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[elpa] master updated (64d03d9 -> 33689c1)

From: Oleh Krehel
Subject: [elpa] master updated (64d03d9 -> 33689c1)
Date: Sat, 20 Jul 2019 14:56:35 -0400 (EDT)

abo_abo pushed a change to branch master.

      from  64d03d9   Release path-iterator.el, uniquify-files.el
       new  100bd21   counsel.el (counsel-M-x): Optionally expand aliases
       new  b4492a3   counsel.el (counsel-git-checkout-action): Quote branch 
       new  08dd58b   ivy.el (ivy--regex-fuzzy): Don't allow newlines in 
       new  70ad031   doc/Changelog.org: Update path to CSS
       new  596461e   counsel.el (counsel-grep-use-swiper-p): New defcustom
       new  6017cc8   ivy.el (ivy-read): Keep only one action for one key
       new  b000b0a   ivy.el (ivy--recompute-index): Speed up
       new  dc250bd   counsel.el (counsel-unicode-char): Don't sort every time
       new  c2eb4b5   ivy.el (ivy--kill-buffer-action): Integrate with 
       new  e86cf2e   counsel.el (counsel-require-program): Change arg meaning
       new  98b70a7   swiper.el (swiper--update-input-ivy): Don't recenter when 
       new  007d672   swiper.el (swiper--update-input-ivy): Use 
       new  f631d75   swiper.el (swiper-font-lock-exclude): Add 
       new  686cf5a   swiper.el (swiper--action): Fix for emacs -nw
       new  3773c26   swiper.el (swiper--current-window-start): Add docstring
       new  da85d1e   ivy.el: Require TRAMP earlier
       new  b1ac725   ivy.el (ivy-initial-inputs-alist): Now a defcustom.
       new  24c95b7   ivy.el (ivy-thing-at-point): Extend
       new  43f169b   swiper.el (swiper-font-lock-ensure-p): Try checking for 
non prog-mode
       new  88b3548   swiper.el (swiper--avy-goto): Extract
       new  51446e5   swiper.el (swiper--avy-candidates): Extract
       new  4ca721c   swiper.el (swiper-avy): If the input is 1 char, 
       new  050b4a4   counsel.el (counsel-grep-history): Add
       new  ffffc21   swiper.el (swiper-mc): Update doc
       new  28e88ab   Allow to mark/unmark candidates with "m", "u", "DEL", "t"
       new  3216d40   swiper.el (swiper-avy): Warn if no input
       new  b01108e   ivy.el (ivy-call): Call action with whole marked list if 
it has a second arg
       new  48c7087   ivy.el (ivy-reverse-i-search): Don't bind 
ivy-recursive-restore to nil
       new  dfeaec0   swiper.el (swiper--update-input-ivy): Don't rely on 
window-start in terminal
       new  9718962   Add a simple initial counsel-switch-buffer
       new  6853290   counsel-switch-buffer: Add support for 
       new  ef78fb6   Add environment variable completion to counsel-find-file
       new  16367fc   ivy.el (ivy-call): Call ivy-recursive-restore even if no 
       new  47c8c3d   counsel.el (counsel-read-env): Simplify
       new  22fca55   counsel.el (counsel-file-jump-args): Remove extra 
       new  2a02343   counsel.el (counsel-file-jump): Fix file expansion
       new  f0b2bc6   Update ivy-help.org
       new  b0c0371   Enable counsel-read-env to properly handle directories
       new  c38daa3   Enable counsel-read-env to work in read-file-name
       new  bedeb02   Move counsel-read-env to ivy mode
       new  da9d937   ivy.el (ivy-call): Allow ivy-inhibit-action to be a 
       new  51c5874   counsel.el (counsel-find-file-map): Bind "`" to bookmarks
       new  a664943   BSDs should default to locate not using regular 
       new  e88c7d6   counsel.el (counsel-locate-cmd): Simplify
       new  9cf3f08   swiper.el (swiper-use-visual-line-p): New variable
       new  80d40e4   Dynamically handle grep tool look-arounds
       new  0a4ad42   ivy-test.el (counsel--grep-regex): Add test for negative 
       new  4e07e6f   ivy.el (ivy-make-magic-action): Add docstring to the 
generated lambda
       new  3de074a   counsel.el (counsel-find-file-copy): Add and bind.
