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Re: New GC concept

From: Fejfighter
Subject: Re: New GC concept
Date: Sat, 24 Jul 2021 23:39:07 +1000

On Tue, Jun 22, 2021 at 8:43 AM Daniel Colascione <dancol@dancol.org> wrote:
On 6/21/21 6:00 AM, Fejfighter wrote:

> code is up here:
> https://github.com/fejfighter/emacs/tree/feature/newgc
> <https://github.com/fejfighter/emacs/tree/feature/newgc>
> I'm hoping now that it's a little closer to master and compiling
> someone might have a little more luck with the segfault issue I have
> been facing but I will keep try in the mean time,

FWIW, I find rr [1] to be exceptionally useful for diagnosing segfaults
like this.

[1] https://rr-project.org/

While I had no luck with rr, I did trace that particular issue to not unprotecting memory, which got me through a little further to a point of a compacting sweep.
This is where I have been spinning my wheels for the last few weeks in the short bursts of time I get to look at this codebase.

The problem is highlighted by xxx_check_obarray, but will show up in future reads, where the ob array is not swept and does not get the updated references.
I feel like it might be a special case where a global vector has references, because when marking we traverse the array as required, but this does not occur when sweeping, however, it does not affect other vector-like things.

I think I will need to update the obarray, but simply calling `scan_vectorlike(XPNTR(Vobarray), GC_PHASE_SWEEP);`  has bad values at that point.

I'm hoping that this will either jog your memory and provide some background or get someone curious that might have a different understanding of how it all interacts and we can get over this particular hump,

Jeff W

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