib.  Part II.
       new  757d391   * swank.lisp (slime-repl-clear-buffer-hook): New hook. 
(slime-repl-clear-buffer): Use it.
       new  059ce9f   Require swank-presentations. 
(present-repl-results-via-presentation-streams): New. 
(*send-repl-results-function*): Set this variable rather than overriding 
       new  5a17d2b   *** empty log message ***
       new  4420486     * slime.el (slime-make-form-spec-from-string): Elisp 
Hacking 101:       Don't use `beginning-of-buffer' and `end-of-buffer' in Elisp 
       new  26f1d83     * swank.lisp (classify-symbol, 
symbol-classification->string):  Resurrected in swank.lisp. (I was bitten by 
cvs-pcl which       committed (2007-08-27) my locally changed 
`contribs/swank-fuzzy.lisp'   where I already removed these functions from.)
       new  d4f679d   (slime-last-output-target-id) 
(slime-output-target-to-marker, slime-output-target-marker) 
(slime-redirect-trace-output): Moved back into SLIME core.
       new  77443d6   (slime-repl-write-string): Handle arbitrary targets using 
slime-output-target-marker. (slime-last-output-target-id, 
slime-output-target-to-marker) (slime-output-target-marker) 
(slime-redirect-trace-output): Move back here from slime-presentations.el.
       new  36c2148   *** empty log message ***
       new  f7bd404   Fix some output related bugs.
       new  2f6233d   (slime-repl-insert-prompt): Don't go to point-max but to 
slime-repl-input-start-mark if there is one.  This fixes user input type-ahead 
again (this change from 2007-08-25 got lost).  Testcase: Type (dotimes (i 5) 
(format t "Number ~A~%" i) (sleep 1)) and then type ahead while the command is 
executing and output arrives.
       new  ff8812e   * swank-cmucl.lisp (safe-definition-finding): Remove 
whitespace around error messages. (trim-whitespace): New function.
       new  98490ce   *** empty log message ***
       new  ce1e96d   (slime-repl-write-string): Insert a :repl-result before 
the prompt, not at point-max.  Update markers properly.
       new  19804e9   *** empty log message ***
       new  4a13851   Add guilty parties
       new  aa0a1a3     * slime.el (slime-sexp-at-point): Explicitely set 
current syntax        table to operate in `lisp-mode-syntax-table' because    
`thing-at-point' is used which depends on the syntax table. (E.h.        
keywords like `:foo' aren't recognized as sexp otherwise.)
       new  f757f3c     * slime.el (slime-sexp-at-point): Explicitely set 
current syntax        table to operate in `lisp-mode-syntax-table' because    
`thing-at-point' is used which depends on the syntax table. (E.h.        
keywords like `:foo' aren't recognized as sexp otherwise.)
       new  ff0c6f4   * swank-cmucl.lisp: CMUCL now has an x86-Darwin port as 
well as   the PPC-Darwin version. Changed to conditionalize on the   presence 
of darwin instead of ppc so that slime works with both   Darwin versions of 
       new  5c0b397   * slime.el (slime-reindent-defun): Fixed when used in 
lisp file   buffers. (Similiar patch also provided by Gábor Melis; problem   
also reported by Jeff Cunningham.)
       new  51e5fa7   Move compound prefix completion and autodoc to contrib.
       new  1162127   * slime-c-p-c.el (slime-c-p-c-init): Fix typos.
       new  3aa1763   *** empty log message ***
       new  539d049   * slime.el (slime-obsolete-commands): New table. Use it 
to bind a command with an upgrade notice.
       new  c3286a2   *** empty log message ***
       new  6517f9f   * slime-autodoc.el: Add installation notes. * 
slime-editing-commands.el: Add installation notes. * slime-c-p-c.el 
(slime-c-p-c-init): Fix typos.
       new  d97ca51     * swank-arglist.lisp: Do not fall back to READ when 
interpreting        the ``raw form specs'' comming from Slime's autodoc stuff. 
But  still do so for those comming from `slime-complete-form'.
       new  e418078     Added extended arglist display for EVAL-WHEN, viz:
       new  04f9595     Added extended arglist display for EVAL-WHEN, viz:
       new  0b4f9c9   Makes `slime-complete-form' work on `(eval-when |'; 
doesn't work on `(eval-when (|' yet.
       new  240046c   (slime-typeout-autodoc-message): Fix for messages that 
contain "%".  Reported by Martin Simmons.
       new  0a4d17d   *** empty log message ***
       new  61e39b3   Makes `slime-complete-form' work on `(eval-when |'; 
doesn't work on `(eval-when (|' yet.
       new  64f7d0d   (slime-dispatch-presentation-event): Explicitly return t 
to indicate the events have been handled, rather than relying on the return 
values of the called functions.
       new  75f697b   *** empty log message ***
       new  9086cb7   New meta-contrib.
       new  9c23510   *** empty log message ***
       new  8b553b1   Rename slime-insert-possibly-as-rectangle to 
       new  96fc776   Remove request-abort condition.
       new  ae36850   Simplify slime-process-available-input.
       new  36ab01c   * slime.el: Fix the test suite (except for SBCL).
       new  3c0e473   * slime.el: Move inferior-slime-mode to contrib.
       new  a5ddfea   Move startup animation to contrib.
       new  4936998   * slime.el: Move tramp support to contrib. * 
contrib/slime-tramp.el: New file.
       new  3a2840b   Fix typos in comments.
       new  a3da6eb   Move asdf support to contrib.
       new  d29c076   Some bug fixes for slime-complete-symbol*. Patches by Mr. 
Madhu <enometh@meer.net>
       new  b6808d9   Abcl fixes.
       new  496fe6f   * slime.el (slime-filename-translations): Fix custom type.
       new  aac9934   (toggle-trace): Add a comment about not working :flet.
       new  fa661c2     Added extended arglist display for DECLAIM and PROCLAIM.
       new  257c825     * slime-c-p-c.el (slime-c-p-c-init): Bind 
`slime-complete-form' to      `C-c C-s' in `slime-repl-mode-map'.
       new  f284c00     * swank-c-p-c.el: This file incorrectly provided the 
module     `:swank-compound-prefix'; changed that to `:swank-c-p-c'.
       new  49d200d   (slime-repl-write-string): Use case, not ecase, for 
dispatching targets.Should fix XEmacs compatibility.  Reported by Steven E. 
       new  08cdabb   *** empty log message ***
       new  c1f05e9   * swank-backend.lisp (definterface): Updated docstring.
       new  4146e3b   Fix message displaying on XEmacs. Reported by Steven E. 
Harris, and Ken Causey.
       new  95eab66   * slime-banner.el: Fixed typo to provide `slime-banner', 
not   `slime-startup-animation'.
       new  0dbb770   * slime.el (save-restriction-if-possible): Place macro 
definition   above use of the macro, to regain ability to byte-compile-file.
       new  b4d4c00     When working on multiple source trees simultaneously, 
the way   `slime-edit-definition' (M-.) works can sometimes be confusing:
       new  78f9d27   * slime.el (slime-cl-symbol-name, 
slime-cl-symbol-package):   Ressurected, as they're still used in this file.   
Reported by Edward Cant.
       new  b02c332   * slime-parse.el (slime-cl-symbol-name, 
slime-cl-symbol-package):   Moved back into slime.el.
       new  6cdabf0     * slime-fuzzy.el: Fixed some race condition that 
prevented a    proper closing of the *Fuzzy Completions* buffer in some        
       new  afb850e   Move SBCL doc references to contrib.
       new  a34ca83   Fix some of the bugs introduced when moving doc refs to 
       new  ebea1de   * swank-sbcl.lisp (condition-references): It's still 
       new  004bfa1   Minor beautifications.
       new  cc4968d   * inferior-slime.el: Fix installation comment.
       new  7af9fc0   * slime.el (slime-cl-symbol-name, 
slime-cl-symbol-package): Move to contrib/slime-parse.el.
       new  805cea0   * slime-fancy.el: Require `slime-references'.
       new  a10507b   * swank-arglist.lisp (read-conversatively-for-autodoc): 
Also parse   quoted symbols explicitly. This fixed extended arglist display for 
  `(make-instance 'foo'. Reported by: Johannes Groedem.
       new  19206c9   * slime-parse.el (slime-enclosing-form-specs): Now also 
works even   when point is inside a string.   (slime-inside-string-p): New 
function.   (slime-beginning-of-string): New function.
       new  0505af1   * slime-editing-commands.el: Automatically bind the 
editing   commands when this module is required. (Previously, one had to   
enable them explicitly, but this is inconsistent to, for instance,   the 
`slime-c-p-c' module which also sets up its bindings   automatically.)   
(slime-bind-editing-commands): Renamed to `slime-editing-commands-init'.   
(slime-editing-commands-init): Evaluated at toplevel.
       new  84a2555   * slime-editing-commands.el: Automatically bind the 
editing   commands when this module is required. (Previously, one had to   
enable them explicitly, but this is inconsistent to, for instance,   the 
`slime-c-p-c' module which also sets up its bindings   automatically.)   
(slime-bind-editing-commands): Renamed to `slime-editing-commands-init'.   
(slime-editing-commands-init): Evaluated at toplevel.
       new  e45c031   * swank-loader.lisp: Aways compile-file 
`contrib/swank-asdf.lisp'   on SBCL. This fixes "Undefined function" 
style-warnings when using   `slime-asdf' in combination with SBCL. Reported by 
Cyrus Harmon.
       new  bb8761f   Make ASDF:LOAD-OP (and SBCL REQUIRE) happy with swank.asd
       new  67218ad   Some cleanups for the REPL.
       new  6957901     * swank-fuzzy.lisp: Code reorganization and cleanup; 
making it  compute less and couple of other minor issues fixed on the      way. 
Thanks to Stelian Ionescu for testing and providing feedback!
       new  47385e8   * slime-parse.el: Fix extended arglist display on 
misbalanced   expressions like `(defun foo | ... (defun bar () 'bar)'   
Reported by Ariel Badichi.
       new  8b0faab   * swank-fancy-inspector.lisp (inspect-for-emacs package): 
When   inspecting a package, the links in the use list and the used-by   list 
lead to inspecting package names, rather than the packages   themselves. Fix 
       new  bad9149   * slime.el (slime-split-string): New semi-portability 
function.   The behaviour of `split-string' changed between Emacs21 and   
Emacs22. Thanks to Christophe Rhodes for reporting this.   
(slime-file-name-merge-source-root): Use `slime-split-string'.   
(slime-highlight-differences-in-dirname): Likewise.
       new  7d4c385   * slime.el (slime-maybe-warn-for-different-source-root): 
Catch   returned NIL from `slime-file-name-merge-source-root' if the two   
filenames don't share a common source root.   Reported by Frank Goenninger.
       new  f2798d8   * slime.el (slime-maybe-warn-for-different-source-root): 
Catch   returned NIL from `slime-file-name-merge-source-root' if the two   
filenames don't share a common source root.   Reported by Frank Goenninger.
       new  9616994   Let slime-setup load contribs.
       new  294ab47   * swank-fuzzy.lisp: Fix regression that would not allow 
to fuzzy   complete on inputs without package qualifier like "app".   Reported 
by David J. Neu.
       new  35785fb   * swank-fuzzy.lisp: Fix regression that would not allow 
to fuzzy   complete on inputs without package qualifier like "app".   Reported 
by David J. Neu.
       new  47a6a57   doc/slime.texi: Add a section Setup Tuning.
       new  9978e18   Add keystroke, variable indices and use the built-in 
command index. Disable the previous function index.
       new  f7d3f74   New target: html/index.html
       new  e817531   *** empty log message ***
       new  6ab982f   *** empty log message ***
       new  6f493e9   *** empty log message ***
       new  0f1666f   Fix close-connection.
       new  d33dcc2   Remove explicit support for Scheme mode.
       new  ba88301   Simplify slime-length=.
       new  3934fe1   Introduce a slime-start-and-init function.
       new  e6e89f5   *** empty log message ***
       new  5559c73   Remove define-slime-dialect.
       new  9a96cd8   Fix apropos in Emacs 22.
       new  fa5af7f   Reorder some devfars and menus code so that the compiler 
doesn't complain about free variables.
       new  4c4dbd4   * tree-widget.el: Delete file. Only needed by contribs 
and is distributed with Emacs 21.
       new  0a89558   * bridge.el: Move file to contrib.
       new  cfbf5c6   moved to contrib
       new  1c3e8cf   * swank-version.el: Delete file. No longer used.
       new  4fdeeec   * slime-c-p-c.el (slime-complete-symbol*-fancy): Move 
defcustom from slime.el to contrib/slime-c-p-c.el.
       new  2fb3ea7   Simplify slime-compile-file.
       new  89a214d   Separate loading from initialization for many contribs.
       new  5fa06ee   * slime.el (slime-setup): Call the respective init 
functions of contribs. * slime-autoloads.el (slime-setup-contribs): Ditto.
       new  78b03cb   * slime.el (slime-length=, slime-length>): Restore 
support for   vectors, as `slime-length=' was already used with strings in   
`slime-parse.el'. This broke extended arglist display.
       new  1826ab9   Fix spelling of init/unload function names in slime-asdf.
       new  2d2e34c   *** empty log message ***
       new  6ac09e6   swank-allegro.lisp (fspec-definition-locations): Allow 
the POSITION datum of :top-level-form fspecs to be missing.  This apparently 
helpful for Allegro CL 8.1.  Patch from Utz-Uwe Haus
       new  f674540   *** empty log message ***
       new  e4bc073   * slime.el (slime-filesystem-toplevel-directory): New 
function.   Windows doesn't have a filesystem that is as hierarchical as the   
Unix' one. Reported by Carsten Blaauw and Stefan Kluehspies.   
(slime-file-name-merge-source-root): Use it.   
(slime-highlight-differences-in-dirname): Use it.
       new  f11f445   * README: Updated.
       new  deb51e0   fix typo in last ChangeLog entry.
       new  f49cd4a   * slime-typeout-frame.el (slime-typeout-frame-init): Fix 
quoted   FUNCTION forms in literal.
       new  bb9c359   * slime-typeout-frame.el: Messages in the typeout frame 
were too   easily overwritten by `slime-autodoc'. Fix that.   Reported by Geoff 
       new  c62a4dc   * slime-autdoc.el (slime-autodoc-message-ok-p): Don't 
display an   arglist when the minibuffer is active.
       new  60b632c   * swank-openmcl.lisp (closure-closed-over-values): Use   
CCL::NTH-IMMEDIATE instead of CCL::%SVREF.  This makes it work on   x86-64 
OpenMCL. (The %SVREF worked on PPC, but this will work on   both.)
       new  4ae25c5   * swank-openmcl.lisp (closure-closed-over-values): Use   
CCL::NTH-IMMEDIATE instead of CCL::%SVREF.  This makes it work on   x86-64 
OpenMCL. (The %SVREF worked on PPC, but this will work on   both.)
       new  a4fe448   * swank-abcl.lisp (getpid): Implemented.
       new  39df006   * swank-loader.lisp (compile-files-if-needed-serially): 
Added   missing `load' argument to function definition on Corman Lisp /   ECL.
       new  6a47d50   * swank-arglist.lisp (read-softly): Renamed to   
READ-SOFTLY-FROM-STRING and moved to `swank.lisp'.   
(unintern-in-home-package): Moved to `swank.lisp'.
       new  5488a77   * swank.lisp (read-softly-from-string, 
unintern-in-home-package):   Moved from `contrib/swank-arglist.lisp'.   
(parse-package): Use them. (Removes FIXME about interning   symbols.)  Also 
changed the logic somewhat to avoid passing :|| to   FIND-PACKAGE as ECL chokes 
on that.
       new  eac4169   * swank-arglist.lisp (decode-arglist): Fix 
incompatibility with   ACL's modern reader mode. Thanks to Andreas Fuchs for 
stumbling   over this.
       new  bf8138f     The inspector page layout has changed slightly. Before 
the header       looked like
       new  0d1f2ac   * slime.el (slime-events-buffer, slime-inspector-buffer): 
Disable undo.
       new  b32750e   * slime.el (slime-repl-mode-map, slime-repl-read-mode),   
(slime-compiler-notes-mode-map, slime-xref-mode-map),   (sldb-mode-map, 
slime-connection-list-mode-map),   (slime-inspector-mode-map): Added bindings 
for [return] in   addition to (kbd "RET"). The reason is that pressing enter in 
X is   translated to (kbd "RET") only if no binding for [return] is   active; 
if [return] is bound to something, pressing enter is   translated to this key 
binding henceforth, as was  [...]
       new  fce4fec   swank-fancy-inspector.lisp (inspect-for-emacs function 
t): Don't specialize the second argument, so that backend methods take 
       new  875d03d   *** empty log message ***
       new  1a2ea75   * swank.lisp (swank-require): Don't search the file if 
the module-name is present in *modules*. That should avoid problems if swank is 
included in a core file and moved to a different location.  Reported by John 
       new  bb35479   * swank.lisp (swank-require): Fix typo (:key was used 
instead of   :test.) Reported by Stelian Ionescu.
       new  5481179   * swank.lisp (swank-require): Fix typo (:key was used 
instead of   :test.) Reported by Stelian Ionescu.
       new  b482179   * swank.lisp (apropos-symbols):  Use simple search 
instead of regexps. (make-apropos-matcher): Used to be make-regexp-matcher.
       new  e891c09   * swank.lisp (parse-package): The old version didn't pass 
the test-suite.  Now use the reader directly instead of emulating it 
       new  713a422   Mirror *modules* in Emacs.
       new  ed526b4   * slime-fuzzy.el: Use slime-require instead of a 
       new  c6f3f25   Drop remaining dependencies on nregex.
       new  9fb7f8d   *** empty log message ***
       new  79d17e6   New chapter "Contributed Packages". Move some of the 
existing stuff to there.
       new  c9ad5cc   Add TRAMP, highlight-edits, and typeout-frame sections. 
Introduce stepping section.
       new  ab0a899   Fix some typos.
       new  b0ffad4   Write entries for 2.0.
       new  1daf6a9   Add minimal descriptions for slime-references, 
slime-xref-browser, and slime-fancy.
       new  25ff699   * swank-arglists (print-arglist): Print initforms in 
&optional and   &key lambda list specifiers as if by PRIN1 instead of PRINC.   
Reported by Michael Weber.
       new  788f7e5   * swank-arglists (print-arglist): Print initforms in 
&optional and   &key lambda list specifiers as if by PRIN1 instead of PRINC.   
Reported by Michael Weber.
       new  dabd8bf   Prettify package names for slime-repl-set-package.
       new  ffd3af4   * swank.lisp (valid-function-name-p): Fixed wrt. setf 
       new  19a8b8c   * swank-arglists.lisp (arglist-dispatch 'defmethod): Use  
 VALID-FUNCTION-NAME-P. Fixes error on certain `(defmethod (setf        ...))'  
       new  e2be18b   Disable the pretty-printer for backtraces. Would be nice 
if we could print newlines in strings as \n.
       new  d3569a8   Handle byte-functions without debug-info.
       new  0206a82   Add hook to customize the region used by C-c C-c. Useful 
to recognize block declarations in CMUCL sources.
       new  39a4bd3   Make it possible to close listening sockets. Patch by 
Alan Caulkins <fatman@maxint.net>.
       new  eee5103   Fix markers if the listener uses :values.
       new  d97c3a2   Fix slime-list-thread selector.
       new  ebf9f59   Simplify the inspector.
       new  a4e85dc   * slime.el (slime-insert-xref-location): New function. 
Tries to   either insert the file name a function is defined in, or inserts   
information about the buffer a function was interactively   `C-c C-c'd from. 
Idea from Knut Olav Bøhmer.   (slime-insert-xrefs): Use it.
       new  5415cdc   Add ECL threads implementation to swank
       new  961cbe4   * swank.lisp (read-softly-from-string): Now actually 
returns all   three values as explained in its docstring.
       new  d31550c   try to parse the Args: line in most ecl functions to make 
modelines more interesting
       new  2a52029   * Update for Scieneer CL 1.3.7.
       new  bd487fd   * swank-arglists.lisp: Fix for `(cerror "FOO" 'type-error 
       new  d05f3cb   * slime.el (slime-apropos): Update docstring: Apropos 
doesn't   match on regular expressions anymore since 2007-11-24.
       new  5a29e2b   * slime.el (slime-print-apropos): Simplified: Don't 
insert action   properties anymore for the symbol; they were ignored anyway,   
because `apropos-follow' (bound to RET in the resulting   *SLIME Apropos* 
buffer) looks for buttons only.
       new  127415f   Use sane default values for slime-repl-set-package.
       new  abe06f6     * swank-sbcl.lisp (source-file-source-location): Use 
the        debootstrap readtable when appropriate (fixes occasional reader      
   errors when using "v" on debugger frames that point to functions        
defined in SBCL). Likewise for the debootstrapping packages.    
(code-location-debug-source-name): Ensure that we always return a       
physical namestring, Emacs won't like a pathname or a logical   namestring.
       new  67789c6   (slime-repl-mode-map): Bind C-c C-t to 
slime-toggle-trace-fdefinition (as in Lisp buffers) instead of 
slime-repl-clear-buffer.  This binding is useful for untracing functions 
directly from the trace output. Move slime-repl-clear-buffer to the keybinding 
C-c M-o.
       new  0890ef4   *** empty log message ***
       new  9c545cb   Restore support for Scheme programs that was removed from 
core SLIME on 2007-09-19, as a "slime-scheme" contrib.
       new  ae1bbc1   *** empty log message ***
       new  7deaa1f   * slime-fuzzy.el 
(slime-fuzzy-completion-time-limit-in-msec):   Update docstring: Its value 
isn't rounded to nearest second, but   is really interpreted as msecs.
       new  4540b35   * swank-arglists.lisp (read-form-spec): Changed "cons" 
clause to   "list" clause in etypecase. Fix for error on arglist display on   
`(declare (ftype (|)))', | being point.
       new  b2c10c3   * swank-parse.lisp (slime-incomplete-form-at-point): Take 
the   arglist index there user's point is located at correctly into   account. 
Previously `C-c C-s' on `(defun |foo' would have inserted   `args body...)', 
now it inserts `name args body...)'
       new  b92f6e4   (slime-presentation-around-or-before-point-or-error): New 
function. (slime-inspect-presentation): New function, factored out from 
slime-inspect-presentation-at-mouse. (slime-inspect-presentation-at-mouse): Use 
it here. (slime-inspect-presentation-at-point): New command. 
(slime-copy-presentation-to-repl): New function, factored out from 
slime-copy-presentation-at-mouse. (slime-copy-presentation-at-mouse-to-repl): 
Renamed from slime-copy-presentation-at-mouse; use the  [...]
       new  f27f9dc   *** empty log message ***
       new  648330e   * swank-parse.lisp (slime-incomplete-form-at-point): 
Hopefully   better fix than before.
       new  5871ce5   * slime.el (slime-delete-and-extract-region): New   
function. Portable version of `delete-and-extract-region' which   returned NIL 
instead of "", as experienced by Matthias Koeppe.
       new  52566f7   * slime-editing-commands.el 
(slime-close-all-parens-in-sexp): Use   new portability function 
       new  09385ac   (slime-presentation-bindings, 
slime-presentation-init-keymaps): Don't try to bind the control-key version of 
C-c C-v M-o.
       new  fea9b14   * slime-parse.el (slime-make-form-spec-from-string): 
Correctly   handle quoted things and other non-proper "(...)" forms.
       new  7d9a7cb   * swank-arglist.lisp (read-form-spec): Added assertion 
against   receiving junk form specs from Emacs.
       new  53faf10   * slime-parse.el (slime-make-form-spec-from-string): 
Correctly   handle quoted things and other non-proper "(...)" forms.
       new  1506dd0   * ChangeLog: fixed typos.
       new  1e56fec   (slime-copy-or-inspect-presentation-at-mouse): Call 
slime-copy-presentation-at-mouse-to-repl rather than 
       new  87400e9   *** empty log message ***
       new  aa5e3f5   * slime.el (sldb-mode): Add `sldb-quit' to 
`kill-buffer-hook' to   close the debugging machinery on swank side when the 
SLDB buffer   is killed. (Notice that killing the SLDB buffer manually will not 
  restore window configuration in contrast to typing `q'.)
       new  461613e   * swank-sbcl.lisp (sbcl-source-file-p): When a buffer is 
not associated with any file, M-. for names defined there ends up calling 
SBCL-SOURCE-FILE-P with NIL -- guard against that.
       new  cd481e0   swank-goo.goo: New file. swank-kawa.scm: New file.
       new  6eb426d   Make ELC inspection better; should be able to handle all 
builtin types and CLOS objects now.
       new  52add90   (Presentations): Improve documentation of presentations.
       new  b7722f4   *** empty log message ***
       new  49778a7   (slime-presentation-add-easy-menu): Install presentation 
menu also in the debugger and inspector. 
(slime-presentation-inspector-insert-ispec): New. 
(slime-presentation-sldb-insert-frame-variable-value): New. 
(slime-presentations-init): Install these functions as 
slime-inspector-insert-ispec-function and 
       new  ef40c94   Document presentations in debugger and inspector
       new  7424cd5   (sldb-insert-frame-variable-value-function): New 
variable. (sldb-insert-frame-variable-value): New function, default value for 
sldb-insert-frame-variable-value-function. (sldb-insert-locals): Use it here.
       new  2a5c70c   *** empty log message ***
       new  d4b75ba   Improve documentation for slime-c-p-c contrib.
       new  6d9e5cd   Fix debugger bug.
       new  334c724   Use slime-require instead of a connected-hook.
       new  dc0b13e   Fix source-path mapping for #+#.'(:and). Patch by Luis 
       new  16d3467   Make autodoc use the correct width of the typeout-window.
       new  f0a6d9d   Make it easier to start a non-default Lisp from ELisp 
       new  54cb35d   *** empty log message ***
       new  2924ea0   Message Of The Day for slime
       new  ea0bc67   cl-indent integration
       new  8fcc6d0   (sldb-invoke-restart-by-name): New function. Invokes a 
restart by name, uses completion to read restart's name. (slime-define-keys 
sldb-mode-map): Bind sldb-invoke-restart-by-name to I in sldb buffers.
       new  bad0e3c   *** empty log message ***
       new  68c4ff5   (*sldb-condition-printer*): New variable. 
(safe-condition-message): Use the current binding of *sldb-condition-printer* 
to print the condition to a string.
       new  38c231b   Move some functions to swank-arglist.lisp.
       new  d0d4098   Simpler code to bind 0-9 in the debugger.
       new  dade386   Drop second argument from inspect-for-emacs
       new  fd9756f   drop corman inspector defclass
       new  f2b6d75   drop sbcl inspector defclass
       new  b16c7a9   (arglist-dispatch): Specialize operator-type so openmcl 
doesn't warn about unused arguments. (arglist-dispatch): add declare ignore 
       new  505578d   drop second argument from inspect-for-emacs
       new  1b9ef23   *** empty log message ***
       new  361ce32   *** empty log message ***
       new  6c73472   *** empty log message ***
       new  1ee25c9   Fix previous patch, don't call slime-eval since it seems 
to break
       new  2e3724d   Cleanup slime-repl-set-package.
       new  0c75cea   Inspector cleanups.
       new  741f20c   Make slime-property-bounds more useful.
       new  72122ba   Limit the length of the inspector content. That's similar 
to the limitation of the length of backtraces in the debugger.
       new  cec1e85   Remove obsolete *slime-inspect-contents-limit*.
       new  6a300a7   Drop the first return value of emacs-inspect.
       new  44499ee   (emacs-inspect pathname): Fix last change.
       new  53f76d2   Fix some bugs introduced by the recent reorganization.
       new  38976d4   Remove remaining traces of make-default-inspector.
       new  bb69acc   * slime-fancy.el: slime-fancy-inspector-init no longer 
exists, so don't call it.  Once loaded, it's also no longer possible to turn 
the fancy inspector off.
       new  a4c2623   Track tree-widget change: :dynarg is now called :expander.
       new  2bd86ac   * slime-c-p-c.el (slime-c-p-c-init): Use slime-require 
instead of a connected-hook.
       new  39b0438   *** empty log message ***
       new  5d9ef0c   (slime-previous-presentation) (slime-next-presentation): 
Accept a standard prefix argument.
       new  24e486e   Split loading and initialization (again).
       new  890eeb1   *** empty log message ***
       new  5213f18   *** empty log message ***
       new  f5ab30f   Update for recent changes to swank-loader.lisp, we need 
to call swank-loader::init after loading.
       new  f2a909f   Update Kawa backend to the changed inspector protocol.
       new  827e2d5   Minor cleanups for inspector code.
       new  8b8b299   Emit a warning if the SWANK package already exists.
       new  c55cc6e   Better factorization for M-. and xref commands.
       new  7f72017   Fix regressions in the `find-definition' test case on 
       new  72a1a66   Having the `slime-presentations' contrib enabled, (princ 
10) resulted in "1010" rather than "10\n10". (This also caused a regression in 
the `repl-test' test case.)
       new  d997739   Remove save-restriction-if-possible.
       new  0bc53f4   * slime.el (slime-pop-to-location): Slight cleanups. 
(slime-goto-xref, slime-goto-next-xref): Use it.
       new  93950fd   Fixes for CLISP 2.44.  (Patch by Mark Harig.)
       new  5f9f23b   Fix typos: "contribs" -> "contrib".
       new  00c12d5   * swank-abcl.lisp (getpid): Return '0' in case of error. 
Apparently needed bacause $PPID isn't not a standard feature. "[T]his is not a 
disentanglement from, but a progressive knotting into."
       new  0c15efe   Fixing ChangeLog. I mistakenly commited revision 1.907 of 
slime.el without documentating the change.
       new  ea25fb9   Add customization variable for the `slime-connect' port.
       new  b56c94f   In the inspector, show one-element lists as list not as 
       new  3be1c41   If there is no connection, offer the option to start 
       new  a03d33c   Allow ED-IN-EMACS to edit new files.
       new  2ab4faf   Work harder to avoid wrong guesses for 
       new  8790cd8   Make it easier to prepare core-files.
       new  f5ee33c   Fix typo.
       new  4d8e5b9   This change has been advertized in the Changelog on 
2008-02-21. But it was in fact never committed.
       new  e0d11eb   * swank.lisp (find-definition-for-thing): New DEFSLIMEFUN.
       new  25bd52d   * slime.el (slime-edit-definition-hooks): This variable 
can be   used to hook into the M-. machinery.   (slime-edit-definition): Run 
above hooks until one succeeds. By   default, try to find a definition for the 
symbol at point.
       new  2b42f2c   M-. now works on presentations.
       new  7bcc1cb   * swank-mit-scheme.scm: New file.
       new  d200eea   (asdf:output-files, asdf:perform): Make compile-op on 
swank-loader-file a noop.
       new  d54dcf0   Macro expansion commands for MIT Scheme.
       new  6636f1f   Update test script for Emacs 23.
       new  4614c09   Be GC friendlier when parsing net packets.
       new  2bfc474   Don't blindly override the inspect method for functions.
       new  6bebde0   * slime.el (sldb-toggle-details): Inhibit 
point-motion-hooks. This is a workaround for problems with the --more-- field.
       new  da3caff   * slime.el (slime-inspector-operate-on-point): Signal an 
error if there is no object to operate on.
       new  0f860f9   * slime.el (slime-find-definitions-function): Renamed 
from slime-edit-definition-fallback-function. (slime-find-definitions): Use it. 
(slime-find-tag-if-tags-table-visited): Deleted.
       new  a707076   * slime.el (slime-xref-group): Renamed from 
slime-location-to-string. Handle source-form locations.
       new  2262b2b   * slime.el (slime-region-for-defun-function): Deleted. 
(slime-region-for-defun-at-point): Use beginning-of-defun and not 
beginning-of-sexp. (slime-flash-region): New function. (slime-compile-region): 
Use it.
       new  6b1f0ef   * slime.el (slime-edit-definition-cont): If no definition 
could   be found, print also the package name in the error message where   the 
definition was tried to be found in.
       new  c4d46ce   * slime.el (slime-eval-macroexpand): Indent expansion.
       new  0642502   * swank.lisp (classify-symbol, 
symbol-classification->string): Add   classification of symbols denoting type 
specifier, and denoting   constants.
       new  3a03969   * swank-fancy-inspector.lisp (make-symbols-listing 
:classification):   Add support for typespec and constant classification; don't 
  silently ignore symbols that can't be usefully classified, but   group them 
under "MISC".
       new  8a03c46   * swank-fuzzy.lisp (fuzzy-convert-matching-for-emacs): 
Return a   string representation of the classifications rather than the   
classifications themselves. (Notice this propagates up to (and   consequently 
changes the return value of) the RPC function   FUZZY-COMPLETIONS. 
(incompatible api change.)
       new  d5f33f0   * swank-fancy-inspector.lisp (add-slots-for-inspector): 
Remove   IGNORE declaration of non-existing argument.
       new  37f2960   * swank.lisp (load-file-set-package): Removed; the 
function was   only used in `slime-load-file-set-package' which invokes   
`slime-repl-set-package' which set the package for a second time.
       new  fac404c   * swank-source-path-parser.lisp:
       new  2b4c82c   * slime.el (slime-repl-return-behaviour): Deleted.  
Rebind the key if you don't like what the command does.
       new  9dcfe9c   Move filename translation code to contrib.
       new  5f51f1f   * slime.el (with-lexical-bindings): Removed.  Update 
callers accordingly.
       new  9bbdcb8   Remove some rarely used code.
       new  461c9d4   Delete the code which warned about removed key bindings.
       new  81dda1a   Use symbol-name instead of symbol->string. Because 
symbol->string is very slow in MIT Scheme 7.7.90 which makes TAB-completion 
unbearably slow.
       new  7f27a0f   * slime.el (slime-xref-group): Hanlde :zip files.
       new  64be67a   disassemble-frame hacking.
       new  ce9c74b   Fix log entries
       new  48bd841   ECL moved gray streams into GRAY package
       new  ae8931c   merge old changelog entries
       new  d96e1d9     * swank-source-path-parser.lisp
       new  da75251   * slime.el (slime-set-connection-info): Display SLIME and 
SWANK   versions explicitly in Protocol Mismatch message.  Adapted from   idea 
and patch by Jeronimo Pellegrini.
       new  abb7305   Fix typo in ChangeLog entry.
       new  b8ec5a9   * HACKING: Updated due to broken links.   Reported by 
Mirko Vukovic.
       new  e04198e   * swank-kawa.scm: Save stacktraces with locals on throw 
events. This is quite costly but makes debugging easier.
       new  208362f     On SBCL,
       new  03c1ff0   * slime.el (slime-check-version): New function.  Make the 
prompt fit in a single line.
       new  0568ffd   * swank-loader.lisp (load-swank): Call swank::before-init.
       new  3d7dfd2   By default, don't ask if SLIME should be started.
       new  336fa40   Various cleanups.
       new  82514a5   (map-error-database): Make mapping work for LispWorks 5.1 
       new  edb7724   swank-kawa.scm: Implement quit-thread-browser.
       new  610dbea   * slime.el (slime-edit-definition): The 
`slime-edit-definition-hooks'   are now invoked with the same args as 
       new  b4204f9   * slime-presentations.lisp:   
(slime-maybe-M-.-presentation-at-point): Renamed to   
`slime-edit-presentation'. Now makes sure to decline if user gave   a name 
       new  00d746d   (decode-arglist): Arglists can be dotted lists.
       new  60d9c2c   (cl-indent::line-number): new function. 
(cl-indent:indent-cond): Custom indentation method for cl:cond. 
(cl-indent-indented-loop-macro-keyword): more loop keywords. 
(cl-indent-loop-advance-past-keyword-on-line): deal with comments after loop 
keywords. (#'define-cl-indent): Fix indentation of handler-case; give cond it's 
custom indentation method; change indentation of defclass; add methods for 
do-all-symbols, do-symbols [...]
       new  a17f94a   * slime.el (slime-set-default-directory): Send absolute 
       new  590756c   * swank-kawa.scm (read-chunk): Call in:read in a loop.
       new  8f723a0   add changelog entry.
       new  e04fa03   C-c C-c with prefix args now uses the maximal debug 
level.  (By Zach Beane.) Only implemented for SBCL.
       new  f1fdb37   Use slime-read-from-minibuffer instead of 
       new  3cf6c6a   * swank.asd: Don't make a compile-op a no-op so that a 
swank-loader.fasl file gets generated and (require 'swank) can be called 
multiple times.  (Patch by Travis Cross.)
       new  c2ae93e   Include #\Page as whitespace
       new  324ab80   Include swank-source-path-parser and 
swank-source-file-cache for ECL
       new  2791323   Initial support for find-source-location with functions
       new  1284eee   *** empty log message ***
       new  e8c6143   fixup flushing and location create
       new  2c2baba   *** empty log message ***
       new  98a99bd   basic/simple implementation of find-definitions
       new  c029b23   *** empty log message ***
       new  14add2c   * swank-backend.lisp: Clarified docstrings of interface 
functions   in the Debugging section.
       new  a8e47da   Backtrace and frame/eval improvements
       new  36a6053   Remove frames from the backtrace that are in a swank 
package as those are misleading. Fixup locals display.
       new  df8f365   Trim swank sources from the ECL backtrace.
       new  ecef253   Bugfix: qualify fixnump
       new  5b384e9   * slime.el (slime-prin1-to-string): Bind print-length and 
       new  dd187fb   Load asdf when loading swank asdf
       new  d3898d4   * swank-sbcl.lisp: Don't require asdf.
       new  cc550d5   Unicode support for CMUCL (by Raymond Toy)
       new  e3032d0   (accept-connection): Fix the typo that I introduced.
       new  074b109   * slime.el (slime-extract-context, slime-parse-context): 
Recognize   more toplevel forms, e.g. DEFINE-COMPILER-MACRO &c. Such that   
`slime-parse-toplevel-form' will also recognize these.   (slime-trace-query): 
Adapted to above changes. Errors if spec is   untraceable.   
(slime-call-defun): Adapted to also support the new toplevel forms.
       new  54f35e9   * slime-parse.el (slime-cl-symbol-name),   
(slime-cl-symbol-package),   (slime-qualify-cl-symbol-name): Moved back to 
`slime.el' as   they're still used there.
       new  9682dca   * slime.el (def-slime-test find-definition.2, arglist):   
SWANK:COMPILE-STRING-FOR-EMACS since recently takes 5 instead of 4   
parameters. Fix that.
       new  4223e78   update
       new  2410a8e   (install-debugger-globally): hook into the environment 
globally to catch BREAK.
       new  e34481a   * slime.el (slime-call-defun): Broken on DEFMETHOD forms. 
Fix   that. Also, don't insert package qualifier anymore if the inserted   
qualifier is the same as the current REPL package.
       new  2981dac   * swank-sbcl.lisp (code-location-source-location),   
(code-location-debug-source-name): Patched for incompatible   structure change 
       new  2b23c81   * slime.el (slime-call-defun): Properly signal error 
message when   used in a context that is not a function definition.
       new  9987736   * slime-allegro.lisp (fspec-definition-locations): 
Workaround for   the issue that Allegro does not record the source file 
location   for methods defined inside a defgeneric form. The idea is that if   
the source location of a method is not found, then the defgeneric   form is 
almost certainly the right place.
       new  d579fee   * swank.lisp (call-with-redirected-io): Rebind only 
standard   streams if *GLOBALLY-REDIRECT-IO*. Fixes lost output after   
disconnect, reconnect.
       new  a9af4a1     `M-x slime-lisp-threads' will now contain a summary of 
what's   currently executed in a thread that was created by Swank.
       new  923bca4     * swank.lisp: Revert Melis' change from 2008-07-04; 
Global IO   redirection seems currently to be broken, and while it's not due    
    to that commit (it seems that it's been broken since longer), I         
want to be on a safe bet.
       new  64f01d8     Recompilation support added to xref buffers. You can 
now use    `C-c C-c' in an xref buffer to recompile the defun represented by    
   the xref at point. Similiarly, you can use `C-c C-k' to recompile       all 
xrefs displayed.
       new  7f6de00   * swank-asdf.lisp (operate-on-system-for-emacs): Wrapped 
       new  90c4630   * slime.el (slime-xref-dspec-at-point): Make more robust. 
  (slime-xref-insert-recompilation-flags): Ditto.   (slime-column-max): New.
       new  1058b1a     An explicit numeric value as prefix-arg given to `C-c 
C-c' will         now represent the debug level the defun is compiled with;     
  `C-u C-c C-c' defaults to maximum debug like before. (Now also  works for 
recompilation commands in xref buffers.)
       new  0a6f08c   * slime.el (slime-recompile-locations): Locations were 
potentially   recompiled within a wrong package. Fix that.
       new  e849a10   REPL shortcuts now leave an appropriate Common Lisp form 
in the REPL history.
       new  fcfc4bc   * slime-asdf.el (slime-oos): Use 
       new  50a016e   * slime.el (slime-at-list-p): New. Returns t if point is 
at a list.   (slime-at-expression-p): New. Similiar to `slime-in-expression-p'. 
  (slime-end-of-list): New. Pendant to `slime-beginning-of-list'.
       new  922ae96   * slime-package-fu.el, swank-package-fu.lisp: New contrib 
to   aumatically add symbols to the relevant DEFPACKAGE forms.   You can use 
`C-c x' to export the symbol at point, and   `C-u C-c x' to unexport it.
       new  0b7a904   * swank-loader.lisp (*contribs*): Added 
       new  b4621c9   * swank.lisp (swank-compiler): Fix bug when invoking an 
abort restart on a failed compilation attempt.
       new  3f143ac   Fix slime-quit-lisp in non-default REPL buffer. Patch 
from Richard M Kreuter.
       new  7c0dea5   * swank-sbcl.lisp (add-sigio-handler, add-fd-handler): Be 
quiet as a workaround for non-properly initialized *debug-io*. Patch from 
Richard M Kreuter.
       new  fd6afe2   Environment variables for Lisp process. Patch by Richard 
M Kreuter.
       new  956a551   * slime.el (make-slime-buffer-location): New.   
(make-slime-file-location): New.
       new  0323920   * slime-package-fu.el 
(slime-find-package-definition-regexp): Use   new constructor 
`make-slime-file-location'.   (slime-frob-defpackage-form, 
slime-export-symbol-at-point): Now   always display a message regarding success 
of the operation.   (slime-package-fu-init-undo-stack, 
slime-package-fu-unload): New.
       new  873cd20   * slime-mdot-fu.el: New contrib. Makes M-. work on local 
       new  42f41a6     * slime.el: Make code related to temp buffers more 
       new  4c6a645   fix changelog date
       new  92ae75d   * slime-presentations.el 
(slime-presentation-around-or-before-point):   Guard against the case being 
used at the start of a buffer.
       new  1812184   Add some flow-control.
       new  62294b8   (reader-from-emacs): Use &rest in destructure-case for 
CCL's sake.
       new  416fdcf   (*in-receive-if*): New variable. (receive-if): Use 
*in-receive-if* to recognize when wait-on-semaphore was interrupted and 
receive-if is called recursively.
       new  51435a9   *** empty log message ***
       new  b481209   (slime-with-output-to-temp-buffer): Add read-only 
argument. (slime-temp-buffer): Renamed from slime-get-temp-buffer-create. Drop 
noselect argument.
       new  aced5b4   * swank-lispworks.lisp (receive-if): Handle interrupts.
       new  9ed1b8b   (slime-io-speed-test): Minor changes.
       new  d15e7c4   * swank.lisp (eval-for-emacs): Don't flush streams here 
as that may now block.
       new  6a679d3   * swank-cmucl.lisp (receive,receive-if): Test for new 
messages in a loop.
       new  c73775f   * swank-scl.lisp (receive-if): Implemented.
       new  94909fd   * swank-gray.lisp (slime-output-stream): Add a slot 
"interactive-p" which should be true for streams which are flushed periodically 
by the Lisp system.  Update the relevant accordingly.
       new  573e834   Set interactive-p for CCL and ACL.
       new  d3e832b   (slime-repl-clear-buffer): Recenter at the end.
       new  b2f2410   Updates for CLISP-2.46. Patch by Masayuki Onjo.
       new  7309aaa   Fix whitespace.
       new  b047dde   * slime-asdf.el: Load swank-asdf. This should avoid the 
rude disconnect if asdf wasn't loaded.
       new  72d481c   * swank-gray.lisp (slime-output-stream): Undo last 
change. Make force-output and finish-output do the same.
       new  5b6392a   * swank-gray.lisp (stream-write-string): New method. * 
swank-backend.lisp (*gray-stream-symbols*): Include write-string.
       new  9c6913a   Drop distinction between "recursive" and non-recursive 
       new  810440b   * swank-backend.lisp (thread-id): Add a default 
implementation which works with the default implementation of current-thread.
       new  89de226   * swank.lisp (encode-message): Inhibit interrupts while 
writing the length and the body.
       new  a6bcd1c   * swank-lispworks.lisp (make-stream-interactive): Run our 
own thread to periodically flush streams instead of relying on 
       new  3622c92   Prevent typeout messages to be scribbled into random 
buffers. Patch from Michael Weber.
       new  4873664   No SBCL style-warnings for definitions inside EVAL-WHEN 
       new  5b27209   Queue interrupts in various places.
       new  e20d155   * slime.el (slime-show-apropos): Use lisp-syntax-table to 
make M-. more useful.
       new  1bb67d8   * swank-sbcl.lisp (short-backtrace): New function. 
