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[nongnu] branch externals/tuareg created (now ccde45b)

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: [nongnu] branch externals/tuareg created (now ccde45b)
Date: Sat, 21 Nov 2020 01:26:15 -0500 (EST)

monnier pushed a change to branch externals/tuareg.

        at  ccde45b   Unbind backspace to fix electric-pair-mode

This branch includes the following new commits:

       new  cdf5700   Fresh import of tuareg-mode-1.45.6
       new  8c865ed   tuareg-mode-1.46.2
       new  96dbd63   trying to fix |! operator
       new  978f13c   f0e3579b8954
       new  c4dccc5   hg-$r (if (not ...) () ...) --> (when ... ...)
       new  7764feb   hg-f755997ac240 tuareg-compute-indent: fix indentation of 
then in     ~foo:(if bar       then baz       else zot)
       new  85a9b7b   hg-67b8ee69d257 tuareg-compute-argument-indent: in the 
default case, use kwop when leading-operator is missing this fixes 
http://mantis/view.php?id=4247 : let x = {   Foo.   a = b;   c = d;   e = f; }
       new  c962d39   hg-36375f479e37 tuareg-compute-argument-indent: better 
`let' use
       new  1e4384f   hg-e77f05411ef8 tuareg-compute-argument-indent: revert 
67b8ee69d257 which broke things
       new  8f0c7f1   hg-88aea3e2dc90 tuareg-compute-argument-indent: another 
attempt to fix fixes http://mantis/view.php?id=4247
       new  22c339a   hg-2873757156b3 fix "then" patch f755997ac240
       new  67b2492   hg-a35b58f36dca tuareg-compute-normal-indent: yet another 
fix for struct indent:   h = {  Quux.    ---->>i = 3;
       new  5cfe22b   hg-28e6319be02a tuareg-indent-command: ensure the 
argument to indent-line-to is non-negative because we want to set 
tuareg-|-extra-unindent to -2
       new  10f8a5e   hg-a10d86e11bda use last-command-event instead of 
last-command-char (obsolete since before 19.34)
       new  e1c54f8   hg-8b2a3da127b9 font-lock-constant-face is standard, do 
not redefine it using the obsolete font-lock-reference-face
       new  1276659   hg-46a5b2829255 `make-local-hook' is an obsolete function 
(as of Emacs 21.1); not necessary any more.
       new  522724c   hg-802244e5e623 font-lock-preprocessor-face is standard, 
do not try to redefine it
       new  8914be3   hg-192bc8946cce extract tuareg-compute-kwop-indent from 
tuareg-compute-indent (no functional changes)
       new  8fb1331   hg-24d0aa225809 fix http://mantis/view.php?id=4249: 
struct indentation:
       new  199989b   hg-996aed649fe3 use when instead of single form if
       new  3f22277   hg-443fd4044121 add tuareg-ensure-space
       new  8189d67   hg-3fcf813a8166 fix a typo in 996aed649fe3
       new  6dc958b   hg-e41a5a1089d2 more code simplifications
       new  c936c8d   hg-a7de414d9afb use nconc instead of append when possible
       new  e427557   hg-683b760fea89 do not special case "and" in 
tuareg-leading-kwop-alist lookups
       new  93d4e3d   hg-3cdf4c9a0678 tuareg-compute-kwop-indent: fix 
http://mantis/view.php?id=4255 { foo: [ `Foo of int        | `Bar of string ]; }
       new  62d4ada   hg-0657081c5e9b tuareg-compute-kwop-indent: fix 
24d0aa225809 which broke last paren in let quux list = List.map list ~f:(fun 
item ->   print_item item )
       new  24a98a6   hg-6b5a1c465d33 tuareg-compute-kwop-indent: fix last 
patch wrt     let zot u = match u with     | Some _ -> true     | None -> false 
by using tuareg-give-extra-unindent-regexp
       new  e57c4b4   hg-51da3561dbf7 tuareg-compute-kwop-indent: merge patches 
6b5a1c465d33 & 3cdf4c9a0678
       new  baa1bdc   hg-4eaf319d6543 the indentation requirement for 
6b5a1c465d33 was wrong, fix it
       new  a03e3e6   hg-dcf1b8e12f28 tuareg-find-semi-colon-match: indent code 
after "try" to the first statement
       new  f121f3c   hg-f8fd4c4ba62c tuareg-compute-normal-indent: code 
       new  5a72de1   hg-88183131a6a4 Fix http://mantis/view.php?id=4334: 
indentation of multi-line functional types (tuareg-make-find-kwop-regexp): add 
"type" (tuareg-compute-normal-indent): treat "type" as "val" and "let"
       new  5ea6b0b   hg-ff3f68d22299 add tuareg-reset-and-kwop
       new  473dfb6   hg-dafd337179f5 fix indentation of variant types in 
modules (i.e., with additional indent) tuareg-assoc-indent: handle nil ind when 
kwop matches extra-unindent tuareg-extra-unindent-regexp: add 
[+no-code-till-eol tuareg-compute-kwop-indent: use looking-at with 
tuareg-extra-unindent-regexp instead of matching it against matching-kwop
       new  7d28f39   hg-081daf91b11e add tuareg-no-more-code-this-line (no 
functional changes)
       new  07fa01e   hg-a38f3feaa478 dramatically simplify 
tuareg-find-with-match because there can be only one "with" per expression, so 
there is no reason to treat kwop=with specially
       new  880ab0d   hg-55f86aefb143 tuareg-compute-->-indent: extracted from 
       new  9722789   hg-e3aa4aeaf6a9 extract tuareg-compute-keyword-indent 
from tuareg-compute-normal-indent
       new  f9a09e9   hg-13dce54138ba drop all mention of sym-lock: it is 
relevant only to non-MULE XEmacs, i.e., never
       new  7c778c2   hg-8ebb19ed6ea9 easy-menu-create-keymaps -> 
easy-menu-create-menu (replaced 10 years ago)
       new  b1d199c   hg-543f55bad4f0 avoid compile warnings
       new  c8461a1   hg-32b97a82c87d rearrange code to avoid some compile 
       new  3951ea7   hg-620e9497d72c avoid some more warnings by using 
autoload; pass NOERROR arg to some requires
       new  4ebee30   hg-c6f7d10463fc comment
       new  a1b61fa   hg-cf153287f1ed replace tuareg-modify-syntax & 
tuareg-restore-syntax with tuareg-with-internal-syntax
       new  88eac38   hg-3d37bae507ea tuareg-list-definitions: use error for 
scan errors instead of a message. remove newly unused tuareg-line-number
       new  acd28a0   hg-162f74e0e8f1 comment
       new  7e0ba57   hg-46311c67cb3f tuareg-find-semi-colon-match: do not call 
tuareg-back-to-paren-or-indentation for matches with "in" this fixes 
indentation of multiple statements after a let
       new  53e4978   hg-a0d5a7446701 add "type" to 
       new  02206b8   hg-713aac96bb3b tuareg-find-|-match: avoid calling 
string-match on nil; fix indentation and coding style
       new  838b989   hg-0bac832f5a74 fix an apparently ancient typo in a 
function name
       new  68664f5   hg-8c06121d8bc1 tuareg-find-then-match: return "else if" 
for nested conditionals
       new  ff038ff   hg-2e6a678ffbb3 tuareg-compute-keyword-indent: handle 
"try" specially
       new  58ac0e9   hg-22ca3e2ca988 fix indentation inside parens (this patch 
may prove controversial!)
