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[elpa] branch externals/rec-mode created (now d0e8456)

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: [elpa] branch externals/rec-mode created (now d0e8456)
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 2020 13:18:11 -0500 (EST)

monnier pushed a change to branch externals/rec-mode.

        at  d0e8456   Improve regexp that matched on empty strings

This branch includes the following new commits:

       new  969c03a   experimental/rec-mode.el renamed to etc/rec-mode.el
       new  1f0916b   Trailing blanks removed.
       new  eea5220   rec-mode: initial version of rec-cmd-compile
       new  785b4b8   misc changes to rec-mode.el
       new  3e47acf   rec-mode improvements.
       new  7ca1168   rec-mode.el
       new  b03b215   Trailing blanks removed.
       new  aa86480   rec-mode: several fixes.
       new  6292f55   syntax-check fixes.
       new  fd8fdd3   auto added to rec-font-lock-keywords in rec-mode.el
       new  0731ca5   ob-rec.el imported in the repo.
       new  de7c261   Copyright year updated.
       new  6c82c97   ob-rec.el is not part of Emacs.
       new  a1e21e1   Added %typedef to the list of keywords.
       new  c92fd4c   Highlight %sort
       new  2f8aa87   ob-rec: support for :sort and minor fixes.
       new  06ec5c5   ob-rec: support for :sort and minor fixes.
       new  0b52532   ob-rec: support for :sort and minor fixes.
       new  debbdd5   Time-stamp marks removed from the entire codebase and 
syntax checks fixes.
       new  884d53e   Initial implementation of encrypted fields.
       new  37fa271   rec-mode: fix error when saving a newly created file
       new  0cf9416   rec-mode: don't use a fixed list of keywords when 
font-locking special fields and other minor fixes.
       new  18e9e4a   rec-mode: editing of individual fields now works.
       new  fbd02a9   rec-mode: field names are no longer lists of parts.
       new  424eb72   rec-mode: fixes in goto-type and show-type.
       new  f063506   rec-mode: misc small fixes.
       new  5666b5d   rec-mode: misc fixes.
       new  011411c   rec-mode: several functions to support field types.
       new  f111394   rec-mode: more work in the field types.
       new  b77d494   rec-mode: avoid security problems in calls to message by 
using %s.
       new  37e53b6   rec-mode: complete support for editing fields storing 
enumerated values.
       new  d4ff2b1   rec-mode: support editing boolean fields as special enum 
       new  0f09c3f   rec-mode: support editing boolean fields as special enum 
       new  f7b30a1   rec-mode: folding of fields.
       new  19d0cef   rec-mode: support for selection expressions in rec-count.
       new  eba1923   rec-mode: presentation of continuation lines in 
navigation modes, and other improvements.
       new  99c7c8e   rec-mode: bug affecting the hiding of continuation line 
markers fixed.
       new  4413688   rec-mode: new functions returning properties of the 
current record set.
       new  472f378   rec-mode: initial work for selection.
       new  2204ecc   rec-mode: support for editing date fields using the 
       new  ceb00b5   rec-mode: rec-cmd-edit-field supports a numeric argument.
       new  1982af5   rec-mode: allow the user to cancel the edit date 
operation by quitting the calendar window.
       new  9f7a14d   rec-mode: fix edition of the default record set.
       new  299b496   rec-mode: support for generating time-stamps in date 
       new  88bab07   rec-mode: time-stamps are now triggered with n'.
       new  3e2f5a7   rec-mode: support for multiple field names in %type 
       new  bb07fa5   rec-mode: support for undo in navigation mode.
       new  cdf4a16   rec-mode: rec-cmd-count now suggests a default selection 
expression when invoked with a numeric prefix.
       new  87abd92   rec-mode: new command rec-cmd-statistics.
       new  9c6d63d   rec-mode: copy/kill fields and records commands.
       new  20c3d6f   Do not kill the preceding empty line.
       new  5eabbdb   syntax-check fixes.
       new  7b1a375   rec-mode: provide a sensible log-current-defun for the 
add-log function.
       new  33e106f   rec-mode: improve rec-log-current-defun so it works in 
all cases.
       new  241e824   rec-mode: don't move the pointer after switching to edit 
buffer or edit type mode.
       new  8d404d8   rec-mode: fixed to allow comments in records.
       new  da7b8c0   rec-mode: rec-end-of-field-pos now works properly when a 
field ends with the end of file mark.
       new  b149dfc   rec-mode: avoid trying to delete the sole window in the 
current frame.
       new  903c1dc   rec-mode: check for the validity of the contents of the 
buffers before going to navigation mode.
       new  eaf5e93   rec-mode: support for a mode hook.
       new  d505c30   rec-mode: visiting an empty file works again.
       new  f106531   rec-mode: do the right thing when the selected window is 
the only window in the frame.
       new  e20b7dd   rec-mode: don't hide continuation lines in editing modes 
after editing a field.
       new  033a600   rec-mode: new constant rec-mode-version
       new  460a48d   copyright years updated in some files
       new  f39f1a0   rec-mode: be smart assigning letters to enumerated 
       new  c72ec31   rec-mode: initial version of the summary mode
       new  99e3e62   rec-mode: more work in the summary mode.
       new  979fcef   ob-rec.el: support for :groupby and :join added.
       new  a997b92   src,doc,elisp: remove support for hyphens in field names.
       new  113747c   maint: syntax-check fixes.
       new  2735e99   rec-mode: avoid extra unused window in fast selection.
       new  75e53c1   prepare for 1.5.90
       new  7e5c145   rec-mode: use a prefix argument to move N records 
       new  80b2815   rec-mode: fix selection commands when there are more than 
one record sets on the recfile.
       new  4b485a0   rec-mode: several fixes while removing byte-compilation 
       new  797445b   rec-mode: fix a call to string-match-p with invalid 
       new  ef55915   rec-mode: support search-insensitive searches.
       new  c302e6e   Copyright years updated to 2015.
       new  0ea7b18   rec-mode: quote the shell argument with the file name 
when invoking recfix.
       new  98b98ad   Quote the file name argument before to pass it to recfix 
in a shell.
       new  d97175a   rec-mode: define faces and use them
       new  3ac3482   ob-rec.el: switch to lexical-binding
       new  e1ad9fe   rec-mode: fix setq typo
       new  34714d3   rec-mode: fix typo and run the actual hooks.
       new  b447b39   rec-mode: require tabulated-list.
       new  e4419ae   Copyright years updated to 2019.
       new  105ff13   Updated copyright years
       new  a89b7c2   rec-mode: split fields by comma and whitespace for summary
       new  053f28a   Lexical binding, style and compatibility fixes
       new  849edd6   Move files to the root directory
       new  5fa6020   Font lock fixes and many small checkdoc fixes
       new  cd42c9f   Docstring improvements (via checkdoc)
       new  4eb296f   Add Info mode manual
       new  e94505f   README, COPYING, Info fixes
       new  c0ae8da   Loop fix and autoload cookie, docstring clarifications
       new  b389387   Escape plus sign in regexp
       new  d0e8456   Improve regexp that matched on empty strings

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