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[elpa] branch externals/phps-mode created (now f5c2072)

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: [elpa] branch externals/phps-mode created (now f5c2072)
Date: Sat, 13 Jul 2019 09:58:19 -0400 (EDT)

monnier pushed a change to branch externals/phps-mode.

        at  f5c2072   Updated copyright for inclusion in ELPA

This branch includes the following new commits:

       new  3837d9c   My initial commit
       new  7d0cd36   Updated goals
       new  3ea8c64   Added license
       new  dd8d800   Using coloring overlay for comments as well
       new  79040dc   Some cleaning up
       new  ce656a5   More general cleaning up
       new  31ca9d5   More cleaning up
       new  c64b3b4   More work on lexer tests
       new  41c4fbb   Lexer unit tests now working
       new  a724438   Handled lexing with empty single and double quote string
       new  f3205d5   Fixed lexing of basic tokens
       new  5a6a96b   Added another test
       new  795053b   Lexer unit tests using start and ends as well
       new  64a3ca8   Modified start and end for single and double quoted 
       new  b3a6308   Added hook for resetting lexer variables
       new  c4a8ca5   Free lexer tokens does not have properties anymore
       new  394f7ae   Fixed issue with empty strings before non-empty strings
       new  2475734   Improved logic for single quoted strings
       new  de771b5   Added more unit tests
       new  be078dc   Updated readme
       new  abcfd01   Started with function to gather current point data
       new  8ed0716   Started with unit tests for getting point lexer data
       new  bf59f0a   More unit tests for getting point lex information
       new  7fa9fdb   More unit tests for lexing comments and doc comments
       new  3202213   Added another unit test for lexer
       new  e3a060a   Handles script breaking single-line comments
       new  f6e3ce4   Added another test for comments
       new  95e749e   Started with indentation function
       new  d839f8a   More work on indentation support
       new  4fa9341   Started with unit tests for indentation
       new  1b891ea   More work on indentation and related tests
       new  9d3f644   Separated indentation tests for lexer tests
       new  5c0568b   Added some basic unit tests for indentation
       new  184dfa5   Indentation outside PHP now does nothing
       new  efcefde   Added support for closing parenthesis and braces
       new  47440dd   Added test for decreasing indentation with letters
       new  6776468   Started worked with adding references to tokens from 
point meta information
       new  c6e5255   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  feb5724   Various debug work
       new  b437374   Fixed bug in parsing of object parameters inside double 
quoted string
       new  7161184   Handles stacked states better
       new  c625217   Added flag for PSR-2 white-space settings
       new  4b4a375   Using lexical bindings for all files
       new  be46d9c   Added lexer autoload to functions
       new  e36d477   token-number from point now is the same format as (nth)
       new  c040358   Point lexer token information makes more sense
       new  a259292   Changed indentation function to work solely on tokens
       new  94492c4   Added changes tracking to functions from lexer
       new  4098f46   Started with incremental lexer
       new  b629c4b   Updated comments and TODOs
       new  da1d1de   Temporary lexer after change until other work is ready
       new  09daec3   Foundation for incremental lexer and syntax colorer 
       new  e1b7160   (newline-and-indent) now working
       new  990d3dd   Added test for indentation of multiple-line doc comment
       new  dd80d27   Started work on detecting doc comment blocks
       new  3f4c344   Fixed detection of doc comment blocks
       new  67f9a7a   Moved lexer-get-point-data to functions
       new  0ca9fe8   Detection of point inside doc comment block improved
       new  8aa1ab6   Another test for getting point data inside doc block
       new  3824abf   Resolved indent with trailing parenthesis
       new  bf633d2   Added test for indent of final line of doc comment block
       new  a61cb8b   Fixed issue with doc comment indentation
       new  ba8165a   Fixed bug with brace count not including braces inside 
double quoted strings
       new  90d059c   Fixed bug in incremental lexer logic
       new  6c597fb   Updated readme
       new  86ec35f   Incremental lexer working somewhat
       new  99dfc68   Incremental-lexer deletes affected overlays
