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[elpa] externals/which-key updated (9c5922e -> d794c4a)

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: [elpa] externals/which-key updated (9c5922e -> d794c4a)
Date: Tue, 8 Sep 2020 10:26:13 -0400 (EDT)

monnier pushed a change to branch externals/which-key.

      from  9c5922e   Version 3.3.2
       new  51c485f   Don't ignore case when making replacements
       new  c87b0ce   Add debugging messages for buffer sizing
       new  187ac0e   Add note to docstring for which-key-idle-delay
       new  77586e6   Add which-key-dump-bindings
       new  ba03e7e   Add translation keymap support (#210)
       new  fb2bc8f   Add which-key-persistent-popup-p variable (#213)
       new  cf8572a   which-key-persistent-popup-p -> which-key-persistent-popup
       new  da2e093   Add no-paging optional arg to which-key-show-keymap
       new  5cbfccd   Add which-key-manual-update
       new  5cec113   Announce which-key-manual-update
       new  c47c72d   Cleanup whitespace in README
       new  2cb5ceb   Fix paging in which-key-manual-update
       new  a256c4b   Use which-key-idle-secondary-delay value in manual updates
       new  42a2505   Rework implementation of manual updating
       new  a916c9a   Fix typos (#222)
       new  dcb9820   Default to imprecise window fitting on terminal
       new  8554a9f   Generalize C-h commands to use help-char
       new  1e3640e   Make next page hint more consistent
       new  db3d003   Add full keymap versions of show-{major,minor}-mode
       new  45bfcd3   Make which-key-show prefix mode-line work like top and 
       new  b11227b   Strip out advice in command docstrings
       new  d1dfddc   Refactor regexp & fix incompatibility + error
       new  fcc509f   Update travis versions
       new  a66bf93   Try purcell's workflow action
       new  da1abb4   Fix previous commit
       new  3401440   Fix workflow
       new  1231016   More workflow fixes
       new  190310d   Disable travis and cask
       new  cf44641   Replace travis badge with github workflow badge
       new  c4b7aae   Revive Cask file
       new  90d10a8   Fix sorting of keys and add test
       new  a135e6f   Change name of workflow
       new  d5a4273   Replace use of xor
       new  6e4b4c5   Simplify last commit
       new  9ff54ff   Fix short windows being resized
       new  7b068f3   Fix case sorting in alpha sort functions
       new  f9d8d49   Fix prefix argument for which-key-show-major-mode (#239)
       new  0d0af8a   Strip out advice in command docstrings
       new  9d1de2f   Refactor regexp & fix incompatibility + error
       new  9550707   Merge remote-tracking branch 'hlissner/patch-1'
       new  7bc87e0   Test once a month
       new  8b49ae9   Fix last commit
       new  8f2427a   Fix which-key--propertize-description use 
make-text-button return value (#249)
       new  ce25fb2   Add basic PR template
       new  3642c11   Speed up which-key--maybe-replace
       new  e48e190   Fix #257 (#258)
       new  ebb4e92   Add which-key-add-keymap-based-replacements
       new  e048b2a   Stop testing against v24.5
       new  e554326   Remove testing badge from README
       new  2b10b8e   Remove use of focus-{in,out}-hook
       new  d794c4a   Improve keymap-based-replacement description in README

Summary of changes:
 .github/pull_request_template.md |   4 +
 .github/workflows/test.yml       |  30 +++
 .travis.yml                      |  26 ---
 Cask                             |   1 -
 README.org                       | 231 ++++++++++++--------
 which-key-tests.el               |  79 ++++++-
 which-key.el                     | 459 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++------------
 7 files changed, 574 insertions(+), 256 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 .github/pull_request_template.md
 create mode 100644 .github/workflows/test.yml
 delete mode 100644 .travis.yml

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