       new  84b5ece   counsel.el (counsel-find-file-copy): Use 
       new  15e2c88   Restore buffer-list after counsel-switch-buffers
       new  9e3c855   ivy.el (ivy-make-magic-action): Fix bug
       new  a538df1   ivy.el (ivy-make-magic-action): Point doc to the action 
       new  5f5a263   counsel.el (counsel-compile): Add
       new  3c16fa1   counsel.el (counsel-compile): Clean up
       new  56201b1   counsel.el: Remove cl-extra
       new  5f4e944   counsel.el: Fix finding dominating file
       new  072f238   counsel.el: Capitalize proper noun "Git"
       new  876b4ac   counsel.el (counsel-compile): Minor cleanup
       new  adea72f   counsel.el: Simplify counsel-compile action
       new  859e3cb   counsel.el: Clean up compile history keeping
       new  8a40934   counsel.el: Clean up compile candidates list
       new  0c30e3f   counsel.el: Minor compile history cleanup
       new  1439e8d   counsel.el: Simplify compile build dir collection
       new  50dc9e6   counsel.el (counsel--get-build-subdirs): Fix
       new  4e0d403   counsel.el (counsel--find-build-subdir): Simplify
       new  82e6c54   counsel.el: Clean up compile make invocation
       new  7e8a362   counsel.el (counsel--get-make-targets): Clean up
       new  144e7d9   counsel.el: Clean up recent compile variables
       new  114ae96   counsel.el: Find project root more flexibly
       new  bb58a29   counsel.el (counsel-ag): Fix error in non-Git directory
       new  a37d4e3   counsel.el (counsel-compile): fix breakage to subdir 
       new  f0d93cf   counsel.el (counsel-compile): 
       new  d64b268   counsel.el (counsel-compile): counsel--get-build-subdirs
       new  25336fd   counsel.el (counsel-compile): counsel-compile-local-builds
       new  ce0c39e   counsel.el (counsel--git-root): Rename
       new  86c904f   counsel.el (counsel-compile-root-functions): Change 
       new  cbdc9c9   counsel.el (counsel--compile-get-make-targets): Rename
       new  5aa263c   counsel.el (counsel-compile-make-pattern): Fix regex
       new  cc50da2   counsel.el (counsel-dired-jump-args): Fix -type d
       new  3954bfe   counsel.el (counsel-compile): Don't modify 
compilation-start-hook permanently
       new  c2788de   counsel.el (counsel--switch-buffer-update-fn): if to cond
       new  3e1e905   Fix virtual buffers in counsel-switch-buffer
       new  6f0f32f   counsel.el (counsel-git-grep-count-function): Promote to 
       new  d92d43a   counsel.el (counsel-compile-root-functions): Tidy
       new  a473519   Fix error in ivy-make-magic-action
       new  b180abf   counsel.el (counsel-compile): clean-up get-make-targets
       new  db905cc   counsel.el (counsel-compile-phony-pattern): Use plain 
       new  e7146e5   counsel.el (counsel-git-grep-count-function): Fix
       new  9ce9e4e   counsel.el (counsel-compile-phony-pattern): Fixup
       new  2356a1d   ivy-test.el (counsel--grep-regex): Extend test
       new  27add46   Anchor pcre lookaround patterns to bol
       new  456e575   Don't bury killed buffers after counsel-switch-buffer
       new  cdd7ada   counsel.el (counsel-url-expand): Avoid null error
       new  1046fc7   ivy.el (ivy-avy): Use non-obsolete avy-process
       new  5b4dbbc   ivy.el: Silence byte-compiler
       new  b154260   counsel.el (counsel-grep): Fix TRAMP problems
       new  1c84179   counsel.el (counsel-rg): Add an example to the doc
       new  089107a   counsel.el (counsel-ag): Add a keyword argument caller
       new  8b4c939   counsel.el (counsel-cd): Add
       new  adab07d   counsel.el: Simplify counsel-git-grep
       new  78b62f2   README.md: Mention char-fold-to-regexp
       new  776fbb7   Make ivy-switch-buffer-occur work with multi-pass regex 
       new  a601e40   counsel.el (counsel-org-goto-all): Use org-mode outline 
       new  6373a48   counsel.el: Fix compiler warning
       new  0c8cfe8   ivy-hydra.el (ivy-dispatching-done-idle): Add
       new  8c1a2fa   Allow all re-builders to use ivy-highlight-grep-commands