       new  1be9270   Updated README
       new  27cd705   Updated readme
       new  58300fd   More updates of readme
       new  236f05e   Updated makefile to not use hard-coded path to emacs
       new  f4cd90e   Updated readme and makefile for running all tests
       new  c57fb5b   Improved indentation of trailing opening brace
       new  ec71e15   Fixed bug where token-numbers are not defined
       new  e57f1e1   Skipping indentation if it's already correct
       new  5e30a65   Added TODO items
       new  287d934   Updated comments are made un-tested function for moving 
token positions
       new  94d4814   Added test for moving lexer tokens
       new  a59ef7b   More unit tests for moving lexer token positions
       new  b3821a1   Updated TODOs
       new  f79cf4f   Started on function for moving lexer states
       new  e340279   Added unit tests for moving lexer-state positions
       new  e30ac0c   Started implementation of moving lexer and state position 
when indenting to save time
       new  89b12ab   Added autoloads and fixed bug with assigning variable
       new  a10cc79   Debugging a indentation case
       new  59ba835   Fixed issue with wrong indentation at trailing opening 
       new  8c919ac   Added failing indentation test
       new  f2f41a3   Handles indentation case with } else if (...) {
       new  434c3dc   Added more failing tests
       new  69ced0d   Added another unit test for failed indentation
       new  61abf7e   Added todo item
       new  f7f931a   Added another failing indentation test
       new  c5beb50   Added another unit test for indentation with special 
       new  89fac0b   Added another unit test for bracket less conditional
       new  3740660   Get point-data now collects information about square 
       new  a8561ab   Updated unit test for get-point-data with support for 
square brackets
       new  a5beef1   Added support for square bracket indentation
       new  989cc7e   Fixed flycheck warning about semantic
       new  dbc02bb   Improved syntax table
       new  6c8eea0   Added another failing indentation case for switch case
       new  2c9746b   Added switch case unit test for lexer
       new  a899707   Updated comments
       new  47ad456   Fixed syntax table for white-spaces
       new  6ac718c   Removed non-breaking space from syntax table
       new  7dca537   Started work on renaming files
       new  cd1fdee   *** empty log message ***
       new  7c6ee3e   More work on renaming
       new  efa297a   More work on renaming
       new  529042e   More work on renaming
       new  3272991   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  7688cd7   Got incremental lexer working after renaming again
       new  41ef691   Fixed lint warning of unused variables
       new  7279913   Improved TODOs
       new  80da137   Preparations for adding alternative and inline syntax
       new  e206605   Adding failing unit tests for inline and alternative 
       new  46a8256   Starting implementation of tracking alternative control 
structure level
       new  9c4a3ba   More work on alternative control structures
       new  c6aa633   More work on keeping track of alternative control 
       new  12c22ee   More work on alternative and inline meta information
       new  9ac21f1   More work on inline and alternative control structures
       new  baab77a   Unit tests for inline control structures working
       new  60c7431   Unit tests for gather data about inline and alternative 
control structure syntax passes
       new  e11a1fc   Fine-tuning of logic collecting data about inline and 
alternative control structures
       new  897f249   Work on alternative and inline indentation
       new  780d065   Code styling updates
       new  7e2e902   Fixed a unit test
       new  be35ed6   Added sample files for inline and alternative control 
       new  3f08b86   Updated tracking of alternative control structures
       new  d380cd4   Updated readme
       new  a8eadfa   Improved sample files inline and alternative control 
       new  c68c7a0   Fixed issue were first-token-on-line was nil
       new  c4ee0c3   Added more failing tests
       new  9792f70   Cleaning up code gather point meta information
       new  a61ff64   Renamed function get-point-data to get-current-line-data 
for better semantics
       new  314dba1   Improved articulation of what information 
get-current-line-data should return
       new  1472273   Begun working on new approach to indentation calculation
       new  f0523b7   More work on new function to calculate indentation