(thread-description): Use it.
       new  da0bc0c   (receive-if): Fix typo.
       new  564f63c   * swank-allegro.lisp:(receive-if): Periodically check for 
interrupts. * swank-cmucl.lisp, swank-scl.lisp: ditto.
       new  5b361b3   Fix typo.
       new  6958fb0     Mode-Line will now display a buffer's connection, and a 
buffer's   package. Furthermore, stale connections will also be indicated.
       new  6287387   * slime.el (def-slime-test narrowing): Adapted to recent 
changes   of `slime-with-output-to-temp-buffer'.
       new  1d0b42a   * slime.el (slime-with-temp-buffer): Renamed from 
slime-with-output-to-temp-buffer.  Initialize the buffer local buffer variables 
before and after running BODY, so that we don't need the mode argument.
       new  7d44359   * slime-mdot-fu.el: Works for LET bindings now also.   
(def-slime-test find-local-definitions.1): New test case.
       new  9230194   * slime-fancy.el: Add slime-mdot-fu and slime-package-fu.
       new  0b870b4   Previously, M-p at the REPL deleted the input if no match 
could be found in the history. Now the input is untouched.
       new  af71848   * slime.el (slime-with-temp-buffer): By default, no 
longer inherit the current connection.
       new  04018ef   * slime.el (slime-create-macroexpansion-buffer): Make 
fontifying   case insensitive as the result from macroexpansion is most likely  
 printed all upper-case.
       new  8af4210   * slime.el (test disconnect): Call slime-inferior-process 
with explicit connection argument to avoid clashes with buffer-local 
       new  13d2128   *** empty log message ***
       new  3cf1dce   *** empty log message ***
       new  2d07695   Spawn the auto-flush thread in the front end. This 
removes some copy&paste code in various backends.
       new  1d00b0b   * slime.el: Make the threads browser use 
       new  d607ff9   * slime.el (slime-connections-buffer-name): New variable. 
  (slime-list-connections): Use it.   (def-slime-selector ?c): Ditto
       new  0494931   *** empty log message ***
       new  0a72583   *** empty log message ***
       new  d4babfb   *** empty log message ***
       new  2618acf   * slime.el (slime-compiler-notes-mode, 
slime-connection-ist-mode):   Add slime-temp-buffer-mode-map to docstring.
       new  2b9f17a   * slime.el: Rename slime's temp-buffer to popup-buffer. 
(defun slime-update-modeline ()
       new  1941883   * slime.el: Make xref buffers use 
`slime-with-popup-buffer',   nee `slime-with-temp-buffer'.
       new  c67f151   (spawn-threads-for-connection): Simplify.
       new  3720cf1   Unify event dispatching for single and multi-threaded 
       new  da47c38   * slime.el: Make xref buffers use 
`slime-with-popup-buffer',   nee `slime-with-temp-buffer'.
       new  572dac7   fix parenthesis error in slime.el
       new  84a0041   Fix indentation error.
       new  734dbb0   Use wait-for-event instead of catch/throw where needed.
       new  40a7806   * slime.el: Fixing `q' in Xref buffers.
       new  5713ec8   M-x slime doesn't destroy the window layout anymore when 
you switch windows/frames while the connection is being set up.
       new  16d3f08   * swank-lispworks.lisp (disassemble-frame): Implemented.
       new  f8acf96   Display the "Use default debugger" restart more 
       new  d878fd3   * slime.el (slime-simple-completions): Bind 
slime-current-thread to t so that completion is peformed in a fresh thread.
       new  c6293b3   * swank.lisp (*maximum-pipelined-output-chunks*): New 
       new  eaf984c   * swank-lispworks.lisp (defimplementation): Record 
       new  dd637d4   Fixes for heap dumping.
       new  37ba306   * slime.el (slime-quit-lisp): Optionally send kill 
signal. (slime-quit-connection-at-point): Disconnect after some timeout.
       new  6a23eaf   *** empty log message ***
       new  a0996ea   *** empty log message ***
       new  c6fd51e   * swank.lisp (invoke-slime-debugger): New function. 
Analagous to cl:invoke-debugger. (swank-debugger-hook): Use it.
       new  8fcf89e   * swank.lisp (wait-for-event): Add timeout argument.  
This is used for :fd-handler and :sigio style where we only process events as 
long we don't block. (wait-for-event/event-loop, read-event) (decode-message, 
receive-if): Ditto. (process-events): Renamed from read-from-emacs. 
(handle-requests): Renamed from handle-request. Take timeout argument.  Update 
callers. (process-available-input): Deleted.
       new  3e70f99   * swank.lisp (wait-for-event): Add timeout argument.  
This is used for :fd-handler and :sigio style where we only process events as 
long as we don't block. (wait-for-event/event-loop, read-event) 
(decode-message, receive-if): Ditto. (process-requests): Renamed from 
read-from-emacs. (handle-requests): Renamed from handle-request. Take timeout 
argument.  Update callers. (process-available-input): Deleted. 
(with-swank-error-handler): Renamed from with-reader-error-handl [...]
       new  f18c7d3   (swank-debugger-hook): Fix last change.
       new  a512cf9   * slime.el (slime-execute-tests): Call 
slime-test-should-fail-p before executing the test (which may close the 
       new  04bc7ae   * slime.el (slime-execute-tests): Call 
slime-test-should-fail-p before executing the test (which may close the 
connection). (def-slime-test): Use slime-sync-to-top-level with a timeout.
       new  f013c39   Save repl-history in /tmp, during testing. 
(slime-temp-directory): New function. (slime-run-tests): Save repl-history in 
/tmp. (slime-repl-mode): Ignore persistent history if slime-repl-history-file 
is nil.
       new  8efd75b   (slime-quit-lisp-internal): New function. 
(slime-quit-lisp, slime-restart-inferior-lisp): Use it
       new  7e98fb3   (slime-batch-test): Exit, if the Lisp isn't up and 
running after 30 secs.
       new  4c0c2f2   *** empty log message ***
       new  3dfff7b   * swank-ecl.lisp (thread-id): Assign an non-nil id to 
unknown threads.
       new  6eb68be   * swank.lisp (*global-debugger*): Change default back to 
       new  66297c5   * swank-openmcl.lisp (receive-if): Support timeout 
argument. * swank-allegro.lisp (receive-if): Ditto.
       new  0f09b06   * swank-abcl.lisp (preferred-communication-style): Return 
nil until we implement receive-if.
       new  7be8fd7   Improve interrupt safety for single-threaded lisps.
       new  a1c6fdc   *** empty log message ***
       new  fb2bab5   * test.sh: Use batch mode by default.
       new  de3dd2e   Let SIGINT create a synthetic event.
       new  4d715d3   * swank.lisp (with-buffer-syntax): Take package as 
argument. (defslimefun): Derive the package for exporting from the symbol.
       new  264d7ba   Finally handle reader-errors without disconnecting.
       new  294d442   * slime.el (slime-repl-send-input): Disable modification 
hooks when marking old input.
       new  5f61149   Add a simple object clipboard.
       new  ddf669e   * slime-clipboard.el (slime-clipboard-insert-ref): Set 
read-nonsticky to t to work better with kill/yank.
       new  af6c406   (slime-check-version): Use y-or-n-p.
       new  2419b42   * swank-clipboard.lisp (:swank-clipboard): List exports 
to avoid compiler warnings.
       new  28a578d   Add a dump-image function to the loader.
       new  b849333     Xref buffers: `q', and `SPC' will push onto the 
find-definition         stack such that M-, will work afterwards.
       new  36dc68d     Xref buffers: `M-,' in an Xref buffer will now revert 
to an Emacs       state as of before the Xref command.
       new  4d4c229     `C-c C-z' now selects an REPL displayed in another 
frame instead        of splitting the current frame, and displaying the REPL in 
the  newly created window.
       new  968ef2e   describe last change set better
       new  b3ac1cb   * slime.el (slime-popup-buffer-quit): If not kill, then 
at least   bury the buffer.   (slime-list-compiler-notes): Shrink the 
compiler-notes window.
       new  d4d0213   * slime.el (slime-list-compiler-notes): Only shrink if 
notes tree   isn't displayed as being collapsed.
       new  1720e7f   * slime.el (slime-popup-buffer-quit): Fix regression; we 
have to   invoke `bury-buffer' without an argument to make it switch buffers   
for us (for the case when the snapshot wasn't restored.)
       new  b03d848   * swank-loader.lisp (dump-image): Move this function to 
the end of the file to stop SBCL from reporting two times the same false alarm.
       new  546ad72   * swank-sbcl.lisp (sb-thread::get-foreground): Don't 
override. Let SBCL people fix this.
       new  b77b3d3   * swank-cmucl.lisp (waitpid): Don't use unix::pid-t, it's 
only defined for Linux.
       new  e9987c8     * slime.el (slime-switch-to-output-buffer): Fix 
regression      discovered by Ariel Badichi. Programmatic invocation of this    
function expect this function to also set-buffer to the REPL    buffer. Even 
though that's ugly, we do it for now, and declare it       to be a FIXME.  
(slime-dispatch-event): Don't use `message' for the pipelined   request 
message, but `slime-display-oneliner' which will truncate       the form to be 
       new  3e471ed   * slime.el (slime-add-local-hook): Renamed from 
add-local-hook. (slime-switch-to-output-buffer): Drop the connection argument.  
It was never used.
       new  3c33a3f   (slime-switch-to-output-buffer-search-all-frames): 
Deleted. Use display-buffer-reuse-frames instead. 
(slime-switch-to-output-buffer): Use pop-to-buffer to select the window and 
frame.  Have to set the input-focus manually, though. Might be some window 
manager issue.
       new  e0263ff   * slime.el (slime-inspector-show-source): New command. 
(slime-inspector-mode-map): Bind it to ".". (sldb-highlight-sexp): Use 
slime-flash-region rather than a permanent overlay.
       new  ba49874   (slime-popup-buffer-quit): Must call bury-buffer without 
       new  d7589f9   * swank.lisp (install-fd-handler): Bind 
*emacs-connection* with with-connection, for case when the signal hander is 
called out of the blue. (swank-debugger-hook): Don't assume that the hook 
argument is #'swank-debugger-hook itself.
       new  bbb9de7   * slime-fuzzy.el: Rename `add-local-hook' to 
`slime-add-local-hook'. * slime-presentations.el: Ditto.
       new  13fd438   * contrib/slime-indentation.el: fix indentation of IF 
       new  c384297   * slime-fontifying-fu.el: New contrib; fontify with-foo 
and do-foo   like standard macros.
       new  eee17d4     Compiling a file `let*.lisp' on SBCL via C-c C-k 
resulted in an         error, because it parsed the asterisk to a wild 
pathname. Fix   that.
       new  7233ee6   Collect most of the inspector state in a structrure. 
Truncate the printer output more aggressively.
       new  990fcea   * contrib/swank-listener-hooks.lisp: Add missing 
       new  6c41511   * metering.lisp: Add deftypes for time-type and 
cons-type, which are not defined in newer versions of CCL.
       new  52ec127   In backtraces, escape newlines in strings as \n.
       new  2eb9f83   Implement streams with a length limit. Use them to 
truncate printer output in backtraces.
       new  d1c40d0   Use lazy lists in the inspector.
       new  54604a8   Some focus handling in multiframe setups.
       new  bd96d03   Fix typos.
       new  293a5cc   Forgot to commit ChangeLog entry earlier today.
       new  0d74cf6   * slime.el (slime-compute-modeline-package): Used 
`when-let' before its definition.   (slime-compute-modeline-string): Display 
"PKG:" before "CON:".
       new  3fe0813   * swank.lisp (decode-message): Don't ignore EOF.
       new  f4800fa   (swank-debugger-hook): Remove the default-debugger 
       new  25ab8fa   * swank-cmucl.lisp (remove-sigio-handlers): Fix thinko.
       new  d01c618   * swank-arglists.lisp (variable-desc-for-echo-area): 
Limit the length to one line to avoid (some) problems with big or circular 
values.  Reported by Stas Boukarev.
       new  10425c0   * swank-ecl.lisp: Add :load-toplevel and :execute to 
EVAL-WHENs to fix loading.
       new  75702e7   * slime.el (sldb-setup): Insert "No backtrace" if the 
backtrace is empty.
       new  711d797   Fix chronological order.
       new  de113bf   * swank-abcl.lisp (make-output-stream, 
make-input-stream): provides the (trivial) definitions for MAKE-OUTPUT-STREAM 
       new  92fb2d0   * swank-backend.lisp (*gray-stream-symbols*): added 
symbols stream-peek-char, stream-read-line, stream-file-position
       new  ef82b1c   * swank-gray.lisp (make-input-stream): fixed typos
       new  6066e97   * slime.el (slime-pop-to-buffer): Drop the norecord 
argument, since we can't support it easily in Emacs 21. Reported by Christophe 
       new  83210f8   * swank.lisp (prepare-part): Also wrap action elements in 
a list.  Reported by Ariel Badichi and Madhu.
       new  ecca1b8   * slime.el [test](inspector): New test.
       new  47ff7de   * swank-gray.lisp (slime-input-stream): Remove the output 
stream slot.  Most of the time we can just call force-output.
       new  c17e1f0   * swank-sbcl.lisp (receive-if): Add #+/-linux to avoid 
yet more WITH-TIMEOUT related problems.
       new  c49fd61   * swank-backend.lisp (*gray-stream-symbols*): Remove 
stream-file-position because it's called stream-position in CCL.
       new  6f1a9c2   * swank-backend.lisp (make-input-stream): Remove 
make-fn-streams. Update callers accordingly.
       new  49fe248   Fix changelog entry.
       new  a3b8c3b   * slime-enclosing-context.el: New utility contrib on top 
of   `slime-parse' to extract some context around point, like bound   variables 
or bound functions.
       new  885fdd5   Slime-autodoc now also displays arglists of local 
       new  38c246e   * slime-autodoc.el (slime-make-autodoc-swank-form): Do 
not   highlight operator in local arglist display.
       new  ab817fa   A package "Foo.Bar.1.0" was truncated to "0>" as REPL 
prompt. It'll now be displayed as "Bar.1.0>".
       new  947e5f1     A RETRY restart is provided for all Slime evaluation 
       new  d6a2590     * swank.lisp (eval-for-emacs): Remove 
WITH-RETRY-RESTART again for      simplicity reasons.
       new  c86a7ac     * swank-backend.lisp (*gray-stream-symbols*): Comment 
       new  7f30d93     Reimplement recompilation support. The previous 
implementation  involving specials was subtly broken with the :fd-handler       
communcation-style, because of serve-event's polite interplay with      
specials. (Cf. my slime-devel post "Per event bindings" on 2008-08-17.)
       new  b3eb44f     * slime.el (slime-popup-buffer-restore-snapshot): Make 
sure that        the buffer-local variable containing the popup buffer's 
snapshot        is set to nil in the right buffer.
       new  c111016     * slime.el (slime-compilation-unit): Renamed to         
`slime-compilation-result'.     (slime-last-compilation-unit): Renamed to       
`slime-last-compilation-result'.        (slime-compiler-notes, 
slime-compiler-results): Adapted accordingly.    (slime-compilation-finished): 
       new  cbf60e6     * swank-asdf.lisp (operate-on-system-for-emacs): 
Adapted to recent      changes wrt. swank-compilation-unit.
       new  a6d7d97   Fix stream buffering for CMUCL.
       new  0758964   * swank-allegro.lisp (fspec-definition-locations): add 
declare ignores to prevent warnings
       new  15ba31a   * swank-allegro.lisp (emacs-inspect): Actually remove the 
unused method for functions.  Even the remaining one could be removed.
       new  cd73e09   * doc/slime-refcard.tex: Fix typos.
       new  f75d27c     New faces: `sldb-restartable-frame-line-face',          
       new  1fd1dfb     In an SLDB buffer, `C-c C-c' will now recompile the 
source behind       a frame. In particular, `C-u C-c C-c' will recompile the 
frame  with high debug settings.
       new  fe0c16b   For Lispworks, parse the $LWHOME/lwdoc file.
       new  bdd7d3b     * slime-parse.el (slime-has-symbol-syntax-p): New.      
(slime-parse-symbol-name-at-point): New; works on top of        
`slime-parse-sexp-at-point'.    (slime-enclosing-form-specs): Use it.
       new  6f8915b   Introduce a WAIT-FOR-INPUT backend function. CMUCL's 
blocking input functions READ-CHAR etc. are hard to use with interrupts.  In 
the backend we have a more realistic chance to get interrupts working.
       new  b1e1ed0   More interrupt related frobbing.
       new  f242c98   Interrupt related hacking.
       new  3acad9b   * swank.lisp (sldb-loop): Send a :sldb-return event to 
ourselfes to inform the debug session at the lower level. (wait-for-event): 
Drop the report-interrupt argument.  No longer needed. (event-match-p): Add an 
OR pattern operator.  Used to wait for different events simultaneously.
       new  3185fb3   * swank-lispworks.lisp (describe-symbol-for-emacs): 
Revert last change.
       new  c5d443b     * slime.el (slime-end-of-list): `backward-down-list' 
was used   there which is defined by paredit.el.   Use `(down-list -1)' instead.
       new  b88eba2   Adjust positions in files with CRLF-style end-on-line 
       new  07b81da   * slime.el (slime-connection): Optionally select a new 
default connection. (slime-auto-select-connection): New variable. 
(slime-auto-select-connection): New function.
       new  fafac76   * slime.el (slime-test-find-top-level-restart): New 
function. [def-slime-test] (interrupt-at-toplevel, interrupt-in-debugger): Use 
       new  ece6314   (slime-repl-insert-prompt): Don't move the output end 
makers before prompt.  Let output accumulate before the result. 
(slime-insert-transcript-delimiter): Insert the delimiter at the end of the 
buffer.  Update markers accordingly.
       new  2a1d8b7   Fix parens.
       new  def893b     * swank-sbcl.lisp (make-definition-source-location): 
Fix typo   introduced with crlf-related commit on 2008-09-16.
       new  fe0e6a6   * swank.lisp (send-user-output): Lifted from 
make-output-function. Make this a top-level function for easier redefinition.
       new  5ca28bb   (*pre-reply-hook*): Add 'force-user-output. 
[def-slime-test] (interrupt-at-toplevel, interrupt-in-debugger): Use it.
       new  86dbd92   * slime.el (slime-repl-popup-on-output): New variable. 
(slime-repl-emit): Honor slime-repl-popup-on-output. 
(slime-eval-with-transcript): Use slime-repl-popup-on-output. Also remove the 
function argument, as it was only used once and that was slime-message.
       new  f00f8dd   * slime.el (slime-eval-with-transcript): Accept some more 
arguments so that we can also use it for compile-file. 
(slime-eval-with-transcript-cont): New. Insert prompt. (slime-compile-file): 
Use slime-eval-with-transcript. (slime-repl-show-maximum-output): Update window 
point. (slime-repl-insert-prompt): Don't use insert-before-markers. 
(slime-repl-emit): No longer use slime-with-output-end-mark.
       new  6443eec   * swank-ecl.lisp: Forgot to update ECL's backend when 
introducing   swank-frames in commit on 2008-09-12.
       new  ba202c4   * slime.el (slime-show-last-output) 
(slime-show-last-output-function) (slime-show-last-output-region) 
(slime-maybe-display-output-buffer): Delete unused code.
       new  fce9e61   Some cleanups for the REPL code.
       new  54a691d   * slime.el (slime-eval-with-transcript): Change order of 
arguments to make the common case easier to use.
       new  b3df1b3   (slime-eval-with-transcript-cont): Save the position of 
the input-start-mark not the marker itself.
       new  ba86d55   * slime.el (slime-compile-file): Invert logic for the 
display-output arg.
       new  87bc6ca   * slime.el (slime-save-marker): New marcro. Use it in 
combination with insert-before-markers. (slime-check-buffer-contents): Use {} 
resp. [] to describe the position of output resp. input markers.
       new  8370b49   Change defaults.
       new  2e6b2e1   Fix usage string.
       new  0f98824   * slime.el (slime-repl-emit-result): Update window-point.
       new  b733ce0   * slime.el (slime-randomize-test-order): New variable. 
(slime-shuffle-list): New function. (slime-run-tests): Use it.
       new  976bcbd   * slime.el (slime-batch-test): Accept test-name and 
randomize arguments. * test.sh (usage): Accept -n and -S options.
       new  0be4e49   * swank-allegro.lisp (frob-allegro-field-def): There 
seems to be a new type :func handle it like :lisp.
       new  12d4147   * slime.el ([def-slime-test] break): Split it up in two 
versions to make the debugger-hook issue more explicit.
       new  7a4e7d1   * swank-openmcl.lisp (call-with-debugging-environment): 
Don't set *debugger-hook* to nil.
       new  114a95d   Fix BREAK and backtraces after interrupts for CCL.
       new  a9e278c   Fix inspecting of arrays.
       new  c23c154   Fix some of the bugs that I introduced with the last 
       new  c879beb   * test.sh: Parse the -S option as advertized.
       new  43fda31   * slime.el (slime-with-output-end-mark): 
slime-repl-show-maximum-output no longer accepts any arguments.
       new  ce9395b   Fx typo
       new  a8d7d15   * swank.lisp (*backtrace-pprint-dispatch-table*): Honor 
       new  6b9873e   * swank-openmcl.lisp: Try to remove the first few 
internal frames from backtraces. (guess-stack-top): New function. 
(call-with-debugging-environment): Use it
       new  0e1173c   * slime.el (slime-eol-conversion-fixup): Return 0 (not 
nil) for anyting other than CRLF conventions.
       new  bc294d0   * slime.el (slime-repl-input-end-mark): Deleted. It was 
always at the end of buffer. Use point-max instead. (slime-repl-eol): Removed.  
The usual end-of-line does the same.
       new  f7353b9   (slime-batch-test): Use let* to bind 
       new  6fd489f   * swank-sbcl.lisp (wait-for-input): Implement this in 
backend, since read-char-no-hang doesn't work in fd-handlers. 
(install-sigint-handler): Go through invoke-interruption and with-interrupts to 
support nested interrupts.
       new  512a34c   Delete garbage at the eof.
       new  76d4f8f   swank.lisp (guess-package): Return NIL if string 
designator is NIL
       new  e61d5a8   * Update for the Scieneer CL 1.3.8 release.
       new  73a61bf   * slime.el (slime-prefix-map): New keymap. 
(slime-define-key): Use it.  Also drop unused :inferior arg. 
(slime-inspector-mode-map): Bind C-c to slime-prefix-map.
       new  21576e5   (slime-prefix-map): Fix docstring.
       new  0505905   * slime.el (slime-define-both-key-bindings): New 
function.  Factor of slime-init-keymaps. (slime-init-keymaps): Use it. 
(slime-control-modified-char): Deleted.
       new  5f163a8   * slime.el (slime-cycle-connections): New command.
       new  5897cc8   * slime.el (slime-cycle-connections): Do not make the new 
  connection buffer-local if we're currently in a REPL buffer.
       new  5e3751b   Improve ECL's arglist support somewhat.
       new  33d5411   Stop handling events in worker threads after sldb-quit.
       new  c826b54   * slime.el (slime-list-compiler-notes): Revert change 
from   2008-08-15 which introduced automatic shrinkage of the   compiler-notes 
buffer. This turned out to be more annoying than   worthwhile. On the cases 
where it's desired, the user can just use   `C-x -' himself to shrink the notes 
       new  2eff8be   UTF-8 support for Lispworks.
       new  1335ac2   *** empty log message ***
       new  71d93e9   * swank-sbcl.lisp: Add support for WHO-SPECIALIZES. This 
requires   a patch for SBCL's SB-INTROSPECT contrib which I sent upstream a   
few minutes ago.
       new  cfa5c5e   Some cleanups for compilation commands.
       new  938f2a8   export *BACKTRACE-PRINTER-BINDINGS* from SWANK
       new  b4c88e2   toggling of inspector verbosity
       new  c5862a1   * swank-cmucl.lisp (list-callers): Do a full GC before 
calling map-allocated-objects. That's needed because map-allocated-objects 
seems to cons even if it's inlined. (emacs-inspect [code-component]): Try to 
detect byte-code-components.
       new  3c22ae4   * swank-cmucl.lisp (inspect-alien-record, 
mv-function-end-breakpoint-values): Avoid compiler warnigns.
       new  666d8a7   (emacs-inspect [code-component]): Detect another 
byte-code case.
       new  a16ea62   persistent scratch buffer
       new  b165808   * swank-kawa.scm (compile-file-for-emacs, 
wrap-compilation) (compile-string-for-emacs): Return a :compilation-result as 
expected by Emacs.
       new  fe66df1   * swank-openmcl.lisp (frame-catch-tags): Disabled, as it 
prevents FRAME-LOCALS from working in lx8632.
       new  e3c38ae   * swank-backend.lisp (swank-compile-file): Return the 
same values as COMPILE-FILE.  Update backends accordingly.
       new  255eab5   (compile-file-for-emacs): Update for chanded backends.
       new  7d84d43   * swank-kawa.scm (swank-require): Add a dummy definition 
to avoid errors at startup.
       new  5cb11c9   * swank-lispworks.lisp (with-swank-compilation-unit): 
Return the values of BODY. (compile-from-temp-file): Return T on success.
       new  601b824   * swank-lispworks.lisp (with-swank-compilation-unit): 
Return the values of BODY. (compile-from-temp-file) * swank-allegro.lisp 
(compile-from-temp-file) * swank-clisp.lisp (swank-compile-string) * 
swank-abcl.lisp (swank-compile-string): Return T on success. * swank.lisp 
(collect-notes): Check return type of FUNCTION.
       new  954bd86   * swank-backend.lisp (frame-restartable-p): New function. 
(swank-frame): Deleted. Update implemenetations accordingly. (print-frame): 
Renamed back from print-swank-frame.
       new  5de7979   (print-frame): Fix parens.
       new  090c84f   * swank.lisp (call-with-retry-restart): Implement this a 
little less confusing.
       new  3d0fab6   * swank-backend.lisp (compute-sane-restarts): Deleted. 
Use plain compute restarts instead.
       new  3abc8f1   * swank-sbcl.lisp (swank-compile-file): Fix typo.
       new  5154f04   * swank-clisp.lisp (filename-to-pathname, 
parse-cygwin-filename): Accept Windows and Unix filenames when :CYGWIN is in 
       new  226f81c   * swank-abcl.lisp (handle-compiler-warning): Report 
source location position when we can. Use NAMESTRING for *compile-filename*.
       new  ac6e383   * swank.lisp (frame-locals-and-catch-tags): New function. 
Fetch locals and catch tags with a single RPC.
       new  57e24ce   (frame-catch-tags): Add ignore decl.
       new  6dff819   (frame-restartable-p): Add ignore decl.
       new  f26f692   More ignore decls.
       new  398e8e6   * swank-mit-scheme.scm 
(swank:frame-locals-and-catch-tags) * swank-kawa.scm (dispatch-events) * 
swank-goo.goo (frame-locals-and-catch-tags): Update backends for the new 
       new  cc3d288   * slime.el: Require some packages, e.g. apropos, at 
compile time to suppress some "undefined function" warnings.
       new  10260ef   * slime-editing-commands.el (slime-end-of-defun): Use 
'major-mode instead of 'major.  Reported by S.P.Tseng.
       new  bf67446   * swank-allegro.lisp (frame-restartable-p): Handle errors 
signaled by debugger:frame-retryable-p.  This looks like an Allegro bug, 
though.  Reported by Luke Hope.
       new  b57676a   * swank-asdf.lisp (operate-on-system-for-emacs): Always T 
to collect-notes.  Reported by Mark Evenson.
       new  dcf3dcb   * slime.el (slime-redirect-inferior-output): New command.
       new  541915a   * swank-jolt.k: New backend.
       new  8afe312   * slime.el: Fix change from 2008-10-20. Use (eval-when 
(compile)...) instead of (eval-when-compile ...), because the latter is more 
like (eval-when (compile eval) ...).
       new  e0d0a79   * test.sh: Return the number of failed tests as exit code.
       new  ee871f6   * swank-listener-hooks.lisp (%listener-eval): Return nil.
       new  ec669f1   *** empty log message ***
       new  62d657c   * slime.el (slime-repl-history-pattern): Use the part of 
input between its start and (point) as history search pattern. Previously we 
used the entire input.
       new  c0fe3ee   * slime.el (slime-popup-buffer-quit): Call bury-buffer 
with explicit argument for compatibility with XEmacs.
       new  430a10d   * swank-sbcl.lisp (wait-for-input): Return streams which 
are at EOF.
       new  9272e0f   delete references to SB-IMPL::INDENTING-STREAM delete 
       new  4660c2e   * swank.lisp (debug-in-emacs): Bind *sldb-quit-restart* 
here, if necessary to the next abort retstart.
       new  d97256c   * swank-lispworks.lisp (describe-function): Don't use 
string-upcase on lambda-list-argruments, because not all elements must be 
       new  123992c   * slime.el (slime-eval-with-transcript) 
(slime-eval-with-transcript-cont): Restore the current buffer, before calling 
       new  13b6fdf   * slime.el (slime-repl-history-pattern): Simplify as 
suggested by Knut Olav Bohmer and Michael Weber.
       new  b1cc820   * slime.el ([test] find-definition.2, [test] 
compile-defun): Expect to fail for CCL.
       new  c88915d   * swank-backend.lisp (slime-interrupt-queued): New 
condition. * swank.lisp (invoke-or-queue-interrupt): Raise it here. * 
swank-cmucl.lisp (wait-for-input): Make fd readable in condition handler so 
that we can call serve-events without timeout.
       new  e0b52da   * slime.el (slime-popup-buffer-quit): Always delete 
windows and bury the buffer.
       new  5810438   * swank-c-p-c.lisp (parse-completion-arguments): Change 
the package identifier from the string "KEYWORD" to the form (symbol-name 
:keyword) for ACL's "modern" mode.
       new  51231e1   * slime.el ([test] package-updating): Allegro returns 
"||" as prompt for the keyword package.  I guess that's acceptable.
       new  77f3aff   * swank.lisp (invoke-default-debugger): New condition 
type. (swank-debugger-hook): Handle invoke-default-debugger conditions. 
(sldb-break-with-default-debugger): Signal invoke-default-debugger to transfer 
control to the default debugger. New argument DONT-UNWIND to invoke the native 
debugger without unwinding the stack. * slime.el 
(sldb-break-with-default-debugger): By default, unwind the stack before invoke 
the native debugger. With prefix argument, run the native d [...]
       new  9996ec4   Reincarnate "eval..." (almost)
       new  e5927ae   *** empty log message ***
       new  f904298   * slime.el (slime-update-all-modelines): Only walk 
through widnow-list not buffer-list. 
(slime-restart-or-init-modeline-update-timer): Inrease the timer interval to 
0.5 seconds.
       new  b88b544   `q' in temp buffers should only delete the window if it 
was newly created for the buffer.
       new  b5f6f67   * slime-package-fu.el 
(slime-goto-package-source-definition): `(slime-pop-to-location loc 
'excursion)' no longer exists; use `(slime-goto-source-location loc)' instead.
       new  29cb549   Modeline wouldn't display {debugged..} after 
       new  9371e43         * slime.el 
(slime-compute-modeline-connection-state): Print the       number of debugged 
requests if non-zero.       (slime-connection-state-as-string): Removed unused 
branches.       (slime-compute-connection-state): Removed :debugged branch 
making       most likely return :connected instead.
       new  89c1dc9   * slime.el (slime-compute-modeline-connection-state): Fix 
  computation of debugged requests.
       new  915c5a5   * slime.el (slime-trace-query): SPEC argument can be a 
       new  fe20e35   * slime.el (slime-macroexpansion-minor-mode-map): Bind 
keybindings   of `undo' to `slime-macroexpansion-undo'.   
(slime-show-macroexpansion): Renamed to   
(slime-initialize-macroexpansion-buffer): Make sure that the user   can't undo 
past the initial insertion.   (slime-macroexpand-undo): New function. Tries to 
       new  12a0a23   fix slime-qualify-cl-symbol-name for packages named by 
strings in IN-PACKAGE
       new  388ceb8   * slime.el (slime-repl-mode): Use `run-mode-hooks' rather 
than just `run-hooks'.  That way, after-change-major-mode-hook is called 
automatically.  Patch from David Reitter.
       new  5e07b24   Make the modeline a bit shorter.
       new  858164f   Be a bit more careful when computing the toplevel restart.
       new  69e6d2f   Reset the stream column to 0 after eval requests.
       new  7659df4   * swank-kawa.scm (mif): Avoid assignments because that 
triggers a bug/regression in the compiler. (getpid): Don't use the -n option 
with echo.  It's not standard and also not needed here.
       new  d56169a   * slime.el (sldb-insert-restarts): Make the space before 
each restart also propertized, consistent with how each line in the backtrace 
is fully sensitive.
       new  0d1aba9   * swank.lisp (connection): Add a slot to store the 
auto-flush-thread. (cleanup-connection-threads): Also kill the 
       new  6e5cac7   * slime.el (slime-run-mode-hooks): Wrapper for Emacs21. 
(slime-repl-mode): Use it. Reported by Peter Denno.
       new  b77770a   Create a repl also for *communication-style* = nil. Use a 
custom stream which processes SLIME requests while waiting for input.
       new  499e601   Move most of the REPL mode to contrib. Disable some 
commands that depend on the existence of a REPL buffer.
       new  ab01744   * slime-fancy.el: Add slime-repl.
       new  88bb11b   * inferior-slime.el (inferior-slime-hook-function): New 
function. (inferior-slime-init): Automatically enable it in the *inferior-lisp* 
       new  bc9192a   * slime-editing-commands.el 
(slime-editing-commands-init): Bind slime-close-all-parens-in-sexp.
       new  eff12a4   Move i/o related event handlers to slime-repl.el.
       new  cf106a8   * swank.lisp (connection.env): New slot. To hold dynamic 
variable bindings for this connection. (with-io-redirection): Use it. 
(create-repl): New function.  Currently only redirects IO for the connection.  
Could potentially be used to create multiple listeners, each with a set of 
streams and corresponding buffers. (*redirect-io*, 
maybe-call-with-io-redirection) (call-with-redirected-io): Deleted.
       new  2f68c0d   *** empty log message ***
       new  05aa2f9   Don't restore window configs in sldb. That doesn't work 
in the native repl, because output may have moved point.
       new  7d7e92c   * inferior-slime.el 
(inferior-slime-switch-to-repl-buffer): New function. (inferior-slime-init): 
Bind it to a selector key.
       new  555667d   * slime-repl.el (slime-repl-connected-hook-function): 
Create a repl thread before creating a repl buffer.
       new  7f194fb   * slime-asdf.el: Require slime-repl.
       new  35c92af   * slime-repl.el (slime-repl-quit): Kill the repl buffer 
before quitting.  Reported by Volkan YAZICI.
       new  d6d3582   Move slime-lisp-package to slime-repl.el
       new  f04812f   (slime-repl-connected-hook-function): Don't use 
       new  1e5d707   * swank-openmcl.lisp (function-source-location): Use 
       new  f2f4776   Recent CCLs support much better source location 
recording. Let's use the new features in SLIME.
       new  907fb27   * swank-openmcl.lisp (find-definitions, 
source-locations): Use ccl:find-definition-sources.
       new  40a739f   * swank-openmcl.lisp (swank-compile-string, 
compile-temp-file): Use new parameters to compile-file to adjust source 
       new  94ae706     * swank-arglists.lisp (defstruct arglist-dummy): Remove 
        :PRINT-OBJECT which made an arglist dummy look like a normal    symbol. 
This is just confusing. If an ARGLIST-DUMMY appears in an       arglist, the 
relevant code should deal with this explicitly.    (with-availability): Renamed 
       new  d46c8a9     * slime-sbcl-exts.el, swank-sbcl-exts.lisp: New contrib.
       new  7595969     As of now, `C-u C-c C-c' compiled a function with 
maximum debug         settings (SBCL only.)
       new  c6c67c5     * slime-repl.lisp (slime-repl-set-package): Set         
`slime-buffer-package' to the new package name. Otherwise, a ,!p        repl 
command is not properly taken into account resulting in    misbehaviour of 
completion and arglist display.
       new  2903ff0   * slime.el ([test] find-definition.2): Also fails for 
Lispworks. ([test] interrupt-at-toplevel, [test] interrupt-in-debugger): Those 
don't work well if there's no REPL thread.
       new  9e2893b   * slime.el (slime-cd, slime-pwd): New commands. 
(slime-change-directory): New function. (slime-change-directory-hooks): New 
       new  bbb9dac   * swank-openmcl.lisp ([method] source-locations 
(symbol)): Drop the unused _; the compiler dosn't like it.
       new  0896ee2   * swank.lisp (maybe-redirect-global-io): Don't consider 
connections without streams. (*new-connection-hook*): Don't add 
       new  b4e6e88   Fix automatic merge.
       new  dddcc2b     * swank-sbcl-exts.lisp: Wrap file in a big #+sbcl 
(PROGN ...), so       users can use the `slime-sbcl-exts' contrib in their 
.emacs     nevermind what implementation they actually use.        (Reported by 
Stas Boukarev)
       new  da5bf54     * swank-arglists.lisp (format-arglist-for-echo-area): 
Catch errors      and die gracefully.
       new  dbbd4d3   * swank.lisp (sleep-for): New function * slime.el ([test] 
break): Use SWANK::SLEEP-FOR to help CCL pass this test. ([test] arglist): 
Update arglist of swank::compile-string-for-emacs. ([rest] find-definition.2): 
Allow some whitespace before the actual position.  Otherwise, CCL would fail on 
this test.
       new  8b7dc26   For buffers without filename, map the name of the 
tempfile back to the buffer name.
       new  1956ddf   * swank-openmcl.lisp (frame-source-location-for-emacs) 
(pc-source-location): Fall back to the source-note of the function if there is 
no source-note for a pc offset.
       new  30a7ee6     * slime-autodoc.el: Autodoc is now implemented on top 
of ElDoc.         (Suggested by Madhu.)
       new  0247b3c     * slime.el (slime-eval-async, slime-dispatch-event): 
Canoncalize        return value. Previously they returned an arbitrary value 
which         was displayed to the minibuffer due to a bug in slime-autodoc. 
The      arbitrariness of the return value made debugging this a chore.
       new  154173c     * swank-loader.lisp (*contribs*): Add `swank-sbcl-exts'.
       new  1a55e08     Arglists of user-defined types are now displayed by 
slime-autodoc       on SBCL.
       new  034d324   Mention the missing REPL.
       new  02c2936   * slime.el ([test] arglist): Guard against nil.  ECL 
returns nil most of the time.
       new  6c73241   Experimental channels
       new  4728767   Experimental implementation of "channels". The idea is to 
support arbitrary protocols without changes to the low level event dispatcher.
       new  3e0d70a   Delete junk.
       new  9f661f2   slime-mrepl.el: new file
       new  df01c74   Fix merge.
       new  4cf1a88   * swank-clisp.lisp (wait-for-input): Disable it for win32.
       new  c059002   * swank.lisp (simple-serve-requests, 
make-repl-input-stream): Move the call to WITH-CONNECTION to the input stream 
to pick up stream redirections.
       new  a3aa6ee   By default, show compiler notes in a buffer with 
       new  0b78a44   * slime.el (slime-goto-location-buffer): Don't goto 
point-min. (slime-check-location-buffer-name-sanity) 
(slime-check-location-filename-sanity): Separated from 
       new  e949ad7   (slime-show-compilation-log): Set next-error-last-buffer.
       new  d512dac   slime.el (slime-line-number-at-pos): New compatibility 
       new  4deaa85   * slime-repl.el, slime-mrepl.el: Byte-compile the output 
       new  5054089   * swank-cmucl.lisp (note-error-location): If possible, 
include the filename. * slime.el (slime-goto-location-position): Add :eof as 
position kind.
       new  c1ea779   * slime.el (slime-local-variable-p): New function. XEmacs 
requires two arguments.
       new  336d799   Make it possible to limit the number of displayed 
       new  f5960ff     Do not truncate error messages in SLDB.
       new  5a52be8     * swank-sbcl.lisp (function-arglist):   
SB-INTROSPECT:FUNCTION-ARGLIST is deprecated in bleeding edge sbcl.
       new  7f257b9   * slime.el (slime-show-compilation-log): Insert two lines 
at the beginning.  Emacs 21 seems to skip over those two.
       new  933c221   * slime.el (slime-with-popup-buffer): New argment: 
select. If nil (default) buffer will only be displayed but not selected.
       new  1df1b19   Use keymap inheritance to share bindings in various modes.
       new  307bdaa   Create a compilation-log buffer so that next-error works 
but don't display the buffer.
       new  7eead02   *** empty log message ***
       new  7a203ef   * slime.el (slime-keys): Remove the binding for C-c C-i. 
M-TAB can also be pressed with M-C-i which is probably not taken by the window 
manager.  ESC TAB would also work.  Maybe we should reuse C-c C-i for 
slime-inspect. Move C-c C-y to slime-repl.e. Remove C-c C-f: it's already on 
C-c C-d f. Remove C-c M-0: slime-restore-window-configuration doesn't exist. 
Remove M-g: slime-quit doesn't work since ages.
       new  518d971   * slime.el (slime-show-buffer-position): Use 
       new  5354393   * slime.el (slime-with-xref-buffer): Don't set 
slime-popup-buffer-quit-function. Use the default.  Don't shrink the window 
because it may have existed before creating the buffer and we need to restore 
it. (slime-goto-xref): Just use slime-popup-buffer-quit. 
(slime-edit-definition-cont): Push definition stack here so that we don't need 
to do anything special in slime-goto-xref. (slime-display-popup-buffer): Also 
save the buffer that the popup window was displaying bef [...]
       new  5331de7   * swank-source-path-parser.lisp (make-source-recorder) 
(source-path-source-position): Adjust the file-position before entering it the 
       new  03bf80c   * swank-cmucl.lisp (frame-locals): Remove non-valid 
       new  94faed5   * swank-cmucl.lisp (frame-locals, frame-debug-vars): 
Remove non-valid variables. (debug-var-value): Compute the location from the 
frame arg.
       new  40a7594   * swank.lisp (*sldb-pprint-dispatch-table*): Honor 
       new  e46b15c   Fix the slime-next-location command.
       new  8feb3e6   Just use find-tag-marker-ring as stack for M-.
       new  c8a8676   Remove some customization variables of questionale use.
       new  945b4a8   * slime.el (slime-popup-restore-data): Renamed from 
slime-popup-buffer-restore-info. (slime-popup-buffer-saved-fingerprint) 
(slime-popup-buffer-saved-emacs-snapshot): Deleted.
       new  f3e2ee5   * slime.el (slime-popup-restore-data): Renamed from 
slime-popup-buffer-restore-info. (slime-popup-buffer-saved-fingerprint) 
(slime-popup-buffer-snapshot-unchanged-p) (slime-popup-buffer-restore-snapshot) 
(slime-xref-quit, slime-xref-retract): Deleted.
       new  4314d2e   * swank-backend.lisp (swank-compile-string): Pass the 
buffer-file-name to Lisp, not only the directory. Update callers accordingly
       new  9cad3f5   Move the tree widget for compiler notes to contrib/.
       new  8f68f89   * slime.el ([test] arglist): Update arglist.
       new  66f8d5e   Some updates for the manual
       new  b4843ef   * swank-allegro.lisp (swank-compile-string): Don't use 
the no-longer-existing directory argument.
       new  9750cb9     * swank.lisp (do-symbols*): Wrap body in TAGBODY.
       new  ff7ea1f     Fix Changelog's date.
       new  3105752     * swank-fancy-inspector.lisp (emacs-inspect [package]): 
Also    display link to show all inherited symbols of a package.
       new  bd661cf   * swank-backend.lisp (set-default-initial-binding): New 
function. * swank.lisp (setup-stream-indirection):  Use it
       new  01ce2bc   *** empty log message ***
       new  f761f28   * swank-backend.lisp (swank-compile-file): Take 
output-file as additional argument.  Update backends accordingly.
       new  2a27611   * slime.el (slime-space): Declare `slime-space' to 
`delete-selection-mode' and friends (CUA) so that their behavior is the same as 
with normal insertion of a space.
       new  be9309a   * slime.el (slime-compile-file-options): New variable. 