       new  164fecb   Make find-file-occur work with multi-pass regex builders
       new  468e914   counsel.el (counsel--file-name-filter): Clean up style
       new  4c52362   swiper.el (swiper-occur): Make wgrep work for narrowed 
       new  b27ef9e   counsel.el (counsel-git-cands): Extract
       new  ffa2d8f   counsel.el (counsel-unicode-char): Fix sorting
       new  3b677d4   counsel.el (counsel-file-jump-args): Fix dotfiles not 
being shown
       new  c56ad2a   ivy-hydra.el (ivy-dispatching-done-hydra): Improve
       new  1b5af1e   counsel.el (counsel-file-jump-args): Adjust
       new  344aebc   counsel.el (counsel-dired-jump): Improve
       new  18d7f84   counsel.el (counsel-yank-pop-action): Also works for 
       new  aef1242   ivy-overlay.el (ivy-overlay-impossible-p): Simplify
       new  bb5d0d4   ivy-overlay.el (ivy-display-function-overlay): Refactor
       new  3cb9d72   ivy-overlay.el (ivy-display-function-overlay): Fix weird 
       new  05763ae   counsel.el (counsel-git): Fix default-directory
       new  ea6ef81   Allow recursive minibuffers to use 
       new  5e54abd   Fix counsel-org-tag-agenda
       new  0465711   counsel.el (counsel-org-tag-agenda): Check org-version
       new  1998783   counsel.el (counsel-find-file-ignore-regexp): Add nested 
hidden dotfiles
       new  f9b64c3   swiper.el (swiper-isearch): Add
       new  adad2e4   counsel.el: Strip space from initial input of 
       new  3416142   counsel.el (counsel--async-sentinel): Fix index jumping 
       new  1606918   ivy.el (ivy-read): Allow :update-fn to be 'auto
       new  31a554d   swiper.el (swiper-isearch): Anchor to 
       new  dc3f469   swiper.el (swiper-isearch): Extend
       new  df8901f   swiper.el (swiper-query-replace): Add preview overlays
       new  f4431d4   doc/ivy.org (automatically integrated packages): Add
       new  bc479ed   swiper.el (swiper-isearch): Fix minibuffer height
       new  8edde1c   swiper.el (swiper-isearch): Change prompt
       new  1ebbb5f   swiper.el (swiper-isearch): Set swiper-min-highlight to 1
       new  fa2e02d   ivy-overlay.el (ivy-cursor): Customize for dark background
       new  66961f8   swiper.el (swiper-isearch-action): Add a cursor overlay
       new  fef96f4   counsel.el (counsel--find-file-1): Extract
       new  b34bf45   counsel.el (counsel-dired): Add
       new  8229304   ivy.el: Add display transformer for counsel-dired
       new  3b40e99   swiper.el (swiper-isearch-action): Fix fake cursor at eol
       new  7c9d960   swiper.el (swiper--add-cursor-overlay): Extract
       new  ce31009   swiper.el (swiper-isearch-function): Use text with faces
       new  eaba38a   counsel.el (counsel-dired-jump-args): Fix for OSX
       new  1e38ed4   counsel.el (counsel-minor): Add command to toggle minor 
       new  05a4e59   Do not use invalid :preselect as a regexp
       new  2098d27   swiper.el: Set up occur for swiper-isearch
       new  302d23f   counsel.el: Fix org-version testing
       new  9988904   counsel.el (counsel--switch-buffer-update-fn): Fix for 
when find-file fails
       new  4f1bbc1   swiper.el (swiper-isearch-function): Full point history 
for DEL
       new  3ab3d5f   swiper.el (swiper-isearch): Check executing-kbd-macro
       new  cd41f70   ivy-test.el: Add inhibit-message
       new  1df4ccf   ivy.el (ivy-occur-revert-buffer): Add swiper-isearch
       new  dceecd8   swiper.el (swiper-occur): Adapt to swiper-isearch
       new  0bf94f8   ivy.el (ivy--occur-press-update-window): Add 
       new  0d2ab52   swiper.el (swiper--isearch-occur-cands): Faster version
       new  11b0007   swiper.el (swiper--action): Simplify
       new  502eae6   counsel.el (counsel--call): Rename to counsel--command
       new  b2693d1   counsel.el (counsel-locate-db-path): New defcustom
       new  f38bb51   ivy.el (ivy--prompt-selectable-p): Allow to select ""
       new  1b13ee8   ivy.el (ivy--use-selectable-prompt): Cache 
       new  92ec03c   ivy-test.el (ivy-use-selectable-prompt): Add tests