       new  a75d0e2   hg-30cb8e6e0dc4 tuareg-use-syntax-ppss: assume 
syntax-ppss is stable and use it when available
       new  81f1490   hg-d6a8714c5a8d tuareg-compute-keyword-indent "try": 
handle the case when code starts on the next line after "try"
       new  7c1dfa9   hg-54cfc8c61c6d rename tuareg-no-more-code-this-line to 
tuareg-no-more-code-this-line-regexp and use is throughout the file by adding 
tuareg-no-code-after; also use it instead of both "[ \t]*\\((\\*.*\\)?$" and "[ 
       new  d725f41   hg-0e8a842f40d0 tuareg-compute-argument-indent: handle 
multi-line arguments
       new  e3fb610   hg-9be2104ec59d indentation
       new  cb38cae   hg-4948308bdd82 indentation
       new  b6bffe5   hg-80ea8df2e765 add tuareg--id-regexp & 
tuareg-identifier-regexp to avoid concat in tight loops
       new  c2b46bc   hg-942bf27c0c13 tuareg-in-comment-p: bring the ppss 
version in line with the non-ppss version
       new  8e44a00   hg-195405833d72 tuareg-find-then-match: go back to the 
"if" kwop if "else if" was not found
       new  f0c7b01   hg-360e941b92e2 tuareg-find-monadic-match-regexp: add ";"
       new  b254afc   hg-250e893c23b7 tuareg-compute-->-indent: do not skip to 
the match pattern
       new  b18555e   hg-7effab3897e7 hook to imenu
       new  3d816b1   hg-9d1449cc0723 avoid compilation warnings
       new  6578d70   hg-1ddb99705694 tuareg-find-in-match-regexp: fix regexp
       new  649af0c   hg-ed9d70861a21 add tuareg-paren-or-indentation-column & 
       new  213ed3b   hg-99747706ebac tuareg-back-to-paren-or-indentation: do 
not skip "|" tuareg-compute-kwop-indent: compensate here
       new  ce7ff8b   hg-d8d28561653e tuareg-extra-unindent-regexp: add "fun"
       new  c9c672f   hg-77c62627eff1 add tuareg-ro and use it for most keyword 
regexps. this fixes some bugs (missing "\\(\\)" around regexps) and improves 
       new  c8de7e0   hg-395b9d0ae0f2 tuareg-find-monadic-match: handle ">>=" 
specially since "=" both a monadic op and a monadic match
       new  3ed5227   hg-146c70eaeced (tuareg-find-->-match): find ">>= fun" 
and then return ">>=" (tuareg-compute-->-indent): treat ">>=" specially
       new  0fcb13b   hg-c06d2445bfdf tuareg-find-then-else-match, 
tuareg-find-phrase-indentation: use tuareg-find-meaningful-word return value 
instead of looking-at
       new  3c6b223   hg-893ecec5a9b0 tuareg-in-monadic-op-p: add; 
tuareg-find-monadic-match: use it
       new  5108145   hg-10b7810a5faf tuareg-find-meaningful-word: find monadic 
ops ">>|" & ">>=" instead of "=" & "|" tuareg-find-->-match: rely on 
       new  538392d   hg-36f8a4104631 avoid illegal defconst in function body
       new  da89887   hg-0e8744f9925b tuareg-find-then-else-match: look for 
"else" from "if" only if not in indentation
       new  35918c8   hg-60ffbc614df1 tuareg-compute-keyword-indent: kwop=with 
and non-specific match: assume a missing first "|"
       new  8eecf57   hg-02bff6257376 tuareg-compute-argument-indent: general 
case: skip blank lines after kwop
       new  c3d1a07   hg-82aad2ea9667 avoid conditional defuns - no compilation 
warnings anymore!
       new  41cda61   hg-38c09275a0a4 removing some pointless browser code
       new  1f00e7d   hg-6a03273b60cd auto merge
       new  49ba489   hg-89ac82ea122b rename symbols with ,| &c - to pacify 
font-lock and for aesthetic reasons
       new  11478c7   hg-674909c2f9c2 whitespace
       new  8f50cb4   hg-d91b02ab6ea4 tuareg-indent-from-paren: indent function 
calls inside () to function, not ()
       new  2c24c05   hg-db8a18d6c100 tuareg-find-then-match-skip-regexp: add
       new  ae975c2   hg-1df254916e18 concede defeat in "match ... >>= ... 
with" - suggest parens
       new  268386b   hg-c4b60034d762 tuareg-find-monadic-match-regexp: add 
"done" & "end"
       new  2fbba6a   hg-b986b241f0ac tuareg-compute-argument-indent: use 
tuareg-skip-blank-and-comments instead of a home-grown hack
       new  583e338   hg-d0010c84260a comments
       new  5ae3e7e   hg-90174ceac97e add tuareg-extra-ls3-keyword-regexp and 
use it in tuareg-matching-keyword-regexp-ls3 & tuareg-matching-kwop-regexp-ls3
       new  b483b00   hg-9d7893b34aea replace tuareg-find-then-match-regexp 
with tuareg-find-then-kwop (until & unless are only special in ls3, not general 
       new  4f01b27   hg-ac7fa2fb4be3 use with-current-buffer instead of 
set-buffer inside save-excursion
       new  96b3582   hg-e8114019a58b do not (require 'cl) at run time
       new  4b47264   hg-25642ff8b885 tuareg-compute-normal-indent: indent 
operators in parens properly
       new  b302ded   hg-70b5b900da2e tuareg-compute-kwop-indent: handle "{ ... 
with RET"
       new  ebba7fe   hg-87543055b641 extract tuareg-compute-pipe-indent & 
tuareg-compute-paren-indent from tuareg-compute-kwop-indent (no functional 
       new  5720644   hg-911091214862 extract tuareg-compute-=-indent from 
tuareg-compute-normal-indent (no functional changes)
       new  cd1f5dc   hg-bc859d8e824c minor redesign of the `type' indentation 
algorithm: `Jane style' now requires `tuareg-type-indent'=0 
(tuareg-extra-unindent-regexp): remove "type" (tuareg-compute-=-indent): accept 
`start-pos' and handle |&[ specially (tuareg-compute-normal-indent): pass 
`start-pos' to `tuareg-compute-=-indent'
       new  ef73280   hg-8c6c2d9f3ee4 treat ">>>" just like ">>=" (add 
tuareg-monadic-operator-p and use it)
       new  3da6292   hg-cf42dc59b643 fix monadic operator indentation inside 
match add "->" to tuareg-find-monadic-match-regexp add tuareg-ignorable-arrow-p 
and use it in tuareg-find-monadic-match
       new  4f2276b   hg-3a8e9aee7112 fix 8c6c2d9f3ee4: handle ">>>" as a 
monadic op in tuareg-find-meaningful-word
       new  9b2ad24   hg-8302101a7279 spelling & untabify
       new  1464531   hg-328df8d622f9 test both jane and dist setting (the 
latter _almost_ works); restore tuareg-pipe-extra-unindent to its original 
       new  6a9ebe0   hg-8e5635cd4def use line-beginning-position instead of 
       new  2c2ac68   hg-373fdcf6a276 unify tuareg-find-phrase-beginning-regexp 
& tuareg-find-phrase-beginning-and-regexp
       new  b49417f   hg-76f66eacedb7 extract 
tuareg-semicolon-indent-kwop-point from tuareg-find-semicolon-match (no 
functional changes)
       new  bffe02e   hg-72eae25285ea tuareg-compute-arrow-indent: fix the dist 
       new  6a30d42   hg-b7c786d39f27 simplify tuareg-compute-arrow-indent (no 
functional changes)
       new  0fe379c   hg-c30acb0c25c0 improve functional type indentation 
tuareg-find-arrow-match-regexp, tuareg-compute-argument-indent-regexp: add ":" 
(tuareg-compute-arrow-indent): better handling of kwop=":" and "(" 
(tuareg-compute-colon-indent): add (tuareg-compute-normal-indent): use it
       new  326776c   hg-0ed0fed7fcc7 tuareg-binding-regexp: "let" can be 
preceded by opening parens
       new  4d8096a   hg-6398232af4d2 extract 
tuareg-compute-kwop-indent-general from tuareg-compute-kwop-indent (no 
functional changes)
       new  08e7309   hg-9a2954c18b96 indent multiple "module ... with" 
constructs correctly
       new  cc33971   hg-59bceb2d65d4 update tuareg-mode-version
       new  20f7f65   hg-19d37d880cee remove all non-ASCII; 
tuareg-use-char-classes, tuareg-lower, tuareg-alpha; use [:alnum:] (no 
functional changes)
       new  86919e0   hg-3f8097fa4f01 tuareg-install-font-lock: use backquote 
instead of list
       new  076799e   hg-eef637393064 tuareg-compute-indent: simplify monadic 
operator match
       new  62c8f6b   hg-99ef3efa7ec4 add tuareg-strip-trailing-whitespace and 
use it in tuareg-find-kwop for trailing blanks after a semicolon
       new  24b76fb   hg-013f554bcb39 fix indentation of ~foo:bar, broken by 
180:c30acb0c25c0 tuareg-find-argument-kwop: add tuareg-compute-argument-indent, 
tuareg-compute-normal-indent: use it tuareg-compute-colon-indent: complex 
handling of previous kwops
       new  d0ac4e9   hg-4f6624652bc1 tuareg-indent-to-code: when match is "(", 
skip to the arrow
       new  a9e1bf9   hg-d643d4455898 add tuareg-find-leading-kwop-match (no 
functional changes)
       new  43429b6   hg-16aca471e1cc add hg version to tuareg-mode-version and 
install the version file
       new  7443742   hg-6273afb48229 rework patches 190:013f554bcb39 & 
180:c30acb0c25c0: colon is no longer "special" tuareg-find-arrow-match-regexp, 
tuareg-compute-argument-indent-regexp: remove ":" tuareg-indent-from-paren, 
tuareg-compute-keyword-indent: accept start-pos tuareg-compute-colon-indent: 
       new  95c41b5   hg-2c43f13a4ed6 tuareg-mode-version: 
byte-compile-current-file might not be bound