(slime-compile-file): Use it.
       new  cb47f36   * swank-openmcl.lisp (install-debugger-globally): Set 
       new  5fb2e15   swank-lispworks.lisp: wrapper functions for swank-mop 
slot-boundp-using-class, slot-value-using-class and slot-makunbound-using-class 
to account for MOP differences.
       new  842d559   * slime-repl.el (slime-repl-clear-buffer): Call recenter 
with t as argument (to avoid erasing the entire frame).
       new  97bcd50   * swank-backend.lisp (warn-unimplemented-interfaces): 
Print the names with pprint-fill.
       new  a0aae17   * swank-openmcl.lisp (break-in-sldb): Display the 
       new  97796f5   * swank.lisp (pprint-eval): Also return the output 
produced during evaluation.
       new  89fd21a   * slime.el (slime-keys): Put C-c C-i and M-* back.
       new  b67125d     Fix C-u C-c C-c in SLDB.
       new  d5a8be6     Local M-. and local arglist display didn't work for
       new  2335805     * slime.el (slime-editing-keys): New variable; splitted 
from    `slime-keys'. Contains key bindings that are useful for buffers         
where users can edit s-exprs, such as source buffers and the REPL.      
(slime-keys): Use it.
       new  3175ee5     * slime-repl.el (slime-repl-mode-map): Use the key 
bindings from        `slime-editing-keys'.
       new  b9e1c92     * swank-backend.lisp (with-symbol): New function, to be 
used with #+.
       new  8dfaebd     * slime-repl.el ([shortcut] quit): Quit the connection 
before   killing the REPL buffer; otherwise the default connection is    
selected rather than the connection of the REPL buffer.         Reported by 
Stas Boukarev.
       new  329a5f5   2009-01-30  Geo Carncross  <geocar@gmail.com>
       new  bad501a     * swank-clisp.lisp (fspec-location): Fix creation of 
       new  17d4a1c     * swank-arglists.lisp (parse-form-spec): Moved most 
part of its         docstring into a comment.       (arglist-for-echo-area): 
Some minor code reorganization.  The   autodoc stuff in general could need some 
fair bit of refactoring.
       new  0b3a233     Add DEFMETHOD-style extended arglist display for        
       new  e0c064a     * slime-parse.el ([test] enclosing-form-specs.1): Fix 
test case.
       new  5229ef3     * swank-arglists.lisp (arglist-for-echo-area): Bleh, 
can't use  WITH-AVAILABLE-ARGLIST because we're supposed to return NIL, not     
   :NOT-AVAILABLE, in the failure case.
       new  f7d1021     * slime.el (slime-initialize-macroexpansion-buffer): 
Clear the  buffer-undo-list, so the user can't get expansions from earlier      
   macroexpansions into the buffer, screwing up badly.
       new  f6bd503     In Xref, list IR1-conversion functions with 
:DEF-IR1-TRANSLATOR as      prefix rather than DEFUN. (Test case: M-. on 
       new  dabd9df     * slime.el: Barf if emacs-major-version <= 20. We 
support 21 and up.    (slime-emacs-20-p): Removed.
       new  41b7505     * slime.el (slime-current-tlf, 
slime-current-form-path): New    functions; can be handy when inspecting 
source-locations while  debugging M-.
       new  207f377   * slime.el (slime-restart-or-init-modeline-update-timer): 
Don't run the timer repeatedly. (slime-change-directory): Also change the 
directory in the connection-buffer.
       new  093f9e0   Don't signal conditions in the interrupt handler to avoid 
problems with naive code like  (handler-case foo (condition bar))
       new  0c3138b   *** empty log message ***
       new  e158eef   swank.rb: New file.
       new  5f7188e     * slime.el (slime-reader-conditionals-regexp): New 
variable. Taken      from `slime-forward-reader-conditional'.        
(slime-pretty-package-name): Fix modeline display for buffer    containing 
forms like (in-package "#+foo :A #-foo :B"). Also do         not call `read' on 
the name; the function does not need to return       a symbol, and `read' may 
choke on non-elisp syntax.
       new  8bb4a08   * swank.lisp (dispatch-event [:emacs-rex]): Reply a 
:invalid-rpc message if the specified thread doesn't exist. * slime.el 
(slime-dispatch-event): Handle :invalid-rpc. (slime-init-connection-state): 
Bind slime-current-thread to avoid problems with dead threads.
       new  52c102f   * slime-repl.el (slime-repl-connected-hook-function): 
Bind slime-current-thread to avoid problems with killed threads.
       new  52248bb     * slime-package-fu.el: Removed misplaced comma, deleted 
some    end-of-line whitespace, added newline to the end of the file.
       new  2a5c912     `M-x slime-format-string-expand' displays the expansion 
of a    format string.
       new  751ab6e           `M-x slime-format-string-expand' displays the 
expansion of a         format string.
       new  005fee3     Re-checkin my change from 2009-02-14. It seems I didn't 
actually        commit it.
       new  d8b527c     * slime.el (slime-forward-cruft): Forward whitespace, 
reader    conditonals, comments. Splitted from `slime-forward-sexp'.      
(slime-pretty-package-name): Use it.
       new  a79af34   * contrib/slime-compiler-notes-tree.el: Fix typo in the 
`provide' form.
       new  a9fc7d7     * slime.el ([test] fancy-symbol-names): New, hopefully  
comprehensive, test for funky symbol names.     
(slime-check-fancy-symbol-name): Helper.        (slime-exit-vertical-bars): New 
function to move out from |foo|.        (slime-symbol-constituent-at): New 
predicate to test whether the        character at point is a valid symbol 
constituent.       (slime-beginning-of-symbol, slime-end-of-symbol): Rewritten 
using       above two functions and `forward-sexp' that correctly parses    
escapes etc.    ( [...]
       new  8f568e9     * slime-parse.el (slime-parse-symbol-name-at-point):    
Removed. Superfluous due to recent changes on   `slime-symbol-name-at-point'.   
(slime-parse-sexp-at-point): Simplified; use    `slime-sexp-at-point'.  
(slime-inside-string-p, slime-beginning-of-string): Use         
`slime-current-parser-state'.   ([test] enclosing-form-specs.1): Add some 
simple cases.
       new  8c9eb9a     * slime.el (slime-current-form-path): Use       
       new  84475c4     * slime.el (slime-pretty-package-name): Signalled an 
error on   simple symbols; fix that!
       new  21a744d     * swank-backend.lisp (warn-unimplemented-interfaces):   
Bind *PRINT-PRETTY* to T. Otherwise no sugar formatting on CCL.
       new  f039ac5     * swank.lisp (hash-table-to-alist): New function.       
([method] emacs-inspect (hash-table)): Sort keys if they're all         
numbers, symbols, or strings.
       new  1c2330b     * swank.lisp (debug-in-emacs): Moved (WITH-BINDINGS     
*SLDB-PRINTER-BINDINGS* ...), from here...      (sldb-loop): ... to here. 
Otherwise results from a user doing an        eval-in-frame were truncated.
       new  f6031d7     * slime.el (sldb-backward-frame): Only move backward 
when we're         below the backtrace marker.
       new  3531cdd     * doc/slime.texi: Fix typos, and add keybindings not 
listed there.
       new  e71ce57     * swank-fancy-inspector.lisp (emacs-inspect 
(stream-error)): Do         not run FILE-POSITION on a closed stream.
       new  a147e7e     * swank-fancy-inspector.lisp (emacs-inspect 
(stream-error)): Do         not run FILE-POSITION on a closed stream.
       new  20167c8     C-c C-c on (defun foo () ,bar) did not result in a 
compiler note        overlay on SBCL.
       new  d66a18b     * slime.el (slime-defmacro-if-undefined): New. 
Analogous to     `slime-defun-if-undefined'.     ([portablity]] 
with-selected-window) Use it.    ([portability] with-temo-buffer): Likewise.
       new  3b6859c     * slime.el (slime-defun-if-undefined),  
(slime-defmacro-if-undefined): Renamed to       `slime-DEFUN-if-undefined' and 
`slime-DEFMACRO-if-undefined' to         better differentiate between the two.
       new  662316a     * slime.el (slime-current-parser-state): Wrap 
`syntax-ppss' in a        `save-match-data'. This issue has been reported to 
the Emacs    maintainers.
       new  3a79b8a     * slime-parse.el 
(slime-make-extended-operator-parser/look-ahead):      If there's no closing 
paren (no paredit!) we cannot determine the       end of the list. Check for 
this.        ([test] enclosing-form-specs.1): Extend test case.      
(slime-check-enclosing-form-specs): New helper.
       new  bbb9a3e     * slime.el ([portability] lisp-mode-syntax-table): On 
Emacs21,  make @ a prefix character like it's from Emacs22        onward. 
`slime-symbol-name-at-point' was written with that      assumption.
       new  2e72485     * slime.el: Rename `slime-symbol-name-at-point' to      
       new  b8cbac4     * bridge.el: Replace old-style backquoting.
       new  8480d07     * hyperspec.el (common-lisp-hyperspec-symbols): Add 
links to    reader macros.
       new  b878b90     * slime-parse.el (slime-check-enclosing-form-specs): 
Use        `slime-test-expect' rather than `slime-check'.  ([test] 
enclosing-form-specs.1): Add two more cases.
       new  74b452a     * swank-arglists.lisp 
(read-conversatively-for-autodoc): Make it        understand sharpquote form, 
so contextual autodoc will work fo  `(apply #'foo ...)'.
       new  06016d0     * swank-arglists.lisp 
(read-conversatively-for-autodoc): Make it        understand sharpquote form, 
so contextual autodoc will work fo  `(apply #'foo ...)'.
       new  9f1bb62     * slime.el ([test] macroexpand): New test case.         
(slime-buffer-visible-p): New helper.   (slime-execute-as-command): New helper.
       new  5ae4881     * swank-arglists.lisp (variable-desc-for-echo-area): 
Print      values of special variables with ~S, not with ~A.
       new  d35aca3     * slime-asdf.el (slime-read-system-name): Display 
default value as      part of the prompt, instead of inserting it as an input   
      candidate.      (slime-find-asd): Do not call `file-name-sans-extension' 
       new  a0b2003     * hyperspec.el (common-lisp-hyperspec-symbols): Add 
entries for         reader macros even when 
`common-lisp-hyperspec-symbol-table' is         bound to some value.
       new  c14de00   Use a separate key, C-c C-d #, to lookup reader-macros.
       new  6d9fad2   * slime.el (slime-pretty-package-name): Simplify.
       new  4c15ca4     * slime-repl.el (slime-check-buffer-contents): Fix 
typo.        (with-canonicalized-slime-repl-buffer): Refactored from test    
cases. A lot of test cases implemented this somewhat    wrongly. Making them 
fail when not called from the SWANK package.       ([test] repl-test): Use 
above.  ([test] repl-return): Ditto.    ([test] repl-read): Ditto.      ([test] 
repl-read-lines): Ditto.        ([test] repl-type-ahead): Ditto.        ([test] 
interrupt-in-blocking-read): Ditto.
       new  ee70483     * slime-asdf.el: Really do the commit from entry 
       new  41921bd     * slime.el (slime-wait-condition): Remove 
`save-excursion'; it  made the `repl-test' test case fail because this test 
tries to set      point to the new prompt in vain.
       new  514e204     * slime.el (slime-check-fancy-symbol-name): Use         
`slime-test-expect' instead of `slime-check'.   ([test] fancy-symbol-names): 
Extend test case; check for        "Foo" in #<Foo| {...}>.         
(slime-symbol-constituent-at-pos): Check for #<.
       new  b8da216     * slime.el ([portability] getf): Redefine `getf' on 
Emacs21 to  work on malformed plists like it does on later Emacsen. This made   
    the `find-local-definitions' test case fail on Emacs21.
       new  298508c     * swank-sbcl.lisp (compiling-from-buffer-p),    
(compiling-from-file-p)         (compiling-from-generated-code-p): New helpers; 
extracted from  LOCATE-COMPILER-NOTE.   (locate-compiler-note): Use them.       
(compiler-note-location): Use them, too, to handle reader-errors        when 
compiling from file. This completes 2009-02-27.
       new  cf6c1d7     * slime.el (slime-choose-overlay-region): Special case 
:read-error      notes regardless of position kind.
       new  678556b     * swank-fancy-inspector.lisp (make-visit-file-thunk): 
New helper;       extracted from emacs-inspect [file-stream].     ([method] 
emacs-inspect file-stream): Use it.   ([method] emacs-inspect stream-error): 
Use it, too.
       new  59a2628     * slime.el (make-slime-buffer-location, 
make-slime-file-location):      Do not default to (:hints), but to nil, as 
expected in the      slime-side source-location machinery.
       new  514735f     * slime-repl.el ([test] interrupt-in-blocking-read): 
Wrap       `with-canonicalized-slime-repl-buffer' around the whole         
test. Otherwise the changed repl prompt doesn't extend to the   actual 
       new  1a29150     * slime.el (slime-choose-overlay-for-read-error): 
Extraced and  extended from `slime-choose-overlay-region'. Differentiate 
between      symbol-related reader-errors (package not found &c) and         
character-related reader-errors.        (slime-choose-overlay-region): Use it.
       new  2b52a67   * swank-kawa.scm: Use foo: style keywords because :foo is 
now a symbol.
       new  edd5404   More :FOO -> ':FOO substitutions.
       new  f139156   Make fasl-pathname fully customizable not only the 
direcrory part.
       new  8040625   swank-kawa.scm (copy-stack): Use null to mark absent 
src-loc information.
       new  b56912a   * hyperspec.el 
(common-lisp-hyperspec-lookup-reader-macro): Use case-insensitive completion. 
(hyperspec-lookup-reader-macro): New alias. Suggested by Stas Boukarev.
       new  6e6cf60   Add entry for hyperspec-lookup-reader-macro.
       new  a419a30   Fix key for slime-describe-function.  Reported by Pierre 
       new  a9e7b54   Use correct encoding and eol conventions for socket 
       new  0504aa2   * slime.el (slime-with-xref-buffer): Use buffer-names 
like "*slime xref...*" so that slime-kill-all-buffers can pick it up easily.
       new  da063e8     * slime-autodoc.el (slime-compute-autodoc-rpc-form):    
New. Extracted from `slime-autodoc-thing-at-point'.     
(slime-compute-autodoc-internal): New. Extracted from   
`slime-compute-autodoc'.        (slime-compute-autodoc): Explicitly save match 
data.    (slime-autodoc-hook): New. Run everytime autodoc is computed.
       new  ce621d6     * slime.el (slime-define-channel-type): Indulge in 
pretty colors.       (slime-define-channel-method): You, too!
       new  d80bd6e   Remove superfluous @end table.
       new  24a7684     * swank-arglists.lisp ([method] arglist-dispatch): 
Forgot to    remove debugging code when adding extended arglist display for  
       new  c889454   * slime-repl.el (slime-repl-event-hook-function): Handle 
:read-abort.   Reported by Stas Boukarev.
       new  be80993   * slime.el ([test] macroexpand): Ignore case.
       new  9848156   * slime-repl.el (slime-repl-remove-hooks): New function.
       new  8359699   * slime.el ([test] macroexpand): Fix more case issues.
       new  9b09d8c   * swank-openmcl.lisp (toggle-trace): Replace ccl::%trace 
with ccl:trace-function.
       new  db28fe2   * swank-openmcl.lisp (kill-thread): Use an implementation 
that doesn't raise a serious-conditions.
       new  16f2bca     * slime-indentantion-fu.el (slime-indent-fu): Correctly 
deal with       MACROLETs that define macros with &BODY in their arglists.      
([test] local-indentation.1): Updated to test against this case.
       new  715e7d1   fix typo
       new  e4cc418   * slime.el (slime-setup-contribs): Moved over from 
       new  0ccbd77   * swank.lisp (encode-message): Handle errors during 
write, e.g. closed sockets.
       new  705446b     * slime.el (slime-inspector-mode-map): Remove binding 
for       M-RET. (It'll be added by the slime-repl contrib.)      
(slime-inspector-copy-down): Removed.
       new  33ebef5     * slime-repl.el (slime-inspector-mode-map): Add binding 
for M-RET.      (slime-inspector-copy-down-to-repl): Moved here from slime.el.
       new  0b6ac46     * swank-sbcl.lisp (swank-compile-file): Return T for 
the FAILURE-P      return value in case of a FATA-COMPILER-ERROR.
       new  83446b4   fix typo.
       new  d46696e     * slime.el (slime-handle-indentation-update): Revert 
change from        2009-03-09; that was a thinko.  ([test] indentation): Some 
basic test case for correct indentation.
       new  0c42ff2     * slime-indentantion-fu.el 
(slime-update-local-indentation): Save       original global indentation spec 
in another symbol because we   cannot reuse 'slime-indent. Make sure that later 
redefinition of        global macros (which may affect the indentation spec) is 
taken  into consideration.
       new  412e8aa     * slime.el (slime-show-description): Put the connection 
name into       the buffer name for description buffers. So we can have 
multiple        description buffers open, one per connection.
       new  bc955c6     * slime.el: Fix fontification of suppressed (by reader  
conditionals) forms. That is make it reliably and totally work.
       new  6227716     * slime.el: Fix infinite loop during fontification 
introduced   by yesterday's changeset.
       new  a868de1     * slime.el (slime-extend-region-for-font-lock): (nth 0  
<parser-state>) may return negative numbers.
       new  59ebbd9     * swank-backend.lisp ([default] declaration-arglist): 
Add       arglist of DECLARATION declaration.
       new  dddd817   Fix thinko. DOCUMENTATION does not support :CLASS.
       new  f23652c     * slime-parse.el 
(slime-parse-extended-operator/proclaim): New.         
(slime-extended-oprator-name-parser-alist): Adapt tbe entry for         
       new  3bfdfb9     * slime.el (slime-parse-extended-operator/check-type): 
New.     (slime-parse-extended-operator/the): New.       
(slime-extended-operator-name-parser-alist): Add entries for    CHECK-TYPE, 
TYPEP, and THE.     ([tesŧ] enclosing-form-specs.1): Add tests for the new 
       new  08e2dc1     * swank-abcl.lisp: Really commit Vodonosov's patch from 
       new  4a37d7b     * slime-parse.el 
(slime-parse-extended-operator/check-type):    Forgot to delete debugging code.
       new  28f6c0b     * slime.el (slime-line-number-at-pos): Replaced with    
`line-number-at-pos', and add that to the portability layer.    
(display-warning): Add to the portability layer.        
(slime-display-warning): New.
       new  6b96e38     * slime-autodoc.el (slime-fontify-string): Deactivate 
autodoc   itself in the temporary help buffer. And deactivate slime's     
font-lock magic.
       new  53af3bd     #+#.foo confused the recent fontification changes. Fix 
       new  efdc89e     * swank.lisp (read-from-minibuffer-in-emacs): New.      
([struct] istate): Add METADATA-PLIST slot.     (ensure-istate-metadata): New. 
To attach arbitrary metadata to an       inspector page.         
(inspect-object): Adapted so methods on EMACS-INSPECT can look at       
       new  9d07376     The inspector page for standard-objects does not append 
        "[set value]" and "[make unbound]" buttons after each entry     
anymore. Instead we use a checklist.
       new  8887dc2     * slime.el (slime-search-suppressed-forms-internal): 
Not properly       factored out by earlier changeset.
       new  67dafd4     * swank-source-file-cache.lisp 
(read-snippet-from-string): New.
       new  399a98e     Font-lock magic barfed on #+(test).
       new  991694e   byte compile slime-search-suppressed-forms; forgot that I 
commented it out.
       new  75a286e     * slime.el (slime-compute-region-for-font-lock): Fix 
       new  a159556   * slime.el ([test] font-lock-magic): Add some hard cases.
       new  06ca532     (slime-eval-feature-expression): Guard for more 
erroneous       input (due to refontification while user's typing.)
       new  2520f34     * slime.el (slime-display-warning): Add `warning' as 
warning type.      (slime-show-note-counts): If compilation failed, fontify the 
   message in red to be more visibly apparant.
       new  83a4ffd     * swank-allegro.lisp (find-topframe): Hide SWANK 
related cruft  from showing up in backtraces in SLDB.
       new  a8fa895     Highlight reader-errors in the source buffers on 
       new  0f2dead     Make font-lock-magic test case pass.
       new  b0125d8     * slime.el (slime-search-suppressed-forms): On errors, 
we have to       continue the search, otherwise there's a chance that we miss   
 reader conditionals in the current font-lock region.    
(slime-search-backward-reader-conditional): New. Extracted from         
(slime-region-for-extended-tlf-at-point): Use it.       
(slime-font-lock-region): Removed.      (slime-font-lock-region-changed-p): 
Removed.    (slime-extend-region-for-font-lock): Simplifie [...]
       new  9455fe2     * slime.el (slime-compute-region-for-font-lock): Fix 
       new  e82081e     * slime.el (slime-region-for-tlf-at-point): Use         
`(end-of-defun) (backward-sexp)' rather than    `(end-of-defun) 
(beginning-of-defun' to go to the start of the  current defun. The latter would 
fail on "() (a\nb\nc)".
       new  27bb36d     Optionally sort slots displayed for STANDARD-OBJECTS 
not        alphabetically, but by inheritance. That is group the slots     
according to the class they're direct slots of.
       new  c325a37     Rewrote some parts of the font-lock-magic in face of 
its fragility      over the last days. Hopefully it'll be better now.
       new  1c31ab3     Move font-lock-magic into 
       new  4f7e32d     Moved font-lock-magic from slime.el to 
       new  f9ce8d1     * swank-allegro.lisp (swank-compile-string): Forgot to 
remove old       definition in changeset 2009-05-12.
       new  d794540     * slime-repl.el (with-canonicalized-slime-repl-buffer): 
XEmacs  chokes on symbol-names with an initial dot.
       new  7004a87     * slime-fontifying-fu.el 
(slime-search-suppressed-forms-internal):      Use 
(slime-search-directly-preceding-reader-conditional): Catch scan        errors 
due to improper feature expressions.
       new  87cb70d   * swank.lisp (*sldb-pprint-dispatch-table*): Be careful 
when calling WRITE recursively: set :circle to nil which avoids interference 
with cycle-detection. (escape-string): New helper function. 
(*backtrace-pprint-dispatch-table*): Use it.
       new  933ca43   *** empty log message ***
       new  67a143c   *** empty log message ***
       new  7e70636   swank.lisp (escape-string): Fix thinko.
       new  5f817e8     * slime.el (slime-current-parser-state): Do not save    
match-data. This function is called so often that it makes a    difference.
       new  e729d7f     Optimize font-lock-magic.
       new  807ec93     * slime-fontifying-fu.el (slime-beginning-of-tlf): Make 
sure to         skip outside of comments and strings first.
       new  36b0ac0   * swank-openmcl.lisp (swank-compile-string): Store the 
source code, by setting CCL:*SAVE-SOURCE-LOCATIONS* to T, for better 
disassembler output. (function-source-location): Remove the old pre-1.3 version.
       new  59ce3c4   * swank.lisp (sldb-bitvector-pprint): Oops, all bits are 
       new  a601f81   Minor refactoring.
       new  33f9fcf   More precise compiler-message location.
       new  b2a36d4   * swank-openmcl.lisp (compile-temp-file): Remove backward 
compatibility code.
       new  361406c   * swank-openmcl.lisp (eval-in-frame, 
frame-source-location-for-emacs) (return-from-frame, restart-frame) 
(disassemble-frame): Simplify.
       new  d71fcf1   * swank-openmcl.lisp (disassemble-frame, xref-locations): 
Simplify. (list-callers): Use ccl::caller-functions which gives us more precise 
src-locs than ccl::callers. (canonicalize-location, remove-filename-quoting) 
(maybe-method-location): Deleted.  No longer used.
       new  50b7d09   * swank-openmcl.lisp (who-specializes): Simplify.
       new  a3c3052   Minor changes
       new  32b24fe     * slime-fontifying-fu.el 
(slime-search-for-suppressed-forms):   Shadow SBCL-specific #!+, #!- 
conditionals correctly.   (slime-compute-region-for-font-lock): Fix small 
       new  90b1c89     * slime.el (slime-dispatch-event): New event    
`:read-from-minibuffer'.        (slime-read-from-minibuffer-for-swank): New.
       new  f383b7a   new variable: slime-description-autofocus
       new  6497cc0   * swank-openmcl.lisp (source-note-to-source-location): 
Always test *temp-file-map* first, because the temp-file might actually exist 
during compilation but no longer when Emacs tries to open it. 
(slime-goto-location-buffer): Don't create buffers for non-existent files.
       new  b974b0c   guard agains source path mapping hitting reader errors
       new  180fae6     * slime.el (sldb-restartable-frame-line-face): Set a 
default value.     (sldb-frame-restartable-p): New.        
(sldb-compute-frame-face): Use it.      (sldb-show-frame-details): Use it, too.
       new  738a20f     * slime-fontifying-fu.el 
(slime-search-for-suppressed-forms):   Retrieve match data early now that 
`slime-current-parser-state'         does not save it anymore.
       new  e5219c7     * swank-arglists.lisp (arglist-dispatch 
[define-compiler-macro]):       guard against when we're in the body of a 
compiler-macro        definition for a function not yet compiled into the image.
       new  863dccb   forgot to delete debugging code
       new  1a6dbc0     * slime.el (slime-symbol-at-point): Sometimes we can be 
too good,       e.g. in "|# (defun foo () (getf" the above would return nil     
because the vertical bar is not terminated. The user probably   wants "getf" 
       new  406b8ee   * swank-openmcl.lisp (break-in-sldb): Honor 
*break-on-signals*. That means that we can't use SIGNAL here and we have to 
invoke SLDB directly. (condition-for-break): New helper. Reported by Bill St. 
       new  e3f202c     (slime-goto-location-position): Only go to 
match-beginning if   search succeeded.
       new  c5b8799   fix missing paren
       new  539868b     * slime.el ([test] fancy-symbol-names): Add cases 
involving #|  ... |# style comments. Currently failing.
       new  1cad469     * slime.el (slime-disconnect): Now only disconnects one 
        connection, current one by default, or given by argument.       
(slime-disconnect-all): New. What `slime-disconnect' was before.        
(def-slime-test): Changed: expected failures are now given      by (:fails-for 
...) clauses. Extended: new clause (:style ...) to       have a test run only 
on a certain communication style. Updated  existing test cases accordingly.     
   ([struct] slime-test): New slot `skipped'.      (slime-skipped-test [...]
       new  aeb548f     * slime-repl.el (slime-repl-disconnect): Disconnect 
current connection.         (slime-repl-disconnect-all): New; disconnect all 
       new  575d1e4     * swank.lisp (tokenize-symbol-thoroughly): Make it work 
correctly       on escaped symbols.
       new  17510c5     * slime.el (slime-dispatch-event :emacs-rex): Make sure 
that we         pop the continuation on erroneous send.
       new  8176d9c     * slime.el (def-slime-test): Forgot to remove debugging 
       new  a5442a4   * swank-openmcl.lisp (*known-processes*, mailbox): Use a 
weak hashtable to plug the memory leak.
       new  365af58   Mention docstrings.
       new  a136ae2   *** empty log message ***
       new  3dfb65b   * slime.el (slime-dispatch-event [:emcas-rex]): Don't 
clutter the main code-path with confusing error handling.
       new  9ff1f54   Don't clutter compiler messages with source positions.  
Especially stuff like "In an anonymous lambda form inside an anonymous lambda 
form inside an anonymous lambda form inside FOO: Undeclared free variable X" is 
not helpful.
       new  ab13f0d   * swank-openmcl.lisp (disassemble-frame): Print current 
       new  968d336     * slime.el ([test] font-lock-magic): Moved to 
fontifying-fu contrib.
       new  094b658     * slime-fontifying-fu.el 
(slime-compute-region-for-font-lock): Fix      for `#+foo (... #+bar (... |) 
...)'.    ([test] font-lock-magic): Moved here.
       new  fec9379   really fix
       new  670648a   Support new environment changes in recent ECL/CVS patch 
largely from ECL maintainer.
       new  86ce348   *** empty log message ***
       new  ad8060b     * slime-fontifying-fu.el 
(slime-search-suppressed-form): Retry the      search differently; handlers are 
not active anymore inside a    handler in `condition-case'.
       new  b616ba9   Some workarounds for SBCL on Windows.
       new  980507e   * swank-openmcl.lisp (emacs-inspect [t]): Honor the type 
returned by inspector::line-n. (emacs-inspect [compiled-lexical-closure]): 
Deleted. Let CCL's inpector handle this case. Which does it better and it's 
less work for us.
       new  c73fc91   * swank-openmcl.lisp: Explicitly require CCL version 1.3.
       new  7120863     * slime-fontifying-fu.el 
(slime-search-suppressed-form):        Additional exit constraint for the loop; 
make sure we'r still in        the limit.      
(slime-compute-region-for-font-lock): Simplify.
       new  88e2862   * swank-openmcl.lisp (emacs-connected): Deleted. Setting 
ccl::*interactive-abort-process* doesn't seem right.
       new  dffa578   * slime.el (slime-check-fancy-symbol-name): Don't update 
the loop index inside the loop body.
       new  e94c741   * swank-backend.lisp (frame-source-location): Renamed 
from frame-source-location-for-emacs.  Update callers accordingly.
       new  cbb821e   Don't try so hard to get symbol-at-point right. The old 
implementation was complicated and didn't even pass it's own test suite.  The 
new version is less ambitious but simpler.
       new  77d6b51   * slime.el (slime-initialize-lisp-buffer-for-test-suite): 
Moved to contrib/slime-fontifying-fu.el
       new  de114a7   * swank-ikarus.ss, swank-larceny.scm, swank-r6rs.scm: New 
       new  e66b100   Add :WAIT keyword argument to support blocking in 
       new  5c31ce6   Profiling support by Marko Kocić
       new  c546a6c   * slime.el (slime-beginning-of-symbol): Skip over #., #-, 
and #+. ([test] symbol-at-point.15 .. 17): Test it.
       new  4483b1b   (compiler-warning-short-message): In new versions of CCL 
`compiler-warning-nrefs' slot of the `compiler-warning' class is now a list, 
not an integer.
       new  c57c5ea   (slime-fuzzy-complete-symbol): show message in the 
minibuffer after showing completion list, because completion itself can take 
place in the minibuffer. (slime-fuzzy-choices-buffer): if completion was 
started in the minibuffer, don't switch to minibuffer in the other window, but 
select minibuffer window instead.
       new  c1c0e82   * swank-sbcl.lisp (add-fd-handler): Avoid recursive 
invocation of the handler, e.g. when read-sequence blocks.
       new  ae55ae8   * slime.el (slime-compiler-macroexpand-inplace) 
(slime-compiler-macroexpand-1-inplace): New commands. 
(slime-macroexpansion-minor-mode-map): Bind them. Patch by Stelian Ionescu.
       new  90650cc   Generalize list-threads for implementation-dependent 
       new  2f2424c   (open-streams): do not create unnecessary output stream 
when using dedicated output stream. Thanks to Terje Norderhaug.
       new  abffb7c   * swank-openmcl.lisp (arglist): Return :not-available if 
the arglist cannot be obtained. Patch by Terje Norderhaug.
       new  0766662   swank-ecl.lisp: Package profiling support
       new  3000372   * slime.el (slime-net-coding-system): make it 
customizable. (slime-inspector-operate-on-click): Make --more-- button in the 
inspector clickable.
       new  d9b83a6   * swank.lisp (operator-arglist): Don't use pprint-fill 
for people with wide screens.
       new  3ccfe8c   * swank.lisp (ed-in-emacs): Handle symbols/function-names 
better. * slime.el (slime-ed): Updated accordingly.
       new  57cbb3f   * swank-lispworks.lisp (thread-attributes): Implemented.
       new  90cabe4   * slime.el (slime-beginning-of-symbol): Limit searching 
to 2000 characters.
       new  38aede1     Fix font-lock magic for s-code.lisp in the series 
       new  d9c9df5     * swank.lisp (make-repl-input-stream): Make sure to 
redirect    output from slime requests to the REPL buffer for       
       new  d253065     * swank-ecl.lisp (find-external-format): Copied from    
swank-sbcl.lisp. A lot of backends seem to share the same       implementation, 
perhaps some refactoring is needed.
       new  fbbf8db   * doc/Makefile (clean): Remove bash extensions. Patch by 
Teemu Likonen.
       new  7f009a2   (definterface): Fix typo in error message.
       new  60839d1   *** empty log message ***
       new  3b3d6aa   * slime-parse.el (slime-make-form-spec-from-string): Set 
syntax table to lisp-mode-syntax-table in a temporary buffer. Necessary for 
some parsing functions to work correctly.
       new  d9e868b   * swank-mit-scheme.scm (swank:create-repl): Implement it. 
* swank-kawa.scm, swank-goo.scm, swank.rb (frame-source-location): Renamed from 
       new  94b458e   (swank-writer): Use set! for now, as the svn version has 
problems to resolve setLength. (<faked-frame>:init): Don't forget the self slot.
       new  bd8b522   *** empty log message ***
       new  08faa86   * slime.el (slime-editing-keys): Don't override M-*. The 
default binding should do what Matthias wants.
       new  242b111     * swank-sbcl-exts.lisp 
(compute-enriched-decoded-arglist): Filter       uninteresting arguments for 
       new  4f53ec7   * slime.el (slime-inspector-fetch-all): new command, 
bound to > in the inspector buffer.
       new  d11d79d   slime.el(slime-inspector-fetch-all): go to the end even 
if there is nothing more to fetch.
       new  d05c9d0   * swank-kawa.scm (operator-arglist): Implemented, at 
least for some kind of function.
       new  37ce4f7   * swank-goo.goo, swank-jolt.k (create-repl): Implemented.
       new  b8919e5   * slime.el (slime-sexp-at-point-for-macroexpansion): use 
markers for bounds, because in some situations text layout could be modified 
before bounds would be used, for example, using keyboard macros.
       new  eb65c0a   * swank-fuzzy.lisp (fuzzy-convert-matching-for-emacs): 
format floats on the lisp side, because Emacs doesn't accept d0 or s0, which 
could get there as a result of *read-default-float-format* modification.
       new  d34e9d2   * swank-ccl.lisp: New file.  An updated version of 
swank-openmcl.lisp in preparation for a slew of changes to CCL and to honor the 
new name.
       new  75fd9a1   * slime.el (slime-display-popup-buffer): Synch 
window-point. window-point would be ot the end of the buffer for reused 
buffers. (slime-maybe-show-compilation-log): New function. 
(slime-compilation-finished-hook): Use it.  Now that the compilation buffer 
gets not selected it's more acceptable to display it more often. 
(slime-insert-compilation-log): Set compilation-skip-threshold to 0 and 
compilation-skip-to-next-location to nil.  Seems to work for us.
       new  4a098bd   * swank-sbcl.lisp (tempnam): Muffle efficientcy notes.
       new  fb1b1e3   * slime.el (slime-maybe-show-compilation-log): New 
function. (slime-compilation-finished-hook): Use it.  Now that the compilation 
buffer gets not selected it's more acceptable to display it more often. 
(slime-insert-compilation-log): Set compilation-skip-threshold to 0 and 
compilation-skip-to-next-location to nil.  Seems to work better for us. 
(slime-with-popup-buffer): Synch window-point, otherwise it be at the end of 
the buffer for reused buffers. (slime-display-po [...]
       new  6521dd9   2009-07-27  Geo Carncross  <geocar@gmail.com>
       new  336be01   swank-ccl.lisp (source-note-to-source-location): keys of 
*temp-file-map* are pathnames, not namestrings; convert namestrings to 
pathnames before looking up.
       new  0560831   * doc/slime.texi (slime-selector): mention t and c keys.
       new  bf446c9     * swank-clisp.lisp: Clisp 2.48 experimentally supports 
threads. So      add infrastructure to use threads in Clisp's swank backend. We 
do       not make it the default, because it's not prime time yet. There        
 are still problems with GC, weak-pointers, and thread objects.
       new  ecf9d73   * doc/slime.texi (Setting up pathname translations): add 
that it is in the `slime-tramp' contrib.
       new  9f5c6cb     * swank-backend.lisp (severity [type]): Allow 
       new  3a08f8e   * swank-sbcl.lisp (signal-compiler-condition): read 
sb-kernel:redefinition-warning only if it exists. Some older SBCLs don't have 
it (particularly included in the stable Debian).
       new  392c7f2   * swank-fancy-inspector.lisp (emacs-inspect): add buttons 
for removing compiler-macros and unbinding variables.
       new  2e66b9e     M-n / M-p in a .lisp buffer now also jump to the 
respective note        in the compilation-log buffer if one is currently 
displayed to the      user.
       new  3b68392   * slime.el (slime-profile-by-substring): new function for 
profiling functions by matching a substring.
       new  0c3bca8   * swank.asd (asdf:perform): don't call 
`swank-loader:init' with :setup nil, because it doesn't get contribs compiled, 
and some other configuration steps are omitted.
       new  b44268f     M-n/M-p in .lisp buffers do not show the note in the 
minibuffer         anymore if a compilation log is displayed to the user.
       new  1b9e25d     Make C-x ` work again.
       new  5f60397   Various compilation related changes.
       new  8b93122   Don't add linebreaks for one-line messages.
       new  8ab338b   Separate context info from compiler message text.
       new  7b8c7f2   Minor refactoring.
       new  e074cde     * swank-sbcl.lisp (swank-compile-string): Make sure 
that it     returns NIL on compilation failure.
       new  ed807e7     * slime-autodoc.el (slime-arglist): Pass properly 
formed argument       in the rpc call.
       new  3bcac38   * slime.el (slime-auto-select-connection, 
slime-auto-connect): Turn them into customizable variables.
       new  7597a17   * slime.el (slime-choose-overlay-region): Don't return 
zero length regions for :eof. (slime-show-buffer-position): The second argument 
to display-buffer means something completely different in XEmacs. Don't use it. 
(slime-severity-face): Handle :redefinition. 
(slime-temporarily-highlight-note): Use a timer instead of the 
       new  d50fddc   * swank-ccl.lisp (definition-name): Special case methods.
       new  0505b58   Disable slime-autodoc for XEmacs.
       new  4e8d830   * slime-typeout-frame.el (slime-typeout-message): Don't 
call slime-autodoc-stop-timer which no longer exists since 2009-01-01. 
(slime-typeout-frame-init): Don't create a frame in a tty-only session. 
(slime-typeout-tty-only-p): New predicate.
       new  0d18491   * swank-kawa.scm: Internal API for javap changed in 
JDK1.7. Disable it.
       new  45eb9f2   *** empty log message ***
       new  7ff8a89   XEmacs fixes.
       new  db9718a   * swank.lisp (init-global-stream-redirection): Continue 
even if streams are already redirected.  Useful for restarting Swank with M-x 
slime when a REPL is already present.  Will most likeley mess up the input 
stream in multi threaded setups, tho.
       new  862f4e3   Restore working operation with abcl-0.15.
       new  eb5d888   Add multithreading code for abcl-0.16. (Tobias Rittweiler)
       new  e1da362   * swank-abcl.lisp: Accommodate the new Java/Lisp stack 
frame                 abstraction in the upcoming abcl-0.16. (based on          
      code from Tobias Rittweiler).
       new  012137f   * slime.el (slime-transcript-start-hook) 
(slime-transcript-stop-hook): New hooks. (slime-eval-with-transcript): Use 
them. (slime-eval-with-transcript-cont): Deleted.
       new  7d753a1   Fix typo. Thanks to Nick Levine.
       new  07f384b   * slime.el (slime-remove-old-overlays): delete notes at 
the very beginning of the buffer too. Thanks to Nick Levine.
       new  dffd6dd   * slime-c-p-c.el (slime-contextual-completions): Detect 
characters properly. (slime-completions-for-character): Append #\ to the 
character names. This fixes character completion, reported by Nick Levine.
       new  fb94f53   * inferior-slime.el (inferior-slime-stop-transcript): 
Switch to the right the buffer.
       new  588d7e0   Speed up symbol completion.
       new  880ba90   slime.el(slime-remove-old-overlays): Fix stupid bug 
introduce by me the previous commit.
       new  213f8a0   * slime-c-p-c.el (slime-contextual-completions): Remove 
debugging code.
       new  8761c26   Keep note overlays in a global variable. That's simpler 
and cheaper than scanning all buffers.
       new  17c332c   Don't advice ccl::break-loop. Should not be necessary as 
we can now use ccl:*break-hook*.
       new  eb0510a   * swank-arglists.lisp (decode-required-arg): Arglists for 
some forms in LispWorks, e.g. flet, contain strings, so handle strings too. 
Reported by Nick Levine.
       new  be9ca57   * slime.el (slime-net-close): Do not query for process 
killing confirmation before killing a connection buffer. 
(slime-buffer-processes): New function for listing processes associated with a 
       new  9b43099   * swank-lispworks.lisp (replace-strings-with-symbols): 
New function for recursively interning and replacing strings in a list. 
(arglist): Replace all strings in arglists with symbols.
       new  ca5dfa5   * slime.el (slime-net-close): 
set-process-query-on-exit-flag doesn't exist in XEmacs. 
(slime-make-net-buffer): For now, disable querying here. Could also close the 
socket before killing the buffer. (slime-buffer-processes): Deleted.
       new  9338896   * slime-repl.el 
(slime-sync-package-and-default-directory): Don't change package if it's 
unknown. Use existing functions for changing package and directory.
       new  243db6b   * swank-loader.lisp (lisp-version-string): Include "-ics" 
for version with extended charsets.  Suggested by Scott L. Burson.
       new  b340ae0   Provided by Alan Ruttenberg.
       new  acd5c9b   * contrib/slime-autodoc.el (slime-fontify-string): do not 
call (slime-autodoc-mode -1), there is no reason to do so. And it won't mess 
slime-echo-arglist-function, which fixes bug reported by Stanislaw Halik.
       new  d58cf87   2009-09-14  Mark Evenson  <evenson@panix.com>
       new  c52dd19   * contrib/slime-autodoc.el (slime-fontify-string): setup 
*slime-fontify* buffer without calling (lisp-mode) to avoid turning slime-mode 
there, which may cause interference.
       new  e951b27     * slime-references.el: Largely refactored: decoupled 
code from  SLDB; add references to the compilation log.
       new  329b63c   * swank.lisp (documentation-symbol): Return more readable 
       new  a07036c   * swank-abcl.lisp (source-location): Emacs buffers start 
at 1, whereas CL files start at 0 (Tobias Rittweiler).
       new  d47de29   * slime-repl.el (slime-repl-clear-buffer): Don't change 
cursor position if is already at the prompt.
       new  7a11db1     * swank-abcl.lisp (sys::break): Fix typo.       
(slot-definition-documentation, slot-definition-type)   (class-prototype, 
generic-function-declarations)        (specializers-direct-methods, 
slot-boundp-using-class)  (slot-value-using-class): Add IGNORE declarations. 
Compiling    swank-abcl.lisp is now free of warnings.        
