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[elpa] branch externals/emms created (now 3eed06d)

From: Yoni Rabkin
Subject: [elpa] branch externals/emms created (now 3eed06d)
Date: Fri, 29 May 2020 17:10:54 -0400 (EDT)

yonirabkin pushed a change to branch externals/emms.

        at  3eed06d   More elpa work.

This branch includes the following new commits:

       new  bb65333   Initial commit (CVS 2005-09-11)
       new  3a573a2   Playlist buffer rewrite
       new  bc7be1f   emms.el (emms-next-noerror): Always return non-nil when
       new  4f16997   emms.el (with-current-emms-playlist): Also recreate when 
the buffer is
       new  649edac   fixing emms-lyric.el and emms-mode-line.el
       new  c1308f0   Rename emms-gstreamer.el to emms-player-gstreamer.el
       new  bd397bd   Fixed emms-mode-line-icon and -playing-time
       new  2b26cd1   renaming the provide, Emacs complains otherwise
       new  60e841e   Add pause and seek support to emms.el.
       new  b628c03   Add speex support
       new  7d8661b   Rename emms-lyric.el to emms-lyrics.el
       new  58a1376   Rename emms-mpd.el to emms-player-mpd.el
       new  699cf4d   Select a track after adding, too, if none is selected.
       new  7b1a8d2   Fixing the extensions problem.
       new  c79c2e3   FAQ: Typo fix (Thes -> The)
       new  58fd1df   emms-player-mpd doesn't need emms-player-extensions 
       new  0994a7c   Typo: It's emms-playlist-insert-track, not 
       new  f4b96cd   Rewrote emms-player-gstreamer
       new  e9e3f8c   Fixed typo in emms.el
       new  f2b85bf   Added new generic wrapper for gstreamer
       new  6b60d17   Removed old gstreamer wrappers
       new  79dc6eb   emms-stream-info.el: Use emms-playlist-selected-track.
       new  03055c8   Add pause and resume to the simple player.
       new  731479a   Move gstreamer support into simple player.
       new  4ab7c61   First attempt at reading playing time for .ogg
       new  8124eab   Lots of condition-case fixes.
       new  b75e294   Add shuffling and sorting.
       new  c94c41f   Added `emms-random[_\c3_]' (idea by twb)
       new  b4c652a   Throw errors for `emms-next' and `emms-previous' at the 
end/beginning of the playlist
       new  2eb4f32   Keep the selected song correct for shuffling and sorting
       new  183d1e6   Don't make emms-playlist-sort and emms-playlist-shuffle 
       new  b287337   emms-shuffle-all: Depend on the value of current, not of 
       new  4b3b288   Cleanup of the shuffle/sort stuff
       new  4d1b90b   Call `emms-shuffle' to shuffle a source.
       new  f8c762c   Fix shuffling in combined sources.
       new  f4e10b6   Remove emms-playlist-kill-track.
       new  24a3b10   Added `emms-playlist-delete-track-function'.
       new  757479e   Call widen in shuffle and sort.
       new  eca575e   Updated define-emms-simple-player examples in emms.texinfo
       new  427771f   Fixing typo in file regexps for gstreamer
       new  935c96b   Add `emms-player-simple-regexp'. Also, use it as 
       new  66df3dd   emms-playlist-new, emms-playlist-set-playlist-buffer: New 
       new  4592953   Added mikmod support (thanks to Martin Schoenmakers)
       new  f3e2073   Add more mikmod command line args.
       new  ea1212c   ogg-comment.el: Define macros before using them.
       new  58f84a9   emms-lyrics.el: Updated commentary and applied standard 
       new  9cdc66a   emms.el: Fix seek bug in `emms-player-seek'.
       new  c470a6b   emms-playing-time.el: Changed to 
`emms-player-seeked-hook' to
       new  afa65e1   emms-lyrics.el: Changed to `emms-player-seeked-hook' to
       new  f797263   Add `emms-playlist-buffer-p'.
       new  d5ee498   emms-source-add now checks for an as of yet unset marker, 
       new  079e9b4   Removing the old emms-save-playlist
       new  e7854c9   Fix emms-playlist-new and make emms-playlist-clear use it.
       new  3b340f3   Adding emms-playlist-save and -active-save
       new  e028af5   Cleaned up `emms-playlist-save' a bit
       new  09a83a3   Provide source insertion
       new  829d2f1   Shuffle, sort and source-add don't move point anymore.
       new  f47307d   Added emms-playlist-mode.el
       new  bfc1d52   Adding m3u playlist format for saving.
       new  7d607a9   Docstrings for playlist saving functions
       new  1690b13   Fixing a typo in emms-playlist-save-active
       new  9a31017   Adding emms-playlist-save-active-as-m3u
       new  ddc5477   Be able to clear the playlist buffer even if it's killed.
       new  3e97e2a   Small fixes
       new  46f2edc   Adding emms-playlist-mode-save and -open
       new  74ffb1b   Add `emms-ensure-player-playing-p'
       new  4bc68e5   Making emms-playlist-mode-go respect emms-playlist-buffer
       new  1d93684   mpd-updates
       new  27c8726   Inhibit read-only in `emms-playlist-insert-track'
       new  259a95a   emms-show now knows when nothing is playing.
       new  deb7e2a   multiple fixes to emms-playlist-mode.el
       new  82a67e8   emms-player-mplayer.el: mplayer also knows rm, rmvb, mp4, 
       new  b1f7743   clean-up and emms-playlist-mode-center-current
       new  96573c9   A kinder, gentler emms-playlist-mode-go
       new  ca18438   Added docstrings and clean-up for emms-playlist-mode.el
       new  b442a6a   Renaming emms-playlist-save to 
       new  82aa0e5   emms-playlist-select should not switch to the playlist 
       new  f0805a5   Fixing emms-playlist-mode-open-buffer
       new  5ea605b   Adding a bunch of FIXME tags for the playlist source
       new  d30e5fe   emms.el missing quote fix, emms-playlist-mode.el 
kill-track fix
       new  da660a7   "font-locking" for inserted, unselected tracks
       new  1c03815   clean-up pseudo font-locking
       new  998245f   Renaming the "playlist" source to "streamlist".
       new  549de33   emms-playlist-new: Pass positive argument to mode 
       new  24d8b51   Making emms-default now emms-playlist-mode compatible
       new  90cc6ad   emms-playlist-new: No, it's a major mode, DONT pass an 
       new  d0efdf9   Big renaming for current buffer/current playlist 
       new  660a393   fixing errors after breakage
       new  fcf800b   Ignore read-onliness when opening a playlist-mode-buffer.
       new  a6ffe94   emms-playlist-set-playlist-buffer: Ensure the selected 
buffer is a playlist.
       new  5b613ee   comment out emms-info-playlist breakage
       new  6a24199   fix emms-streams.el and emms-player-mplayer.el
       new  2030e9b   Make `with-current-emms-playlist' disable read-onlyness.
       new  75cd35b   Make `emms-playlist-clear' interactive so that I can map 
it to a key.
       new  8848651   include streaming into emms-default and fix streaming 
info from within the *EMMS Streams* buffer
       new  8406c54   Added 'emms-playlist-clear to default playlist keymap
       new  dc3401c   Make emms-playlist-current-clear an interactive function.
       new  b16b48c   Added 'emms-playlist-clear to the default key-map for 
       new  705ef3e   Fix track switching error and interactive playlist yanking
       new  5a9d752   UNDO: Fix track switching error and interactive playlist 
       new  8ff0169   Fix bugs in lyrics and mode-line modes when switching 
songs, fix yanking in playlist buffer
       new  3cc364f   Added emms-playlist-mode-insert-function (fixed sorting 
and shuffling font-lock)
       new  1437856   Added track updating to emms.
       new  305ef4c   Fixed saving/loading for emms-playlist-mode, also added 
track updating
       new  851aa9c   use insert function for yanking
       new  82bd4e9   fixing track killing some more
       new  8da8ace   emms-random: Use `emms-playlist-current-select-random'.
       new  d6361e5   later-do: Work even if the called function errors out.
       new  7a0a6df   emms-info.el rewrite.
       new  d7e4c9c   emms-info-mp3info.el updated for newest emms-info.el
       new  eac49fb   Fix emms-default.el for new emms-info.el
       new  827a436   Remove emms-info-later-do.el
       new  0d415cf   Fix emms-default.el, and ignore ogg stuff for now.
       new  9ed1891   Hotfix for emms-streams due to info changed. Please fix 
       new  7678cf9   emms-info-track-description: Fall back to old behavior if 
no title and artist
       new  f2b6705   Typo fix (findo -> find)
       new  056631e   emms-streams shouldn't overwrite 
       new  90af28d   later-do.el emms version
       new  4419434   Use time-less-p instead of <= for times
       new  fa77f2c   Ignore read-onliness when updating a track in a playlist 
       new  6aef5b4   Inefficiency removed: Update each track only once :P
       new  21ac80a   later-do.el: Run timer after function did run to avoid 
       new  210dae3   Don't set values mp3info has nothing for
       new  8b3fe1b   emms-info-mp3info ignores files which are not mp3s
       new  707ea4c   fix ogg-info
       new  cd1f64f   clean-up emms-info-ogg.el
       new  ec90d94   fix emms-score.el and emms-info-ogg.el borkage
       new  50c2d32   emms-player-mplayer.el: Set resume method to nil to just 
use pause.
       new  4214b95   emms-playlist-mode-go: Add buffer-live-p check to 
circumvent a
       new  79e95d0   emms-playlist-mode: Make sure emms-playlist-buffer-p is 
set, since we
       new  cd4d94a   emms-playing-time.el: Updated the playing-time retrieval 
method, so as
       new  06aa86f   emms-info-mp3info: Use number for 'info-playing-time.
       new  297b183   emms-playing-time: Since 'info-playing-time is an int 
now, changed
       new  d1075ee   remove emms-metaplaylist-mode code from emms-playlist-mode
       new  caf3140   Add documentation of the define symbols for emms-info.el.
       new  b2ac5e9   emms-info-mp3info: Provide a way to configure the mp3info 
output coding system.
       new  2a3e123   emms-playing-time.el: Applied standard customization 
       new  78c58f3   emms-lyrics.el: Fixed a bug in `emms-lyrics-start'.
       new  beaeab3   eemms-lyrics.el:
       new  4b8643e   emms-playing-time.el:
       new  66d6f60   add emms-metaplaylist-mode.el
       new  244fb3f   Adding emms-info-ogginfo.el and consiquently modifying 
       new  7c95eeb   rollback patch to fix adding tracks.
       new  5bab7a7   emms-playlist-mode.el: 3rd attempt to not clobber
       new  aaf97fc   emms-streams.el: Update `emms-info-file-info-song-artist' 
so that it
       new  7b5a900   emms.el (emms-playlist-new): Use interactive-p rather than
       new  c6f371b   Update tracks with a specific function, and provide 
       new  a239073   List all the changes needed in the manual
       new  a6d3a6d   Rename emms-default.el to emms-setup.el.
       new  7e658c5   some manual fixes (just the start)
       new  fa298a5   Another installment of manual changes
       new  fff50f9   manual work
       new  3463b8d   more manual re-writing
       new  c1fc8a4   emms-setup.el re-write
       new  5917c93   Yet Another Installment of the manual re-write
       new  3cd3a11   emms-playlist-mode-switch-buffer
       new  414b92a   emms-mode-line: Changed dead 
       new  6e0e5a6   emms-mode-line.el: When artist or title info cann't be 
achieved, show
       new  c331269   emms-mode-line.el: Made `emms-mode-line-alter' be 
compatible with
       new  4a5b03f   emms.el: Should initialize `emms-player-paused-p' to nil 
at start. Or a
       new  bba3062   manual work (57% done)
       new  47c874c   emms-playing-time.el: New function: 
       new  50a4eb2   emms-lyrics.el: New function: 
       new  53b5cbd   emms-setup.el: Moved `emms-lyrics' and 
`emms-playing-time' into
       new  ed2e572   emms-setup.el: Added `emms-playlist-sort' to `emms-devel'.
       new  8bef0fd   emms-playlist-sort.el: New file containing various 
playlist sort
       new  5fb496d   Rename `emms-playlist-save-active-as-m3u' to 
       new  4d68d45   Make emms-mode-line-icon use the good function to get the 
current track
       new  4dd6efe   A minor spell correction.
       new  6987e3f   emms-metaplaylist fix requested by Lukhas
       new  32cc988   manual update (68% done)
       new  291aba2   fix emms-info-ogginfo laguange
       new  20d864b   manual 71% done
       new  f5d8074   Add prefix keys support.