       new  c953e3c   hg-3385cf6eb2f6 code rearrangement: merge "if" with "cond"
       new  b5ab903   hg-086d8076e856 tuareg-compute-normal-indent: tweak type 
       new  0af13a2   hg-b01ec07af4f5 tuareg-compute-normal-indent: improve 
last tweak
       new  3d6a206   hg-b98768abf2d3 more work on indenting from parens; add 
       new  293ac1d   hg-f7314cb51355 "where" is not an ocaml keyword
       new  6473587   hg-f45bbd5e97ad tuareg-compute-paren-indent: tweak 
indentation of hanging parens
       new  b084373   hg-dab4373a58cf tuareg-compute-paren-indent, 
tuareg-compute-argument-indent: extra work on indenting struct init forms
       new  4031563   hg-fbc3c47d6f1b better tuple indentation: 
`tuareg-find-comma-match' is less greedy because `tuareg-find-kwop' now accepts 
       new  35812f8   hg-386ad4ed2fb8 fix "with" indentation, make sure it _is_ 
indented and not accepted "as is"
       new  e8a8e91   hg-ac54ea355bd9 replace some re-search with skip-syntax
       new  a2f9a2c   hg-2035dd29a560 fix |! indentation 
tuareg-find-pipe-bang-match-regexp: base on tuareg-find-comma-match-regexp, not 
on tuareg-find-=-match-regexp tuareg-find-kwop-pos: extract from 
tuareg-find-kwop tuareg-indent-to-code: accept beg-pos to avoid run-away 
       new  259774b   hg-70df2372f017 fix indentation after operators 
       new  dcb29f7   hg-4280076a532b fix poor paren indentation in arglist
       new  7826c3d   hg-a83b4f83ece6 paren indentation: skip parens with 
matches on following lines
       new  351325a   hg-7ac73f35371b rename tuareg-electric --> 
       new  3304103   hg-2c6eb78b6855 add tuareg-find-colon-typespec to improve 
indentation of ":" in typespec
       new  09f5ebc   hg-fd4748274eea tuareg-compute-kwop-indent-general: fix 
"then" indentation
       new  c85dc60   hg-99aa7b4d202c add tuareg-find-argument-kwop-non-blank
       new  e306dc5   hg-29c52a9c3a44 simplify tuareg-indent-to-code and avoid 
an infinite loop
       new  53bbf65   hg-c531457b77dd "automaton" & "present" are not ordinary 
ocaml keywords, only ls3
       new  c616950   hg-a2d6db460a7f tuareg-compute-normal-indent: use 
`tuareg-find-argument-kwop' pervasively
       new  49effae   hg-466a0e583bf0 extract `tuareg-find-argument-kwop-clean' 
from `tuareg-compute-normal-indent'
       new  2ed3703   hg-f881bf7f4894 tuareg-find-argument-kwop-non-blank: use 
       new  dd755f6   hg-cc13ec304c05 tuareg-compute-=-indent, 
tuareg-compute-pipe-indent, tuareg-compute-kwop-indent: use 
       new  f9963f1   hg-71a62f6b734f tuareg-compute-kwop-indent-general: 
rewrote to avoid some extra unindentation, as requested by Ron
       new  e1d645d   hg-ce6723f010fe tuareg-indent-to-code: use 
`tuareg-skip-blank-and-comments' instead of custom junk
       new  03f33a4   hg-dcca827adcb5 tuareg-mode-version: bump to 2.0.0
       new  fbb3bc4   hg-16ced58b19bd tuareg-font-lock-symbols-alist: use 
`symbol' instead of `japanese-jisx0208' based on a patch from Fulvio Ciriaco
       new  70137a2   hg-a84c7cb8feeb tuareg-font-lock-compose-symbol: apply a 
fix from Fulvio Ciriaco
       new  732455c   hg-8ee5a593f107 tuareg-font-lock-symbols-alist: 
(make-char 'symbol 103) is gamma!
       new  ea39fa8   hg-205289dfd955 add tuareg-no-code-after-paren-regexp; 
tuareg-compute-=-indent: use it
       new  a801048   hg-c90973d2037c remove junk
       new  b1c6ffc   hg-99ba8ff9f42d tuareg-compute-argument-indent, 
tuareg-compute-keyword-indent: use tuareg-add-default-indent when indenting 
from "fun"
       new  c5f5698   hg-43042890308a tuareg-compute-normal-indent: distinguish 
between comparing and defining "="
       new  583b47a   hg-6e2be4ea2edf tuareg-font-lock-symbols-alist: add "<=>" 
and "infinity"
       new  b42a331   hg-0bf87bb3890d add svn-export target
       new  74e15df   2.0.0 from jane
       new  c2b59c8   ignore elc, tgz, zip
       new  41a3dbb   hg-a5a4ef968997 tuareg-mode-version: bump because of the 
"\s" fix
       new  f8144a1   hg-db0fbf9466ad tuareg-mode-version: support svn
       new  3b7c081   hg-ee6bfbe7641a tuareg-in-indent: init to 0 as per 
       new  2125288   hg-737538216eae tuareg-font-lock-symbols-alist: add more 
greeks (from Christophe TROESTLER)
       new  01fe5cd   sync with hg
       new  9ff5fcc   fix conditionals
       new  160c9a6   Suggest a more stringent way of triggering the Tuareg 
mode and updated its web location. 
       new  4e2bf64   Brought the French version of the README up to date with 
the latter.
       new  2954ddf   Trigger only Tuareg on extensions .ml, .mli, .mly, .mll, 
.mlp (sequel).
       new  d4f6779   hg-59c80c3abc54 tuareg-match-pipe-kwop-regexp: "fun" does 
not introduce a pattern matching, remove it 
       new  75f48d5   Menu entry and key-binding to show the fully qualified 
ident at point.
       new  27d0189   Use the same bindings as the Caml mode to display 
identifier information.
       new  54bc5dc   Use the same key-bindings as the caml mode for type 
exploration (holding the middle button while dragging the mouse is very 
uncomfortable on a laptop).
       new  3e112ac   Use bazaar revno for the "version" if this is the VCS 
       new  4ca296b   Added "dist" as a target to build a release tarball.
       new  8e56b1e   Bumped version.
       new  baecc34   Create new branch.
       new  57c0f5f   If no VCS is detected, use the file "version" if present. 
       new  929c9dd   Do not put the generated file "version" under version 
control (ignore it).
       new  059c080   If no VCS is detected, use the file "version" if present. 
       new  0d5754c   Do not put the generated file "version" under version 
control (ignore it).
       new  9c46ab3   Include bzr revno in the version if the local repository 
uses bzr.
       new  3b835aa   Create new branch.
       new  7455ca3   Bumped version.
       new  5ae8671   removed ocamlspot.el
       new  bfb69fc   initial cleanup
       new  ee98871   let open M in
       new  b876725   removed parser as a keyword
       new  0f0cd17   removed parse as keyword
       new  755b3ab   Added a symbol for != (to be coherent with ==).
       new  bb0236e   Prefer Unicode symbols when they exist.
       new  5a3b4c4   Correct unicode characters selected for the logical "and" 
and "or".
       new  dd40184   Respect the Emacs Lisp header conventions. 
       new  4fa5ec8   Add an autoload for tuareg-run-caml.
       new  98959d0   Minor doc. improvements.
       new  c8f80dd   The great renaming (caml → ocaml).
       new  13c77c3   Fixed the computation of tuareg-mode-version.
       new  c125100   Add the README file to the tarball.
       new  0be6656   Mamalade: tuareg depends on caml (mode).
       new  dc1e78f   removed obsolete 'down' keyword which was messing with 
       new  e5748f6   Misc cleanups.  Rewrite imenu support. * tuareg.el 
(tuareg-mode-revision): Don't burp if the RCS misbehaves. 
(tuareg-mode-version): Adjust accordingly. (tuareg-editing-ls3, 
tuareg-editing-ocamllex): Prefer buffer-file-name. (tuareg-support-camllight, 
tuareg-use-abbrev-mode) (tuareg-support-metaocaml, 
tuareg-interactive-scroll-to-bottom-on-output): Don't quote lambada. 
(tuareg-font-lock-symbols-alist): Add mapping for [| and |]. 
(tuareg-mode-abbrev-table): Mark the de [...]
       new  c0acc84   * tuareg.el: Use syntax-propertize when available. 
(tuareg-mode-syntax-table): Mark ' and . as symbols rather than as word. Be 
careful to mark as punctuation all operators-chars. 
(tuareg-with-internal-syntax, tuareg-font-lock-syntax): Adjust accordingly. 
(tuareg-syntax-propertize): New const. (tuareg-mode): Use it. 
(tuareg-install-font-lock): Only use font-lock-syntactic-keywords if 
tuareg-syntax-propertize can't be used. (tuareg-complete): Protect against 
signals th [...]
       new  c4ca272   Remove the email in the README file which is no longer 
       new  b39c711   Add preliminary SMIE support. * tuareg.el 
(syntax-propertize-function): Silence byte-compiler. 
(tuareg-syntax-propertize): Optimize it away when not supported. 
(tuareg-use-smie, tuareg-smie-grammar, tuareg-smie--type-label-leader) 
(tuareg-smie--exp-operator-leader): New variables. 
(tuareg-smie--search-backward, tuareg-smie-forward-token) 
(tuareg-smie-backward-token, tuareg-smie-rules): New functions. 
(tuareg--common-mode-setup): New function. (tuareg-mode, tuareg-int [...]
       new  d714380   Attempt to make sample.ml more consistent.
       new  a2c8ebf   Fixed sample.ml and default values so they (mostly) agree.
       new  c534711   * tuareg.el (tuareg-smie-grammar): Handle "class".  