       new  3776841   Added new support for tracking doc-comment, HEREDOC and 
NOWDOC indentation
       new  52c502c   Improved logic for doc-comment tracking
       new  cc947a9   Added more tests for new indentation function
       new  d3e00f2   Starting on new function for indentation
       new  96588b5   More work on new indentation calculation functions
       new  f0dc652   More work on new indentation function
       new  16d8056   Foundation for new indentation tests completed
       new  0b3ced4   First test for new indentation function passes
       new  9996ae0   More work on indentation calculation
       new  4a27c44   Added support for naming unit tests to better find 
       new  ce2d4bd   New indentation calculation function passes alternative
       new  105fece   New indent calculation for inline syntax passes test
       new  e37c1cf   New indention calculation works with doc-comments
       new  dfb0427   Added unit test for round and square bracket expressions
       new  e249124   Prevent negative indent
       new  b99da6b   Starting using new indentation calculation for 
       new  b2eac4d   More work on switch case default
       new  6b5a5c3   More work on calculating indentations
       new  3718931   Basic tests for indentation calculation passes
       new  9d6af11   More work on indentations
       new  a5ced61   New indentation function passes all original unit tests
       new  13e9148   Indentation unit test for assignment is passing
       new  b852f5f   All tests for indentation passes
       new  0a32b17   Improved calculation for indentation for multi-line 
       new  b5c64c1   Added failing tests for HEREDOC and NOWDOC assignments
       new  7b8cea3   Added failing indentation test for class multiple 
       new  13c4c78   More work on heredoc
       new  2720be8   Indentation calculation for heredoc and nowdoc 
assignments passes
       new  6559760   Work on assignments and class declaration indentations
       new  e3eedd7   Assignment indentation passes tests, class declaration 
       new  c5d8ec6   Indentation calculation for class implement working
       new  f1236e2   Unit tests for indentation calculation for multi-line 
strings passes
       new  253839f   Added indentation unit tests for concatenated strings 
outside assignments
       new  79e61f4   Fixed indentation with assignment lines on only one line
       new  f789468   Took notes of new indentation tests
       new  f283e4b   Added new failing unit tests for multiple-lines IF and 
single line class declaration
       new  9659ab4   Added failing test for doc-comments are namespace and 
       new  d18fddc   Fixed bug with indentation for indented doc-comments
       new  38bcabb   Improved detection of assignment ends in function 
optional arguments
       new  a30c3f6   More work on indentation tests
       new  c71a97d   Started on refactored indentation calculation
       new  47ffc37   More work on refactored indentation calculation
       new  59474ea   Improved debugging messages
       new  20e77aa   Removed debug output
       new  321803a   Line indents are now cleaning on buffer changes
       new  d9a0119   Optimized indentation code by removing unused variables
       new  f93765d   Improved code structure of indentation were nesting start 
and end equals
       new  9db28d9   Added verbose flag for unit tests
       new  a0cbcd1   More work on indentation of multi-line IF-expressions
       new  2c3239a   Adding new failing tests for indentation
       new  8b4c188   Now able to detect indent change of scope with same 
nesting level
       new  8a76039   Started implementing nesting-stack
       new  d7c5f67   More work on nesting-stack
       new  b6cf3a4   Started on new algorithm for indentation calculation 
based on stack
       new  e8658c8   New indentation algorithm now passes class unit tests, 
started on indentation document
       new  ec69d07   Added a failing class declaration indentation case
       new  00c0ab9   Nesting-stack algorithm handles class declaration indents
       new  874701d   Work on alternative and inline control structure syntax 
with new algorithm
       new  2a1ed52   Optimized algorithm for indentation
       new  e38794b0  More conceptual work on algorithm for inline control 
       new  202827b   New indentation algorithm now supports inline control 
       new  ba9d8a0   More organization of tests
       new  7a538ac   Tests for alternative control structures passes
       new  faa4e00   Started on conceptually describing algorithm for 
multi-line assignment indentation
       new  8947e6e   Conceptual work on indentation-calculation for multi-line 