       new  daef126   Don't attempt to dh_installchangelogs ChangeLog in 
       new  22d716f   Remove TODO from debian/docs.
       new  66b2f90   Added simple player "playsound".
       new  ff8d692   Makefile (ChangeLog): Generate ChangeLog from darcs 
       new  a6eb415   debian/rules: swap binary-indep and binary-arch bodies, 
since emms is packages as source code.
       new  72a409f   debian/emms.emacs-install: Leave symlinks in bytecode dir 
for find-library/function/variable.
       new  57cb82e   Added a hook for emms-streams
       new  05d34d2   Added support for toggling default action in streams
       new  9aa9ca1   More manual work, but still only 71 percent done
       new  e169a89   Finished rewriting manual
       new  c959a9d   Implement an emms-info function using the libtag package.
       new  b5bd475   emms-info-libtag.el: Fix a couple of typos.
       new  a56e48c   emms-source-file.el: add missing third clause to AUTOLOAD 
       new  e1dc8e4   emms-info-mp3info.el (emms-info-mp3find-arguments): use 
info-tracknumber instead of info-tracknum, so as to be consistent with ogginfo.
       new  195fad8   Added `emms-playlist-mode-go-popup' for popuping 
emms-playlist as a side
       new  003e929   Fix emms.texinfo for PDF output (thanks twb)
       new  baf748f   Fix conflicts in emms-playlist-mode.el
       new  5773f65   fix manual sectioning
       new  41e4e89   Killing and yanking
       new  d6dd752   killing and yanking in the interactive playlist buffer
       new  b3480e6   fix emms-playlist-save-as-m3u
       new  0987c5a   make emms-playlist-mode emacs21.4 compatible
       new  8f97413   update manual for playlist-mode
       new  909f28d   fix mode-alter bug
       new  f034a26   Move `emms-lyrics-mode' to the end, or it won't work on 
CVS Emacs.
       new  63d5089   Fixed emms-score.el to accommordate with changes in 
EMMS2. I've also
       new  fe75d2a   Added `emms-playlist-sort-by-score'.
       new  6f5d5ae   `emms-score-set-playing' is not really "set", but "add". 
Fix this. Same
       new  400cae8   Significantly improve (and speed up) MusicPD support.
       new  2a0db7a   emms-player-mpd: Make sure the process gets closed 
autommatically when exiting Emacs.
       new  18153aa   emms-player-mpd: Fix documentation.  The mpc binary is no 
longer needed.
       new  76389c6   emms-player-mpd: Docfix, wait 200 millisecs for process 
to start, add more output when verbose mode is enabled.
       new  7fe71e6   Use timers in a way that is compatible with both Emacs 
and XEmacs.
       new  b64ef4c   emms-player-mpd: Bring this up-to-par with the other 
backends, in that it can update the current playlist position and load the 
contents of the current playlist into MusicPD.
       new  4bc3739   Make emms-player-mpd work with emms-playing-time.
       new  976d126   emms-player-mpd: Make it the default to sync the MusicPD 
playlist with the EMMS playlist, since this is what most EMMS users will 
probably want.
       new  725f0bd   emms-playing-time: Make sure that we don't start more 
than one timer instance.
       new  d55a9c7   Move `emms-cancel-timer' to a compatibility section in 
       new  417ef86   emms-player-mpd: Quote file argument so that filenames 
with spaces are treated correctly.
       new  4b913cf   New XEmacs compatibility function: 
       new  60f527e   emms-stream-info: Use emms-replace-regexp-in-string.
       new  6181ec5   emms-player-mpd: Escape specials in filenames like the 
other MPD clients do.
       new  65dc3b5   Use emms-replace-regexp-in-string.
       new  b215622   Rename m3u-playlist source to "playlist" and support .pls 
files.  The playlist-parsing routine has been moved to a separate function, 
since the MusicPD player also needs to use it.  Detect URLs in playlists and 
use type of 'url when creating tracks for them.
       new  5481c98   emms-player-mpd: Implement blocking so that code in 
timers doesn't conflict.
       new  cf246d4   emms-player-mpd: Detect when the server has stopped, and 
call emms-player-stopped.
       new  1de710a   add two macros, one to emms.el and the other to 
emms-playlist-mode.el. The former fixes a bug in which the software attempts to 
access a completely narrowed buffer and the latter because it looks nicer.
       new  69a77df   Pass correct parameter to `run-at-time', to make sure 
only one timer is
       new  79f9c42   update README file
       new  0d2dc94   playlist mode yank bug fix
       new  d06ba12   emms-player-mpd: Do a seek when the song has changed in 
case several seconds have elapsed between detection and song change.
       new  d28cb19   emms-player-simple.el: Added alsaplayer support. Thanks 
to indio on #emacs.
       new  e0013a7   emms-player-simple.el (alsaplayer): Fixed regexp.
       new  dfbd6f4   emms-source-file: Yes, playlist does work. (Removed 
       new  a86a7af   fixed copyright years and copyright holder
       new  7474e88   finished updating copyrights
       new  a40c9d7   emms-player-mpd: Implement importing the current MusicPD 
playlist into EMMS and fix a couple of bugs.
       new  d580c73   emms-player-mpd: Try to get values for name and port from 
environment.  Fix awkwardness in `emms-player-mpd-block'.
       new  f128ac4   emms-player-mpd: Make pausing work after importing a 
playlist from MusicPD.
       new  bc98474   emms-player-mpd: Make importing of MusicPD playlist a bit 
less error-prone.
       new  147707e   re-organization of emms-setup levels
       new  8ace62a   Added `emms-playlist-sort' to the Emms manual.
       new  fa07ba5   Added MusicPD to the Emms manual.
       new  22284f3   emms-player-mpd.el (emms-info-mpd): Prevent an error when 
we can't connect to a MusicPD instance.  This prevents EMMS from causing Emacs 
to stop reading initialization settings.
       new  05b4e00   All stable extentions documented
       new  ab304ce   emms-streams.el (emms-stream-default-list): Add "Voices 
from Within"
       new  a3f1909   Makefile: Update .PHONY, add .PRECIOUS line for generated 
files, add rule for creating HTML version of documentation.
       new  fd8f2d4   Makefile: Use correct extension in new HTML rule.
       new  e9cfafc   emms-player-mpd: Use simpler value for connect function.
       new  ca86719   emms-mode-line: Add toggle functions and autoload cookies.
       new  36357c3   Remove emms-pbi*.el at forcer's request.
       new  e539ab4   Remove emms-pl-manip.el
       new  e41edca   Move emms-parse-playlist to emms-source-file.el, rename 
to emms-source-file-parse-playlist
       new  f2c8579   Added emms-source-playlist.el, moved stuff from emms.el 
       new  bf80e02   Make all add-on files toggle-able.
       new  1553d6a   emms-streams: Add prefix to utility functions.
       new  da7d1d0   Makefile: Don't show Emacs commandline.  Remove generated 
HTML file in clean rule.
       new  438e7ec   Fix a variety of compilation errors and warnings.
       new  d285775   emms-lyrics: Make this behave like other add-ons.
       new  b8ff219   emms-player-mpd: Don't use define-emms-simple-player, 
since we provide our own versions of the functions that it produces.
       new  4d0be4b   Remove emms-tageditor.el, since it only works with 
emms-pbi.el.  It might be useful to re-add this, once it has been rewritten.  
But first, let's get a release out the door :^) .
       new  215607e   Added emms-play-playlist
       new  843dfee   Use insert-file instead of insert-file-literally to get 
around coding system problems
       new  c7ff450   Some minor modifications
       new  9d41c38   emms-info-libtag.el: Add a warning about the possible 
conflict with emms-info-mp3info
       new  e1d5bf3   README: Added a paragraph about libtag.
       new  7f7223d   emms-source-playlist: Add support for m3u and pls 
       new  b9466bf   emms-streams: Make some options customizable.  Fix 
compiler warnings.
       new  872f8b1   Update manual and emms-setup with the preferred way of 
invoking emms-playing-time and emms-lyrics from .emacs.  Update MusicPD section 
of manual.
       new  6c31e5a   emms-playlist-sort.el, quote FORM argument to 
       new  2990773   Make sure that negated character classes in regexps 
include the newline character, so that there is no possibility of empty lines 
being matched.
       new  2ae7913   emms-player-mpd: Never set emms-player-stopped-p, since 
this is only to be done when the user explicitly stops the music.
       new  ff4bd16   New variable: `emms-lyrics-coding-system'. It's the 
coding system used
       new  1ad6f6d   Updated manual for emms-lyrics.
       new  9a59fa3   emms-player-mpd: If the MusicPD daemon goes away, make 
sure that we can still stop EMMS.
       new  d03e7d6   emms-playlist-mode: Make it possible to use edebug on 
`with-inhibit-read-only' forms.
       new  2d70d0a   emms-source-playlist: Get things working to my 
satisfaction, like saving playlists in different formats and (optionally) being 
prompted for which format.
       new  8ba97c5   emms-playlist-mode: Use emms-playlist-save instead of a 
custom function.
       new  440e449   Add new playlist sources to documentation.
       new  9e13d9a   emms-playlist-mode: Remove obsolete function.
       new  3da0c99   emms-info-libtag.el: libtag can also handle Speex files.
       new  0a72e54   emms-info-libtag.el: remove unused variables.
       new  65642af   emms-player-mplayer.el: mplayer supports FLAC, too.
       new  db10180   patch resolution
       new  634ba8e   emms-player-mpd: Major rewrite to use a custom 
transaction queue implementation, which includes adjusting most functions to 
use callbacks and closures.
       new  9d8fa5e   emms-player-mpd: A few minor tweaks.
       new  4dc6b1a   emms-playlist-mode: Fix a bug where too many overlays 
were being added when the track was updated.
       new  b59d18f   emms-player-mpd: Reset some extra state data on stop.
       new  a92a2f8   emms-player-mpd: Remove obsolete option.
       new  dd04c73   emms-player-mpd: Make sure inserted text from 
emms-player-mpd-show goes to the right buffer.
       new  0d64f1d   emms-player-mpd: Fix minor typo in comments.
       new  6618771   emms.el: Introduce and use `emms-source-old-buffer'
       new  640c475   emms-source-file.el: Fix dired source.
       new  4972da8   emms-player-mpd: Set timer interval to be 1 by default 
and adjust docstring.
       new  9bc8c6f   emms-player-mpd: Make emms-player-mpd-show take a 
callback argument so that it's easy to make a /NP command for Emacs-based IRC 
       new  85576f4   emms-player-mpd: Make last compiler warning go away with 
some `put' trickery.
       new  b18fa30   Make `emms-player-started' function, which serves the 
same purpose as `emms-player-stopped', in that it is meant to be called by the 
player.  emms-player-mpd needs this so that it can tell EMMS exactly when 
playback has begun.
       new  234190f   emms-player-mpd: Don't start the timer upon playing a 
track if `emms-player-mpd-sync-playlist' is nil.
       new  38424da   emms-libtag.el : Make it id3v1 friendly by removing all 
the trailing whitespace in metadata
       new  df33a9d   Added `emms-playlist-sort-by-natural-order'. Thanks to 
Matthew Kennedy
       new  56ad988   Fix face definitions syntax (emms-playlist-mode, 
       new  5d1019b   Provide emms-propertize compatibility function.
       new  56ab07f   Use %S not %s for tracks in errors.
       new  244e5ef   emms-player-mpd: Use better check to see if we are given 
valid output from "mpd --version".  This should improve results for the case 
where mpd is installed on a different machine.  Thanks to Adam 
Sj[_\c3_][_\b8_]gren for the report.
       new  08471d5   emms-player-mpd: Use better default for 
       new  6e194a2   Move propertize compatibility function to the others.
       new  a33158e   Make XEmacs21 and Emacs21 happy.
       new  8030081   emms.el: Fix compiler warning for Emacs22.
       new  13ff7c0   Update AUTHORS.
       new  e148162   emms-metaplaylist-mode.el: new function to create a new 
empty EMMS playlist.
       new  6bd53f5   emms-metaplaylist-mode.el: new function : 
emms-metaplaylist-set-active to set the active playlist buffer from the 
metaplaylist menu
       new  08d369c   emms-player-mpd: Implement and document support for 
changing the volume.
       new  45115ae   emms-player-mpd: Prompt for volume change amount.
       new  7cec9d0   emms-player-mpd: Make sure that emms-player-finished-hook 
is called once the playlist is exhausted.
