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[elpa] master updated (1744d5a -> 4acafa6)

From: Oleh Krehel
Subject: [elpa] master updated (1744d5a -> 4acafa6)
Date: Sat, 11 May 2019 10:15:31 -0400 (EDT)

abo_abo pushed a change to branch master.

      from  1744d5a   * packages/advice-patch/advice-patch.el: New package.
       new  5f6dd00   avy.el (avy-action-copy): Save window and frame
       new  730581a   avy.el: Fix compilation warning
       new  16370f9   avy.el (avy--goto): Remove obsolete alias
       new  5f76c9d   avy.el (avy-goto-word-0-regexp): New defcustom
       new  3b75d95   Make "C-g" and "ESC" fail silently when reading char
       new  9e61f78   avy.el: Improve defcustom :type
       new  a80f95c   Add "X" dispatch to kill a word without moving there
       new  c0db364   Add avy-action-ispell to avy.el
       new  5ba3602   Assign avy-action-ispell to "i"
       new  4c072be   README.md (avy-goto-char-timer): Add entry
       new  53706d2   avy.el (avy-all-windows-alt): Change the default to nil
       new  85a384a   Add char at window start for avy-goto-subword-0
       new  2e3c2f7   Add new command `avy-move-region'
       new  58bc417   Escape regex metacharacters for standard isearch
       new  ba950a0   avy.el (avy-goto-char-2-above): Add
       new  d644be1   avy.el (avy-goto-char-2-above): Simplify
       new  33af738   avy.el (avy-goto-word-1-above): Add
       new  4dcf0a9   avy.el (avy-goto-char-2): Translate "RET" to "C-j"
       new  430d750   avy.el (avy--line-cands): Split away from avy--line
       new  4e4c488   Add avy-linum-mode
       new  5515f28   Allow using symbols instead of words in word cmds
       new  05a5003   avy.el: Fix linum-related compile warnings
       new  b522bfe   avy.el (avy-resume): Add
       new  20ecb9b   Use flyspell if its minor mode is active
       new  e460d7e   avy.el (flyspell-correct-word-before-point): Declare
       new  07153e4   Add kill and save region functionality.
       new  dd112c8   avy.el (avy-goto-subword-1): Check char-after
       new  a5fb936   avy.el (avy-resume): Make it show up in M-x
       new  a911903   avy.el (avy-goto-word-1): Work for "^A"-"^Z"
       new  0f5e99b   avy.el: Use next-char-property-change, not 
       new  c911850   avy.el (avy--overlay-at-full): Fix for visual-line-mode
       new  b8d7163   avy.el (avy-action-goto): Add raise-frame
       new  d609eb9   Add avy-goto-word-0-below and avy-goto-word-0-above
       new  0c30cdb   avy.el (avy-action-yank): Add and bind to "y"
       new  3980c03   avy.el (avy-move-region): Insert in original window
       new  54bce2c   avy.el (avy-move-region): Update
       new  105efc8   avy.el (avy-action-copy): Copy line for avy-goto-line
       new  f2bedee   Allow "C-h" to delete for avy-goto-char-timer
       new  228ed97   avy.el (avy-action-teleport): Add and bind to "t"
       new  83859c3   avy.el: Add new avy-style to use words as sequences
       new  240d717   Makefile: Add target checkdoc to check documentation 
guidelines of lisp files
       new  49b070d   avy-test.el: Fix checkdoc warnings
       new  0ed6408   avy.el: Fix checkdoc warnings
       new  f4c45d3   avy.el: Add org-mode commands for jumping to and refiling 
       new  8556274   avy.el (avy-org-goto-heading-timer): Simplify
       new  245b5d6   avy.el: Fix compile warnings
       new  36f768d   avy.el (avy-words): Specify custom type
       new  9103291   Update description to be easier to understand.
       new  c08fc7c   Add option to match newline in avy-goto-char-timer
       new  a0ce6a7   Add avy-mouse-event-window and fix typo
       new  176f34f   avy.el (avy-handler-default): Error msg on mouse clicks
       new  ddf3c58   avy.el (avy-handler-default): Fix typo
       new  4af1993   avy.el (avy-read): Update avy-current-path before 
       new  56f6590   avy.el (avy-action-copy): Adjust for avy-goto-line
       new  1b9f061   avy.el (avy-action-kill-stay): Adjust for avy-goto-line
       new  dee0284   avy.el (avy-action-kill-move): Adjust for avy-goto-line
       new  a25b255   avy.el (avy-action-yank): Adjust for avy-goto-line
       new  78392e6   avy.el (avy-action-teleport): Adjust for avy-goto-line
