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Re: Unicode confusables and reordering characters considered harmful

From: Gregory Heytings
Subject: Re: Unicode confusables and reordering characters considered harmful
Date: Wed, 03 Nov 2021 17:53:36 +0000

It could, but I don't think we should install such features.

Why not?

Because it doesn't pass my quality-control tests.

That's a reason ;-)

Is this not simply an improved (and built-in) version of your initial suggestion to use glyphless-char-display?

glyphless-char-display already exists and is built-in. People who want to have these characters stand out for some reason can use it, that's why it is open to customization. What you propose is "yet another mechanism similar to glyphless-char-display", and I don't see why we should have this for a small group of characters. We already have a small mess because display-tables and glyphless-char-display produce a race; I certainly don't think we should introduce yet another, third mechanism for a similar purpose.

I don't really see why this is a third mechanism, buffer-display-table already exists and is built-in, too. Both are char tables. I always thought that glyphless-char-display was more or less the global equivalent of buffer-display-table, but apparently I'm missing something.

I could consider adding an additional METHOD to those we already support there, if someone thinks the existing ones are insufficient. Not sure if this is needed, but it at least makes some sense, assuming the proposal would be reasonable and not limited to a small group of codepoints.

Except that glyphless-char-display is global (whereas
buffer-display-table is buffer-local), and that a tofu is not as
visible as a character highlighted with the font-lock-warning-face.

Patches to allow glyphless display to be controlled on a buffer-local
basis would be welcome, I think this would be a good enhancement.

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