       new  45b3a84   emms-metaplaylist-mode.el: New keybinding to 
       new  da81b58   emms-player-mpd: Add disconnect function, for when you 
want to keep playing music, but not keep track of it in Emacs.
       new  a4b2dff   emms.el: Fix docstring of emms-player-finished-hook.
       new  a051095   emms.el: Simple playlists shouldn't be bothered by 
       new  e571956   emms-playlist-mode: Add face entries for light 
       new  e707bd9   fixed Makefile
       new  fa148fc   Rename with-widened-buffer to emms-with-widened-buffer.
       new  f49efbf   emms-playlist-mode: Call kill-line instead of kill-region 
to fix a minor bug.
       new  227fb23   Install correctly with Debian _and_ make install.
       new  972e4c0   emms-print-metadata.1: New file.
       new  8376354   emms-print-metadata.c: Don't segfault if argument doesn't 
       new  0100e93   debian/changelog: 2.0-1 release version.
       new  80b0a2f   emms.el: Change version to 2.0
       new  f7ffc8f   Don't generate ChangeLog in debian/rules - darcs isn't 
there anymore then.
       new  6908b0f   Don't delete ChangeLog with make clean, we can't 
regenerate it without _darcs
       new  d10f4fa   debian/emms-extras.manpages: New file
       new  82878fd   emms-playlist-mode.el: Don't put a period after the mode 
map. This hangs 21.4 on display.
       new  179c699   emms-playlist-mode: Implement the option (disabled by 
default) of opening a new EMMS buffer for a playlist, when hitting RET on one.
       new  7cb1082   emms-source-playlist: Do not expand names of files in 
playlists, as this can cause problems with emms-player-mpd in some 
       new  3fe590d   emms-player-mpd: Add a few checks to make sure that the 
given buffer exists before trying to do anything with it.
       new  7a770fa   emms-player-mpd: Overhaul for streamlist support, and fix 
a few miscellaneous issues.
       new  08f9d4e   emms-player-mpd: Fix bug that caused unconditional 
reloading of the entire MusicPD playlist whenever the track was changed 
       new  a92fa29   emms-player-mpd: Make seek work correctly.
       new  a665f6a   emms-player-mpd: When showing the currently-playing song, 
prepend the name of the radio station, if it exists.
       new  c08efad   emms-playlist-mode: Make "d" kill the entire line.  This 
seems to be a good compromise of those who use C-k and those who want more 
standard object-killing behavior.
       new  2bf79de   emms-player-mpd: Use more robust method of detecting 
whether we need to force-feed MusicPD our playlist.
       new  8c031d1   emms-streams: Make hitting RET on a URL do the right 
thing, improve cursor movement, and mark the buffer as unmodified after 
performing a save.
       new  e874d11   emms-streams: Implement kill and yank.
       new  a16b4f9   emms-streams: Re-implement yank and kill so that they do 
the right thing with emms-stream-list.
       new  0ff8ab2   emms-streams: When the user wants emms-streams to play 
the selected stream instead of add it, create our own playlist buffer.  When 
quitting, if we own the current playlist buffer, kill it.
       new  a5e116b   allow nonzero ogginfo exit plus some reindenting
       new  ac9bb22   emms-streams: Re-add space after prompt and use 
completion for type.
       new  a21f33c   Add emms-volume and emms-volume-amixer.
       new  ec34941   AUTHORS: Add Martin Schoenmakers. Welcome! :-)
       new  8027bb2   Make handling of multiple playlist buffers less 
       new  25efa81   emms-volume-amixer.el: Provide a way to set the control 
for amixer
       new  f168ce6   emms-volme.el: Add some requires.
       new  2ecf017   emms-volume.el: Minor cosmetic cleanup
       new  cff09f0   emms-volume.el: Cosmetic stuff, defvar -> defcustom
       new  1cb8a1f   Put volume options in their own customize group.
       new  12d4527   Remove debian-extras package as requested by ftpmasters 
       new  692400a   Make sure we never have an empty track description when 
inserting a song into a playlist buffer.
       new  4247641   Miscellaneous minor cleanups.
       new  9d10b8d   emms-player-mpd: Differentiate between files and URLs 
when it makes sense to do so.
       new  c275727   Add some sources for inserting playlists without 
inserting their contents, and likewise for directories of playlist files.  
Exclude some files and directories from being added when walking directories.
       new  2892686   Sort file names from 
       new  8ea1c64   emms-info caching (thanks to Damien Elmes)
       new  a053a4d   AUTHORS: Damien Elmes address updated
       new  7e45986   info-cache-dirty/coding
       new  239ad70   AUTHORS: fixed Lucas' e-mail address
       new  afc461e   emms-info: Fix bug that occurs after clearing the current 
playlist and trying to re-add songs to it.
       new  6ab9141   emms-playlist-mode.el - now with less overlay!
       new  3f30813   emms-playlist-mode doesn't need overlay compatibility 
       new  e5beab4   refactor caching code into emms-cache.el
       new  f6694b8   Cleaned up the cached code in emms.el a bit
       new  36740ba   Typo, defvar => defcustom for emms-cache-set-function
       new  7adf8d8   Add autoloads to emms-setup.el
       new  3785348   emms sources now switch add/play behavior when a prefix 
argument is supplied.
       new  e134202   emms-playlist-mode: Stop overlay from being attached to 
text inserted before it
       new  0af69e6   emms.el: The currently playing marker now should stay 
where it is, even for yanks
       new  06f6648   fix damien elmes's email address
       new  84acadc   Mark the cache as dirty for each modification.
       new  96a3ac5   Very basic support for recording the time you last played 
a track.
       new  f9212a8   emms.el, simplified emms-property-region considerably.
       new  1fc0514   Fix typo in emms-property-region
       new  db63cad   Make emms-property-region bulletproof.
       new  162ccac   emms-playlist-mode: When making new overlays, do not 
allow the rear to advance.  This prevents some display issues.  If we really 
need to modify the text there, we should be using (insert-before-markers).
       new  d39f230   emms.el: Change directory to / before starting the player.
       new  ef8524b   emms-playlist-mode: Facify tracks on startup.
       new  4ccf4e4   add a metadata browser - emms-browser.el
       new  0ac8fee   fix RET on trailing \n
       new  1059067   small typo fix
       new  3c8a654   avoid rebuilding the browser window each time
       new  fdd132b   update modeline when changing browsing method
       new  01ba6d4   browser sorting, and bug fixes
       new  4c261dd   refactor browser mode creation code
       new  e02148c   NEWS is new
       new  5e88f99   emms-metaplaylist-mode: Fix bug introduced by the recent 
emms-playlist-mode overhaul.  Add faces for light backgrounds.
       new  ececf68   Fix compiler warnings in emms-cache.el.
       new  ad3d6bb   Standardize copyright notices.  Add COPYING file.  
Mention license in README.
       new  0f73de3   emms-cache: Add standard enable/disable/toggle interface 
and do a docfix for emms-cache-set-function.
       new  2d20eea   emms-cache: Small compiler fix.
       new  4bc8afd   emms-setup: Get rid of pointless compiler warning.
       new  4a809e2   emms-player-mpd: Fix minor bug when importing the current 
MusicPD playlist into EMMS.
       new  0d9aba2   emms-player-mpd: Rename volume functions to better match 
the namespace created by emms-volume.el.
       new  ce12375   emms-player-mpd: Add functionality to dump MusicPD data 
into the EMMS cache.  This allows for easy integration with emms-browser.el.
       new  6a71785   update emms-cache.el commentary
       new  95ef705   browse subcategories (eg artist->album->title)
       new  f07ea46   Add mpd volume settings to custom
       new  3540a17   emms-info: Never return 0 for info-mtime, since 
emms-time-less-p does not like this.  Use nil instead.
       new  0b2e933   Use better exclude regexp, so that people can load music 
files with '#' in the middle of the name.
       new  0d8660d   emms-cache: add pruning support, make save/load 
       new  ee459cb   updated manual about emms-foobar-file prefix toggling
       new  07325b2   browser: sorting, bugfixes
       new  3554f40   debian: Install info file as well
       new  82c8419   debian: add changelog for 2.0-2
       new  57ce539   removed superfluous comment (actually testing darcs send)
       new  4cf3a34   fix bug in emms-playlist-mode-center-current
       new  39b42fe   added the section "Finding files and speed" to the manual
       new  3f741b5   emms-lyrics.el: Fix file-exists-p error when finding 
lyrics file for
       new  c6dbd8f   browser: refactor data format, bugfixes; emms: add 
       new  2659d7a   browser: expand/collapse levels, tab through entries
       new  fa12a8d   browser: make defcustom lines user variables
       new  88d8dbe   info: display progress when adding async
       new  4c6f824   playlist-mode: add 'C' to clear playlist
       new  8c7dbf4   browser: require emms-playlist-sort
       new  755ea4e   playlist: enable undo, add extra undo binding
       new  181d755   browser: handle nil track numbers
       new  a835d3c   browser: fix for the tracknumber fix patch
       new  395d69c   add player-mpg321-remote
       new  94e55c7   mpg321-remote: defvar mask-stop-message
       new  caf5a84   Add Adam Sjoegren (copyright got assigned)
       new  eefcda0   mpg321-remote: fix bug related to the player stopping
       new  5d67351   mpg321-remote: fix race condition
       new  81ada15   browser: fix sorting on tracks without a track number
       new  6ce6dd8   browser: collapse before expanding (expand-to-level-2, 
       new  73810bc   browser: remember position when hitting 1,2,3 etc
       new  22095d1   browser: fix centering when adding new tracks to the 
       new  5f68d4a   browser: put track number first (better for compilation 
       new  4af1197   emms-player-mpd: Make the playable-p function return nil 
if we cannot start a connection to mpd.
       new  5fa90c9   Rename `emms-score-show' to `emms-score-show-playing'. Add
       new  f5c591c   define-emms-simple-player: Check for existence of the 
player executable.
       new  8b5e7ce   browser: bugfixes, sort/display by year
       new  e70aa54   AUTHORS: Update William's info.
       new  c487efd   emms-player-mplayer.el: Enable mplayer's slave mode for 
seek support by
       new  544e06a   README : Advanced configuration : added item about 
       new  6115f3d   README: fix a small typo
       new  a3a19b0   cache: add a routine to refresh metadata info
       new  859fe8d   browser: uniquify track names, mpg321-remote: restart 
dead process
       new  9630108   browser: use the filename if no useful metadata is 
       new  4b20137   README: added a note about compiling emms-print-metadata, 
since it apparently wasn't obvious...
       new  4a174ab   function name change + testing emms-patches mailing-list
       new  32aa5c2   browser: preliminary browsing support
       new  43d2e4e   browser: more search stuff
       new  ce36e03   browser: fix bug with read-only buffer
       new  6dc53f9   browser: another read-only bug
       new  3672c9e   emms-browser.el: emms-browser-goto-random moves the point 
to a random line in the browser.
       new  507729e   emms-cache.el: Move the pruning code inside 
       new  bd115b8   cache: rename function, remove obsolete one, only mark 
dirty if necessary
       new  8f9c1dc   cache: readability fix
       new  e3a70f9   emms-browser.el: fix bad keybinding for 
       new  d60c90d   emms-cache.el: fix missing paren in emms-cache-sync
       new  5e4ffd9   emms-last-played: Count the number of times a track has 
been played.
       new  50eebbb   make M-> act like a normal Emacs buffer for 
       new  88f57b8   emms-playlist-mode-window-width defcustom + 
       new  69abf5b   emms-browser: add C-j as an alternative to C-RET for 
console users
       new  7636b83   browser: cover display, compilation support,more
       new  372698a   browser: fix bug with custom cover fetching function
       new  fe45a4a   browser: add 'd' to open dired on the current directory
       new  68bf7c8   browser: d for dired (missing half)
       new  6dfa85c   browser: bind 'C' to clear the playlist from the browser 
       new  accfde0   Make emms-cache and emms-browser work with XEmacs.
       new  4a873b0   Allow player to set the exact elapsed time of a track.  
emms-player-mpd and emms-player-mpg321-remote both need this.
       new  afe2cac   Fix more XEmacs issues.
       new  62ff681   emms-browser: Use point-at-bol instead of 
line-beginning-position for XEmacs compatibility.