(swank-compile-file): Load the compiled file even though warnings       were 
signalled during compilation.
       new  5be7cd5     New binding: M-_ (`slime-edit-callers').
       new  d981bb1     * slime.el (slime-parent-bindings): Define M-? as       
`slime-edit-callers', too. My previous choice of M-_ was        warped due to 
my German layout.
       new  f5a8583   Use *INVOKE-DEBUGGER-HOOK* introduced in ABCL by analogy 
to SBCL (Tobias Rittweiler).
       new  94ec7c4     Generalize M-? (or M-_ respectively.)
       new  c0587c0     * swank-abcl.lisp (thread-description): Fix typo.       
(set-thread-description): Ditto.
       new  d48ff97   * contrib/{slime-sprof.el, swank-sprof.lisp}: New contrib 
for integration with SBCL's sb-sprof profiler, adopted from Juho Snellman's 
       new  f1432f4   * doc/slime.texi (slime-sprof): document slime-sprof 
       new  80c04bb   * swank-ccl.lisp (find-definitions): For fbound symbols 
also consider source-notes in the function object.  Useful if the function slot 
was set with (setf (symbol-function ..)) and not by defun.
       new  15017c7   * swank-sbcl.lisp (receive-if): Bind *break-on-signals* 
to nil before using with-timeout.
       new  7995c29   * doc/slime.texi: Fix a typo. * swank-sbcl.lisp 
(swank-compile-string): Ignore unused variable warningsp.
       new  d2153d7     * swank-sbcl-exts.lisp: Add EVAL-WHEN to prevent subtle 
dependency      problem.
       new  d62a333     * swank-sbcl.lisp (call-with-debugger-hook): Correctly 
deal with        case of HOOK being NIL.         
(make-definition-source-location): Somewhat simplified.         
(string-path-snippet): Removed, not needed anymore.
       new  6372ed6   swank-lispworks.lisp (replace-strings-with-symbols): 
Didn't work on non-proper lists. Reported by Madhu.
       new  89845ce   swank.lisp (set-package): Provide a more meaningful error 
message when package doesn't exist.
       new  6b33289   * slime-repl.el 
(slime-sync-package-and-default-directory): Do not try to set package if it 
doesn't exists.
       new  79cffe5   contrib/slime-repl.el 
(slime-sync-package-and-default-directory): Better checking for packages.
       new  3f93113   swank-ccl.lisp (map-backtrace): Handle null 
end-frame-number argument.
       new  52f03ec   * contrib/slime-sprof.el: Slightly factor code, add menu 
       new  9c066c4   * contrib{slime-sprof.el,swank-sprof.lisp}: Add ability 
to exclude functions which symbols are from swank package. * doc/slime.texi: 
document it.
       new  17ffb7e   * swank.lisp (stop-server): (list-threads) returns 
threads offset by 1, don't kill the wrong thread. Reported by Sebastian Tennant.
       new  d24840b     * slime.el (slime-length=): Fix (slime-length= '() 0).  
(slime-eval-feature-expression): Fix. Couldn't handle (NOT)     and (NOT FOO 
       new  dd97bd5     * slime-fontifying-fu.el 
(slime-search-suppressed-forms): Add   clause for new condition 
`slime-incorrect-feature-expression'.  ([test] font-lock-magic): Add new test 
       new  a587c17   Fix typo: swank-backend::preferred-communication-style 
isn't exported.
       new  19ed222   * contrib/slime-repl.el (slime-repl-set-package): Don't 
double unfinished input and don't move point if it's inside the input area.
       new  f9cdc90     * slime.el: Update copyright.
       new  8194c19     * slime-sprof.el (slime-sprof-browser-mode-map): Make   
`slime-parent-map' its parent.
       new  da1b5e7   * slime.el (slime-current-package): Return REPL's 
package, if other are unavailable and if slime-repl is loaded.
       new  26071fd   * slime.el (slime-current-package): Move REPL stuff to 
contrib. * slime-repl.el (slime-repl-find-buffer-package): New function. 
(slime-repl-init): Initialize slime-find-buffer-package-function.
       new  09e30c9     * swank.lisp (without-printing-errors): New macro.      
(to-string): Use it.    (to-line): Use it, too. This fixes printing error 
occuring during       inspecting to prevent the inspector from displaying 
something   useful.
       new  957dfd4   * contrib/slime-asdf.el (slime-open-system): New command 
for opening all files in a system. * contrib/swank-asdf.lisp 
(asdf-system-files): New function for listing all files in a system.
       new  bb29de3   * slime.el (slime-list-threads): Update information 
before setting the mode, otherwise it messes up current connection. * 
doc/slime.texi: fix typo.
       new  28d3124   doc/slime.texi: Really commit a typo fix.
       new  4d382b0   * swank-sbcl.lisp (thread-description): Remove it and 
supporting code, because it didn't really work.
       new  a4ac366   Forgot to commit changelog.
       new  0db07d7   * swank-lispworks.lisp (call-without-interrupts): 
Discourage use. (interesting-frame-p): Never show open frame bogons.
       new  10f9616   * contrib/slime-parse.el (slime-parse-sexp-at-point): 
Remove unused flet. Check for existence of a sexp before trying to parse, not 
       new  0fa5497   * contrib/slime-asdf.el (slime-browse-system): New 
command for browsing   files in asdf using Dired. * contrib/swank-asdf.lisp 
(asdf-system-loaded-p): New function.
       new  7074fb9   * doc/slime.texi (ASDF): Document new commands.
       new  87461a0   * contrib/slime-asdf.el (slime-browse-system): Open the 
parent directory of an .asd file, not just files defined in it.
       new  48a4a1c     Make M-x slime-changelog-date work.
       new  dbe6f4c   * contrib/slime-asdf.el (slime-open-system): Open files 
in another window. * contrib/swank-asdf.lisp (asdf-system-files): Put file with 
the same name as a system at the first place.
       new  a9d917a     When ever Slime seems to get stuck (e.g. after some 
character   encoding confusion), `M-x slime-reset' should hopefully bring it    
    into a functional state again.
       new  b56b234     Restarts in SLDB are now numbered reversely. The 
rationale is that      always-existing restarts are likely to be associated 
with the same      number now.
       new  1f492fe   * slime.el (sldb-insert-restarts): Insert the proper 
numbers for the --more-- button. (sldb-restart-number-at-point): Rename back to 
sldb-restart-at-point.  Don't use confisingly-verbose-names-for-no-good-reason. 
(sldb-restart-number-for-swank): Deleted.
       new  df1a50b     New command C-M-, to go to previous xref location.
       new  9cfda97     * slime.el (slime-search-property): Add parameter to 
get value at       point propery changed.  (slime-find-next-note): Use it.      
   (slime-find-previous-note): Ditto.
       new  3695e16     * swank.lisp (xref): Deal with non-yet-interned names 
       new  f794a4e     * swank-ccl.lisp (who-specializes): Do not signal an 
error if   argument does not name a class.
       new  2ad2c9d     Revert the reversed numbering of restarts in sldb.
       new  9f4d563     * test.sh: Shebang on bash, not just on sh.
       new  3c32a5d   * slime.el: Fix some docstrings and comments.
       new  0fe95e5   * slime.el (slime-format-display-message, 
slime-display-message) (slime-create-message-window): Deleted.  The trick with 
the pre-command-hook doesn't work in XEmacs 21.5.  So use the standard message 
function.  One day XEmacs will learn how to resize the minibuffer, but until 
then we have to live with one-line messages.
       new  f3e522b   * test.sh: Don't copy contribs. Slime should work without 
them. * swank-loader.lisp (setup): Compile contribs only if directory exists.
       new  e0d9345   * slime.el (slime-disconnect): Don't reference 
connection.  Left over from last change. ([test] arglist): Update expected 
results for slightly changed printer settings. ([test] indentation): Install 
       new  aa355da   * slime.el ([undefun] display-warning): Fix it.
       new  e586f8d   Simpler modeline code.
       new  8ae9fc7   * slime.el (slime-stale-connection-p): Deleted.
       new  f6e5649   * swank-openmcl.lisp: Removed. 1.4 is out so no longer 
needed. * swank-ccl.lisp: Update accordingly.
       new  116065f   * swank-loader.lisp (setup): Use EXT:PROBE-DIRECTORY on 
Clisp, because PROBE-FILE doesn't want to work on directories. Patch by Dirk 
       new  b7abadd     `M-x slime-visit-sbcl-bug' will open a browser to visit 
SBCL's bug      tracker at Launchpad that describes the bug number at   point 
       new  b150f61   * swank-ccl.lisp (kill-thread): Don't signal conditions. 
* swank-backend.lisp (kill-thread): Update docstring.
       new  8764dde   * swank.lisp (list-threads): Remove thread-description.  
Wasn't used anymore. * swank-backend.lisp (thread-description, 
set-thread-description): Deleted. * swank-abcl.lisp: Update accordingly. * 
slime.el (slime-update-threads-buffer, slime-thread-insert): Update accordingly.
       new  54f36dd     * swank-arglists.lisp (extra-keywords :around): Sort 
keyword    parameters such that implementation-internal stuff is shown last.    
   (compose): New helper.  (make-package-comparator): New.         
(sort-extra-keywords): New.
       new  911bd40     * swank-c-p-c.lisp (completion-set): Split into         
`symbol-completion-set', and `package-completion-set'.  (completions): Updated 
accordingly. Also: complete packages     "hyphenated" by dots.   
(find-matching-packages): Heed readtable-case.  (make-compound-prefix-matcher): 
Make it possible to pass list of        delimeters.     
(compound-prefix-match): Deleted.
       new  3e74fd5     * swank.lisp (find-symbol-with-status): New.    
(parse-symbol): Use it to correctly parse symbols where only one        colon 
is given. Consequences: Autodoc won't display an arglist on       `(foo:bar |' 
if BAR is not exported from FOO.
       new  d42637b     * slime-autodoc.el (slime-autodoc-worthwile-p): New 
helper.     (slime-compute-autodoc-internal): Use it to only perform an RPC     
    request if it's worthwhile to do so. For example, don't do it if        the 
user only typed a single opening parenthesis.
       new  fd5678e     * slime.el (slime-inside-string-p, 
slime-inside-comment-p)      (slime-inside-string-or-comment-p): New.
       new  b943eb5     * slime.el (slime-bug): Deleted.
       new  8c9482a   * swank.lisp (tokenize-symbol-thoroughly): Return NIL 
instead of throwing an error. (parse-symbol): Handle null result of 
       new  aac9c0b   CCL's lap-functions don't have source-notes but the name 
often has.  E.g. ccl::%fixnum-truncate.  Use names as last resort.
       new  0b26d33   * swank.lisp (without-interrupts): Removed. No longer 
used. * swank-backend.lisp (call-without-interrupts): Removed. Update backends 
       new  072abf4   * contrib/slime-parse.el 
(slime-incomplete-form-at-point): Concatenate " )" not just ")", because the 
form's last char may be \, and the parenthesis will be escaped. That fixes a 
bug reported by Ariel Badichi.
       new  88c9b92     * slime.el (slime-end-of-symbol): Make sure not to move 
on #'foo.               ([test] sexp-at-point.1): New test case.
       new  6e24c9a     * slime-parse.el (slime-make-form-spec-from-string): 
Break out of       the loop if we're at unbalanced parentheses.    
(slime-compare-character-syntax): New helper.   (slime-parse-form-upto-point): 
Use it.  (slime-incomplete-form-at-point): Revert change.        ([test] 
form-upto-point.1): New test case.
       new  aef3daf   * slime.el (sldb-backward-frame): If the point is at the 
end of the buffer, there is no property, handle this case.
       new  f3b9de5   Fix changelog formatting.
       new  5028455   * slime.el (sldb-setup): Do (set-syntax-table 
lisp-mode-syntax-table) otherwise functions used by autodoc do not work 
       new  07ec8c0   Ask gdb for source lines of foreign functions.
       new  b84e7d7     * swank-arglists.lisp (do-decoded-arglists): Remove 
       new  fcb0940     Make C-c C-c operate on region if mark is active (and 
Transient         Mark mode is enabled.)
       new  5af7b10     * swank-arglists.lisp (print-decoded-arglist): Fix 
printing of  &any and &key parameters.       (test-print-arglist): Slightly 
       new  ae12bee   Oops really fix printing
       new  d7f9353   * swank-ecl.lisp (grovel-docstring-for-arglist): ECL's 
arglists for macros include macro name at the first place, unlike arglists for 
functions. cdr arglists only for macros and special operators. Reported by Andy 
       new  e2ca210   swank-ecl.lisp(find-source-location): Missing comma 
before error message formatting. Patch by Andy Hefner.
       new  6677e9d     * slime-autodoc.el (slime-arglist): Adapted to new 
code.        (slime-retrieve-arglist): New.
       new  3f421e8   * contrib/slime-package-fu.el 
(slime-find-package-definition-regexp): Go one sexp backward to the defpackage 
       new  076253c   * swank-ecl.lisp (function-name): Use 
clos:generic-function-name for generic functions. (arglist): Check fro symbol 
before calling special-operator-p and macro-function. Patch by Andy Hefner.
       new  fdfd77b   * swank-ecl.lisp 
(swank-mop:compute-applicable-methods-using-classes): Add a dummy function. ECL 
doesn't have it, but some contribs are using it. Patch by Andy Hefner.
       new  785d92f   * swank.lisp (classify-symbol): Check fboundp before 
calling fdefinition, ECL doesn't like (fdefinition nil).
       new  2c8c8a3     * swank-arglists.lisp (extra-keywords/make-instance)    
(extra-keywords/change-class): Wrap call to CLASS-PROTOTYPE in an       
IGNORE-ERRORS because computing a class-prototype involves      evaluating 
initforms which may be calls to ERROR.
       new  84f8491   * swank-asdf.lisp (asdf-determine-system): New function 
for determining to what system a file belongs.
       new  31874a2   * contrib/swank-asdf.lisp (asdf-determine-system): 
Rewritten to be much faster and to cons less (and look ugly).
       new  48a4599     M-x slime-isearch-system will run `isearch-forward' on 
all files        pertaining to an ASDF system.
       new  8185923   * slime.texi: Recommend slime-repl and slime-fancy in the 
Loading   Contribs section.
       new  8dbbdcb     * slime.el (slime-minibuffer-map): Nee 
`slime-read-expression-map'      (slime-minibuffer-history): Nee 
`slime-read-expression-history'         (slime-minibuffer-setup-hook): 
Extracted.       (slime-read-from-minibuffer): Adapted accordingly.
       new  0ca8946   contrib/slime-repl.el: (slime-repl-position-in-history): 
Add new optional parameter `exclude-string'. (slime-repl-history-replace): 
Don't replace history item if it's exactly matching the current input, search 
for the next match instead.
       new  ce487fd     * swank-asdf.lisp (asdf-determine-system): Also try to 
determine        the current system by looking at the buffer-package.
       new  3d1a063     * swank-sbcl.lisp (who-specializes): Implement.         
Requires SBCL 1.0.32.
       new  f084313     * slime-fontifying-fu.el 
(slime-compute-region-for-font-lock): Set      an upper limit for the starting 
point of searching for suppressed       forms.
       new  9a739b4   contrib/slime-repl.el: 
(slime-repl-history-remove-duplicates): New variable, if set to T previous 
matching history entries are removed before appending a new item. Default value 
is NIL. (slime-repl-history-trim-whitespaces): New variable, when T remove 
whitespaces at the beginning and end of a new history item. Default value is 
NIL. (slime-repl-add-to-input-history): Implement behaviour of the variables 
above. (slime-string-trim): New function, works like cl:string-trim.
       new  39f271e     * swank-asdf.lisp (system-contains-file-p): Previous 
definition         didn't properly propagate positive return value of recursive 
   call. Fix that.
       new  e548ab4     * swank-asdf.lisp (operate-on-system-for-emacs),        
(operate-on-system): Muffle ASDF:COMPILE-ERROR because we reuse         Slime's 
compilation error reportery anyway, and sldb popping up is      just annoying.
       new  3c15a30     * slime-repl.el (slime-repl-previous-matching-input)    
(slime-repl-next-matching-input): Read input by means of        
`slime-read-from-minibuffer' so TAB will complete symbols for us.
       new  16ea75b   slime.el(slime-set-connection-info): Set 
slime-current-thread to t before doing anything. Solves a bug reported by 
Slawek Zak.
       new  f37acd2     * slime-asdf.el (slime-rgrep-system): Conditionalize on 
whether         `rgrep' is available (it isn't on Emacs 21.) Also make sure to  
call `grep-compute-defaults' before `grep-read-regexp' because the      former 
does some necessary setup. (Seems to be of a problem on  Emacs from CVS.)
       new  696317f     Fix a few edge cases in new arglist code.
       new  106c332   swank-abcl.lisp (arglist):  Fixes for functions with 
non-nil arglist and for generic functions with empty argument lists.
       new  cb23438   Correctly attribute contribution.
       new  77b0146   Add a slime-editing-map as suggested by Attila Lendvai.  
The main purpose it's to create a keymap that's shared by the REPL and other 
modes so that adding custom bindings get's a bit easier.
       new  c7910b2   * slime-presentations.el 
(slime-presentation-init-keymaps): Replace slime-define-both-key-bindings with 
       new  acb96e1   * slime-presentations.el 
(slime-presentation-init-keymaps): Use   slime-init-keymap.
       new  b0f7d16   * slime.el (slime-editing-mode): New minor mode for use 
in the REPL.
       new  6386307   *** empty log message ***
       new  c87e077   * contrib/swank-asdf.lisp (asdf-system-files): Include 
the .asd file too.
       new  fbd4e71   contrib/swan-asdf.lisp: (asdf-system-files): Include the 
.asd file too. (asdf-module-files): Include non-cl files too.
       new  dad84af   swan-sbcl.lisp(frame-locals): `frame-debug-vars' can 
return NIL, so check before using it as a vector. Patch by Nathan Bird.
       new  dec676a     * slime-asdf.el (slime-query-replace-regexp): Quote 
`from'      argument because `tags-query-replace' actually uses     
`query-replace-regexp' internally.
       new  2f5b95f     * swank-arglists.lisp (arglist-available-p): New 
helper.        (arglist-dispatch [eql 'declaim]): New.         
(arglist-dispatch [eql 'declare]): First try to lookup arglist of       a 
typespec if it's a type-declaration, if not default to looking        up 
arglist of declaration specifier.    (arglist-for-type-declaration): Extracted 
out.  (decoded-arglist-for-type-specifier): Make sure not to call     
       new  2abbcd1     * slime.el (slime-documentation-lookup-function): New 
hook,     defaults to `slime-hyperspec-lookup'.   (slime-documentation-lookup): 
Invoke hook.      (slime-prefix-bindings): Bind `C-c C-d h' to it.
       new  c594741   oops forgot to commit added files
       new  4e2ccb1   contrib/swank-arglists.lisp(find-subform-with-arglist): 
Return  (values nil :not-available), not just NIL, when operator is `quote' or 
`function'. Fixes bug reported by Mark Harig.
       new  1f96aca   slime.el(slime-parse-toplevel-form): Use 
`slime-region-for-defun-at-point' instead of `beginning-of-defun'.
       new  3a09a99   * doc/slime.texi (Setting up pathname translations): 
Arguments were swapped. Reported by Josh Marchán.
       new  c105f08     * swank-sbcl.lisp (set-break-hook): New.        
(call-with-break-hook): New, too. Both extracted from elsewhere.        
(install-debugger-globally, call-with-debugger-hook): Use them.         
(make-invoke-debugger-hook): Adapted not to call *debugger-hook*        on its 
own; it should rather decline because *debugger-hook* is         tried after 
*invoke-debugger-hook* anyway. Previously, a        custom *debugger-hook* 
(which declines itself) would have been  executed twice.
       new  1c5c212     * swank-backend.lisp (*debug-swank-backend*): New 
variable. If  true, backends should not catch internal errors (e.g. during    
definition finding), and should not perform backtrace magic.    
(make-error-location): New helper.      (find-definitions [interface]): Default 
to error location.
       new  0612290     * swank-sbcl.lisp (call-with-debugger-hook): Oops, 
removed the  binding for *DEBUGGER-HOOK*. Fix that.  
(make-invoke-debugger-hook): Do nothing if hook is NIL.
       new  258393b     Add `M-x slime-toggle-debug-on-swank-error'.
       new  7fb5aef   fix ChangeLog entry slightly
       new  13899be     * swank-arglists.lisp (*swank-debug-arglists*): 
Removed.        (arglist-for-echo-area): Use DEBUG-ON-SWANK-ERROR instead.
       new  c2550a8   * contrib/swank-asdf.lisp (find-operation): New function 
for finding asdf operations independent of readtable case sensitivity (read 
Allegro Modern Mode). (operate-on-system): Accept symbols instead of strings 
for operation-name, and use the above function.
       new  af85d10   swank-allegro.lisp: Use new function 
`make-error-location'. (find-fspec-location): Handle errors. Patch by Tobias C. 
       new  f060734   contrib/slime-presentations.el(slime-reify-old-output): 
Quote the CL expession behind presentations, so _(1 2 3)_ (representing a 
presentation) is not tried to be evaluated. (slime-copy-presentation-to-repl): 
Use `looking-back' for looking back. Apply De Morgan's law to conditions. Patch 
by Tobias C. Rittweiler.
       new  de33a0e   contrib/slime-fuzzy.el(slime-fuzzy-choices-buffer): Don't 
show cursor in *Fuzzy Completions*. Patch by Tobias C. Rittweiler.
       new  5b31d58   (slime-reify-old-output): Revert change of 2009-12-11, 
which introduced spurious quotes in non-evaluated contexts like here:
       new  6c79f51   *** empty log message ***
       new  f6dcd04   (Presentations): Add an example that illustrates quoting 
necessary with presentations that are lists.
       new  ca0d3cb   *** empty log message ***
       new  a6f12fe   * contrib/slime-asdf.el (slime-delete-system-fasls): New 
command with a shortcut `delete-system-fasls'.
       new  33da9ac     Take recursiveness of LABELS into account for 
displaying local  arglists. I.e. make the following work:
       new  15397d3   * contrib/slime-asdf.el (slime-reload-system): New 
command for reloading a system without recompiling recursively its 
dependencies. REPL shortcut for it is `reload-system'.
       new  9b72102     * swank-asdf.lisp (map-defined-systems): Factored out.  
(list-all-systems-known-to-asdf): Use it.       (asdf-determine-system): Use 
it, too.   (reload-system): Reuse `operate-on-system-for-emacs'.
       new  33c40ee     * swank-asdf.lisp (who-depends-on): Add.
       new  8dea2b3     * swank.lisp (collect-notes): Establish new abort 
restart ("Abort       Compilation"); if an error is signaled in EVAL-WHEN, or 
during  macroexpansion -- assuming the backend DTRT --, invoking this   restart 
will result in the normal compilation failure behaviour,        including 
correct reporting of the offending toplevel form.
       new  9915acf     * swank.lisp (*sldb-quit-restart*): Export. For users 
to customize      what `q' does in SLDB.  (handle-requests): Test differently 
for recursive invocations   as *sldb-quit-restart* may now be globally bound 
due to user    customization.  (coerce-restart): Coerces a restart-designator 
to a restart.    (throw-to-toplevel): Use it.
       new  9c70b15   swank.lisp(compile-file-output): Use (make-pathname 
:directory dir :defaults (compile-file-pathname file)) instead of 
(compile-file-pathname file :output-file dir), because the latter works 
differently on different implementations. (fasl-pathname): Use the above 
       new  6c6f87e     * swank-sbcl.org (categorize-definition-source): New.   
(definition-source-for-emacs): Use it. Slightly         refactored. Renamed 
from `make-definition-source-location'.     (find-definitions, 
find-source-location)        (source-location-for-xref-data, function-dspec): 
Updated        accordingly.    (source-file-position): Scratch last argument, 
not needed anymore.
       new  8b3b8f8   simplify newly introduced categorize-definition-source; 
gosh what was I thinking?
       new  f9d8de8   swank.lisp(handle-requests): Comment out (assert (boundp 
'*sldb-quit-restart*)) because it's not bound on NIL communication style. It's 
not a real fix, but at least it lets null communication-style work.
       new  3564d67   swank-match.lisp: Fix formatting and style warnings.
       new  bedbf56     * swank.lisp (with-top-level-restart): Bind local 
special.      (top-level-restart-p): Check for it; this tells us if where's in  
      the dynamic extent of with-top-level-restart.   (handle-requests): Use it.
       new  2f212ed     * slime.el (slime-edit-uses-xrefs): New variable. For 
contribs to       extend.         (slime-edit-uses): Use it.
       new  d366e20     Add 'M-x slime-query-replace-system-and-dependencies' 
which is  like `slime-query-replace-system' but also runs query-replace on      
  all files of systems _depending on_ the user-queried system.
       new  26c892b     * slime-asdf.el 
(slime-query-replace-system-and-dependents):    Renamed from 
`slime-query-replace-system-and-dependencies' because      that's what it 
actually does.
       new  5e6f6b1   * contrib/swank-asdf.lisp (asdf:operation-done-p): ASDF 
included with some implementations doesn't have AROUND method combination, so 
guard against its usage. This will prevent swank:reload-system from working, 
but it will let load swank-asdf. Reported by Mark Evenson.
       new  7477aeb     * slime.el (slime-at-list-p): Deleted.  
(slime-at-expression-p): Moved to slime-package-fu.     (slime-forward-blanks): 
Deleted. Use `(skip-chars-forward       "[:space:]")' instead.  
(slime-forward-any-comment): Deleted.   (slime-reader-conditionals-regexp): 
Make a constant so it's     inlined.        (slime-unknown-feature-expression): 
Make it an error.
       new  6584d81     * slime-parse.el (slime-parse-form-upto-point): 
Rewritten to make       it more performant.     (slime-parse-form-until): New 
       new  67b8bb2     Today's cleanup day.
       new  8e1071b     * swank-arglists.lisp (completions-for-keyword): Return 
nil     instead of :not-available because the function is supposed to   return 
a list of available completions.
       new  faebef7   Commands to save&restore image files without 
       new  b28cae2     * slime-autodoc.el (autodoc.1 [test]): Add a test case 
involving        DEFMETHOD.
       new  231120e     * slime.el (complete-symbol [test]): Fix test case.
       new  a16b1d0     * slime-parse.el (form-up-to-point.1 [test]): Fix test 
       new  364aa7f     * swank-arglists.lisp (delete-given-args): Make sure to 
properly        delete provided-args.
       new  05b035e     * slime-parse.el (slime-parse-form-until): Properly 
deal with #'        prefix.         (form-up-to-point.1 [test]): Extend.
       new  802ee9e     Some cleanup of arglist code.
       new  cce3c06     More cleanup.
       new  9d6d96b     * slime-autodoc.el (slime-compute-autodoc): Revert last 
change.         We must return nil to decline.
       new  bee9a6b     * swank-arglists.lisp (extract-cursor-marker): Fix 
typo.        (autodoc): Do not try to display variable content for T and NIL.   
     (interesting-variable-p): New helper.
       new  734bb2f     * slime-c-p-c.el (complete-form [test]): Set    
`slime-buffer-package' after changing to lisp-mode because      changing 
major-mode kills buffer-local variables.
       new  1a8d0c6           * slime.el (compile-defun [test]): Also test 
proper notification         after reader-error. Additionally: bind 
font-lock-verbose to nil to         prevent annoying font-lock messages during 
the test.
       new  7a46e1a   swank-asdf.lisp(asdf-system-loaded-p): Don't return a 
generalized boolean, because numbers may be too large for Emacs.
       new  5c7fbdb     * slime.el (slime-next-read-or-lose): Call `debug' with 
the error       condition, so we can see what actually caused the losage.
       new  37e7263     * slime-indentation-fu.el, swank-indentation-fu.lisp: 
Delete    contrib. Never worked quite right, and the necessary    
infrastructure has since been gone.
       new  9f5598a     * swank-arglists.lisp (arglist-index): Return NIL if 
more       arguments were provided than are allowed.       
(form-path-to-arglist-path): Adapted accordingly.
       new  a89ed13     * swank.lisp (with-swank-protocol-error-handler): 
Remove debugging      bits.
       new  0105dab   * contrib/slime-repl.el (sldb-insert-frame-call-to-repl): 
New function for inserting a call to a frame into the REPL. Bound to C-y in 
       new  a2a6a8b     * slime-autodoc.el (slime-autodoc): Renamed from        
`slime-compute-autodoc'; now also interactive.  (slime-autodoc-mode): Implement 
toggling properly. Make modeline        string "Autodoc" rather than "Eldoc".   
(slime-autodoc-maybe-enable): Adapted accordingly.
       new  fb10841     * slime-autodoc.el (slime-autodoc-mode): Only display   
"enabled"/"disabled" message if called interactively.
       new  1ce656e   Stop the beeping on restart.
       new  868b25d   Add "quit" and "other window prefix" buffer selectors.
       new  f3f7a3d   Slightly better error message when CMUCL fails to find 
       new  3bca10b   Fix M-. bug related to CMUCL's multi-file compilation 
       new  2ce9ff5   Provide default implementation for all-threads.
       new  18b8897   * slime.texi (inferior-slime-mode): Fix thinko.
       new  939c78d   Fix "other window" selector in inferior-slime-mode.
       new  490684d   contrib/slime-asdf.el(slime-save-system): New function 
for saving system's files.
       new  1d4280c   slime-asdf.el(slime-save-system): Use get-file-buffer.
       new  1a5222f     * slime.el (compile-defun [test]): Add two cases.
       new  fd88c52     * swank-sbcl.lisp (compiler-note-location): Add missing 
       new  4efe945     * swank-backend (declaration-arglist): Normalize 
declaration    specifiers to contain `variables' rather than `vars'.
       new  a156064     * swank-arglists.lisp (extract-cursor-marker): Make 
sure to     recurse only if the form, to be recursed into, is a cons.
       new  9e4011e     * slime-autodoc.el (slime-check-autodoc-at-point): Bind 
        `slime-autodoc-use-multiline-p' to nil for normalized test      results.
       new  1163099     * swank-arglists.lisp (interesting-variable-p): Exclude 
keywords        from being candidates for "display variable content" autodoc    
feature.        (print-decoded-arglist): Slightly better arglist printing if    
`slime-autodoc-use-multiline-p' is true.        (parse-raw-form): Make it able 
to parse strings.
       new  d755294   contrib/swank-asdf.lisp: Doing 
list-all-systems-in-central-registry might be quite slow since it accesses a 
file-system, so run it once at the background to initialize fs caches.
       new  d5e4f27   * swank-abcl.lisp (emacs-inspect): Implementation for 
Java objects.       Fix compiler warning about *ABCL-SIGNALED-CONDITIONS*.
       new  d44b2a4     * swank.lisp (*swank-state-stack*): Delete. Not needed 
anymore.         (defslimefun state-stack): Delete.      (decode-message): 
Adapted.      (debug-in-emacs): Adapted.
       new  0889057   doc/slime.texi(Setting up the lisp image): 
(swank-loader:init) is also needed for loading swank. Reported by Evgeny 
       new  9427bf5   * contrib/slime-repl.el (slime-repl-mode-map): Use both 
`slime-editing-map' and `lisp-mode-map' as parent keymaps. (slime-repl-mode): 
Don't use `slime-editing-mode' because its keymap is already used above. That 
way `slime-repl-mode-map' takes precedence of. `slime-editing-map'.
       new  08f2d0f   * contrib/slime-repl.el: Revert the previous change 
because it didn't work in some cases. (slime-repl-map-mode): New minor mode 
which sole purpose is to enable `slime-repl-mode-map'. (slime-repl-mode): 
Enable `slime-repl-map-mode' after enabling `slime-editing-map'. This will 
finally allow `slime-repl-mode-map' to take precedence of `slime-editing-map'.
       new  0b55401   Refactorizing RPC layer into new module.
       new  3805ef2   CVS ignores .DS_Store files on Macintosh
       new  52382e8   New swank-rpc package Use swank-rpc in swank package.
       new  f0db18f   * swank-rpc.lisp (:swank-rpc): (:use :cl), SBCL doesn't 
use it by default.
       new  8bc0712   Deleted redundant definitions covered by swank-rpc.
       new  5ff3470   Note refactorization of swank.lisp into new swank-rpc 
       new  c7112e8   * slime.el (slime-thread-kill): If the region is active, 
then kill all threads in the region.
       new  1d38636   Refactoring to eliminate use of 
       new  f563850   Eliminate swank-protocol-error.backtrace and call to 
safe-backtrace from swank-rpc.
       new  ba5baab   * swank-ccl.lisp (with-frame): Put this macro before it's 
       new  faff62f   Log refactoring that eliminated dependency on 
swank:safe-backtrace in swank-rpc.lisp.
       new  bf4d33d     * swank-allegro.lisp (redefinition-p, redefinition): 
New.       (handle-compiler-warning): Add :severity for redefinitions,     
style-warnings, errors.
       new  7985196   * contrib/slime-package-fu.el 
(slime-goto-next-export-clause): Use " \n\t" for `skip-chars-forward' instead 
of [:alpha:], because it doesn't work for some reason. 
(slime-search-exports-in-defpackage): take #:symbol and :symbol into account 
       new  439e5ab   * swank-abcl.lisp (import-to-swank-mop): Import 
       new  7b33a39   * swank-rpc.lisp: NIL -> nil (for unusual readtable 
settings). Spotted by Harald Hanche-Olsen.
       new  3a7a752   * swank-abcl.lisp (emacs-inspect): Make inspection of 
Java objects toString() results dependent on explicit user request to avoid 
potentially computationally expensive opreations.
       new  fd08642   * swank.lisp (pathname-as-directory): Treat "/foo/bar" 
and "/foo/bar/" the same. (compile-file-output): Use the above function.
       new  f505e1d   * slime.el (slime-cycle-connections): Change docstring, 
it doesn't make connection buffer-local. * doc/slime.texi (Multiple 
connections): document slime-cycle-connections.
       new  affb5a4     * hyperspec.el: When using C-c C-d ~ TAB, previously 
there were         entries for "C" and "C: Character", which unpleasingly 
crowded the      completion buffer, so I made it show one entry ("C - 
Character")        only. RIP, erik.
       new  460d1a3   * slime-repl.el (slime-repl-mode): Don't do  
(use-local-map slime-repl-mode-map) because it will be used through 
slime-repl-map-mode minor mode. This fixes double entries in the menu bar. 
Reported by RaceCondition from #lisp.
       new  6904c85   * slime.el: Added missing pieces to make 
`slime-cycle-connections' available from keystrokes. (slime-prefix-bindings): 
Added "\C-xn" entry. (slime-cycle-connections): Corrected grammar in doc 
string. (def-slime-selector-method): Added menu item `n' to SLIME selector menu.
       new  9ee3d04     * swank.lisp (xref-doit): Declare eql-specializing 
parameter    ignorable, as some implementations complain about them not being   
       new  8fd3687     * swank-ecl.lisp: Update threading code. ECL doesn't 
still work         with :spawn, though. Work in progress.
       new  3b3c089     * slime.el (slime-attempt-connection): Do not keep on 
trying to         connect if inferior process died.
       new  dd7aea8     * slime.el (slime-attempt-connection): Fix typo. Thanks 
to Mark         Harig for spotting it.
       new  9892f05     * slime.el (slime-load-contribs): Do not call 
SWANK-REQUIRE     asynchronously, if host Lisp uses :SPAWN that may result in 
the         attempt to load in code concurrently -- the host Lisp may not   
support that.
       new  6457beb     Pimp my swank.
       new  f72d92b     * swank-loader.lisp: Compile files on ECL, too.
       new  f03b110   Test suite hangs for CCL and CMUCL.
       new  e59ef59   slime.el (sexp-at-point.1): Remove failing tests.
       new  9c3e4cf   Get rid or snapshots.
       new  e31a972   Select the xref buffer. I never could get used to the 
next/prev cycling.
       new  4f92e14   Point-entered hooks in xref buffer don't work so well. 
Use forward/backward commands intead.
       new  86b7f82   Forgotten log entry
       new  a602c20   Add a command to eval stuff in the inspector.
       new  5e7fed3   Fix bugs when *inferior-buffers* doesn't exist.
       new  ab48ae8   Fix changelogs.
       new  cc7f70c   The compiler warns about various stuff. Fix some of it.
       new  d0dcb1a   Remove duplicated entry.
       new  c421331   * contrib/slime-fuzzy.el (slime-fuzzy-choices-buffer): 
Make connection buffer-local, otherwise `swank:fuzzy-completion-selected' will 
be sent to the default connection.
       new  e580ec8   * slime.el: In minor-mode-alist for 
slime-popup-buffer-mode, run slime-modeline-string only if slime-mode isn't 
active, because slime-mode runs slime-modeline-string from minor-mode-alist too 
resulting in duplicate modeline strings. Reported by Leo Liu.
       new  0aae4fb   * swank-ccl.lisp: Remove outdated comment at the 
beginning since it may be misleading.
       new  e5044c3     * swank-loader.lisp (*architecture-features*): Add 
:PENTIUM3 and        :PENTIUM4; they're used by ECL.         
(handle-swank-load-error): Renamed from HANDLE-LOADTIME-ERROR. Use      
*FASL-DIRECTORY* rather than (DEFAULT-FASL-DIR). Parametrize    context to 
differentiate b/w compilation/loading.       (compile-files): Adapted 
accordingly. Also make sure that an error      is signaled in case COMPILE-FILE 
returns NIL as primary result.
       new  4805108     * slime-fancy.el: Call init function for fancy  
inspector. Necessary due to 2010-02-15.
       new  4d214b6     More work on ECL's swank-backend.
       new  7cabbfd     Make it possible for SWANK backends to specify 
locations based on       a TAGS file.
       new  3d76a5c     Make M-. be able to jump right into the C source for 
       new  b80fdc0     * swank-backend.lisp 
(converting-errors-to-error-location): Moved       here from swank-sbcl.lisp so 
other backends can make use of it, too.
       new  32ea92d     Make swank-ecl.lisp work with latest ECL Git HEAD.
       new  8e5db04     * swank-ecl.lisp (preferred-communication-style): Go 
back to    NIL. Some parts (like the compiler and CLOS) of ECL do not seem to   
   be thread-safe yet. Also get rid of non-working implementation of       
:FD-HANDLER.    (poll-streams, wait-for-input): Implement on top of select() 
for        communication-style=NIL.        (*descriptor-handlers*, 
add-fd-handler, remove-fd-handlers): Get        rid of.         
(grovel-docstring-for-arglist): Get rid of it, too.     (arglist): ECL now 
provides an extra ac [...]
       new  2612624     * slime.el (slime-postprocess-xref): Show a TAGS 
entry's hints as       part of an Xref's dspec for the case of multiple matches.
       new  4e64b26     * swank-backend.lisp (when-let): New macro. For 
backends and    swank.lisp.
       new  6342e90     * swank-loader.lisp (lisp-version-string): Add 
git-commit ids for       ECL because individual commits do not guarantee fasl   
       new  dea44a3   * swank-loader.lisp (ecl-version-string): In #+(or) 
(progn #+#.(cl:print cl:nil) 1) PRINT does run on SBCL, which breaks #+#.(cl:if 
(cl:find-symbol "SYMBOL" :ext) ...) here, guard it with (find-package :ext) 
until further investigations.
       new  3a542a2   * swank-loader.lisp (ecl-version-string): Check length of 
the result of ext:lisp-implementation-vcs-id before doing subseq. On CVS it 
returns "unknown".
       new  033bd45     Fix that annoying bug that caused being constantly 
asked to switch      connection in case one had multiple connections running 
and quit        from one.
       new  ebb4671   * swank.lisp (documentation-symbol): Show arglists for 
functions too.
       new  20bed40   * slime.el (slime-compile-and-load-file): Accept C-u 
arguments for compilation policy the same way as slime-compile-defun.
       new  cf74170   * doc/slime.texi (Compilation): Update.
       new  5aa2e5c   Forgot to commit ChangeLog.
       new  d6fa873   * swank-sbcl.lisp (definition-source-for-emacs): Don't 
error when source location doesn't contain form position, point emacs to the 
beginning of a source file and if it's a function provide a snippet "(defun 
<name> ".
       new  03edc77   Make eval-in-frame display multiple values; not only the 
       new  230bdd4   Use @ instead of # to mark object in the inspect history.
       new  17bee13   Don't try to bind keywords in inspector-eval.
       new  e9c783b   * slime.el (slime-inspector-history): New command.
       new  dadbe32   Don't special case special operators with M-. for CMUCL.
       new  bdc9078   Fix ChangeLog
       new  8a629fe   * doc/slime.texi (Inspector): document 
slime-inspector-eval. Patch by Mark Harig.
       new  153a5ee   swank-abcl.lisp (emacs-inspect): Define default method to 
use the result of SYS:INSPECTED-PARTS if non-nil.
       new  8851620     Ecl: Make M-. work on function interactively compiled 
via C-c C-c.
       new  cc446f7     * swank-ecl.lisp: Make backend depend on ECL version 
10.3.1 which       just got released. We do not support older versions. 
Previous   version pretty much didn't work in combination with Slime anyway.
       new  5e367f6   * swank-ccl.lisp: Indentation fixes.
       new  14f9799   Remove some unused stuff.
       new  a1c3039   * swank-ecl.lisp (source-location): Don't do (setq file 
(tmpfile-to-buffer file)) in a COND condition, otherwise next cond clause will 
get null file. Apply translate-logical-pathname to pathnames.
       new  cedd0f9     * swank-arglists.lisp (extract-local-op-arglists): Fix 
for      `(labels ((foo (x) ...)|'.
       new  ea0942e   * swank-fancy-inspector.lisp: Add buttons for selecting 
default sorting order and default grouping method of slots of a class.
       new  ab49718   Handle src-locs of compiler warnings in Allegro 8.2. 
Didn't somebody already fix that?
       new  3d22e11   * swank-allegro.lisp (count-cr): Deleted.  No longer used.
       new  acaab98   * contrib/swank-fancy-inspector.lisp 
(stable-sort-by-inheritance): Remove copy-seq, unnecessarily put in the 
previous commit.
       new  1c38143     Make swank:connection-info include information about 
initially  passed coding-system, and the resulting external-format of the  
socket. Debugging aid.
       new  be6cbe0     * swank.lisp (close-connection): Include initially 
passed       coding-system in debugging output.
       new  88805e6     * swank.lisp (dispatch-interrupt-event): Take a 
connection because      it boils down to SIGNAL-INTERRUPT which uses 
USE-THREADS-P which        needs a connection.     (install-fd-handler): 
Adapted accordingly.      (simple-serve-event): Adapted accordingly. 
Additionally, remove         superfluous WITH-SWANK-PROTOCOL-HANDLER as that's 
established by        WITH-CONNECTION already.        (simple-repl): Show 
"abort inferior lisp" restart only if not a         more appropriate "abort 
some REX" restart is avai [...]
       new  3109766   Try to use source-level debugging features in Allegro 8.2
       new  a7c970b   Fix some of the brokeness in the last change.
       new  9e1cbbe   * contrib/slime-repl.el (slime-call-defun): Work also on 
       new  44e1784   * contrib/swank-fancy-inspector.lisp 
(all-slots-for-inspector): Sort class names when grouping by inheritance the 
same way as slots are sorted.
       new  cd4e839   Some more fixes for Allegro
       new  be5c6cf   (ldb-code-to-src-loc): Don't use *temp-file-map* before 
it is declared.
       new  86cc95a   (pc-source-location): Be a bit more fuzzy when searching 
the code-location for a pc.
       new  ef8ef27   * contrib/slime-repl.el (slime-call-defun): When on 
defclass insert  (make-instance 'name).
       new  b9ea78b   * swank-presentations.lisp (inspect-presentation): Throw 
an error when trying to access unrecorded object. 
(lookup-presented-object-or-lose): Rename from `get-repl-result'.
       new  6f26439   * swank-arglists.lisp (arglist-ref): Don't error if a 
&key name isn't a :keyword symbol. And also handle non-:keyword keyword 
       new  13f6751   * swank-ccl.lisp (emacs-inspect function): Print closed 
over variables in case of closure.
       new  bdb6681     * swank-ecl.lisp (*original-sigint-handler*)    
(install-sigint-handler): Deleted; we directly implement        
call-with-user-break-handler instead.   (call-with-user-break-handler): New. 
Correctly interrupt main   thread instead of newly spawned handle-signal thread 
on SIGINT.         (make-interrupt-handler): New helper.
       new  bcf2fbb     * swank-ecl.lisp (source-location): Move call to        
locations-via-annotations may now also involve logical  pathnames.
       new  5b319f0     * swank.lisp (signal-interrupt): Removed.       
