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Re: Tweaking the output of `C-h b'

From: Lars Ingebrigtsen
Subject: Re: Tweaking the output of `C-h b'
Date: Mon, 01 Nov 2021 15:27:34 +0100
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Eli Zaretskii <eliz@gnu.org> writes:

> Thanks, but clicking mouse-1 on those triangles does nothing.  I see
> that only mouse-2 does, which is confusing, I think, because it's
> different from what happens in Customize Group buffers.

Yeah, I see the same thing.  But I did put 

                     [follow-link] 'mouse-face
                     [mouse-2] #'outline-hide-subtree)))))

in the keymap -- isn't that supposed to handle this?  Or doesn't that
work on an overlay keymap?

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