       new  481ae8b   cache: set coding cookie in cache file
       new  0ea391b   browser: beginnings of format string support
       new  05f1a90   browser: add default covers, fix bug
       new  9826f39   browser: don't need point-at-bol, code has been refactored
       new  7749a59   browser: add no-cover documentation
       new  c02d6cf   browser: set missing elements to 'misc' to prevent failure
       new  6bc9791   browser: make faces dependent on type, not level
       new  303055e   browser: indent albums, don't propertize indent
       new  84ec279   browser: refactor level handling code
       new  a6b5c78   browser: propertize playlist tracks in formatting code
       new  a3bb0ff   browser: don't rely on target to determine track 
       new  49c0ec3   browser: lvl is a bad name (fixes a bug)
       new  d17aadf   browser: add filtering support (see comments at top)
       new  1772f4f   browser: add lookup of artist/album in wikipedia
       new  0bcea59   browser: don't use text-mode-map as parent
       new  cf84eab   playlist: don't assume there's a track at point
       new  c05ccf0   browser: use generated name on top level enteries
       new  9e56704   mplayer: use quiet mode (stops skipping when emacs is 
       new  1e68719   mplayer: use really-quiet (might help on video files with 
lots of errors?)
       new  3c03bb4   mplayer: -playlist must be the last arg when streaming
       new  fb513e6   browser: improve filtering, update docs
       new  868d5b3   browser: add next/previous filter support
       new  c67578e   browser: fix keybindings
       new  b089f27   resolve bug reported by sebatian about the q key
       new  503bbce   add more lookup functions, a filter-changed hook, and fix 
an indent problem
       new  940d078   browser: fix a few cover bugs
       new  d84b90a   browser: add some documentation related to singles and 
       new  2a51c5a   Makefile: Don't split info output
       new  ecc6f6e   emms-info: If the file does not exist, don't update its 
info and file-mtime.  This fixes an error.
       new  9e243bd   emms-info: On second thought, with remote players, info 
should be fetched even when the file does not exist on the local system.  So we 
should always fetch info when file-mtime is nil.
       new  ab31840   emms-player-mpd: Allow a password to be sent to the 
MusicPD server.
       new  aa9c184   emms-streams: Don't prompt for fd.  Determine it 
automatically instead.
       new  f7d4146   emms-player-mpd: Add support for updating MusicPD's 
database and improve documentation.
       new  43c3061   emms-cache.el: New variable, 
emms-cache-file-coding-system, which will
       new  d104580   emms-info-mp3info.el: New function, emms-iconv, for 
converting string
       new  6abd26a   emms-cache: Change default coding system to utf-8.  Fix 
byte-compilation warning.
       new  88658d6   emms-cache: Replace use of 'utf-8 with 
       new  4150a25   emms-player-mpd: Use better algorithm to detect whether 
the user has requested a stop or whether we have run out of tracks.  Thanks to 
dds for the report.
       new  b42027e   Set correct SEPARATORS parameter for split-string.
       new  1359311   emms-player-mpd: Correctly fetch track data when using 
remote MusicPD server.
       new  3bcb945   emms-player-mpd: Use better logic for last patch.
       new  f10a13c   emms-player-mpd: Emacs21 fix.
       new  936e11e   emms-playing-time: Don't require emms-info-mp3info, since 
none of its functions are used directly.
       new  edbaced   emms-player-mpd: Make supported formats regexp 
       new  09ec5bc   emms-player-mpd: Really kill the client process, as 
documented, instead of waiting for it to time out.
       new  043320f   added emms-with-excluded-directories to emms-source-file
       new  8bc775c   emms-info-ogginfo.el: Add check for retrieving ogginfo.
       new  7905db1   AUTHORS: Removed zeus, he said he never did anything big 
to emms, only
       new  293c5bc   The coding system of choice is utf-8, not legacy-1
       new  d3ff557   browser: add last-played support
       new  86d3762   emms.el: Provide and use `emms-player-next-function'.
       new  d85ede8   browser: add documentation for a bunch of features
       new  1100c55   browser: only display '. ' if there's a valid track number
       new  c211b7b   emms-score.el: Make use of `emms-player-next-function'.
       new  850a7e4   emms-player-mpd: Get rid of error messages when closing 
the MusicPD process after playing the last track in the playlist.
       new  79cff8d   browser: move from emms-devel to emms-all
       new  fa98eb1   added the emms browser to the manual
       new  3b214b8   manual: fix a spelling mistake (thanks yrk for adding the 
       new  789b5f8   browser: few compat fixes for emacs21
       new  974d213   Fix compilation warnings and don't clobber namespace
       new  c4b4668   browser: pitchfork's search page has changed
       new  2f052eb   browser: don't scroll the playlist to the bottom when 
switching back
       new  fa59882   Include the tq.el file from Emacs 22 with EMMS, instead 
of re-implementing it in emms-player-mpd.el.
       new  170f127   emms-player-mpd: Use regexp-opt instead of mapconcat.
       new  fe7e713   Release 2.1 version update
       new  f71dc5d   browser/cache: support deleting files, make 
emms-cache-dirty a defsubst
       new  876bc87   Added `seek-to' to emms.el and emms-player-mplayer.el.
       new  794a5ab   emms-playing-time.el now works with `seek-to'.
       new  08c21bc   Added a link to the online version of the manual.
       new  8bd85e1   browser: add deletion started/finished message
       new  f9e09de   Added `emms-pause' to emms-playlist-mode.el bound to to 
       new  03bc583   Added emms-bookmarks.el
       new  dc0f30f   DoTheRightThing with player pausing and emms-bookmarks.el
       new  7185a59   mms-for-mplayer
       new  7b7a768   pause-for-alsaplayer
       new  b492ffd   emms-lyrics.el: Minor Cleanups.
       new  85e1c98   emms-playing-time.el: Minor cleanups.
       new  3e77f17   midi-files-via-timidity
       new  2e80932   seek-for-alsaplayer
       new  0c4b2d1   emms-player-mpd: Only display error if we are certain 
that url.el is not up-to-date
       new  ab8ce99   Added seeking to the playlist keymap, and updated the 
       new  2b38de9   fix faulty emms-playlist-mode keybinding, fix due to 
William and Damien.
       new  e64ea8d   emms-player-mpd: Implement seek-to support
       new  3d79cae   emms-browser: Fix compiler warning
       new  6db7436   Since emms-player-seeked-to-functions and 
emms-player-time-set-functions hooks do the same thing, replace the former with 
the latter
       new  236ca21   Documentation cleanups in emms-player-mpd and 
       new  b5be283   emms-player-mpd: When using the emms-volume interface, 
allow the user to specify the amount of change in the volume
       new  e188a35   Add NEWS items since version 2.1
       new  40b6275   emms-player-mpd: Work properly with tracks inserted by 
       new  5587272   emms-player-mpd: Update version recommendation
       new  2293b9f   emms-playlist-mode: Fix typo in hook name
       new  088a174   browser: require sort (fixes bug with sort-fold-case 
being void)
       new  59afb28   browser: ensure the RNG is seeded before use
       new  3636544   jackd-support-for-emacs
       new  d0b80b4   Added delYsid
       new  695ddd2   FluidSynth midi file player
       new  8045451   emms-player-mplayer.el: Mplayer also supports .vob files.
       new  c3e0825   emms-playlist-mode: Handle case where selection has not 
been set but user wants to delete a region
       new  a545161   emms-player-mpd: Handle errors that occur when we begin 
       new  a639b45   NEWS: Version 2 is version 2.0
       new  1895563   NEWS: Add entry for recent emms-player-mpd change
       new  59cc07b   emms-player-mpd: Deal with change in output when getting 
supported file types
       new  2859ed4   emms.el: Move macros to the top of the file.
       new  de7f530   bind SPC to `scroll-up' in emms-playlist-mode and update 
       new  3572880   emms-playing-time.el: New variable 
`emms-playing-time-style', it
       new  308290a   Don't add subdirectories for directory and 
playlist-directory source insert methods
       new  b4b5e24   emms.el: Fix compiler warning
       new  b19d65d   emms.el: In emms-playlist-set-playlist-buffer, prompt 
user from available EMMS playlist buffers rather than all buffers, and display 
feedback upon setting the current buffer, since this is not an easy change to 
       new  89dfb17   emms-playlist-mode: Implement adding the thing at point 
to the current playlist.  If it is a playlist, add its contents instead.  Map 
this to the "a" key.
       new  389f8e9   emms-playlist-mode: Bind "b" key to 
       new  76ab749   manual: Add documentation for new emms-playlist-mode 
       new  343599d   Default to current buffer when setting the current EMMS 
playlist buffer.
       new  4cc6435   emms.el: Fix bug introduced by recent changes to 
       new  3b044df   emms-info-mp3info.el: Replace `emms-iconv' with 
decode-coding-string and
       new  557b66c   Add emms-mark and emms-history
       new  dfe998b   Add emms-mp3tag and emms-i18n
       new  358e193   Edit all track, set tag to file for mp3
       new  3ba64d0   Fix lyrics minibuffer display. Amixer display playback 
and more useful commands
       new  d8c405f   AUTHORS: Added Ye Wenbin
       new  cdf083c   Fix a silly bug in emms-mp3tag. Remove timestamp.
       new  6d53407   emms-lastfm.dpatch
       new  d87cd1c   emms-mp3tag support ogg, add more documentation. fix some 
       new  ea35b06   emms-i18n changes, add playlist navigate command, uniq 
playlist command
       new  2adff3e   emms.el: Improve `emms-uniq-list' to not use cl.el.
       new  e73db75   Rename emms-mp3tag.el to emms-tag-editor.el
       new  a37a70f   emms-tag-editor: Rename functions to match file name
       new  3c42fe2   Fix various byte-compiler warnings throughout
       new  a33416f   emms-player-mpd: Document how to use MusicPD to change 
the volume via emms-volume.el
       new  13525d2   emms-info-mp3info: Make use of 
       new  cb26739   emms-setup: Add `emms-i18n' to `emms-devel'.
       new  1c6cb9e   emms-i18n: Rename functions to match file name.
       new  12d0f5f   Remove emms-volume-amixer-raise/lower commands, use 
       new  fc23320   change raise/lower-function to change-functon, add 
       new  a0b3273   emms-lyrics: Make `emms-lyrics-find-lyric-function' 
customizable and add
       new  99bd78e   submitting-when-paused.dpatch
       new  87b1971   replace-next-line-with-forward-line.dpatch
       new  1207c51   emms.texinfo: Update emms-playing-time info.
       new  1d3cb0d   fix-regression-in-lastfm.dpatch
       new  9413440   warn-if-playing-time-deactivated.dpatch
       new  afa1083   emms-mode-line: Rename `emms-playing-time-toggle' to 
       new  7b63da0   emms-playing-time: Add stuffs for controlling displaying 
on mode line
       new  4176ebe   play-lastfm-streams.dpatch
       new  1a233b4   emms-playlist-sort.el: Reorganize codes && add 
       new  dbcdaf0   fix-lastfm-streams-with-spaces.dpatch
       new  55934a3   lastfm-skip-love-ban-plus-renaming.dpatch
       new  8be497e   metadata-for-lastfm-streams.dpatch
       new  ba4cd47   fix-broken-multibyte-chars-in-http-responses.dpatch
       new  b7ea3e1   artist-fan-radio-and-texinfo-docs-for-lastfm.dpatch
       new  36d1fa8   Remove emms-volume-mpd-raise/lower, make chapter in 
manual for emms-volume.el
       new  7805ee7   emms-streams: Try to reconnect to station if briefly 
       new  c744071   emms-compat: New file that contains compatibility 
functions for emms; this make emms.el a bit cleaner-looking
       new  1e446de   emms-url: New file containing the url.el interaction 
routines from emms-lastfm.el.  I plan to use these in other parts of EMMS as 
       new  77c1f43   emms-player-mpd: Use functions in emms-url.el
       new  2b11ce6   emms-lastfm: Use emms-url.el, fix compiler warnings, and 
be kind to the namespace
       new  75b1bc1   emms-playlist-sort: Add compile-time dependency on cl.el 
to avoid a warning
       new  48b1d32   Make jack.el use emms-compat.el rather than cl.el, and 
tidy up emms-compat.el
       new  f2a4e31   emms-url: Only escape spaces and newlines, on second 
       new  11b83c0   emms-lastfm: Use emms-cancel-timer, fix FIXME section, 
make emms-lastfm-radio-request-metadata more flexible
       new  ef7fe16   Add support for playing Last.fm streams using 
emms-streams interface
       new  e8ddda1   emms-lastfm: Add emms-lastfm-np, which displays the 
current song information as a message or inserts it at point
       new  04dcbc6   emms-lastfm: Remove periods from end of messages
       new  957e445   emms-player-xine.dpatch
       new  816f4d8   emms-volume-texinfo.dpatch
       new  921bc18   emms-streams: Make sure type is a symbol, not a string
       new  ffa6c3b   relative-seeking-for-xine.dpatch
       new  6ab92fb   Manual: Add periods to end of menu entry descriptions, 
update menus, minor grammar and style fixes
       new  1e3daf1   fix-ampersands-and-question-marks-in-lastfm.dpatch
       new  9dd55ee   restart-lastfm-plugin-when-md5challenge-expired.dpatch
       new  5cf0ca5   New macro emms-walk-tracks
       new  dc1f3f0   Distinguish `emms-track-description' and 
       new  ae36768   emms-playlist: Pay attention to selection when updating
       new  58ee26a   emms-mark: Overhaul and turn into a derived mode
       new  0a349ff   emms-mark: Save the keymap properly
       new  687746e   emms-tag-editor: Make editing of ogg vorbis comments work 
       new  cedb427   NEWS: Update
       new  bf0fdbc   Add `emms-lyrics-catchup' for dealing with external 
lyrics crawler.