       new  2d4646f   Work on inline control structure indentation
       new  e8a8d41   Merged remote changes
       new  164b77e   Unit test for alternative control syntax passes with new 
       new  2af8abd   Made TODO notes in algorithm
       new  86404c8   New algorithm now passes tests for alternative control 
       new  208a788   Re-organized indent tests
       new  c678fc1   New algorithm handles HEREDOC indentation
       new  cf7dc07   Preparations for multi-line quoted indentation tests
       new  9031c3a   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  fc2e8b7   Added logic to indent token-less lines as well
       new  67233ef   Fixed indent algorithm for multi-line strings
       new  75c4af4   Fixed indentation for lines wrapped in scripting 
       new  7a4b98e   More work on algorithm description
       new  43bf350   Added tests for token-less lines
       new  91715f6   Added another test for multi-line function arguments
       new  b2a5700   Fixed indentation for multi-line optional function 
       new  f7e7c74   Work on indentation for switch-case
       new  811c499   New algorithm now works for switch, case syntax
       new  d754163   More work on multi-line token-less lines
       new  36a4b64   Added lost test for token-less lines again
       new  b2338cd   All tests for indentation passes
       new  0286660   Indentation passes new tests for concatenated strings
       new  73784d0   Cleaned up tests for indentation
       new  6105e5d   Added a new failing test for indetation
       new  1bc5713   New tests for concatenation passes
       new  d2e5a03   Updated indentation algorithm document and README
       new  5f445cd   Fixed indentation for while expressions
       new  f05d40a   Tests for lexer passes again after close_tag modification
       new  da1cfd5   Adding failing lexer test
       new  55953de   Lexer now doesn't find keywords in function names
       new  b56a15c   Removed debugging output, updated todo items
       new  f791cee   Started on unit tests for imenu-index generation
       new  0de10fa   Passes first test for imenu
       new  eb0ee5e   Updated README with imenu-support
       new  8707777   Updated README
       new  1aa0f90   Typo in README
       new  f7186a1   Preparations for hierarchical imenu
       new  c2af31e   Imenu support now shows hierarchical information
       new  e6a8944   Started work on a lexer bug with expressions inside 
double quoted strings
       new  70f2d46   Fixed lexer issue with multiple expressions inside 
double-quoted string
       new  0c49d6d   Removed debugging output
       new  67b8701   Decreased length of imenu items to prevent truncation
       new  95ac15a   Imenu index now handles class extends and implements
       new  9201d1c   Imenu index now handles functions with optional arguments
       new  b8e9449   Refactored Imenu to use a persistent variable per buffer
       new  e78d8ed   Clean-up of indentation code
       new  8bb3918   Clean-up of unit test logging
       new  c2db7d3   Preparations for integration test
       new  41c12c1   Updated paths for byte-compilation
       new  0e927e8   Fixed compilation command in makefile
       new  5bb45ce   Added lexer test for properties inside heredoc
       new  310521b   Started with first integration-test
       new  c7ad55c   Passed first integration-test
       new  11309b8   Updated readme
       new  6593242   Preparations for doing indentation and imenu in one pass
       new  fcc920f   More preparations for merging indent and Imenu into one 
       new  318001e   Merged Imenu and indentation generation into one 
iteration of tokens
       new  caafeba   Changed idle interval for incremental lexer
       new  6cb1d5a   Added T_INLINE_HTML lexer token
       new  b86dd54   Indentation now supports new lexer token T_INLINE HTML
       new  aa0c23d   Updated font-locks for token color syntax
       new  552eada   Tuning of incremental logic
       new  40bffbc   Added syntax coloring for [ )( ,
       new  9deb882   Added syntax coloring for ? ! < > :
       new  9748853   Merged all lexer analysis into one to better match re2c 
       new  1e3537c   Re-factored lexer to be more similar to re2c
       new  d6caab9   Added support for coalesce_equal token and made lexer 
structure more similar to re2c
       new  44a997e   Added syntax coloring for "." tokens
       new  c9f0254   Fixed some minor flycheck complains in lexer
       new  a49ce7d   Added TODO item for lexer to better match re2c
       new  bfeaa74   Started with changing lexer syntax to be more alike re2c
