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[nongnu] branch externals/caml created (now 38ebde1)

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: [nongnu] branch externals/caml created (now 38ebde1)
Date: Sat, 21 Nov 2020 01:18:49 -0500 (EST)

monnier pushed a change to branch externals/caml.

        at  38ebde1   Generate a caml-mode-site-file

This branch includes the following new commits:

       new  bf4ed0f   Mode OCaml Garrigue/Zimmerman
       new  8ef19e2   Makefile d'installation
       new  087fca8   Fichier oublie.
       new  78f81bc   Corrections diverses
       new  4060fd2   Fix: ne pas ecraser EMACSDIR qui est donne par la ligne 
de commande de make.
       new  6ce04bf   Donne a ocamldebug le chemin complet du programme a lancer
       new  ad4f8bf   Nouveau module Marshal dans stdlib
       new  a0f8f81   Mise a jour avec la version 1.05 de Jacques Garrigue
       new  9d045e4   Corrections de Jacques sur sa version 1.05
       new  bf92fed   Creer EMACSDIR si non existant
       new  98bd08b   Bug de l'affichage des evenements after.
       new  805e07c   Fichier oublie
       new  6186a9f   Patch d'Erwan David
       new  a5cc236   Ajustement de caml-next-error a` partir des versions 20
       new  5c2d3d7   Enlever caml-emacs-twenty, pas necessaire
       new  53fb026   MAJ avec ocaml-mode 2.01 de Jacques Garrigue
       new  fc4b394   some changes due to ITZ
       new  aa800fa   Snapshot 99/01/29
       new  8457cf2   Manque un quote
       new  9aa847d   intelligent indentation of parenthesis
       new  a047a61   log
       new  e9a1d67   ITZ patch
       new  2694442   MAJ avec la derniere version de Jacques
       new  98d5eef   refinements
       new  56915cb   Changement de la licence
       new  5a9f7c6   tabs -> spaces
       new  8364471   changed label_pattern syntax
       new  51403bf   MacOS: ajout macosunix; portage bigarray et systhreads; 
       new  9fd72d7   nouvelle syntaxe avec tilde
       new  7b99dbc   update labels
       new  479db1e   changes
       new  55eef02   wrong regexp
       new  28d1a1d   indentation of else
       new  0a919f4   patch par Didier le Botlan pour les commentaires
       new  1652c4e   detabisation
       new  6af733d   passage aux labels stricts
       new  97c1bb7   highlight ignore
       new  d75a12b   process ;; correctly
       new  2eeca2e   xemacs keybind (PR#631)
       new  afff6d2   Adding file caml-help.el (Completion and online help in 
Ocaml). Fix of hook in caml-font.el
       new  b060e59   indentation autour de ";;"
       new  2f6c6ce   Changement du mode inf-caml
       new  ff4b9e8   gestion des commentaires de doc
       new  4759555   Amelioration de caml-help  - Meilleure detection du 
qualified-indetifier.  - On-line documentation :-)  - Reconnait l'info au mode 
       new  9ece2ad   Remise au mode info HeVeA par default.
       new  1991236   improve indentation
       new  ac5d007   caml-indent-phrase
       new  850c621   Made run-caml autoload in caml.el
       new  39cfb2e   define only if needed
       new  66c8274   run caml directly
       new  9d5668c   fix caml-help
       new  d2f1cc7   better interaction with toplevel
       new  495ee65   caml-find-phrase
       new  9b77f6d   spurious newline
       new  91865b8   simplify electric
       new  32f0f75   Updated caml-help.el No significant changes. Removed some 
messages. Info files are not used by default (mli are used instead).
       new  1a97395   detabisation
       new  a0d389f   skip structs in let module ... in
       new  442bd24   prepare snapshot
       new  758702f   Several bug fixes and improvements in caml-help.
       new  05d89fc   added menu entries for caml-help and caml-complete
       new  bf460c2   interactions bizarres de with
       new  f45af82   - Fixed bugs + improved caml-help.el - Added 
caml-set-compile-command hook to caml-mode-hook.
       new  ac2a0b2   ajout option -stypes; depend
       new  faa1c81   ajout choses a faire
       new  3d7f47c   amelioration .mly .mll
       new  099dbf5   -stypes -> -dtypes; meilleur mode emacs
       new  5b4e4bc   verifier que le buffer est a jour
       new  bb899a1   amelioration des locations
       new  7c426ee   ajout -dtypes
       new  5e6f8b6   value obsolete
       new  e149514   PR#1704
       new  6b7bd5d   changement .types -> .annot + format