       new  4d03fc1   emms-texinfo: Add stubs for emms-mark and emms-tag-editor
       new  c042491   Fix several XEmacs compatibility issues
       new  0a2a9b0   Speed up emms-play-directory-tree by about factor 10
       new  4cb782e   improve-emms-mark-and-write-docs.dpatch
       new  07827ac   Move dictionary definitions higher to avoid compiler 
       new  5df575f   manual: Mention how to set the default EMMS playlist mode
       new  35d850e   emms-player-mpd: Miscellaneous docfixes
       new  bbd748a   NEWS: Mention changes in emms-playing-time.
       new  01c7a23   emms.texinfo: Update lyrics section.
       new  c1fe224   emms-lyrics.el: Add lyrics auto-scrolling support.
       new  bc0a635   emms-lyrics: Fix several compiler warnings
       new  9b41cd7   emms-lyrics.el: Rename `emms-lyrics-find-current-lyric' to
       new  53cbbec   emms-lyrics: Fix compiler warnings
       new  e338158   emms-player-mpd: Stylize Lisp code in documentation
       new  cbbc743   quickstart-guide.dpatch
       new  cddc8ba   Manual: Minor fixes in new Quickstart chapter
       new  7a900b9   emms-lyrics.el: Add chinese lyrics lookup support to
       new  12bb84d   emms-lyrics.el: Fix a function name typo.
       new  2dcaf88   emms-lyrics.el: Find chinese lyrics based on filename 
instead of `title'
       new  abf3484   emms-setup.el: Add emms-tag-editor module to `emms-devel'.
       new  fa5fb58   browser: display a help message on an empty deck
       new  9807d62   emms.texinfo: Add possible solutions for asynchronical 
issue for lyrics.
       new  3b20b7f   emms-lyrics.el: Update comments about "Known problems".
       new  1580781   Resolve conflict in change to manual
       new  2901997   Avoid print wrong history value.
       new  a3a1a31   Obsolete emms-mark-unmark-regexp, use C-u M-x 
emms-mark-regexp instead
       new  cb4e6da   Fix a typo error
       new  03e4d2d   Make name readonly in emms-tag editor buffer
       new  b2f7c64   Record programs error in log buffer
       new  3d055f1   Add two extra command in tag editor. Rename 
       new  1d79d07   Change document about emms-mark-regexp, and add more
       new  bb821ef   Add doc for emms-tag-editor
       new  e128c95   fix-mp3-tagging-args-order.dpatch
       new  71aa280   put filename as last argument in emms-tag-editor-tag-file
       new  1555e86   Don't display message when encounter error
       new  879c723   Fix conflicts in emms-tag-editor patch
       new  454ab8e   emms-streams: Add a bunch of radio stations
       new  dfd7b74   emms-playlist-sort.el: Add `emms-string<', making string 
sort case
       new  b4bc1fa   emms-playlist-sort.el: Make `emms-string<' silent when 
some argument is
       new  fcee10d   emms-setup.el: Add `emms-volume' to `emms-devel'.
       new  4a52382   emms-volume-amixer.el: Add more docs for variable
       new  0914db5   emms-playing-time.el: Minor docstring updates.
       new  21393cf   Bump copyright years to 2007 and standardize statement
       new  328701f   emms-streams: Fix nectarine URL
       new  e364b19   emms-mode-line.el: Make `emms-mode-line-toggle' just 
       new  d0a2dfe   NEWS: emms-lyrics now support lyrics auto-scrolling.
       new  c3037cc   emms-source-playlist.el: emms-source-playlist-parse-m3u,
       new  9349465   Fix order of emms-cache-set-function arguments.
       new  21804ac   Fix no changes found when val is change to empty
       new  2bb38ee   fix mp3info arguments order
       new  7c05231   emms-player-mpd: Integrate with emms-lastfm to show track
       new  715b5a5   Fix use of `message', silence mpd-show if callback given 
and no song playing
       new  8652257   emms-lastfm: Don't show status messages when getting 
       new  5495e8c   emms-player-mpd: Fix erroneous extra message and be more 
careful about the current buffer
       new  de2edaf   emms-url: Avoid stringp errors when fetch of page failed
       new  3c14966   emms-lastfm: Take care of url buffers sooner
       new  864801b   emms-streams: Update Digitally Imported URLs
       new  f57d512   emms-tag-editor.el: Valid emms-track line should start 
from beginning of
       new  28e694d   add .m4a support to mplayer plugin
       new  0294df9   emms-lyrics.el: (emms-lyrics-display): Fix "displaying 
only on minibuf"
       new  fdf11ef   emms-player-mplayer.el:
       new  3fff71c   emms-player-mplayer.el: Minor lexical change, "subscript" 
-> "subtitle".
       new  a1e0284   emms-player-mplayer: Use emms-remove-if-not
       new  8fa660f   emms-streams: Stream maintenance
       new  806cbec   Set tag even if the tag is empty
       new  a9b3bfe   Highlight text to replace, add doc for the command
       new  8b3c653   add document for some commands
       new  fcc4cff   Deactivate mark when mark activate
       new  c1179b0   tq.el: Fix edge case
       new  a192a89   tq.el: Add year to copyright header to match Emacs 22
       new  f57e6f4   add-function-emms.dpatch
       new  5d5475c   emms-playlist-mode.el: (emms) `emms-add-file' actually 
understands both
       new  de212a1   volume-autoloads
       new  0ae81d5   emms-mark, emms-tag-editor: Improve documentation and 
       new  b458472   emms-streams.el: update DNA Lounge Live address, add DNA 
Lounge Radio
       new  61f2cfe   Fix bug in transpose tag
       new  afe7395   Add command emms-tag-editor-guess-tag-filename
       new  a5183d7   emms-mark: Set emms-playlist-buffer-p
       new  5544738   emms-tag-editor: Fix compiler warning
       new  01d1a87   remove-xine-from-default-players-list.dpatch
       new  e1a62e1   Fix a typo
       new  a01b8a2   Write ogg tag use upcase fields
       new  0f92c8f   Rename track file after confirm by user
       new  a55fa5d   emms-player-mplayer.el: New variable: 
       new  ac30913   emms-player-mplayer.el: Use 
`emms-replace-regexp-in-string' instead of
       new  33d0e31   emms-player-mplayer.el: Load in all found subtitles 
instead of forcing
       new  9f620c2   emms-player-mplayer.el: Turn on
       new  cd94990   emms-last-played.el: update headers, (C) is now to FSF
       new  c2d3249   update headers of emms-history.el and so on.
       new  c1ee15b   some-manual-fixes-and-addition.dpatch
       new  4fe5f9e   change-copyright-of-manual-to-fsf.dpatch
       new  8117a9b   change-all-file-headers-to-gpl3-or-later.dpatch
       new  1c5692e   simplify-lastfm-timer-cancelation-and-bump-version.dpatch
       new  2a3b9b2   Mention location of mailing list and website
       new  4f9b15d   NEWS: Now emms-player-mplayer is capable of loading movie 
       new  9463aa0   COPYING and gpl.texi updated for GPLv3
       new  049e877   Remove debian directory, it's maintained elsewhere now
       new  2d73ddc   Remove debian procedures from the RELEASE file
       new  374d2f4   Updated NEWS for post-3.0
       new  2662277   emms-player-mplayer.el: Add "eng.srt", "chs.srt", 
"cht.srt" to
       new  3b6c9a3   New file: emms-playlist-limit.el. And minor updates to 
       new  35c8ce2   emms-playlist-limit.el: Add default value based on track 
at point for
       new  2a54552   emms-playlist-limit.el: Redefine functions 
emms-playlist-limit-to-* with
       new  c08b637   emms-playlist-sort.el: Minor updates.
       new  f369023   emms-playlist-limit.el: Update Copyright to GPLv3.
       new  b9d1759   emms-playlist-limit.el: Minor updates.
       new  cb8dad4   emms-playlist-limit.el: Add missing line: 
(define-emms-playlist-limit info-title).
       new  cc9aff2   Avoid even the most remote possibility of a conflict with 
color-theme.el and its very bad replace-in-string function
       new  11bc711   make-number-of-secs-to-seek-configurable.dpatch
       new  a17384a   emms-playlist-limit.el: (define-emms-playlist-limit) Fix 
prompt string bug.
       new  3b34bdd   emms-playlist-sort.el: Remove emms-playlist-sort-prefix 
to make the
       new  a268ebf   emms-lyrics.el: Set default value for emms-lyrics-dir to 
       new  4aafb3e   emms-setup.el: Enable emms-score in emms-devel.
       new  264008f   emms-playlist-sort.el: Bind "s s" to 
       new  48f7fad   emms-player-mpd: Make callback arg for 
emms-player-mpd-sync-from-emms optional
       new  0c4c096   emms-player-mpd: Fix bug with selecting an individual URL 
track to play from a streamlist
       new  bda55f5   emms-streams: New option emms-stream-repeat-p
       new  f6a376a   emms-playlist-limit: Use standard enable/disable/toggle 
       new  a77d054   Fix compiler warning in emms-setup
       new  62d77cb   make-S-prefix-key-for-sorting-functions.dpatch
       new  f8ba8c3   emms-score.el: change score-file to something more sane
       new  eb8dcf8   refinements-and-docs-for-emms-history.dpatch
       new  e56608e   support-for-renaming-files-with-tag-editor.dpatch
       new  aa2ec71   fix-cache-problem-when-renaming-tracks.dpatch
       new  270b853   use-existing-functionality-for-renaming-files.dpatch
       new  44f24c3   docs-for-editing-tags-and-renaming.dpatch
       new  d4e5e5f   Add support for composer and performer tags.
       new  4bcac47   XEmacs does not load the overlay functions by default: 
load them here.
       new  03f4b18   Use slightly different XEmacs overlay fix
       new  8365f1c   Drop eval-when-compile around (require 'overlay)
       new  ec320ca   emms-lastfm: New option emms-lastfm-submission-verbose-p
       new  46631e0   lastfm: Allow user to specify which type of tracks get 
       new  b1f1c4a   fix-browser-covers.dpatch
       new  f29e12f   Simple players now use their regex property as they 
       new  4ef058e   Wrong function in emms-history
       new  a728137   Error commentation in emms-i18n
       new  9bd9bbd   format-spec expect spec character as a-zA-Z
       new  35c5e3d   emms-browser: Fix compiler warning.  Presumably the 
committer meant to write "performer" rather than "composer".
       new  b063011   emms-lastfm: Allow emms-key-value to take a buffer 
       new  88f4da9   fix-next-line-warning.dpatch
       new  37859ca   emms-browser.el: bind n and p to next- and previous-line.
       new  9a5aa42   emms-player-mplayer.el 
(emms-player-mplayer-subtitle-checker): Replace
       new  9a84f87   emms-playlist-limit.el: Fix typos and minor updates.
       new  a6fe65e   Move emms config files to a common directory: 
       new  36806a0   Replace `nnheader-concat' with `concat + 
file-name-as-directory' to make XEmacs happy.
       new  eda1028   emms-lyrics.el: (emms-lyrics-find-lyric), Use 
`emms-source-file-directory-tree-function' instead of forceful 
       new  db6bfe9   Only add emms-info-* to emms-info-functions when required 
program actually exists.
       new  40d7162   When calling file-exists-p, make sure it's operated on a 
regular file. (This is the cause of the various tramp errors..)
       new  8146cac   MPlayer supports .ape files now.(at least from 1.0rc2)
       new  1138edb   New var: emms-playlist-limit-hook.
       new  56cf74c   emms-streams.el: update Philosomatika stream URL
       new  e0ca2bb   emms-streams.el: add docstring for 
       new  92370b0   Format URL so that it looks nicer in playlist.
       new  eab6e8d   
       new  eaa8db4   emms-lastfm: Handle case where info-playing-time is unset 
for the current track
       new  87d38ab   emms-player-mplayer.el: allow subtitle even for URLs
       new  639b1fe   emms-player-mpd (clear): Use current buffer if it is an 
EMMS playlist buffer.
       new  f8079a7   emms-playlist-mode: Use current buffer for clear and kill.
       new  a4eb8d0   push-lastfm-submission-api-to-1.2.dpatch
       new  ba96215   bugfixes-for-scrobbling-api-1.2.dpatch
       new  1464bb8   add-support-for-now-playing-infos-on-lastfm-page.dpatch
       new  bef69ae   add-todo-comment.dpatch
       new  01efb7c   abstract-POST-and-GET-requests-in-own-functions.dpatch
       new  5f0591f   (emms-lastfm-radio-request-metadata-sentinel): Let 
`emms-track-updated' take care of updating track info.
       new  eb4229b   - emms-url.el: (emms-url-quote, emms-url-quote-plus), New 
       new  535f7f7   Resolve conflicts with Tassilo's repo.
       new  6f8dc64   emms-url: Improve emms-url-quote.
       new  c0ea260   emms-url: Include forward slashes in URL regexp.
       new  4ff6580   emms-url: Revert most of last two changes.
       new  2964c94   emms-url: Add emms-url-quote-entire function.
       new  3294650   (emms-url-quote): Slightly rewrote to be more readable. 
