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[elpa] master updated (22e3e88 -> c2d3a4c)

From: Oleh Krehel
Subject: [elpa] master updated (22e3e88 -> c2d3a4c)
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2019 13:14:37 -0400 (EDT)

abo_abo pushed a change to branch master.

      from  22e3e88   * packages/nhexl-mode/nhexl-mode.el 
(nhexl-separate-line): New user config
       new  196b4ea   doc/Makefile: Add target to install the info pages
       new  2a036b8   swiper.el (swiper--isearch-function): Change.
       new  36045f7   doc/Changelog.org: Fixup
       new  13be8ab   ivy.el (ivy--reset-state): Fix ivy-resume
       new  f0ec850   swiper.el (swiper-isearch): Fix for ivy-resume
       new  abe5aa8   ivy.el (ivy-resume): Select original buffer for search 
       new  039353d   ivy.el (ivy--preselect-index): Fix ivy-resume for 
       new  ad0f605   swiper.el (swiper--isearch-function-1): Extract
       new  0a9fb0c   swiper.el (swiper--isearch-function): Refactor
       new  d73376f   ivy.el (ivy--trim-trailing-re): Add
       new  b4c4a7f   swiper.el (swiper--isearch-next-item): Extract
       new  dc7f5e0   swiper.el (swiper--isearch-function): Works for 
       new  50ead7e   ivy-test.el (swiper-thing-at-point): Add and fix test
       new  582c9d4   swiper.el (swiper--candidates): Don't store line number 
as a string
       new  38b5d83   swiper.el (swiper--isearch-filter-ignore-order): Extract
       new  c7ffd06   swiper.el (swiper-isearch-action): Make 
ivy-previous-line-or-history work
       new  b9f3e3b   swiper.el (swiper-isearch-action): Simplify
       new  4a44c9e   counsel.el (counsel--async-last-error-string): Add for 
ease of debugging
       new  5f99723   counsel.el (counsel--async-last-command): Add for ease of 
       new  5e79f16   ivy.el (ivy--input): Fix point moving in TRAMP sessions
       new  bfe4454   Fix swiper--isearch-filter-ignore-order return value
       new  f30c6e1   swiper.el: Fix overlay faces using regex-ignore-order
       new  fcef913   swiper-isearch: Fix regexes in "ignore-order" case
       new  fb486d8   ivy.el (ivy-immediate-done): Add copy-sequence to fix 
       new  9c4cdb7   swiper.el (swiper-isearch-action): Fix for ivy-occur
       new  b5e869e   swiper.el (swiper--occur-cands): Fix wgrep
       new  35415e3   ivy-test.el (ivy-swiper-wgrep): Add test
       new  ed1ba4e   Makefile (deps): Add target
       new  f71f89a   ivy-test.el (ivy-swiper-wgrep): Expect fail on <=24.3
       new  0b85d9d   counsel.el (counsel-at-git-issue-p): Add 
       new  6928beb   ivy-test.el (ivy-read-file-name-in-buffer-visiting-file): 
       new  c4e0b0b   ivy-test.el (ivy-read-file-name-make-directory): Add
       new  e58231e   ivy.el (ivy-immediate-done): Fix for when "C-j" changed 
       new  ec3e062   counsel (counsel-file-jump): Use temp buffer instead of 
       new  a9196a2   counsel.el (counsel-file-jump-args): Is now a list
       new  17d9c70   counsel.el (counsel--find-return-list): Re-use 
       new  ae3576a   swiper.el (swiper-isearch): Fix scroll on RET
       new  dd3e1c9   swiper.el (swiper--maybe-recenter): Refactor
       new  bb65c4e   swiper.el (swiper--current-window-start): Refactor
       new  b4af1a6   swiper.el (swiper-recenter-top-bottom): Works for 
       new  c3bd60c   ivy.el (ivy--occur-press-update-window): Don't error if 
buffer was killed
       new  fdd2178   ivy.el (ivy--magic-tilde-directory): Use "~~" to move to 
local home
       new  c4842ec   Fix typo: 'beggining'
       new  0132ced   counsel.el: Run ispell-comments-and-strings
       new  fb78c3f   swiper.el: Run ispell-comments-and-strings
       new  5140127   ivy.el: Run ispell-comments-and-strings
       new  230137b   ivy.el (ivy-restrict-to-matches): Work for dynamic 
       new  1a4ebda   Allow virtual-buffers customization
       new  e4e0ec4   counsel.el (counsel--file-name-filter): Return "cat" on 
empty input
       new  2db2c51   counsel.el (counsel-find-file-mkdir-action): make parents 
       new  5ff5139   ivy.el (ivy-read-action-function): Allow to read actions 
using Ivy