       new  0a12708   swiper.el: Add swiper background faces
       new  1bf56c3   swiper.el (swiper--query-replace-setup): Fix for 
       new  44ea8b5   counsel.el (counsel-git-grep-cmd-function): Add
       new  4492054   ivy.el (ivy--recompute-index): Speed up
       new  6c858c1   ivy.el (ivy--filter): Improve performance with :matcher
       new  5458f93   ivy.el (ivy--filter): Avoid a filter on empty input
       new  115efb7   ivy.el (ivy--sorted-files): Work around all-completions 
returning $$
       new  7e73580   ivy-test.el (counsel-find-file-with-dollars): Add test
       new  ce0a1f1   ivy.el (ivy--filter): Fix matcher not called on input ""
       new  ba849e5   ivy.el (ivy--re-filter): Fix for ivy--regex-ignore-order
       new  9c53320   swiper.el (swiper-isearch-function): Fix for strings with 
trailing \|
       new  f52b0ac   ivy.el (ivy--filter): Don't cache if ivy--old-cands is 
       new  c47a7dc   ivy.el (ivy--filter): Don't cache if the result of 
matching cache is empty
       new  2221a5c   ivy-test.el (counsel-find-file-with-dotfiles): Add test
       new  482088c   swiper.el (swiper--avy-candidates): Fix for 
       new  8482f62   swiper.el (swiper-isearch-function): Fix str is " "
       new  39759cf   ivy-test.el (ivy-with): Save current buffer
       new  31e57e7   ivy-test.el (counsel-find-file-with-dotfiles): Disable 
for older Emacs
       new  fa87b97   ivy-test.el: Print version
       new  4171364   ivy-test.el (counsel-find-file-with-dotfiles): Disable 
for emacs27
       new  5115df3   counsel.el: counsel-switch-buffer-other-window: new 
       new  0e62f0d   counsel.el (counsel-switch-buffer-other-window): Update 
       new  e3f8908   ivy-test.el: Make friendlier
       new  39f5c24   ivy-test.el: Use :expected-result
       new  80d9c17   Makefile: Clone tests/ if needed
       new  a9f9e41   Add counsel-descbinds-action-exec
       new  d829338   counsel.el (counsel-recentf): Require match
       new  0467f5b   doc/ivy.org: Correct typo
       new  6516265   ivy-overlay.el: Do not assume in-buffer completion
       new  6263d04   counsel.el (counsel-find-file): Improve mkdir action with 
       new  f28e00c   counsel.el (counsel-find-file): Improve delete action 
with ivy-call
       new  62a2c7e   counsel.el (counsel-find-file): Improve copy and move 
       new  4f12a59   counsel.el (counsel-find-file-mkdir-action): Add trailing 
       new  ca8d5ba   ivy.el (ivy-partial): Adjust ivy-tab-space when one 
       new  afeda97   counsel.el (counsel-company): Add :caller
       new  891be1d   counsel.el (counsel-org-file): Handle ATTACH_DIR property
       new  d8136a2   doc/ivy.org: Remove outdated magit customization
       new  276599c   doc/ivy.texi: Generate from doc/ivy.org
       new  605cee0   counsel.el (counsel-compile): Fix saving of blddir
       new  c9f2318   counsel.el (counsel-compile): Add helper for formatting 
       new  3d0887f   counsel.el (counsel-compile): Add counsel-compile-env
       new  6de6233   counsel.el (counsel-compile): New counsel-compile-env 
       new  3b25d30   counsel.el (counsel-compile): Add predicate to 
       new  3f27e25   counsel.el (counsel-compile): Don't squash 
       new  bd958e7   counsel.el (counsel-org-files): Re-use org-attach-dir
       new  f1b3fa4   swiper.el (swiper-isearch): Support 
       new  f628eb3   swiper.el (swiper-isearch-symbol-at-point): Add
       new  9e513d0   swiper.el (swiper-thing-at-point): Add
       new  4147453   swiper.el (swiper-isearch-thing-at-point): Add
       new  2e4f2fb   Fix grep-occur when using multi-pass re-builders
       new  9a2b110   ivy.el (ivy-insert-current): Insert text without 
       new  ecff164   ivy.el (ivy-insert-current): Minor simplification
       new  9c1e1c3   swiper.el (swiper-isearch-function): Obey 
       new  bed783e   ivy-test.el (swiper-isearch-case-fold): Add test
       new  e9f0772   ivy-test.el (counsel-find-file-with-dollars): Adjust
       new  8a8aea2   counsel.el (counsel-company): Use company-prefix