Fix docstring typo.
       new  5198c20   (emms-url-quote): Check validity of string parameter S.
       new  db742d6   (emms-lastfm-submit-now-playing): Set track-length to 0 
       new  c932d7f   Lines in playlist-mode should truncate so that visually 
we have 1 line per track.
       new  9867a71   Added emms-playlist-mode-goto-dired-at-point (with 
keybinding) to emms-playlist-mode.el.
       new  c528110   Fix compiler warnings about mapcar.
       new  bb46e76   mplayer,xine: Replace regexp-opt with simple 
regexp-quote, to avoid
       new  71e9dc9   emms-lyrics.el, emms.texinfo: Remove "Known Problems" 
note, as it looks fairly okay.
       new  0c0fe3d   Switched the keybinding for "d" and "D" so that they 
agree with the browser.
       new  0d86b18   (emms-player-mplayer-subtitle-checker): Replace (lambda 
(el) el) with
       new  ed66137   Remove codes for loading movie subtitles automatically by 
emms, since
       new  c7e297e   Remove codes for loading movie subtitles automatically by 
       new  fb73b87   Fix bug of missing lyrics
       new  d876bd1   emms-lyrics-coding-system: Change default value to nil 
and update
       new  e2ec2bc   (emms-playlist-mode-go-popup): `round' 
       new  f57b152   - emms-playlist-sort-prefix, emms-playlist-sort-map: New 
       new  bc41b97   (emms-playlist-sort): Remove region arguments.  (It 
didn't used to work
       new  84976d8   (emms-sort-natural-order-less-p): Handle empty 
'info-album(treat as ""
       new  bbefa2a   Get and set Flac file tags
       new  86a830f   emms-player-mpd.el: Quote argument to "update" command.
       new  8a45d19   Make emms-lastfm-protocol-version a constant and fix a 
       new  0642030   Emms directory structure change/cleanup
       new  964d7c3   doc/gpl.texi: Remove trailing whitespace.
       new  67f5263   *.el -> lisp/*.el: Move lisp files into "lisp/" 
       new  ef3300d   (emms-pause): If player hasn't started, then start it now.
       new  c0b02ba   Update the Emms manual to point to the newly added lisp/ 
       new  50dab1d   emms-player-mpd: Implement handling of non-EMMS stop of 
       new  a31cdb0   emms-player-mpd: Only try once to read tracks after 
running out of them.
       new  d9e91ad   tq: Disable undo.
       new  29d9551   emms-player-mpd: Fix compiler warning.
       new  3c8448d   emms.texinfo: New advocacy section in the manual titled 
"Formats and Freedom".
       new  96924d9   emms-playlist-mode: Use "EMMS" in mode-line.
       new  616f160   Implement filtering of track data after retrieving it.
       new  cf588f5   Introduce emms-completing-read.
       new  c6a98ba   emms-lastfm: Fix timer issue when playing radio station.
       new  afa5c8c   emms-lastfm: Complete artist names from cache.
       new  36b3d96   emms-lastfm: Mention emms-play-lastfm-artist-fan in 
       new  7b3d064   Prevent interactive yanking from messing up the playlist 
       new  376b9eb   Ask before saving over an existing playlist file.
       new  a3ea2c6   Merge branch 'private'
       new  736863e   Makefile: Add targets for making releases and uploading 
       new  fec94b8   emms-info-libtag: Ignore taglib warnings.
       new  71cec79   Check in .gitignore file.
       new  56a0223   Makefile: Generate autoloads before compiling source.
       new  aba7314   emms-player-mpd: Allow periodic song-change timer to be 
       new  dad9359   emms-source-playlist: Fix several bugs.
       new  99c433e   emms-source-playlist: Remove unused helper functions.
       new  ba8b479   emms-tag-editor: Fix compiler warning.
       new  c5bf649   Clean up use of regexps to match supported tracks.
       new  36f986d   Update copyright lines.
       new  9f07633   emms-print-metadata: Update copyright years.
       new  bd8bb8a   Update RELEASE info, generate ChangeLog when making 
       new  3184173   Add VideoLAN, aka vlc, support to Emms.
       new  8fce904   * emms-player-vlc.el (emms-player-vlc-seek): Add seek 
functionality   for vlc.
       new  51bcbfc   * emms-player-vlc.el: Add support for playlists.
       new  608b267   Don't set foreground explicitly to NIL in 
       new  af22d82   Move emms-print-metadata.c to its own directory
       new  fabcafd   update Makefile to honor emms-print-metadata changes
       new  0176b1a   emms-i18n-default-coding-system: Change default value 
from nil to '(no-conversion . no-conversion).
       new  b1e16d0   * lisp/emms-stream-info.el Nuke the contents of the old 
emms-stream-info.el file in preparation for a rewrite.
       new  1cb6213   * lisp/emms-stream-info.el: Reimplement using player 
       new  e315f29   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  9bfa083   tq.el: Update header.
       new  9fa028e   Update copyright headers.
       new  c4a1871   * AUTHORS: add Jesse W * doc/emms.texinfo: display the 
       new  6ad7be5   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  b322d37   * emms-browser.el (emms-browser-make-hash-by): Check that 
field is present before attempting to add entries.
       new  f201cdb   (emms-browser-mmatches-p): When performing searches, 
check whether
       new  a165648   * lisp/emms-player-vlc.el: Add support for VLC versions > 
       new  4b2158e   Add "ogm" extension to VLC, MPlayer and Xine.
       new  f4dd5b0   emms-tag-editor: Turn all symbols to strings before 
completing read.
       new  83234f8   Allow relative file names in .m3u playlists
       new  6e7b40a   emms-source-playlist: Fix bug, update docstring.
       new  af49e9e   emms-source-playlist: Docstring typo.
       new  67bcbeb   * lisp/emms-playlist-mode.el: Bind "C-x u" to 
`emms-playlist-mode-undo' in emms-playlist-mode.
       new  7909637   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  8176350   (emms-history-file-coding-system): New var. 
(emms-history-save): Set mode and coding-system in saved file.
       new  0f88ab3   emms-playlist-sort.el: Refactor sort functions. 
(emms-playlist-sort-by-file-extension): New func.
       new  510f4a8   (emms-playlist-sort-map-setup): Bind 
emms-playlist-sort-by-file-extension to "e" in emms-playlist-sort-map.
       new  97344c8   (emms-player-vlc-start): Around-advice it with 
`quit-vlc-after-finish' to resolve "function redefined" compile warnings.
       new  2c1c56d   Introduce emms-insert-file-contents.
       new  3e001aa   * lisp/emms-playlist-mode.el: 
(emms-playlist-mode-open-buffer) Use `emms-insert-file-contents' to load saved 
       new  f64f5d9   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  eef8a91   emms-i18n.el: Spell fix.
       new  f605bbf   (emms-playing-time-display): Gurantee emms-playing-time 
to be an integer.
       new  2b629e9   emms-cue.el: New file. emms-setup.el: Enable emms-cue and 
emms-mode-line-icon modules.
       new  e54c755   Fix compiler warnings.
       new  90f3ed8   emms-cue.el (emms-info-cueinfo): New function for 
retrieving track info.
       new  731ac90   emms-browser-top-level-type: Fix typo.
       new  ea7d310   Replace lisp/emms-lastfm.el with 
       new  138e646   * lisp/emms-setup.el: Replace the `emms-lastfm' feature.
       new  cf3b4a7   * lisp/emms-source-file.el: Avoid adding duplicates when 
dealing with symbolic link.
       new  874a92b   * lisp/emms-player-mpd.el (emms-player-mpd-add): do not 
add files not recognized by MPD
       new  8d10488   * .gitignore: update emms-print-metadata path
       new  886bfe0   * lisp/emms-player-mpd.el: new function to update all MPD 
tracks, then   clear local cache and fetch new updated cache from MusicPD
       new  692d184   * emms-player-mpd: (emms-player-mpd-seek, 
emms-player-mpd-seek-to):   Round to full seconds since mpd doesn't allow float 
values for   seeking (this usually happens with emms-cue-next, for instance).
       new  5e6e1f3   emms-player-mpd.el: Parsing of supported formats for 
newer versions of mpd.
       new  903e248   * AUTHORS: add David Engster, thanks to his patches for 
       new  9390fc3   lisp/emms-cache.el: Initialize cache immediately instead 
of using after-init-hook.
       new  4dcb06d   Move emms-cue.el from emms-devel to emms-all and update 
       new  a0d2b12   * lisp/emms-setup.el: Move emms-lastfm-client to emms-all.
       new  10e69b6   Document emms-lastfm-client.el
       new  b615e59   * lisp/emms-lastfm-client.el: Update copyright years.
       new  3108a51   * lisp/emms-setup.el: Move emms-last-played to emms-all.
       new  5cd8287   * doc/emms.texinfo: Update copyright years.
       new  863209b   * doc/emms.texinfo: Whitespace cleanup.
       new  ffdceff   * lisp/emms-setup.el: Move emms-bookmarks to emms-all.
       new  b35aa43   * doc/emms.texinfo: Document emms-bookmarks.
       new  8464295   * lisp/emms-setup.el: Move emms-mark and emms-tag-editor 
to emms-all.
       new  625a442   * Makefile: use taglib-config to get cflags and lib flags
       new  4703c7e   * lisp/emms-lastfm-client.el: Add Tim Landscheidt's fixes.
       new  3a419dd    * emms-info-libtag.el: Make use of 
emms-info-libtag-program-name Thanks to Tim Landscheidt 
<tim@tim-landscheidt.de> for the patch
       new  a4d7a62   * Makefile: autoloads/dist hiccups Thanks to Tim 
Landscheidt <tim@tim-landscheidt.de> for the patch.
       new  8cfc632   Fix Texinfo error.
       new  3065ff0   Removed support for gstreamer.
       new  02020c5   lisp/emms-lastfm-client.el: Removed Emacs local variable.
       new  be4a5ae   Align whitespace with original FSF license.
       new  ed6a779   Replace ``?\ '' with ``?\s''.
       new  da9f87f   Fix typos and spacing.
       new  c92da9a   From: Dimitry Gashinsky <dimitry@gashinsky.com>
       new  1315a52   Fix typo.
       new  e3f8b5c   Update emms-lastfm-client.el (code + manual).
       new  12e8eb8   Fix typos and spacing.
       new  f2f57ca   Documented emms-playlist-mode-last independently.
       new  7121df9   Fix typos.
       new  d5809a4   emms-info-track-description: Handle title-only tracks and 
fix documentation.
       new  343468c   Support displaying lyrics in a dedicated buffer, to 
highlight playing lyric.
       new  1f0070a   * lisp/emms-info-ogg.el and lisp/ogg-comment.el: Since 
emms-info-ogg.el no longer uses ogg-comment, and since it breaks on accents, we 
can safely remove them, emms-info-ogginfo.el is a working replacement.
       new  8c1b453   (emms-info-track-description): Fix usage of `cond'.