       new  28e9416   ivy.el (ivy--input): Fix for ediff
       new  6bf2cba   ivy.el (ivy-read-action-ivy): Don't recur
       new  2ecbd7d   ivy.el (ivy-read-action-ivy): Show the selected item in 
the prompt
       new  c307ae9   swiper.el (swiper--re-builder): Fix symbol bounds with 
       new  4389a26   ivy-overlay.el (ivy-overlay-show-after): Check window 
height better
       new  44c4bab   Restore use-ignore setting on ivy-resume
       new  327dbd6   counsel.el (counsel-rg-base-command): Don't include 
directory on non-Windows
       new  f66eec5   Add counsel-buffer-or-recentf
       new  ae70443   counsel.el (counsel-major): Add
       new  1303e10   counsel.el (counsel-M-x-action): Extract
       new  0d842e3   ivy.el (ivy-switch-buffer): Clean up
       new  d3e4514   Remove obsolete aliases older than one year
       new  3d0fcb5   ivy.el (ivy-partial): Fix trailing space issue
       new  4fef498   Use file-name-at-point-functions for file commands
       new  7dea040   ivy.el (ivy-pre-prompt-function): Add
       new  0be5b58   ivy.el (ivy-partial): Don't rely on subr-x
       new  1332ab0   counsel.el (counsel-compile-env-pattern): Fix regex typo
       new  20d604c   ivy.el (ivy-restrict-to-matches): Fix for ivy-resume
       new  361cf87   ivy-test.el (counsel-find-file-with-dollars): Remove
       new  a986e4e   ivy.el (ivy--yank-handle-case-fold): Add
       new  824f8d7   counsel.el (counsel--find-return-list): Works with or 
without "./" prefix
       new  e41cbec   ivy.el (ivy-immediate-done): Fix parent dirs for 
       new  560957f   Check if ivy--done is accepting a string.
       new  03b3f82   ivy.el (ivy-partial): Use ivy--filter in place of 
       new  3256447   ivy.el (ivy--partial-cd-for-single-directory): Extract
       new  cd7e924   ivy.el (ivy-read): Fix docstring
       new  ca5040d   counsel.el (counsel-rg-base-command): Remove "-S" flag
       new  892e44a   doc: Add full text of licences
       new  beb3aee   ivy.el (ivy--directory-done): Handle "/ C-j" on remote
       new  daf4683   ivy.el (ivy--directory-done): Inhibit distracting TRAMP 
message for /sudo::
       new  5424a564  ivy.el (ivy--handle-directory): Extract
       new  73d9f4a   Place cursor at the begging of matches (for grep)
       new  3be5e78   counsel.el (counsel-git-grep-action): Check 
       new  da7e546   ivy.el (ivy-previous-line-and-call): Fix typo
       new  941d408   doc/ivy.org: Fix "C-M-n" description
       new  03fdaea   doc/ivy.org: Add more recommended key bindings
       new  7cca04a   doc/ivy.org: Document the marking feature
       new  cfbf481   Lazy load ffap
       new  e62e7de   ivy-test.el (ivy-test-run-tests): Fix
       new  967d046   ivy-test.el (counsel-yank-pop): Fix on Windows
       new  4e9aaec   ivy-test: Fix tests using file names on Windows
       new  4b7b075   ivy-test.el (ivy-test-inhibit-message): Add
       new  4c1f6cd   ivy-test.el: Update
       new  9e03f36   ivy-test.el: Turn two tests back on
       new  89deb75   counsel.el (counsel-rg): When in dired, operate on marked 
       new  6905e6c   counsel.el (counsel--rg-targets): Adjust for ivy-occur 
       new  e6171e2   ivy-hydra.el (ivy-dispatching-done-hydra): Fix for 
       new  79333e9   counsel.el (counsel-fonts): Add
       new  0c1901e   ivy.el (ivy--regex-ignore-order): Fix docstring
       new  9592cba   ivy-hydra.el: Use ivy-read-action-by-key in hydra-ivy
       new  4cddec4   Respect counsel-describe-function-function from 
       new  464875a   counsel.el (counsel-mark-ring): Refactor for reducing 
nested let
       new  8bc23e6   counsel.el (counsel-compile): delete duplicates
       new  47f6427   counsel.el (counsel-compile): favour project root over 
       new  139816a   counsel.el (counsel-mark-ring): Add the latest mark to 
       new  46db1b9   counsel.el (counsel-mark-ring): Add customize variable to 
sort or not
       new  943eb01   counsel.el (counsel-mark-ring): Goto actual point instead 
of line
       new  09507fc   counsel.el (counsel-mark-ring): Fix highlight line of 
selected candidate
       new  1a74a21   ivy-occur: setup for next-error.
