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[elpa] branch externals/ivy-posframe created (now d539ac2)

From: Feng Shu
Subject: [elpa] branch externals/ivy-posframe created (now d539ac2)
Date: Sat, 3 Oct 2020 07:10:58 -0400 (EDT)

tumashu pushed a change to branch externals/ivy-posframe.

        at  d539ac2   version 0.2.0

This branch includes the following new commits:

       new  d6fc7c6   Init commit
       new  8861e54   Use ivy-display-functions-props
       new  229caae   update
       new  3bc6301   Add ivy-posframe-workable-p
       new  6494b38   Add ivy-posframe-mode
       new  f287da7   Add ivy-posframe-mode
       new  990b9b4   Update
       new  8d0b0ae   Update
       new  fc0820a   Update
       new  2733fe1   Set :position to (point).
       new  8a54dbb   Use ivy-display-function-fallback
       new  1651770   Update
       new  c36250a   Update README
       new  8a3ecb3   package-require ivy
       new  0136107   Remove ivy-posframe-mode
       new  2546238   reuse minibuffer's ivy prompt
       new  9db2b75   Update README
       new  550c322   Fix warn
       new  ba42fec   Fix warn
       new  ddaf875   Add Emacs version requirement to README
       new  cef74e6   Different command can set different ivy-posframe display 
       new  7e871bd   Fix type: buttom -> bottom
       new  823d3db   Update README
       new  5482c07   Update README
       new  0f159d5   Add frame-bottom-window-center style
       new  1f3dbf4   Add ivy-posframe-setup and use it.
       new  e1624e7   ivy-posframe-display:  style -> style-or-poshandler
       new  d3a82a9   Update README
       new  0be1372   Remove ivy-posframe-style variable
       new  061a125   Re-add ivy-posframe-style for compatible
       new  5312e07   Add ivy-posframe-parameters
       new  387045c   Fix README
       new  8f62984   Add ivy-posframe-read-action and 
       new  26e3a64   ivy-posframe: add ivy-posframe-avy
       new  e0247bf   split ivy-posframe-setup to ivy-posframe-init and 
       new  26a7ba7   Add ivy-posframe-enable and use it
       new  04d3719   Update README
       new  b9b9a45   Update
       new  0989e42   Show cursor's position, fix #9
       new  9f6b58d   Cursor face inherits from regular cursor face
       new  b37e713   Merge pull request #10 from drrlvn/patch-1
       new  266d622   Set ivy-posframe-cursor as mulitcursor
       new  15d9a9e   Revert "Set ivy-posframe-cursor as mulitcursor"
       new  ff2578a   Add ivy-posframe-border-width
       new  60e1f99   add variable to customize ivy-posframe style
       new  b92aaa1   Merge pull request #13 from 
       new  8be3311   ivy-posframe do not support mouse click
       new  3d98dbd   Add ivy-posframe-hide-minibuffer feature, fix #12
       new  7544bb6   Implement ivy-posframe-avy
       new  3c00455   Add ivy-posframe-swiper-avy
       new  b217e00   Use remaps for all keybindings
       new  9982c6d   Merge pull request #17 from noctuid/ivy-avy
       new  187d14b   ivy-posframe.el (ivy-posframe--display): Simplify
       new  3784f59   ivy-posframe.el (ivy-posframe-avy): Simplify
       new  7ea96ce   Merge pull request #19 from abo-abo/master
       new  f6f07cf   Revert "Simplify ivy-postframe-avy"
       new  52c8209   Merge pull request #20 from tumashu/revert-19-master
       new  aec9d8a   Update ivy-posframe README
       new  19f1382   update README
       new  9e5c4a9   Fix: Should the default width be the frame instead of the 
window? #22
       new  f341bae   Add blank line
       new  704feb2   Let ivy-posframe only inhert default
       new  05432ef   fallback width = frame-width * 0.618
       new  7787514   ivy-posframe-hide-minibuffer default is t
       new  0254f6e   Add document about border
       new  0fdb1b6   Update snapshots
       new  96c2e83   Update README
       new  7bfd14f   Add ivy-posframe-border face and use it
       new  8799af1   Revert "Add ivy-posframe-border face and use it"
