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Default key binding for `mouse-drag-region-rectangle'

From: Drew Adams
Subject: Default key binding for `mouse-drag-region-rectangle'
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2021 20:33:42 +0000

This command seems to have been added in Emacs 27
and immediately given the default key binding of

Emacs 27 is still the latest release.  It's likely
that use of this binding isn't yet baked-in for
many users.

I, for one, didn't notice that this had happened
until a few days ago.  I didn't see any discussion
/ proposal about this in emacs-devel.  But I might
have just missed it somehow.  Was this discussed?

IMO, this command should be given a different
default key binding.  (I'm not against giving it
a default binding.)

Can we discuss this?  I suggest giving it the
binding `C-x down-mouse-1' instead.  But mainly
I'd like to see its binding taken off of `C-M-'.

Here are my reasons.

I'd be interested in reasons for binding another
key instead - as well as reasons why someone
thinks this really deserves to be on `C-M-'.

1. There are no other rectangular-region
   commands on `C-M-', and no plans to put any
   others on it.

2. There are sets of related commands that it
   could make sense to put on `C-M-'.  And there
   will be more such, over time.

   `C-M-` is too valuable to waste on a single
   command (i.e., unrelated to others on `C-M-').
   Remaining (unused) `C-M-' bindings should be
   saved for related commands (or at least for
   commands that are repeatable by just holding
   down keyboard keys).

3. `rectangle-mark-mode' is on `C-x SPC'.  This
   is the other rectangle command that involves
   the active region (the only one).

   Its behavior is related to that of the command
   in question (an alternative, in a way).  These
   two commands deserve to be strongly associated
   by their keys.

   The other rectangle commands (which don't
   involve the active region) are also on `C-x'.

   These associations call for the new command to
   be added to the same bunch - same prefix key.
   It makes a good deal of sense to put the new,
   rectangle drag command also on `C-x'.

Could we please consider binding rectangle
definition-by-dragging to `C-x' instead of

(I filed bug #52130 for this, but that was
immediately closed as "won't fix", with the
reason given as just "Well, I think it makes
sense" - presumably an appeal to authority.)

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