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[elpa] branch externals/bnf-mode created (now a4ca649)

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: [elpa] branch externals/bnf-mode created (now a4ca649)
Date: Thu, 9 May 2019 08:27:30 -0400 (EDT)

monnier pushed a change to branch externals/bnf-mode.

        at  a4ca649   Remove wrongly used (and documented) 
syntax-propertize-function call

This branch includes the following new commits:

       new  cecdb79   Initial commit
       new  460c298   Added README file and LICENSE
       new  f0a3cd7   Add CHANGELOG file
       new  f100f00   Initial font locking
       new  b18b10c   Implemented font locking
       new  13de9e1   Updated project description
       new  f6fd97b   Setup Travis CI builds
       new  d3a7059   Added change log
       new  388206f   Correct copyright date
       new  f00384e   Change comment syntax
       new  defc412   Amended description and docs
       new  aa8e9af   Initial test case
       new  d50ded2   Amended tests
       new  1d8c1e7   Update change log [ci skip]
       new  3beded6   Rule names are case insensitive. Added test.
       new  687ee9e   Angle brackets to use for nonterminals are optional. 
       new  a7df2dd   Fontify sequences
       new  af8cf6d   Correct change log [ci skip]
       new  c836c7c   Temporarily removed ABNF, amended tests
       new  fd83621   Bump version
       new  ed24bee   Bumb version
       new  246a24f   Bump version
       new  f917836   Change default goal for make
       new  a53ade1   Fixed BNF rule name definition to follow ALGOL 60 report
       new  7e37702   Correct BNF description [ci skip]
       new  c90b14d   Correct documentation to follow code style guide.
       new  3e48f65   BNF has no strings. Treat ' and " as a symbols
       new  83f0e0f   Code cleanup
       new  a3a77e3   In the BNF there are no grouping brackets except angle 
ones. Fixed
       new  aa2c7a2   Correct change log formatting [ci skip]
       new  273eabd   Correct change log formatting (II) [ci skip]
       new  a7ea867   Correct documentation
       new  6ce1208   We're on MELPA. Yay!
       new  ac004f6   Removed the bnf-mode-version function
       new  e5f56ca   Amended documentation, update change log
       new  3a46f17   Correct documentation
       new  1ad5de5   Amended installation methods
       new  7240455   Improved test reporting
       new  1698dc8   Improved documentation
       new  1dda3ef   Provide ability to make plain text README
       new  5b6ff92   Update copyright
       new  64a32ba   Cleaned up Makefile
       new  333b6a2   Require jka-compr at test stage to prevent recursive load
       new  89660ba   Removing emacs26-el package solves "Recursive load" issue
       new  e9a5e4a   Return back comment-start and comment-end
       new  387b4c3   Minor code cleanup, improved tests report
       new  f99de60   Cleaned up Makefile
       new  3eda5e7   This package is NOT part of GNU Emacs
       new  7bbf329   Added comment-start-skip to help comment commands 
recognize comments
       new  00a0543   Removed not used tests macro
       new  ebd9b83   Added ability to generate info
       new  6eb06a8   Make tests easier to read
       new  e2f8bfa   Added support of ; character to use in terminals
       new  aed186d   Provided ability to build installation package.
       new  7a4a1b0   Build package on Travis CI
       new  f00edff   Prepare deploy on Travis CI
       new  ce5005e   Install missed dependency on Travis CI
       new  548c33b   Bump version
       new  1105934   Cleaned up Travis CI config
       new  a9d6cc3   Merge pull request #3 from sergeyklay/feature/build-pkg
       new  96c6e76   Changed CI deploy token [ci skip]
       new  00aac58   Change CI deploy credits, bump version
       new  8dabc6c   Minor correction to the change log format
       new  5a483ed   Introduce ALGOL 60 comments style
       new  65bfadc   Fixed orthodox comments regexp
       new  7c98cc9   Fixed misspelling, updated change log
       new  8caeb0b   Merge pull request #4 from 
       new  592c7d4   Minor improvements in change log
       new  f95ec5f   Improved preparing package
       new  b02bebd   The byte-compiler reports warnings with "error"
       new  d5729af   Fixed dependencies in Cask file
       new  119d792   Added Emacs 26.2 to Travis CI build matrix
       new  e898672   Removed no longer needed local variables
       new  a4ca649   Remove wrongly used (and documented) 
syntax-propertize-function call

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