Handle "let D in E" at top-level.  Handle "rec".  Rework handling of "if E1 
then E2".  Handle "let module/class/open". (tuareg-smie--exp-leaders): New 
constant. (tuareg-smie-backward-token): Use it.  Disambiguate uses of 
module/class/open. (tuareg-smie-rules): Add special rule for { E with M. f1=E1; 
f2=E2; ...}. Add hack for "if E1 then E2".  Unindent "= fun".  Indent after 
infix ops. * sample.ml: Add "match u with" [...]
       new  738988d   * tuareg.el: Align ;;;###autoloads with dot-emacs.el. 
(tuareg-use-abbrev-mode, tuareg-interactive-scroll-to-bottom-on-output) 
(tuareg-support-camllight, tuareg-support-metaocaml): Fix :setter functions. 
(tuareg-mode): Use define-derived-mode and prog-mode. Set 
compilation-first-column. (tuareg-install-font-lock, tuareg-browse-library): 
Move make-local-variable into `set'.
       new  1587912   * tuareg.el: Use Emacs-24's post-self-insert-hook when 
available. (tuareg-electric-indent-chars): New var. 
(tuareg--electric-close-vector): New fun. (tuareg--common-mode-setup): Use 
them. (tuareg-mode): Use default normal-auto-fill-function in Emacs≥21 since it 
already provides the auto-fill-insert-leading-star behavior. 
(tuareg-auto-fill-function): Only define if used. (tuareg-electric-indent): 
Mark obsolete when electric-indent-mode is available. (tuareg-electric-p [...]
       new  5ff6924   * tuareg.el: Use skeletons. (tuareg-ensure-space): 
Remove. (tuareg-insert-class-form, tuareg-insert-begin-form, 
tuareg-insert-for-form) (tuareg-insert-while-form, tuareg-insert-if-form, 
tuareg-insert-match-form) (tuareg-insert-let-form, tuareg-insert-try-form): Use 
       new  1d2f2b1   * tuareg.el (tuareg-electric-pipe, tuareg-electric-rp, 
tuareg-electric-rc) (tuareg-electric-rb): Fix last change.
       new  73e9312   Added some test cases to sample.ml.
       new  5500db7   removed rule keyword
       new  112c01c   Handle more syntax in SMIE.  Add indent-keywords to 
electric-indent. * tuareg.el (tuareg-electric-indent-keywords): New var. 
(tuareg-mode-abbrev-table): Use it. (tuareg-electric-indent-chars): Remove. 
(tuareg--electric-indent-predicate): New function to replace it. 
(tuareg--common-mode-setup): Use it also to handle tuareg-use-abbrev-mode. 
(tuareg-smie-grammar): Add mod-constraints and class bodies. 
(tuareg-smie-forward-token): Add special case for type/with/and. (tua [...]
       new  34a1f23   * tuareg.el: Handle field definition, operators with 
dots. (tuareg-smie-grammar): Rename field equality to "f=". 
(tuareg-smie--search-backward): Return open-paren char, if any. 
(tuareg-smie--forward-token, tuareg-smie--backward-token): New funs to replace 
smie-default-(for|back)ward-token. (tuareg-smie-backward-token): Disambiguate 
f= from other equality. (tuareg-smie-rules): Improve indentation of m-and, 
m-with, open parens after f= and indentation after a closing paren.
       new  0b314f4   * tuareg.el: Teach SMIE to indent monadic operators. 
(tuareg-smie-grammar): Use "+…" rather than "+" to be more clear. 
(tuareg-smie--monadic-rule): New function. (tuareg-smie-rules): Use it.
       new  f33cfb8   * tuareg.el: Provide a completion-at-point-functions. 
(caml-complete): Move autoload out of eval-when-compile. 
(tuareg-completion-at-point): New function. (tuareg--common-mode-setup): Use it.
       new  110132c   2011-12-08  Stefan Monnier  <monnier@iro.umontreal.ca>
       new  aa0478c   * tuareg.el (tuareg-smie-backward-token): "=" after "and" 
is "d=". * sample.ml: Add corresponding test.
       new  744b635   * tuareg.el (tuareg-smie-grammar): Move l-module and 
l-class to bind tighter. * sample.ml: Add corresponding test case.
       new  c9c50a7   * tuareg.el (tuareg-completion-at-point): Handle 
lazyiness and pop ups.
       new  81001bd   Improve indentation inside strings and after "try with" 
with a single handler. * tuareg.el (tuareg-smie--label-colon-p): New function. 
(tuareg-smie-backward-token): Use it. (tuareg-smie-rules): Indent a bit less 
after "with foo -> \n". (tuareg-smie--inside-string): New function. 
(tuareg--common-mode-setup): Use it. (ocaml-module-symbols): Autoload. * 
sample.ml: Add tests for "try E with ...".
       new  cafe320   * tuareg.el (completion-ignored-extensions): Add ".annot".
       new  f1e0545   * tuareg.el (auto-mode-alist): Anchor regexp at end. 
(tuareg-install-font-lock): Better fit within 80 columns; reduce duplication; 
add `of' in the list of keywords.
       new  42b37ec   Additional phrases not well indented added to sample.ml.
       new  c7026eb   Font-lock: removed spurious backquote and corrected 
number of subexp to highlight.  Function names cannot start with a quote.
       new  a9de673   More robust ml/mli switching (contributed by Wojciech 
       new  afe1068   Added "Stefan Monnier" to the list of authors.
       new  b21c9df   Fix lexing of floats, plus some of the new indentation 
cases. * tuareg.el (tuareg-smie-grammar): Fix "mutable x:t ; y:t". 
(tuareg-smie--float-re): New const. (tuareg-smie--forward-token, 
tuareg-smie--backward-token): Use it to recognize floats. 
(tuareg-smie--=-disambiguate): New function, extracted from 
tuareg-smie-backward-token; be more careful after "->". (tuareg-smie-rules): 
Add rules for "external .. :" and "module .. :". 
(tuareg--try-find-alternate-file): Use n [...]
       new  99d0c40   Reindented sample.ml where reasonable.
       new  0ca3a0d   * tuareg.el (tuareg-mode): OCaml counts chars, not 
       new  14ccd9d   * Makefile (tuareg-site-file.el): New target. * README 
(CONFIGURATION): Replace manual and quick config. (SAMPLE CUSTOMIZATION): New 
section, taken from dot-emacs.el. * tuareg-site-file.el: Rename from 
dot-emacs.el.  Setup load-path. Remove sample customization.  Autogenerate.
       new  06a5645   Removed the alias to run the toplevel.
       new  d690602   Expressions with indentation problems added to sample.ml.
       new  4562651   * tuareg.el: Mark camlp4 quotations as string-like 
syntax. (tuareg--syntax-quotation): New function. (tuareg-syntax-propertize): 
Use it, look for quotations. (tuareg-font-lock-syntactic-face-function): Use 
font-lock-preprocessor-face for quotations. (tuareg--common-mode-setup, 
tuareg-install-font-lock): `tuareg-syntax-propertize' is not a constant holding 
a function any more, but just a function. (tuareg-smie-rules): Indent `when' 
deeper. (tuareg-error-regexp): Mark  [...]
       new  dae01a5   Possibility to customize the indentation after a pattern 
match "| ... ->".  The default now respects the Caml programming guidelines 
       new  5e7c17a   Align the "|" with "match" in sample.ml
       new  e29a89d   Use tuareg-match-clause-indent for the customization 
       new  8379dac   Bumped version.
       new  18eacc0   Explaining how to activate the SMIE based code.
       new  7d47899   New variable tuareg-match-when-indent to customize the 
amount of space for a "when" condition in a pattern matching clause.
       new  56985e4   Remove "coding" from the package description.
       new  bcad60e   * tuareg.el: Properly parse and indent class bodies. 
(tuareg-smie--=-disambiguate): "val" and "method" can also introduce d-=. 
(tuareg-smie--object-hanging-rule): New function to treat "object(type)EOL" as 
hanging. (tuareg-smie-rules): Use it. (compilation-error-regexp-alist): Add 
format for unhandled match cases. * sample.ml: Add class declaration samples 
from Marc Simpson.
       new  4c5434a   * tuareg.el (tuareg-smie-grammar): Bind "private" more 
tightly to its identifier.  Add "initializer". * sample.ml: Add corresponding 
tests from Mark Simpson.
       new  52ad1a4   Examples of wrong indentation in signatures with labelled 
       new  f23c824   Add DEFINE so the indentation works well even in presence 
of macros.
       new  4f0eebf   tuareg-mode-revision: add git to the VCSs.
       new  943a4fa   Fix indentation of >>| fun ...
       new  7bb45b4   sample.ml: proper indentation of object.
       new  8844bd9   Issue: align arguments with a large braced one.
       new  4a4fa52   Define the comment syntax for the toploop.
       new  aec209f   Provide current function name. * tuareg.el 
(tuareg-starters-syms): New constant. (tuareg-max-name-components): New custom. 
(tuareg-find-matching-starter, tuareg-skip-siblings) 
(tuareg-beginning-of-defun, tuareg-current-fun-name): New functions. 