       new  bfdda68   swiper.el (swiper-occur): Use ivy-occur-next-error
       new  c0aa563   ivy.el (ivy-occur): Set up next-error-function
       new  0895c1a   Add key binding to allow switching directory in 
       new  76fff20   counsel-M-x: Propertize names of active modes.
       new  30adc93   Add actions to counsel-switch-buffer
       new  42fedf5   counsel.el (counsel-file-stale-p): Extract
       new  84e1ab8   counsel.el (counsel-package): Refresh contents 
       new  966525c   counsel.el (counsel-cd): Fix for counsel-ag
       new  d27eb38   counsel.el (counsel-git-grep): Change args order so 
counsel-cd works
       new  77997ea   counsel.el (counsel-M-x-transformer): Handle read-only 
       new  4645e89   swiper.el (swiper-action-copy): Add and bind to "M-o w"
       new  1984068   doc/ivy.org: Update GFDL license to no Invariant Sections
       new  3b4956a   counsel.el (counsel-evil-registers-height): Remove 
obsolete var
       new  12f4771   ivy.el (ivy-completion-in-region): Add workaround for 
       new  b39f383   counsel.el (counsel-git-grep-occur): Re-use 
       new  5d2938f   counsel.el (counsel-git-grep): Works with ivy--regex-fuzzy
       new  f628569   Make ivy--magic-file-slash less aggressive
       new  a1bb702   Nicer message when counsel-git-grep finds no match
       new  7854d03   counsel.el (counsel-google): Add
       new  881cbc5   counsel.el (counsel-google-function): Use request in 
async mode
       new  9e1b9a0   counsel.el (counsel-google-function): Add missing require
       new  9d3d7de   counsel.el (counsel-slime-repl-history): Add.
       new  5ff8b5e   ivy.el (ivy-completion-in-region-action): Use 
       new  78dd554   ivy.el (ivy--exhibit): Handle ivy--reset-state initial 
       new  0dfd70d   counsel.el (counsel-google-function): Require json
       new  c9f1889   swiper.el (swiper--query-replace-setup): Fix "^$" issue
       new  52295c4   swiper.el (swiper-isearch): Fix searching for "$^"
       new  eed1f06   counsel.el (counsel--py-action): Don't auto-insert parens
       new  2b974b4   ivy.el (ivy-update-fns-alist): New defcustom
       new  b9bb7c6   ivy.el (ivy-configure): New function to configure many 
things at once
       new  cdca2fc   counsel.el (counsel-switch-buffer): Re-use 
       new  80c2669   ivy.el (ivy--alist-set): Work-around emacs-24.3 not 
having alist-get
       new  e3dabec   counsel.el: Use ivy-configure :unwind-fn
       new  589e03f   ivy.el (ivy-configure): Use for ivy-index-functions-alist
       new  c1ea2af   ivy.el (ivy-read): Fix conflict an existing read-key 
       new  57e0b94   swiper.el (swiper--action): Set case-fold-search
       new  3a37741   swiper.el (swiper--update-input-ivy): Set case-fold-search
       new  f16ac0e   ivy.el (ivy--format): Set case-fold-search
       new  8b07572   ivy.el (ivy-configure): Add :display-transformer-fn
       new  92f54f6   ivy.el (ivy-configure): Add :grep-p
       new  501ac71   ivy.el (ivy-occur-revert-buffer): Re-use 
       new  6f23c5e   ivy.el (ivy-occur-press): Re-use 
       new  dea98fc   ivy.el (ivy-inhibit-action): Clean up docstring
       new  f46cdad   counsel.el (counsel-grep): Add :require-match
       new  8f08f38   counsel.el (counsel--grep-last-pos): Refactor from 
       new  6b40d40   ivy.el (ivy--occur-press-update-window): Re-use 
       new  2d840b8   ivy.el (ivy-configure): Add :sort-fn
       new  9da8003   counsel.el (counsel-M-x): Don't sort by default
       new  a5701a9   ivy.el (ivy-configure): Add :format-fn
       new  22cc602   counsel.el (counsel-find-symbol): Should not show up in 
       new  882d6c4   counsel.el (counsel-imenu): Work with :update-fn 'auto
       new  722250c   counsel.el (counsel-imenu-action): Handle nil case
       new  64c0804   ivy.el (ivy-partial-or-done): Work with 
       new  f90bc8c   ivy.el (ivy-configure): Add :height
       new  2ed4416   ivy.el (ivy-configure): Add :exit-codes
       new  b85f857   .github/FUNDING.yml: Add github
       new  6b0c41b   ivy.el (ivy-sort-file-function-using-ido): Make obsolete
       new  1a9002b   ivy.el: Clean up obsolete aliases
       new  8b4693c   counsel.el (counsel-imenu-action and 
-get-canditates-from): Revert.