(interrupt-worker-thread): Slurp in definition of       signal-interrupt. No 
need for invoke-or-queue-interrupt twice in        case we do not use threads. 
Thus micro-prettification of        backtraces.
       new  9afdd4a   * swank-arglists.lisp (extract-local-op-arglists (eql 
'labels)): Fix (labels ((name |))).
       new  87cae3f   * slime-asdf.el: use slime-from-lisp-filename so that 
slime-tramp can work. Reported by Peter Stirling.
       new  2f7a771     * swank-ecl.lisp (source-location): Also return 
EXT::FOO as     candidate to search through the TAGS file because SI and EXT 
both       name the same package, and in ECL's code base, sometimes the    
former, sometimes the latter is used.
       new  4444b53     * swank.lisp (connection): Add socket slot, make 
slot-io slot not       be required to be filled in during object creation. Add  
       inferior-lisp slot so we can know whether a connection belongs to       
a superior Emacs process. Need for that will come in following  commit.         
(make-connection): Our constructor.     (create-connection): Removed; not 
needed anymore.       (finish-connection-setup): Function to fill socket-io 
slot.     (start-server): Results in inferior-lisp slot being T.  ( [...]
       new  41bb542     Add an ATTACH-GDB restart to SLDB.
       new  f2dc1e3     * swank.lisp (open-dedicated-output-stream): Forgot to 
rename   accept-authenticated-connection to accept-authenticated-client  here.
       new  3cfce3f     * swank.lisp (call-with-gdb-restart): Forgot to remove 
trailing T.
       new  310efa2     Add M-x slime-attach-gdb as an interactive function.
       new  f3a6cf7     Remove attach-gdb restart. Instead add SLDB shortcut 
       new  fbc22f2     * slime.el (slime-lisp-implementation-program): New 
connection  variable.       (slime-set-connection-info): Adapted to set it.     
    (slime-attach-gdb): Use it to invoke gdb so gdb is able to find         
debugging symbols on non-Linux platforms.
       new  168d343   * slime-c-p-c.el, slime-fuzzy.el: Don't define keys on 
slime-repl-mode-map if slime-repl isn't loaded. * slime-presentations.el: 
Refuse to load if slime-repl isn't loaded. Reported by Robert Goldman.
       new  37bfc5d   * start-swank.lisp: New file for starting swank by simply 
doing sbcl --load start-swank.lisp
       new  3cfa3f2   * start-swank.lisp: Document options to swank-loader:init.
       new  13f802f     Do not do an unnecessary autodoc RPC request in case 
we're not  actually inside a form.
       new  15b204b   Oops typo
       new  e1e8b4d   * slime.el (slime-check-location-buffer-name-sanity): 
Less duplication, reuse slime-check-location-filename-sanity. 
(slime-check-location-filename-sanity): Do any work only when 
slime-warn-when-possibly-tricked-by-M-. is non-nil.
       new  4ad7350     * swank.lisp (connection-info): Use princ-to-string 
rather than         prin1-to-string as the latter may barf if *print-readably* 
is nil.
       new  9100d85   Minor cleanups
       new  be48c29   Compile swank-sbcl-exts only for SBCL.
       new  0e0f6c3   * slime.el: Add gud as compile-time dependency.
       new  430a03f   * contrib/swank-arglists.lisp (*arglist-show-packages*): 
New customization variable, when non-nil show qualified symbols. 
(with-arglist-io-syntax): new macro for respecting the above variable. 
(decoded-arglist-to-string, decoded-arglist-to-template-string): Use the macro 
       new  2611be3   * swank-arglists.lisp (arglist-dispatch): Handle method 
qualifiers. (print-arg): Renamed from princ-arg. (prin1-arg): Removed. * 
slime-autodoc.el (autodoc.1): Add test-case for method qualifiers.
       new  3f4faf1   * swank-arglists.lisp (print-decoded-arglist): Print 
keywords using princ again.
       new  0e0938c   * swank-arglists.lisp (print-decoded-arglist): prin1-arg 
-> print-arg.
       new  31b41bd   * slime.el (slime-update-threads-buffer): New formatting, 
with labels and additional information provided by the backend. * 
swank-allegro.lisp (thread-attributes): Move process-priority from 
       new  05123c8   * slime.el (slime-with-popup-buffer): Make &optional 
parameters &key parameters, add modes parameter. slime-with-popup-buffer sets 
up some buffer local variables, but enabling major modes kills all buffer 
locals, so modes should be enabled before setting them. Adopt changes to 
slime-with-popup-buffer where needed. This fixes several bugs with popup 
buffers on non-default connections.
       new  210f362   * slime.el (slime-insert-threads): Use header-line-format 
only when it's present (XEmacs doesn't support it).
       new  1df2934   * slime-sprof.el (slime-sprof-browser): Use 
slime-with-popup-buffer for buffer creation.
       new  937105f   * slime-autodoc.el (slime-autodoc-full): New command, 
displays multiline arglists. Bound to C-c C-d a. (slime-make-autodoc-rpc-form): 
Don't send :print-lines to autodoc, always use the actual width for 
:print-right-margin, remove newlines on formatting when needed. 
(slime-autodoc): Add optional parameter multilinep defaulted to 
slime-autodoc-use-multiline-p, pass it to slime-format-autodoc.
       new  02190df   * slime-autodoc.el (slime-autodoc-manually): Rename from 
slime-autodoc-full. Like slime-autodoc, but when called twice, or after 
slime-autodoc was already automatically called, display multiline arglist.
       new  c01d61e   * doc/slime.texi: Document the above change.
       new  0b50da1   * slime-repl.el (slime-repl-inside-string-or-comment-p): 
New function, when in the REPL prompt, narrow the search to the prompt, 
otherwise stray " from the previous prompts or outputs may confuse 
       new  8fe21d4   * slime-sprof.el (slime-sprof-format): Remove references 
to the removed code.
       new  2396bc2   * slime.el (slime-create-compilation-log): Enable 
compilation-mode, which was enabled previously by slime-insert-compilation-log.
       new  e2a76ed   * slime-c-p-c.el (slime-complete-symbol*-fancy-bit): 
There is no slime-space-information-p variable anymore. Patch by Steven H. 
       new  012728b   Fix compile-file for various backends.
       new  eed4051   *** empty log message ***
       new  3c2da16   * slime.el (slime-doc-bindings): Restore key for 
       new  b598483   *** empty log message ***
       new  8a173d0   Move error handling and logging from swank-rpc.lisp to 
       new  02380bb   Handle errors during interrupt processing with SLDB. 
Bugfix for http://article.gmane.org/gmane.lisp.slime.devel/9641
       new  c01fa5f   * slime.el ([test] interrupt-encode-message): New test.
       new  3e5cc8d   * swank.lisp (compile-file-for-emacs): Actually commit 
the change described in 2010-04-12.
       new  9258b40     * slime.el (sldb-mode): Include some more commands in 
its help.         (sldb-goto-last-frame): Do not center to the middle but to 
the  bottom of the window.
       new  91d2b65   * slime.el (slime-threads-update-interval): New 
customization variable, if set to a number the threads buffer will updated with 
this interval. (slime-with-popup-buffer): Rename modes option to mode, for a 
major mode. Enabling minor modes from within the body doesn't cause troubles. 
End that way it is compatible with XEmacs since it doesn't need to use 
minor-mode-list to distinguish between minor and major modes.
       new  5683823   * slime-presentations.el 
(slime-repl-grab-old-output,slime-copy-or-inspect-presentation-at-mouse): If 
the presentation at point is no longer available, remove presentation 
properties from the object. * swank-presentations.lisp 
(lookup-presented-object): defun->defslimefun.
       new  f45f82f   * slime.el (slime-threads-update-interval): Add :group 
and :type parameters to this customization. Thanks to Mark Harig.
       new  53a56fb   * swank.lisp (symbol-classification-string): New function 
to replace (symbol-classification->string (classify-symbol symbol)). It's 
faster and conses much less, while it is called many times by fuzzy completion 
and fancy inspector. (symbol-classification->string): Removed. (list-threads): 
Exclude the current thread only if its name is "worker".
       new  460ad1d   * README: advertise additional contribs, especially 
       new  e30e8d4   * slime.el (slime-update-threads-buffer): Save point 
position on updates.
       new  41cd20c     * swank-sbcl.lisp (condition-timed-wait): New helper. 
Use       WITH-DEADLINE rather than WITH-TIMEOUT because the latter conses a    
  new timer, and this function is called _a lot_.         (receive-if): Use it.
       new  9fb462d   * slime.el (slime-open-inspector): Use forward-line 
instead of goto-line, since it doesn't result in  "Mark set" message. 
(slime-inspector-buffer): Enable slime-mode after enabling 
slime-inspector-mode, otherwise the former will be disabled by the latter.
       new  5b9ff6f     * swank-backend.lisp (with-symbol): Test for package 
before doing       find-symbol.    * swank-sbcl.lisp(Multiprocessing): use 
with-symbol.    (emacs-inspect t): Remove newlines from text returned by        
sb-impl::inspected-parts, otherwise there will be ".." inserted by      the 
printer due to (*print-lines* 1).
       new  d999d8a   * slime.el (slime-inspector-buffer): Use 
slime-with-popup-buffer, that solves the problem with keybindings shadowed by 
slime-mode. Reported by Nathan Bird.
       new  95bcc4b   * slime.el (slime-update-threads-buffer): Use 
       new  0b20b50   * swank.lisp (format-values-for-echo-area): Also print 
the length of an integer in bits.
       new  b56741c   * slime.el (slime-info): New function, opens the manual.
       new  0aba013   * slime.el (slime-compile-file): Run check-parens after 
checking that the buffer is associated with a file.
       new  9793d7d   * contrib/slime-repl.el (slime-repl-update-banner): Use 
slime-move-point instead of goto-char alone, ensuring that the point is moved 
even if the window isn't currently selected.
       new  699a378   * 
slime-fuzzy.el(slime-fuzzy-dehighlight-current-completion): instead of creating 
new overlays, move one overlay around. (slime-mimic-key-bindings): Renamed from 
mimic-key-bindings. Patch by Leo Liu.
       new  13cfb0f   * slime.el (sldb-exit): When stepping, close buffer after 
a delay. (sldb-close-step-buffer): New function.
       new  9cee8c2   Fix for Cygwin Emacs filename problem. * slime.el 
(slime-init-command): Use slime-to-lisp-filename. Patch from Mark Evenson.
       new  a1632bc   * slime-editing-commands.el: Fix typo.
       new  2bbd818   * swank-cmucl.lisp (gdb-command): Use gdb's MI.
       new  a782f07   * slime-tramp.el (slime-tramp-to-lisp-filename): Check if 
slime is connected, because slime-to-lisp-filename is now used for establishing 
       new  fe38007   * Make buffer names more consistent. Patch by Leo Liu.
       new  b96ba67   * slime.el (slime-dispatch-event): Fix typo in the 
previous commit.
       new  28192c0   Remove some non-standard file variables.
       new  78a9043   * slime-presentations.el (slime-presentation-write): 
Reuse functions from slime-repl. This fixes spurious point jumps.
       new  673fa56   * slime-presentations.el 
(slime-presentation-write-result): Do slime-repl-show-maximum-output at the 
end. This really solves jumping.
       new  947b924   * swank-loader.lisp (*architecture-features*): Add Java 
platforms as   features for ABCL.
       new  f561b50   Correct email address in ChangeLog.
       new  be0db05   * slime.el (slime-inspect-definition): New function, 
inspects definition at point.
       new  a336101   (slime-parse-context): Add :defstruct and :defpackage.
       new  57a54e5     * swank.lisp (*after-init-hook*, simple-break)  
(coerce-to-condition, use-threads-p, current-thread-id): Moved  around in 
swank.lisp.   (with-temp-package): Deleted; not used anywhere.        
(ensure-list): Use in SWANK-REQUIRE.
       new  0479228   * slime-asdf.el (slime-asdf-collect-notes): New variable. 
Collect and display notes produced by the compiler. Defaulted to T.
       new  615aadc     * slime.el (define-slime-contrib): New macro.
       new  cbe4a85     Perform PATHNAME on file-streams safely.
       new  eb5dcf5     * slime-highlight-edits.el, slime-hyperdoc.el, 
slime-mrepl.el,           slime-snapshot.el: Fix typo.
       new  7cb76e1   * slime.el (slime-close-popup-window): Don't kill 
slime-popup-restore-data local variable in another buffer.
       new  724e5e8   * swank-arglists.lisp (decode-arglist): Handle (x . y) 
macro arglists.
       new  beef5d7   * slime.el (sldb-insert-condition): Don't create a mouse 
tooltip for long error message, tooltip shows the same text and doesn't add any 
value. (slime-definition-at-point): factor out of `slime-inspect-definition'. 
(slime-disassemble-definition): New, similar to `slime-inspect-definition'.
       new  90d4c9b   * slime-repl.el (slime-list-repl-short-cuts): Don't 
scroll to the bottom, don't error if a shortcut has no documentation.
       new  bf6879c   read-file: properly deal with formats where (not (eql 
byte-lenght character-length))
       new  3a48464   * slime.el (slime-compile-file): Only send non-nil 
keyword args. (slime-hack-quotes): New function.
       new  b93052d   * slime.el (slime-defun-if-undefined): Renamed from 
slime-DEFUN-if-undefined. No need to yell.
       new  42d9a49   * swank-cmucl.lisp (parse-gdb-line-info): Try working dir 
       new  aa46710   * swank.lisp (swank-error): Unrename from 
       new  0e1ba36   Clean up some of the confusion regarding 
       new  21f5c98   * swank-ccl.lisp (socket-fd): Implement backend function.
       new  38b1e92   * slime.el ([test] interactive-eval): Fix test.
       new  b5788ef   * swank-kawa.scm (wrap-compilation): Set 
Compilation.explict flag.
       new  937a0ff   * swank-kawa.scm (list-file): Add cast to resolve 
overloaded parse method.
       new  9a31838   * swank-kawa.scm (disassemble-form): Update for change 
from 2010-05-18.
       new  9679679   Move wacky parsing code to contrib.
       new  fd87713   Move some var-defs before first use.
       new  9730182   * slime.el (define-slime-contrib): Use destructuring-bind.
       new  7c74f09   Fix last change.
       new  b8d5ea7   Call provide at the end of the file. * slime-c-p-c.el 
slime-fancy-inspector.el slime-fancy.el slime-fontifying-fu.el slime-fuzzy.el 
slime-package-fu.el slime-parse.el slime-presentations.el slime-references.el 
slime-repl.el slime-scratch.el:
       new  85f73de   Call provide at the end of the file.
       new  5c6bbba   * swank-fancy-inspector.lisp (emacs-inspect): Add 
[finalize] button for not finalized classes.
       new  765d48a   Some *sldb-quit-restart* related fixes.
       new  0be420c   * swank-allegro.lisp (socket-fd): Add support for allegro.
       new  64920df   * inferior-slime.el (inferior-slime-show-transcript): 
Update window point
       new  a52ae5b   * swank.lisp: Move definition of LCONS before first use. 
Patch from Stelian Ionescu <sionescu@cddr.org>
       new  a6799cd   * slime.el, swank.lisp: #'(lambda -> (lambda
       new  dec6afc   *** empty log message ***
       new  822d84f   * swank-asdf.lisp (asdf-central-registry): ASDF2 
compatibility. Patch by Leo Liu.
       new  b414036   * swank-asdf.lisp (asdf-central-registry): Use an 
exported interface for ASDF2.
       new  e468a4f   Don't use goto-line.
       new  2b94ef9   * slime.el 
(slime-current-tlf-number,slime-current-form-path): Moved to 
       new  0a88887   * swank-loader.lisp (*architecture-features*): ECL uses 
       new  6cbe732   * swank-fancy-inspector.lisp (docstring-ispec): Don't 
insert an unnecessary space. (emacs-inspect): Delete unnecessary "it" in [... 
it] buttons. Don't capitalize every word in some messages.
       new  0ff3167   * swank-asdf.lisp (asdf:operation-done-p): Fix reloading 
on ASDF2. ASDF2 no longer has `asdf:around' method combination.
       new  285b854   Find definition for (%primitive NAME ...)
       new  fb5029e   * slime-repl.el (slime-call-defun): Handle setf-functions.
       new  161a71f   * swank-sbcl.lisp (quit-lisp): Use 
sb-thread:terminate-thread instead of sb-ext:quit :recklessly-p t. This way 
sb-ext:*exit-hooks* will be run. Reported by Lorenz Mösenlechner.
       new  e5cffa7   * swank-lispworks.lisp (list-callers-internal): Fix for 
LW6. (list-callees-internal): New function, use it.
       new  7b53e4b   * slime-fancy-inspector.el (slime-fancy-inspector): Add 
slime-parse dependency.
       new  892f5b7   * swank-arglists.lisp (arglist-dispatch): Export it, so 
it may be extended more easily.
       new  ff3510c   * slime-package-fu.el (slime-export-structure): New 
function, export all constructors, accessors, etc. * swank-package-fu.lisp 
(export-structure): Lisp side of the above function, works only on SBCL for now.
       new  5e8b67a   * slime-sprof.el (slime-sprof-start-alloc) 
(slime-sprof-start-time): New functions to start profiling in :alloc and :time 
mode. The default slime-sprof-start is :cpu. * swank-sprof.lisp 
(swank-sprof-start): Accept :mode keyword.
       new  ab2c42a   * swank-package-fu.lisp (export-symbol-for-emacs): Fix 
       new  7f7c52c   * slime-package-fu.el (slime-frob-defpackage-form): 
Accept a symbol or a list of symbols. Optimize inserting several symbols at a 
time. (slime-search-exports-in-defpackage): Search forward until nothing is 
found, otherwise it searching for FOO will stop after encountering FOO-B. 
(slime-export-class): Rename from slime-export-structure.
       new  cac3a10   * slime-sprof.el (slime-sprof-start): change defun to 
defun*, elisp doesn't understand default values for &optional.
       new  7bcedfd   * slime-presentations.el 
(slime-copy-presentation-to-repl): Limit looking-back to one character before 
point. Solves long freeze on a large buffer.
       new  99906a9   * slime-c-p-c.el (slime-complete-form): Limit 
`looking-back' too.
       new  8bca81c   * swank.lisp (print-part-to-string): Bind 
*print-readably* to nil. Useful when debugging broken printer methods.
       new  e9b5785   Don't get confused by END-OF-FILE on unrelated streams. 
Fixes bug "slime connection broken on trivial condition..." Reported by Pascal 
J. Bourguignon.
       new  e129d06   * slime.el (slime-dispatch-event): :eval-no-wait, lisp 
sends a form in a string, not a function name and arguments. Add 
slime-check-eval-in-emacs-enabled. * swank.lisp (defpackage): export 
       new  dd44b5f   * swank-allegro.lisp (fspec-definition-locations): 
Default &optional position to 0, otherwise it may cause errors later. Reported 
by: Paulo Madeira.
       new  da631c3   * swank-ccl.lisp (spawn): Specify 
:use-standard-initial-bindings nil, so that *readtable* etc. modifications 
       new  0d68044   * swank-ccl.lisp (spawn): Revert the previous change, 
using :use-standard-initial-bindings nil might be not thread-safe.
       new  7a3f5ba   Bind *print-readably* to nil when printing the title.
       new  4220110   * swank-sbcl.lisp (save-image): Fix save-lisp-and-die 
invocation. Based on a patch by Anton Kovalenko.
       new  ef339bf   Fix slime-restore.
       new  4c36460   Find definition for (def-vm-support-routine NAME ...)
       new  e75047e   (vm-support-routine-definitions): Use 'c not :c to reduce 
clutter in the keyword package.
       new  70829ed   * swank.lisp (setup-server): Check the coding system 
before doing anything, otherwise it may be eaten by ignore-errors later.
       new  15b2223   * slime.el (slime-maybe-complete-as-filename): Limit 
backward search for #\", it slows down on large buffers. Reported by Raymond 
       new  22a7e05   (slime-search-buffer-package): Cache the package, 
searching every time on large buffers may be slow.
       new  2c45206   Snapshot restore support for SBCL.
       new  17ef54e   Add commands to enable/disable contribs.
       new  01d4ee3   * slime-repl.el: Specify :on-unload action.
       new  5a30ab9   *** empty log message ***
       new  f842a43   * slime.el (slime-recompute-modelines): Recompute 
modelines only for visible buffers. Kludge: modeline can be out of sync if the 
buffer becomes visible and no slime/lisp interaction took place yet. Patch by 
Raymond Toy. (slime-search-buffer-package): Revert, with the above change 
caching shouldn't be necessary.
       new  7d1bbcf   * slime-fuzzy.el (slime-fuzzy-choices-buffer): XEmacs 
       new  dd697f5   * slime.el (slime-xemacs-recompute-modelines): Add 
`slime-xemacs-recompute-modelines' to `pre-idle-hook', this solves the problem 
of synchronization of modelines. Thanks to Aidan Kehoe.
       new  96352a7   * swank-sbcl.lisp (exec-image): Use (car 
sb-ext:*posix-argv*) if SBCL doesn't have sb-ext:*runtime-pathname*. Reported 
by Vinay.
       new  f32c168   * swank-cmucl.lisp (*gdb-program-name*): Determine gdb 
location from PATH. (gdb-exec): Use *gdb-program-name* instead of "gdb". 
(gdb-command): Mac OS X compatibility. Patch by Raymond Toy.
       new  928bc7b   sbcl: Better VOP descriptions for XREF buffers
       new  2f4a65a   * swank-cmucl.lisp (foreign-frame-p, gdb-exec, frame-ip): 
Sparc support. Patch by Raymond Toy.
       new  a351b31   * swank-sbcl.lisp (background-save-image): add #-win32, 
because it uses symbols not present on win32. Reported by Holly Styles.
       new  3c9f174   * swank-cmucl.lisp: #-cmu19 -> #+cmu18, cmu18 is 
allegedly the oldest supported CMUCL.
       new  7969768   For C-c C-k, ask before loading possibly broken fasl 
       new  0248e50   * swank-kawa.scm (%%runnable): Update for changes in SVN 
       new  e11173e   * slime-repl.el (slime-repl-mode-end-of-defun) 
(slime-repl-mode-beginning-of-defun): Take an optional argument which specifies 
how many defuns it should move. GNU Emacs catches wrong-number-of-arguments 
condition and does this by itself, but XEmacs doesn't.
       new  516a8e4   * slime-repl.el (slime-search-property-change): XEmacs 
may return nil on previous/next-single-char-property-change, don't pass it to 
       new  88f3dcb   * slime.el (slime-forward-cruft): Use " \t\n" to match 
whitespaces instead of [:space:], XEmacs compatibility.
       new  3552c01   * swank-fuzzy.lisp (*fuzzy-completion-...*): Change 
defparameter to defvar for easier customization.
       new  e7d96c8   * swank-c-p-c.lisp (untokenize-completion): Take an 
optional argument "delimiter". (longest-compound-prefix): Pass delimiter to 
       new  4d4f840   * swank-c-p-c.lisp: s/delimeter/delimiter/, correct 
       new  4d07cd2   * swank-c-p-c.lisp (longest-compound-prefix): Wrong 
arguments for longest-common-prefix. Reported by Peter Stirling.
       new  82bb900   slime-media contrib
       new  78df76d   * swank-arglists.lisp (print-variable-to-string): Use 
without-printing-errors when printing the value. Reported by Tobias C. 
Rittweiler on lp#628945.
       new  5e8471b   * swank-sprof.lisp (filter-swank-nodes): Filter other 
swank packages too, not only SWANK.
       new  8111c0c     Make C-c C-m also expand compiler macros. (lp#638720)
       new  e7046a7     * swank.lisp (before-init): push :SWANK to *FEATURES*. 
       new  c7415c2     * swank-backend.lisp (valid-function-name-p): New 
interface.    (compiler-macroexpand-1): Use it to guard against type errors   
       new  c1002e3     * slime-parse.el (slime-parse-form-upto-point): Fix 
       new  026dcbe   * swank-cmucl.lisp (character-completion-set): Implement. 
Requires recent versions of CMUCL. Patch by Raymond Toy.
       new  5973cdc   * swank-clisp.lisp (*external-format-to-coding-system*): 
Remove stray :latin-1 argument for ext:make-encoding. Reported by Mirko Vukovic.
       new  8fb8e50   * swank.lisp (eval-for-emacs): Send (:abort condition) 
where condition is a condition which was aborted instead of just (:abort). * 
slime.el: Handle the above change.
       new  38bddfb   * slime-repl.el (slime-repl-history-pattern): Match \t 
too, besides \  and \n.
       new  7fbc81d   frame-decode-env did not ignore FLET bindings in 
bytecodes environments.
       new  e8289b0   Save result in kill ring for M-- C-x C-e. For C-u C-x C-e 
set mark before inserting.
       new  d6aeac0   Don't use indent-sexp for macroexpanded code. indent-sexp 
is potentially slow and usually redundant.
       new  3816a8b   Rename slime-macro/compiler-macro-expand-1 => 
       new  a4249aa   SBCL: null *log-output* when saving core
       new  79034eb   add richer location information to the position arg in 
       new  c6047b9   Add CODEPOINT-LENGTH function to return the number of 
codepoints in a string.  Needed to make sure that Emacs and Lisp agree on the 
length of a string.  Emacs wants codepoints and some lisps give code units.
       new  940bdbf   Fuzzy completion: speed up by 2-4 times (on sbcl)
       new  2459103   Clean up fuzzy.el's keymap code, drop mimic-key-bindings
       new  3923198   Added separate host and port history for slime-connect.
       new  1c79a26   slime-lookup-lisp-implementation has better error 
reporting and allows using a functionp to generate the arguments
       new  6c8fb04   Smarten up the label-value-line macros.
       new  567dc54   Better integration with ASDF.
       new  3069730   * swank-loader.lisp (default-fasl-dir): Guard against 
using :asdf package if it doesn't exist. Patch by Anton Vodonosov.
       new  02fe9ee   Some updates to the Kawa backend.
       new  bbab6ff   * swank-sbcl.lisp (deinit-log-output): Use the right 
symbol for *LOG-OUTPUT*, swank package isn't available at the time 
swank-backend is compiled.
       new  17c0f04   * swank.lisp (invoke-nth-restart): Make sure there is 
such restart before invoking it.
       new  afe5011   * slime.el (slime-connect): Convert the port number read 
from minibuffer to an integer, passing it as a string to `make-network-process' 
isn't portable. Patch by Marko Kocic.
       new  3753fd1   Require ABCL 0.22 and remove obsolete conditionalisation.
       new  e0d3f08   In ABCL, try harder to find the source of stack frames.
       new  d7b42c4   * slime.el (slime-goto-location-position): In case of 
(:function-name name) go to (point-min) before searching for function. Remove 
redundant regexp and regexp-quote function name before inserting it into a 
       new  f884385   * swank-package-fu.lisp (list-structure-symbols): Include 
the name of the structure too.
       new  2a71053   * swank-lispworks.lisp (list-callers-internal): Revert to 
previous low level implementation, fixed for LW6. (list-callees-internal): 
Reimplement using low level instead of the compiler's xref.
       new  55ea15e   * swank-loader.lisp (*architecture-features*): Add :arm 
for CCL ARM port.
       new  85c705a   * swank-loader.lisp: ASDF free again.  And proud of it! 
(default-fasl-dir, load-swank): Remove asdf stuff.
       new  82a295c   * swank-backend.lisp (label-value-line): Remove 
display-nil-value. And the other stuff too. (label-value-line*): Idem.
       new  a20d73d   Improve frame-source-location for Lispworks.
       new  ae9b14e   Improve source locations for compiler messages in 
       new  a72aa75   (frame-actual-args): Reimplement to include only the 
values like on other platforms and deal with, optional key and rest args. 
(print-frame): Format the frame as a call like in other backends.
       new  a5e32a1   * slime.el (slime-toggle-break-on-signals): New command. 
* swank.lisp (toggle-break-on-signals): The corresponding Lisp code.
       new  6fd8a22   * swank-fancy-inspector.lisp (emacs-inspect): Work on 
methods without associated generic function.
       new  7c204d5   * slime.el (slime-with-popup-buffer): Correct the 
       new  98f4eee   Some upgrades for the MIT Scheme backend.
       new  5683f92   Some more MIT Scheme fixes.
       new  608a564   * swank-mit-scheme.scm (swank:load-file): Print the 
result instead of returning it.
       new  0729feb   * swank-ecl.lisp (+TAGS+): change 
(translate-logical-pathname #P"SYS:TAGS") to (merge-pathnames "TAGS" 
(translate-logical-pathname "SYS:")) because of case conversion the former 
results in a pathname with a name "tags", which doesn't exist.
       new  7ff4a9e   * slime-repl.el (slime-repl-shortcut-help): Don't make ? 
an alias for help, ? is bound to minibuffer-completion-help, and you can't 
enter it.
       new  e423d0a   Allow tail-merging in call-with-bindings.
       new  4518a5a   * slime.el (slime-check-location-filename-sanity): Guard 
against target-filename being NIL.
       new  ee98541   * swank.lisp (eval-in-emacs): Export it.
       new  888dce4   * slime.el (slime-eval-for-lisp): Return value as a 
string, because it can be unreadable, e.g. #<buffer foo> * swank.lisp 
(eval-in-emacs): Prevent reader errors.
       new  a8ae9d7   * swank.lisp (eval-in-emacs): Return unreadable results 
from Emacs as an unreadable-object, not as a string.
       new  e5821e7   Don't double encode results for eval-in-emacs.
       new  96a878b   Be careful with interning.
       new  2ff6d46   * slime.el (slime-choose-overlay- region): Don't use 
`list' instead of `values', GNU Emacs fakes multiple values with lists, but 
XEmacs uses real multiple values.
       new  b99bdec   * slime.el (slime-inspector-operate-on-point): Don't save 
the point when inspecting a different object.
       new  dd5661e   * slime.el (slime-inspector-operate-on-point): Don't save 
the point when inspecting a different object. 
(slime-inspector-operate-on-point): If there is no action property directly at 
the point, try looking at (1- (point)), many inspectable objects are presented 
the end of the line, so it's easier to navigate to them by C-e and still being 
able to activate it.
       new  cb8af35   * slime.el (slime-insert-threads): Make sure newlines 
have the same thread-id property as the rest of the line. This fixes confusion 
when point is at the end of a line.
       new  8af5795   * slime.el (slime-init-popup-buffer): Don't use 
multiple-value-setq on a list, XEmacs doesn't like it.
       new  2e8aa53   * swank-allegro.lisp (find-topframe): Fix 
excl::int-newest-frame invocation for the latest alpha version of Allegro. 
Patch by Gábor Melis.
       new  16cefdd   Move some of the logic from 
slime-sexp-at-point-for-macroexpansion into slime-sexp-at-point.
       new  a57c7f2   Remove slime-sexp-at-point-for-macroexpansion.
       new  c2d7f6e   * slime-editing-commands.el (slime-beginning-of-defun): 
Call beginning-of-defun with call-interactively so that the mark gets pushed.
       new  0f8a281   * swank.lisp (format-restarts-for-emacs): Add 
without-printing-errors around restart printing.
       new  d7af283   * slime-sprof.el(abbreviate-name): Rename to 
slime-sprof-abbreviate-name (no package system, oh well...).
       new  30f8a51   * swank-sprof.lisp (swank-sprof-get-call-graph): Don't 
call serialize-call-graph when there's no samples. That prevents it from 
       new  ff3dd38   * swank.lisp (list-threads): Call `use-threads-p' only 
when *emacs-connection* is non-nil. `use-threads-p' wouldn't work in this case, 
and there is no need to remove a worker thread from the list if it's not 
connected. This fixes an issue with calling swank:stop-server when slime isn't 
       new  ccca403   * slime.el (slime-load-failed-fasl): New variable. 
Accepts `ask', `always', and `never' symbols. Loads or not loads fasls produced 
by compile-file which returned non-nil failure-p.
       new  864f43b   slime-indentation: make custom indentation hints from CL 
side work right
       new  2e8ca2c   sbcl: use WITH-COMPILATION-UNIT :SOURCE-NAMESTRING
       new  3049aa9   slime-indentation: switch to current GNU Emacs 
       new  5609f40   slime-indentation: better defmethod and lambda-list 
       new  876a55a   slime-indentation: don't take `default' for a tentative 
       new  ff9a059   slime-indentation: fix handling of (... &rest not-a-cons) 
indentation specs
       new  9ff9538   slime-indentation: fix indentation inside ,(...) and 
       new  88e0686   slime-indentation: make indent-sexp work properly for 
loop indentation
       new  3e7f580   slime-indentation: handle both split and unsplit loops
       new  f7a9040   slime-indentation: subclause aware loop indentation
       new  4336555   slime-indentation: whitespace changes
       new  be6366c   slime-indentation: indent forms following #+foo specially
       new  062c0f1   slime-indentation: sexp-based traversal for lambda-list 
       new  0ed5a42   slime-indentation: identify &more in lambda-lists
       new  163b4b8   slime-indentation: rudimentary tests
       new  7b06142   slime-indentation: fix indentation of sublists in 
destructuring lambda-lists
       new  f1f12b1   slime-indentation: support for IF*
       new  d6f9544   Use back-to-indentation instead of reinventing it.
       new  4f314ec   Make sure indent-tabs-mode is nil in tests.
       new  8cc019c   slime-indentation: better #+foo support
       new  b57b21c   slime-indentation: nicer newline-and-indent interaction 
with loop indentation
       new  785070e   slime-indentation: one more loop indentation option
       new  13e07fc   slime-indentation: better multiform loop bodies better
       new  24b6272   slime-indentation: fix indentation of function calls 
inside loop forms
       new  a8d58f9   slime-indention: add support for short form DEFSETF
       new  8de6f5c   slime-indentation: aligning keywords in calls
       new  b87e6e6   slime-indentation: support for turning off lambda-list 
       new  fdbd451   * swank-indentation.lisp: Provide :swank-indentation. 
Reported by Robert Brown
       new  5d3af35   * slime-snapshot.el: License is GPL.
       new  ab510fe   Minor tweaks to avoid some compiler warnings.
       new  55ef9ac   Turn on lexical-binding for slime.el. This mostly 
involves prefixing unused variables with underscores to shut up the compiler, 
but also some less harmless changes.
       new  93391fb   * slime.el (slime-apropos-label-properties): Deleted.  
Just auto-load apropos-mode. (slime-print-apropos): Use the variable 
apropos-label-face which seems to exist in all relevant Emacsen.
       new  19545fe   * slime.el (sdlb-print-condition): New (or old new) 
function. It was bound by P in sldb-mode, but for some reason it was lost.
       new  3170e2c   * slime.el (destructure-case): Fix "`_' not left unused" 
warnings. Insert an (ignore) form for empty bodies; this inhibts the compiler 
transformation that leads to the spurios warning.  This has no runtime cost in 
compiled code, since the compiler recognizes (ignore) and emits no code for it. 
(slime-flatten-tree): Deleted. No longer used.
       new  1d27041   * slime-package-fu.el (slime-add-export): Add :export to 
the end of a defpackage form when there's no :export present.
       new  897e3ee   Fix "wrong number of args" problem with 
slime-inspector-quit. Reported by Anton Kovalenko.
       new  e6406af   * slime-package-fu.el 
(slime-export-symbol-representation-auto): New variable. Default value is NIL. 
Determine automatically which style is used for symbols, #: or : If it's mixed 
or no symbols are exported so far, use 
       new  a2ebf40   Change default value of 
slime-export-symbol-representation-auto to t.
       new  d42e56f   slime-indentation: better named-lambda and 
destructuring-bind indentation
       new  9039150   Some changes to the ECL backend so that it works with the 
new bytecodes compiler.
       new  70e220a   slime-indentation: fallback method for trailing 
expressions on prev line
       new  e068329   slime-indentation: indirect indentation specs
       new  cf85cf9   slime-indentation: named Common Lisp styles
       new  c96d04d   slime-indentation: per-package indentation from swank
       new  a0d5b14   fix typo in define-common-lisp-style "modern"
       new  4f9059a   fix lisp-lambda-list-keyword-parameter-alignement 
       new  3c2024a   fix swank-sbcl.lisp execv -- sb-posix:syscall-error broke 
backwards compatibility
       new  5f3e983   slime-indentation: bugfix in fallback method
       new  5977c1f   slime-indentation: refactor tests
       new  dc79446   slime-indentation: another bug in the fallback method
       new  52ccedd   slime-indentation: hack comment indentation in "basic" 
       new  4ce6336   swank: better macro-indentation
       new  dde8727   slime-indentation: fix , and ,@ at the start of the 
       new  bca4e29   slime-indentation: missing paren
       new  a6b7fbb   slime-indentation: indent boa-constructor lambda-lists 
       new  1bb4d70   slime-indentation: refactor named styles
       new  363da3b   slime-indentation: XEmacs compatibility
       new  7a5b4de   slime-indentation: more XEmacs compatibility
       new  c0ea822   slime-indentation: even better defmethod indentation
       new  b21ae9c   slime-indentation: don't consider DEFINER and DEFINITION 
to be defun-like
       new  bc5175c   slime-indentation: incomplete destructuring tails
       new  692bec5   slime-indentation: with-compilation-unit indentation
       new  5a89006   slime-indentation: remove stale system indentations
       new  b4f5bc6   sbcl: get compilation notes for recursive entry to 
compilation right
       new  f7d8155   fix &optional and &key handling in MACRO-INDENTATION
       new  a24bc5c   sbcl: workaround for auto-flush thread deadlocks
       new  ce2e61b   * slime-scheme.el (slime-scheme-indentation-update): 
`slime-indentation-update-hooks' now requires functions to accept three 
arguments. Add `packages' parameter.
       new  eed8a20   sbcl: compiling from buffer tmpfile directory can be a 
       new  df004f7   macro-indentation: try to sort it out
       new  e6170dc   swank: lock around updating the indentation cache
       new  75409b1   swank: thread-safe indentation update without explicit 
       new  94ebd7d   slime-indentation: small fixes
       new  8c4d0bb   sbcl: teach the SBCL backend about &MORE vars
       new  d1f6ff9   slime-indentation: tweak COND indentation
       new  a92a8a4   slime-indentation: tweak macro-indentation once more
       new  10b9acd   Minor reformatting: break lines at 80 columns.
       new  011b8dd   * slime.el (slime-unintern-symbol): New command. * 
swank.lisp (unintern-symbol): Lisp-side implementation.
       new  10bb660   sbcl: use explicit :SERVE-EVENTS T with sockets when 
       new  fdb8f1e   sbcl: oops, can't intern SWANK*COMMUNICATION-STYLE* when 
loading the backend
       new  ca8b7d7   * swank-allegro.lisp (with-redirected-y-or-n-p): Fix 
modern-mode issues. Patch by Andrew Myers.
       new  a10afc9   Fix line numbers for compiler notes if is narrowing was 
in effect.
       new  091e95c   abcl: fix inspection for classes not using the standard 
       new  12faef8   slime-repl: new command: 
       new  93b71ed   sbcl: support for SBCL <
       new  1abc4af   * swank-sbcl.lisp (preferred-communication-style): check 
for  :sb-thread before :win32, so :spawn is preferred for threaded  Windows 
       new  53862a2   * slime-c-p-c.el (slime-complete-symbol*-fancy-bit): 
"imitate" a close-paren, or a space, with exec-kbd-macro instead of inserting 
them. Makes slime-complete-symbol*-fancy compatible with paredit and probably 
other smart or "electric" stuff that could be bound to these keys.
       new  fd2281e   new :popup-buffer slime-media event
       new  ee6b1d3   minor simple-completion change
       new  7a70b40   abcl: Differntiate fboundp symbol descriptions.
       new  421390f   * slime.el: Remove (require 'hideshow), it's not used 
anymore. Spotted by Leo Liu.
       new  bc4a9ad   * swank-asdf.lisp (xref-doit): Guard against using on 
things other than symbols and strings. slime-edit-uses may call it on (setf 
function), and it'll pop into the debugger. Report by Bart Botta.
       new  357c209   * slime-fuzzy.el (slime-fuzzy-done): Fix completion in 
the minibuffer.
       new  1800ee2   * slime-repl.el (slime-repl-set-package): Don't redisplay 
the prompt if it doesn't change.
       new  f9ef336   * swank-asdf.lisp (asdf-system-directory): preserve  
pathname-device and use NAMESTRING for final conversion, so both  device and 
directory are passed to SLIME. It is required e.g. on  MS Windows with 
implementations using PATHNAME-DEVICE for drive  letters (SBCL); intended to be 
portable and useful on every  platform where DEVICE is important.
       new  2520f44   * swank.lisp (clear-repl-variables): New functions, 
clears *, /, and + variables.
       new  d79520f   doc/.cvsignore: Add slime.html and html.
       new  27aadc6   * slime-autodoc.el (slime-autodoc): Don't cache variable 
values. (slime-autodoc-global-at-point): Remove, unused.
       new  289bc73   * slime-repl.el (slime-repl-clear-output): Fix clearing 
output when there's something entered after the prompt.
       new  6b18da5   * swank.lisp (all-completions): Remove mixed case syms 
e.g |Foo|. "fo" is not a prefix of "|Foo|" and it would be problematic later.
       new  04e47df   * swank-allegro.lisp (frob-allegro-field-def): Add 
missing type to ecase for inspector.  Patch from Andrew Myers.
       new  6d855d1   slime-indent: two patches from Tomohiro Matsuyama
       new  5fb1359   slime-indent: add !DEF-TYPE-TRANSLATOR indentation to 
"sbcl" style
       new  fc238a9   slime-indent: improve indentation of comments in LOOPs
       new  e46b5f5   slime-indent: make it possible to run only a specific test
       new  d5158ff   Remove dependecy on FLEXI-STREAMS for Lispworks.
       new  1b6dc21   * swank.lisp (close-connection): Be more careful with 
       new  35f47cf   * swank-backend.lisp (utf8-to-string, string-to-utf8): 
       new  701b7e8   * swank-abcl.lisp (string-to-utf8, string-to-utf8): 
Implemented. (octets-to-jbytes, jbytes-to-octets): New helpers.
       new  f050f4b   * swank-allegro.lisp (string-to-utf8, string-to-utf8): 
       new  d6f7dca   * swank-ccl.lisp (string-to-utf8, string-to-utf8): 
       new  24fe424   * swank-clisp.lisp (string-to-utf8, string-to-utf8): 
       new  f2d5193   * swank-cmucl.lisp (string-to-utf8, string-to-utf8): 
       new  2a508fb   * swank-lispworks.lisp (string-to-utf8, string-to-utf8): 
       new  3c022a6   * swank-sbcl.lisp (string-to-utf8, string-to-utf8): 
       new  9b98556   * swank-backend.lisp (accept-connection): Improve 
docstring.  In particular say that we want a binary stream if the 
EXTERNAL-FORMAT argument is nil.
       new  4fcc684   * swank-abcl.lisp (accept-connection): Make it so. * 
swank-clisp.lisp (accept-connection): Make it so. * swank-cmucl.lisp 
(accept-connection): Make it so. * swank-lispworks.lisp (accept-connection): 
Make it so. * swank-sbcl.lisp (accept-connection): Make it so. * swank-scl.lisp 
(accept-connection): Make it so.
       new  65d01d6   * swank.lisp (close-connection): Fix thinko.
       new  82a58ff   New wire format.
       new  05687e1   * swank-allegro.lisp (swank-compile-string): For reader 
errors return nil not (values nil nil t).
       new  973b51b   Add portable versions for string-to-utf8 and 
       new  ad32201   Forgot this file in last commit.
       new  68782fb   * slime.el (slime-run-test): Renamed from 
slime-run-one-test. (slime-toggle-test-debug-on-error): New. ([test] break): 
Longer timeouts.
       new  b1dac49   * swank-cmucl.lisp (accept-connection): Fix buffering arg.
       new  22c29a9   * swank-ecl.lisp (accept-connection): Fix buffering arg. 