(tuareg--common-mode-setup): Use them for add-log-current-defun-function. * 
Makefile (tuareg-site-file.el): Don't assume \n will turn into an LF char.
       new  360a680   Load `derived' if needed (e.g. for Emacs 21).
       new  4970c41   Distinguish "leading keywords" mostly by a bold face.
       new  af09c8d   Color non-real keywords like "raise" with builtin-face.
       new  d7be92f   Add invalid_arg to built-in functions.
       new  ae5fd6b   Add an example using a local open X.(...) style.
       new  b90e4d3   Specify explicitly the governing face on TTY.
       new  5cfbf29   Color "private" in governing face when it follows val or 
       new  d31b0c9   Fontify labels ~xxx and ?xxx first.
       new  e032ac8   Fontify better "method" and "val" with "!", "virtual",...
       new  badf668   Highlight the type in (v: t)
       new  7cf3c91   Treat also (v :> t)
       new  c93a698   Fontify variables and types for "function" and "fun".
       new  6332821   Do not color as variable the name following "external"
       new  951e3e9   Highlight the type in "type <lid>" anywhere.
       new  23e6c7a   Unify the two fontifications for function variables.
       new  e636a03   Limit the number of lines to 3 to get "=" after "let",...
       new  1cd1e2e   Highlight labels in type signatures.
       new  810d7c0   Fontify some types before variables.
       new  9522309   Do not search on several lines for "let ... =".
       new  c0d069b   Remove "when" from Lucid Synchrone kwd (it is already an 
OCaml one)
       new  06bb775   Allow \n after -> in types (but limit length).
       new  e469d67   Add support for polymorphic variants in type 
       new  3933dc4   Use SMIE if present.
       new  55ba5b3   Color standard macros keywords in preprocessor-face
       new  9b9e518   Define alias `run-ocaml` to start the toplevel.
       new  2d516a7   Add two examples that SMIE does not indent well.
       new  fab9d0f   Color several successive (x: t) in a definition "let ...".
       new  5344144   Add example sending SMIE into a loop.
       new  fffcf5c   Add examples of overlooked object types.
       new  1feb346   Add example triggering: Scan error: "Unbalanced 
       new  603cf92   Simplify further the example sending SMIE into a loop.
       new  d06e11f   Remove "and" from the operators, it is a keyword.
       new  a2d7b71   font lock: allow strings in default values for optional 
       new  661b1ee   Comment out changes of defaults with no apparent reason.
       new  5312f07   Add THEN and ENDIF to keywords highlighted in 
       new  1fd9c27   Refine highlighting types.
       new  67888e6   Be more careful when allowing newlines in regexp.
       new  538a121   Remove all tabs.
       new  aec85f8   Simplify regexp that was sometimes too costly.
       new  bf25748   Improve the syntax highlighting of labels and their 
       new  3f4b2db   Add a target to create an OPAM package.
       new  2b9d17d   Version 2.0.7
       new  7b38ed5   Do not regenerate tuareg-site-file.el if no source 
       new  169bc67   Replace \+ by * in grep (the former is no supported on 
       new  7406029   Convert the README file to Markdown
       new  63d89f7   README: make the title smaller
       new  5603ea7   Version 2.0.8
       new  62f6854   Update the "dist" target
       new  39c786c   Add tuareg to interpreter-mode-alist
       new  1b2616e   Install in %{share}%/emacs/site-lisp
       new  052d804   Suggest installation instructions using `opam config var 
       new  881318d   Use Emacs from emacsformacosx.com if it exists.
       new  932e9a3   Install in %{share}%/emacs/site-lisp like other tools
       new  4545a87   Tuareg depends on caml-mode for some features
       new  d4a0225   * tuareg.el (tuareg-smie--search-backward): Don't 
inf-loop at BOB (bug#1167).
       new  2227a4d   Make ?# a symbol constituent
       new  0c1bb3d   Make "." an "expression quote or prefix operator"
       new  68cd5b0   Do not activate abbrev mode by default
       new  45dcd24   * tuareg.el: Try to fix the M-q behavior. 
(tuareg-backward-up-list): Make the ppss version better match the behavior of 
the !ppss version.  Remove redundant definition. (tuareg-use-smie): Don't 
override a user's setting. (tuareg-load-hook): Deprecate in favor of 
       new  634d3de   * tuareg.el: Add support for prettify-symbols-mode. 
(tuareg--common-mode-setup): Setup prettify-symbols-alist. 
(tuareg-font-lock-symbols): Mark obsolete. (tuareg-ppss-fontify): Mark unused 
args. (tuareg-smie--with-module-fields-rule): Remove unused var `parent-data'. 
(tuareg-smie--monadic-rule): Remove unused var `pos'. (tuareg-mode): Adjust 
test to silence warning. (tuareg-compute-arrow-indent): Remove unused arg 
`start-pos'. (tuareg-compute-normal-indent): Adjust c [...]
       new  091b343   Be careful with labels actually in strings
       new  4e70d09   Syntax highlight the new "open!" syntax
       new  bb7d16a   Highlight "ELSE" in preprocessor-face
       new  51858c0   Improve highlighting of function types with optional 
       new  bf6e366   Put two spaces to separate sentences
       new  b5a0fdd   Properly highlight "module type of"
       new  8621ed5   Fix indentation of match clauses.
       new  6371c13   Use tuareg-match-clause-indent when indenting arguments.
       new  c77b6dd   Fix inconsistent indentation of type definitions.
       new  e4dd7a1   * tuareg.el (tuareg--whitespace-re): New constant. 
(tuareg-install-font-lock): Use it.  Also, fix the 500-repetition so it doesn't 
backtrack as much (https://github.com/ocaml/tuareg/issues/14).
       new  881993c   Indent "begin ... end" as "(...)"
       new  458b786   Indent "sig" and "struct" the same way
       new  8dffca6   Correctly indent "struct" after "functor … ->"
       new  b40e733   Move the old indentation code to a separate file
       new  22e41d8   Advertise caml-types-show-call in the menu
       new  3740ecf   Ignore .cmt and .cmti files for completion
       new  3688e9d   Indent the block when the opener is hanging (except for 
       new  716756b   Indent type declarations by the same amount let-bindings 
       new  77c2d3c   Tuareg should report its version accurately (2.0.8 not 
       new  bc729d0   Treat "fun" and "function" equally for monadic operators
       new  e4980d6   mark toplevel prompt as readonly
       new  7b41070   comint has comint-prompt-read-only, use it
       new  7b9c051   instead of reinventing the wheel
       new  e33a2cd   * tuareg_indent.el: Add standard header.  Require 
`tuareg' for its macro. * tuareg.el: Use `require' rather than `load'.
       new  3dc12dc   * tuareg.el: Load tuareg_indent after providing `tuareg'. 
* tuareg_indent.el: Require `tuareg' not just at compile time.  Require CL.
       new  fcc90a0   Add support for new {|quoted strings|}.
       new  0e2a8e8   Bump version to 2.0.9
       new  ec3cec5   Move `tuareg-install-font-lock' in the Font-lock section
       new  4488a02   Move `tuareg-font-lock-syntax' in the Font lock section
       new  e497feb   Revamp search-based fontification
       new  de1940e   Define a new face for modules and module-paths
       new  b35a63c   Update URL of the devel repo
       new  ac2290b   Do not activate Tuareg for .mll and .mly files
       new  35d2613   Merge pull request #20 from Darren/master
       new  84e0308   Highlight the module path after "include"
       new  4e9ba41   Highlight "module type of"
       new  03bf9c4   Run hooks using run-mode-hooks
       new  9c207d7   open X: the separating space is not part of the module 
       new  4c0f93a   Highlight correctly "and (type|module)" arguments
       new  014909a   Font-lock: try to be more precise about modules/functors
       new  b98e581   Try to distinguish constructors
       new  bba376d   Font-Lock: Refine for multiline functors
       new  ca5b081   Font-lock: be careful to distinguish (x : t) from (x :: t)
       new  297be0d   Refine the definition of "simple pattern"
       new  231899a   Simplify the regexp for function declaration arguments
       new  b9e746c   Font-Lock: refine the pattern for "method" arguments
       new  4e92c59   Fix infinite loop in tuareg-indent-phrase
       new  2a7d072   Revision detection: remove support for all VCS but Git
       new  3df80a3   Do not use tuareg-*-phrase when SMIE is enabled
       new  9bd81a1   Add minimal changes log
       new  da0efae   Toplevel: fix the highlighting of output and errors
       new  462b794   Do not recommend anymore to install for all switches
       new  b1c8c44   Choose a more relaxing color for toplevel output (dark bg)
       new  779da9f   Remove comments pertaining to the pre-SMIE indentation 
       new  f5cf0c5   Fix tuareg-interactive-next-error-(source|toplevel)
       new  fce713f   Use an overlay for tuareg-interactive-next-error-*
       new  f124626   Implement `tuareg-discover-phrase' using SMIE
       new  f44ad55   Move SMIE-unused configuration variables to tuareg_indent
       new  05a530d   Fix typo (using move-overlay)
       new  7d6a258   Use opam, if available, to set ocaml path & environment
       new  e46aead   Fix tuareg-discover-phrase with "open" statements
       new  c081a2b   Allow failing to search for "Error:" in 
       new  ab2016c   Fix typo
       new  d3194cd   Don't throw for non-existent ~/.opam directory
       new  68522b0   Slightly change the style
       new  dd575b5   Do not throw an exception when ~/.opam does not exist
       new  32d3f13   Use `tuareg-opam' to search for ocamlmerlin
       new  ba2141a   OPAM package: install files without compiling them
       new  0e6d6b1   Highlight the type in `let f x₁ … xₙ : t =`
       new  6ddd734   Reindent tuareg--beginning-of-phrase
       new  5f9991f   tuareg-discover-phrase: handle better "open X" and 
"include X"
       new  bde5bf8   Add missing braces
       new  c8cbcec   Fix installation instructions in tuareg.el
       new  3ea5b2a   Install tuareg_indent.el
       new  77bff1e   Do not allow strings in (lid : type) and (lid :> type)
       new  ad85276   Distinguish labeled arguments from the type of the 
       new  eab0dba   Version 2.0.9
       new  329e760   Update opam/url when creating the tarball
       new  11d54f9   Fix the URLs in the README
       new  f97b800   Move tuareg.install into the root dir and make it part of 
the tarball
       new  73414a7   Separate "defvar"s by newlines to increase readability
       new  bb844a5   Also display .mlp files in the Speedbar
       new  791ca07   Split "opam config env" only at newlines
       new  bdcd647   Use depexts "emacs" instead of "emacs-nox" for Ubuntu
       new  839398e   OPAM: no message if "user-setup" is installed
       new  0920d00   #49 missing newlines
       new  b15fe7f   (tuareg-use-syntax-ppss): Remove, assuming it's always 
       new  c2858f8   Fix opam file
       new  f3f0ca9   Fix opam file more.