       new  a9e81f8   ivy.el: Don't offer virtual buffers for plain 
       new  6768214   ivy.el (ivy--insert-symbol-boundaries): Extract
       new  fa9acdb   swiper.el (swiper-isearch-thing-at-point): Add symbol 
       new  3a16cec   ivy.el (ivy-occur): Don't setq-local ivy--directory
       new  b49f17f   counsel.el (counsel-ag-function): Add dynamic case folding
       new  6ec1126   ivy.el (ivy-help): Set org-hide-emphasis-markers
       new  f292ed3   ivy.el (ivy-help): Reveal all Org contents
       new  9eb5275   ivy.el (ivy--minibuffer-index-bounds): Extract
       new  c1ff0d6   ivy.el: Fix compiler warning
       new  5eea0af   ivy.el (ivy--minibuffer-index-bounds): Simplify logic
       new  6f56049   ivy.el (ivy--minibuffer-index-bounds): Make pure
       new  cc56ec0   swiper.el (swiper-isearch-format-function): Add
       new  39a9e94   swiper.el (swiper-isearch-current-match): Add
       new  1d08b29   swiper.el (swiper-isearch): Ensure font lock
       new  b7574fe   swiper.el: Extra condition to recenter in terminal
       new  6fd1620   swiper.el (swiper--recenter-p): Extract
       new  eee9716   Add open in dired action to counsel-file-jump
       new  fb64ea3   swiper.el (swiper-mc): Works for swiper-isearch
       new  cc92e1c   swiper.el (swiper--avy-goto): Handle quit
       new  10755b2   swiper.el (swiper-isearch-toggle): Add
       new  2ce81eb   swiper.el (swiper-isearch-toggle): Extend doc
       new  d9d6064   ivy.el (ivy-completion-in-region-action): Obey 
       new  38f8e45   swiper.el (swiper-isearch-toggle): Fix candidate jump in 
       new  6075a73   swiper.el (swiper--add-overlays): Reuse 
       new  e6f49c2   swiper.el: Reorder by swiper--overlays
       new  773ac65   swiper.el (swiper--cleanup): Re-use lazy-highlight-cleanup
       new  687aae2   swiper.el (swiper-query-replace): Check for empty input
       new  ee71733   ivy.el (ivy-switch-buffer-other-window): Fix 
       new  e04b10c   swiper.el (swiper-isearch-function): Refactor
       new  8df253a   swiper.el (swiper--isearch-same-line-p): Add
       new  db3e307   swiper.el (swiper--isearch-format): Extract
       new  9a9e3e4   ivy-test.el (swiper--isearch-format): Add test
       new  815f094   swiper.el (swiper--add-line-overlay): Extract
       new  eb1e636   swiper.el (swiper--add-cursor-overlay): Display only in 
current window
       new  b05ae24   swiper.el (swiper--add-properties): Extract
       new  4d40f88   swiper.el (swiper--isearch-function): Speedup for big 
       new  7dc1445   swiper.el (swiper-isearch): Use the same faces in the 
       new  58b6f7d   swiper.el (swiper--isearch-format): Don't use blending 
for the current match
       new  76ef143   swiper.el (swiper-isearch): Fix ivy-occur
       new  f628441   swiper.el (swiper-isearch): Fix "C-r"
       new  743163c   counsel.el (counsel-minor-history): New history variable
       new  77a5ffc   counsel.el (counsel-package-history): New history variable
       new  cbb3ee1   counsel.el (counsel-company): Don't rely on company-point
       new  2c57036   ivy.el (ivy-call): Modify the API for ivy-action second 
       new  bea44b7   counsel.el: Fix compiler warnings
       new  d5c9673   swiper.el (swiper--isearch-format): Fix permanent face 
       new  c6977eb   ivy.el (ivy-read): Add :multi-action arg
       new  df0d980   Modify counsel-unicode-char's copy action to use actual 
       new  226171b   ivy.el (ivy--occur-insert-lines): Don't highlight the 
file name part
       new  a18de2f   counsel.el (counsel-register): Add
       new  19ff7cf   counsel.el (counsel-register-action): Tweak error
       new  a2af29b   ivy.el (ivy--occur-insert-lines): Fix missing line numbers
       new  4898a5e   counsel.el (counsel-compile): better handling for 
       new  e8f9370   counsel.el (counsel-compile): nreverse recent history
       new  b65cdb5   counsel.el (counsel-compile): track build dir for the 
benefit of M-i
       new  e95a16b   Shrink ivy window after read action.
