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[elpa] master updated (4300eae -> a6b7502)

From: Oleh Krehel
Subject: [elpa] master updated (4300eae -> a6b7502)
Date: Sat, 23 Jan 2016 13:59:33 +0000

abo_abo pushed a change to branch master.

      from  4300eae   multishell - still 1.0.6, clarify conditions for tramp 
homedir bug
       new  8c8ad97   Add de-bruijn to the defcustom of avy-styles-alist
       new  eb28aeb   avy.el (avy-goto-line): push mark for numeric line
       new  36e4d14   Respect the current input method for target chars
       new  0cac589   Allow non-printing keys in avy-keys
       new  7928d11   Remove the old obsolete aliases
       new  1d1e4b6   Allow to switch action midway from goto to kill/mark/copy
       new  465d5f2   Improve docstrings
       new  a6db8a3   Rename avy--with-avy-keys to avy-with
       new  3b9a60a   avy.el (avy-dispatch-alist): Upgrade to defcustom
       new  26123a7   avy.el (avy-goto-line): Fixup goto-line clause
       new  492ac49   avy.el (avy-pop-mark): Add
       new  d22493c   Autload avy-goto-word-or-subword-1
       new  e8cebf1   Make arg optional in avy-goto-subword-1
       new  30067dd   avy.el (avy-action-goto): Don't push mark when region is 
       new  1e578a1   Considers letter case only if given Upcase letter
       new  a86bdee6  avy.el (avy-pop-mark): use own history for points and 
       new  dbd2d20   avy.el (avy-pop-mark): Handle multiple frames
       new  53d457c   Add misc punctuation to subword commands
       new  ed120ea   avy.el (avy-goto-line): Allow numeric prefix arg
       new  36b296c   avy.el (subword-backward-regexp): Fix declaration
       new  2c74d01   avy.el (avy--generic-jump): Add beg and end optional args
       new  009c0bc   avy.el (avy--line): Work for visual-line-mode
       new  a6cfeda   avy.el (avy-goto-subword-0): Don't offer invisible chars
       new  53decea   avy.el (avy--line): Don't error on end of buffer
       new  72afecb   avy.el (avy-push-mark): Bring back push-mark
       new  b1ef1f8   avy.el (avy--line): Obey avy-background
       new  ac16227   Add padding for wide-width character
       new  48aa2cd   Improve avy-goto-char-timer so that it may read 1 or many 
       new  67662ef   Fix indentation of defface
       new  3f53a2a   avy.el (avy-goto-line): Fix off-by-one
       new  f9d7a76   Improve avy-goto-char-timer.
       new  22b4ff0   Define new face avy-goto-char-timer-face for the 
       new  acdd9e8   Modify avy--read-string-timer
       new  d439b9d   avy.el (avy--overlay-at-full): Avoid negative length
       new  bda04b2   Properly highlight depending on avy-all-windows
       new  70bd6ce   Search only in the visible region
       new  248bff0   avy.el (avy--regex-candidates): Simplify
       new  c879498   New commands avy-goto-line-above and avy-goto-line-below
       new  f7ddd4b   Fix jumping to the last char of a folded Org outline
       new  528125e   avy.el (avy--process): Add window to candidates if not 
       new  513c429   Make avy-goto-char-timer faster for org-mode
       new  2313410   Optimize avy-goto-char-timer
       new  0a18a45   avy.el (avy--read-candidates): Fix reverse order
       new  df181f1   avy.el (avy--read-candidates): Use avy-window-list
       new  964664c   Fix jumping to the last char of a folded Org outline
       new  f28d238   Fix for combined org-indent-mode and visual-line-mode
       new  0166808   Beep when there are no matches
       new  cf36a59   avy.el (avy--old-str): New defun.
       new  3257d81   Add avy-candidate-* helper functions
       new  2d07a49   Make avy--overlay-at use avy--overlay
       new  13377d9   avy.el (avy--update-offset-and-str): Split from 
       new  d4b693f   avy.el (avy--overlay): Take BEG END, instead of only BEG
       new  0756c0b   avy.el (avy--overlay-at-full): Use avy--overlay
       new  567570a   Fix 'at-full moving text when visual-line-mode is on
       new  dddce37   Fix 'at-full moving text for chars near end of visual line
       new  9ae4413   Fix overlays at end-of-line with visual-line-mode
       new  1b78fb0   Improve the faces for the last change
       new  edf1259   avy.el (avy--read-candidates): Use avy-dowindows
       new  f341c2f   avy.el (avy--find-visible-regions): Add bounds safety
       new  4a23a0d   Fix De Bruijn "No catch for tag" error
       new  54fb4d6   avy.el (avy-line-insert-style): Customize avy-copy-line, 
       new  a041429   avy.el (avy-copy-region): Obey avy-line-insert-style
       new  4132dd6   avy.el (avy-goto-line-above): Work in a single window
       new  a45159a   avy.el (avy-goto-line-above): Exclude the current line
       new  54074c7   avy.el (avy-all-windows-alt): New defcustom
       new  fa6d1e1   avy.el (avy-copy-region): Fix for multi-buffer use
       new  b1a1953   Customize extra chars for avy-goto-subword-1
       new  72ecbfa   avy.el (avy-goto-line): fix for narrowed regions
       new  47035cf   avy.el (avy--line): Don't modify avy-action
       new  9d18bf9   avy.el (avy--overlay): Fix overlays at point-max
       new  bae6fb1   avy.el (avy-copy-region): Keep same selectors for the 
second pass
       new  808bb80   avy.el (avy--regex-candidates): Modify case-fold-search 
       new  dd80749   Add case fold search to avy-goto-char-timer
       new  212a132   Don't shorten selector string for visual-line-mode and 
       new  15d0679   copy/move line to an initial window
       new  369af59   avy.el (avy--overlay): Fix interaction with 
       new  11fbd70   Bump version
       new  a6b7502   Merge commit '11fbd70347a8cc62817c6d4ebf2291471ebdd607' 
from avy

Summary of changes:
 packages/avy/avy.el            | 1047 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++-------------
 packages/avy/doc/Changelog.org |  118 +++++-
 2 files changed, 816 insertions(+), 349 deletions(-)

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