* swank-cmucl.lisp (accept-connection): Fix buffering arg.
       new  a8a5b81   Restore old header format.
       new  7c2af89   slime-indent: DEFMETHOD indentation when the name is a 
SETF-name and qualifiers are present
       new  42edae2   * slime.el (slime-ed): add bytep argument to 
destructure-case. When it's true, position is interpreted as byte offset.
       new  fcff6e0   * swank.lisp (open-dedicated-output-stream): Open a 
stream with the right coding system. Change (:open-dedicated-output-stream 
port) message to (:open-dedicated-output-stream port coding-system), because 
Emacs can no longer determine the coding system based on the main network 
streams since they are binary now.
       new  2d835db   sbcl: restart-frame can restart anon and lexical 
functions now
       new  e44d03f   slime-indentation: add !def-debug-command to "sbcl" style
       new  8a8aa3e   * slime.el (sldb-eval-in-frame): Try to figure the 
package out. Ask Lisp if the function for frame was defined in a particular 
package and use it to read the form. (sldb-read-form-for-frame): New helper.
       new  5dea387   * swank.lisp (*sldb-printer-bindings*): Removed.  Rather 
useless since the change from 2009-02-26.  It could at best have some influence 
on the way conditions are printed.  *sldb-string-length* and 
*sldb-bitvector-length* where both nil so *sldb-pprint-dispatch-table* was also 
not used by default.  In summary, spending 3 pages for something that's not 
used by default was pretty silly.  One variable less where we can get the 
defaults wrong.
       new  f84f2fd   * swank-cmucl.lisp: Trigger compilation of utf8 stuff 
before first real use.
       new  c2fb9d2   * slime-repl.el (slime-open-stream-to-lisp): Convert 
"utf-8-unix" to 'utf-8-unix.
       new  fec77e8   * swank.lisp (eval-in-frame-aux): Don't bind *package* 
during eval.
       new  f723c1f   * swank.lisp (create-server): Remove coding-system 
argument. ([defstruct] connection): Remove coding-system slot. 
(connection.external-format, *coding-system*): Deleted. (make-connection, 
start-server, create-server, setup-server) (accept-connections): Drop 
coding-system arg.
       new  99dee2d   * swank-cmucl.lisp (make-socket-io-stream): Create a 
character stream if external-format is non-nil.
       new  1a8faa2   * swank.lisp (create-server): Add a :backlog argument. 
(setup-server): Pass it along.
       new  0d318e2   slime-indentation: better DEFCLASS and DEFINE-CONDITION 
superclass indentation
       new  4d22422   slime-indentation: still more work on loop indentation
       new  95c51b0   * swank.lisp (to-line): Increase default limit to 512. 
(frame-locals-for-emacs): Let *print-right-margin* override default line width.
       new  e945491   * swank.lisp (do-symbols*, classify-symbol) 
(symbol-classification-string): Moved to contrib/swank-util.lisp.
       new  6bddce7   actually add the file
       new  5b69f31   * swank-cmucl.lisp (method-location): Special case 
       new  b11c5b3   * swank-loader.lisp (*contribs*): Add swank-util.
       new  922bf61   * swank-kawa.scm (mangled-name): Try to deal unnamed 
lambdas. (inspect): Split up into inspect-array-ref and inspect-obj-ref. 
(inspect-array-ref): New. (inspect-obj-ref): New. Include methods in result.
       new  6db6c34   * swank-sbcl.lisp (wait-for-input): Call poll(2). * 
swank-backend.lisp (wait-for-streams, wait-for-one-stream): Deleted. Wouldn't 
work on binary streams.
       new  3b74c67   swank-mrepl.lisp: New file.
       new  94970ef   * swank.lisp (listener-channel): Moved to 
contrib/swank-mrepl.lisp (create-listener, initial-listener-bindings, 
       new  0eb7d96   * slime-mrepl.el: Drop dependency on slime-repl. Use 
comint instead.
       new  e951aa9   * swank-kawa.scm (inspect-obj-ref): Use for instead of 
       new  13ec552   * swank-sbcl.lisp (wait-for-input): Use poll only on 
       new  e3491c4   * swank-sbcl.lisp (wait-for-input): Define only if 
#+os-provides-poll or #+win32.
       new  235178a   * slime-repl.el (slime-repl-send-input): Don't put 
`read-only' property on an overlay, overlays don't support it.
       new  e6dcd9e   * swank-mrepl.lisp (package-prompt): Use <= instead of < 
to give package-name priority over nicknames.
       new  cd89cf1   * swank-allegro.lisp (set-default-initial-binding): In 
9.0 alpha, *CL-DEFAULT-SPECIAL-BINDINGS* is [soon to be] deprecated.  It's 
otherwise the same EXCL:*REQUIRED-TOP-LEVEL-BINDINGS* (i.e. no change in 
       new  10c0796   Mention utf8 thing.
       new  a420a93   Mention problem with CLISP Windows filenames.
       new  a6fbc77   sbcl: another run at WAIT-FOR-INPUT
       new  effc008   slime-indentation: XEmacs compatibility
       new  977dc8b   slime-indentation: recognize :foo and #:foo style loop 
       new  c4c5370   sbcl: fix INPUT-READY-P
       new  4ebeb78   * swank-rpc.lisp (read-chunk): Signal end-of-file we had 
no input.
       new  c7f76bc   * swank-loader.lisp (*contribs*): Add swank-mrepl.
       new  4d322d3   swank-repl.lisp: New file
       new  425697a   * swank.lisp (create-repl): Moved to 
contrib/swank-repl.lisp. (*use-dedicated-output-stream*, 
*dedicated-output-stream-port* (*dedicated-output-stream-buffering*, 
open-streams) (make-output-function, send-user-output) 
(make-output-function-for-target, make-output-stream-for-target) 
(open-dedicated-output-stream, find-repl-thread) (spawn-repl-thread, repl-loop, 
initialize-streams-for-connection) (read-user-input-from-emacs,  
*listener-eval-function*) (listener-eval, * [...]
       new  5942606   Ooops forgot this file in last commit.
       new  0502360   * swank-repl.lisp: New file. * slime-repl.el 
(slime-repl): Add swank-dependecy.
       new  f239341   * swank.lisp: Minor cleanups. * swank-rpc.lisp:
       new  ebc929a   * swank.lisp (interrupt-worker-thread): Don't use 
find-repl-thread as fallback.
       new  f39c00c   * start-swank.lisp: Remove :coding-system argument.
       new  4db17f8   Remove stale commentaries.
       new  ccc3e10   Move flow control into dispatch-event.
       new  60784e3   * swank.lisp (background-message): Do nothing if 
connection.slowdown is set.
       new  5c1548e   Drop flow control from repl-output-stream. That's now 
done at a lower level.
       new  09a21bc   * slime.el (slime-compile-region): Check connection 
before running hooks, invoking slime-flash-region doesn't make much sense when 
there's no connection.
       new  48899b6   * slime-asdf.el (slime-asdf): New custom group. * 
slime-asdf.el (slime-asdf-collect-notes): Put this variable in. Patch by Didier 
       new  654927a   * slime.el ([xemacs]): Don't require 'un-define in XEmacs 
21.5 and later. Mule-UCS is not needed anymore because of internal Unicode 
support (and conflicts with it).
       new  cd56064   * doc/.cvsignore: Add more files generated by Texinfo 
(.kys, .fns and .vrs).
       new  a2ee465   * doc/.cvsignore: Aadd html.tgz
       new  40593ef   * slime.el (slime-batch-test): Forgot to rename 
slime-run-one-test to slime-run-test here. (slime-net-connect): Remove 
coding-system argument. (slime-xref-insert-recompilation-flags): Use 
insert-char instead of (dotimes (i ..) (insert " " ..)) to avoid the compiler 
warning. ([test] break, slime-forward-sexp): Use _i in dotimes.
       new  b0a27be   * slime.el (slime-update-system-indentation): Moved to 
       new  7272aec   Move flow control from dispatch-event to send-to-emacs.
       new  6f62ae7   * swank.lisp (send-to-emacs): Add a 
without-slime-interrupts to protect send/receive from arbitrary interrupts.
       new  1847c76   * slime.el ([xemacs]): Use (find-coding-system 
'utf-8-unix) instead of checking the XEmacs version to decide when 'un-define 
is required.
       new  f29ca8f   Make *event-queue* and *events-enqueued* slots of the 
connection struct.
       new  192e9ab   * swank.lisp (*slime-interrupts-enabled*): Describe the 
idea behind the interrupt handlig code a bit.
       new  b5b74cb   slime-indentation: wrap initialization into a function
       new  bcfe66c   slime-indentation: fix local function lambda-list 
       new  cc63903   Create an extra thread for the indentation cache.
       new  830e815   * swank-loader.lisp (delete-stale-contrib-fasl-files): 
New. (compile-contribs): Use it.
       new  4de010a   Make *active-threads* a slot of the connection struct.
       new  6ee8a4e   * swank.lisp: Move global io-redirection 
       new  0e1f970   Don't call init-global-stream-redirection in 
*after-init-hook*. *after-init-hook* may be called before the contrib was 
       new  5349d34   * swank.lisp (auto-flush-loop): Don't use 
call-with-io-timeout. Removing it had no effect on the number of failed tests.  
If you want it back, first create a test case to demonstrate the problem. * 
swank-backend.lisp: Mention that locks should only be used in swank-gray.lisp.
       new  89e905e   Fix some typos.
       new  c7e1b33   * slime.el (slime-compile-region): Run slime-flash-region 
directly, not from `slime-before-compile-functions', which is run also for C-c 
       new  21a1320   * swank-sbcl.lisp (input-ready-p): Don't use 
sb-impl::fd-stream-fd-type if it's not present.
       new  95ece1c   * slime.el (slime-cycle-connections): Add 
`slime-cycle-connections-hook', to be used by slime-repl.
       new  e6587f2   * swank.lisp (throw-to-toplevel): If *sldb-quit-restart* 
is not found, try to invoke the last restart, which usually is a top-level 
abort restart. This is useful when the debugger is invoked from a non-slime 
       new  6336217   * slime.el (slime-init-command): Don't call 
`slime-to-lisp-filename', the lisp is not yet connected and if there's another 
connection it will use the wrong translation.
       new  6f5ff42   slime-indentation: better treatment of feature expressions
       new  75150a6   * swank-loader.lisp (lisp-version-string): Append 
-no-threads to SBCL without threads.
       new  8f7df46   Add a "sentinel thread" to protect access to global lists.
       new  15411c4   * swank-mrepl.lisp (send-prompt): Fix use of OR. Reported 
by Mark H. David.
       new  33ddd42   swank-lispworks.lisp (dspec-file-position): Fall back to 
regexp search if dspec-stream-position gets an error.
       new  385d9c2   * swank-clisp.lisp (c-error): The number of parameters to 
sys::c-warn was changed, accommodate both versions.
       new  3830922   * swank-ecl.lisp (accept-connection): Use the proper 
element-type for the stream.
       new  b70cbab   Fix ChangeLog typo.
       new  16f1a21   * contrib/slime-package-fu.el (slime-export-save-file): 
New variable, when set to T saves package.lisp after each modification. 
Defaults to NIL.
       new  bb991c3   * swank.lisp (swank-require): Ensure that provide as 
       new  e9abd02   Add missing provide.
       new  48c4299   * swank-kawa.scm (module-method>meth-ref):  Slightly 
better heuristic for vararg functions.
       new  f82f1a6   Fix SBCL backend for Windows.
       new  4908dc6   * swank-ccl.lisp: If 'xref is not provided warn about it 
but continue.
       new  db771c8   * swank-arglists.lisp (print-decoded-arglist): When the 
source of the arglist is a local definition from FLET, some parts may be 
represented as ARGLIST-DUMMY, handle them.
       new  d95feff   2012-03-09  Stas Boukarev  <stassats@gmail.com>
       new  87a72db   swank-motd.lisp, swank-hyperdoc.lisp: Add provide.
       new  7365dc4   Fix compiler warning about inhibit-warnings and use 
find-external-format to compile and load the utf-8 format if needed.
       new  ca02be0   * swank-kawa.scm (%macroexpand): Use Kawa's syntaxutils.
       new  e29b538   Use Unix-EOL convention even on Windows.
       new  86e5612   * contrib/swank-arglists.lisp 
(compute-enriched-decoded-arglist): Add arglist display for 
MULTIPLE-VALUE-CALL, the same as with APPLY.
       new  009ca05   * slime.el (utf-8-source): New test case.
       new  e4675aa   * swank-ccl.lisp (swank-compile-string, 
compile-temp-file): Use utf8.
       new  08e8f28   * swank-cmucl.lisp (swank-compile-file): Use 
external-format arg.
       new  852f593   * swank-sbcl.lisp (swank-compile-string): Use utf8.
       new  7fb5206   * swank-lispworks.lisp (swank-compile-string): Don't 
include the source-string in the dspec::*location*.  As LW has the habbit to 
print the entire *location* on redefinition the source-string would causes 
troubles for the test case.
       new  a08a92d   * slime.el (utf-8-source): Bind slime-load-failed-fasl.
       new  fd3b5fc   * slime.el (utf-8-source): XEmacs has no 
set-buffer-multibyte. (slime-create-test-results-buffer): Set 
       new  82bf3da   sbcl: make STEP friendlier when SBCL gives the source 
form for the initial form
       new  2032450   slime-indentation: fix indentation of (foo ;; comment\n...
       new  16b31c5   sbcl: fix bug introduced two commits ago
       new  b180f7b   slime-indentation: identify initial-value-forms in 
       new  8af4b07   * swank-fancy-inspector.lisp (format-iso8601-time): Add 1 
to the time-zone if DST value of decode-universal-time is T.
       new  e3e5590   * swank.lisp (interrupt-worker-thread): Interrupt the 
REPL thread if there are no threads found. Send Emacs an error message if no 
threads are found at all.
       new  f8bae1c   *** empty log message ***
       new  d2dfa2c   Fix long lines.
       new  fa1a9bc   More long line fixes.
       new  5d60829   Even more long line breaking.
       new  3677770   * slime.el (def-slime-test utf-8-source): Remove literal 
Unicode characters in the form of \xFFFF, it causes problems for some people.
       new  f844802   * slime.el (def-slime-test utf-8-source): Another try at 
fixing utf8 literals in code.
       new  492d3a2   * slime.el (def-slime-test utf-8-source): Define only 
when (and (featurep 'emacs) (>= emacs-major-version 23)).
       new  7f330d0   * slime.el ([test] utf-8-source): Use the encoded byte 
sequence of the Unicode string.
       new  2a66927   slime-indentation: fix long lines
       new  ac59642   slime-indentation: correct indentation for &AUX value 
forms in lambda-lists
       new  beca9ef   slime-indentation: don't indent non-lists as if they were 
       new  cf55976   In MAKE-LOCK (swank-ecl.lisp) make it explicit the need 
for recursive locks.
       new  b5841b8   Prettier arglists.
       new  5f44120   sbcl: SWANK-VALUE to make it nicer to refer to values of 
SWANK symbols
       new  1f8d15f   sbcl: workaround for auto-flush thread deadlocks, take II
       new  1130794   In swank-ecl.lisp, import 
compute-applicable-methods-using-classes when its fboundp (ECL 12.5.1 will 
provide it).
       new  6e1d26d   Indirect through a variable in 
       new  7e6b80f   * create-socket: correct variable name typo.
       new  ace43cc   * Use #\; to separate the file options.
       new  43335b0   sbcl: fix lisp-source-location
       new  7af537a   * slime.el (slime-xrefs-for-notes): Format location in a 
proper way. Reported by Max Mikhanosha.
       new  9b22556   * swank.lisp (*find-definitions-right-trim*) 
(*find-definitions-left-trim*): New variables. ",:." and "#:" default values. 
(find-definitions-for-emacs): Trim names with using the above variables when a 
symbol is not found.
       new  ab9dec7   * swank.lisp (find-definitions-find-symbol): Put back 
accidentally removed with-buffer-syntax.
       new  75aa190   * swank-sbcl.lisp (definition-source-for-emacs): Prefer 
:file over :buffer, because the buffer can be killed in the mean time and the 
silly "No buffer named x.lisp" would be displayed.
       new  17188dc   * swank-sbcl.lisp (quit-lisp): Use sb-ext:exit when it's 
       new  a9a7173   * slime.el (slime-goto-source-location): Allow for 
:buffer-and-file locations, prefer buffer if the buffer exists.
       new  8c46df9   Simplify :buffer-and-file handling.
       new  0e3682b   Remove debugging code.
       new  7bec787   sbcl: remove MERGE-TAIL-CALLS proclamation
       new  4d5c49b   * swank-fancy-inspector.lisp (emacs-inspect symbol): On 
SBCL, show information about type specifiers.
       new  13b1203   * slime.el (slime-pprint-eval-region): New command. No 
keybinding though.
       new  d9f4c9f   * swank.lisp, swank-rpc.lisp: iso-8859-1 is not same as 
       new  d604cfe   * swank-backend.lisp (with-struct): Undo damage. * 
swank-sbcl.lisp (with-definition-source): New macro.
       new  e7bdad5   * swank-allegro.lisp (string-to-utf8): Set the 
:null-terminate argument of excl:string-to-octets to nil.
       new  746ee69   * swank-sbcl.lisp (with-definition-source): Forgot to 
commit this one.
       new  535d92e   * swank-sbcl.lisp (condition-timed-wait): Use the 
:timeout argument of sb-thread:condition-wait if supported.
       new  05c9176   * swank-sbcl.lisp (condition-timed-wait): Undo previous 
change. The :timeout arg doesn't seem ready for production use.
       new  30337ca   Ignore linebreaks for the macroexpand test. SBCL should 
now also pass it.
       new  01ded19   * swank-backend.lisp (call-with-io-timeout): Not used. 
Deleted. * swank-sbcl.lisp (call-with-io-timeout): Deleted.
       new  27021b3   * swank-sbcl.lisp (stream-force-output): Don't use 
with-deadline. Grab the world-lock instead. (condition-timed-wait): Use the 
:timeout argument.
       new  996cb2a   * swank-sbcl.lisp (stream-force-output): Use 
with-world-lock i.e. with-recursive-lock instead of with-mutex. * slime.el 
(sbcl-world-lock): New test.
       new  f03e667   * swank-sbcl.lisp (stream-force-output): Undo last few 
       new  928bc05   Reduce dependecy on pre-defined faces.
       new  ec6b99d   Add provide in swank-media.  Noticed by Cyrus Harmon.
       new  2f2745e   * slime.el (slime-oneliner): Use minibuffer width instead 
of the width of the current frame, minibuffer can be in a separate frame with a 
different width. Patch by Greg Pfeil (lp#1004252).
       new  23e4369   * slime.el (slime-changelog-date): Use (expand-file-name 
"ChangeLog" slime-path) instead of (concat slime-path "ChangeLog"), slime-path 
may not have a trailing /. Reported by Paul Sexton (lp#1011935).
       new  2bd7a41   * swank-ecl.lisp (wait-for-input): Provide implementation 
that doesn't need serve-event.
       new  3566be6   * slime.el: Don't compile functions that are now in other 
       new  d7f93da   * swank-arglists.lisp (test-print-arglist): bind 
*print-right-margin* to 1000 instead of NIL, because the default value on ABCL 
is less than the length of the tested arglist.
       new  ed41fcb   * swank-sbcl.lisp (call-with-debugging-environment): Use 
sb-debug::resolve-stack-top-hint instead of just sb-debug:*stack-top-hint*, 
because now it can contain things other than just frames.
       new  c6b4fd5   * clean up: (signal (make-condition ...)) => (signal ...)
       new  fd63054   * swank-arglists.lisp (extra-keywords/slots): Check for 
slot-definition-initfunction being present before calling 
       new  2767c53   * swank-abcl.lisp (find-definitions): Call ext:resolve 
before finding definitions, for the symbol may be not autoloaded yet.
       new  c241733   * swank-loader.lisp (lisp-version-string): Add "s" to 
Allegro with SMP support. Patch by Dave Cooper.
       new  6d2fb92   * swank.lisp (close-connection%): Let *debugger-hook* be 
nil across the entire function to that we don't call our own debugger if we 
ever get some error during CLOSE or somesuch.
       new  6f40320   Avoid labels.
       new  2e69f3c   Avoid flet.
       new  19b1c76   * slime.el (slime-goto-source-location-buffer-and-file): 
Delete unused function.
       new  7e4dc1e   Avoid some unused variable warnings.
       new  dc4a78d   * slime.el (slime-insert-threads): Some cleanups. 
(slime-insert-table, slime-insert-table-row) (slime-transpose-lists) New 
helpers. (slime-threads-table-properties): Renamed from 
*slime-threads-table-properties* (slime-thread-index-to-id, 
slime-longest-lines) (slime-format-threads-labels, slime-insert-thread): 
       new  1d2b8f6   * swank-kawa.scm: Various tweaks.
       new  78715f1   * contrib/slime-fuzzy.el (slime-fuzzy-choices-buffer): 
Don't move position in the current buffer, call (slime-fuzzy-next) after 
switching to the completion buffer.
       new  c7c70fa   * slime.el (slime-location-offset): When going to a 
position causes an error, for example, trying to move beyond the end of the 
buffer, move the point to 0 and then try to use the hints.
       new  2da336d   * slime.el (report-condition-with-circular-list): New 
test. * swank.lisp (safe-condition-message): Bind *print-length*.
       new  d25124b   * swank.lisp (safe-condition-message): Truncate the 
string after 64KB.
       new  02fa47c   * swank-cmucl.lisp (dd-location): Use info db as 
fallback. (struct-constructor): Return the name not the function.
       new  94fcfad   * slime.el ([test] find-definition): Test defstruct and 
defvar. ([test] find-definition.3): New.
       new  c86e13f   * swank-allegro.lisp (frame-source-location, 
ldb-code-to-src-loc): Use function-source-location for some cases that used to 
cause errors. (frame-package): New. (format-sldb-condition, 
call-with-syntax-hooks): Deleted. Did just the same as the default 
       new  08bc0a1   * swank.lisp (condition-message): New. Binds 
*print-cirlce. (safe-condition-message): Move binding of printer vars to 
condition-message. (*sldb-condition-printer*): Set it to #'condition-message.
       new  e2b6ef0   * slime.el (find-definition.3): Fix syntax.
       new  3ae7ca8   * slime.el (slime-timer-call): Use debug marker in 
       new  27e133e   call-with-compilation-hooks in swank-ecl.lisp called the 
same function twice.
       new  939fe13   * swank-allegro.lisp (ldb-code-to-src-loc): Scan backward 
to the first code point with a non-nil start-char. (frame-package): Also match 
for ((:internal foo ...)).
       new  c0bc800   * slime.el ([test] find-definition.3): Mark as expected 
to fail. ([test] arglist): Adjust regexp so that CCL passes. 
(slime-execute-tests): Insert summary table at the the end. (slime-check): 
Don't change counters here, as that would count multiple times per test.  
Instead to the counting in slime-execute-tests.
       new  06ce29a   * swank.lisp (interrupt-worker-thread): Solve 
*send-counter* binding problem. find-worker-thread: Merge with 
       new  4eed97e   * swank.lisp (with-panic-handler): Abort the condition 
after closing the connection, otherwise it ends up in the slime debugger 
causing nested errors.
       new  bb7b6a7   * swank-asdf.lisp: Better ASDF support. * swank.lisp 
(*compile-file-for-emacs-hook*): A hook for compile-file-for-emacs, so that 
ASDF can hook its compilation functions.
       new  5528039   * contrib/slime-package-fu.el 
(slime-determine-symbol-style): Fix the default case when no :export symbols 
are present. Because of (every anything nil) => T.
       new  19b4536   * slime-repl.el 
(slime-repl-print-right-margin-follows-window): New variable, defaults to NIL. 
(slime-repl-eval-string): Respect the above variable. * swank-repl.lisp 
(listener-eval): New keyword parameter, window-width, if supplied binds 
*print-right-margin* to its value. Based on a patch by Marco Baringer.
       new  b81f39a   Rename slime-repl-print-right-margin-follows-window to 
       new  555d435   * slime.el (slime-edit-definition): Don't ask the user 
for a name to search if it's missing before running 
slime-edit-definition-hooks, the hooks might search for name in a different 
manner (for example, presentations).
       new  117440b   * slime.el (slime-edit-definition): Don't ask the user 
for a name to search if it's missing before running slime-edit-definition-hooks 
(slime-open-inspector): pop-to-buffer before inserting anything, otherwise the 
point is not moved into the desired position.
       new  e4c0b1a   * swank-asdf.lisp (asdf-system-directory): Return a 
namestring, not a namestring.
       new  e1b202b   Fix a typo.
       new  0133eb2   * swank-allegro.lisp (macroexpand-all): USe walk-form, 
not walk on >= 8.2. Patch by Utz-Uwe Haus.
       new  482ffd0   * swank-backend.lisp (deinit-log-output): Move from 
swank-sbcl, use it on CCL in ccl:*save-exit-functions* as well.
       new  df59abf   * slime.el (slime-attempt-connection): Show the attempt 
       new  4683b5d   * swank.lisp (thread-for-evaluation): Make generic. 
Remove keyword arg. Don't call find-repl-thread.
       new  697747c   * swank.lisp (thread-for-evaluation): Use INTEGER, not 
FIXNUM, as a specializer, FIXNUM is not a standard class.
       new  7381aa6   * swank-ecl.lisp (swank-mop): MOP works well now, import 
all symbols.
       new  c6ba022   * swank-asdf.lisp: Better support for different versions 
of ASDF.
       new  e02108b   * swank.lisp (find-definitions-find-symbol-or-package): 
Rename from `find-definitions-find-symbol'. Packages are not named by symbols 
and an uninterned string can refer to a package. In case it finds a package, 
return a new uninterned symbol.
       new  d70a7ce   * contrib/slime-cl-indent.el (define-common-lisp-style 
"basic"): Don't set `comment-column' to NIL, it only can accept integers.
       new  46dafdf   * slime-fancy-inspector.el (slime-edit-inspector-part): 
New function, tries to find a definition of the part at point. Hooks into 
       new  80438bf   * swank-loader.lisp (init): Add a :quiet argument.
       new  ee38e4c   * swank-ccl.lisp (frame-package): Implemented.
       new  97f7159   Remove stray code.
       new  ca93c11   * swank-ecl.lisp (describe-symbol-for-emacs): Include 
bound symbols even those without documentation.
       new  34912eb   * swank-ccl.lisp (compiler-warning-short-message): Add a 
method for ccl::shadowed-typecase-clause.  Whithout that we only get 
"Nonspecific warning". (function-name-package): Factored out from 
frame-package.  Add case for standard-method.
       new  83c442f   * swank-sbcl.lisp (frame-debug-vars): Only include :valid 
locals. (*keep-non-valid-locals*): New.
       new  497ce6a   * swank-sbcl.lisp (frame-package): New.
       new  60eff4e   * swank.lisp (frame-locals-for-emacs): Print variable 
names in frame-package.
       new  aa50707   * slime-autodoc.el (slime-autodoc): Remove 
:gnu-emacs-only. Suggested by Raymond Toy. (slime-autodoc): Fix long lines.
       new  629972e   * swank-ecl.lisp (frame-var-value): Return the value 
without name.
       new  19b3a43   * swank.lisp (swank-compile-file*): Renamed from  
       new  fd07575   * swank-ecl.lisp (accept-connection): Fix a typo, line => 
       new  963a146   * swank-backend.lisp: Add a couple of ignore declarations.
       new  2da00df   * swank-asdf.lisp: Better compatibility with newer ASDF. 
Patch by Francois-Rene Rideau and Stelian Ionescu.
       new  eff1ef6   * swank-asdf.lisp: Better upcoming ASDF3 support.
       new  45c414b   * swank-asdf.lisp (asdf-determine-system): Return the 
name of a system. Reported by Tamas Papp.
       new  1ce24fc   * slime-asdf.el (slime-determine-asdf-system): Don't call 
slime-to-lisp-filename on NIL. Reported by Tamas Papp.
       new  f883f7c   * swank-fuzzy.lisp: Allow NIL to be completed, don't 
confuse with it package:
       new  9d05f7f   * swank-backend.lisp (type-specifier-p): New. Implement 
it for ACL, ECL, CCL, Clisp, SBCL, LW.
       new  4c47a93   * swank-sprof.lisp (pretty-name): Better frame names.
       new  a2a0e8d   * swank-allegro.lisp (handle-compiler-warning): Ignore 
"Closure will be stack allocated" notes.  Those are harmless and there are too 
many of them. (pc-source-location, ldb-code-to-src-loc): Handle case when 
excl::ldb-code-pc returns nil.
       new  ada8a2c   * swank-lispworks.lisp (frame-package): Implemented. 
(function-name-package): New.
       new  befdcb1   * slime-repl.el (slime-open-stream-to-lisp): Use current 
connection host instead of slime-lisp-host.
       new  3caaa8e   * swank-allegro.lisp (eval-in-frame): 
debugger:frame-var-name can return nil; ignore those vars.
       new  033c541   * swank-kawa.scm (listener-loop): Use close-port instead 
of close-output-port.  close-output-port startet to signal errors in recent 
versions. (listener): Stop taking stack-snapshots on caught exceptions as it's 
too slow. It was always expensive and in Java7 it's unbearably slow.
       new  b8f2a78   * slime.el (slime-attempt-connection): Don't run the 
timer with a repeat argument, slime-attempt-connection will reinstantiate the 
timer if needed, otherwise it can be a possible source of race conditions.
       new  dc68695   * slime-autoloads.el: Don't load autoloads when slime is 
already loaded, there's no sense in doing so.
       new  76214d7   swank-abcl.lisp:  Allow SLIME inspector to perform class 
       new  7e9f069   * slime.el (slime-read-interactive-args): Use 
read-shell-command to enable completion.  Patch by Daimrod/Greg.
       new  56dda43   Hide SWANK debugger frames on Allegro also when the error 
is signalled within threads different from the SLIME REPL's. E.g. 
(mp:process-run-function nil (lambda () (error "foo"))).
       new  202d6fe   * swank-asdf.lisp (asdf-component-output-files): Use the 
correct variable in typecase. Patch by Max Mikhanosha.
       new  4c9809b   * slime.el (slime-draw-connection-list): Make sure not to 
call goto-char on NIL.
       new  fc8d817   slime-repl.el (slime-repl-sexp-at-point): New function ; 
similar to slime-sexp-at-point but ignore repl prompt text. 
(slime-repl-inspect): New function; similar to slime-inspect but default value 
is computed via slime-repl-sexp-at-point and not slime-sexp-at-point. 
(slime-repl-mode-map): Bind slime-repl-inspect it C-c I
       new  95cab93   * swank-lispworks.lisp (lispworks-severity): Fix error 
when using the :explain declaration.
       new  4330484   slime-fancy-trace.el: New contrib.
       new  4aa3a99   Forgot to update ChangeLog.
       new  35071eb   * swank-abcl.lisp (specializer-direct-methods): Correct 
symbol definition, allowing SLIME inspector to work again.
       new  812d1d8   Try to commit ChangeLog again.
       new  bd56efd   For CCL, also search nx1-alphatizer definitions.
       new  5f1881e   * swank-clisp.lisp (*frame-prefixes*): Update some of the 
patterns for new layout. (is-prefix-p): Use regexp matching. (boring-frame-p): 
Also make compiled-tagbody compiled-block boring. (sldb-backtrace, 
%parse-stack-values): Remove code for versions before 2.44.
       new  b090605   For CCL, also search definitions of p2 translators.
       new  f6401b3   * swank-sbcl.lisp (swank-compile-string): Don't call LOAD 
       new  71a2946   * swank-sbcl.lisp (swank-compile-string): Fix last 
commit.  Honor *trap-load-time-warnings* but without calling LOAD inside 
       new  bbea9e4   * swank-ccl.lisp (p2-definitions): Check bounds before 
accessing backend-p2-dispatch.
       new  4726808   * swank.lisp (swank-profile-package): New wrapper for 
profile-package that does some input validation. * slime.el 
(slime-profile-package): Use it.
       new  21390f8   * slime.el (slime-delete-package): New command. * 
swank.lisp (swank-delete-package): The corresponding Swank part.
       new  4e09cbd   * swank-sbcl.lisp (swank-compile-string): Load the fasl 
file even if there were warnings. Just like the other backends do.
       new  d943dea   [slime-devel] New contrib: slime-trace-dialog
       new  78e649f   [slime-devel] contrib/slime-cl-indent: new LOOP 
customisation options
       new  fac4b2b   [slime-devel] [patch] calling slime-edit-definition in 
the first position of a *slime-apropos* buffer
       new  f131917   [slime-devel] [patch] RET on no part in *inspector* buffer
       new  ece662e   [slime-devel] [patch] another fix for find-definition in 
the REPL buffer
       new  cc9a82f   [slime-devel] Don't load swank-asdf if ASDF is too old
       new  9073f9d   Refactor tests into new file and convert them to ert.
       new  c919046   Closes #43: slighter saner REPL prompt
       new  2fe6cb9   Add Travis CI support (emacs-23.4/emacs-snapshot/sbcl)
       new  9e3cd83   Fix more contrib tests and make them runnable from 
       new  6779941   Closes #34: General byte-compilation cleanup. 
Byte-compile when testing.
       new  f3d13f3   Closes #42: Require 'slime when byte-compiling and 
loading contribs.
       new  c59839f   Pimp README with markdown and Travis CI badge.
       new  38a1826   Fix REPL "type-ahead" when slime-presentations.el is 
       new  060f2fc   Make help the default target.
       new  3123fec   Mention "clean" in help.
       new  d9c5288   Fix typo.
       new  2f4aa81   Closes #10: report Travis regressions to slime-devel
       new  5c3f6fc   Closes #62: remove debug line
       new  0db90dd   Add package headers
       new  7ddd262   Merge pull request #64 from syohex/add-package-header
       new  a217c2a   Fix typos.
       new  e6a51ec   Merge pull request #66 from mlang/master
       new  09b130e   Silence makeinfo error during `make slime.info'
       new  0825701   Use correct file name (README.md) in mkdist.sh.
       new  d337c71   Include contrib/ in distrubution built by mkdist.sh.
       new  2ea93f5   Highlight README.md's code snippet as Emacs Lisp.
       new  503962c   Some slime asdf cleanups: * Drop the unsupported :force 
hack from swank.asd * Update some comments and docstrings * Remove an obsolete 
       new  136b6b1   Send Travis email notifications to slime-cvs
       new  5c3b552   Minor highlighting fix in README.md
       new  fd96e8a   Merge pull request #70 from 
       new  9d6f9b9   Merge pull request #69 from nbtrap/fix-info-build
       new  1ee712b   Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/pr/68'
       new  28b47f7   Replace .cvsignore with .gitignore
       new  af354d7   REPL prompt now resists being undone..
       new  b258135   Fix mkdist.sh line endings
       new  e7f9f11   Merge pull request #76
       new  bc97ac8   Closes #78: `slime-edit-definition' on no symbol should 
prompt user.
       new  96934bb   Disable email notifications from travis
       new  59a1787   Use the correct ERT for Emacs 24
       new  a160ab4   Temporarily disable flow-control test
       new  5aa7674   Fix and enhancements to slime-trace-dialog contrib.
       new  d3f084b   [Fix #72] Convert HACKING to CONTRIBUTING.md
       new  5896e2e   Merge pull request #81 from bbatsov/contributing
       new  6f3d9e9   Add a top level Makefile
       new  59dea13   Correctly bump version to 2.3.1, not 2.0.1
       new  04dc122   Closes #17: slime and (read-line) freeze
       new  615997a   Move "," binding back to slime-repl-mode-map
       new  aeaa84d   Minor cosmetic fixes to slime-repl.el
       new  ad8bc1b   Rework and and simplify setup instructions
       new  6af818c   Misc fixes by Attila Lendvai
       new  37dd1ba   Use cl-labels instead of cl-flet, safe for emacs 23.
       new  d90c4c2   Build distribution under top-level directory prefix.
       new  b697efa   Update manual to reflect infrastructure changes.
       new  49fc88e   Merge pull request #89 from nbtrap/make-dist-prefix
       new  969b273   Fix autoload bug when visiting lisp files early.
       new  ca22d7d   Bundle all external dependencies and run more tests.
       new  c8b0302   Ignore certain files when exporting with git-archive.
       new  e489a30   Closes #17: replace cl-eval-when with eval-when-compile
       new  5eca4a7   Improve Travis CI coverage
       new  ae81425   Closes #90: Merge pull request from branch 'pr/90'
       new  2c0be2a   Install script of cl-travis is bash, not sh
       new  7817efb   Fix autodoc test failures on sbcl32 and cmucl
       new  647c3c3   Unbreak presentation functionality in inspector.
       new  a222285   Make slime-repl tests less brittle.
       new  948dc36   Fix slime-repl failures when run standalone
       new  2c92fa6   Fix encoding problems in ChangeLog.
       new  c1e8536   Merge pull request #98 from sfreilich/changelog-encoding
       new  2ace678   Don't overtest: speed up contrib-specific tests.
       new  f6c09a7   No more Emacs 23 gotchas.
       new  dc88935   Three assorted slime-repl.el fixes (see details)
       new  a89789b   Unbreak "copy-to-repl" functionality in 
       new  41cc9eb   Allow "copy-to-repl" from *sldb* buffers from other 
       new  62458e0   Rework slime-trace-dialog.el
       new  31f8147   New `slime-trace-dialog-copy-down-to-repl' command.
       new  8def176   Simplify change of 41cc9eb: don't over-call SWANK on REPL 
       new  6aafda8   Revert previous swank.asd change until proper ASDF 
support is built in.
       new  02e382b   Closes #101: don't use new Emacs 24.4's colon load-path 
in Makefile
       new  cec5da5   Upgrade to cl-lib 0.4 and remove some compilation 
       new  81b6578   Make inspector use `slime-inspector-value-face' like it 
did in the past.
       new  0fcfeb9   Fix a typo.
       new  e9a154a   Revert "Fix a typo."
       new  0a00d8d   Revert "Make inspector use `slime-inspector-value-face' 
like it did in the past."
       new  2f57b34   Interactive slots in the inspector are not "real" 
presentations by default
       new  55c50bc   Unhide some autodoc tests from batch runs since 2ace678
       new  2a79d83   Fix contrib-loading bug when contrib library was 
previously required.
       new  ce4e3e9   More powerful recipe tests in preparation for refactorings
       new  74ef701   Use a custom method-combination for definterface.
       new  cf4b6d8   abcl:  DESCRIBE-DEFINTION now works for macros.
       new  723e102   Merge pull request #104 from easye/master
       new  d97b3c5   Merge branch 'master' into interface-method-combination
       new  330f41f   Set :documentation of generic function in definterface.
       new  6c53ec6   * swank-backend.lisp: Whitespace cleanup.
       new  019fe3b   Create separate Makefile for contribs.
       new  a9ca581   Mention SELECTOR.
       new  5e8d44d   Avoid echo -e which apparently is not very portable.
       new  d6aa0b1   Update ChangeLog.
       new  f1abcfe   Test to triger travis.
       new  9a832fb   Merge branch 'makefile-cleanup'
       new  5426ab1   Update ChangeLogs
       new  1c092a1   Use prin1-to-string instead of with-temp-buffer.
       new  c2b46d6   Don't try to compile already compile functions.
       new  8fe8b3c   * slime.el (slime-load-hook): Run load-hook the end.
       new  65aaa88   * inferior-slime.el: Require 'slime for macros at compile 
       new  2ebef28   * inferior-slime.el: Whitespace cleanup.
       new  976bca6   * slime-scratch.el: eval-and-compile is redundant around 
       new  413d6c2   * Makefile (check): Quote SELECTOR.
       new  d7e1009   Don't bind byte-compile-warnings while autoloading 
       new  35bf7bc   * slime.el: Break long lines.
       new  f63fd44   The method-combination idea doesn't fly.
       new  f351824   Update changelog.
       new  b8344c5   * swank-backend.lisp: Whitespace cleanup.
       new  e3dbd01   Use *macroexpand-hook* in sbcl-world-lock test.
       new  88eced4   * slime-tests.el (sbcl-world-lock): Fix docstring.
       new  e44a4c0   Closes #103. Loading contribs does not require 
slime-tests or ERT.
       new  bafeb86   Make safe-condition-message a bit safer.
       new  8051d5d   ChangeLog entry
       new  e21dcfb   * Makefile (slime.elc): Rebuild .elc if ChangeLog changes.
       new  5e4fc77   Canonicalize 'nil to nil when displaying default optional 
and keyword arguments via slime-autodoc. On SBCL this turns   (error 
'simple-condition          &rest arguments          &key (format-arguments 
'nil) (format-control 'nil)) into   (error 'simple-condition          &rest 
arguments          &key format-arguments format-control) which should be more 
       new  1583da2   Test with 64-bit SBCL and clean up .travis.yml a bit
       new  78161a9   Closes #9: New output respects existing REPL results or 
       new  53dd098   When enabling a contrib, dependencies are also enabled 
       new  e4452ce   Closes #114: Don't list normal dependencies as contrib 
       new  2563435   Closes #112: Clarify use of slime-load-hook, don't use 
       new  bd26b58   Final adjustments to SLIME Trace Dialog before 
documentation update.
       new  945eccc   Previous commit broke the Trace Dialog's lighter menu in 
the modeline.
       new  22f8e1c   State some things explicitly.
       new  a55a5ce   * lib/.nosearch: New file.  (github issue#115)
       new  2dad261   Document the SLIME Trace Dialog in the manual
       new  db6e0bd   Correct install-info dependencies in doc/Makefile
       new  b1f5a55   Use a style file when generating HTML documentation.
       new  322d2a1   Closes #5: website and documentation out of date
       new  97c7dbc   Allow regexp when batch-testing from command-line
       new  e848ed1   * lib/cl-lib.el: Upgarde to cl-lib 0.5.
       new  34bf848   * swank-sbcl.lisp (wrap): Adapt to newer SBCL.
       new  83ac90b   Tweaks to the documentation CSS
       new  e676480   Release 2.4
       new  3cce877   Fix minor manual issues found during publication
       new  c376702   Make sure the SWANK port file is an absolute path
       new  fcbc48f   Closes #116: Deal with file-names with spaces for 
       new  bb17ce7   Point README.md's doc link to common-lisp.net
       new  1c13202   Minor improvements to the documentation
       new  339891e   Fixed texinfo enconding and node placement issues
       new  3467ebc   Solve remaining byte-compilation problems
       new  3f68b66   Closes #105: Port indentation tests to use ERT
       new  f834171   Check slime-indentation contrib in Travis CI
       new  156a731   * slime-presentations.el: Require 'cl for case, 
return-from etc.
       new  6a6f75c   * lib/hyperspec.el: Cleanup whitespace.
       new  b64a38b   Use hashtables instead of obarrays; that's less confusing.
       new  301cee9   Don't rely so much internals of hyperspec.el.
       new  3a923a0   Avoid batch-byte-recompile-directory.
       new  a83ff1c   Knock down a few more byte-compilation warnings
       new  1b063d9   * lib/hyperspec.el (cl-lib): Load cl-lib from lib/ if 
       new  b7a4cda   Merge branch 'hyperspec-hashtable'
       new  64bb756   ChangeLog entry for hyperspec.el things.
       new  f82791c   * swank-ccl.lisp: Cleanup whitespace.
       new  0317b4a   Make slime-cd work better with CCL.
       new  741a3dc   Auto-update trace dialog when toggling traces
       new  89528e7   A fix and a tweak to the trace dialog
       new  1411456   slime-autodoc: don't print newline after the operator
       new  b9dfcba   Remove XEmacs portability layer and fix some FIXMEs
       new  92be40b   Redesign and simplify some window-managing code in 
       new  17373f5   Corrections after refactoring window-managing code
       new  1ab1a40   Save and restore windows popping up debuggers in Emacs23
       new  284d8a3   Merge capitaomorte/slime-el-cleanup
       new  e5f7cd8   Mass renamed SLIME -> SLY
       new  e8c3d74   Get rid of Changelog files
       new  7415878   SLDB debugger reuses previous windows
       new  bd855f1   Version string is found in sly.el
       new  71bdbca   Delete unused nregex.lisp
       new  29135a5   Officially drop Emacs 23 support and other minor tweaks
       new  7d98fde   Ignore ChangeLog files
       new  e57ee69   Remove references to `sly-changelog-date'
       new  c16a05f   Add useful edebug specs
       new  2456609   Ongoing: add experimental, broken sly-comint.el
       new  8aaf4da   Basic REPLness achieved in contrib/sly-comint.el
       new  52a09dd   Removed sly-cheat-sheet. There are alternatives, like the 
       new  488cea6   All autodoc'ing uses contrib/slime-autodoc.el
       new  57b51bf   Simplify sly-fancy
       new  b2b8a7e   Change composition of `sly-fancy'.