       new  24a6354   ivy.el (ivy--format): Improve docstring
       new  ec1ed07   counsel.el (counsel--find-file-1): Use 
dired-current-directory for dired
       new  efdee7a   swiper.el (swiper--occur-insert-lines): Extract
       new  f0451db   ivy.el (ivy-occur-revert-buffer): Don't error if the 
swiper buffer was killed
       new  c82b852   ivy.el (ivy-occur-revert-buffer): Simplify
       new  09c40fc   swiper.el (swiper--occur-insert-lines): Simplify
       new  7054901   ivy.el (ivy-occur-revert-buffer): Make more generic
       new  2ce5450   counsel.el (counsel-find-file): Bind "M-o R" to 
       new  4d533b2   counsel.el (counsel-dired): Filter to directories only
       new  c69deb2   ivy.el: "~~" now works as expected for /sudo::
       new  9970ae6   counsel.el (counsel-read-directory-name): Add
       new  1d8803e   Ensure that ripgrep on windows uses '/' as the 
       new  3bd1d87   counsel.el (counsel-locate-cmd-es): Encode command to 
local codepage
       new  cd634c6   doc/Changelog.org: Release 0.13.0
       new  c2d3a4c   Merge commit 'cd634c6f51458f81898ecf2821ac3169cb65a1eb' 
from ivy

Summary of changes:
 packages/ivy/.dir-locals.el             |   14 -
 packages/ivy/.gitignore                 |    5 -
 packages/ivy/CONTRIBUTING.org           |   73 -
 packages/ivy/Makefile                   |   31 -
 packages/ivy/README.md                  |  141 -
 packages/ivy/counsel.el                 | 1057 ++++---
 packages/ivy/doc/Changelog.org          | 5195 -------------------------------
 packages/ivy/doc/Makefile               |    2 -
 packages/ivy/doc/ivy-help.org           |  138 -
 packages/ivy/doc/ivy-ox.el              |  200 --
 packages/ivy/doc/ivy.org                | 1368 --------
 packages/ivy/doc/scripts.el             |    6 -
 packages/ivy/ivy-hydra.el               |   14 +-
 packages/ivy/ivy-overlay.el             |    7 +-
 packages/ivy/ivy-test.el                | 1313 --------
 packages/ivy/ivy.el                     |  699 +++--
 packages/ivy/ivy.info                   |  160 +-
 packages/ivy/swiper.el                  |  459 +--
 packages/ivy/targets/checkdoc.el        |    8 -
 packages/ivy/targets/obsolete-config.el |    5 -
 packages/ivy/targets/plain.el           |   11 -
 21 files changed, 1463 insertions(+), 9443 deletions(-)
 delete mode 100644 packages/ivy/.dir-locals.el
 delete mode 100644 packages/ivy/.gitignore
 delete mode 100644 packages/ivy/CONTRIBUTING.org
 delete mode 100644 packages/ivy/Makefile
 delete mode 100644 packages/ivy/README.md
 delete mode 100644 packages/ivy/doc/Changelog.org
 delete mode 100644 packages/ivy/doc/Makefile
 delete mode 100644 packages/ivy/doc/ivy-help.org
 delete mode 100644 packages/ivy/doc/ivy-ox.el
 delete mode 100644 packages/ivy/doc/ivy.org
 delete mode 100644 packages/ivy/doc/scripts.el
 delete mode 100644 packages/ivy/ivy-test.el
 delete mode 100644 packages/ivy/targets/checkdoc.el
 delete mode 100644 packages/ivy/targets/obsolete-config.el
 delete mode 100644 packages/ivy/targets/plain.el

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