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[elpa] branch externals/hyperbole created (now 5b7b3b3)

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: [elpa] branch externals/hyperbole created (now 5b7b3b3)
Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2016 13:55:24 +0000 (UTC)

monnier pushed a change to branch externals/hyperbole.

        at  5b7b3b3   Removed -Z option

This branch includes the following new commits:

       new  79812fd   Release candidate for version 6.0.
       new  9a01af4   * .hypb: Added. Lost during initial commit to git.
       new  6154da5   Use gnu as elpa archive name.
       new  deffc29   Add git ignore file.
       new  2525049   * MANIFEST: Eliminated hsite-ex.el and included hsite.el 
in distribution package.     Users will use customizations now rather than 
direct editing of this file.
       new  83e2b8e   * man/hyperbole.texi (Global Key Bindings): Changed from 
setting the value of     hkey-init-override-local-keys in personal init file to 
using the     customize-variable interface.
       new  f6f4717   * hyperbole.el (hkey-override-local-bindings): Fixed case 
where an invalid     key prefix is given and so local-key-binding returns a 
number rather than nil.
       new  991c75a   * HY-README (Installation): * man/hyperbole.texi 
(Installation): Made elpa line match the default in Emacs     so if it is 
already there, it won't be added again.
       new  465cba1   * man/hyperbole.texi: Fixed typos and improved 
explanations in parts.
       new  1cab0c6   * hyperbole-pkg.el (hyperbole): Version update in 
preparation for next release     and rebuilt package.
       new  c480343   Fixed one typo.
       new  64e0a5b   * Makefile (help): Added as the default target, 
explaining major targets.
       new  fbc772f   * hibtypes.el (mail-address-regexp): Simplified and 
modernized address matching     to better distinguish from @username social 
media references.               (mail-address-mode-list): Added 
lisp-interaction-mode and fundamental-mode.               
(mail-address-tld-regexp): Added to match most common top-level     domains to 
tell if a match is really an email address or not.               
(mail-address-at-p): Tightened by using mail-address-tld-regexp.   DEMO (Emai 
       new  0205138   * hib-social.el (social-reference):   hibtypes.el 
(mail-address-at-p): Let case-fold-search be t since mail-addresses     are 
       new  d81c13e   .gitignore - added TAGS
       new  90026c9   * hsettings.el: Renamed this from hsite.el to prevent 
Hyperbole V4 users from     accidentally loading it manually.
       new  1a85fe8   * hyperbole.el (hyperbole-koutliner group): Moved 
definition to ensure comes after     hversion is loaded.
       new  f65e50f   * Makefile (release): Added this target to generate the 
kotl/kotl-autoloads.el file     within the source tree.
       new  b524cab   * Makefile (release): Added this target to generate the 
kotl/kotl-autoloads.el file     within the source tree.
       new  9e26ef4   * Updates from testing 'make release'.
       new  e9a4319   * man/hyperbole.texi (Implicit Buttons):   hib-social.el 
(social-reference): Improved doc for this ibtype.
       new  f200f78   * hui-menu.el (infodock-hyperbole-menu): Commented out 
InfoDock manual reference out until     InfoDock is modernized for Emacs 25.
       new  53ed881   Rename kotl autoloads and insert copyright notice
       new  bf50f8d   Generate new kotl-loaddefs.el
       new  51b7ce7   * Makefile (hyperbole-$(HYPB_VERSION).tar): Added 
HY-ABOUT and HY-ANNOUNCE     to files installed outside the tar archive for 
       new  38b5534   Patch from Stefan Monnier. Thank you Stefan.
       new  d956115   * README: Renamed this file from HY-README.  Moved 
installation and invocation    instructions to "INSTALL" file.  These changes 
were to eliminate release    problems with INSTALL and README being symbolic 
       new  9205030   Merged changes from last 2 days.
       new  2f767bc   Updated manual release date.
       new  ee3d77d   Removed hyperbole.readme.txt
       new  656b085   * hyperbole.el: Added Date: header with release date and 
updated date in     man/version.texi used in hyperbole.texi.
       new  b48739f   Merged ChangeLog updates.
       new  033bba0   * hypb.el (hypb:rgrep-command): Removed -S option not 
supported by GNU/Linux.
       new  5b7b3b3   Removed -Z option

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