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Dismal 1.5.2 Bug Report

From: Oury, Jacob David
Subject: Dismal 1.5.2 Bug Report
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2021 20:08:22 +0000

Hi Stefan,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.  While I initially thought everything with Dismal 1.5.2 was working well, I have been finding some issues. I will try to follow the EMACS Bug Tracker style to provide better details on the issue, but I appreciate your patience. I've attached several additional files described below. Hopefully, my bug report proficiency has improved since our last exchange! 
  1. Figures from ... .PDF shows the figures that I reference in the text below
  2.  Emacs_Bug_Report... shows the output from emacs M-x report-emacs-bug
  3. The three .dis files that I used while creating this bug report. 

General description: The Dismal 1.5.2 package fails to properly redraw the content on the screen in response to editing the table. This occurs in new .dis files and in the test file created with M-X dis-test-dismal. 

With the test file created by dis-test-dismal, the column headings become distorted as the test data and commands are run. Figure 1 (attached) shows the output of that command. Running the command dis-hard-redraw-row (key = r) in a row will redraw the row and correctly display the content below the column name line. (Figure 2 shows how Figure 1 changed after redrawing each row (hit r while in Row 0, it redraws row and moves cursor down to row 1, repeat). However, the column labels remain broken. After using the command dis-redraw, the column names are properly displayed (Figure 3). 

I also encounter this issue with brand new .dis files. I created a new file titled normalization2.dis . This works and displays properly when file is first created. I added a column name to A0 using standard commands: e-your text-enter. This works properly. I move to B0 to add another column name. The name overlaps with Column A's name, but doesn't appear to be an issue. Then I move to C0 to add a 3rd column name after typing the name (e normalization enter) the label for column B disappears and the screen drawing issues occur. Figure 4 shows this.

The dis-redraw command appears to temporarily fix this issue (Figure 5 shows this), but further editing of the document leads back to the same issue. Using that same sheet from Figure 5, I added text entries (letter strings) to cells A1:A10. Dismal worked as expected for every single entry (A1:A9) until entering text into cell A10. After hitting enter for the text entry in cell A10, the display is clobbered (Figure 6). Figure 7 shows the results of dis-redraw on the clobbered page. I was able to replicate this effect with a brand new sheet. One at a time, A0 through A9 are edited (e) and given the entry "dog". Each command works as expected, until cell A10. Upon hitting enter, the screen clobbers and displays nothing except that last entry. You can explore other cells and see that the data appears to still be there, but you need to either hard-redraw the full screen or edit a cell to get the contents to display.  

Finally, the redraw issue also occurs when loading a previous file. Figure 8 shows how a previously created .dis file appears immediately after loading. The image might be small, but the cursor is highlighting the 2nd t in "written" along the top of the screen, but the mini-buffer shows that the cursor is in cell A0: Command Name. Again, dis-redraw appears to fix the display issues until further editing clobbers it (Figure 9 shows results of redraw. I was unable to re-clobber this sheet during testing here).

EMACS Version Number: EMACS 27.2 on Windows via the  emacs-27.2-i686-installer.exe available at the main GNU FTP server.

OS Name and Version: In GNU Emacs 27.2 (build 1, x86_64-w64-mingw32)
 of 2021-03-26 built on CIRROCUMULUS
Repository revision: deef5efafb70f4b171265b896505b92b6eef24e6
Repository branch: HEAD
Windowing system distributor 'Microsoft Corp.', version 10.0.19042
System Description: Microsoft Windows 10 Home (v10.0.2009.19042.1052)

Configure Command settings: Default settings, detailed in the attached bug report print out.

No modifications made to EMACS source

Best regards,

Jacob D. Oury
Doctoral Candidate in Informatics
Applied Cognitive Science Lab
Penn State College of Information Sciences and Technology

Attachment: Emacs_Bug_Report_output 17June21.txt
Description: Emacs_Bug_Report_output 17June21.txt

Attachment: Figures from Dismal Troubleshooting 17June21.pdf
Description: Figures from Dismal Troubleshooting 17June21.pdf

Attachment: normalization.dis
Description: normalization.dis

Attachment: normalization2.dis
Description: normalization2.dis

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Description: normalization3

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Description: test.dis

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