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Re: WebKit plugins?

From: Stefan Kangas
Subject: Re: WebKit plugins?
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2021 04:39:05 -0800

Po Lu <luangruo@yahoo.com> writes:

> Inspecting the source of `xwidget.el', I came across the following
> curiosity:
>   (when (memq window-system '(mac ns))
>     (defcustom xwidget-webkit-enable-plugins nil
>       "Enable plugins for xwidget webkit.
>   If non-nil, plugins are enabled.  Otherwise, disabled."
>       :type 'boolean
>       :version "28.1"))
> The only place where these are used is in nsxwidget.m, which is only
> useful on macOS:
>   Lisp_Object enablePlugins =
>     Fintern (build_string ("xwidget-webkit-enable-plugins"), Qnil);
>   if (!EQ (Fsymbol_value (enablePlugins), Qnil))
>     configuration.preferences.plugInsEnabled = YES;
> I couldn't find any documentation with respect to what these plugins
> are, and what they do.  Could someone explain what these are, and if
> and/or why they cannot be used with WebKitGTK+?  Thanks.

That was added here:

    commit d089c4fbfc8be432dc3015a99b4044dab0a0de97
    Author: Sungbin Jo <pcr910303@icloud.com>
    Date:   Wed Aug 12 12:12:34 2020 +0200

        Add xwidget support for macOS

        Co-authored-by: Jaesup Kwak <veshboo@gmail.com>

I've CC:ed the authors of that change.

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