       new  233a3ec   Fix Strange behaviour #25
       new  26612b2   Add ivy-posframe-border face and use it
       new  8d18644   Revert "Revert "Simplify ivy-postframe-avy""
       new  23c1619   Update README
       new  78ec80f   ivy-posframe-workable-p -> posframe-workable-p
       new  d5dd254   Update README
       new  31363f3   Get correct prompt for recursive minibuffers
       new  3433b00   Merge pull request #29 from CeleritasCelery/recursive-fix
       new  1297ebc   Fix focus can go out of frame with multi line collections 
       new  4242977   Remove #' (function quote) of `lambda`
       new  0a870c1   Remove top-level ivy-posframe setup function executing
       new  46b4089   Merge pull request #33 from 
       new  d70aa81   Merge pull request #32 from conao3/refactoring/lambda
       new  9e01129   Remove ivy-posframe-setup
       new  38aff80   Add ivy-posframe-demo
       new  3aabf14   ivy-posframe-demo: let it toggle
       new  c24f548   fix #34. call ivy--minibuffer-setup in env 
ivy-fixed-height-minibuffer is nil
       new  13180ce   Merge pull request #35 from conao3/fix-minibuffer-issue
       new  e6f4e1c   Fix ""ivy-posframe-font seems take no effect." #36
       new  d29f788   Again fix ivy-posframe-font seems take no effect. #36
       new  fd9c072   requires ivy v0.11.0
       new  bf6cf5d   Merge pull request #39 from conao3/require-ivy-0.11.0
       new  ba1bc4f   Update prompt in dynamic collections
       new  bda3116   Merge pull request #40 from CeleritasCelery/prompt
       new  786dcc7   Fix "ivy-posframe copies prompt text as kill" #41
       new  0c2bf2c   Fix2 "ivy-posframe copies prompt text as kill" #41
       new  b1ecab7   Merge pull request #42 from tttuuu888/work
       new  6de9801   remove unneeded ivy require code
       new  a7fe06e   fix addition ivy-display-function-props
       new  d5e7314   move ivy-posframe--add-prompt to advice section
       new  8902638   define ivy-posframe-adbice-alist
       new  0a8cb5a   fix advice function style
       new  36cae42   use ivy-posframe-advice-alist to apply advice
       new  80036e7   define keybind with ivy-posframe-keybind-list
       new  02a357d   define ivy-posframe-mode instead of ivy-posframe-enable
       new  716ce62   refactoring; using let-environment
       new  ca2b6db   add disable mode code
       new  1a7f2f0   move ivy-posframe-display-functions to variables section
       new  4e95a48   fix display function declaration by 
       new  97337e3   fix docstring
       new  19cc919   use function-alist instead of display-functions
       new  d13ad21   fix argument issue
       new  7f60e8c   define ivy-posframe-display-function-list
       new  fd1e40a   change variable name
       new  83657be   add display-functions-alist to restore ivy variable
       new  cc64ed6   extend display-functions-alist to configure-alist
       new  d57087e   add additional-display-functions custom variable
       new  35d47bd   refine document
       new  9e0c6da   generate readme
       new  aae7322   use ivy-posframe-mode-map instead of define-key
       new  c4091c3   remove unnesessary code
       new  9dcdd80   add ivy--height advice
       new  aea9074   add ivy-posframe--read advice
       new  8624418   add ivy-posframe--display-function-prop advice
       new  f032c58   remove overwrite ivy variable code
       new  b934152   move variables section above advice section
       new  7be71b6   fix align
       new  f4e17ae   remove unneeded configure alist variable
       new  df179ec   refine readme
       new  b6afaf7   generate
       new  0032ed4   define define-display-function macro instead of eval form
       new  a489cd8   use varid function name
       new  c43acf3   alias ivy-posframe-enable as ivy-posframe-mode
       new  b23cd5c   remove eval form
       new  7e33255   not use macro, write all form
