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Re: could matlab-mode be in ELPA or the GNU emacs tree (like auctex and

From: Uwe Brauer
Subject: Re: could matlab-mode be in ELPA or the GNU emacs tree (like auctex and org-mode)?
Date: Sun, 21 Nov 2021 15:26:57 +0100
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>>> "d" == dick  <dick.r.chiang@gmail.com> writes:

EZ> Why not use the Matlab facilities, which AFAIK are significantly more
EZ> powerful and flexible than anything Emacs can reasonably provide?

> This question is fatuous given the deep knowledge of its author regarding
> emacs and its computing niche.

In fact I feel increasily strange of defending the use of GNU emacs on
the *emacs dev* list

> Emacs knows it cannot hold a candle to specialized editors like Matlab and
> Rstudio on features and out-of-the-box accessbility.  

Well I beg to differ, although part of the statement is true, GNU emacs
has the huge advantage of being extenable, I often find myself in a
situation what while checking matlab files, I need to edit them and the
way is to write a simple lisp function, job done. That is hardly
possible in say matlab internal editor.

> Its selling point has always been UNIX-y interop (cutting and pasting
> say to a LaTeX doc) for command line people.

Again for me it is its universal swiss knife feature and its
extenability, but taste can differ, obviously.

> I used matlab-mode right until spring 2015 when Mathworks reformatted their
> prompt codes, thereby crippling debug mode.

Well it is back, have you a look yourself. And if you are not satisfied,
to quote RMS[1], «it will be faster if *you* help»

[1]  improvising a bit, not sure about its exact wording.

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