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Re: Round-tripping key definitions

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: Round-tripping key definitions
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2021 23:53:57 -0500

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I am not familiar with the term "round-tripping" and I have to guess
what it means.  I think it has to do with using the same syntactic scheme
to describe key bindings in output as to specify them in input.

I think that is a good idea in general, but what it means is not so
simple.  For instance, using the same syntactic scheme does not imply
there can only be one syntax for any given input.

Compare the situation with Lisp objects.  In general, we try to make
printed sexps read back into something similar.  But it is not always
totally identical.  There are printed representations that can't be
read, and there are multiple input representations for the same sexp.
These exist for good reason; to make things more "regular" would be

I think we should not arbitrarily try to eliminate all such quirks in 
key sequences either.

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