       new  eb43a39   - compile-command in caml.le - added hypertext links in 
caml-help (in addition to info link)
       new  bb1103a   Scrolling .annot Delete overlays.
       new  d213e6d   integration de caml-types a caml.el
       new  5732aaa   Changes to caml-types.el:  - added mouse exploration  - 
revert annotation buffer when changed  - narrow annotation buffer  - added 
prefix arg to show annotation buffer
       new  f6cd0b9   petit nettoyage
       new  778e3cf   utilisation d'un arbre
       new  285775f   plus rapide
       new  432e972   duh
       new  38c4de4   bricoles
       new  a94bd19   hash-table des annotations
       new  e1a8649    - added file caml-xemacs.el for XEmacs compatibility.
       new  c834fac   caml-xemacs.el
       new  dbaedc7   added caml-emacs.el
       new  2a6dc28   changed defmacro -> defalias
       new  d7bde19   Modified `caml-types-explore' so that all well-typed 
subexpressions of the current phrase are colored during exploration. -Didier
       new  570c595   installer caml-emacs.el
       new  e913a93   compatibilite emacs 20 + fichiers read-only
       new  f751b4c   NOCOMPILE pour installer sans compiler (suggestion de 
Sven Luther)
       new  b19dc86   pour que ca marche avec camlp4
       new  0a4f815   Fix hilitghting of largest well-typed expr surrounding 
point. Cancel exploration outside of this region.
       new  d17e3c1   caml-types: mouse track + little things
       new  d287472   petits bugs
       new  6f9f060   caml-types:  - largest typed region is now dynamically 
recomputed.  - changed binding to C-down-mouse-1 (allow other bindings).  - 
allow scrolling when mouse is moved to bottom or top of window.  - ignore key 
events, out of frame-motion, and wait for mouse release.
       new  bcd8c14   Retrait des messages de debugging...
       new  eb696b8   commentaires
       new  eddf5e0   camldebug-command-name should be user-settable
       new  2c4bb06    - Fixes in caml-help:     * a bug in ocaml-link-info     
* keep buffer-modified-p unchanged by links activation.
       new  70cc99c    - Mouse navigation in a caml-help window does not open 
another window
       new  474e6ee   only set type faces where needed
       new  901e8dd   Fusion des modifs de la branche release308 entre 3.08.0 
et 3.08.1
       new  92e4789   indentation of comments
       new  ad3e9c2   Ajout de camldebug dans le menu Caml d'emacs.
       new  074d219   fusion des changements jusqu'a 3.08.3
       new  ab2d4cc   fusion des modifs de 3.08.4
       new  347ceba   PR#3767 features 1 and 2: display full location of events 
instead of one position
       new  111e6db   nettoyage
       new  4238e85   fusion des changements 3.09.3 -> release309_merge310
       new  e32742a   ajout des annotations pour variables et appels terminaux
       new  1527d9f   petit problem de doc
       new  5f8dd3f   PR#4440 added function to skip warnings and jump to error
       new  a688081   PR#4469 enhanced caml-set-compile-command
       new  b1eaaab   merge changes 3.10.0 -> 3.10.1
       new  76f4e2b   amelioration des annotations
       new  8fc9a47   amelioration des annotations
       new  43a83dc   bug string-to-number
       new  99e7ea3   merge changes from 3.10.2merged to 3.11.0
       new  51b6e03   merge changes from release/3.11.1 to release/3.11.2
       new  c525bf8   clean up spaces and tabs
       new  bcceb79   fixes bug 0005016
       new  0e62e65   fixes bug 0005016--missing quote
       new  55b8c79   fixes bug 0004997
       new  d1fc793   Added save-excursion to  ocaml-link-activate.
       new  42d2eda   Fixed caml-help (would loose the position of the symbol 
search for). Added highlighting of the symbol searched for.
       new  70a5593   Undoing last commit by error.
       new  64cecd3   merge changes from 3.12.0 to 3.12.1
       new  73599dd   uniform .ignore system
       new  97316f7   renaming of Objective Caml to OCaml and cleanup of 
copyright headers
       new  9d5dbfb    - Replaced setq by add-to-list in README  - Fixed 
detection of site-lisp in Makefile (to fail when ambiguous).
       new  d045fae   correct fontification for strings and comments
       new  5ac4447   correct syntax highlighting in emacs (continued)
       new  6e0e050   PR#5455: .emacs instructions, add lines to recognize 
ocaml scripts