       new  7f83bbc   avy.el (avy-action-ispell): Adjust for avy-goto-line
       new  631214d   Correct spelling mistake
       new  793a5e2   avy.el (avy-action-teleport): Add save-excursion
       new  9489ca9   Add window selection via mouse button press and fix typo
       new  d4aa876   Note that change to store full avy path is for external 
       new  869261a   Display actual character that triggered an error
       new  6459f7f   README.md: Mention avy-resume
       new  93d4bd2   avy.el: Fix indentation
       new  34d3531   avy.el (avy-action-goto): Remove lag
       new  2d613eb   avy.el (avy-action-zap-to-char): Add and bind to "z"
       new  08370cd   Add option to limit avy-goto-subword-0 scope
       new  58e8636   avy.el (avy-action-zap-to-char): More convenient use-cases
       new  6331b7a   avy.el (avy--process): Fix avy-goto-line for empty buffer
       new  8606a89   avy.el (avy--process): Remove redundant copy-sequence
       new  70e384a   avy.el (avy--process-1): Extract
       new  7cfe11e   Added ability to display avy candidates from bottom to top
       new  7c40f5e   avy.el (avy--process): Fix the candidates list being 
modified when restarting
       new  1de6233   Add avy-goto-end-of-line
       new  c4e2d50   avy.el: avy-goto-char will now display shortest overlays 
for cands near point
       new  fd7b929   Add option to display an indented goto line overlay
       new  157486a   avy.el: Fix compiler warning
       new  a29558d   Add C-h/DEL/RET info to README for avy-goto-char-timer
       new  cd8fb10   avy.el (avy--read-candidates): Quit on ESC
       new  abe150c   Introduce single candidate jump customization
       new  c2e2a4a   avy.el (avy--read-candidates): Custom keys for deleting 
last read char
       new  df4c4ac   Show number of matches so far in prompt
       new  bcc0cb0   avy.el (avy-org-refile-as-child): Don't refile when avy 
       new  4f1b8a1   avy.el: Fix compiler warnings
       new  24b5137   Ignore mistyping when no candidates available
       new  e7c0fc0   avy.el (avy-pre-action): New defvar
       new  16482e0   avy.el (avy--generic-jump): Remove `style' arg
       new  909483e   avy.el (avy--process): Make `overlay-fn' arg optional
       new  002b8f3   avy.el (avy--visible-p): Add to fix 
       new  e9f4d85   avy.el (avy-goto-char-timer): Obey avy-background for 
initial search
       new  118a3d6   Update readme.md: add melpa badges
       new  74501e1   avy.el: More fixes to org-toggle-link-display
       new  5b3676f   avy.el (avy-next): New command to go to the next 
candidate after avy-read
       new  b19a23a   avy.el (avy--visible-p): buffer-invisibility-spec can be t
       new  9124022   avy.el (avy--generic-jump): Update docstring about 
removed arg
       new  e802510   avy.el (avy-jump): New API, don't use avy--generic-jump
       new  8db2759   Change avy--process to accept cleanup function
       new  7d73cee   avy.el: Use avy-process instead of avy--process
       new  fd0101e   avy.el (avy-push-mark): Turn off message
       new  152b07f   avy.el (avy-process): Return res
       new  9a15d1f   avy.el (avy-show-dispatch-help): Add and bind to "?"
       new  85b5d57   avy.el (avy-jump): Add predicate argument
       new  4d52b5c   avy.el (avy--line-cands): Allow "invisible" 'org-link
       new  a723090   avy.el (avy--overlay-at-full): More consistent face order
       new  f2cf43b   doc/Changelog.org: Release 0.5.0
       new  b408f76   doc/Changelog.org: quote issues
       new  0e59474   avy.el (avy--read-candidates): Fix docstring
       new  4acafa6   Merge commit '0e59474430cbfbe7caf2a41cf7935fc613648c49' 
from avy

Summary of changes:
 packages/avy/Makefile            |    7 +-
 packages/avy/README.md           |   17 +-
 packages/avy/avy-test.el         |    4 +
 packages/avy/avy.el              | 1233 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-------
 packages/avy/doc/Changelog.org   |  175 +++++-
 packages/avy/targets/avy-init.el |    6 -
 packages/avy/targets/checkdoc.el |    2 +
 7 files changed, 1224 insertions(+), 220 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 packages/avy/targets/checkdoc.el

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