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Re: GStreamer xwidget

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: GStreamer xwidget
Date: Thu, 25 Nov 2021 00:32:57 -0500

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  > > How does the program control which set of plug-ins are permitted?

  > As GStreamer doesn't load plugins by yourself, you do so by making sure
  > to only pass good plugin names to the element factory.

We're starting to close in on the crucial point.

Can you show me the code Emacs would use to control which plug-ins are
permitted?  In other words, how does a program "pass plug-in names"
to the element factory?

Does the program need to pass the list of good plug-in names?
If so, how does it get that list, and from where?

I'm trying to do a kind of security analysis of this.  Does passing
the right list of plug-in names depend on the cooperation of other
projects?  If so, which ones, and how would Emacs interact with them?
I want to make sure we are not volunerable to misbehavior on their

If we'd need to trust some people, who are they, and what concretely
would we need to trust them to do?

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