       new  cc7b226   Add eliom files
       new  fb01be1   OPAM: Point to Github and not OCamlcore
       new  1c837e2   Don't block user-reserved keybindings
       new  0412f70   Do not indent "(", "struct" and "sig" w.r.t. parent, 
except after "let"
       new  ef1fefc   Add support for the monadic operator >|=
       new  946d713   * tuareg.el: Fix Issues #42 and #67
       new  a551d07   * tuareg.el: Fix further Issue #67, and part of Issue #5.
       new  1855501   * tuareg.el (tuareg-indent-align-with-first-arg): New 
custom var
       new  a4e01bb   * tuareg.el (tuareg-smie-grammar): Add rules for | of 
       new  f4f8c47   Compile .el files except on Darwin
       new  5576887   Make the dependency on caml-mode optional
       new  4cbdb8f   Advertise Merlin and caml-mode
       new  6b47ee6   Disable "make" from byte compiling the files
       new  78214de   * tuareg-light.el: Move definitions before first uses.
       new  7db7778   Subject: * tuareg.el (tuareg-smie-rules): Fix issue #73
       new  4c8f84a   Display the Emacs executable used to byte compile
       new  83191aa   Fix function arrow (typo)
       new  9f5a1bb   Improve the README file
       new  10481c8   Fixed point jumping in ocamldebug completion
       new  ba98339   Various indentation improvements.  Add regression test
       new  0bf2438   Update MELPA URL
       new  304db7b   Allow a more general e to highlight (e: t)
       new  c51a095   Reindent match cases in the sample file
       new  bc94358   Add a test for issue #78
       new  8c3f604   Set default to not using TABs in OCaml files
       new  3048be7   Color predefined exceptions with font-lock-builtin-face
       new  7048c7c   Refine the (var: t) syntax highlighting
       new  fddb343   Syntax highlight cppo preprocessor directives
       new  f1eb7b5   Define balanced-braces-no-end-colon
       new  08cde1e   Remove .bzrignore
       new  f79fc24   Version 2.0.10
       new  93b9c6c   Document what's new in 2.0.10
       new  70e8a3d   Fix file header
       new  1e68a0a   * tuareg.el (tuareg-syntax-propertize): Pay attention to 
tuareg--syntax-quotation's final position (issue#89). 
(tuareg--syntax-quotation): Always move point to end of quotation.
       new  01c1012   Fix insertion of backslashes in non-"" strings
       new  af158e9   Initial support for OCaml attributes and extension nodes
       new  150d854   Improve the syntax highlighting of attributes and 
extension nodes
       new  db1939a   Use "opam config env --sexp" to set the compilation 
       new  35858c6   Allow tuareg-opam-config-env to take an optional "switch" 
       new  da51c87   Define tuareg-opam-update-env, completing with installed 
       new  b1b6842   Disable the compilation advice by default
       new  1a8c5a5   Use "open -a" to execute Aquamacs.app on old OSX
       new  70b2aa3   Highlight "let exception" as "let" alone is
       new  e055f43   Move after ";;" when evaluating a phrase in the toploop
       new  9673c31   Enable the extension nodes shortcut for semicolons
       new  2f4aaa7   Highlight infix extension nodes for match correctly
       new  d6a81ab   Use defcustom for tuareg-opam-insinuate (bug)
       new  41ee2e9   Fix typo
       new  f2c75b3   Add badges
       new  1f0441b   Highlight as much as possible attributes and extension 
       new  1859617   Add an option to align sub-patterns in match clauses
       new  28cae84   Define a custom face for labels
       new  f2e3644   Fix typo
       new  cc002cc   Obsolete indent fun: Fix insertion of backslashes in 
non-"" strings
       new  23c253c   Warn if the Tuareg mode is used on a file inside a _build 
       new  2ba950b   Appropriately color "val" and "module" in first class 
       new  fac8572   Set the Merlin command to 'opam when the latter is 
       new  94ea702   Fix detection of the root path
       new  d4c8279   SMIE: support "let exception E in expr"
       new  b7a93aa   Update the opam message
       new  95bbf6f   Disambiguate = for module constraints and reexported 
       new  f591038   Disambiguate := (assignment or destructive type 
       new  5846ddb   Interactive mode: let font-lock do its job
       new  50f94b0   ocamldebug: check there is not already a running process
       new  86ddf83   ocamldebug: make prompt read-only
       new  bee1f20   ocamldebug: make possible to pass arguments to ocamldebug
       new  05711b2   ocamldebug: rename "path" to the more explicit "pgm-path"
       new  27b2330   * ocamldebug.el (ocamldebug-display-line): Use 
       new  65e769e   ocamldebug: do not ask the debugger location if one is 
already running
       new  950fe6b   Recognize the equation part of a type definition (issue 
       new  111371b   ocamldebug: make possible to pass arguments to the 
       new  b62a8f4   Replace tuareg-args-to-list by split-string-and-unquote
       new  89123fd   Wrap split-string-and-unquote to give a message on error
       new  240167c   Bump version to 2.1.0
       new  56e4c5c   Minor comments
       new  c371916   Merge “Recognize the equation part of a type definition”
       new  5b3f364   prettify-symbols: divide in "regular" and "extra" symbols
       new  580c6fb   Fix typo
       new  ed2507b   Add a simple dot-emacs.el
       new  215936f   * ocamldebug.el: Add support for completion-at-point
       new  9a6f1fd   Silence some byte compiler warnings
       new  6f68145   README: Use <kbd> where applicable
       new  5d53d1c   Fix how to disable electric indentation
       new  a945879   Make configuration instruction message clearer (#112)
       new  3420820   Discourage turning off SMIE
       new  b44faff   Use a consistent link to refer to Emacs' Init File
       new  96b6ed9   Describe how to prettify symbols
       new  2df43a3   Left-align keywords in "type … and …"
       new  09018da   Generate the right token for "->" in "function var -> …"
       new  68b7009   Fix typos
       new  f1e1212   Use consistently tuareg-smie--monadic-operators
       new  69c4657   Add a test for the "type … and …" alignment
       new  1e21c48   Improve disambiguation | v.s. |-or for GADT
       new  8c23378   No indentation after ";;" and special color for that token
       new  5ab575c   Do not let tuareg-smie--inside-string move the point
       new  04f835f   Move tuareg--skip-blank-and-comments to tuareg.el
       new  1dcfebb   Move up (in their section) the phrase detection functions
       new  9f6ccd5   Make tuareg--beginning-of-phrase-syms an "internal" 
       new  0cf843f   Fix tuareg--beginning-of-phrase in case the point is in a 
       new  e09a882   Remove optional arguments to tuareg-discover-phrase
       new  ae13cf9   Use tuareg--skip-blank-and-comments wherever it fits
       new  b2e1e6e   Define a simple tuareg-indent-phrase using SMIE
       new  4ceb938   Use SMIE to send phrases to the interactive toplevel
       new  500530e   Use SMIE to define the behavior of [enter] in the toplevel
       new  0f549ff   Provide non-SMIE alternative for toplevel [enter] behavior
       new  020d50b   Let M-q reformat the string when the point is inside it
       new  e973114   Let M-q reformat the comment when the point is inside it
       new  d8c1cae   Let CHANGES be a markdown file
       new  fc9e9eb   tuareg--skip-blank-and-comments → 
       new  ede6b15   Summarize the changes so far in CHANGES
       new  9b8824a   Add Travis continuous integration
       new  8bab433   Use Emacs Version Manager (EVM)
       new  4c9073f   Fix the "script" section
       new  b06cf48   Use EVM_EMACS in order to not interfere with the EMACS 
       new  7fd0fbc   Fix tuareg--skip-blank-and-comments in tuareg_indent
       new  fbf2d6d   Enable Travis
       new  0262e27   Use read-only-mode instead of the obsolete 
       new  c617fdd   special-display-buffer-names → display-buffer-alist
       new  4bdc7e1   Add Travis badge to the README
       new  8614825   Parse character ranges in OCaml error messages
       new  662f6af   Fix typo in OCaml debugger prompt (#117)
       new  0148e6d   Fix Aquamacs detection
       new  f242fe4   Fix the behavior of [return] for interactive mode
       new  d1a7ce8   Add __LOC__, __FILE__,... to constants
       new  55a788d   Add a test for issue #130
       new  5acbf46   Fixes indentation "with" without "|"
