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[elpa] externals/eglot updated (07b235f -> 821b498)

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: [elpa] externals/eglot updated (07b235f -> 821b498)
Date: Sat, 29 Sep 2018 17:13:26 -0400 (EDT)

monnier pushed a change to branch externals/eglot.

      from  07b235f   jsonrpc.el is now a GNU ELPA depedency
       new  d936fbd   Install jsonrpc package when running tests
       new  ad98247   jsonrpc must be available when compiling, too
       new  400623f   Test with Emacs 26.1, not the 26 pre-release
       new  3ac4b64   * Makefile (JSONRPC): Call package-refresh-contents
       new  0c85b8f   Tests only kill server-related buffers when successfull
       new  5d88eed   Close #39: Handle experimental/unknown server methods 
       new  a57d5d8   Close #29: Implement workspace/didChangeConfiguration 
       new  21886be   Close #44: Robustify in the face of manual mode changes
       new  8d61eca   Close #44: Don't turn on flymake-mode any more than is 
       new  04f7db7   Per #48: Fix messages of eglot-ensure
       new  5808c0d   Add entry for haskell-ide-engine in eglot-server-programs 
       new  dfaa389   * README.md (Installation and usage): Add 
       new  616ad53   Close #48: be less verbose when using eglot-ensure
       new  ec02ffa   Work around Emacs bugs 32237, 32278 (#53)
       new  a6cad6b   Fix typo in willSaveWaitUntil RPC request (#51)
       new  42fffa5   Close #54: Correctly make LSP positions in narrowed 
       new  88ebed6   Implement TextDocument/rangeFormatting
       new  6b14711   * eglot.el (eglot-client-capabilities): Fix a typo.
       new  e476411   Close #58: Erase company-doc buffer in between doc 
       new  e935718   Fix placement of diagnostics with same start and end 
       new  eeb34c6   Default eglot-handle-notifictiona|request must 
       new  2728e12   Per #59: eglot-workspace-configuration's keys needn't be 
       new  2355e17   Per #63: Accept functions as entries in 
       new  4c019bd   * eglot.el (eglot-initialization-options): Fix spurious 
       new  a62c2da   Close #60: Notify server of recent changes before save 
       new  fdd021c   Close #61: Snappier completions that don't hinder typing
       new  fd7e587   Require jsonrpc.el 1.0.2 (GNU ELPA didn't build 1.0.1)
       new  792dc6b   * eglot.el (advice-add jsonrpc-request): Add 
       new  d5167ea   Minor fixes to test infrastructure
       new  99fd6a4   * eglot.el (eglot-cquery): Capitalize docstring.
       new  8e1a91b   Add a generic eglot-execute-command API
       new  c8191b2   Improve eglot-execute-command API to ease overriding by 
       new  cac728a   Kill server's output and events buffers from 
eglot-shutdown (#66)
       new  991d129   * README.md (Build Status): Show status for master
       new  ae37c2a   Add a test for eglot-ensure.  Make
       new  83d7025   Close #68: Implement asynchronous server connection
       new  b0b16e2   Allow tests to be run with custom jsonrpc.el
       new  dc26745   Update README.md
       new  9ae03af   Close #41: Control the size of the events buffer
       new  c25c0e3   Close #64: handle edits to same position in the correct 
       new  22b0c89   Add kotlin-language-server (#70)
       new  6874895   Close #73: Prompt for server in interactive eglot-shutdown
       new  be15bb1   Per #74: Fix eglot-capabilities when querying for 
multiple features
       new  3ffea45   Close #50: Support snippet completions
       new  8e0cf60   Fix textDocument/hover responses where MarkedString is a 
plist (#72)
       new  c0f9db7   Per #74: Don't error if server replies with empty hover 
       new  e711bdb   Add go-langserver (#74)
       new  15040a6   Improve snippet support
       new  042a236   * README.md (Obligatory animated gif section): Add 
snippet gif.
       new  e05360a   Actually add snippet example gif referenced in README.md
       new  40f151b   Close #80: Consider :triggerCharacters in company 
       new  c8cccee   Ignore extra keys in textDocument/publishDiagnostics (#81)
       new  e5b89af   Close #82: Correctly delete text before expanding snippet 
       new  d88f6aa   Close #86: Handle case when :textDocumentSync isn't a 
       new  f9beb19   When exiting emacs, don't ask the user to confirm killing 
processes (#83)
       new  badcaec   Don't warn on implementation-specific notifications (#93)
       new  bd6304d   Fix serious breakage introduced by #93
       new  f3f8531   Close #94: Prefer ccls over cquery for C/C++
       new  6f1d64c   Close #100: Don't send other notifications before 
       new  f482c3e   Close #115: Don't block kill-buffer-hook if server 
somehow hangs
       new  b061873   Autoload eglot-ensure (#120)
       new  821b498   Correctly map DocumentSymbol's :kind to its name (#121)

Summary of changes:
 .travis.yml                                   |   2 +-
 Makefile                                      |   8 +-
 README.md                                     |  91 ++--
 eglot-tests.el                                | 156 ++++++-
 eglot.el                                      | 569 ++++++++++++++++++--------
 gif-examples/eglot-snippets-on-completion.gif | Bin 0 -> 30605 bytes
 6 files changed, 602 insertions(+), 224 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 gif-examples/eglot-snippets-on-completion.gif

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