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[elpa] externals/wcheck-mode 3ba6be4 26/39: Add read-or-skip-faces examp

From: Teemu Likonen
Subject: [elpa] externals/wcheck-mode 3ba6be4 26/39: Add read-or-skip-faces example and section headings
Date: Sun, 4 Oct 2020 07:55:22 -0400 (EDT)

branch: externals/wcheck-mode
commit 3ba6be45cb2aa1eab92245bb32b4445a8f84ef9d
Author: Teemu Likonen <tlikonen@iki.fi>
Commit: Teemu Likonen <tlikonen@iki.fi>

    Add read-or-skip-faces example and section headings
 README.md | 52 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 1 file changed, 52 insertions(+)

diff --git a/README.md b/README.md
index 75bc729..b1a3f00 100644
--- a/README.md
+++ b/README.md
@@ -145,6 +145,9 @@ querying effective configuration data for any language.
+### Basic spell-checking
 Here are some examples on how you can fill the `wcheck-language-data`
 variable. The value is a list of language configurations:
@@ -196,6 +199,52 @@ and sets the syntactic meaning of the ASCII hyphen 
character (-) to a
 word character ("w"). Wcheck mode and its regular expression search will
 use that syntax table when scanning buffers' content in that language.
+### Choose what to check
+On some Emacs major modes there is no need to spell-check everything in
+the buffer. For example, in programming languages modes it is probably
+useful to spell-check only programmer's comments and functions'
+documentation strings. This can be configured with language option
+`read-or-skip-faces`. The following incomplete language configuration
+makes special treatment for emacs-lisp-mode: it checks only text areas
+which have been marked with faces `font-lock-comment-face` and
+    ("Some language"
+     ;; (program ...)
+     ;; (args ...)
+     (read-or-skip-faces
+      (emacs-lisp-mode read font-lock-comment-face font-lock-string-face)))
+Because `read-or-skip-faces` settings is often not a language specific
+option but a general major mode specific setting it can be more useful
+to put `read-or-skip-faces` settings in variable
+`wcheck-language-data-defaults` like this:
+    (setq wcheck-language-data-defaults
+          '((read-or-skip-faces
+             ((emacs-lisp-mode lisp-mode)
+              read font-lock-comment-face font-lock-doc-face)
+             (sh-mode
+              read font-lock-comment-face)
+             (message-mode
+              read nil message-header-subject message-cited-text)
+             (latex-mode
+              read nil font-latex-sectioning-1-face
+              font-latex-sectioning-2-face
+              font-latex-sectioning-3-face
+              font-latex-sectioning-4-face font-latex-bold-face
+              font-latex-italic-face font-lock-constant-face)
+             (org-mode
+              read nil org-level-1 org-level-2 org-level-3 org-level-4
+              org-level-5 org-level-6 org-level-7 org-level-8)
+             (git-commit-mode
+              read nil git-commit-summary-face))))
+### Add words to dictionary
 Below is an example on how to add an "Add to dictionary" feature to the
 actions menu, among spelling suggestions. First, there's the language
 configuration. The example below is similar to the "British English"
@@ -249,6 +298,9 @@ Enchant program must be restarted.
             (message "Added word \"%s\" to the %s dictionary"
                      word language)))))
+### Other than human languages
 Spell-checking human languages is not the only application for Wcheck
 mode. The following configuration adds language called "Trailing
 whitespace" which finds and marks all trailing whitespace characters

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