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Re: XInput 2 support (again)

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: XInput 2 support (again)
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2021 10:29:02 -0500
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>> A lot of it is copy&pasted from other parts of `handle_one_xevent`.
>> Please avoid such code duplication (`handle_one_xevent` is already bad
>> enough from this point of view).
> I don't know enough about most of the Core Input code to dare change it.
> It does mysterious things that I can not understand.
> Also, most of the XInput 2 event code differs in subtle ways from the
> Core Input code (see for example how the button grab is handled there).
> It would make even more of a mess to try to reuse the Core Input 

I'll let Eli&Lars decide if they're OK with it (after all, we have
a lot of such code duplication between the various
x/w32/ns/.. backends), but I think I'd like to see a unified version of
the code before deciding that the copy&paste is indeed a better option.


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