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[elpa] master updated (86df5e9 -> 26bf67b)

From: Vitalie Spinu
Subject: [elpa] master updated (86df5e9 -> 26bf67b)
Date: Tue, 7 May 2019 16:05:22 -0400 (EDT)

spinuvit pushed a change to branch master.

      from  86df5e9   [gnus-mock] Add Paul Eggert's misencoded Gnus message, 
bump to 0.4.2
       new  7999062   Add initial stuff
       new  9a960df   Readme
       new  c970a21   Adjust to `math-symbol-lists` name change
       new  b83eb6d   Readme
       new  9c5fe4c   Readme
       new  389cebc   Looks back instead of re-search-backward
       new  8190924   [#1] Fix typo in readme
       new  55f0a03   require cl-lib
       new  6c08f80   Fix custom interface
       new  e82c91d   Bump version
       new  b585117   Edit before ELPA merge
       new  f5cedcf   Use generic `tex-mode-hook` in readme
       new  d0db15e   [Fix #6] Add `tex-math` to 
       new  21ac1c7   Update readme as per TeX-mode-hook problem
       new  3c906cd   Always offer completions (workaround for company issue 
       new  ce46d91   Merge pull request #7 from 
       new  8e64cae   Untabify and add .dir-locals
       new  2e24a08   Version 1.1
       new  0815c9e   Readme fixes
       new  96e55e6   [Fix #8] Don't propose Unicode completions if no Ucode
       new  9407824   Company doesn't like nils, remove those
       new  6ffd24c   Implement unicode sub(super)scripting
       new  2cb03c4   Version 1.2
       new  a8a98e3   [Fix #11] Don't require at least one character in prefix 
       new  34b4b52   Typo
       new  0d9d2ba   Don't search for prefix through string boundary
       new  0263e9c   [Fix #12] Make default sub/super-script prefix __ and ^^
       new  982c4ef   Readme
       new  1ab4b8e   Allow nil in sub/super-script prefix customization
       new  7e7f8c7   Version 1.3
       new  e89ddb2   Enable latex backend in org-mode per default
       new  3481f03   Merge pull request #15 from Kaligule/patch-1
       new  92b9968   Fix checkdoc
       new  26bf67b   [company-math] Merge from upstream

Summary of changes:

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