       new  f518f5b   Indentation improvements byproducts of previous commit
       new  7b5aac1   Remove obsolete comments
       new  a18719c   Improve the indentation for "function x -> y"
       new  799e974   Fix the document of tuareg-match-clause-indent (#133)
       new  67ccb48   Improve syntax highlighting of (lid: t…)
       new  557c82f   tuareg-opam-* be compatible with opam2
       new  79bca7d   tuareg-opam-installed-compilers: specify regexp split on
       new  1af4373   Mention M-<enter> evaluates the phrase in the toplevel
       new  3dd1684   Do not provide caml in tuareg.el (#138)
       new  c811a68   Use "shift return" to send inputs to the REPL
       new  771a37a   Favor "REPL" to "toplevel", making clear they are the same
       new  ba091a4   Add speedbar objects for .ml and .mli
       new  be0b2fd   Use a "modern" regexp for compilation errors
       new  a129832   Add section for related modes
       new  fd37606   Add basic mode to edit OPAM files
       new  de12f75   Allow switching between .mll and .mli
       new  f37d406   Fix typo
       new  ea2c2e3   Provide imenu using caml-mode
       new  94428c7   Set require-final-newline from mode-require-final-newline
       new  dea255b   Highlighting: fix (type a b…)
       new  6b9b57a   Also use Ctrl-return to evaluate a phrase
       new  22483c7   Highlight I.(1. /: x) properly
       new  5f2393f   opam: propose to fill nw files with a skeleton
       new  072f8a4   Add a (basic) jbuild mode
       new  6369494   opam: do not activate require-final-newline if globally 
       new  9ca4baf   Derive jbuild mode from scheme mode
       new  df0a619   jbuild: use default indentation of 1
       new  1549cdf   Use 1 space indentation for the jbuild skeleton
       new  e726e8e   Add opam pin edit file pattern to auto-mode-alist (#143)
       new  e6eff8e   Fix the jbuilder skeleton
       new  0dd646d   jbuild: support OCaml comment syntax
       new  aa5cf91   jbuild: remove support of OCaml comments
       new  1d0058a   jbuild: prepare for linting
       new  56739b0   Complete skeleton with "build-test" and "depends" sections
       new  83cdc95   Add licenses for opam and jbuild modes
       new  5427be8   Fix stylistic issues
       new  e3ee073   Inline and fix regexp for jbuild files
       new  b575d44   Properly define a variable
       new  0ceea06   jbuild: Fix the creation and deletion of temp copies
       new  6f7ce68   jbuild: document variables
       new  6cb62a6   jbuild: automatically create the lint script
       new  e74b881   jbuild: copy opam files alongside the jbuild one
       new  4577156   jbuild: only create lint script when flymake will be 
       new  d47caf5   jbuild: create lint script in the init function
       new  eff06ee   jbuild: pass the root to jbuilder-lint
       new  b942013   jbuild: fix the generated script
       new  16f35d3   jbuild: adapt err regexp to the paths from the root
       new  e0e567e   opam: add recommended fields to the skeleton
       new  0ed2994   Use setq-local
       new  f54f447   opam: activate SMIE rules
       new  c2a7c12   jbuild: Improve the handling of the root directory
       new  5ff821b   ocamldebug: use setq-local
       new  459f05c   ocamldebug: change obsolete functions
       new  73b7bcc   Use setq-local
       new  803e793   Also propose to switch outside _build/ for jbuilder
       new  ba7b4ca   Make eval region/buffer more robust w.r.t. final ";;"
       new  207d7f6   Remove syntax highlighting of camlp4 quotations
       new  deccbb2   Change default indentation of functions arguments
       new  c29ac44   make: Compile jbuild and opam modes to bytecode
       new  97b79d4   sample: Fix alignment of the content of {} and []
       new  bc3044e   sample: alignment of function signatures
       new  cbd915b   sample: alignment of body of "struct", "try", "match",...
       new  a06377c   sample: alignment of function arguments
       new  0457812   sample: add toplevel "let"
       new  5b8e6ac   sample: miscellaneous fixes
       new  ed5cc2a   Taylor comment-dwim to OCaml and bind it to M-;
       new  f4b02ab   opam: fix typo
       new  0ae8f31   Refine the detection of labels vs. type annotations
       new  f0eda5a   Distinguish phrase termination when not introduced by 
       new  f3c6aba   Detect when a phrase is not well braced
       new  bae7a4e   Remove leftover debug printing
       new  23dd23f   Handle the "polymorphic syntax", highlighting & SMIE
       new  bf47329   Keep regexp-opt from issuing warnings
       new  b2ad75f   Remove the old indentation functions
       new  aa777a1   Make SMIE the only indentation engine
       new  031bcd3   Remove references to tuareg_indent.el
       new  47f22c7   Remove the last occurrences of DEFINE
       new  928ed2a   Remove the particularization of newline-and-indent
       new  157edf1   Remove reference to dead code tuareg-mark-phrase (#147)
       new  1ce632a   * tuareg-opam.el (tuareg-opam-smie-grammar): Don't test 
(fboundp 'smie-prec2->grammar) since we've require `smie` unconditionally.
       new  be6491b   * tuareg.el: Fix bug#146 by working around caml.el bug.
       new  3ef5d4c   jbuild: basic SMIE configuration
       new  47e7321   Improve tuareg-discover-phrase
       new  20de81c   Remove phrase trailing spaces before sending to REPL
       new  5d12dec   Update CHANGES
       new  64537bc   Require a minimal version of caml-mode
       new  a213f81   jbuild: add syntax table (for comments)
       new  088d24c   jbuild: color :include,...
       new  bbe7825   jbuild: highlight builtin actions
       new  98ae66b   jbuild: improve indentation rules
       new  9fa2e79   OPAM: depends on conf-emacs
       new  f824b4c   jbuild: Allow "!" as a prefix to variable names
       new  359d0e7   jbuild: only propose to fill with skeleton when buffer is 
       new  e33e752   jbuild: Clearly distinguish the regexp for jbuilder 
       new  1e84327   jbuild: improve syntax highlighting
       new  8dc876c   jbuild: add the copy_files stanza
       new  fc51218   opam: fix warnings
       new  60e680e   Use flymake to lint opam files
       new  a90a8fa   jbuild: use skeletons menu/keybindings
       new  db195ac   opam: use a skeleton menu/keybinding
       new  927a309   Sync tuareg-site-file
       new  b21a5d3   CHANGES: describe what the jbuild and opam mode provide
       new  e9393cb   Put a single post message field
       new  da93e80   Install tuareg-jbuild & tuareg-opam modes (#154)
       new  a0efce6   Install the new modes jbuild and opam
       new  0e851e8   Improve the creation of the OPAM package
       new  8a11def   Remove the name and version from opam file
       new  4eafd13   Update opam file
       new  15bda87   Do not generate opam/url
       new  92c1dea   Generate url file with Github download link
       new  bf4a8e5   Add a "doc" field in opam
       new  c9844f3   Remove the lower bound version on caml-mode
       new  d8864e7   Highlight correctly with "nonrec" after "type"
       new  198a94f   Evaluate the preceding phrase if after ;; at end of line
       new  d4d6388   Phrase detection: be more careful if at beginning of 
       new  4a88a0c   Phrase detection: be careful of several phrases are on 
one line
       new  d0f40b9   * tuareg-menhir.el: New file
       new  2eacaf6   Fix highlighting: let "nonrec" be optional
       new  a6d1589   Highlight raise_notrace properly
       new  8d0109e   Highlight as error the obsolete “!” for variables
       new  6a2d24a   Rename file jbuild → dune
       new  e5d23f7   Rename jbuild variable/functions to dune
       new  561dcef   Fix highlighting of copy# and copy_files#
       new  f438779   Construct regexps at compile time
       new  41b0e9f   Add alternative dependencies fields
       new  280780a   Dune/jbuilder: support (mode ...)
       new  bc8256e   Dune/jbuilder: support (include ...)
       new  7eda35a   Dune/jbuilder: Highlight "pps" (custom ppx driver)
       new  886d282   Also use Tuareg-dune mode for jbuild.inc
       new  52b4007   Dune/jbuilder: C-c C-c launch the compile command
       new  45f73c8   OPAM: special highlighting for the deprecated build-test
       new  a01b48e   Fix "with type" highlighting
       new  fb29d33   Dune: add actions diff and diff?
