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Re: Has enriched-mode become enriched?

From: Colin Baxter
Subject: Re: Has enriched-mode become enriched?
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2021 17:46:51 +0100
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First, I wish to thank everyone for their help and suggestions.

Local variable should be 'enriched' and not 'enriched-mode' in emacs-27
and also emacs-28. I hadn't noticed the warning in emacs-27 but I did in
emacs-28 because I had set the latter is set to debug on error.

I'm sorry I didn't look properly at the output. However, I have learnt
that its better not to use 'mode: enriched' at all as a local variable
for the following reason.

1. emacs -Q <RET> (works with emacs-28.0.50 and emacs-27.2)
2. C-x C-f test.txt <RET>
3. Enter some text.
4. M-x enriched-mode <RET>
   Mode-line reads 'Text Enriched'
5. Save the file and kill the buffer.
6. C-f test.txt <RET>
   Mode-line reads 'Text Enriched'
7. Enter
   # Local Variables:
   # mode: enriched
   # End:
   and save.
   Mode-line reads 'Text Enriched'
8. Kill the buffer and open test.txt again
   Mode-line now reads 'Fundamental Enriched'
9. Remove the local variables, save and kill buffer.
10. Open file test.txt again
    Mode-line now restored to 'Text Enriched'

Any text-only options such as flyspell will be lost if 'mode: enriched'
is used.

I have removed 'mode: enriched' from all my enriched-mode files,
which are now well-behaved.

Thanks again,

Colin Baxter.

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