       new  95de04b   New layout for lexer grammar passes unit tests
       new  2c8f28c   Added docstrings to variables
       new  d51a2c4   Lexer grammar used same logic as PHP language scanner
       new  bd08a00   Added unit test for COALESCING EQUAL token
       new  969a4d1   Fixed syntax for coalesce assignment operator
       new  d39152b   Added unit test for NUM_STRING token inside double-quoted 
       new  68ef657   Removed debugging output from unit tests
       new  52cfc78   Added failing indent test
       new  2087abd   Added two failing tests for switch indentation
       new  b2ff76e   Started on debugging switch indentation bug
       new  cc77604   Fixed bug with indentation after switch case statements
       new  1aadb1b   Added failing lexer test for comment vs doc-comment
       new  66edaca   Improved lexing of comment version doc comment
       new  46147f4   Fixed bug with undefined token-end-line-number in new 
       new  ed36115   Added TODO item for indentation
       new  ec3fd41   Added failing indent test for mixed concatenation and 
function call
       new  00d3568   Added indentation examples from official PSR-2
       new  5be3560   Adding more indent examples from PSR-2
       new  b31f817   Added all examples from PSR-2 as tests for indentation
       new  81c7179   Fixed indentation bug with assignment of square array in 
function argument
       new  74ab2a7   Work on incremental lexer and failing test for indent
       new  43c13b4   Started on new algorithm for concatenation indentation
       new  55f61b0   New algorithm for concatenation indentation passes tests
       new  73b8b4d   More work on concatenation and assignment indent
       new  419a812   More work on debugging indentation with assignment
       new  e639ea3   Indent passing new concatenation tests
       new  9069d0a   Concatenation indentation now uses stack
       new  68422f5   Restored indentation test for PSR-2 closure
       new  f2fe751   More work on trying to get PSR-2 indentation working
       new  7e755e1   Fixed indentation for argument assignments
       new  02b69f5   Tests for PSR-2 now passes with new algorithms
       new  7c3a31a   Fixed bug in indentation with stacked assignment closures
       new  2ec6f6d   Fixed some compilation warnings
       new  20199b0   Added byte-compiled Lisp to gitignore
       new  f77edf8   Updated compile command to ignore that files that doesn't 
       new  b1d2820   Fixed issue with indentation of square bracket arrays in 
       new  f3766db   Fixed byte-compilation in lexer and integration-tests
       new  8eb3dc0   Fixed byte-compilation issue in lexer
       new  6d834c1   Added support for (comment-region) and (uncomment-region)
       new  5d5ec06   Started on test for automatic quotations
       new  b251a1e   Got unit tests for wrapping region in symbols working
       new  eeffdb2   Fixed trailing white-space
       new  a0b7695   Passes unit tests for integration with electric-pair
       new  3bc2411   Moved syntax-table tests to own file, using local 
electric-pair-mode in PHPs buffers
       new  2427c7e   Improved README
       new  ad94b0b   Removed some fixed TODO itemsc
       new  a852669   Fix bug in syntax colouring, added debug outputs for 
incremental lexer
       new  e9475f7   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  ced201d   Updated syntax colouring for namespace, class, function 
and constant names
       new  7e22fdb   Added failing incremental indentation test
       new  365d739   Changed structure of integration tests
       new  8298a6a   Colorized strings after namespace separator
       new  a309998   Integration tests passes with new function
       new  d27af61   Fixed bug with incremental lexer were states are missing
       new  8109c1a   (uncomment-region) working
       new  32f9808   indent and imenu now triggers incremental lexer if buffer 
       new  ad53b6c   Fixed warning when expected integer was nil
       new  a30e5ff   Run incremental lexer when processing file if buffer 
       new  3e1ff06   Added integration-tests for syntax colouring and update 
       new  55b3087   Optimized lexer calling, do not call when using 
       new  c37b234   Added failing test for indent in concatenated string 
inside function arguments
       new  c2b8a16   Passes new test for concatenated string inside function 
       new  b4e416a   (comment-region) tests working with custom function
       new  c8c5b62   Made custom functions for (comment-region) and 
       new  9e62157   (comment-region) and (uncomment-region) now handles part 
