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Re: Unicode confusables and reordering characters considered harmful, a

From: Gregory Heytings
Subject: Re: Unicode confusables and reordering characters considered harmful, a simple solution
Date: Thu, 04 Nov 2021 09:06:10 +0000

Here's a screenshot with emacs -Q (current trunk). I did M-x highlight-regexp RET y RET hi-green RET M-x highlight-regexp <regexp with all reordering characters> RET hi-green RET. There's one reordering character between each of the "abcdefghij" string. I zoomed that picture, I see absolutely nothing.

If you configured highlight-regexp to highlight only the formatting controls, how come 'y' is highlighted in green on the image you sent? Is 'y' one of the characters that are supposed to be highlighted?

As explained above, I first did a highlight-regexp on 'y' to show what the chosen highlighting option does on non-glyphless characters.

If you shift-highlight one of these formatting control characters, and only one such character, don't you see a thin whitespace shown in the background color of the region face?

If you look very close, yes, you see see something in that case. In the attached screenshot, there's a one-pixel light gray bar on the left of the cursor. That's not what I'd consider "visible".

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