       new  6cc9a0d   Fix tuareg-shell-command-to-string
       new  178a53b   Update install for dune and menhir
       new  b9941ef   Regenerate tuareg-site-file.el
       new  aa1c7c5   Add support for modules without implementation field
       new  8526f06   Dune: put the library synopsis last
       new  d1042d1   Prefer -p versions of regex functions
       new  8a30482   Explain how to customize the appearance of constructors
       new  a3ad3a9   Make the README bug section point to Github
       new  369b980   Dune: eval more regexp-opt when compiling
       new  e28842e   Dune: support inline_tests
       new  fcf578a   Remove tuareg-light
       new  faa976a   Add support for dune files
       new  ca067bf   Detect Emacs installed with MacPorts
       new  fc94f92   Tuareg-dune is now part of Dune
       new  ed04f86   Tuareg-opam: use "dune" instead of "jbuilder"
       new  9dd2a2a   Fix warnings in tuareg-jbuild
       new  54a1f18   Simplify electric functions
       new  fd7029d   Move the OPAM files at the project root
       new  9fd1d81   make compile files by default
       new  e83b409   Bind tuareg-comment-dwim to C-cC-;
       new  c6e1357   Update the installation instructions
       new  853549b   Give the tip about how to get 🐫 as the mode name
       new  b3457f3   Do not prettify symbols in output and error faces
       new  f9b0969   Improve the layout of the code
       new  51ca9c1   Highlight modules after #show and #show_module directives
       new  8e3d357   Add face for toplevel directives
       new  8747e42   Improve the coloration of exceptions
       new  762c39a   Be more careful when highlighting "type"
       new  d9c3894   Use C-m to send interactive output
       new  c8d6f72   Quench a compilation warning
       new  f062c10   Polymorphic variants have precedence on builtin names
       new  33767bc   Properly highlight MetaOCaml constructs (when activated)
       new  57b902c   Bump to version 2.2.0
       new  30b8706   Remove definitions in the menu — use imenu instead
       new  728fee9   Give more flexibility in highlighting extension nodes
       new  40f974d   Explain that tuareg-opam-insinuate is not recommended 
under tramp
       new  5796f08   Compile & distribute tuareg-menhir
       new  a06e18f   Be more careful about highlighting #directives
       new  79a85d4   Fix OPAM submission
       new  37f7700   Make # a punctuation
       new  c030be4   Update the submission procedure for OPAM 2
       new  9b1f033   * tuareg.el: Teach MetaOCaml brackets to SMIE (bug#195)
       new  af68434   * sample.ml: Add test case for issue #195
       new  170b362   * tuareg.el: Fix issue #195 with ".<.~"
       new  f1fb36d   Use lexical-binding and cl-lib.  Assume Emacs≥24.3
       new  cd2655a   Add new sections for opam 2
       new  372ba13   opam: Update keywords for opam format 2.0
       new  2473700   opam: Update skeleton for opam format 2.0
       new  5d7a498   opam: Update builtin variables for opam 2.0
       new  83b55ec   Fix cppo directive highlighting
       new  f9b6adf   Use symbols (instead of words) delimiters
       new  f2a5148   Pass -nopromptcont to the REPL
       new  cc36d8e   Replace some `add-to-list' by `push'
       new  818fb3b   tuareg-eval-phrase: work if the point is within a comment
       new  9157f25   Imenu: use Merlin or caml-mode to provide it
       new  ed4decb   Highlight [] and :: as constructors
       new  fae3923   Set :type for all defcustom
       new  c32b2a2   Allow 3 levels of font-lock
       new  12a5d78   Add ∷ to the extra symbols to prettify
       new  cc284a0   Fix highlighting of "module type of"
       new  d2c996a   Improve highlighting of first class modules
       new  8c297a3   Document tuareg-font-lock-syntactic-face-function
       new  f330e11   Simplify the operator regexp for highlighting
       new  db2b427   Make syntax-highlighting slightly faster
       new  26a6748   Use correct names for extensions and attribute nodes
       new  49bebe5   Highlight attributes and extension nodes with their anchor
       new  6516e92   OPAM: update the variable list
       new  8e246ea   OPAM: highlight package variables with the "builtin" face
       new  8bed741   Mention font-lock-maximum-decoration in the README
       new  6c582b0   Use built-in Elisp library find-file for 
       new  59b0fab   Add support for .eliom/.eliomi files in 
       new  d61548b   Allow to customize the use of find-file
       new  4236ab1   Improve tuareg-find-alternate-file
       new  71f92f6   Set beginning-of-defun-function
       new  ea3572c   Handle deprecated flymake functions
       new  91ba1d6   eval-phrase: try to select the phrase intuitively for the 
       new  d48adeb   Gather together functions to detect phrases
       new  054909e   Add .mly ↔ .mli to find alternate files
       new  04d20ab   Add a link to the group tuareg
       new  5e76a62   Merge two functions seeking the beginning of definitions
       new  2175aa9   Improve tuareg-backward-beginning-of-defun
       new  ea8d0da   Improve tuareg-beginning-of-defun and introduce 
       new  cb58e48   Fix tuareg-skip-siblings (whence tuareg-current-fun-name)
       new  a57a7cc   Further improve tuareg-backward-beginning-of-defun
       new  367aa9b   Improve skip-backward-comments-semicolon
       new  e5e883c   Simplify tuareg-discover-phrase and the "eval" functions
       new  20f32c5   Fix "semicolon" spelled as "colon"
       new  af8dc24   Refine tuareg-backward-beginning-of-defun
       new  55551d3   Remove final comments before sending a phrase
       new  38be615   eval: Move the point when the expression is not well 
       new  8708c33   sample.ml: replace deprecated |! operator with |>
       new  cd5229e   Comint: use a pty to communicate with the OCaml subprocess
       new  848c7de   Require Emacs ≥ 24.4
       new  a0a4bfb   Update the compilation regexp for OCaml < 4.08
       new  de3777d   Update the compilation regexp for OCaml ≥ 4.08
       new  69025fa   Mention Merlin and caml-mode in the README
       new  053fc2f   Mention the Menhir mode in the README
       new  4d8f99e   Mention some Merlin navigation functions
       new  e5b978a   Better highlighting of compilation error messages
       new  970dd3a   Explain some font-lock rules
       new  9da8ae7   Remove unused let binding
       new  0200004   Improve the syntax-highlighting of functions arguments
       new  1b0e545   Put the multiline property on function arguments
       new  5136631   Avoid re-search-forward reporting an error when profiling
       new  c2803fe   Update changelog
       new  6e8baf1   Do not look for function arguments when keyword is in 
       new  b337cbe   Limit function variables highlighting to the current 
parens group
       new  1072494   * tuareg.el: Don't get confused by infix extension nodes, 
       new  0621119   Look for the type immediately after the let-binding
       new  78a9d96   OPAM: do not use "run-test" in the template
       new  c1d245a   Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
       new  db5b00f   Highlight "rec" in "let rec"
       new  bfce581   Fix highlighting of "exception"
       new  0d7cc71   Transform some regexp word boundaries into symbol 
       new  17ff88c   Highlight binding operators (OCaml ≥ 4.08)
       new  1d14d88   Highlight operators between braces as functions
       new  a4bfe28   Allow bare underscore as a typeparam
       new  82689f9   Update the README
       new  fb2dbf0   Slight speed improvement for 
       new  a0b06ad   tuareg--pattern-pre-form-…: faster string or comment 
       new  438f50e   tuareg--pattern-pre-form-…: faster detection of the end 
       new  b8613f2   Replace an "or" by "memq"
       new  b569c20   Fix "type[@…] t" fontification
       new  4bf2e28   Never transform symbols to UTF-8 at the basic font-lock 
       new  76706c4   First step in highlighting all operators (including "=")
       new  ff82a65   Remove highlighting of "=" and "+=" after "module", 
       new  b32f7fe   Reindent
       new  b6271c4   Remove redundant font-lock-constant-face matcher
       new  5e10999   Highlight "let" even without a following space
       new  296bcdc   opam: Improve syntax highlighting
       new  af54ae9   Properly detect the termination of "let rec"
       new  c81413b   Highlight "module …" before "let" so "let module" works 
       new  c83f227   * ocamldebug.el: Initialize all vars regardless of 
window-system (issue #212)
       new  74e7f66   Fix highlighting of "let fn as… ="
       new  e58f4d0   OPAM: dune is no longer a "build" dependency
       new  f0d10ed   Indent blank lines as ";;"
       new  f8610c7   Fix the documentation of tuareg-discover-phrase
       new  6b8beff   Restore a def of tuareg-discover-phrase compatible with 
       new  2393cbc   Move opam support to tuareg-opam.el
       new  9b3b3d2   tuareg-opam should provide tuareg-opam
       new  dfcee0e   Require tuareg-opam in tuareg
       new  230a455   Make sure "and" and a few others finish with "end of 
       new  3b76cb5   Be more subtle when highlighting (expr: t)
       new  f84aef8   Make tuareg-opam-update-env autoloadable
       new  1bb53d5   Make tuareg-shell-command-to-string private
       new  c12061e   * tuareg.el (tuareg--pattern-pre-form-let): Don't burp at 
EOB (#223)
       new  ccde45b   Unbind backspace to fix electric-pair-mode

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