       new  3981630   * doc/emms.texinfo: Remove because it ain't true no more.
       new  8272fec   * lisp/emms-lastfm-client.el: Make scobbles asynchronous.
       new  c10ea24   Makefile: add CFLAGS and $LDFLAGS, based on a patch by 
Christian Faulhammer <fauli@gentoo.org>
       new  0f17db6   Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.sv.gnu.org/srv/git/emms
       new  d6ab434   Makefile: now using Git, so get rid of darcs in ChangeLog 
Makefile target. Patch by Arnaud Fontaine <arnaud@debian.org>
       new  e6aba64   Makefile: the clean target now removes 
emms-print-metadata binary in src/
       new  de3c04a   Add scrobbling of local tracks to Last.fm support.
       new  f33c4aa   * AUTHORS: Add author.
       new  92ca880   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  65403da   * lisp/emms-lastfm-client.el: Add Last.fm station.
       new  1126baf   * doc/emms.texinfo: Record Last.fm station changes.
       new  6d7dfa8   * lisp/emms-lastfm-client.el: Add station.
       new  1183169   * doc/emms.texinfo: Document new station.
       new  4bb75d5   * emms-source-playlist-parse-pls: add support for parsing 
file://-uris in pls-files
       new  7aae0a2   Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.sv.gnu.org/srv/git/emms
       new  b416748   Update copyright years.
       new  10f15c1   * lisp/emms-lastfm-client.el: Implement artist.getInfo.
       new  f505c69   * doc/emms.texinfo: Document emms-lastfm-client-info.
       new  f99a500   * lisp/emms-lastfm-client.el: Add support for PNG files.
       new  e87bcd6   When generating ChangeLog file, do not show the merges.
       new  7169755   Create cache directory if it does not already exist.
       new  2374a3c   * lisp/emms-browser.el: fix typo in comment
       new  298e022   * lisp/emms-browser.el (emms-browser-track-duration): New 
function to allow custom browser track-formats to display track duration.
       new  434c9d7   * lisp/emms-lastfm-scrobbler.el: Remove debugging code.
       new  5aec397   * lisp/emms-lastfm-scrobbler.el: Add requirement.
       new  7a5eb54   * lisp/emms-lastfm-client.el: Remove unnecessary 
       new  d5666db   Add support for disc-number sorting of FLAC files.
       new  d73e52d   * lisp/emms-browser.el: Fix bug in use of compare-strings.
       new  78c9cc4   * lisp/emms-player-mpd.el 
(emms-player-mpd-get-supported-regexp): extend the supported formats scanning 
to the new (0.17) output of `mpd --version', keeping the previous scanners for 
earlier versions.  We include not only file extensions, but also supported 
network protocols, which are also reported by mpd.
       new  e5a2303   * lisp/emms-history.el: Don't set `kill-emacs-hook' on 
noninteractive sessions.
       new  8b31370   Remove emms-playlist-sort-by-score from documentation.
       new  5b0d661   Support both XEmacs and Emacs to highlight playing lyrics.
       new  b82c4e3   Rename too generic name generate-autoloads to 
       new  d182e67   Makefile: add missing $(CPPFLAGS) to compiler.
       new  82e8bdd   * src/emms-print-metadata.pl: New implementation to read 
most (if not all) tags using a single program, with the help of Audio::Scan 
(see http://search.cpan.org/~agrundma/Audio-Scan-0.93/lib/Audio/Scan.pm).
       new  a8563e6   Play tracks randomly
       new  c763540   Play tracks randomly
       new  5d8b53a   (emms-lyrics-set-timer): Don't repeat lyrics already 
displayed when resumed.
       new  bc05241   * lisp/emms-score.el: Stop `emms-score-load-hash' from 
reading empty score file.
       new  8d3a0e0   * doc/emms.texinfo: Close @defun statement.
       new  39e2c28   * doc/gpl.texi: Fix compilation under texinfo 5.1
       new  2fba618   * lisp/emms-streams.el: Fix compilation error; update 
obsolete variable.
       new  c10e280   * lisp/emms-info-libtag.el: Added mp4, m4a to the 
extensions handled by emms-info-libtag
       new  55e55ef   * doc/emms.texinfo: Remove reference to Last.fm support.
       new  2421caf   * lisp/emms-setup.el: Remove Last.fm extension from setup.
       new  bd85ebf   Fix compilation warnings.
       new  a488db8   * lisp/emms-tag-editor.el: Silence the compiler by 
explicitly passing `filename'.
       new  2b9b830   * AUTHORS: Update email.
       new  fc4275f   * lisp/emms-librefm-client.el: initial file commit
       new  c578f57   * lisp/emms-librefm-client.el: Implement handshake
       new  a08da82   Rename
       new  6fc1e5c   * lisp/emms-librefm-scrobbler.el: Complete working 
libre.fm scrobbler.
       new  0814939   * lisp/emms-librefm-scrobbler.el: Display messages by 
       new  266048a   * lisp/emms-librefm-scrobbler.el: Correctly handle the 
session id.
       new  eafe822   * lisp/emms-setup.el: Add to setup.
       new  431595d   * lisp/emms-librefm-stream.el: Add file.
       new  ed6f592   * lisp/emms-lyrics.el: Fix bug; the correct tag is 
       new  56c7174   * lisp/emms-librefm-stream.el: Implement radio handshake 
       new  9797d3e   * lisp/emms-librefm-stream.el: Implement getting a 
       new  d757252   * lisp/emms-librefm-stream.el: Convert playlist to Emms 
       new  ac0ae77   Add continuous streaming.
       new  de1ace0   * lisp/emms-setup.el: Add to setup.
       new  fe5ba15   Remove lastfm code.
       new  6e650a9   * lisp/emms-source-file.el: Remove lastfm url autoload.
       new  6c63895   Solve dependencies and compiler issues.
       new  210bed8   Merge branch 'librefm'
       new  e9abbf6   * doc/emms.texinfo: Document GNU FM support.
       new  0ea0b72   * doc/Makefile: Add clean target.
       new  c215920   * doc/emms.texinfo: Space out nodes.
       new  cb1c92b   * FAQ: Remove this file.
       new  105ba97   * NEWS: Update news.
       new  009f2a9   * NEWS: Add a note.
       new  33947ba   * lisp/emms-compat.el: Hush the compiler about 
       new  72d47f6   * lisp/emms.el: Replace obsolete function.
       new  f5accc0   * lisp/emms-player-mpd.el: Require the code which 
provides emms-cache-db.
       new  581c8d7   * lisp/emms-player-mpd.el: Require code which provides 
emms-url-... functions.
       new  31984d8   * lisp/emms-source-file.el: Add required code.
       new  5f026f8   * lisp/emms-streams.el: Use newer paradigm.
       new  a6baeec   * lisp/emms-tag-editor.el: Use newer paradigm.
       new  3ef7a0c   * Makefile: Update to GNU install-info.
       new  603fbd8   * AUTHORS: Add note.
       new  e62987b   * lisp/emms.el: Add new display function.
       new  90e8fce   * Makefile: Only use ginstall-info if it exists.
       new  6b58bd4   * NEWS: Update.
       new  f27679b   * lisp/emms-player-mpd.el: Fix MPD listinfoall.
       new  ae7c7cf   * AUTHORS: Add Jose Antonio Ortega Ruiz.
       new  86bc121   * AUTHORS: Sort author entries alphabetically.
       new  82b7a7a   * lisp/emms.el: Bump version.
       new  b6cac21   * README: Remove unnecessary duplication.
       new  8c3d80d   Bump makefile release version.
       new  20d90b0   * Makefile: Update ftp.gnu.org push script to 1.2.
       new  7d55571   Correct documentation.
       new  43a32ae   * doc/emms.texinfo: Add documentation note.
       new  da38705   Add FLV and WEBM formats.
       new  96c9802   * lisp/emms-source-file.el: Add customization parameters.
       new  22ca956   Add thing-at-point to interactive input.
       new  e03288e   * src/emms-print-metadata.c: Fix crash.
       new  36274e2   Move Jesse Weinstein's contribution to the new THANKGNU 
       new  5a3c93d   * doc/emms.texinfo: Document emms-print-metadata.
       new  9064f95   * AUTHORS: Add to AUTHORS based on commit records.
       new  50846d2   * THANKGNU: Add THANKGNUs based on commit records.
       new  cf547c5   * AUTHORS: Add Nick Alcock.
       new  6b5fa99   Use commit logs to move people between AUTHORS and 
       new  d67c1a1   Change the way lines are killed in emms-playlist-mode.
       new  9b227a8   * THANKGNU: Be a bit more thankful.
       new  65550e4   Add aif files to the recognized file types.
       new  857229c   Add and use variable `emms-player-base-format-list'.
       new  e248dcd   * lisp/emms-player-simple.el: Remove old documentation.
       new  09f5512   Handle covers with different file extensions
       new  dbcdc85   Add Rasmus to AUTHORS.
       new  3f3dc10   emms-librefm-scrobbler.el: use authinfo
       new  d12e1dc   emms-info libtag.el: Easier to add new extension
       new  428d662   emms-librefm-scrobbler.el: Add Commentary-section
       new  a2f4ee1   Fix bug in introduced in 428d662
       new  c31de7a   Added setting volume via PulseAudio.
       new  9e48ab1   emms-volume: Also support the emms-browser
       new  6bc53c7   emms-lyrics: Use eww if present to display lyrics
       new  7df41c3   emms-browser:  fix bug in 9e48ab1a
       new  1ca3982   Move librefm to https.
       new  4088cda   Add https as a recognizable connection option.
       new  e7b16fa   * lisp/emms-setup.el: Bug fix: Add missing default player.
       new  167d1ef   * NEWS: Add https support.
       new  55ff581   emms-url: add emms-url-quote-underscore
       new  f1c504e   Sort using locale language in the browser
       new  420070f   emms-browser-goto-random only goes to lowest level
       new  3c9c156   * doc/emms.texinfo: Bump copyright year.
       new  0cd9cd7   * doc/emms.texinfo: Out of date.
       new  d3ef182   * doc/emms.texinfo: Reorganize.
       new  04de0b5   * doc/emms.texinfo: Make it read better.
       new  72d74b1   * lisp/emms-setup.el: Depreciate emms-devel and 
       new  7efa5ea   * doc/emms.texinfo: Document the emms-setup.el change.
       new  489df29   * NEWS: Update.
       new  141ab95   Fix bug in emms-browser.el
       new  6f63044   * doc/emms.texinfo: bump copyright year
       new  f461c8e   Merge branch 'master' of git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/emms
       new  8ba0a5e   * lisp/emms-show-all.el: new file
       new  59bb98c   * lisp/emms-show-all.el: first implementation
       new  7dc45e6   * lisp/emms-show-all.el: fix compiler warning
       new  7b41cea   * lisp/emms-setup.el: add emms-show-all
       new  0178d1c   Add emms-show-all to NEWS and manual.
       new  ac15f46   * lisp/tq.el: no need for tq.el apparently
       new  c1e1a84   Prepare 4.1 release.
       new  bb8bb83   * doc/developer-release.txt: add note
       new  56373a1   * lisp/emms-streams.el: Remove defunct streams.
       new  bec63d3   * Makefile: add .info suffix.
       new  92b9827   * lisp/emms-tag-editor.el: Avoids FLAC tags dup.
       new  e63f143   * lisp/emms-tag-editor.el: Make cons cell usable.
       new  ad03c9c   * lisp/emms-tag-editor.el: fix "query-replace-read-args"
       new  02c5183   * AUTHORS: add Daniel Dehennin
       new  4148457   * lisp/emms-stream-info.el: rename 
       new  cbbe098   * Makefile: install emms-print-metadata
       new  8484319   Correct email address for maintainer.
       new  591dbff   * NEWS: Update NEWS with previous work.
       new  6736d2e   * lisp/emms-stream-info.el: Remove preference and 
       new  081edb0   Update version for release.
       new  d6b1628   * doc/developer-release.txt: add example
       new  cf6903c   * doc/developer-release.txt: add online manual update to 
       new  ea9b890   * lisp/emms.el: don't use obsolete variable 
       new  1a2df61   * doc/emms.texinfo: small typo fix
       new  dde22ab   * lisp/emms-streams.el: replace obsolete function.
       new  c3d98fc   * lisp/emms-lyrics.el (emms-lyrics-visit-lyric): Fix 
error from 6bc5
       new  0b0bdd1   * lisp/emms-player-mpd.el: Remove obsolete
       new  6601ba8   Move to a new emms-print-metadata.
