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[elpa] externals/bnf-mode e5f56ca 35/74: Amended documentation, update c

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: [elpa] externals/bnf-mode e5f56ca 35/74: Amended documentation, update change log
Date: Thu, 9 May 2019 08:27:48 -0400 (EDT)

branch: externals/bnf-mode
commit e5f56ca65052187cfa3d4475359275e13852640d
Author: Serghei Iakovlev <address@hidden>
Commit: Serghei Iakovlev <address@hidden>

    Amended documentation, update change log
 CHANGELOG.org |  4 +++-
 README.org    | 48 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++----
 2 files changed, 47 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)

diff --git a/CHANGELOG.org b/CHANGELOG.org
index 7cfa351..3800563 100644
--- a/CHANGELOG.org
+++ b/CHANGELOG.org
@@ -5,7 +5,9 @@ All notable changes to this project will be documented in this 
 The format is based on [[http://keepachangelog.com][Keep a Changelog]] and 
this project adheres to [[http://semver.org][Semantic Versioning]].
-** [[https://github.com/sergeyklay/bnf-mode/compare/0.3.1...HEAD][Unreleased]]
+** [[https://github.com/sergeyklay/bnf-mode/compare/0.3.2...HEAD][Unreleased]]
+** [[https://github.com/sergeyklay/bnf-mode/compare/0.3.1...0.3.2][0.3.2]] - 
 *** Changed
 - Publish package on MELPA 
diff --git a/README.org b/README.org
index f965bec..22bb9be 100644
--- a/README.org
+++ b/README.org
@@ -44,13 +44,53 @@ NOTE: The ~master~ branch will always contain the latest 
unstable version.
 If you wish to check older versions or formal, tagged release, please switch
 to the relevant [[https://github.com/sergeyklay/bnf-mode/tags][tag]].
-*** Using use-package
+*** Using MELPA
+The best way of installing this major mode, at least for GNU Emacs 24, is to
+use the packaging system.  Add MELPA or MELPA Stable to the list of 
+to access this mode. For those who want only formal, tagged releases use MELPA 
-*** Using MELPA
+#+begin_src emacs-lisp
+(require 'package)
+(add-to-list 'package-archives
+             '("melpa-stable" . "https://stable.melpa.org/packages/";) t)
+Or manually from MELPA with ~M-x package-refresh-contents~ and ~M-x 
package-install RET bnf-mode~ .
+For those who want rolling releases as they happen use MELPA:
+#+begin_src emacs-lisp
+(require 'package)
+(add-to-list 'package-archives
+             '("melpa" . "https://melpa.org/packages/";) t)
+and then use ~M-x package-list-packages~ to get to the package listing and 
install from there.
+MELPA tracks this Git repository and updates relatively soon after each commit 
or formal release.
+For more detail on setting up see [[https://melpa.org/#/getting-started][MELPA 
Getting Started]].
+**** Using Cask
+Add following to your [[https://cask.github.io/][Cask]] file:
+#+begin_src emacs-lisp
+(source melpa)
+(depends-on "bnf-mode")
+**** Using use-package
+Add following to your init file:
+#+begin_src emacs-lisp
+(use-package bnf-mode
+  :ensure t
+  :mode "\\.bnf\\'")
 *** Manual Install

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