       new  ddc9d46   Get rid of sly-comint.el, sly-mrepl is much more 
       new  cdf4284   Don't require `sly-repl' in sly-fuzzy
       new  bfcdecd   Improve sly-mrepl slightly.
       new  7df61bf   Improve channel teardown for sly-mrepl
       new  ea2bacd   Some intermediate `sly-mrepl' cleanup
       new  37a3cee   Experimental copy-down-to-REPL behavior in sly-mrepl
       new  aca95e4   Remove everything presentation-related
       new  ec19207   Big cleanup in sly.el
       new  df310e9   Turn on `sly-mode' in `sly-mrepl-mode'
       new  4fb1005   Rework README.md
       new  420a9c9   More cleanup, remove inter-dependencies between contribs
       new  1edebf7   Spectacularly broken attempt at inspectable REPL objects
       new  7bf6c72   Consolidate sly-mrepl button behaviour slightly
       new  13224d5   Launch a mREPL when connected
       new  c353d4d   Safely tear down mREPL buffers
       new  faa1fa0   Fixes to sly-mrepl
       new  9d7cdd7   Dedicated output streams for sly-mrepl (slightly broken 
       new  769f391   Some stability fixes for sly-mrepl
       new  6d3f227   Fix mode byte-compiler warnings
       new  1348d69   Redirect other streams.
       new  a06b4a0   Imitate legacy REPL output mangling.
       new  84acffd   Stability fixes in sly-mrepl
       new  371e7b8   Add persistent history to sly-mrepl
       new  34a9059   Minor tweaks to sly.el
       new  bea5b07   Enhancements to prompting in sly-mrepl
       new  72a3568   Minor fix to sly-mrepl.el
       new  d5c4906   Debugger's "copy down to repl" more useful
       new  d0fa85b   Fix Allegro CL backend problem with temporary files.
       new  5e4862d   Make connection and thread lists read-only again
       new  ed3f37e   Recenter debugger buffer on long conditions and variable 
       new  f78bc22   Ignore fasl extension variations
       new  b50e0b9   * sly-tests.el (read-from-minibuffer): New test.
       new  3f041a0   Fix bug in sly-complete-restore-window-configuration.
       new  31c2546   Make it easier to specify regexps as test selector.
       new  b41f3c9   Run tests interactively with "make test"
       new  403d2b3   * Makefile (test): Fix typo.
       new  b009e5c   Improve source file recording for ACL backend.
       new  32c4f9c   Adjust previous change to finding definitions in ACL 
       new  a23b2da   More adjustments to find-definition in ACL backend
       new  6cc250b   Inspecting * in contrib/sly-old-repl.el no longer uses 
second-to-last value
       new  71c7146   Help cygwin users convert pathnames to lisp
       new  4b760f3   Fix updating arbitrary parts of trace dialog
       new  f570a14   More accurate prompt when describing symbol's functions
       new  30984e1   * swank-sbcl.lisp (set-default-directory): Call chdir.
       new  e5448ac   * swank.lisp (%%condition-message): Bind *print-readably*.
       new  75ff505   Fix string-trimming in sly-old-repl
       new  c6a2eb0   Remove package nicknames
       new  4fde7bc   Unbreak CCL and CLISP and cleanup ChangeLog.
       new  2780843   Closes #151: Add CCL to Travis CI
       new  4653226   Adjust previous change
       new  3f4332d   Fix warnings for contrib/sly-clipboard.el.
       new  d6c4ece   Allow macros to declare extra keywords in arglists
       new  5dd6f0a   Fix some sly-mrepl indentation
       new  2c546d1   * sly-trace-dialog.el (sly-trace-dialog--format-part): 
Fix face name.
       new  bb67f3f   Fix copy-down-to-repl behaviour
       new  906cb8a   Stale SLDB buffers properly removed
       new  9002dbe   * slime.el (slime-eval-with-transcript): Fix typo in 
       new  49f3730   Support slightly more CLHS references
       new  a9f5c51   Fix references to SBCL manual
       new  b8b383c   Catch up to SLIME release 2.6
       new  252229a   Fix type declaration for SBCL
       new  378efbe   Implement FUNCTION-NAME, FIND-SOURCE-LOCATION for 
       new  68819b9   Handle floats, not just double-floats, from lisp backend
       new  ea301a4   Fix broken cherry-pick
       new  9770412   Bind C-c ~ to new command synching package and directory
       new  754f4d4   Also enable sly-trace-dialog bindings in sldb buffer
       new  a5abd6a   Teardown REPLs a little more gracefully when quitting 
       new  443f094   Some tests for sly-recenter
       new  802742a   Modify swank.asd to load the source code without 
delegating to swank-loader
       new  748b54a   Implement independent swank-loading methods. New 
ASDF-based default.
       new  abad9e4   Also check SWANK version and interfaces with ASDF loader
       new  41a1551   Check asdf version, gracefully degradate to 
swank-loader.lisp, fix bugs
       new  e8188a2   Integrate some fixes from Fare
       new  ab8676e   Make it work for SBCL (and fix ChangeLog files)
       new  1e79f0c   Assorted fixes pointed out by Fare
       new  f1f302b   Test swank-loader.lisp fallback
       new  3ff075c   Fix failing test on Travis
       new  36d83af   swank-loader and ASDF methods behave similarly for 
       new  9854e7f   Keep `sly-backend' name, point to new 
       new  db2de21   Fixes for emacs 23 and cmucl
       new  9a1068d   Face tweak
       new  cc12133   Fix some bugs
       new  9fed3d2   Slightly more robust sly-autodoc protocol
       new  ecc2d22   More robustly calculate *swank-wire-protocol-version*
       new  2eeee16   "v" is more universally "view definition".
       new  ff047cb   Minor sly-autodoc tweaks
       new  6636329   Copy-down-to-repl chooses correct mrepl
       new  5613261   Slightly friendlier compilation messages
       new  797da0d   tosquash
       new  8f1c88e   Don't pipeline commands in sly-mrepl when REPL is busy
       new  1a9f5f5   More sly-mrepl robustness fixes
       new  4a1eed6   * swank-loader.lisp (require-module): Make slightly more 
       new  6d4f74f   * sly.el (sly-mode-map): Incorporate old bindings from 
       new  d175775   * sly.el (sly-modeline-string): simplify, don't care 
about localness.
       new  afc2b5c   * sly.el (sly-generate-connection-name): simplify 
lisp-name if it's a file
       new  3d5e34d   `sly-list-connections' uses `tabulated-list-mode'
       new  d82dfe5   * swank.lisp (connection-info): Fix omision in docstring.
       new  1c5c415   * contrib/sly-mrepl.el (sly-mrepl): Set 
       new  e9b9e3a   Remove `inferior-sly.el` fix broken dependencies on 
       new  5d13120   Handle multi-line history entries in sly-mrepl
       new  3ead854   Consistently load ~/.swankrc (user init file) from both 
       new  5b78f9a   Remove some useless references to defunct presentations
       new  22eb579   Fix typo
       new  6b2ca39   sly-mrepl results can be copied down too, and 
infrastructure changes.
       new  d3d65c0   Fix prompt color and tweak sly-mrepl copy-to-repl 
       new  46d2919   Use new copy-to-repl logic when synching package and dir
       new  aa38e42   Rewrite CHANNEL logic in swank.lisp and swank-mrepl.lisp, 
add LISTENER class.
       new  8686eba   * sly-mrepl.el (sly-mrepl-close-repls): Restrict to 
`sly-mrepl-mode' buffers.
       new  7ad1926   Re-implement *GLOBALLY-REDIRECT-IO* in 
       new  024dd6a   Make output redirection slightly more robust.
       new  d379126   Remove all contribs that depended on previous REPL 
       new  f6f4718   Properly ignore ChangeLog files
       new  6349a8b   * sly.el (sly-init-using-asdf): Fix byte-compilation 
       new  fab4590   Fix compilation warnings before focusing on tests
       new  5c3c9a7   Fix all existing tests
       new  c89cc63   Fix more tests
       new  1fc6e12   Fix reference to old sly-repl-tests.el, introduce basic 
       new  de50aa7   * README.md: Fix Travis CI badge location
       new  9cb5513   Unfinished tweaks to sly-mrepl freezing logic
       new  e962d76   Guess package at point in sly-mrepl
       new  4ccd288   Fix sly-goto-xref bug and refactor source-navigation 
       new  ee76903   Move most top-level lisp files to lib/lisp and 
       new  3b05e57   Some aggressive cleanup and scaffolding for UI 
       new  a815998   Fix bugs introduced by last commit
       new  1472a67   Fix test failures and prepare for multi-threaded channels
       new  c3628d3   Fix some more test failures hopefully
       new  63650ea   Summary: Enable channel messages even while in debugger
       new  a437ad6   Fix apropos bug, wansn't getting into sly-mode
       new  674f4a2   Abandon sly-mrepl--freeze temporarily until better idea.
       new  9144ed6   Fix indentation of DESTRUCTURE-CASE
       new  f2d1061   Fix *, ** and *** when copying down to mrepl from sldb
       new  4433e3b   More sly-mrepl fixes to make it behave like classic SLIME 
       new  e3ce4f6   Improvements to sly-mrepl teardown logic
       new  c13b1eb   Improvements to apropos
       new  70dadb4   First attempt at freezing sly-mrepl prompts from debugger
       new  f4d50db   Fix bug when killing a sly-mrepl buffer with a live sldb.
       new  a304f15   * sly.el (sly-init-using-asdf): Use `format' not 
`pp-to-string'. Some   lisps have trouble with newlines, like Allegro CL.
       new  50e1e95   More sly-mrepl fixes
       new  92412ed   * sly.el (sly-define-channel-method): slightly better 
edebug spec.
       new  e596742   Better idea for freezing sly-mrepl prompts, still 
       new  1ec38e4   Fix sly-mrepl's history and package navigation
       new  988e4fd   Explain teardown reason in sly-mrepl
       new  a6ddee6   Fix read-only and field navigation issues in sly-mrepl
       new  f7600ea   Using new sly-button.el in sly-mrepl and sly-trace-dialog 
       new  d546a50   Continue sly-button refactoring, most of inspector done
       new  af2e2fb   * sly-trace-dialog.el (sly-trace-dialog-mode): Activate 
`sly-mode' minor mode.
       new  6867f06   Cleanup `sly-button-define-part-action' and its callers
       new  4a96483   Finish inspector converion to sly-button.el
       new  330db2d   RET and mouse-2 on previous input inserts it at point
       new  e9768b4   Print a note everytime objects are returned to the REPL
       new  4e9fe42   Fix incorrect sly-autodoc inhibition in sly-mrepl
       new  10ae831   Move sly-buttons.el to lib/sly-buttons.el
       new  e21a7bc   Begin converting SLDB to more uniform emacs idioms
       new  99d3365   Finish SLDB simplification and conversion to 
       new  c925833   Remove profiling commands. Leave metering.lisp and 
backend's for now.
       new  329f40a   Simplify "hung" logic in sly-mrepl
       new  d39247b   * sly.el (sldb-insert-frames): "auto-more" button catches 
more cases.
       new  9b5bb60   Improve sly-mrepl consistency
       new  bc6564b   Simplify trace dialog in preparation for C-M-RET
       new  9654926   Channel-related robustness fixes
       new  6c415ce   Robustness fixes in sly.el
       new  00234be   * lib/lisp/swank.lisp (defpackage :swank-api): 
INTERN/UNINTERN take strings
       new  f120b20   * sly.el (sly-init-using-asdf): Use `sly-to-lisp-filename'
       new  5e2f5fc   Fix SBCL's extended specializers in 
       new  ce4f361   * swank-sbcl.lisp (emacs-inspect 
sb-kernel:code-component): There's no TRACE-TABLE-OFFSET slot. Don't bother 
showing it on older SBCLs, since it isn't really useful.
       new  eabcde2   Make swank-kawa.scm work with Kawa 1.14.
       new  0c9fbae   * swank-kawa.scm: More strict version regexp to exclude 
       new  c999458   Make fancy inspector more robust w.r.t. unexpected 
       new  ea8352d   Avoid some compiler warnings.
       new  6eddabd   Avoid some compiler warnings.
       new  7fcca19   For CMUCL, make M-. work on condition classes.
       new  4b28547   Consolidate pull-down menus
       new  bae0717   Fix SLDB problems after last refactoring
       new  df9d34f   More sly-mrepl fixes
       new  d48eb0e   * sly.el (sly-popup-buffer-mode-map): Must be 
       new  602748e   * sly-buttons.el (sly-button-popup-part-menu): Select 
window first.
       new  7bc2562   Remove contribs not in sly-fancy
       new  05c98b6   Missed these two stale test files
       new  08d6e19   Fix some reading behaviour in sly-mrepl
       new  788eb21   New M-S-RET "Copy call to REPL" action for sldb and 
       new  1cd11fb   Frames in the debugger have right-click mouse menus, too
       new  1b4ad7b   Fix broken sly-fancy-inspector and sly-package-fu contribs
       new  94c1e2e   Improve "Copy Call to REPL" feature
       new  167cfc4   Fix some more contrib issues
       new  3285e13   Fixes to the "Copy Call to REPL" interface
       new  9f2e808   Fix sly-mrepl's freezing/unfreezing logic
       new  a5e2be2   * contrib/sly-mrepl.el (sly-mrepl-insert-input): Fix for 
empty prompts
       new  6c5296a   Face tweaks in sly-mrepl and a shortcut to the debugger
       new  6142445   Try to improve REPL prompt synchronization
       new  47f1c95   * swank-sbcl.lisp (frame-arguments): Implement for SBCL
       new  5483f0f   Xref mode also uses buttons
       new  e217d0a   Compilation notes also use buttons
       new  44f5964   Another 150 lines of useless window managing code gone
       new  ae56fb1   Restore severity-related faces for in-buffer compilation 
       new  4fbd6d0   * swank.lisp (dispatch-event): Fix typo.
       new  1329b20   * sly.el: Break long lines
       new  b8c58f7   Clean up context menus of some sly-part buttons
       new  bffbb53   * swank-mrepl.lisp (mrepl-eval): Unbreak IN-PACKAGE
       new  27de7bc   Unbreak tests.
       new  2b3869b   Unbreak more tests
       new  f2e9ec0   Improved and regex-capable apropos
       new  97b45f6   Unbreak compilation-note-related tests
       new  cfe3ab5   * swank.asd (defsystem :swank): order matters in lib/lisp/
       new  c1f7c89   * sly-mrepl.el (sly-mrepl--insert-prompt): Restrict 
overlay to prompt
       new  0b7b7e9   Use `sly-message' instead of `message' everywhere
       new  aa3585e   Minor tweaks
       new  6f0e51a   Support USE-VALUE and *QUERY-IO* when invoking restarts 
       new  40c64c9   Redesigned mode-line fancyness
       new  022555c   * sly-tests.el (sly-skip-test): Restore previous 
       new  3f987c4   Tweaks to the regexp apropos logic
       new  1b60b38   More apropos adjustments
       new  d29be9e   * sly.el (sly-display-eval-result): Use `message'
       new  59d9835   sly-autodoc is less noisy when there are no connections
       new  1060416   Use SWANK:PACKAGE-STRING-FOR-PROMPT for sly-mrepl
       new  79b7ccf   Consolidate `sly-display-warning' into `sly-warning'
       new  00d1d6b   Fix source locations when recompiling from an xref buffer.
       new  798a0bc   Improve support for strings in (:export ...) clause
       new  62fc541   Start a bare-bones NEWS.md file
       new  37a356b   Resuscitate sly-tramp.el, it's useful
       new  4862b62   Polish faces and fix many small bugs
       new  879ee84   Fix "p" keybinding clash in sly-xref-mode
       new  bb616d7   Much simplify README.md and CONTRIBUTING.md
       new  a91b5f4   * CONTRIBUTING.md: Add section about architecture changes 
       new  c677491   * sly-mrepl.el (sly-mrepl--insert-prompt): Wait a 
millisecond on W32
       new  a3d4056   Fix more newline bugs in sly-mrepl
       new  98ebab0   * sly-package-fu.el (sly-goto-package-source-definition): 
Use `sly-error'
       new  cb92596   * sly.el (define-button-type 'sly-xref): Tweak comment
       new  29aeb24   * sly-mrepl.el: Nearly organize into sections
       new  cbe0741   Add output-clearing commands to sly-mrepl
       new  7237a72   * sly.el (sly-apropos-insert-symbol): Fix for Emacs 24.3.
       new  9b108e1   Fix some sly-trace-dialog bugs and reorganize code
       new  3a7fa80   Remove `with-struct`
       new  3da346d   Move sly-tests.el to lib/sly-tests.el
       new  519b51a   Consolidate buffer names
       new  d9baf90   Remove sly-c-p-c contrib. Better focus on sly-fuzzy
       new  f1c1d16   Fix failing tests after buffer name refactoring
       new  e5f6956   Complete removal of `contrib/sly-c-p-c` and fix tests
       new  81970fb   Fix more tests
       new  d86ab2c   Fix tests sly-parse for upcoming 24.4
       new  6b44ecc   * sly.el (sly-events-buffer): Robustify.
       new  6aa5d6a   Bring back compound completion
       new  657ce05   No longer trample REPLs
       new  e9185ec   * sly.el (sldb-insert-restarts): Fix restart button.
       new  f0bc3e9   Revert previous change which caused a bug.
       new  3e9c6cc   Replace `lexical-let' with lexical-binding `let'
       new  239abfe   Some preparatory work for multiple inspectors
       new  fe0ef61   Issue warning instead of warning when copy-to-repl gets 
       new  83b695f   Robustify sly-fuzzy completions
       new  d830c34   Fix an typo and an error in the trace-dialog
       new  5a41c29   Don't overcrowd load path
       new  b86a711   * swank.asd (:swank-arglists): Prune swank.asd of removed 
       new  8053430   Improve source finding in XREF and trace-dialog buffers
       new  28d882c   Use normal `sly-rex' RPC when inspecting objects from 
       new  1829987   Friendlier interactive evaluation
       new  12290a3   More preparatory work for multiple inspectors.
       new  1b2b64c   Add multiple inspectors
       new  4c2337a   Fix problems when reading from mREPL
       new  55a5514   Fix another read bug
       new  7c03911   Fix a bug and bump version to 1.0.0-alpha
       new  c0ad271   Enable copy-to-repl for apropos buttons and other minor 
       new  f2b9276   Fix test failures
       new  ed4ccca   Actually switch to directory in lisp and emacs when 
       new  0f2a560   Update PROBLEMS to Markdown and update formatting
       new  a144541   Wait for REPL to be setup in REPL-popping operations
       new  72d7313   Add sylvesters
       new  1def5f3   Fix buggy sly-mrepl interaction with electric-pair-mode
       new  d2c2bce   Tweak sylvester insertion
       new  3d25b32   Fix multiple inspectors hopefully
       new  e3d75c9   Make swank-fancy-inspector work with multiple inspectors
       new  9aac393   Solve minor display annoyance
       new  32f1524   Fix whitespace in contrib/sylvesters.txt
       new  27b31ea   Saner scrolling behaviour in sly-mrepl
       new  aba814e   Hint user about apropos regexp if search fails
       new  1118889   Enable multiple inspectors for sly-trace-dialog buttons
       new  dcb80e1   On error, ensure sly-mrepl prompts correct *PACKAGE*
       new  1b804eb   Trace dialog and multiple inspector fixes
       new  8e0ff28   Fix inspector buffer-switching failure
       new  dedce38   Update README.md
       new  0bea2c1   Update manual
       new  c0821c7   Re-add GPL key to sly-mrepl.el
       new  5ff2702   SBCL's reader changed recently. Fix some issues caused by 
       new  65309e7   swank-abcl.lisp: Implement inspection of sldb frame args.
       new  d147e59   swank-abcl.lisp: adjust MOP symbols to publically 
exported version.
       new  ad7041c   Factor out the backquote test.
       new  70123e3   Don't mark compile-defun-with-backquote as "expected 
       new  762c95a   Don't display autodoc-related eldoc errors when not 
       new  af346e7   Use plain rather than typographical quotes in the PDF 
       new  b231713   Improve NEWS.md and CONTRIBUTING.md
       new  14eb429   Fix failing tests due to slight merge blunder.
       new  ad84c9a   Fix many typos and enhance CONTRIBUTING.md
       new  373e40b   Get rid of some uses of when-let
       new  96d5b28   Fix `when-let' usage with new `sly--when-let'
       new  ff9f5c6   Use one package per backend to make interfaces more 
       new  78c1a80   Clear all tests out at the beginning.
       new  bf7c01b   * Makefile (compile-swank, run-swank): New targets.
       new  f5bb72f   Fix swank-sbcl.lisp.
       new  c845a1f   * swank-cmucl.lisp, swank-scl.lisp 
(*source-snippet-size*): Remove   redundant definitions.
       new  fec9492   Be a little more lenient on ccl's sly-fuzzy
       new  f347c3b   Closes #1: Ensure `inhibit-field-text-motion' is nil in 
       new  8044fd4   Closes #1: Ensure font-lock-mode really is turned off in 
       new  cd033fd   Use a separate package for swank-gray.lisp.
       new  c5c938d   Remove non-used optional gray stream methods.
       new  cfea13d   Make the ugly deadlock workaround even more ugly.
       new  4ffccac   * swank-backend.lisp (gray-package-name): Fix docstring.
       new  104b115   Globally rename the elisp destructure-case -> sly-dcase
       new  52ede9c   Closes #5: don't ask irrelevant questions on sly-quit
       new  d5924ba   Update NEWS.md
       new  e5add2d   Closes #13: Make "C-c C-z" bring up any good REPL
       new  2d31c6c   Closes #14: XREF results now legible on Emacsen < 24.4
       new  9710539   Fix history inspection in sly-mrepl
       new  ccb5a3a   Allow sly-disconnect and sly-quit-lisp to be called 
       new  967dcdd   * sly.el (sly-disconnect): `interactive' arg must be 
       new  535a716   * README.md (Fork): Explain the "why of SLY"
       new  79388c1   Fix gray stream issue for SBCL
       new  9aaa87d   Minor cleanup in slime-parse-tests.el
       new  b567696   Massive swank -> slynk rename
       new  10e8d30   Massive sldb -> sly-db rename
       new  660cef5   Add sly-retro contrib and enable it by default
       new  4d23415   NEWS.md tweaks
       new  09b3e59   Update CONTRIBUTING.md with SLYNK/SWANK description.
       new  a63d5bd   Another tweak to the sly-fuzzy tests
       new  9304f81   Closes #6: SPC like TAB when reading symbols from 
       new  8736f39   Closes #15: correct URL in sly.el
       new  419d38a   Add experimental `sly-profiler' contrib
       new  c722396   * contrib/slynk-retro.lisp (:slynk-retro): Must provide 
       new  10e9b1c   * contrib/slynk-trace-dialog.lisp (instrument): And and 
export INSTRUMENT macro.
       new  81b4a03   Adjust description in sly.el
       new  90e392a   Update README.md
       new  ca2e288   Properly add slynk-profiler as a contrib
       new  7799cb7   Closes #12: SLY is now available in MELPA
       new  377e51f   New "describe" and "pretty print" (d and p) in frame 
       new  ffe71fe   Fix problems when contribs try to ask if sly is connected
       new  410fc8f   * swank-sbcl.lisp (macroexpand-all): use 
       new  ddecde8   Simplified version of Helmut Eller's autodoc rewrite
       new  58aaa04   Fix "Package-requires" header
       new  99ed537   Experimental sly-sticker.el contrib
       new  fbdfdb0   * sly-autodoc.el (sly-autodoc-mode): Don't `message'.
       new  4c6ea61   Improve sly-stickers contrib, which becomes minimally 
       new  a6d80e5   Also ignore fancy CCL fasls
       new  b3b18dc   Add support for MKCL
       new  4d188c9   Add "pretty-print" and "describe" to trace-dialog parts
       new  fef2230   WIP sly-stickers contribs
       new  0cd60e6   sly-stickers uses sly-buttons like everything else
       new  c829afb   Improve sly-stickers
       new  4e4b9e1   Stabilize `sly-stickers-dwim' behaviour
       new  9d93bb7   Implement `sly-button-inspect' for stickers and fix bugs.
       new  9d3aa10   Tweaks to the sly-stickers contrib
       new  bee4f91   Cleaner implementation of sly-stickers hookage
       new  8ee323a   Regexp-apropos is smarter when no matcher can be 
       new  ce009ae   WIP #9: Rewrite manual's "Introduction" and "Getting 
       new  34a2cae   Automatic documentation update
       new  4fa898e   WIP #9: Publish documentation from Makefile
       new  f80e55d   Deleted doc/gh-pages, mistankenly commited
       new  9f313cb   Move contrib/sly-parse.el to lib/sly-parse.el
       new  68d126f   Reorganize slynk into its own directory
       new  aaa23fc   Forgot to rename swank -> slynk in 
       new  8245fbd   Also move slynk-util.lisp out of contribs
       new  b6073f9   Remove stale files and makefile targets
       new  0a222a4   Fix compilation log behaviour when compiling definitions
       new  da89a0b   Closes #10: Review NEWS.md file
       new  bcd290e   Improve sly-sticker's documentation
       new  13d1f0d   Preparatory work for sly-stickers buffer compilation 
       new  628ce4b   SLY contribs are first class citizens, and so are their 
       new  1c1349c   Explain sly-stickers a little bit more in NEWS.md
       new  69f6131   Avoid warnings from SLY's roll-your-own byte-compilation
       new  dec2ae9   Erradicate compiler warnings
       new  ff8dad7   * sly.el (sly-show-apropos): Remove horrible hack. 
(sly-dispatch-event): Use `sly-temp-message'
       new  b9277b4   Load both Slynk and Swank init files
       new  afbd889   Fancify sly.el's header and README.md
       new  3c2bb55   * slynk.asd (:slynk): :SERIAL => T is essential
       new  cbde38e   * sly.el: "Version:" header must be near the top of the 
file otherwise slynk.lisp and slynk-loader.lisp miss it.
       new  f9871ec   Navigate stickers with keybindings
       new  0b643c2   Travis updated SBCL to 1.2.3, triggering expected test 
       new  98a6c1f   Refactor common functionality in note and sticker 
       new  1b1dfda   * sly.el (sly-maybe-show-compilation-log): Hide log if 
       new  9910e0d   Deleting packages doesn't break the indentation sync
       new  401d2ac   Small refactoring and add sly-stickers tests
       new  879d0b1   Move test/sly-stickers-test.el to 
       new  3b811ca   Fix some sly-stickers bugs in code and tests
       new  361668e   * sly.el: (sly-macroexpand-all) add parameter just-one
       new  a889fd9   Don' fail stickers test because of `sly-retro' contrib
       new  751e0b8   Merge pull request #17 from 
       new  b9b260d   * sly.el (sly-macroexpand-all): Remove spurious reference 
to swank.
       new  5f4b2a5   Fix compilation note tests for CMUCL
       new  82bea5e   * Makefile (check-fancy): Explicit target for check-fancy
       new  59d74a9   Fix sticker tests
       new  9866a39   Fix bug in stickers/notes interaction
       new  c9779a1   Fix sticker tests
       new  8d6a795   Extra selectors in contrib tests fail in travis
       new  db3e15d   Nicer compilation note navigation interface.
       new  32d1a28   Re-implement simplified verison of the REPL comma shortcut
       new  5fb9e1f   Get rid of the ugly `sly-mrepl--copy-to-repl-after' hack
       new  a4d8a1c   Fix copying calls to REPL
       new  351fa34   Fix customization of `sly-mrepl-shortcut-key'
       new  3713302   Closes #18: rework sly-macroexpansion-minor-mode 
       new  692dc1a   Fix some fallout from the previous two commits
       new  e336576   Don't bother user about stickers on buffer compile if 
there were none
       new  9b0e87f   Navigate REPL buttons and add some tests
       new  35fb015   Include the docstring in the inspector for SBCL
       new  e29431b   Add section on RPC protocol in to the CONTRIBUTING.md file
       new  d0d5331   * sly.el (sly-compile-file): Respect 
       new  1bc8b41   Update refcard docs and cross-reference sections
       new  ff83e78   Merge pull request #20 from clarkema/refcard-update
       new  2c558be   Merge pull request #19 from 
       new  375ddce   Fix failing tests on CMUCL.
       new  c1463cc   Move some utils to new lib/sly-messages.el file
       new  57ab036   Organize trace dialog menu and provide new "Untrace all" 
       new  750f97a   * sly.el (sly-db-get-buffer): Avoid the "Sly-sly-db name"
       new  3297a87   * Makefile (check-%): Ensure check-<contrib> target 
depends on test file
       new  224535c   Buffer compilation arms sly-stickers too
       new  ea62475   * slynk-trace-dialog.lisp (:slynk-trace-dialog): Export 
slyfuns explicitly to appease sbcl.
       new  63e65e0   Simplify and robustify sly-mrepl result passing to Emacs
       new  3694cb2   Unbreak package-related operations in sly-mrepl
       new  5815328   Minor slynk-loader.lisp's guard
       new  a55f3d2   Remove "Detailed node listing" in doc
       new  237c921   WIP #21: Fix some incremental output issues without extra 
       new  f5393d5   Always provide some feedback on sly-stickers-fetch
       new  7e1885f   Very minor README.md tweaks
       new  5ffb6af   * sly.el (sly-dispatch-event): Unbreak async inspecting 
from Lisp
       new  bd1207e   * sly.el (sly-with-popup-buffer): Add :RAISE value to 
`switch' kwarg. (sly-dispatch-event): Pass :RAISE to `sly--open-inspector'.
       new  24d42ca   Closes #21: Enable incremental output with dedicated 
output streams
       new  9904aef   Fix global output redirection when no dedicated stream is 
       new  b6c0799   Fix stream inconsistency problem when restarting images
       new  66bb6f9   Closes #22: Can't compile with debug information
       new  fe0e92b   Closes #23: sly-compile-and-load-file fails because of 
unprefixed elisp `loop'
       new  73d59cf   Slightly robustify face re-calculation in sly-stickers
       new  1a0f399   Fix overlay priority calculation in sly-stickers
       new  2064ec8   Preparatory work for new `sly-stickers-fetch-and-replay' 
       new  4d0a355   Fix failing test
       new  06e7772   More refactoring of sly-stickers.el and 
       new  3a92e71   Implement sly-stickers-fetch-and-replay
       new  91bd60e   Closes #24: bind lisp-indent-function in sly-mrepl
       new  947ac84   Minor cleanup sly-y-or-n-p -> sly-remote-y-or-n-p
       new  0bbfe05   Fix https://github.com/slime/slime/issues/195
       new  f8c53fe   * slynk/backend/slynk-cmucl.lisp, 
slynk/backend/slynk-sbcl.lisp: Whitespace cleanup.
       new  61e1cd7   * swank/cmucl.lisp: Require at least version 20c and 
remove some
       new  5e9b831   Can't use Gray streams for ABCL
       new  cb3b922   Closes #26: sly-mrepl history saved when killing Emacs
       new  b435174   Add MELPA badge to README
       new  97c4af1   More uniform interface for fetching and replaying stickers
       new  b77b91c   Support for inspecting and returning sticker recordings
       new  b0b57d1   Tweak command names
       new  8cf11f1   Update documentation and NEWS.md file
       new  316580e   Link to documentation in the README
       new  b4f5f2c   Fix failing test
       new  c406478   Really fix text
       new  7cb2473   Closes #25: In Emacs 24.4, don't turn off font-lock-mode 
in sly-mrepl
       new  2554a60   Tweak NEWS.md
       new  7c543a8   Closes #26: Preserve order of entries with large history 
       new  4bbc3cf   Closes #26: Properly order entries when merging and 
saving files.
       new  f2fc76d   Return sticker recordings as multiple values
       new  5c5ede0   * sly.el: Fix typo.
       new  84434c6   Enhance sly-stickers replay feature (C-c C-s C-r)
       new  97b08bf   * sly-stickers.el (sly-stickers--fetch-and-replay-map): 
misplaced closing paren.
       new  d12e26a   Merge pull request #27 from PuercoPop/patch-1
       new  da2a433   * .travis.yml (install): Correct github URL for cl-travis.
       new  85459d1   Overhaul sly-stickers recording model
       new  2d37d3f   Further improve sly-stickers model for recording 
       new  c70baa5   Allow resuming recording sly-stickers recording playback
       new  20b87e9   Remove `sly-recompile-bytecode'
       new  47151a4   Prettify sly-stickers UI slightly
       new  1282604   Closes #29: Remove DEFVAR-UNBOUND and DEFINE-SPECIAL 
       new  7634a86   * sly.texi (SLY Stickers): Improve description a a little 
       new  cf9c1ab   * sly.el (sly-select-connection): Run 
`sly-select-connection-hook'. (sly-select-connection-hook): Renamed from 
       new  11cb7ce   * NEWS.md: Skip alpha-2 release and plan alpha-3 for 
       new  a00e4f6   Don't delete stickers if change is all about whitespace
       new  d0e6cec   Correct face for stickers with non-local exits
       new  6b937f9   * contrib/sly-stickers.el: Minor display glitch. Missing 
       new  74f1929   Fix zombie stickers and sticker navigation.
       new  616f904   Make C-c C-z and C-c C-~ available in all of SLY
       new  1f04e89   Disallow sly-stickers on setf places
       new  6c39238   Add `sly-mrepl-prevent-duplicate-history' to REPL
       new  7250a8e   Add *FUZZY-DUPLICATE-SYMBOL-FILTER*.
       new  f4acbfb   Simplify hooking of contrib keymaps into core keymaps
       new  d82148e   Closes #30: Add sly-selector-map bound to C-c C-s by 
       new  a7ff01a   Enable yanking the last sexp to a REPL prompt
       new  0fd7052   * sly-mrepl.el (sly-mrepl--insert-prompt): Use 
       new  bc0663b   Ignore doc/gh-pages
       new  2930720   Bump version
       new  dad8695   Accept (function (function +)) as Lisp printer output for 
(function #'+)
       new  fb8bf36   C-c C-k in xref works again.
       new  b54ab2b   Remove slime-next-line/not-add-newlines
       new  13224b4   Regression test for slime-recompile-all-xrefs
       new  c870987   Fix and robustify Luis Oliveira's test
       new  9e1d714   Avoid compiling a stale sly-path into sly.elc
       new  293d07a   Ensure contrib directory is pushed to load-path
       new  2f2820c   Restore workingness for Allegro's modern mode.
       new  c92ab76   slime-fuzzy: use `comint-filename-completion'
       new  07e0683   Add port changing restart to setup-server
       new  1c92bae   Add doc about sly-fuzzy's duplicate symbol handling
       new  b037cd2   Fix deletion of SLYNK packages in slynk-loader.lisp
       new  2f747cf   Robustify SLYNK-LOADER::DELETE-PACKAGES
       new  5fdab8c   * slynk-fuzzy.lisp(make-fuzzy-matching): Simplify, no 
need to define a wrapper function.
       new  f5c8aa2   slynk-loader.lisp (*architecture-features*): add armv5l, 
armv6l and armv7l
       new  1f3612a   Update NEWS.md file
       new  0a8125e   Revert "Avoid compiling a stale sly-path into sly.elc"
       new  a448063   Byte-compiling other sly.el versions doesn't affect 
loaded version.
       new  0bb0493   Remove slynk prefix from backend file names
       new  ae73382   Revert to previous behaviour for issue #1.
       new  472a81a   Fix merge blunder
       new  0a7b79d   Use a special reader macro in the mREPL only
       new  ca08c0f   * slynk-mrepl.lisp (back-reference-reader): Don't barf on 
early eof.
       new  c36fb09   New commands to highlight backreferences in the mREPL
       new  4897ef5   * lib/sly-buttons.el (sly-button-buttons-in): New 
       new  6f59ce7   * sly.el: Require `bytecomp' at compile and load time.
       new  2ad90c2   Add option for ELI-like history navigation
       new  f4c7166   REPL reverse i-search can also use ELI history navigation
       new  24f8636   Redesign connection cycling
       new  cf0bb96   * NEWS.md: Mention `sly-mrepl-eli-like-history-navigation'
       new  8460e64   Fix three small bugs
       new  316148c   Automatically highlight backreferences in REPL
       new  4db0baa   * NEWS.md: Explain backreference highlighting
       new  0b3c620   Work around Emacs bug 19572
       new  5525c44   Experimental CLASP support
       new  2a3f398   Ignore all errors from FINALIZE-INHERITANCE, not just 
       new  cdfc2e1   Fix a typo.
       new  a04f134   hyperspec: Slightly better docstring.
       new  ecb6441   Make source parser to honor SWANK:*READTABLE-ALIST*
       new  d1f7491   Cleanups for the last commit.
       new  12d546e   Correct bug in swank/source-path-parser
       new  967f5bd   Release 1.0.0-beta
       new  26fea03   Typo: March 2014 -> March 2015
       new  ad37d17   Update README.md
       new  933c09b   Fix occasional `sly-protocol-version' mishap on windows
       new  e21fc07   Minimize effect of bug in Allegro's frame source locations
       new  e199af5   Fix protocol bug when *translating-swank-to-slynk* is t
       new  170fe0a   Update keymap documentation
       new  49805ec   Merge pull request #35 from PuercoPop/master
       new  4137a25   Closes #36: Modify sly-doc-map keybindings
       new  aa48bb7   Add keymap information on mrepl to the manual
       new  a3aae10   Merge pull request #37 from PuercoPop/mrepl-docs
       new  b5be63b   Closes #38: Provide sly-mrepl-output-filter-functions for 
REPL output
       new  f1be650   Fix minor mREPL glitch
       new  938b3c9   Closes #39: Tearing down a reverse-isearch errors
       new  a24eee4   Less errors when finding source locations on Allegro
       new  adbb81f   Shoosh some compiler warnings
       new  26b6bbe   Closes #40: Robustify `sly-mrepl-shortcut' slightly
       new  86e96a5   Remove hack for #1
       new  ac14f7b   Closes #42: sly-retro no longer breaks on long lists
       new  eaa887c   Closes #43: don't use keyword package for struct names
       new  f5f7f02   Closes #45: synch mREPL notes to process mark, not output 
       new  3518d58   Closes #46: Correct doc for 
       new  99e58f4   Update "Tips and Tricks" section in the manual
       new  c2386d4   * slynk/slynk.lisp: Remove broken local variables section.
       new  cdaadb4   Closes #47: Make sly-xref-mode more user-friendly
       new  671ad4d   Fix REPL "evaluation errored" note
       new  eabbd29   Preparatory refactoring for REPL enhacements
       new  5810558   Restore some previous behaviour xref navigation
       new  afe9539   Closes #49: sly-inspect-fetch-all now actually does 
       new  2336c59   Add an ENV arg to `sly-timer-call' and `sly-eval-async'
       new  d4360c3   Let user ignore protocol mismatches per connection
       new  9d9ec2d   Closes #48: Disable `view-read-only` for popup buffers.
       new  0e1558d   Closes #51: Cannot quit the thread list buffer
       new  b0f8cc4   Slightly robustify against zombie connections
       new  c980df0   In REPL, don't autopair input parens to previously output 
       new  ff5ac8f   Closes #53: default sly-apropos allows searching all 
       new  9eff1a3   Fix a bug in last commit for issue #53.
       new  97ddad7   Add arglist info in apropos output
       new  f13a5bf   M-- sly-apropos prompts for just the package
       new  411def7   Fix a couple of spurious "swank" references coming from 
cherry-picked commits
       new  aa68000   Fix a sly-apropos bug in recent enhacements for #53
       new  fa476d3   Source travis installer from safer location
       new  3d67431   Return frame vars from SLY-DB buffers to correct REPL
       new  02e7d79   Don't prompt when killing SLY-DBs of dead connections
       new  bf30c2a   Fix autodoc/autopairing in REPL
       new  9bee4af   Fix a small connection prompting bug
       new  1e2e8a5   Simplify a bit of sly-autodoc
       new  3be6e15   Fix a REPL-finding bug when multiple connections
       new  6faa430   Fix a rather nastly bug in REPL environment saving
       new  da91105   Left in a typo
       new  ae46ec7   Protect against packageless symbols
       new  163b494   Allow some robustness when untracing
       new  940cbf7   Fix a bug when quitting the thread list
       new  d4177d9   Fix indenting in REPL
       new  10ac41a   There's no need to switch buffers when restarting Lisp
       new  cbd8c8e   Update NEWS.md in preparation for next beta release
       new  e98cc8a   Add machinery for fine-grained control over SLY -> Slynk 
       new  6a389ee   Enhance SLY's mode line with pretty colors
       new  816a5c8   Start work on a sly-named-readtables contrib
       new  df28cc5   Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 
       new  ca2c8af   Hook sly-named-readtables to 
       new  10388a9   Experimenting and broken
       new  ab1a94c   Named readtables prototype implementation
       new  e829cff   Cosmetic tweaks
       new  e586b0d   Fix minor issues
       new  ab17d9e   Move sly-named-readtables to separate repo
       new  1296ab7   Turning off sly-autodoc now works
       new  92af001   Merge branch 'named-readtables'
       new  02cff31   Update README.md and NEWS.md
       new  bb20754   Fix README.md typos
       new  e1b985e   Fix some of the REPL backreferences
       new  162c0a4   Avoid compiler warning
       new  591883d   Export *BUFFER-READTABLE* for contribs that need to set it
       new  e0d1133   * slynk.lisp (format-values-for-echo-area): Present float 
representation of ratios, i.e. 1/2 will be "=> 1/2 (0.5)"
       new  61eada5   format-values-for-echo-area: Protect ~f with 
       new  97f8533   * slynk/backend/sbcl.lisp (*definition-types*): Add a new 
type, :ir1-convert. SBCL now handles def-ir1-translator location differently.
       new  276699e   * slynk/backend/sbcl.lisp (*definition-types*): Add new 
type, :declaration.
       new  5f6125f   * slynk/backend/sbcl.lisp (*definition-types*): Add new 
type, :alien-type.
       new  8e34f05   * contrib/slynk-fancy-inspector.lisp 
(inspect-type-specifier): Adapt for newer SBCL. Patch by Douglas Katzman.
       new  91980eb   * slynk/backend/abcl.lisp (frame-locals frame-var-value): 
Fix off by one errors in inspecting arguments across stack frames.  Attempt to 
match arguments to parameters recorded at compile time.
       new  d9c7f0e   Adapta Attila Lendvais suggestion
       new  c7504bc   * sly.el (sly-xref-mode-map): Bind . and , for 
       new  1c5b2c7   slynk-c-p-c: take a better guess at symbol case
       new  73333e0   Work around SBCL 1.2.12's SB-EXT:RESTRICT-COMPILER-POLICY
       new  b18c60a   Update NEWS.md
       new  54adb4a   changes to clasp slynk implementation
       new  7161bc2   Update slynk/slynk-loader.lisp
       new  8928d8f   * slynk/backend/clasp.lisp (assert-source-directory): 
Uses the SYS logical host, not SRC.
       new  263f99b   * slynk/slynk.lisp (*pre-reply-hook*): Don't add 
sync-indentation-to-emacs on CLASP, it takes too much time.
       new  adea0de   * slynk/backend/sbcl.lisp 
(definition-source-file-location): Stop errors from source-path-parser from 
producing no locations at all.
       new  b0f41fd   slynk/backend/ccl.lisp: fix handling traced and setf 
       new  4b4bb74   * slynk/backend/clasp.lisp (print-frame): Print function 
names, not function objects.
       new  d5db18e   Use *READ-SUPPRESS* more often while searching source 
       new  c2f04ad   fix autoload spec of the ‘hyperspec-lookup’ function
       new  950868b   * sly.el (sly-format-string-expand): When there's no 
string at point, or with prefix arg,read a string from the minibuffer. 
(sly-string-at-point): Return nil when no sexp there.
       new  6b237a0   * slynk/source-path-parser.lisp (skip-whitespace): ignore 
EOF, there may no non-whitespace characters left.
       new  dea85ae   slynk/backend/sbcl.lisp: make use of the newly provided 
form number for top-level forms.
       new  7aad1af   slynk-c-p-c: fix LOOP warning
       new  a7aac63   * swank/source-path-parser.lisp (make-source-recorder): 
Fix handling of recursive calls to macros producing the same forms. e.g. 