       new  fbf654c   counsel.el (counsel-company): Rely on company-prefix if 
company-common is nil
       new  b7e9dfd   counsel.el: Fix a couple of typos
       new  8905b8b   counsel.el: Pacify byte-compiler
       new  bc2dcbe   counsel.el (counsel--find-build-subdir): Simplify
       new  0a26144   ivy.el (ivy--highlight-default): Handle unmatched groups
       new  0134255   ivy.el (ivy--highlight-default): Use single face for 
adjacent groups
       new  04f56ca   ivy.el (ivy--recompute-index): Use configured flx 
candidate limit
       new  af5b594   ivy.el (ivy--occur-insert-lines): Fix typo bug
       new  2410219   swiper.el (swiper-isearch-highlight-delay): New defcustom
       new  332f990   ivy.el: Fix compiler warning
       new  7e8622f   ivy.el (ivy-read-action): Fix
       new  13da38a   ivy.el (ivy-help): Hide Org markup buffer-locally
       new  a73e24d   Do not insert initial input if nil
       new  7feb14f   ivy.el (ivy-format-functions-alist): New defcustom, 
obsoletes ivy-format-function
       new  c11797a   swiper.el (swiper--line-at-point): Fix swiper-isearch in 
compilation buffers
       new  92d5335   Add counsel-up-level command
       new  779db1e   ivy.el (ivy--occur-insert-lines): Add copy-sequence
       new  f40b08a   ivy-display-function: obsolete this varible in favor 
       new  ef1e8d5   ivy.el (ivy-read): Don't use ivy-display-function
       new  e69ddc3   ivy.el (ivy-sort-function-buffer): Unify prefix and 
star-prefix matches
       new  93616f7   ivy.el (ivy--regex): Match initial dot in the input as a 
literal dot
       new  ef6d3db   ivy-overlay.el (ivy-display-function-overlay): Bring back 
org-indent-mode logic
       new  5cc1e5c   swiper.el (swiper-isearch-thing-at-point): Improve
       new  b528f0f   ivy-overlay.el (ivy-display-function-overlay): Fix 
org-indent-mode once more
       new  44b2d7d   ivy.el (ivy-insert-current-full): Add and bind to "C-M-y"
       new  0b26219   counsel.el (counsel--file-name-filter): Move ignore-re 
       new  57a57d1   swiper.el (swiper--multi-candidates): Simplify
       new  3b6c898   counsel.el (counsel-mark-ring): Add preview by candidate
       new  94f107b   counsel.el (counsel-mark-ring): Add highlight by candidate
       new  ac1e07c   ivy.el (ivy--reset-state): Modify prompt for 
       new  034f3af   swiper.el (swiper-isearch): Allow char-fold-to-regexp
       new  d39f82b   counsel-yank-pop-height is obselete and doesn't do 
       new  4078eb9   counsel.el (counsel-yank-pop-height): Remove
       new  895906e   counsel.el (counsel-descbinds-function): Add
       new  935603e   ivy.el (ivy--done): Press "RET" or "C-m" to create a 
       new  7d46450   Add more information about the collection argument in 
       new  dd2d495   swiper.el (swiper-all-thing-at-point): Add
       new  d060eea   swiper.el (swiper-query-replace): Add 
       new  4a37e1e   swiper.el (swiper-query-replace): Make eval-style 
replacement more accessible
       new  0576b61   .github/FUNDING.yml: Add
       new  51e765e   ivy.el (ivy-partial): Return nil when comletion was not 
       new  ba626e7   ivy.el (ivy-next-history-element): Use minibuffer-default 
for dired-dwim-target
       new  676a8ee   swiper.el (swiper-isearch-current-match): Remove unused 
       new  400d56f   counsel.el (counsel-open-buffer-file-externally): New 
       new  16d2268   Fix ivy-push/switch-view windows layout
       new  09b9508   ivy.el (ivy--find-file-action): Fix for virtual buffers
       new  d260c48   swiper.el: Obey search-invisible