       new  6e795ce   * doc/developer-release.txt: Add tags comment.
       new  0cd9ea4   * doc/developer-release.txt: correct text
       new  6acda00   * lisp/emms-browser.el: Cover only on info album.
       new  946e954   * NEWS:
       new  4cb3ae3   Bump version to 4.3.
       new  179e8e7   * doc/developer-release.txt: comment
       new  0481ca3   * lisp/emms-player-mpg321-remote.el: fix signal
       new  0ebffc0   * lisp/emms-volume.el: Limits volume percentages
       new  a6aa6ca   * lisp/emms-volume.el: fix typo
       new  a4ec669   * AUTHORS: add trivial patch author
       new  5401b0d   Move from cl to cl-lib.
       new  1335277   * NEWS: update
       new  e790730   * lisp/emms.el: add package-requires
       new  93b4340   * lisp/emms-playlist-sort.el: new function
       new  de1ff32   * doc/emms.texinfo: update documentation
       new  79793c0   update NEWS
       new  881bfae   * lisp/emms-source-file.el: follow symlinks
       new  b1ea89a   * lisp/emms.el: set-playlist-buffer bugfix
       new  25b2dc2   * lisp/emms-volume-amixer.el: card choice
       new  175e5af   * NEWS: update
       new  88fecd0   * lisp/emms-player-mpd.el: allow socket
       new  11954d5   Push version updates.
       new  5e49985   * lisp/emms-browser.el: Remove pitchfork
       new  32db2af   * lisp/emms-player-mpd.el: interactive
       new  babc32f   lisp/emms-browser.el: Add autoloads to emms-browser and 
       new  0960515   lisp/emms-browser.el: Extract year from info-date or 
fallback on info-year
       new  d8a9539   Add support for dynamic thumbnail caching
       new  d4a75dd   Add progress reporter to EMMS browser expansion
       new  e70461d   Document dynamic cover thumbnail caching
       new  bcad177   AUTHORS: Add Pierre Neidhardt
       new  cd53cec   Fix 'seq' requirement in emms-browser
       new  728114c   * lisp/emms-source-file.el: fix behavior
       new  f268773   * lisp/emms-metaplaylist-mode.el: re-write.
       new  1aa7b65   * doc/emms.texinfo: metaplaylist-mode
       new  de28c93   * NEWS: update
       new  f5b2da5   Add Homepage to the package header
       new  5650f6b   * lisp/emms-metaplaylist-mode.el: bug fix
       new  1ba1707   emms-browser: Add mode hook
       new  f586070   Define all mode-maps with defvar instead of defconst
       new  3a8d16d   Obsolete emms-devel and emms-all
       new  0459003   Set emms-directory according to user-emacs-directory
       new  7a5da34   * lisp/emms-tag-editor.el: mid3v2 replaces mp3info
       new  e94ed1c   * lisp/emms-tag-editor.el: depreciate mp3info
       new  51fd092   * doc/emms.texinfo: mention mid3v2
       new  cf361f1   * NEWS: update
       new  ffd8c0e   * NEWS: shout out to Pierre
       new  84ca32a   * NEWS: reword
       new  949f9b9   * AUTHORS: minor fix
       new  58c83cf   * lisp/emms-info-opusinfo.el: Add support for Opus info 
       new  283c04e   * lisp/emms-player-mpv.el: Add the mpv backend
       new  122a8b3   * lisp/later-do.el: Speed up later-do-list job by 
       new  a0b351d   * AUTHORS: add authors
       new  a644af5   * NEWS: update
       new  26908fa   * lisp/emms-browser.el: Re-use the browser search buffer 
in emms-smart-browse
       new  71b8198   * lisp/emms-browser.el: Move cursor forward when adding 
       new  33f2d96   * lisp/emms-browser.el: Add all tracks in region are with 
numeric prefix arg
       new  c9a5405   * lisp/emms-browser.el: Add emms-browser-remove-tracks
       new  2bc4236   * lisp/emms-browser.el: Use albumartist before artist by 
       new  d4ba37f   * lisp/emms-browser.el: Support region and prefix arg 
from emms-browser-remove-tracks
       new  ca4a9e5   * lisp/emms-cache.el: Add the `emms-cache-reset' function 
for convenience
       new  5f0194d   * lisp/emms-browser.el: Fix missing result in fallback 
thumbnail filter
       new  4b7b660   * lisp/emms-browser.el: Add 
       new  cbfcaed   * lisp/emms-browser.el: Make 'emms-browser-move-up-level 
       new  d77202a   * lisp/emms-player-mpv.el: don't show albums
       new  9ca1984   * lisp/emms-browser.el: Fix 
emms-browser-get-track-field-function custom values
       new  c90a753   * NEWS: update
       new  e69e910   * lisp/emms-volume-pulse.el: bug fix
       new  9b7b50a   * NEWS:
       new  6740042   * lisp/emms-player-mpv.el: Use 
       new  cffef39   bump to version 5.0
       new  40acbff   * lisp/emms-browser.el: Prioritize albumartist and artist 
over the sort tags
       new  55c8336   * lisp/emms-player-mpv.el: full rewrite with added 
json-rpc support
       new  015a10e   * NEWS: fix one minor tab/space mixup
       new  9e3e945   * lisp/emms-player-mpv: fix playback state tracking for 
--input-file processes
       new  c22c53e   * lisp/emms-metaplaylist-mode.el: bug fix
       new  fdf8ede   * lisp/emms-player-mpv: use emms-player-mpv- prefix and 
sharp-quotes consistently
       new  9dbe771   * lisp/emms-player-mpv: add emms-player-base-format-list 
regexp for emms-add-* functions to use
       new  0386cf5   * lisp/emms-player-mpv: change sexp formatting style to 
be more in-line with rest of the code
       new  16c7a42   * lisp/emms-player-mpv.el: indentation
       new  aefee6d   * lisp/emms-player-mpv.el: Replace (if ... nil) with (and 
       new  377bc59   * lisp/emms-player-mpv.el: Replace hex #xa with the more 
explicit ?\n
       new  c70124a   * lisp/emms-player-mpv.el: Use capitals and imperative 
form in docstrings
       new  a23ee71   * lisp/emms-player-mpv.el: reset emms-player-mpv-proc 
after initial interrupt/delete
       new  3b608a5   * lisp/emms-player-mpv.el: use shell-quote-argument 
instead of ad-hoc escaping in emms-player-mpv-ipc-connect-fifo
       new  536fd33   * lisp/emms-show-all.el: bug fix: preempted defvar
       new  95df1c6   * lisp/emms-show-all.el: bug fix: bad behavior
       new  ab3012e   * lisp/emms-playlist-limit.el: make buffer local
       new  94d26e1   * lisp/emms-history.el: bug fix
       new  9f9a9b8   * lisp/emms-player-mpv.el: change ipc file location
       new  45ee4c5   * lisp/emms-player-mpv.el: ensure mpv socket
       new  b0b4061   * lisp/emms-player-mpv.el: make sure socket directory 
exists for all ipc types
       new  f5a09d9   * lisp/emms-player-mpv.el: use blocking ipc sockets as a 
workaround for emacs-26 issue #31901
       new  ae1e983   * lisp/emms-player-mpv.el: fix emacs-26 ipc issue #3190 
workaround check
       new  e91b00e   * lisp/emms.el: add single-track mode
       new  4cc4dd9   * lisp/emms-score.el: Use `emms-ok-track-function'
       new  9b702f3   * lisp/emms.el: add `emms-ok-track-function'
       new  a43047f   * AUTHORS: Update email address
       new  6583d31   * lisp/emms-playlist-mode.el: avoid mistypes
       new  fd9079a   Merge branch 'master' of git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/emms
       new  18bf3ec   lisp/emms-playlist-limit.el: Update top matter, add 
       new  f3d6221   lisp/emms-playlist-limit.el: major re-write
       new  5126699   lisp/emms-setup.el: remove explicit emms-playlist-limit 
       new  0b0fcb6   NEWS: update
       new  f9b2e82   AUTHORS: add author
       new  309babf   * doc/emms.texinfo: document emms-playlist-limit
       new  acbd7af   * lisp/emms-playlist-limit.el: recycle derived playlist
       new  111ba19   * lisp/emms-playlist-limit.el: operate on current buffer
       new  776a08b   * lisp/emms-playlist-limit.el: fix copyright
       new  8d35c26   * NEWS: update
       new  67c4999   * lisp/emms.el: default to emms-playlist-mode
       new  23ea574   * lisp/emms-playlist-limit.el: limit by track description
       new  83503e6   * lisp/emms-playlist-limit.el: fix up whitespace.
       new  838bb9f   * NEWS: update
       new  f1dd62a   Merge branch 'emms-playlist-limit'
       new  c15a2d2   * lisp/emms-metaplaylist-mode.el: describe-mode shows 
       new  5742eb1   * doc/emms.texinfo: further document emms-playlist-limit
       new  955b15c   * lisp/emms-streams.el: add Rinse FM
       new  c31006f   * lisp/emms-playlist-sort.el: sort current buffer
       new  1b81dbf   * NEWS:
       new  4437c84   * lisp/emms-streams.el: add doc-string to emms-stream-mode
       new  dfc2d4f   * lisp/emms-mark.el: Correct prompt in emms-mark-regexp
       new  e5d5385   * lisp/emms-playlist-limit.el: bug fix
       new  8eb1037   * NEWS: update.
       new  47b1054   * lisp/emms.el: bump to 5.1
       new  56d9ec2   * Makefile: bump to 5.1
       new  359e1d3   * lisp/emms-browser.el: bug fix
       new  52c5080   * lisp/emms-playlist-mode.el: behavior as docstring
       new  de56434   * lisp/emms-mode-line-icon.el: allow changing icon
       new  bb451d9   * lisp/emms.el: Fix doc string.
       new  e5763d2   * lisp/emms-playlist-mode.el: Remove redundancy.
       new  58666af   * lisp/emms-source-playlist.el: thing-at-point fix
       new  4eed4ce   * lisp/emms-player-mpd.el: set tracknumber.
       new  6013464   * lisp/emms-browser.el: Add 
emms-browser-cache-thumbnail-async for faster thumbnail lookups.
       new  2253146   Bump to version 5.2.
       new  f7e2709   * lisp/emms-source-playlist.el: make less surprising
       new  d913726   * lisp/emms-playing-time.el: add count-down style.
       new  e70459c   * lisp/emms-playing-time.el: fix time display
       new  16ae09f   * lisp/emms-volume-mixerctl.el: new file
       new  f209b44   emms-volume auto-detection
       new  aa33574   * lisp/emms-player-mpv.el: limit emacs issue #3190 
workaround to emacs 26.1 (fixed in 26.2+)
       new  b136d63   * lisp/emms-volume.el: Fix missing quote in 
       new  6dfc9ff   * lisp/emms-volume.el: small bug fix
       new  2bad5e6   Merge branch 'master' of git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/emms
       new  a8075b5   Bump to 5.3.
       new  96b8068   * Makefile: fix comment
       new  342ffff   * lisp/emms-source-playlist.el: replace with variable
       new  101b91e   * lisp/emms-streams.el: complete rewrite
       new  248d427   * doc/emms.texinfo: document streaming
       new  735bfde   * NEWS:
       new  ae5ba1e   * lisp/emms-streams.el: update built-in streams list
       new  eedd61d   * lisp/emms-player-mpv.el: fix skipping track when 
switching them during playback with mpv-0.30
       new  3cf79f8   * lisp/emms-source-file.el: guess the directory
       new  8a355a4   * lisp/emms-streams.el: fix compilation warnings
       new  1f15a81   * lisp/emms-stream-info.el: remove old code
       new  6acae6e   * lisp/emms-volume.el: add ‘Mixerctl’ to custom interface
       new  f941e28   * NEWS:
       new  672f02a   Merge branch 'master' of git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/emms
       new  615c73e   * lisp/emms-streams.el: Added WXHQ-LP radio
       new  2767c66   * lisp/emms-streams.el: fix type
       new  f4924c2   Updates for version bump.
       new  71d4e46   * lisp/emms-info-tinytag.el: info source using tinytag
       new  b192eb5   * lisp/emms-info-tinytag.el:
       new  64b9ee9   * doc/emms.texinfo: document tinytag interface
       new  27bf18f   * lisp/emms.el: add elpa appropriate headers
       new  59cc585   * Makefile: generate a dir info file
       new  ecdac97   * emms-elpa.el: experiment with elpa integration
       new  3eed06d   More elpa work.

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