#+(and) (a)
       new  1d1eb86   Update NEWS.md
       new  94c8c91   Minor sly-stickers tweaks, in preparation for overhaul
       new  36be34d   Pretty up replay interface
       new  fe4f565   Improve debugger prompt consistency in REPL
       new  9eb7b0b   Misc tweaks for compilation notes
       new  7199d8a   Improve usability of `sly-stickers-replay'
       new  d6502e1   Merge branch 'sticker-overhaul'
       new  b7bddf1   Improve backreference highlighting
       new  3bbb745   Fix a docstring
       new  050f532   Fix looping around when replaying recordings
       new  b422819   Fetching most recent recoding of a sticker, not the oldest
       new  46ba10c   Redesign the way sticker recordings are inspected and 
returned to REPL
       new  dae00cd   Fix some sticker recording replay bugs
       new  783b7bb   Introduce break-on-stickers
       new  136608a   New command `sly-forget-pending-events'
       new  cb531bb   Improve breaking stickers
       new  1e65be0   Fix a display bug when using breaking stickers
       new  111db3a   Closes #55: clean up typo in sly.el comment
       new  75c6c72   Greatly improve breaking stickers
       new  3f2df7d   Add "Stickers" menu for discovering the new 
`sly-stickers' functionality
       new  e8cb53a   Closes #54: require `cl' at compile-time in sly-stickers
       new  0d42df8   * doc/Makefile (publish): publish images, too
       new  60dc5c9   Much improved "SLY Stickers" manual, with screenshots
       new  a22eab6   Add docstrings for issue #56
       new  d5491ef   Closes #34: don't query supertypes for every overlay in 
       new  03f32f4   Start restructuring manual
       new  60be6f8   Friendlier M-x sly-info with section autocomplete
       new  870c643   More work restructuring the manual
       new  8e8044e   Closes #56: nicer messages when `sly-eval-async' fails 
       new  dbc04d6   Closes #56:  Make sly-xref not raise an error when not 
       new  d0d233d   Educated guess of the Lisp executable on M-x sly
       new  e8b10c3   No longer call sly-setup at the top level
       new  9832e24   Downcase macroexpansions by default
       new  a191cd6   Fix compilation failures and some warnings
       new  0a1e6ee   * Makefile (check-fancy): Must use sly-setup here
       new  4b5a398   Can now be loaded alongside SLIME
       new  b389f43   Reduce size of doc/images/*.png
       new  7a2ce83   Update supported plataforms
       new  5bb79ee   Merge pull request #58 from PuercoPop/plataforms-docs
       new  0cf7a43   <return>, not just C-m, also pushes any button
       new  08f10c8   Revise contrib code
       new  f48f61b   Tweak sly-mrepl and sly-parse contribs
       new  6547413   Fix contrib enable/disable logic
       new  840c05b   Be less bothersome to user in `sly-connect'
       new  c29b7a0   Tweak REPL message when errors happen
       new  19a21bf   Fix problems with the IGNORE-STICKER restart
       new  227dc89   Resolve compiler warnings on Emacs 24.5
       new  4afc6be   Fix a bug when flashing compiled defun
       new  3e860fc   Fix sly-indentation-tests
       new  3ddd015   * lib/sly-tests.el (sly-batch-test): increase timeout to 
30 seconds
       new  6444228   Also bind `return' to `sly-mrepl-insert-input'
       new  5f3b04e   Fix dependencies for ASDF systems
       new  e2f77d1   Make breaking stickers play nice with other SLY-DB add-ons
       new  f626aad   Fix `sly-fuzzy' tests on recent Emacs builds
       new  66103b6   Properly reset undo history on every REPL prompt
       new  e4daf54   Closes #62: Add significant whitespace to summary line
       new  c94d854   Closes #68: Revert back to LF in sly.el, obviously
       new  a272699   Closes #67: Fix backreference reader in REPL
       new  5ec1b93   Closes #64: Fix regular isearch in the REPL
       new  8496df4   Fix unintentional region deactivation in REPL
       new  ecf318f   Closes #69: Correctly set +, ++ and +++ in the REPL
       new  5e8b20a   Closes #70: Allow multi-line return values in REPL.
       new  8533961   Friendlier macroexpansion with visual feedback
       new  341fde6   Export some SLYNK-BACKEND functions for easier contrib 
       new  d06317b   Closes #72: correctly move between sexps in the REPL
       new  c347ea3   Create trace dialog for the current connection
       new  247c412   Closes #71: On SBCL, don't fret so much about SLYNK 
compilation warnings
       new  8a7268d   Minor tweak to sexp discovery in lisp-mode buffers
       new  0add869   Closes #63: work around it at least until Emacs fixes it
       new  670f775   Avoid problem when printing errors to REPL
       new  13e6fda   * slynk/backend/clasp.lisp (print-frame): Print arguments 
on newer Clasp versions.
       new  b90def3   * slynk/slynk-loader.lisp (*architecture-features*): Add 
       new  7e4397d   Deal with SBCL's sb-c::comma-expr
       new  ae57ed2   Fix an error for older SBCL's in the previous 
SBCL-related commit
       new  5038e24   Complete symbols in locally-nicknamed packages
       new  e9f2c99   Redo PACKAGE-LOCAL-NICKNAMES interface and implemetnation
       new  1386f2e   * slynk/backend/sbcl.lisp (sigio-handler): run handlers 
with interrupts enabled.
       new  b2763ef   Robustify the indentation cache request handler
       new  58d856e   Fix the indentation of several EMACS-INSPECT methods
       new  f35f16f   SBCL 1.3.1 doesn't have :translator info anymore
       new  676477d   Don't abort on errors when using "slynk-loader.lisp"
       new  a25493c   * swank/clasp.lisp (source-location): clasp now uses the 
same   method for c-function source location as for lisp functions.
       new  318af02   * slynk/backend/sbcl.lisp (feature-in-list-p): Don't fall 
on :host-feature.
       new  8e48ad9   Minor review of the macroexpansion documentation
       new  6eb8cdb   Fix indentation
       new  9078996   ccl: fix tracing of complex function specs
       new  cd2dec9   Disable CMUCL tests, they error most often with false 
       new  a1c14f8   Update NEWS.md
       new  f0a5148   Merge branch 'slime-catchup-2.16'
       new  6148258   Reader conditions inside reader conditions don't work so 
       new  a0aa2f8   Don't try to reinitialize an existing inferior lisp
       new  ba8724a   Rename *inferior-lisp* buffers according to connection
       new  762b53a   Closes #65: make SBCL source parsing a tiny bit less 
       new  3792c17   Be a little more lenient when compiling SLYNK on SBCL
       new  3695223   Correct inferior lisp buffer calculation
       new  560ee82   Revert "Closes #65: make SBCL source parsing a tiny bit 
less brittle"
       new  8ac6fe5   Closes #65: properly implement string-trimming in 
       new  558c10a   Add optional ENV argument to SLYNK:MACROEXPAND-ALL
       new  1d8855c   Allow ignoring case
       new  2f41edb   Closes #77: C-c I at REPL prompt start won't error 
       new  a30711a   More informative messages from `sly-package-fu' contrib
       new  24cbb1c   Fix a sly-autodoc error in the REPL
       new  0423f8b   Revert "Fix a sly-autodoc error in the REPL"
       new  7b0f442   More correctly fix sly-autodoc failure in REPL
       new  adadc9c   Correctly report `sly-autodoc' teardown
       new  ead2144   Shoosh the "Malformed/misplaced interactive spec" 
       new  e923db7   Fix sly-autodoc (via sly-parse) in specific REPL points
       new  47f4f83   Fix a bug showing notes with emacs format directives.
       new  b2e8e2d   Release 1.0.0-beta-2
       new  9fd7472   Add new *SLYNK:FORMAT-INTEGER-FUNCTIONS* customization 
       new  c9054d2   Replace *FORMAT-INTEGER-FUNCTIONS* with 
       new  daaf826   When printing evaluation results in a lisp buffer, 
comment resulting region
       new  0965048   Fix documentation bugs
       new  46bc9cc   Dont create images/images subdirs in gh-pages branch
       new  37f096f   Tweaks to SLY-specific "temp" message logic
       new  a7ed441   New SLYNK-API:EXCLUDED-FROM-SEARCHES-P
       new  fc5a8de   Redesign completion around Emacs's 
       new  8572c69   Fix bug popping up frames when *sly-completions* is active
       new  92be21c   Add tests for the new completion machinery
       new  0f036a8   Batch-testing the completion-at-point machinery needs 
special tricks
       new  ca5758a   Rewrite "Completion" section in the manual
       new  be7ee27   Shoosh some compilation warnings on emacs 25.1
       new  780bac6   Load contribs more robustly
       new  7364d66   Try to make it still work with Emacs 24.3 (don't use 
       new  798da2c   Refactor a useful macro out of 
contrib/sly-trace-dialog.el into new lib/sly-common.el
       new  379a817   Must require 'cl-lib everywhere it is used
       new  49cdb90   Update NEWS.md
       new  a3fecf0   Try harder, but not too hard, to support Emacs 24.3
       new  c812214   Safer loading of contribs on the Emacs side as well
       new  4a75531   Fix a big error in the last commit
       new  2fb7851   Rework the UI of `sly-stickers-replay'
       new  ca26b9f   Shoosh a compilation warning
       new  751039a   Continue working on the sly-sticker-replay UI
       new  6252cd4   * contrib/slynk-stickers.lisp (search-for-recording): 
Prevent errors when no recordings.
       new  cbc16e0   In xref buffers [return] and mouse-1 also trigger default 
       new  8fecb7d   Fix misc sly-stickers UI problems
       new  e8b2970   Consolidate API for printing values to SLY
       new  7fbef14   Use UTF-8 in the REPL
       new  d38f72e   Closes #81: Display glitch in *sly-completions* buffer
       new  79c4c1e   Interface tweaks for *sly-completions* buffer
       new  249975a   Play nice with extensions using deprecated 
       new  0769cb2   Be more informative about matching backreferences in REPL
       new  0a73d69   Printing circular lists lead to infinite looping
       new  023db50   Discourage sly-stickers-replay from reusing the same 
       new  4a0a826   Closes #87: Don't let apparently uninterned symbols break 
       new  2dcaeed   Rename links after github account rename to 'joaotavora'
       new  37c16d5   Closes #96: *sly-description* behaves like other popup 
       new  b00326b   * contrib/slynk-fancy-inspector.lisp 
(inspect-type-specifier): Avoid calling (sb-int:info :type :translator) as it 
now produces a style-warning, guard it through #., not just with 
       new  00fb7c8   * contrib/slynk-fancy-inspector.lisp 
(inspect-type-specifier): (sb-int:info :type :expander symbol) not always 
returns a list. Also print an empty lambda-list as () not NIL.
       new  54201d2   * swank/clasp.lisp (frame-source-location): Properly 
locate functions by calling SOURCE-LOCATION.
       new  c10f52a   * swank/clasp.lisp: remove tags support, no longer used.
       new  b61eb1a   * slynk/slynk-source-path-parser.lisp (sexp-in-bounds-p): 
Don't fall victim to dotted lists and atoms.
       new  7bdd7f4   Fix #288 by implementing glossary term lookup.
       new  8773d06   Bind common-lisp-hyperspec-glossary-term to C-c C-d C-g
       new  8264bd7   * swank.lisp (xref-doit): translate :sets to who-sets.
       new  9d581ba   * slynk/sbcl.lisp (describe-symbol-for-emacs): Adjust for 
new SBCL, (sb-int:info :setf :inverse) is no longer present.
       new  6c7f739   Fix typo.
       new  5654113   sbcl: be more careful with SB-C::META-INFO
       new  2751b94   method-specializers-for-inspect: handle methods without a 
       new  c575c34   * swank/abcl.lisp: import mop:slot-makunbound-using-class 
into swank-mop.
       new  dcc39d2   * slynk/backend/clasp.lisp (frame-locals): list function 
       new  bc8a6a7   * slynk/backend/clasp.lisp 
(call-with-debugging-environment): Use core:*stack-top-hint*
       new  63d11ed   Improve source location handling for ACL >= 10.0
       new  e9e6636   Merge branch 'slime-catchup-2.19'
       new  2e2e82d   Make variations on M-x sly easier to use
       new  0e2f6b1   Closes #98: Fix jumping to frame source on ABCL
       new  669ca36   * .gitignore: Ignore ABCL uncompressed FASLs (Closes #99)
       new  5e57bff   Closes #100: starting sly programatically also probes 
       new  f26b690   Fix some fallout from previous commit
       new  d1d5b04   Closes #97: Don't `pop-to-buffer` to inferior lisp buffer
       new  fbcb962   Minor cleanup in slynk.lisp
       new  5706cd4   Closes #101, Closes #102: REPL history file location is 
       new  2c772f5   Closes #104: fix post-command-hook error after using #v
       new  87de8e9   Don't force numbers to be printed as decimal (#107)
       new  98962b4   * contrib/sly-scratch.el (sly-scratch-mode-map): Fix C-j 
binding (#108)
       new  0de6fc4   Closes #110: Don't let paredit.el break REPL restarts
       new  8b676ee   Properly fix #110
       new  f419ab5   Closes #112: Make comment-related funcionality work in 
       new  d3f586a   Parameters controlling REPL output can be set from 
       new  7183e73   Closes #34: Play nicely with other non-button overlays in 
       new  35ccf71   Closes #86, #115: Only load bundled hyperspec if no copy 
is on the load-path
       new  95519c4   Close #117: Typo in README.md
       new  d1e87da   Closes #121: Be (more) criterious about deleting or 
quitting SLY's xref window
       new  7981da4   Simplify M-. logic ahead of #123 fix and possible rewrite
       new  b39bbbb   Fix existing automated tests before adding new ones
       new  5ea8335   Add new automated tests for issue #123
       new  da964d7   Closes #123: M-. jumps more closely respect window and 
frame intents
       new  41ffbf1   Improve #123: Also consider window intent when browsing 
from xref buffer
       new  3032baa   Fix test failures introduced by recent commit
       new  e3d2e5d   Fix whitespace and indentation across all of sly.el
       new  290ab13   Add new `sly-switch-to-most-recent' command for 
sly-selector lovers
       new  2d1b9dd   Fix typos in README.md and NEWS.md
       new  4bef3fd   Close #124: Don't load ~/.swank.lisp or ~/.swankrc
       new  7abb081   Let Makefile select individual contrib tests from command 
       new  b8bd4b7   slynk-mrepl depends on slynk-util
       new  037a611   Fix bug in REPL backreference highlighting
       new  bc58407   Hopefully fix unstable indentation tests for a long time
       new  ec5ef2a   Test with emacs 25.2 (installed by emacs-travis) and 
upstream cl-travis
       new  be9e8fa   Fix edge case where sly-version is wrongly loaded
       new  cefa012   sbcl: Record the package active during C-c C-c.
       new  209a916   clasp: use the new source location facility.
       new  b7daef5   Use the eldoc-highlight-function-argument face for 
       new  7ac7b04   Added emacs-inspect for core:cxx-object
       new  4d6fb4a   Fix bug in swank/backend:compiler-macroexpand-1
       new  698d044   swank/abcl: improve source locations
       new  fcd8b2f   slynk/slynk-match.lisp: remove ! from symbol names
       new  7f8e614   Ignore ABCL compiled files
       new  e59643e   Adjust for changes in SBCL.
       new  508ce3a   Correct the customization type of 
       new  2c77319   When running on SBCL swank can be bound to IPv6 interface.
       new  fbe45f2   Function `create-server` now accepts optional `interface` 
       new  5048a20   sbcl: Don't include &more variables in frame-locals.
       new  bec07b8   sbcl: fix temp-file-name generation on macOS.
       new  2346872   skip-comments-and-whitespace: don't die on EOF.
       new  169750f   Remove an unused variable.
       new  ddd824a   More energy efficient receive-if for threaded connections.
       new  a24328b   Fix inspecting functions on SBCL.
       new  319243c   Added multithreading to clasp.
       new  7ca03f3   Added collect-macro-forms support
       new  79d4205   Use predicates, not widetags
       new  c65de98   Fix "coding" parsing in emacs-style "-*-" lines
       new  a18257f   Remove useless ,@() (Slime issue 370)
       new  e66b7cd   ecl: fix order of interfaces
       new  802ca00   ecl: add weak datastructures implementation
       new  9c38acf   ecl: add forgotten function getpid
       new  88c4ab6   ecl: add comments regarding not implemented interfaces
       new  6edde2e   ecl: implement interface for sentinel thread
       new  5346b9c   ecl: if threaded set communication-style to :spawn
       new  a43297a   ecl: add macroexpand-all implementation
       new  c9cee78   ecl: add package local nicknames support
       new  70da50c   encouragement: add "Are we consing yet?" sentence
       new  5261392   ecl: non-threaded build doesn't have mp:make-lock 
       new  99e0e6f   Remove structures with keyword names.
       new  a9be2ff   Get rid of more keyword named structures.
       new  f5b06fb   Load on older SBCLs without IPv6 support.
       new  078eb38   Process .slime-secret using strins, not s-exps.
       new  cfd2764   Do not perform arithmetic operations with NaN in SBCL
       new  cce2241   Define an interface for detecting float NaN and Infinity
       new  30464da   Let the default implementation handle floating point 
       new  6775d46   Update NEWS.md
       new  97fd048   Merge branch 'slime-catchup-2.20'
       new  408ab2f   Use roswell to finally remove sudo from .travis.yml
       new  559c337   Keep a couple of tests on 24.4 and more tweaks
       new  5a0be7c   ‘inferior-lisp-program’ can now be set to strings like 
"ros run"
       new  ac50082   Simplify .travis.yml a bit more
       new  6a98077   Ongoing documentation rewrite and a new tutorial
       new  bdc0169   Update README.md to mention SLY tutorial
       new  4d633ac   Make inferior-lisp-program a customizable variable
       new  c0c31d0   Closes #73: Properly compile contribs on MELPA
       new  4eb819f   Try yet again to get stabler indentation tests on Travis
       new  0130866   Play nice with MELPA’s package-build.el
       new  f343186   Track defined slyfuns in *slyfuns*
       new  f1e436c   Cleanup whitespace and indentation for some of the 
biggest files
       new  b74b908   When replaying stickers report correct buffer line
       new  d00886d   Closes #91: On sticker replay, maybe ask to forget old 
       new  7a4eac5   Saner window management when replaying stickers. 
Shouldn't frob up your window configuration so much anymore.
       new  32ea764   Cleanup and document slynk/slynk-completion.lisp ahead of 
       new  c543b49   Another minor stickers improvement
       new  d43479c   Consider package-local-nicknames (if available) in flex 
       new  3466cf7   Rewrite tutorial based on SLY’s own code
       new  faf8f98   Closes #9: Completely rewrite manual (still needs 
proofreading, tho)
       new  385bca6   Update NEWS.md and README.md
       new  cf8dd1a   Consider more accessible external symbols when completing
       new  7ac6105   Improve completion scoring and show it in the completion 
       new  a23dc30   Fix a very brittle test broken by last completions update
       new  b219c3d   More improvements to flex the completion UI
       new  76763c1   Reorganize the manual a bit, fix typos and simplify ideas
       new  07c682f   Oops. Fix a typo that broke down completions completely
       new  a919f4a   Another tweak to the flex-scoring function
       new  4de376e   Temporarily show overlay on symbol being completed.
       new  095fa4d   Snappier flex completion
       new  60e6445   Closes #127: invalidate buttons from older dead 
       new  8e6a7f8   Apropos #128: Explain why *SLYNK-PPRINT-BINDINGS* is a 
       new  577403d   Fix minor edge case when completing accessible symbols
       new  64ffab9   Reorganize NEWS.md
       new  ae0b383   More predictably choose REPL windows
       new  6f7d1c5   Make sly-autodoc work with upcoming Emacs 26
       new  687942c   Closes #130: Correctly place "cleared last output" note 
       new  517ed4d   Closes #132: Protect REPL against globally set 
       new  efd7907   Close #134: Unbreak newest ASDF that complains on 
recursive loads
       new  83c8831   sbcl/wake-thread: lock the mutex recursively.
       new  7b47447   Close #135: Reloading Slynk on SBCL messes up threads
       new  2110dd3   CCL Lisp now passes autodoc tests 24 and 25
       new  4360946   CCL Lisp now passes autodoc tests 25 and 26 (still fails 
24 tho)
       new  70138e7   Close #136: Don't trample user's custom 
       new  561c32b   Improve #138: Don't present duplicate completion 
       new  4ed1133   * sly-autodoc.el (sly-autodoc-manually):  typo in 
       new  64e72ce   Close #82: Remove package from file local variables
       new  70df014   Fix typo: no -> to (#84)
       new  4579564   Close #140: Fix bug preventing sly-autodoc in some 
       new  482d489   Close #141: Add (hopefully) sensible exceptions to 
completion ranking
       new  5aeacaa   Unbreak Travis CI builds
       new  4e0d824   Fix #135: Appease ASDF's whimsical naming convention 
       new  ce8c418   Fix #142: don't use sly-tramp-to-lisp-filename when 
connection dead
       new  fe41c5e   Simplify sly-def-connection-var macro
       new  0538a1a   Fix #135: Appease ASDF's whimsical naming convention 
       new  12531e0   * sly.el (sly-connection): Friendlier error messages.
       new  4d997df   Disable part of the fix to #123 which is problematic in 
Emacs 26.1
       new  f6dda1e   Close #143: robustify xref against quit-window hacks
       new  f5d5c02   Close #144: Ensure sane printing when communicating with 
       new  5c615db   Robustify when restarting connections
       new  d47bab3   Close #145: unbreak loading of init files ~/.slynk.lisp 
and ~/.slynkrc
       new  cbf84c3   Remove some questionable code that breaks on latest SBCL.
       new  486bfbe   Close #148: Record sly-connection property in sticker 
interactive buttons
       new  50f513b   Improve #156: Serialize disconnect and reconnect events
       new  855d7e9   Improve #156: Friendlier error message when REPL is 
       new  08609ed   Improve #156: Handle case where Lisp doesn't respond to 
       new  253b75f   Improve #156: Store sly-inferior-lisp-args in process 
property, not var
       new  c53e699   New sly-import-symbol-at-point bound to C-c i by default 
       new  a25bb58   Clean up and simplify pull request #147
       new  3873e87   M-x sly-import-symbol-at-point now actually imports 
symbol (#147)
       new  7d12c47   Tweak "A SLY tour for SLIME users" section of the manual
       new  3314cf8   Close #158: On interactive sly-mrepl, maybe just select 
the window
       new  b3feb6d   Works better with company, even without sly-company
       new  3dd8f49   Add animated gifs to README.md
       new  fffc56d   Simplify README.md
       new  8215097   Update README.md
       new  52bc378   Prevent automatic company completion in comments and 
       new  b4d6f60   Add location support when interoperating with company
       new  d10b424   Fix silly build failure
       new  9380cbf   Fix even sillier build failure
       new  47d6b70   Dramatically improvove dynamic completion performance
       new  1b95310   Improve company integration throughout
       new  e1c0328   Don't use SLY's completion UI if user has something better
       new  1d8d94b   Close #161: easier to understand completion annotations
       new  94c3231   Shoosh some compiler warnings
       new  a3551b6   Per #160: Cleanup an unused vestige of ancient SLIME
       new  36f013d   find-definition.3 doesn't fail for newer sbcl
       new  a75e861   Add an option to prevent popping up the debugger. (#162)
       new  8685956   Fix candidate matching in company integration
       new  bcc7b61   Try to fix race in sly-eval-async with cancelled requests
       new  b60058e   Better recentering in SLY-DB buffers
       new  44f91e3   Minor cosmetic improvements to SLY-DB
       new  a05b45f   Make 'repl the default value for sly-db-focus-debugger
       new  0f85f3c   Fix completion of symbols that start with a colon (#164)
       new  8fc90fe   Per #165: work around Emacs indentation bug #32014
       new  d92aa57   Add tests for Emacs 26.1
       new  953699f   Close #166: try to make the company tooltip less ugly by 
       new  5472b42   Adjust previous fix
       new  0956d4f   Friendlier M-x sly (#167)
       new  4496c7e   Replace equalp with cl-equalp (#169)
       new  38c34cb   Close #168: re-init sly-editing-mode after loading 
       new  3b7a519   Close #170: Unbreak M-x sly-info in MELPA installations
       new  90b0e99   * doc/sly.texi (Documentation): Update keybindings.
       new  e36ae90   * doc/sly.texi (Recovery): Correct function bound to C-c ~
       new  36d12dd   * doc/sly.texi (REPL): Remove redundant mention of C-c C-z
       new  b48a634   * doc/sly.texi (REPL backreferences): Remove too many 
       new  835a70f   Replace some uses of @xref with @pxref in manual
       new  76b25bf   Fix problematic doc reference
       new  3a99277   * doc/sly.texi (A SLY tour...): Proof-read and re-write 
some parts
       new  5c3cd01   Introduce and use sly-user-error for user errors
       new  8c2067e   Close #174: fix button navigation (notes, REPL, stickers)
       new  64ce148   * doc/sly.texi (Examining frames): Correct function bound 
to v
       new  ee61e74   * doc/sly.texi (Restarts): Mention  function 
       new  66439ff   Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 
       new  20c98f6   Unbreak tests by properly simulating commands
       new  6e0621c   Clarify SLYNK:*ECHO-NUMBER-ALIST* in doc
       new  4fc1863   Improve on previous commit.
       new  4ed8ca2   Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 
       new  1eedf5c   Simplify symbol classification in completion
       new  3e1d696   Simplify symbol classification in completion
       new  c20de11   Rewrite some of README.md
       new  df21cdb   Fix suspicious quit when using sit-for, catch and throw
       new  b633dbc   Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 
       new  79a5151   Fix minor problems to unbreak making sly.pdf
       new  b6c0668   * doc/sly.texi (Keybindings): Remove mention of "unusual 
       new  586421f   * doc/sly.texi (Top, Debugger, Stepping): Remove stepping 
       new  4c461e1   More uniformly mention Emacs's init file
       new  71640a0   Merge branch 'update-docs'
       new  2cd11d8   * doc/sly.texi (Introduction): Rewrite a bit.
       new  87dfc79   * doc/sly.texi (Other configurables): Allow makeinfo to 
create sly.info
       new  7833f58   Close #180: Unbreak Helm by fixing 
       new  87e651a   * doc/sly.texi: Cleanup trailing whitespace
       new  30c7fc9   Close #178: fix sly-db-end-of-backtrace in SLY-DB buffers
       new  7629891   Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 
       new  154b3c3   Close #182: Fix key instructions in *sly-completions* 
       new  cc0656c   Close #182: let <return> be overriden when completing in 
       new  26f2564   Per #183: Work around probable Emacs bug
       new  4b260fd   Make sly-db-focus-debuffer default to 'always'
       new  f468fc5   Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 
       new  e006f57   Per #160: Simplify decision to automatic focus debugger
       new  5a8fac8   * doc/sly.texi (A SLY tour for SLIME users): Make 
multiple changes
       new  c3d6f12   * slynk/slynk.asd (:slynk/util): Depend on :slynk
       new  25255c1   Work around possible Emacs bug in completions
       new  036361f   Work around slow completions on W32 until Emacs#32986 is 
       new  d89d830   Close #190: kill stale buffers on connection close
       new  f65dc0b   Changed how backtraces work in clasp
       new  080a8f7   Use localhost instead of throughout
       new  24fb06c   Fix reloading swank
       new  29e3be8   Avoid closing the same socket twice
       new  40f8b06   Document * variable in inspector
       new  bf71278   ecl: disable weak hash table support
       new  78dfe51   Add rule for building sly-refcard.pdf
       new  1d1901d   Use C locale when sorting contributors, for 
       new  bafc9f0   More energy efficient auto-flush-loop.
       new  6062538   maybe-schedule-flush: don't do anything if there's no 
thread attached.
       new  a792c9c   sly-version-string: make behavior consistent with 
       new  8976590   Make make-auto-flush-thread a backend interface (fix ABCL)
       new  74e1295   Small fix to common-lisp-hyperspec--read-format-character
       new  573a671   Clasp: allows eval-in-frame to access function arguments
       new  bd7189c   Avoid errors in slynk:xref
       new  6d472bb   Refactor inneficient generic functions in 
       new  8aa5ff8   Improved backtraces for clasp
       new  2abb006   Fix Lisp mode comment indentation in newer emacs
       new  57e0354   slynk/backend/allegro.lisp: disable eol fixup in some 
       new  7fddb6b   Autodoc function args available in minibuffer prompts
       new  e72a58e   Unbreak built-in completion UI
       new  add6c66   Dramatically speed up completions for the most common case
       new  c4f754c   Improved "Copy call to REPL"
       new  711ae11   Fix a bug in the last "Copy call to REPL" commit
       new  aba193e   Speed up completions again (and correct bugs)
       new  293e60d   Some more micro-optimizations
       new  3f61dc3   More optimizations
       new  d34fd5b   When completing for internal symbols, also consider 
external symbols
       new  b51c4a2   Fix some broken whitespace in docstrings
       new  b7998ee   Solve compilation warning in contrib/sly-mrepl.el
       new  f0de857   Backreference highlighting and autodoc play nice together
       new  68b73b0   Prepare emacs-side of completions to accept suggestions
       new  4416f7a   Correct horribly mismatched parenthesis in 
       new  e7efe66   Lay groundword for reworking apropos functionality
       new  39d7333   Fix bound-and-true-p call in contrib/sly-mrepl.el (#199)
       new  09c5ca8   Fix typo (#201)
       new  c338f22   Rework apropos to use flex-matching by default
       new  88bf41e   Unbreak apropos
       new  7f2f793   Unbreak apropos again... File didn't compile
       new  d98f318   Fix another couple of apropos bugs
       new  27448ab   Don't try to order hash-table entries with COMPLEX keys 
       new  74fc59c   Merge branch 'slime-catchup-2.21'
       new  aaf567d   A fix to track a change in the clasp source code
       new  140aa99   clasp change compile-file option
       new  ef5bcba   Merge branch 'slime-catchup-2.22'
       new  fc1ea67   Start backtraces closer to the error
       new  123d67b   sly-autodoc--async%: don't fall when DOC is a singleton 
       new  03d4d20   Try to be slightly clever with 
(find-definitions-for-emacs (setf name)).
       new  287646c   Old SBCL support.
       new  0e1ae12   Update slime-make-tramp-file-name for emacs 26.
       new  997066a   Fixed documentation about sly-recompile-all-xrefs 
       new  8a31506   doc: remove nonexistent 
       new  2e32df7   sbcl/print-frame: use emergency-best-effort.
       new  d76fca3   swank/allegro: handle lists returned by 
       new  95b8649   swank/allegro: work around off-by-one in free reference 
       new  e56d060   swank/ccl: fix handling traced functions
       new  bd6984e   Merge branch 'ongoing-slime-catchup'
       new  710d4be   Unbreak SLY after poorly tested cherry-pick from SLIME
       new  61e45f7   Unbreak slynk/backend/allegro.lisp after botched SLIME 
cherry-picking session
       new  33c82fc   Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 
       new  a14e64c   Fix #209: attempt race prevention in sly--responsive-eval
       new  ca909f3   Throttle function signature requests when using company
       new  a110498   Add slynk-apropos file to slynk-loader.lisp in case 
anyone still uses it
       new  082b624   Briefly flash sly-symbol-at-point when editing definition
       new  38a465b   Per #210: simplify throttling functionality
       new  d3b2958   Cleanup strings copied from Inspector, SLY-DB, REPL, 
       new  4ce3351   Fix another bug in Allegro's condition reporting
       new  b606ee9   Work around another Allegro condition location bug
       new  affc61a   Fix doc typo
       new  1613db3   Revert a part of previous "Cleanup strings copied from 
       new  9936f27   Another stability fix for company/company-quickhelp 
       new  dbaa9d7   Use CL-PPCRE apropos matcher by default
       new  79c5cb2   Make sly-read-symbol-name play nice with icomplete-mode
       new  be91138   Play nice with Emacs's completion styles
       new  9485940   Unbreak tests for Emacs 24.4
       new  0a622da   Close #131: paper over SLY version detection issues when 
using MELPA
       new  25f8591   Close #226: check package of syms yielded by 
       new  24bb670   Fix #222: use *MACROEXPAND-P-B*'s during print, not 
       new  04d2d08   Fix typo
       new  873acd7   Recognize uiop:define-package (#233)
       new  c04b6cd   Add "in-package" and "cd" to sly-mrepl-shortcut-alist
       new  46dde33   Minor fixes to deprecated-but-sometimes-useful 
       new  4e19523   Fix apropos glitch
       new  289a009   Added a section with a list of additional contribs (#225)
       new  ff97415   Close #236: add back sly-stack-eval-tags removed in #160
       new  893a939   Close #240: use history variable for sly-mrepl-shortcut
       new  ba08468   Fix sly-export-symbol-at-point bug when DEFPACKAGE is 
first form
       new  c3c30df   Allow C-c x to export symbols from non-current packages
       new  47b42c8   Fix #211, #241: Review SLYNK-PPRINT logic and limits
       new  07a1635   Fix #227: protect REPL restarts against deleted/moved 
       new  1fe2c19   * slynk/slynk.lisp (slynk-pprint-to-line): Do use 
       new  08f2321   * slynk/slynk.lisp (slynk-pprint-values): Delete spurious 
       new  8f3359b   Per #122: handle accidental REPL thread kills more 
       new  d84cf2c   Close #122: auto-restart REPL thread if it is killed 
       new  4dd6661   * contrib/slynk-mrepl.lisp (close-channel): Actually add 
FORCE parameter.
       new  dbbb2c9   Per #238: cleanup some REPL read-related functionality
       new  5916871   Per #238: adjust previous change
       new  936abaf   Revert "Close #122: auto-restart REPL thread if it is 
killed accidentally"
       new  8ffa8d5   Unbreak compilation of contrib/slynk-mrepl.lisp
       new  1c4ec4f   Fix #238: use minibuffer to handle READs from non 
       new  da37a5d   Unbreak sly-disconnect and disconnection tests
       new  bf36dea   Minor adjustment to previous change
       new  3a2d216   Fix #244: fix autoloads for Emacs 27 and use-package
       new  b752da9   Fix #245: allow returning objects to REPL from secondary 
       new  55f15fd   Make it possible to control *GLOBALLY-REDIRECT-IO* from 
       new  dfd0e1d   Only globally redirect IO if Slynk started from Emacs
       new  eefe271   Only use dedicated output stream if Slynk started from 
       new  ff6771d   Per #214: avoid conflict with Helm when reading symbol 
       new  978eeec   Minor update to CONTRIBUTING.md, mostly typos
       new  db354a5   Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 
       new  bca860b   Fix #243: indent UIOP:DEFINE-PACKAGE like CL:DEFPACKAGE
       new  5670e63   Per #214: comply more closely with Emacs' completion 
       new  4588a11   Merge branch 'update-docs' of github.com:rprimus/sly (per 
       new  e51360d   Fix #250: Ensure REPL is in :EVAL mode after prompt is 
       new  249a94c   Fix typo in README (#252)
       new  ccd296a   Fix doc typos
       new  ee11bf8   Fix #259: Introduce sly-mrepl-next-prompt and 
       new  29dccc0   Don't have Autodoc/Eldoc prompt for a default connection
       new  0f79b97   Fix #261: don't shut out Helm/Ivy/whatever in 
       new  6353bac   Fix #263: consider Info-directory-list when searching for 
       new  8def86c   * sly.el (sly-info--file): Per #263, also check for 
       new  0a3b817   Fix #266: only consider symbols with packages for apropos
       new  1c8c48d   Fix #272: bind REPL-cleaning commands to C-c C-o, C-c M-o
       new  fe2a256   * doc/sly.texi: Fix "becasue" typo (closes #262)
       new  0e8c0f9   * doc/sly.texi: Fix assorted typos
       new  bf041ba   Fix #276: unbreak sly-disconnect
       new  a41e690   * contrib/sly-mrepl.el (sly-mrepl-clear-recent-output): 
Fix edge case.
       new  20803ea   Highlight common part of completions in *sly-completions*
       new  1c479df   "Copy call to REPL" nukes user input first
       new  d03cab5   Fix #281: give user control over when to break on stickers
       new  27da5cf   Flash stickers a little longer
       new  9afdaa8   Revert "Fix #281: give user control over when to break on 
       new  344a6cd   Revert the revert of: "Fix #281: give user control ..."
       new  c8e35d6   Tweak printing of stickers
       new  2ef8b8d   Dont' use overlay priorities to represent sticker nesting
       new  c841d0e   Tweak sticker flashing again, use standard pulse.el
       new  09c38a0   Simplify sticker levels with getter and setf function
       new  f3bd713   * slynk/slynk-completion.lisp (flex-matches): Declare 
       new  294a9bc   Unbreak sly-stickers contrib
       new  209497f   * contrib/sly-stickers.el (pulse): Require it
       new  f0df1d9   Unbreak sticker and note navigation after refactoring
       new  7250f85   Unbreak sly-mrepl-sync for sly-tramp
       new  977e79b   Prevent some Elisp string properties from reaching Lisp
       new  2aa5add   Don't require 'cl at all
       new  cf61b7f   Rename use of obsoleted cl functions to cl-lib 
       new  29c9ba5   Fix #286: prevent interleaved flashing of stickers
       new  7836531   Unbreak sly-mrepl-sync broken by 7250f8 (fix for #256)
       new  298a0a1   Export *BREAK-ON-STICKERS*
       new  39aef9e   Fix #287: unconfuse default SLYNK-PPRINT for nil streams
       new  7f40ebb   Respect *PRINT-LENGTH* when presenting strings, like 
other sequences
       new  62a10c8   Fix #288: set special variable - (dash) inside REPL
       new  c6f06a5   Fix #290: actually have sly-switch-to-most-recent use 
prefix arg
       new  9dc0138   Close #300: alias "quit lisp" to sly-quit-lisp in REPL's 
comma shortcut
       new  134a5f1   Fix #291: remove stale SLIME remnant in 
       new  4adb4c8   * sly.el (sly-expand-1): Fix SWANK-naming typos.
       new  29a2a75   Get rid of SLYNK:WITH-STRUCT*
       new  a0aa7c2   * slynk/slynk.lisp (spawn-threads-for-connection): 
       new  2a13525   Minor tweak to sly-eval function for easier debugging
       new  36aea9a   Make trace dialog abbreviate spec names like the inspector
       new  d4e52fe   Simplify sly-eval.  Attempt to avoid stale continuations
       new  91e5a8e   * slynk/slynk.lisp (slynk-pprint-to-line): Really do 
print to a single line.
       new  05292bc   Let workers remove themselves from connection's active 
thread list
       new  939e157   Avoid error in slynk-arglists.lisp if some method spec'ed 
to number
       new  cfecd21   Use SLYNK-BACKEND:WAKE-THREAD in Allegro, too
       new  3ed2da5   Fix IGNORE-THIS-STICKER restart for breaking stickers
       new  bd687bd   Slightly pronouced sticker shading gradations
       new  86a63df   Correctly restore sticker priorities when highlighted
       new  c3a0e8b   Fix race condition with Allegro SMP
       new  1382bda   Give credit to ASCII artists
       new  d3cf176   Don't count of Emacs's make-text-button's side-effects
       new  01b9848   Fix more instances of sly--make-text-button misuse for 
Emacs 28
       new  af29c64   Add package-local-nicknames support for CCL
       new  eb2a0f9   * sly.el (sly-inspector-quit): Don't kill inspector 
       new  6a2f543   Fix #330: only insert "--more--" button in SLY DB when 
actually needed
       new  3fd5fe5   * sly.el (sly--contrib-safe): Use 
       new  7f28abd   * lib/sly-tests.el (sly-test-ert-test-for): Understand 
SBCL's versioning
       new  fd4a858   Refactor sly-cl-indent.el and symbol uses
       new  e2e629e   Unbreak indentation test "indent-13"
       new  d718301   Try not to clobber cl-indent symbol prop
       new  5913cf9   Clean up and refactor some aliases
       new  7f7915a   Normalize sly-cl-indent naming conventions
       new  b1a14a2   Clean up recent changes (remove some commented code)
       new  3e58d99   Keep sly-cl-indent.el independent from SLY
       new  54f4d3b   Change sly-cl-indent naming conventions (again)
       new  c3932e0   Use sly-common-lisp-indent-function symbol prop
       new  93d8ab5   * slynk/slynk.lisp: Fix typos
       new  cd91c05   Revert back to CL-PPCRE-based sly-apropos tutorial
       new  f49cb23   Close #292: document xref functions and some functions 
with prefix args
       new  e712705   Use lexical-binding everywhere
       new  6d67371   More cleanup to lib/sly-cl-indent.el and its tests
       new  be9bcc4   Don't require cl.el in sly-tests.el
       new  8739e4b   Misc performance improvements
       new  d73c8ec   Generic cleanup in sly.el
       new  248620b   Tidy sly-autodoc
       new  9c9ba2b   Handle :INVERT readtables correctly when parsing symbols
       new  4dd0d54   * NEWS.md: Mention Zach's work
       new  63ea99c   * sly.el (sly-inspector-quit): Don't reset Lisp inspector 
by default.
       new  1e16429   Fix #334: use SLYNK:*STRING-ELISION-LENGTH* to control 
string elision
       new  eba51e2   * slynk/slynk.lisp (dispatch-event): Fix compilation 
       new  d4912e1   Fix #325: Don't error when sly-autodoc can't find 
       new  a6f9600   More wisely choose modes onto which to hook 
       new  ffbcb3e   * sly.el (sly--events-buffer): Use lisp-data-mode if 
       new  807edde   Simplify event logging
       new  c90ce13   Fix #313, #319, #335: Unbreak REPL reading
       new  ce4e6b2   Fix #336: Unbreak button navigation when last-command not 
a symbol
       new  3857b5d   Revert "Fix #330: only insert "--more--" button in SLY DB 
when actually needed"
       new  d69afff   Unbreak SLY after Git blunder
       new  becf7b7   Fix #339: remove autoload for SLIME detection
       new  72bf073   Record arg printouts at right time in the SLY Trace Dialog
       new  127ff70   Fix bugs after last change to SLY Trace Dialog
       new  5e85195   Per #339: remove stale test
       new  7c8f8a7   Fix #341: rework SLIME conflict detection
       new  155cb06   Sly(ght) patch
       new  73db132   Per #323: add functionality for baking REPLs into game 
       new  dabf287   Fix some minor artifacts in manual's TexInfo source
       new  5a51d6a   Avoid completion bug due to unavailable macro expansion
       new  e642177   Fix broken sly.texi
       new  34239bc   Update doc/contributors.texi using a .mailmap file
       new  58460aa   Ensure conditions are always present when finding restarts
       new  8e22c1f   Make it harder to accidentally kill threads in the SLY 
       new  c38ed00   Fix #349: Properly escape backreference messages
       new  0d359be   Per #303: Consult non-essential before issuing a 
"responsive eval" request
       new  2a117b8   Fix #351: Protect REPL function against usage in odd Org 
       new  c70fdb9   Per #354: Unbreak most broken parts of 
       new  d2c2afa   Per #323, #353: Rework handling of REPLs inside REPLs
       new  d389c1e   Fix #345: add SLYNK-MREPL:COPY-TO-REPL-IN-EMACS
       new  e8b5d6c   Per #345: accept POP-TO-BUFFER arg in 
       new  82c37fc   Per #345: update manual
       new  9d0eddc   Fix #342: Don't defvaralias common-lisp-style
       new  fce4f9b   Support Allegro 10+ package-local nicknames implementation
       new  1eb394b   Get rid of useless :SLYNK/UTIL ASDF system
       new  1d2dff0   Fixup.  Don't SLYNK-REQUIRE :SLYNK/UTIL, which is gone
       new  fd6be58   Avert some bitrot in contrib/slynk-profiler.lisp
       new  80081bd   Remove old useless hack in contrib/slynk-trace-dialog
       new  8b737a1   Close #359: allow naming new inspector when inspecting 
from REPL
       new  d12c4cd   Close #364: fix typos

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