of lines as well as full lines
       new  a45b39a   Added two failing indentation tests for concatenated 
equal assignment and double arrow multi-line array declaration
       new  091ab21   Passes new unit test for indentation of concatenated 
equal and multiplication equal assignments
       new  d8ad25b   Passes new test indentation of multi-line double-arrow 
inside assignment
       new  c118f58   Added TODO items
       new  2807902   Added syntax coloring for %, =
       new  a8fbe7d   Improved syntax coloring of =, % and more
       new  dabe0ea   Added failing indentation test for multi-dimension array 
in assignment with double arrows
       new  e7cb803   Added another indentation test
       new  e681c9c   Updated color syntax for T_STRING tokens
       new  62f1fc5   Added another failing indentation test for return 
       new  071acc0   Added support for multi-line return indentation
       new  2801604   Added TODO item
       new  c80aa68   Added a new failing test for indentation of else 
expression inside switch
       new  1bac28a   Updated readme with decreased percent for indent
       new  812dc49   Removed TODO item
       new  834275b   Fixed indentation calculation of nested alternative 
control structures
       new  83d5de8   Removed uneccesary debug output in unit test
       new  64e1789   Fixed indentation were assignments end at next line
       new  282115f   Using incremental line-number calculation as optimization
       new  d6e6cbc   Another optimization of line-number-at-pos inside loop
       new  abd78a0   Work on incremental newline logic
       new  c11bcc5   More work on newline advice
       new  38bd348   More work on advice
       new  22f75ba   Advice is running again in unit test
       new  92e53e8   Passes test for pressing newline before white-spaces just 
moves meta-data
       new  3d3003f   Started on test for newline-and-indent before white-space
       new  bc1f50f   Fixed byte-compilation in functions unit-test
       new  6308e3e   Removed debug notice
       new  2efd7d7   Started on function to move line-indent index
       new  5bc592a   More work on moving indent indexes
       new  fe80a3a   Passes test for moving line-indents down
       new  bd90dc9   Removed debug output
       new  d416443   Added more test for moving line-indent index
       new  09a2123   Passes all tests for moving line-indent index
       new  46d0575   Passes all tests for adding newline and indenting without 
affect lexer
       new  71858d1   Removed side-effect of END_PARSE token being added to 
tokens after processing buffer
       new  a4b2f37   Added new TODO item
       new  07ed24d   Added states test as well
       new  654ef5f   Added another state test for newline
       new  f2ff34a   Added TODO items for making changes inside tokens and not 
triggered a full re-lexing
       new  b7b778b   Updated Travis CI build script
       new  228b657   Updated README with license logo and Travis CI build 
       new  ba7a3dc   Updated TODO list with travis integration completed
       new  11e151a   Fixed linting issues in flycheck file
       new  7deefdc   Fixed use-package config example in README
       new  895105d   Updated emacs version requirement and travis build
       new  4592bce   Only running newline heuristic when rest of line is 
       new  a48386a   Do not allow failures on emacs snapshot
       new  d05601b   Updated documents
       new  2d2aaad   Added failing unit test
       new  dbd2825   Added unit test for multiple level namespaces and added 
support for it
       new  fa47a17   Changed imenu index to a hierarchical structure
       new  192f9ae   Fix issues with test list structure
       new  ff474c9   Work on invalid imenu
       new  defa128   Passes unit test for imenu new structure
       new  3f20bd2   Updated tests and structure of hierarchical imenu
       new  5f52f54   Fixed compilation warning after new imenu structure
       new  21f883e   Updated README and copyright date
       new  65f79c8   Added map shortcuts for comment / uncomment region
       new  f0912ee   Removed TODO and changed syntax color to be based on 
tokens only
       new  a14d5b2   Mode map is now loaded
       new  1d58896   Minimal mode map is now loaded
       new  808f679   Moved TODO to separate doc and improved syntax coloring
       new  47793f7   Updated README
       new  07d9176   Improved flycheck support
       new  3c959d3   Improved README
       new  f5c2072   Updated copyright for inclusion in ELPA

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