       new  de8842e   Add ivy-switch-buffer-map to counsel-switch-buffer
       new  f29207f   Add ability to resume dynamic collections
       new  07c65b3   ivy.el (ivy--set-index-dynamic-collection): Extract
       new  0d87297   counsel.el (counsel-open-buffer-file-externally): Cleanup
       new  7defba2   ivy.el (ivy-avy): Fix when there's a scroll
       new  704b1de   ivy.el (ivy-avy): Allow to scroll with "C-v" and "M-v"
       new  a249d15   ivy-test.el (ivy-avy): Only run if avy is installed
       new  15f8e10   .travis.yml: Add emacs-25.3 and emacs-26.2
       new  3b1a25b   ivy-test.el (counsel-find-file-with-dotfiles): Fix
       new  7183491   ivy.el (ivy--minibuffer-setup): Avoid extra call to 
       new  d752db5   counsel.el (counsel-find-file-extern-extensions): New 
       new  7201c0f   ivy-hydra.el (ivy-dispatching-done-hydra-exit-keys): 
       new  cfb8d49   counsel.el (counsel-find-file-ignore-regexp): Add 
lockfiles to dotfiles
       new  a20c196   counsel.el (counsel-set-variable): Better annotations for 
       new  f0a2341   counsel.el (counsel-rhythmbox): Add :require-match
       new  40d8114   counsel.el (counsel-shell-command-history): Remove 
obsolete command
       new  cea24b7   counsel.el (counsel-expression-history): Remove obsolete 
       new  4de54f1   ivy.el (ivy-reverse-i-search-kill): Add and bind to "C-k"
       new  8fc254f   counsel.el (counsel--setq-doconst): Fix compiler warning
       new  673c45e   ivy.el (ivy--minibuffer-setup): Set line-spacing to nil 
in the minibuffer
       new  011626a   ivy.el (ivy-occur-press): Improve when window config 
       new  f9e8116   swiper.el (swiper-isearch-action): Fix outlines getting 
       new  9f6141f   counsel.el (counsel--browse-history): Allow to remove 
elements with "C-k"
       new  8d7578f   counsel.el (counsel--browse-history): Better prompt
       new  1c436f6   ivy.el (ivy-reverse-i-search): Don't call another 
       new  975c2af   ivy.el (ivy-reverse-i-search): Error when called from 
       new  8db9cc1   swiper.el (swiper--add-cursor-overlay): Avoid a very wide 
cursor on tab chars
       new  888b417   ivy.el (ivy--recompute-index-inhibit): Add
       new  d52c176   ivy.el (ivy-switch-buffer-kill): Move from "C-c C-k" to 
       new  ebac0e9   ivy.el (ivy--compute-extra-actions): Extract
       new  7925637   ivy.el (ivy--compute-extra-candidates): Extract
       new  4324211   ivy.el (ivy-read): Factor out transformer-fn
       new  460d6e3   ivy.el (ivy-read): Refactor
       new  4c9c14a   ivy.el (ivy--minibuffer-cleanup): Rename from ivy--cleanup
       new  5e1c468   ivy.el (ivy--cleanup): Extract
       new  a87bdd2   ivy.el (ivy-read): Refactor
       new  f6876a7   ivy.el (ivy-read): Simplify
       new  520fd83   ivy.el (ivy-read): Simplify
       new  bae8e46   ivy.el (ivy--magic-file-doubleslash-directory): Cd remote 
"/" on "//"
       new  a0b71a1   ivy.el (ivy--magic-tilde-directory): Cd remote "~" on "~"
       new  2d22e05   doc/ivy.org: Add more info on TRAMP
       new  3af75cf   swiper.el (swiper--positive-regexps): Extract
       new  180d329   swiper.el (swiper--re-builder): Improve for 
       new  2fa7cec   ivy-test.el (swiper--re-builder): Add test
       new  916e281   ivy.el (ivy-read): Fix bad refactor
       new  4e9e310   ivy.el (ivy-read): Fix swiper-query-replace not working
       new  3ec81dc   ivy-test.el (swiper--re-builder-char-fold): Split away
       new  1ea4ebb   Fix minor typo
       new  e858b10   Add autoload for various commands
       new  57e77a5   counsel.el (counsel-git-log-split-string-re): Change.