       new  9872f35   Merge pull request #43 from conao3/ivy-posframe-mode
       new  7567182   let ivy-posframe-enable = (ivy-posframe-mode 1)
       new  45dc8ee   Remove ivy-posframe-demo, ivy-posframe-mode can do same 
       new  212eaa1   indent ivy-posframe-mode
       new  dddbd8b   Remove ivy-posframe-display-function-list
       new  e76565a   use (ivy-posframe-mode 1)
       new  e27b2b7   Remove ivy-posframe-additional-display-functions
       new  3c3740e   Add ivy-posframe-lighter
       new  c9a7331   handle ivy-display-function
       new  d35af4f   handle ivy-display-function again
       new  1b5db75   Do not warn when ivy-display-function is not nil
       new  76350e7   Update README
       new  0082f43   add maintainer comment of conao3 at header
       new  10fd5c1   Fix `ivy-dispatching-done` is not working #45
       new  76456e6   Merge pull request #46 from tttuuu888/work
       new  441c1bf   Fix First line disappears with the specific condition. #47
       new  65bc90d   fix minor mode option
       new  7dc84ee   Fix2 First line disappears with the specific condition. 
       new  92e09f2   Merge pull request #44 from conao3/fix-minor-mode-option
       new  2f2c7f6   Merge pull request #48 from tttuuu888/work-list
       new  2a97933   Fix for `Error in post-command-hook ...`
       new  52ba5f7   Merge pull request #49 from tttuuu888/work-list2
       new  f5da408   remove ivy-display-function
       new  9f6628d   Add ivy-posframe-size-function #50
       new  dbcd5a8   simplify get next beginning position
       new  c654366   Merge pull request #51 from conao3/simplify-get-position
       new  556c9a9   Check (display-graphic-p) dynamically in advices
       new  e76a15d   Merge pull request #53 from gagbo/patch-1
       new  8abcf52   define defun-advice function
       new  f264470   use ivy-posframe--defun-advice instead of defun
       new  d15c352   remove ivy-posframe--poframe-p-advice
       new  2eee01f   remove unneeded progn
       new  187288c   accept declare form
       new  3df0c29   Merge pull request #56 from conao3/create-defun-advice
       new  2f1fdbe   use mapc instead of mapcar
       new  1794866   not use let variable to make code simple
       new  ce7505d   Merge pull request #57 from conao3/fix-warning
       new  d58350c   make ivy-posframe-buffer as defcustom variable and set 
       new  57c53ef   Merge pull request #59 from conao3/fix-ivy-buffer-missing
       new  9b084b7   Fix Minibuffer hiding does not work #62
       new  590c224   Fix previous commit
       new  27e3cec   Try to fix Minibuffer is hiding always #66
       new  95c1028   ivy-display-function -> ivy--display-function
       new  2cac20d   Hide minibuffer when posframe workable
       new  112655b   Add a window/frame top center position option #61
       new  8ad4668   Update README
       new  d9ceee9   Fix: Regression : not usable with tty and gui emacsen 
under same daemon #69
       new  057d628   Fix for prompt line duplicated issue. #71
       new  fc0a6a7   Merge pull request #72 from tttuuu888/work-issue-71
       new  85f2f7a   Fix for prompt line duplicated issue in another way. #71
       new  aadadf1   Merge pull request #73 from tttuuu888/work-issue-71-2
       new  51d7535   Remove prompt replication in different approach. #71
       new  81f2ea1   Merge pull request #74 from tttuuu888/work-issue-71-3
       new  e500f69   try and fix issues with posframe
       new  ad83ce5   Merge pull request #79 from xeijin/patch-1
       new  6d697ff   Try to fix: Posframe max-width? #82
       new  ae9bafe   (defvar avy-pre-action)
       new  61cb32e   Fix swiper-avy and ivy-posframe are having trouble #80
       new  6545fad   Fix swiper example
       new  4474956   let ivy-posframe-swiper-avy work when do not use 
ivy-posframe function
       new  d539ac2   version 0.2.0

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