       new  b2b6657   fix whitespace
       new  d9f8b96   PR#5403: give better error message when emacs is not 
found in PATH
       new  6084272   PR#5176: caml-types.el: large types trigger stack 
overflow in regexp matcher
       new  49b5c47   More renaming to OCaml
       new  d75ad35   Change "Ocaml" to "OCaml" everywhere
       new  1756296   PR#5137: caml-types-explore does not work
       new  a7770e1   clean up TABs and whitespace
       new  072b0e0   add some missing copyright headers
       new  71d36c5   PR#4994: ocaml-mode doesn't work with xemacs21
       new  eec3351   do byte-compile file caml-font.el
       new  3190d71   PR#5070, continued: also parse backtrace locations
       new  b1139bc   merge version/4.00 at revision 12866
       new  02303ea   PR#5727: emacs caml-mode indents shebang line in toplevel 
       new  49653b2   remove all $Id keywords
       new  f6a12d8   merge patch by Stefan Monnier from PR#5884
       new  16dba2b   Merge short-paths into a fresh branch of trunk. Also fix 
a bit unification and subtyping errors. You now need the flag -short-path to 
activate short paths.
       new  56e93b6   fix a few problems with whitespace and over-long lines
       new  f5ba233   PR#5954 fix 'defface' use in emacs/caml-help.el (patched 
by 'zakkak')
       new  22ff4ef   fix undeclared variable
       new  9b0544f   fix whitespace and over-long lines
       new  0ca1e97   Merge branch 4.01 from branching point to 4.01.0+rc1 
Command line used:   svn merge --accept postpone -r 13776:14055 
$REPO/version/4.01 .
       new  d9bc450   merge branch 4.02 from release 4.02.0 to release 4.02.1
       new  2c3dbdb   merge branch 4.02 from 4.02.1 (rev 15540) to a few fixes 
after 4.02.2 (rev 16205)
       new  b2088ca   GPR#243: Faster test suite
       new  ed94de1   simplify .gitignore; remove .ignore files and 
tools/setignore; adjust tools/check-typo
       new  b5bf207   update caml-font.el to deal with the quoted string syntax
       new  633a39e   Update headers for the new license.
       new  2964c4d   Add another format to parse compiler output.
       new  c0b7050   caml-types.el: Cosmetic changes.
       new  f49a296   caml-types.el: Extract the feedback logic to a separate 
       new  d8a2f7d   caml-types.el: Fix missing format argument
       new  64a3c02   Fixing some Emacs startup warnings.
       new  d3bc724   caml.el: Pass the `system` flag when defining abbrevs
       new  f4c7308   caml.el: Reduce byte-compilation warnings
       new  c0bf206   Follow Emacs Lisp conventions for caml.el (#1346)
       new  d7a872b   caml.el: update authors list
       new  b499b25   MPR#7610: caml.el: avoid using deprecated 
last-command-char variable
       new  f828046   caml.el: use conventional permission statement
       new  ae92bb1   Fix emacs mode (raise/failwith/invalid_arg regexp).
       new  07d301a   elisp: fixed grammar in docstrings and comments
       new  a913400   elisp: cosmetic docstring tweaks
       new  4c8c8d3   makefiles: use 'install' instead of 'cp' in 'make 
install' targets
       new  f9a4fd4   makefiles: turn the 'install' command into a variable
       new  2bc0b92   factorize common makefile definitions in Makefile.common
       new  da654aa   Emacs: Modernise font face definitions
       new  4c414a0   Emacs: Improve colors on dark themes
       new  bce861f   Emacs: Use built-in detection of comments
       new  78b3169   Move config/Makefile to Makefile.config
       new  9288416   Introduce and use ROOTDIR in more makefiles
       new  02f8809   Emacs: use symbol boundaries in regular expressions
       new  78ec6be   Transform the README to Markdown
       new  c9e7f57   Fix most CheckDoc errors.
       new  cd1142f   Change camlc → ocamlc
       new  3fb0de6   Add octal character literals
       new  5569e23   Handle identifiers in comments
       new  adafe8a   Add OPAM file
       new  333d2f4   Improve syntax highlighting
       new  b6eebe4   Apply some recommendations of checkdoc
       new  29aaf70   Move the changelog to CHANGES
       new  466d703   Minor improvements to the README
       new  bfa612b   Mention easy ways of installing this package
       new  1d6cd46   Add make target for opam release
       new  38ebde1   Generate a caml-mode-site-file

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