       new  72a827a   counsel.el (counsel-git-log): Add additional action.
       new  259cf07   Fix ivy-previous-line-or-history
       new  98127be   ivy.el (ivy-format-functions-alist): Fix defcustom type
       new  1bb48ae   swiper.el: Add :group for faces
       new  75f4146   ivy.el (ivy-occur-revert-buffer): Stay on the same line
       new  d91f61d   counsel.el (counsel--split-string): Extract
       new  bd53ada   counsel.el (counsel-async-split-string-re-alist): Extract
       new  0703a70   counsel.el (counsel-async-ignore-re-alist): Extract
       new  5f030d5   counsel.el (counsel--git-log-format-function): Add
       new  3380b6f   swiper.el (swiper--avy-goto): Works for swiper-isearch
       new  59603df   swiper.el (swiper--avy-goto): Fix for a small amount of 
       new  c4c6068   doc/ivy.org: Fix RET -> C-j
       new  ee5dacf   Add swiper-backward command
       new  56a1f7d   Add counsel-grep-backward and 
counsel-grep-or-swiper-backward commands
       new  3c6790f   ivy.el (ivy-immediate-done): Improve make-directory
       new  79de883   ivy.el (ivy--sort): Simplify
       new  714911b   ivy.el (ivy--sort): Higher priority for 
       new  f5508e5   swiper.el (swiper-isearch-backward): Add backward search
       new  6e50ab6   ivy-test.el (swiper-isearch-backward): Goto old match on 
       new  54d1b19   swiper.el (swiper-isearch-action): Use 
       new  af0799a   counsel.el (counsel-git-log-show-commit-action): Fix 
match end.
       new  16486d5   ivy.el (ivy--shorter-matches-first): Add and use for 
       new  74095a2   ivy-test.el (swiper-isearch-backward): Test match at point
       new  f99f13a   Increase swiper-isearch cursor overlay priority
       new  b5db0aa   ivy.el (ivy--insert-prompt): Adjust 
       new  85d1e2e   doc/Changelog.org: Release 0.12.0
       new  33689c1   Merge commit '85d1e2e779ca92e6ef8e47d08f866b13d4d87aee' 
from ivy

Summary of changes:
 packages/ivy/.gitignore                      |    1 -
 packages/ivy/.travis.yml                     |   16 -
 packages/ivy/Makefile                        |    2 +-
 packages/ivy/README.md                       |    2 +
 packages/ivy/counsel.el                      | 1911 +++++++++++++++++--------
 packages/{muse/texi/dir-template => ivy/dir} |    3 +
 packages/ivy/doc/Changelog.org               |  698 +++++++++-
 packages/ivy/doc/ivy-help.org                |    2 +-
 packages/ivy/doc/ivy.org                     |   45 +-
 packages/ivy/doc/ivy.texi                    | 1747 -----------------------
 packages/ivy/ivy-hydra.el                    |   43 +-
 packages/ivy/ivy-overlay.el                  |   71 +-
 packages/ivy/ivy-test.el                     |  369 ++++-
 packages/ivy/ivy.el                          | 1213 ++++++++++------
 packages/ivy/ivy.info                        | 1930 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 packages/ivy/swiper.el                       |  992 +++++++++----
 16 files changed, 5989 insertions(+), 3056 deletions(-)
 delete mode 100644 packages/ivy/.travis.yml
 copy packages/{muse/texi/dir-template => ivy/dir} (90%)
 delete mode 100644 packages/ivy/doc/ivy.texi
 create mode 100644 packages/ivy/ivy.info

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